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David Duke on the 'Military-Industrial Complex'
« on: February 07, 2009, 10:45:46 PM »
I don't agree with all of Dr.Duke's analysis, but it is an interesting perception...He does neglect the basic fact that very big money is made by companies with links to the Pentagon, like Lockheed-Martin (Rothschilds are major stock holders), Raytheon and a host of others...Still, he makes common sense points, the major one being that the ones who control the money supply control the military and industry...Didn't a Rothschild say this almost 200 years ago?

The `Military, Industrial Complex` is no more. Today it is the Political, Financial and Media `” Zionist Complex!

An short essay by Dr. David Duke

The `Military-Industrial complex` really has no relevance to the real holders of global power today.

America is the most powerful military and economic nation on earth. The powers that control the levers of political power in America possess the greatest power the world has ever seen.

Who really has power over the government today? Is it the fabled `Military, Industrial Complex`?

An effective gauge of direct political power in America is `to discover who provided the pivotal amounts of the billion-dollar recent campaigns for U.S. President. You can look directly at campaign contributions for every candidate from the Federal Election Commission in order to find out who holds the real power in politics.

So, who holds the real power over the American political establishment?

Let`s first look at who does not hold much power over the establishment.

1) It is not the military. There is not any organized military monetary influence or even significant political influence of the military over the politicians. In fact, no one in military positions of authority are allowed to openly get involved in politics. No active sergeant, lieutenant, or general can send out a directive to the men under him to support or oppose a particular candidate (the one exception I know to that was when the Louisiana commanding general of the National Guard, under Jewish influence, sent a letter to all national guardsmen telling them that it was their `patriotic duty` to vote against David Duke and for the Liberal corrupt former Governor, Edwin Edwards. Even that caused a scandal in military circles, as it should have.

2) It is NOT major manufacturing - or even the huge oil - companies. There was not one oil company and only a couple of legitimate manufacturing or industrial concerns on Obamas and McCain`s top twenty contributor list. The list was completely dominated by Zionist international banking firms. If one combines every defense contractor`s contributions, the money they give in politics is minuscule compared to Zionist international banks. They don`t even come close to the power in lobbying that AIPAC and a couple of dozen more Jewish extremist organizations have. Jewish lobbyists literally get almost unanimous support in Congress for outrageous giveaways to Israel, a nation that has committed terrorism against us and killed or maimed scores of Americans. I am not talking about contracts here, I am speaking about giving away billions of dollars to a foreign nation.

So, so much for the media-popularized term, the military-industrial complex

In direct political money and lobbying then, Zionists are the undisputed masters of the American political establishment. In addition to their control through the use of money as an inducement or a threat, they have tens of thousands of Jewish extremists scattered throughout the entire bureaucracy who are very conscious of supporting their brethren and supporting the organized Jewish agenda. They also are ready to act against any Gentile who dares to go against Israel or the Jewish agenda.

How will a Jewish federal judge rule in a huge litigation issue between Jewish and non-Jewish parties? Why was the biggest robber in the history of the world, Bernie Madoff who stole over 50 billion dollars and who ruined tens of thousands of families, only charged with one criminal count, and allowed to stay in his luxury apartment to await trial?

Is there an organized Jewish agenda? Absolutely. In fact, the leading and most powerful Jewish groups have a supra-organization called the Council of Presidents (composed of the most powerful 5 dozen Jewish organizations in America). They issue detailed positions not just on Mideast policy but on many other issues that have nothing to do with Israel, aspects of domestic policy including issues such as opening America`s borders. They even assume positions on issues that you wouldn`t even think would have unanimity among Jews, such as abortion rights. Their job is to make sure that Jewish power is absolutely united on what they decide are their common agendas.

Next, we must talk about one of the most influential parts of the American political process, the mass media. The media, such as the NY Times and the Washington Post (the newspaper read by every member of America`s government and bureaucracy in Washington).

The Washington Post can determine even what issues Congress will discuss and it greatly affects the publicity for or against those issues. Broadcast and cable television also have an enormous impact, and we can include movies, books, magazines and the newspaper chains that reach down into almost every American community. As my chapters in Jewish Supremacism on `Jewish Media Supremacy` document, the ownership, depth and breadth of Jewish influence in the media is simply breathtaking.

In media, whether you speak of owners, administrators, managers, editors, producers, writers, correspondents, pundits or reporters, there is an army of Jews who are animated by the Holocaust and the issues of the organized Jewish community. If you haven`t yet read them, you simply must see the evidence on the Jewish supremacy in media I have compiled in my books Jewish Supremacism and My Awakening.

The other great seat of establishment power is simply money, huge sums of money and the willingness to use those funds on behalf of an agenda. The biggest concentrations of wealth in the world today are in the Zionist international banks, and in financial groups that the Jews completely control such as the Federal Reserve Corporation, the same forces that have led us to the doorstep of a great depression. It is no accident that Alan Greenspan and Ben Shalom Bernanke are the last two of the Federal Reserve czars.

Even in days of World War I, an immensely rich, Jewish international banker, Jacob Schiff, voiced pride in the fact that he was instrumental in weakening Czarist Russia (the government that Jews universally hated), and that he supported Russia`s enemies so as to make Russia ripe for communist overthrow (Jewish groups brag of his help to Japan in the Russo-Japanese War so as to hurt the Russian government). Schiff also gave millions of dollars to directly finance the Jews who led and organized the Russian revolution and the Bolshevik terror in Russia. There is no disputing of these facts. Plenty of Jewish history books detail all of it.

So, frankly, financial power in the control of people who will use it for an agenda is also a key ingredient of real power. Again, the financial power in the hands of modern day Jacob Schiff`s, is an incredibly powerful weapon.

So forget about the `Military-Industrial Complex.` That is passe.

In today`s world it makes more sense to speak about the `Political, Financial and Media Zionist complex.` That is the real core of power that bends everything whether it be local laws, or giant corporations, to its will. Even if one of the world`s richest firms, such as Microsoft (which is now by the way run by a Jewish extremist), would buck the political, financial, and media Zionist complex, it would be broken by government fiat, the Jewish-influenced courts (such as anti-trust actions), and by vicious attacks by the Jewish-influenced media. Microsoft would either be dismembered or destroyed.

Such are the realities of the modern world.

There is no longer a `military industrial complex,` but there is a Political and media and financial Zionist complex that rules us and aims to control the whole world.

No single part of this behemoth can be defeated, because it can use its other assets to defend the section under attack. It can only be brought down by concentrating all our political and ideological fire right on the core the problem, International Zionism and its driving impetus: Jewish Supremacism.

`”Dr. David Duke