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Jerusalem Post 12 Sep 2001:

The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has so far received the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack.

And where's your evidence that any of them actually *worked* in the WTC?

You have none. You just pulled that part out of your own ass. You think it makes the Israelis (i.e., "the Jews") look bad, and so you repeat it as often as you can, truth be damned.

You are a worthless piece of shit, Werewolf.

And you learned of "Maria" from whom?

Same place Werewolf "learned" that the Israelis had their cameras set up prior to the first plane impact.

Has she sworn under oath?

Not that I know of. No one on either side of the story has, as far as I know.

Where is Maria now?

Haven't the slightest idea.

This is proof?

All things being equal, it's the best we have.

Maria is the one from whom the story originated. If she hadn't called the cops, there wouldn't be any story about any "dancing Israelis". So the notion that the Israelis didn't park the van until *after* the Towers had been struck comes straight from the horse's mouth, as it were.

Is there some reason you don't want believe her now?

You have been beaten 1000 times in dancing israelis subject...

No, I have never been beaten on that subject. Because, as always, the truth is on my side.

Take your fellow traveler Werewolf, for instance:

Here he was trying to tell me about how "dancing Israelis" had their cameras set up and trained on the WTC before the first plane hit.

Then I pointed out how "Maria", the woman who originally called the police (and from whom the entire "dancing Israelis" story first originated), indicated that she saw their van pull up sometime *after* the towers had been burning... sometime *after* the first plane hit.

So it's fairly cut and dried at this point - the "dancing Israelis" didn't even arrive on the scene until after the attack began.

But does Werewolf admit this? Not in the slightest. In fact, he barely addressed the issue from that point on, and he eventually fled the entire discussion, altogether.

And here he is today, repeating the same demonstrable lie in this very thread. Like we've never ever talked about it before.

Make no mistake. Werewolf is not at all interested in the truth about 9/11. Like many others, his only agenda is to denigrate Jewish people as much as he possibly can, and he sees 9/11 as an opportunity to do just that. One could put the truth in front of his face, and he'll simply pretend it isn't there, mindlessly droning on about "dancing Israelis" and the "4000" who failed to show up to work at the WTC that day (another demonstrable lie). Because he thinks it makes the Jews look bad.

And that's the only thing he's really interested in. 

Instead of shrieking "liar" and "lies" and "everything you say has been debunked", Mr Gelignite, specify exactly what I said that you deem to be incorrect.

If I spent my time doing that, then I'd never be off of this board.

Actually, I have proven you wrong many times in the past. You've never once admitted it, though, and you continue to repeat the same demonstrable falsehoods to this very day.

All one has to do is search the forum for my posts with the terms "4000" or "dancing Israelis". Or try "Maria".

Hell, I posted a link to one already, and you ignored it. So much for your word, I guess.

If someone said that "only 1 jew" died at the WTC on 911 he is incorrect... Many Jews died.

You and OldTimes need to have a talk, I think.


No, Mr Gelignite, I'm not interested in "hashing" anything out.  I'm only interested in the real truth about everything...

Why is it, then, that you continue to repeat the same lies?

Why do you not call out your fellow travellers (like OldTimes) who also repeat the same lies?

He keeps saying "only 1 jew" died. Why don't you straighten him out?

Sure Jews died at the WTC on 911.

According to OldTimes, only *one* Jew died. Singular. If that.

Maybe you two should sit down and hash this out. You guys really need to get your act together here.

[...remaining, long-debunked idiocy snipped...]

What you've quoted has already been debunked....

No, it has not been "debunked". You just refuse to acknowledge it.

And this is plain for all to see.

What jews are missing?
What "loved ones"?

...just name more than one and prove it, and you're off the hook.

I already did:

You can sit there with your eyes shut and your fingers stuck in your ears screaming, "la, la, la, la!" all you want.

Enough people (including all the guests and noobs reading this exchange) already know that you're completely full of shit.

And you are thusly dismissed.

What about Tania Head, the Spanish/American jewess...

What about her?

Where's your evidence that she's a Jew? Did she attend synagogue? Any of her relatives buried in a Jewish cemetery?

Show us how you come to the conclusion that she is a Jew, but all those other people who died in the WTC (i.e, who have a Star of David on their headstones in Jewish cemeteries and whose families attend synagogue, etc.) are not Jews.

Or are you simply talking out of your ass, yet again?

Well, I'd love for those synagogue familes to face Americans who know the truth about 9/11, that Israel was behind it and not a single jew showed up for work that day.

So where do you think all of the loved ones who are now missing from all of those synagogue families finally went?

Did they go out for a pack of smokes and never went back home? Are they sitting on a beach somewhere?

"Americans who know the truth about 9/11..."

You couldn't find the truth with both hands if it was attached to your ass.

The "public record" on 9/11 is an outright lie, not "case closed" like you would like.


At one synagogue on Manhattan's upper West Side, the congregation gathered Monday night for Rosh Hashana minus six members who were lost during last week's attacks.

Five of them were in the World Trade Center, and one was in the plane that hit the Pentagon. None of their bodies have been recovered....


I'd love to see you personally face those families in the synagogue (on the 9/11 anniversary) and tell them how you don't believe their loved one was actually Jewish. Or that if he/she was Jewish, then he/she didn't actually die.

Because, according to you, "only 1 jew died in 9/11".


That report notes sources are (jewish) publications & NYC ME office.

It's a matter of public record. Anyone who wanted to could check it for themselves.

OldTimes is a liar. Case closed.

[...idiocy snipped...]

You just posted a link to pure easily-confirmed disinfo...

It's a memorial video, "Dedicated to the men, women and children who lost their lives; all those who sacrificed their lives; And to all the Heroes that responded to the emergency 11 September 2001..." More the most part, it depicts portraits of those who died that day (you know, the ones that you claim to care about), to the Enya tune, "Only Time".

As far as I can see, the creators give none of their personal opinions as to the nature of the attacks (i.e., who were actual the perpetrators). They just show pictures of attacks and the aftermath, coupled with excerpts of news reports of the day. It is completely non-political. One could just as easily play the thing with a caption that reads, "Look what the Jews did to our people and how they manipulated our leaders." In fact, I think I remember actually seeing similar such usage somewhere on YouTube.

So in what possible way is this "easily-confirmed" as "disinfo"?

...and now you're calling me the liar. (!)

Yes, I am calling you a liar. Because you are a liar.

When you state that "only 1 jew died in 9/11", that is a lie. The fact that you stated it makes you a liar.

It's not that complicated.

As for the institution that "verified" the 9/11 deaths, I'll assume its kinda like...

Nobody gives two damp loads what you "assume" its kinda like. For that matter, there's no reason for anyone to "assume" anything. It's all matter of public record.

[emphasis added...]

The following partial list of 76 Jewish World Trade Center victims includes many from companies that were located at or above where the planes hit. These include Cantor Fitzgerald, which lost 658 employees, Marsh & McLellan, which lost 295 employees, Aon Corporation, which lost 176 employees, and others.

Lee Alan Adler, 48, was a computer designer at Cantor Fitzgerald. Mr. Adler was a member of the board of trustees of Temple Beth Ahm in Springfield, New Jersey, where memorial services were held for him. He was married to his wife. Alice, for 15 years and had a 12-year old daughter. His daughter wrote in a February 22, 2002 message on an internet memorial site, "Daddy I love you!"

Joshua Aron, 29, was an equities trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. Joshua's father, Barry Aron, says, "Not a minute goes by in a day that I don't think about Josh. ... It's like part of you being ripped out and you can't replace it." Barry talks to his son's widow, Rachel daily. Mr. Aron and Rachel would have celebrated their first wedding anniversary on September 16, 2001. Memorial services were held at the Oceanside Jewish Center in Oceanside, New York.

Michael Edward Asher, 53, was vice president and senior technology architect at Cantor Fitzgerald. On September 10, 2001, he talked with his son Jeremy, 18, about rebuilding an old Jaguar automobile. Mr. Asher was also survived by his wife Dana and a daughter, Rachel, 16. A memorial service was held for him at the Monroe Temple of Liberal Judaism in Monroe, New York.

Debbie S. Bellows, 30, was an executive assistant at Cantor Fitzgerald. She was survived by her husband Sean, who wrote, "Debbie meant the world to me. ... My heart will always be filled with the love and beauty that filled her soul." A memorial service was held for Ms. Bellows at the Westchester Reform Temple in Scarsdale, New York.

Alvin Bergsohn, 48, was an equities trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. From a picture posted on the Internet, it appears that he was survived by a wife and two sons. A service was held for him at the South Baldwin Jewish Center in Baldwin Harbor, New York.

Shimmy D. Biegeleisen, 42, was vice president of Fiduciary Trust International. Susan Townsend, who interviewed for a job at Mr. Biegeleisen's company, described him "a genuinely kind and gentle soul, a man of true integrity." A friend, Joseph Weinberger, said he was "a person with a golden heart, loved everybody, always with a smile." Another described him as "a perfect mix of God-fearing, friendly, and fun." Tony Skutnik said he was "a kind and gentle man, generous and forgiving almost to a fault." He was survived by a wife and five children.

Joshua David Birnbaum, 24, was an assistant bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. His best friend, Leehe Matalon, wrote, "Josh's smile always managed to light up the faces of those he surrounded himself with. He had a special charm ...." He was survived by his parents, Sam and Marcel, and a sister, Jill. A memorial service was held for him at the Sephardic Congregation of Long Beach in Long Beach, New York.

Kevin Sanford Cohen, 28, was a computer support person for Cantor Fitzgerald. He was survived by his parents, Barry and Marcia, and a brother Neil. His mother said that when she had asked him why he didn't slow down, he replied, "Mom, I believe in living life to the fullest." A memorial service was held for him at Neve Shalom in Metuchen, New Jersey.

Michael Allen Davidson, 27, was an equity options trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. A co-worker named Jay wrote, "He could have been the nicest, most sensitive person I have ever met. Everyone loves him." He was engaged to be married the following July to Dominique DeNardo. Mr. Davidson was survived by his mother Ellen. A memorial service was held for him at Congregation Beth Israel in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.

Peter Feidelberg, 34, worked for Aon corporation. Mr. Feidelberg was from Montreal, Canada, and worked at Aon with his wife, Meredith Ewart, whom he had married in March 2000. According to the Canadian Jewish News, Mr. Feidelberg attended Jewish Peoples School, ran in the 1998 New York Marathon, enjoyed rugby, mountain biking, skiing and scuba diving, and had backpacked through Europe, Costa Rica, Turkey and other countries.

Steven Mark Fogel, 40, was vice president and assistant general counsel for Cantor Fitzgerald. He was survived by his wife Kori, a son and a daughter. A memorial service was held for him at Temple Emanuel in Westfield, New York.


This list goes on and on, but I think everyone (guests and newbies alike) gets the idea.

I just think it's undignified to have dialogue with traitors who intentionally deceive on issues of national security.

Says the one who is a proven liar.

Quote we are giving you a platform treating you civilly, at our cost.

What "cost"? If anything, I provide a valuable service around here up by shaking loose all the low-hanging fruit. Like, for instance, your ridiculous and easily-refutable claim that "only 1 jew died in 9/11". It took me precisely eighteen seconds to find the link which demonstrates the false nature of your statement. You think I'm the only one on the world who could have done this?

Try not to be a fool. If your only aspiration for this "movement" of yours is to continue making absurd claims within a vacuum completely free of contest of challenge, then I can see why you'd want to see me get the boot from this forum once and for all. But I would submit there is nothing special or unique about myself of my point of view. Don't agree? Then go ahead and tell those you are trying to get over to your way of thinking that "only 1 jew died in 9/11". Or have Walt wad the notion into a "stinkbomb" he tosses the next time he pulls one of his idiotic radio stunts. See how many people scratch their heads and think to themselves, "Only one Jew died? In New York?". Then watch them go to their computers and pull a Google search for "Jews who died on 9/11". They'll find the same link that I did, and at that precise moment they will dismiss you as a lying, paranoid kook.

Which you arguably are, but that's beside the point.

Sometimes I really wonder if we aren't doing something morally wrong.

I think that you, personally, are, but not for the reasons that you think. I think lying about the people who died on 9/11 (as you have done) is morally reprehensible.

So would a lot of others, I'd expect. Which is why it's a good thing I'm here to correct you on these matters before you take it to the streets.

Unless, of course, you don't want to deal with people who think for themselves.

Where in the hell is Dominique when I need her?

General / - Walts Radio Call on 911 with Radio Shill Host-50K Watt station
« on: September 12, 2012, 07:59:17 AM »
A Friend of mine just heard that radio call.

He thinks the Radio Giant should be sued for Libel/Slander for me being called a J E W Hater after discussing Israeli involvement of 911.

I did use an alias, but did so out of fear of being smeared.  But Im sure some recognized my voice.

You posting record on this forum would not help you case.

gelignite is all about distraction. We really should just take a poll and see whether to allow him to post his troll crap here any longer. The time is too short to entertain jew molls like him.

Do what you will. I've broken no forum guidelines. If people vote me off, then they do so out of 100% fear.

I'm sure there are plenty who would love a forum that is finally free of the last vestiges of even the most remote challenge to their assertions. That way, they can prepare to take their fight to the people.

What do your think, LW? Is that a sound strategy?

Your decision.

...only 1 jew died in 9/11, and I'm starting to even wonder if that...

You're a stinking liar.

Scores (possibly hundreds) of Jews were killed on 9/11. It's been verified that dozens were killed in one company in the WTC alone, Cantor Fitzgerald. A while back, I posted name after name after name of those who were having Jewish services at synagogue.

Funny... if someone in the news commits a crime, and there's even a *hint* of a "Jewish" connection, you're all over it like stink on puke. When a 9/11 victim (for whom you claim to care) gets a Star of David on his/her headstone, you feign doubt that any Jews died in the attack.


General / - Walts Radio Call on 911 with Radio Shill Host-50K Watt station
« on: September 12, 2012, 12:37:55 AM »
'Forty-two percent of Americans in a 2006 Zogby poll were critical of the official version of 9/11 events...

'31 perecent of likely voters do not buy the official 9/11 story...

From Walt's earlier post...

Over 50% do not believe the official Govt versin of 911.
And that 50% is growing.

I notice that you didn't post a link to the actual poll so we can see the actual questions to which the people responded (i.e., the *actual* questions, as opposed to someone else's characterizations thereof) and the total results to those questions (as opposed to the age/race segments that you cherry-picked for your response).

Let's take a look at that Zogby poll, shall we... the actual questions and results this time:

[emphasis added...

Zogby America Likely Voters 8/23/07 thru 8/27/07 MOE +/- 3.1 percentage points...

402. There are three main schools of thought regarding the 9/11 attacks. The first theory is the official story, and maintains that 19 Arab fundamentalists executed a surprise attack which caught US intelligence and military forces off guard. The second theory known as Let It Happen argues that certain elements in the US government knew the attacks were coming but consciously let them proceed for various political, military and economic motives; and the third theory Made It Happen contends that certain US government elements actively planned or assisted some aspects of the attacks. Based upon your knowledge of 9/11 events and their aftermath, which theory are you more likely to agree with?

Official story: 63.6%
Let it happen: 26.4%
Made it happen: 4.6%
NS: 5.4%


What was that you were saying earlier about the percentage of Americans who do not believe the "official Govt versin"?

There's more in the poll, of course. But nothing about whether anyone thinks that "the Jews" did it. Something tells me the percentage of people who believe that is far less than 4.6, however.

Be nervous..truth is growing and will only contiue to grow.

WTF do you know about the "truth", Walt? You already admitted that you deliberately lie in order to get on the air during these half-assed little stunts of yours, and now I've just caught you lying (yet again) about what "over 50%" of Americans supposedly do not believe. How many times have you repeated that lie over the airwaves? How many more times do you plan on repeating it? And how many other lies do you repeat in the course of disrupting talk shows with your silly schoolyard antics?

There's no reason for me to be "nervous" when you are the one who seems compelled to resort to such behavior in order to get your stinkbombs across.

You're a clown, Walt.

And this is plain for all to see.

General / - Walts Radio Call on 911 with Radio Shill Host-50K Watt station
« on: September 11, 2012, 06:20:07 PM »
Over 50% do not believe the official Govt versin of 911.
And that 50% is growing.

Care to show the poll numbers which back up your bullsh*t assertions?

And while you're at it, show us where there is a "growing" number who believes that those other than radical Muslims perpetrated the attacks.

That which is pulled directly out of your own ass doesn't count.

You & others have every right to be nervous.

I (and others) don't have to give false information to the call screener just to make it on the air, only to be promptly whisked off the air after several seconds of the usual nincompoopery.

I'm not nervous at all. You're the one who's obviously desperate to get that weasel-sounding voice of yours heard over the airwaves... if only for second or two.

I dont want to see what is coming but dont have the choice of leaving this country. 
Many innocents will take blame & potential wrath is my prediction when a collapse occurs.

I think your secret fear is that there isn't going to be any "collapse" within your lifetime. At least not of the "Turner Diaries" variety for which you fervently hope.

On the other hand, I have no fear whatsoever.

General / - Walts Radio Call on 911 with Radio Shill Host-50K Watt station
« on: September 11, 2012, 05:40:18 PM »
Walt was indeed excellent.

Walt was indeed a f*ckin' moron. As usual.

The question "Why are you a Jew Hater?" sounds like your typical kosher "anti-semitism cry" tactic.

It's a valid question in light of the fact that Walt brought up the same old debunked crap, yet again. People who do this aren't interested in the pursuit of truth. They're pushing propaganda which serves an entirely different agenda altogether.

Walt's own words: " guy like me stink bombs the air ways, destroys their programming, and gives hope to the masses that DO Know..."

Walt is simply preaching a message of hate to (what he hopes) is the choir who might happen to be in the listening audience.

Hence the query put forth by the host.

Today more than ever, Americans are not on the same page with regard to what happened on 9/11/2001...

Nearly all Americans are in agreement that we were attacked by radical Muslim extremists. Only a relative few believe otherwise.

Look at the 9/11 "truth" movement today. It isn't a *shadow* of what it was five years ago. And their numbers are steadily dwindling.

gelignite, the day is coming when people like you will be locked up.

No, that will never happen. Not ever.

On the other hand, I can easily point to several 9/11 "truth" stalwarts who are (or should have been) locked up.

Google Curt Maynard, for starters.

Or Sean Fizgerald. Or Manny Badillo.

Here you go:

In light of the thousands of souls who died that day, you seriously sicken me.

On this day of remembrance, Walt is going on radio shows and deliberately disrupting 9/11 memorials by (according to his own admission) lying to get on the air and then spreading false information to promote his Jew-hating agenda, and *I'm* the one who is making you sick?

On this day of remembrance, Walt is making it a point to deliberately divert attention away from the perpetrators of mass murder (radical Muslim extremists), and you call *me* a traitor?

Major figures within the 9/11 "truth" movement commit sex crimes and murder, and you suggest that it is *I* who should be locked up?


Well, you got one thing right: Newbies and guests can indeed see "the behavior" for themselves.

General / - Walts Radio Call on 911 with Radio Shill Host-50K Watt station
« on: September 11, 2012, 12:51:36 PM »
I never watched Seinfeld. 
But I will commit myself to watching endless reruns of soon as I get around to paying for Zio Cable...

You don't sound as if you get out much.

I only wish it'd been my show. I would have let you run your mouth for a while, then refuted every one of your bullshit claims.

The USS Liberty... seriously? WTF does that have to do with this day of rememberance of our heroes and the Islamic extremists who attacked our country eleven years ago?

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