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And by the way, while we are on the subject, for those of you who watched the clip Amon posted, I have a question: What do you think of Lou Dobbs? Controlled opposition? ...

Dobbs is what is called a "sponge" in the trade of power politics. His task is to absorb the energy of the angry, disaffected population, while leading them down a dead end street. I also think that he is a somewhat reluctant player, but that's really neither here nor there.

There is no way that anyone can get away with the kind of name calling of everyone in DC from Bush down, and not be "permitted" to do so. Remember, a few years back he got fired (resigned) for a pittance in comparison. He is also shilling mightily for the 'independent' Bloomberg.

Anecdote: A while ago - during a book signing - a Paul supporter confronted him. Paraphrase: "Why do you ignore or downplay Ron Paul, when it's obvious that he is the only answer to the concerns you raise so passionately." Apparently Dobbs stared at his pen or book for a few seconds, looked up, and with a downbeaten expression said "I know - - - next". The supporter swears that Dobbs' eyes were a tad more watery... I have no reason to disbelieve the story.

It's not funny to be under the thumb of those sick fucks, ONCE YOU GIVE THEM AN INCH - not funny at all.
Better to tell them to take a hike from the first 'offer' on. At least you won't have to deal with them every minute, 24 hours a day anymore. That's one subject I could write a 'cryptic' book about...

General / Re: Is LibertyForum funderbunked again?
« on: January 16, 2008, 12:05:26 PM »
I think a lot of people have trouble getting to grips with the "alphabet agencies" working together to produce and run something like Al Qaidah (or otherwise). So when one points to a collaboration between MI5, MI6, CIA, DSGE, BVSA, Mossad, etc, this seems a bit contrived.

I was now contemplating this paragraph for a quarter cup of coffee and half a cigarette, because "something" struck me, but the "something was not immediately clear - then it hit me.

alphabet agencies <> MI5, MI6, CIA, DSGE, BVSA, Mossad - error, does not compute!
alphabet agencies <> MI5, MI6, CIA, DSGE, BVSA - works...

This must be the reason why Mossad never figures in any conjunction, in the works of pamphleteers...

General / Re: BlackJade's CIA Muslim Boogeymen vs. The Elders Mossad
« on: January 15, 2008, 07:53:48 PM »
By the way, your link doesn't work. But I did find this public law

Thanks. Let's hope they keep it at that link for a while...

Do you think that anyone is gullible enough to believe that this "Education Day" commits the United States of America to institute this "Noahide Law" as the "Law of the Land" and that this "commits the United States of America to return the world to Noahide Law" in all foreign policy decisions?

The commitment is what Public Law No: 102-14 contains.
The "Whereas" in front of every statement makes that crystal clear. The "Whereas" always denotes and enumerates "fact" as seen by the signatory; in this case the US government. In other words, the "bedrock.." and the "commitment to return the world to..." is a given; it's official policy. You can try to down-play the thing all you want, it won't go away.

The "Education Day" thing is just camouflage, smoke & mirrors, with the added benefit of helping a bunch of dark-agers to feel giddy. The innocuous "Education Day" in the law has the same purpose of your "CIA, ISI" in your deflections from the "top dog". Imagine passing a law called "Rebbe's Birthday, USA" or "World Noahide Law Reinstatement Day" or "Lets Chop Off Heads By The Billions Day" or simply "G-d Day".

This "Education Day" public law was enacted 17 years ago, and...

So what? Are you suggesting that a 17 year old law has no standing? Was it repealed? Can any 17 year old law be ignored because of "old age"?

It's one of those laws (I'm sure there are others yet to be found) that started with an Executive Order, became Law, and is - for some not so obscure reason - required to be reconfirmed by Executive Order by every president at least once every term. Those occasions makes for a cute picture gallery...

But aside from the quaint chickanery, we can observe the attempted implementation of the commitment all over the globe on a continual basis. OK, so it doesn't go quite as planned. That's not for lack of trying, but rather because the "dumb fucks" are not nearly as dumb as those who "have pipe-dream - will travel".

The FBI is proposing to establish three categories of suspects in the shared system: "internationally recognised terrorists and felons", those who are "major felons and suspected terrorists", and finally those who [are] the subjects of terrorist investigations or criminals with international links.

Here is the famed "everybody clause", which somehow didn't get highlighted, but is on record, as in "we told you everything about IT".

IT works out to something like this:
"Citizen Dean_Saor, your eye scan has been observed meandering through the exact same camera quadrant on January 15th, 2008, as did the palm prints of a well-known, suspected terrorist sympathiser's cousin, only twice removed. Suffice it to say that under the Treaty of Prum, we had no choice but to foreward your entire file to the FBI, who assures us that the file will only be shared with other national and supra-national agencies under the strict guidelines of other such bilateral, multinational and pan-national agreements; agreements carefully designed to protect you privacy - of course. In the interim..."

General / Re: BlackJade's CIA Muslim Boogeymen vs. The Elders Mossad
« on: January 15, 2008, 06:45:13 AM »
I do know the difference between the mythology of "Qui bono and the science of Chickenometry" and fact.  So 17 years ago, Congress declares "Education Day, USA", on the birthdate of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson and they say that "Noahide Laws" are "bedrock of society."  And this is suppose to prove that the CIA and other US intelligence agencies of the world's superpower are not the "top dog"?

So how many "Education Days" are there?




Then there's Free Enterprise Education Week and NATIONAL HOME EDUCATION WEEK.

The point that I am trying to make is that members of Congress can get on a soapbox and talk about an "education day" or "education week." This has nothing to do with the facts about the CIA and reality of US power in the world.

Cute - a perfect specimen for applying the great science of Chickenometry:

You 'forgot' that the soapbox is the Law of the Land and -
commits the United States of America to return the world to Noahide Law.

Which would be the shit we can observe daily...

There are 1,030,000,000 links available to you with "Education" in them.
All of them are about as valid to the subject as the ones you posted... which is -

Congressional record, starting with "March 20, 1991 H.J.Res.104 became Public Law No: 102-14 - Education Day, USA". Then, check out what 'law' the US Government officially recognized as "the bedrock of civilization" and committed to "return the world to", and who's birthday is remembered, all behind that innocuous sounding name "Education Day, USA".

There is your official 'top dog'.
Twirling the bankrupt 'superpower' are the rabbis.
The 'policy' is talmudic lunacy... the world's oldest and stalest extortion racket...

You can't escape Qui bono and the science of Chickenometry.

General / Re: I'm in love
« on: January 14, 2008, 04:51:51 AM »
Guess which one.

It's obvious - the one kneeling... ;D

General / Re: BlackJade's CIA Muslim Boogeymen vs. The Elders Mossad
« on: January 13, 2008, 07:43:32 PM »
The CIA and other US intelligence agencies are the "top dog" because these are the agencies of the world's superpower. They did create Al Qaeda and this is ultimately why Al Qaeda grew into a multibillion dollar international network. These are the facts. "Pretzels" are just another way to avoid the facts and to rely on your imagination.

Check the Congressional record, starting with "March 20, 1991 H.J.Res.104 became Public Law No: 102-14 - Education Day, USA". Then, check out what 'law' the US Government officially recognized as "the bedrock of civilization" and committed to "return the world to", and who's birthday is remembered, all behind that innocuous sounding name "Education Day, USA".

There is your official 'top dog'.
Twirling the bankrupt 'superpower' are the rabbis.
The 'policy' is talmudic lunacy... the world's oldest and stalest extortion racket...

You can't escape Qui bono and the science of Chickenometry.

General / Re: BlackJade's CIA Muslim Boogeymen vs. The Elders Mossad
« on: January 13, 2008, 05:51:07 AM »
You have at least two significant factors going against your world renowned pretzels:
Qui bono and "walks like a duck..."

The CIA you like to depict as the central culprit in everything pointing towards our cuddly friends, is an offshoot of the OSS, which was about as kosher as it gets. Was the CIA involved with creating Al Qaeda? You bet. Was the CIA the top dog? Of course not. By all accounts, the CIA is today less of a Tribe's flunky than it ever was, except perhaps for a short period in the 50s. The 'cunning' MO of the Al Qaeda setup is of course much, much older than the US itself, and verily reeks of chicken poop.

I stopped reading your pretzels years ago - after about the third - when noting what jumps at the reader by its glaring absence. Any reader that isn't born yesterday, that is... "Look at my 50 'credible' circular sources, and don't look at the shadows slithering in the dark." That one is about as old as the false, murderous enemy schtick itself...

Money & Markets / Re: US's Triple-A Credit Rating 'Under Threat'
« on: January 12, 2008, 12:40:16 PM »
Spending money on Social Assistance to keep old poor people alive is a waste of money. Spending money on Medicaid to "cure" their illnesses, so they can live longer, and draw more money out of the system, is a further waste of money. It would be better if there was NO aid, so they could all die sooner, and be less of a drain....

Real life story.

Last year, a retired women I know was just beginning to receive a substantial pension. She was a government worker all her life - a true believer. On her first yearly medical checkup after retirement (March), the doctor found 'something suspicious'. After a "work-up", she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and scheduled for emergency surgery and chemo. I attempted and failed of course to press home the opinion that treatment will make certain that she will be dead before the year is out (The doctors gave her a year or two without*). She died horribly on December 6th after many months of miserable existence and with excruciating pain despite the drugs.

On top of the misery, towards the end both she and her husband (also an ex-government employee) realized that they have been played for suckers by their "beloved" system.

* where do these predictions come from? Cold statistics, or worse, numbers used as pressure to ensure the 'industry' is busy? 35 years ago I was given 5 years max. as well (although with only a 95% chance).
Ignoring the warning, and a life of constant tests and treatments, completely paid off - so far... ;D

2008 / Re: We'll nuke Iran - Bush promises Israel
« on: January 12, 2008, 11:55:51 AM »
I love the headline for Faux news this am:

Bush Says U.S. Should Have Bombed WWII Death Camp During Holocaust Memorial Tour

English is not my forte, but - but - is that really the headline? If so...

Wouldn't the Poles be a bit pissed? Or at least the Auschwitz-Memorial people. Or the constant stream of teary-eyed dignitaries. Or what about the real fake gas chamber? Rubble on rubble? Or is that one of those "never forget" thingies.

What was the date of Bush's HM tour?
Maybe the numbers can tell us why Auschwitz should have been bombed on that day...

The World Below / Re: BlackBoxVoting Says "Ron Paul Was Robbed!"
« on: January 12, 2008, 07:46:53 AM »

But I'm afraid that Mister Nice Guy, RP, won't want to rock the boat and demand a recount - just as Pat Buchanan, when they started calling him the usual Nasty Names - racist, antisemite, nazi - and cranking up their diebold voting machines back in 2000 - didn't utter a peep.

Has nothing to do with Mister Nice Guy - the old man is though as nails.

It's just that he is from another era, when people didn't live by instant gratification, and when they reflected before jumping. The hare and tortoise thingy. He has nothing to gain at this stage, as long as the vote is contested. It is, both on the democrat and the republican side. That's all that counts right now. Imagine, the crooks manage somehow to fake the recount - as in Ohio04, where recounters just were sent to jail for that - the MSM would have a field day calling him a kook; this time, with what would look like justification. A conviction 3 years from now would not help much.

Paul is slowly increasing the pressure. You can see it by what and how he writes stuff, and by how he talks in interviews and debates. So far - fine by me...

The World Below / Re: BlackBoxVoting Says "Ron Paul Was Robbed!"
« on: January 10, 2008, 05:33:31 PM »
 ;D ;D ;D Love it when brains win over emotions  ;D ;D ;D

Dennis Kucinich is officially demanding a recount in NH.

That's the smart way to play the "mountebanks" - you figure it out...
Mountebanks - love that word.

2008 / Re: Tony Blair's new job as advisor for JP Morgan
« on: January 10, 2008, 03:46:48 PM »
If I had known there was so much profit in lying, cheating and murder I would have changed careers years ago.

I don't believe that for even one second... ;)

The World Below / Re: BlackBoxVoting Says "Ron Paul Was Robbed!"
« on: January 10, 2008, 01:17:57 PM »
Hand Count Shows 15% For Ron Paul

Let's be very careful about this. The above is totally wrong and may be a false flag itself.

The hand average is about 9.2%. The 15% MAY be true, it MAY even be higher, but it does not reflect the released numbers, which the list PARTIALLY uses.

As to TheCampaign: If anyone would read my posts, they would know about the crap for a while.
The good thing is, Ron Paul & Friends know for a while, as well. The question is only how and when to clean up the chicken coop. Some of the biggest noise about "getting rid" and bringing in "professionals" right now comes from the dark side (check the attacks on Lew - one of those friends).

Let's be careful about these "sudden awakenings" - there is plenty of time to do it right...

Conspiracy then and now. / Re: The Media Can Legally Lie
« on: January 09, 2008, 06:53:42 PM »
The other day, people were discussing how to give FOX/Murdoch a migrainefrom the Paul exclusion.
Lawyer this and lawyers that, until someone posted what he sent to the FCC - an official complaint. Was a short letter demanding action, with chapter an verse attached. That's when it happened:

"You guys who propose legal action against Fox are an embarrassment to the Ron Paul campaign, the free market and the 1st amendment. Not only that you have absolutely no conception of how the law works and to hear you theorize about possible legal loopholes is hilarious! Seriously, are you a bunch of college kids sitting in a dorm, smoking a bong, and coming up with these ideas? If that is the case just say so. I'll understand then and I'll feel foolish for taking you so seriously. But if you tell me that you are a group of mature, educated adults and you actually believe the crap that is coming out of your mouth I'm gonna go dunk my head in the toilet water for 5 minutes and prey that when I come up for air this has all been a bad dream.

OF COURSE FOX IS TRYING TO MANIPULATE THE ELECTION RESULTS! Everybody is trying to manipulate the election results for their favored candidate. That is what politics is all about. But the tool which FOX is using to accomplish this is SPEECH and there is no FEC restriction on the amount of speech an organization or individual can employ, or deny, to achieve their political goals. FOX doing what they do is no different from you standing on a street corner, waving a street sign and talking to passersby about Ron Paul. The only difference is that FOX has a larger audience than you do and that is what bugs you. You think that you should have the right to co-opt their audience and expose them to your views. You don't! The same way Huckabees Army does not have the right to come here and demand that dedicate equal time to discussion of Mike Huckabee. Is that so hard to understand? Fox has no duty or obligation, legal or otherwise, to provide equal time to candidates or act in the "public interest". They are not a public service. They are not a government agency. They are not even a broadcast network for Christ sakes, but a cable channel. You might as well sue The Food Network for making people fat, Nick at Night for rerunning boring 60s sitcoms or the Daily Show for reporting fake news. While you're at it be sure and sue the WWE because that wrestling is not real!

The final nail in your coffin is the ridiculous assertion that media exposure translates into real dollars. This is an unfortunate side-effect of the adoption of propaganda from grassroots programs like the Blimp and Tea Party. Media exposure does not equal dollars. Media exposure is similar to dollars in that both can be employed to raise a candidate's profile and communicate his message to the public. They are interchangeable in their usage but they are not the same thing. Apples do not equal oranges just because both can be eaten."

A FOX lawyer, without a doubt... ;D

The World Below / Re: Ron Paul's Dilemma - America Exists in Two Worlds
« on: January 09, 2008, 06:35:18 PM »
From another forum:

This info was unsourced, and no links provided, thus I cannot attest to the veracity of it.

You can count on it. At 9:30pm I started this stuff with a post using the three examples on the previous page in a running thread about exit polls. At 10:20, I added another 6. At 10:30 someone started a thread with those 9 and another 2. That's when it took off. The numbers are the official numbers correlated with the official list of precincts, that include person in charge, address of polling station and method of counting.

The only thing wrong with the list above, it's incomplete. There are 126 hand counted precincts, and they go all the way down to 0%. The average is about 9.2% vs 7.7% in diebolded places. That alone is enough to put Paul in 4th, ahead of Giuliany. This is hugely significant, because it lets the MSM off the hook (especially FOX), in regards to debate invitations. However, it doesn't stop there.

Most numbers over 12% are in hand counted precincts (all the way up to ~35%). As far as I know, there are only a few over 12% in the diebolded districts, and they magically appeared late at night, after the shit hit the fan. Or lets put it this way: When I stopped looking (~1am), there was none over 12%.

What was the real result? Not sure. Most probably third. But it might as well be first, if you consider all the other odd 'coincidences' (ever heard of 20+% for the candidate named "other" in some precincts - in a primary?)

All that crap was expected"
"Iowa was to generate disappointment, New Hampshire is to finish him off - or so the plan goes." - moi

What was much more fun to watch, was the heavy work of the shills - dozens of hem.
"Stop this "conspiracy" nonsense. Let's move on. There is Michigan. Go out and work hard."
"This can all be explaned by statistical anomalies."
"We need to see if the mean deviance corrolates with the standard deviation of something."
"Questioning the result, makes us look like kooks."
"Questioning the results, makes Ron Paul look like a kook."
"I support Paul 100%, but you 'truthers' make me quit."
"Electronic is in large cities. Wealthy old people in the cities didn't vote for Paul." (I'm not kidding)
"Hand count is only in small, rural communities.*" (that where most Paul geeks live?)
and on, and on...
* did you know that diebold scanners are used in precicts with less than 200 votes? - nuts.

There have to be 50+ threads on the "let's move on" tack alone.

Here comes the good news. Most genuine supporters who didn't already, just woke up and are pissed. The shills are talking to a wall of newly formed indignation, and they are told to back off - most politely - in the best Ron Paul tradition. The big question among the base is no longer "Do they really cheat?" but "How can we stop the fuckers." Huge, in my view, and not expected by me, until after Super Tuesday.

Answers will come. I have no doubt...

The World Below / Re: Ron Paul's Dilemma - America Exists in Two Worlds
« on: January 08, 2008, 05:55:56 PM »
Iowa was to generate disappointment, New Hampshire is to finish him off - or so the plan goes.

Random look-see (New Hampshire, Jan. 8):

Groton - Ron Paul 22% (votes are hand counted)
Rumney - Ron Paul 14.5% (votes are hand counted)
Richmond - Ron Paul 34% (votes are hand counted)

Over all (21:51 EST) 7.83%

Oh, and the "exit poll" numbers just happen to confirm the "Internet Phenomenon" Mantra...

Voted for Ron Paul:
18-24 24%
25-29 18%
30-39 12%
40-49 8%
50-64 7%
Over 65 3%

Funny how that all works out...  ;D

9/11 / Re: Israelis did 9/11 - summary of how they did it.
« on: January 07, 2008, 03:40:55 PM »
...  They have as their craft "words."  ...

More than a craft, it's by far the biggest weapon - nukes are marbles by comparison.

The way words are used makes it the biggest shell game of all. The reader gets bamboozled by the 'big' words and overlooks the 'small' ones - the ones that end up counting, once repeated hundreds of time.

Once people pay attention to words, and the way they are used (pretzels), everything becomes crystal clear, and there is nowhere to hide the scams and illusions.

This solution is so simple and so effective, it could easily be called final, if it were not already copyrighted...

The World Below / Re: Ron Paul's Dilemma - America Exists in Two Worlds
« on: January 07, 2008, 02:00:25 PM »
No, but joining local meetup groups, canvasing neighborhoods, handing out literature, having sign waving days, etc can and does take our campaign further. I have often thought the same things as this author until I joined a local meetup group, and saw the enthusiasm of the locals here in my city. And along with the aforementioned activities, our meetup group leader has just recently become a precinct captain, giving him access to 1000 GOP names with which to canvas and spread the word. I am myself considering the possibility of becoming a precinct captain for the same purpose. Many of our members are thinking about the same thing. I am not sure but I would be willing to bet money that the supporters of Mitt GuiliRomneybee aren't exactly charging out to do the same. Ron Paul supporters are a special breed, working every angle into the ground, tirelessly giving their money, time, and support for this campaign. Remember, this isn't just a man running for prez, this is a friggin' movement of the people. The other candidates are just running for office... So fear not my Canadian friend, we are doing everything we can think of to push Dr. Paul into position.
BTW, haven't been here in a while, since the meltdown last year. Good to see everything back to normal.

Give the man a cigar!

Captain Pooch - awesome ;)

You are absolutely right, the article is way off base. I'm not sure if this is the intent, but there are oodles of negative articles like it by people who are not to happy about Ron Paul, but there are also genuine supporters who think that a bit of reverse-psychology will motivate the troops even more. Not sure that is a good idea, though.

This revolution must grow organically, from strength to strength, unlike the politics-as-usual competition who need to front-load everything to establish the illusion of inevitability.

Good to see you Pooch.

General / Re: Muslim women to curb terror
« on: January 06, 2008, 03:52:57 PM »
Obviously the natives aren't buying it.  ;D

And that's a major factor in my optimism that enlightenment will (once again) overcome the dark-agers. That obstinancy allowed and still allows many others to regain their bearings. I'm not convinced that it is just the religious aspect. How else would it be possible for the tribe to infiltrate the Muslim community so easily - at least in the west? Yenta today, headscarf tomorrow, and TV spokes person the day after (or rabbi > imam > 'islamic extremist' community leader). To me, there has to be a cultural and/or heritage component. The West's new Muslims should at least have a look at the relevent history of the Vatican et al.

Fenelon appears to have an extensive library on that history, with some of it right here. The stuff is not only highly informative, it's also fun to read - turns the best spy/crime novel into kindergarten fare by comparison. Just one recent example:
There are many more. The pieces don't just reveal what talmudic love looks like, but also how it is delivered.

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