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General / - Refugees.
« on: April 07, 2013, 12:48:46 PM »
Saw this on the, in the "visitor's center" section.
Another spin-off goes forever into the darkness.
There will never be another LF.

"...Astoria is currently offline


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In preparation for the forum's end, registration has now been disabled for new accounts.

On April 1st the forums here will all become 'members-only', and on June 1st the forum will be closed. That should give you all plenty of time to retrieve whatever you need before the end.

Thanks to all who have roamed through over the years; it has been good to know you. Drop me a private message if you'd like to keep in touch.

Safe journeys to you all..."

Conspiracy then and now. / "I Am Adam Lanza's Doctor (Psychiatrist)"
« on: December 29, 2012, 08:29:34 AM »

So, his psychiatrist (handler?) is married to a former Major General who initiated many "supersoldier"
programs , trying to make soldiers that would regrow limbs, could walk through walls
(no, not kidding), etc. In addition, this guy formed a company with infamous satanist and
pedophile Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, whose equally infamous essay, "Mind Wars", advocated
the use of mind control technology on the American public.

Jewish Studies / - Jewish teacher flips out over the holocost
« on: May 02, 2012, 04:12:42 AM »
There is a book out not too long ago listing the big Jewish families in the country which lists the Rockefellers as Jewish and there was no protest.

The book "The Grandees: America's Sephardic Elite" was written by a joo named Birmingham, he was allowed to go into and look through rich old jooish families' book collections and geneological records. He also cites a giant 10 pound record called "Americans of Jewish Descent"many times in his book. He said the Rockefellers, Columbus, the Tiffany family, all jews, and some of the Van, uh, Van something or other, a well-known rich family name, not Van der Vere, something else, dutch joos. He definitely said John D. was a Marrano joo, a joo who played at being a Christian while going home and doing their rituals and staying loyal to the jooish race. Vanderbilts, that's it, the Vanderbilt family, but he said on only some of them were joos. The Cincinnati main library gave me some crap when I was looking for Burmingham's book and tried to check it out. Thy said it was on some list for the elderly only to be able to check out, when I started to raise my voice and talked about making sure everyone in Cincinnati would know they assumed the power to decide who could read what, they relented. For a long time, there was an obviously ethnic joo at every desk in the place, two floors, two separate buildings connected by an enclosed walkway over the street. It makes sense John D. was a joo, his dad was a snake oil salesman, he bought into the pharma companies and made the industry what it is today, of course he said "I want to own everything! I want to control everything!" Did your "social studies" or history teachers gush over the "richest man in the world" like mine did, teaching the youth proper respect for their betters? (Gag, puke)

The Grandees - America's Sephardic Elite by Burmingham convinced me that Columbus was funded by jew financiers who knew right where America was from Portugese and Spanish portolan sea maps, and that it's (re-)"discovery" was to give joos fleeing the Spanish Inquisition, in droves, a new home. Maybe the Inquisition itself was created to move joos to the new world en masse. I don't think Torquemada, who was also a joo, tortured joos in significant numbers, maybe some nobodies to make it look good for the royals. But you never know, jews temd to be over-represented in the psychotic sector of the population. You could really tell that from Columbus' diaries, the way he reveled in the torture and killing and enslavement of the Indians he encountered. More atrocities that end up getting blamed on Whites. They have found cocaine and tobacco residue in the bodies of Egyptian Pharaohs, so at some point in ancient history, there was travel to and trade with the New World. Erythroxylon Coca (tlhe plant from which cocaine comes) and tobacco were native to the Americas only at the time of Columbus' "discovery". At least he could read a map, I suppose. Whoop-te-doo.

"The Grandees - America's Sephardic Elite" by Birminham (specifications page)

Americans of Jewish Descent - by Maurice Strong (costs fifteen hundred to thousands of US dollars, when a copy is available. Out of print. Weight 10 pounds) usually contains embarrassing info in entries, like if the person was mental or abandoned their wife and child for a younger model, promiscuous woman. I suppose when one is available again, we will have the chance to see the scope of jewish infiltration, if anyone can scrape up the cash.

2012 / - LIFE: Hitler's Bunker
« on: May 02, 2012, 02:17:58 AM »
The breath of G-d, I never thought about it that way.

Well, OK, maybe divine halitosis, but divine just the same.

Think of the movie Die Hard  ...... 9/11 didn't have the punch the zionists wanted  ..... You need a Mushroom Cloud, and it will be in a midwest town similar to Des Moines

Agreed. With an actual nuke, be it ever so backpack-sized, that will allow them to throw out the Constitution entirely, especially the remnants of that troublesome Bill of Rights. They can't possibly justify evacuating Chicago without massive loss of life - 50,000 to 60,000 dead. I would guess. A lot of people will die from the move itself, the elderly, people in hospitals, ICUs.

2012 / - LIFE: Hitler's Bunker
« on: May 01, 2012, 08:53:09 PM »
Those diabolical evil Nazis, they developed a way to burn fire in a pit without oxygen, and without leaving any trace of charcoal or burnt earth.

Please, laconas, you know the jews have the breath of God himself blown into them. This allowed them to burn in the absence of plain old earthly oxygen. The Nazis used this fact in various ways for their own benefit before and during the war, like making jews blow into the crematory ovens at Ravensbruck, I mean Wienervania Konzentratzian Kampen undt Kinderzooen, I mean, uh, oh yeah, AUSCHWITZ!! that's it, Yeah(!!!) which resulted in a 13.52% increase in efficiency (according to efficiency-obsessed SS apparatchiks, and those records curiously written in ball point pen and with Sharpie Highlighter markers, but I digress), allowing Fegalas (jewish word for homos), gypsies, and the other unimportant, non-jewish and thus un-divine victims to be slaughtered as well in the fire, without sufficient fuel. Jews were forced to inflate balloons for the German kiddies, as our divine breath rose in the air like helium and glowed in the dark too (honest! Would jews lie?). The Nazis greased the end of these special tubes with pig lard, through which jews were made to blow (thus desecrating their bodies acording to the beautiful religious traditions of Judaism), burning their comrades, then they were shot, tortured, burned with cigarettes, trampled by pigs, shot again, and forced to eat raw spam. Their money, theater costumes, passes to the swimming pool, bordello privileges, classical musical instruments, post cards and postage stamps, allotment of trips to the camp dentist, butter and jam for their toast, and weekend passes were taken away. Then they were beaten with truncheons, forced to masturbate to a film of Bella Abzug being screwed by a hog (actually, they quite liked that one, fooled you Nazis, ha ha!) to provide Mengele with biological samples, forced to eat human feces (liked that too, ha ha ha again silly Nazis!), were made to bunk with rats (heavy wire screens had to be installed to keep the rats in, many rats committed suicide after jews tried to molest them, the rest filed official complaints with the Red Cross), shot again, the SS men did the Lederhosen Juden-Nosen Danze on their heads, and finally they died. Then they were shot, beaten again, forced to perform fellatio on German shepherds (there was a dire shortage of guard dogs towards the end of the war due to this process causing the tranhsmission of syphilis - to the dogs!), then the jew would die again, and again, and again!! It was so much more horrifying and terrible than any other deaths in all of human history!! The soulless, two-dimensional Nazis deserved to all be tortured, and their families, and their children, and all German children. Actually, we did a pretty good job of that. Had to keep some around, after all, despite their demonic nature (no offense to our gods, Baal and Moloch, and all the demon spawn of hell, by the way! Love you guys!), they are pretty good workers, really good in fact, as long as they are working only to benefit jews, it's all right. And of course they have a lot of bright ideas we can appropriate for fun and profit. And their females make good shiksas for jewish males, especially the (very) underage ones, hee hee. Don't tell any of the JAPS, but I'll take a blonde-haired German maiden any day over the acerbic, caustic, butt-ugly troglodytes of my own race, chosen or not.
Anyway, back on the subject, the heavens wept. The sky darkened. The earth puked the bodies and ashes back up, but the Nazis kept burying them again and again until the planet was exhausted from retching. You can read all about it in my new book, "Jews Blew, uh, Skidoo - How Nazis Turned God's Breath Into the Devil's Fellatio at Auschwitz", already on the New York Times best seller list before I've even written it, and with favorable reviews, of course, from all major TV and radio stations and newspapers and magazines and schools and politicians. READ the true testimony of dozens of survivors. Hundreds, thousands even. Millions! Uh, wait, no, not millions. NOT millions.  Read how I escaped from a super-maximum security cell with only a comb, pebbles and my dead cellmate's teeth (My story was plagiarized by various movie and TV show writers, including those of the MacGyver Tv show and Bear Grylls) , was taken in by wolves for a while, was rescued from drowning in an icy river by penguins....Oy veh, the horror, the horror. Only $29.95 at Books A (Six) Million, Ve can make you a good deal on a copy! You vant? Y U No Vant, you hate-filled neo-nazi goyim!!!! Because of the huge numbers of requests for details of the infamous Lederhosen Juden-Nosen Danze, see the article "Nazi Dance of Death Enjoys Popular Resurgence Worldwide" on my website.
Oh the suffering! My vife and I vake up schkreming several times every night, we have to see the wallet-sucking vampire psychiatrist and take oodles of valium to get over it. We have placed an American flag at the foot of our bed so when the nachtmares wake us, we will know we are OK. Honest, I would never say this to sell books! Whoever saud that is a damn liar!
Hey, anyway, Wiesel said some stories happened even if they aren't true, which is cited many, many times in the book. Vhat are you anyvay, some kind of anti-semite? You better beg!! I'll have you fired, and sue for your house. Your hate speech is giving me a panic attack as big as my vife right now! Here's proof, a picture of a jew blowing into the pig lard-contaminated tube to the creamtorium. Yeah, I know it looks like a trumpet, sp vhat?! I'm calling my lawyer!  Honey, get the ADL on the line, right now! Ve have a hater here! I can smell the shekels! When we're done with him, we'll own another house!

Schmuel Feldschmeld

Civics & Sovereignty / - Want to Kill Someone? Hit 'em with your Car!
« on: January 16, 2012, 07:01:06 AM »
There's a product called Rain-X:  it's easily applied to car windows & vastly improves vision during rain (sweet for Philippines I guess) but it's a cult thing, few use it.

Try this, when it comes out later this year:

The World Below / - Ignoble Fitness
« on: January 16, 2012, 06:58:24 AM »
A big part of the problem with limiting evil is that the  communists had legitimate gripes about the right wing.
People worked too hard for too little. In Russia, they worked and still starved. Any White civilization that survives the current threats has to address this problem, or it will fall the same way.

The World Below / Ignoble Fitness
« on: January 16, 2012, 06:55:13 AM »

"Aryanizers, in contrast, acknowledge above all the threat of ignoble fitness. The overwhelming majority of traits that improve survivability (including the very desire to survive without purpose) are morally negative. Nature favours the rapist over the non-rapist during war, the coward over the martyr during tyranny, the wealthseeker over the truthseeker during prosperity, and so on; in each case the former will be on average either more prolific or more materially secure than the latter. To use Savitri Devi’s comparison between the ultimate Gentile and Aryan avatars, Nature favours Genghis Khan (16,000,000+ genetic descendants alive today), not Hitler (0 genetic descendants). I would add that Nature favours also Genghis Khan’s sex slaves over Hitler."

Before you focus on Savitri Devi, etc., try to stay on point, please.
Wow, they hit a problem right on the head there. The sniveling coward, the thief, the crooked politician, whoever goes along to get along, fate will favor them over their opposites as to survival and procreation. It's easier to steal, to make others your slaves, than to create, to explore, to take chances. Those who sacrifice draw parasites.
I don't think that if we had a White nation that was secure, that procreation could be micromanaged to the greater good. It's too nonlinear in real life to make a policy. I think the best we can do is to avoid being ruled over by the jews, avoid race-mixing, and promote that the children be raised to be honest, basically to follow the Ten Commandments. I think the Christian religion, without the usual oppurtunists using it for political purposes, is pragmatic as a rule set for a civilization, it worked well enough for America, the United States.

Vidarr, pardon my ignorance please, but what is a 'bong'?

It's a pipe that passes the smoke through water to cool it and render it smoother and less harsh.

General / - Happy New Year Everybody!
« on: January 14, 2012, 08:29:17 PM »
We can only hope !!!

Children from Alabama will ask "What is racial segregation?"

Yeah, I'm sure that is the plan, as outlined in the book "Camp of the Saints" by Jean Raspail. In which, by the end of the story, blacks and whites were forced, by government dictate, to cohabit.
In which case, after a generation or two, children will not be asking much of anything, because they will have IQs of around 70, that of a German Shepherd, also that of the average African black.

Heaven Above / - Sushi! I owe you an apology
« on: January 11, 2012, 01:22:58 PM »
Seems HAARP is more prolific than I first suspected, there could be a dozen or more arrays worldwide..

I kind of doubt that the patents allegedly associated with HAARP, ionospheric heating or even resonance effects are the big story here. I think it has to do with Heaviside's "undiverted component", a physicist named Heaviside was emplyed to contract and rewrite Maxwell's equations on electromagnetic phenomena to, in my opinion, make discoveries that would lead to incredibly efficient and neverending sources of energy incredibly difficult or impossible. If you miseducate people, it is very hard for them to unlearn the mistakes. We all know how this works in terms of politics and race. It's the same for physics education.
Nevertheless, one of Heaviside's legitimate contributions was to discover that all our electronic devices were inconceivably inefficient, utilizing only a few drops from a raging river of energy that is everywhere all the time. If you can find Tom Bearden's video lecture, I think it was titled "Radionics: Action at a Distance", it explains much.

Health & Healing / - coconut oil kills all viruses, infections, cancers
« on: January 03, 2012, 10:56:39 PM »
Yes according to Oncologist, Dr. T. Simoncini, cancer is a fungus and is killed by anti-fungals.

Heres a breakdown of the benefits of coconut oil from the Coconut Research Center

Yeah, he treats cancer with that highly dangerous stuff known as "baking soda". You can't charge $10,000 a dose for that!
Thanks for the info on coconut oil.

Health & Healing / - * Mad Scientists Create H5N1 GM BioTerrorism Virus
« on: January 03, 2012, 10:53:42 PM »
Morgellons phenomena.. Crystal Meth + internet   ::)

Not really. They ran the fibers against the FBI fiber database, didn't match anything. They have extracted DNA from the fibers, that matches Agrobacter, a bacteria used in GMO modification of plants. I think it's something like a mycoplasma, a primitive and very small organism.

I look forward to using Stevia when I can get it.

Never let a dog get into the Stevia, or anything made from it. It's seriously poisonous to dogs.

I am beginning to think that 'Gelignite' is actually 'NOLAJBS', posting in order to sir up some controversy and draw some attention at the site...

I very much doubt that. When Gelignite was on Argue With Everyone, he was all about debunking 9/11 and maintaining the official story. And he gave it his all. That would be difficult for one of us to stomach.

2012 / - Holocaust survivors blast Nazi garb at protest
« on: January 03, 2012, 05:20:43 PM »
The musical instruments were mis-tuned to a frequncy that made jews' heads explode. They weren't allowed to play until all the Germans had left the building. This was the invention of fiendish Nazi scientists.
The pool was filled with a solution of itching powder. Hitler, Mengele and Eichmann would occasionally visit and throw children in, sometimes millions of them in a day. While laughing maniacally.
The poor jewish children would scratch death. Any left over were assembled in a makeshift village and destroyed with an atomic bomb! The horror, the horror.
Why did the skies not darken?

To be authentic, why dont they grab their instruments and play as they did in Auschwitz  and Buchenwald ie the Auschwitz prisoner Orchestra

Lap pool at Auschwitz for good workers

2012 / - Holocaust survivors blast Nazi garb at protest
« on: January 03, 2012, 05:12:15 PM »
Those wacky Jews.

After the protest, the boy registered as a holocaust survivor, and will now get $75,000 a year in reparations from Germany. He then announced the publication of his new book, in which he tells of how the Nazis were so fiendish and horrible  they scared him into a state of suspended aging since 1939. The horror, the horror.

The World Below / - Writer Thinks Paul Has a Shot
« on: January 03, 2012, 05:08:34 PM »
That's nice, but they have an out. Two, actually. One, the electoral college can just put anyone they want in as president, and two is a "lone nut".

Philosophy & Religion / I Am A Christian
« on: December 25, 2011, 01:06:21 PM »
After a lot of thinking and research on the subject, I finally came to the conclusion that the bad guys hate Christianity. It's not just that it's a tool that has outgrown it's usefulness. They've always hated it.
For what it's worth, I retract and apologize for all the times I have slandered Christianity.
I know and admit that what we have, the Bible, is sometimes inscrutable, probably incomplete, and altered for purposes of acquiring and maintaining power.
Nevertheless, the Christian faith has been the driving and unifying force behind Western civilization. It's rules are also pragmatic. I believe it is for people of European descent. And I believe that it is more than just pragmatic, I believe that it is true.

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