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2006 / Re: USS Liberty interview
« on: February 28, 2006, 07:35:21 AM »
USS Liberty interview
Officer of the deck on the USS Liberty tells the truth about how Zionist Israel tried to murder his entire crew and blame it on somebody else.

At no time did Israel try to "blame it on somebody else". They informed the US of their involvement immediately following the incident. The Liberty's own crew testified that the attacking boats flew the Star of David.

No "false flags" here.

They were even trying to murder the sailors in the lifeboats.

At no point did any sailor ever put to sea in a lifeboat. According to the ship's crew, damaged rafts which had been stored on the decks were thrown over the side. This would explain the large number of deflated boats in the ship's wake.

For a detailed analysis of the Israeli attack (the why's, the wherefore's, whathaveyou's), I would suggest the following:

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