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General / Re: John 'Birdman' Bryant
« on: October 17, 2005, 03:03:12 PM »
Thanks. That is reassuring.
A much preferred outcome to the disappearance of Ray West's site (and Ray West) that went byebye for good, a few years ago. He also had a fabulous resource and commentary site, and was the guy who chronicled the Irving trial with transcripts and all.

The Talmud is more holey than Swiss cheese and stinks worse than Limburger.

Sorry, I just loooove Limburger (especially with slices of pear). To me the stench appears more toxic...

Update: On June 28, 2005, the Russian Prosecutor's office informed Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar that the investigation had been halted.

While this may look as another capitulation to tribal power, that episode was a competent strategic move, IMO.

The existence of that evil little handbook was publicized far and wide. This will no doubt curtail the operation of the fifth column in Russia (and beyond), while avoiding a direct confrontation with the talmudists. For the time being, they (still) are in nominal control of USian fire power. "You have to chose your battles wisely" - so they say.

General / Re: How I beat Cancer
« on: October 15, 2005, 12:09:07 PM »
Mystica, this is great news indeed.

An informal survey amongst close acquaintances shows the following nasty picture:
Just over half the females (all 38 years and older) have breast cancer - a regular epidemic.

They all have at least three things in common:
All had regular mammographies. This procedure did NOT detect ANY of the carcinomas.
All made heavy use of microwave ovens.
All were fanatical non-smokers for 10 or more years, or never smoked.

The rest of the ladies (mostly older than the afflicted group), smoke (some heavily), drink (not too much) and prepare food mostly the old fashioned way.

It would be interesting to see any correlation with exercise and dietary habits.

A Moral language is one that can carry a vast array of Morals.
Essentially a language's political power is determined by the degree to which it can carry a wide range of Morals by inflection and pronunciation and shifting grammar rules based on how a sentence is constructed and spoken.

So yes, I meant Low and High Morals, all kinds. It's the greatest Moral Language.

Ah. It's the capitalized M that led me to believe you may solely be referring to the high part of the equation. The 'wide range of Morals through inflection, pronunciation and shifting grammar rules' would explain why I, who's natural language is of the 'Technical' variety, have often to explain how something was to be interpreted as to intent. Not cool, but you helped me greatly with understanding something that bothered me for decades.

This also supports my contention, that in an important discourse (affairs of state, for example), the parties should rely on translators, and use their natural language. That way, a record of the original intent would exist.

The reason I am so interested in the minutiae of this issue is, that your explanation may lead to a better understanding of how we got into the current pickle (onset of a new dark age - if we are lucky), and what possible remedies may be available to protect/maintain/revive your Constitution.

...with English you can twist it to mean many things. This is a blessing and a danger.

This is how the English speaking world was turned into 'nations of law', at the expense of justice. "...indict a ham sandwich.Haha" - not funny.
How then, can you call it a 'Moral' language?

Communication will be important to maintain the Constitution.

Communication will be important, yes. What I wonder is, what is left to maintain of that Constitution? It's somewhat academic, at this stage.

Agreeing with bluegrass here; we need to communicate 'the ways of the bankers', and how to withdraw our consent to their scams.
Everything else will follow.


General / Re: On Sat 10/1/2005 Liberty Forum bacame 'Censored'
« on: October 01, 2005, 05:38:57 AM »
Who does the censoring, and what are they censoring?

Daisy666 (all of them), and, they will wing it (with 'reason and principle', of course)...

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