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2011 / Criminal treason at the BATF
« on: March 09, 2011, 04:34:29 PM »

Gen. Antonio Erasto Monsivais holds up a seized .50 caliber Barrett model 99 single-shot rifle in the seized weapons warehouse at the headquarters of the Secretary of Defense in Mexico City. Mexican authorities have repeatedly complained that most of the weapons used by drug cartels there — including Barrett rifles — are coming from the U.S. The ATF’s Fast and Furious probe allowed guns to be trafficked south of the border in an effort to nail high-level cartel operatives Credit: Eduardo Verdugo/Associated Press

Hoping to score a major prosecution of Mexican drug lords, federal prosecutors and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives permitted hundreds of guns to be purchased and retained by suspected straw buyers with the expectation they might cross the border and even be used in crimes while the case was being built, according to documents and interviews.

The decision — part of a Phoenix-based operation code named “Fast and Furious” — was met by strong objections from some front-line agents who feared they were allowing weapons like AK-47s to “walk” into the hands of drug lords and gun runners, internal agency memos show. Indeed, scores of the weapons came back quickly traced to criminal activity.

One of those front-line agents who objected, John Dodson, 39, told the Center for Public Integrity that these guns “are going to be turning up in crimes on both sides of the border for decades.” Dodson said in an interview that “with the number of guns we let walk, we’ll never know how many people were killed, raped, robbed … there is nothing we can do to round up those guns. They are gone.”

Dodson has taken his misgivings to the Senate Judiciary Committee as a whistleblower after his concerns were dismissed by his supervisors and initially ignored by the Justice Department’s inspector general.

Sen. Charles Grassley, the panel’s top Republican — who is spearheading a probe of ATF’s actions – said “it’s time to step back” and examine the policy. Two of the guns involved in the sting operation turned up at the scene of a fatal shooting of a U.S. agent.

The Justice Department said today that Attorney General Eric Holder has asked the department’s acting inspector general to evaluate the concerns about ATF’s investigative tactics.

A Change in Strategy
Dodson told the Center he and several of his colleagues wanted to intercept some of the weapons but their objections were repeatedly overruled by ATF supervisors. The supervisors instructed them to simply record the straw purchases in a database, flag them as “suspect,” and monitor the suspected gun runners until evidence piled up about their connections to Mexican drug lords.

The tactics employed in the Fast and Furious case were part of an evolving change in the strategic direction of firearms investigations, ATF officials told the Center.

Mark Chait, ATF’s assistant director in charge of field operations, told the Center he personally decided to change the strategy in September 2010 after years of futile efforts to interdict guns from small-time straw buyers with little hope of dismantling major drug trafficking organizations in Mexico. The agency’s earlier focus on straw buyers was criticized last fall in a review by the Justice Department’s inspector general of ATF’s border effort, known as Project Gunrunner.

In addition, ATF officials have so far been frustrated in efforts to persuade the White House to implement even a simple change in firearm sales reporting requirements to help detect possible gun-running at the border.

“When we look at the complexities of the organizations working around the border of Mexico, just dealing with the lowest level purchaser, the straw purchaser, doesn’t get you to the organizer, the money people and the key people in that organization to shut that down. We found that if we don’t attack the organization and shut the organization down, they will continue to move guns across the border,” Chait told the Center. “It’s kind of a somewhat common sense approach that if you don’t get to the higher-level folks that are making the calls, then guns will continue to cross the border.”

But Chait went on to say that the policy was not set in stone. “I think we have a good strategy,” he said. “I think it needs to be reviewed. We’re taking a look at it right now to see if it needs to be tweaked in any way.”

The Fast and Furious investigation was initiated in October 2009, eleven months before Chait’s formal policy change.

With direct blessing of ATF headquarters in Washington and supervision by the U.S. attorney’s office in Phoenix, a special ATF strike force known as Group VII was given permission to let federally licensed gun shops continue selling weapons to straw buyers already linked to a suspected Mexican gun running operation.

Officials told the Center that ATF allowed about 1,765 firearms over the 15 months of the operation to pass from gun dealers to the suspected straw buyers that were the accomplices of the gun running ring. Another 233 weapons had been bought by the suspects prior to the ATF operation starting, bringing the total number of guns in the case to 1,998.

Of those, 797 of the guns were eventually recovered as a result of criminal activity on both sides of the border — including 195 from inside Mexico — after they were used in crimes, collected during arrests, or interdicted through other law enforcement operations, the officials told the Center.

Understanding the Risks
The risks that some of the guns might end up in crimes was fully understood, memos show.

A case summary sent to ATF headquarters took note of “firearms being recovered in the Republic of Mexico or on/near the US/Mexico border.”

“ATF is attempting to not only secure a straw purchase/dealing in firearms without a license case against various individuals but more specifically to make the bigger connection to the Mexican Cartel/Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) obtaining these firearms for the best possible case and the most severe charges when it is time to Indict this case,” the memo read.

Dodson said his supervisors seemed pleased when one of the guns the agency had let “walk” showed up in a crime in Mexico. They were “elated every time a gun was recovered in Mexico” because they “saw it as proving the nexus that we were dealing with a real drug trafficking group.”

But the investigation dragged on for 15 months, in part, documents show, because the Justice Department was slow to approve a wiretap and bring prosecutions. Memos reveal that ATF supervisors were frustrated by the delays, but let straw buyers and suspected gun runners continue to move scores, even hundreds of guns a month, internal agency memos show.

An April 2, 2010 memo from the strike force leader to the Justice Department disclosed that ATF watched as targeted suspects purchased 359 guns in the United States in March 2010 alone.
The case summary sent to ATF headquarters in summer 2010 gave a much higher number.

“To date over 1,500 firearms have been purchased since October 2009 for over one million ($1,000,000.00) cash in over-the-counter transactions at various Phoenix area” gun dealers, the memo said.

Some of the field agents became increasingly incensed.

“Nothing happened. We’re monitoring the same buyers buying the same guns from the same dealers at the same rate and we’re not stopping any of it,” Dodson recalled.

Notations in the case files reviewed by the Center show ATF received several “trace” reports of guns they had let pass to straw buyers showing up in criminal cases in Mexico or on the U.S. side of the border.

In November 2009, for example, four 7.62 caliber weapons were recovered in Naco, Mexico only two weeks after one of the suspects had purchased them. Also, in July 2010 a Romanian AK-47 variant was recovered in Navojoa, Mexico, the records say.

Dodson, who told the Center he expects to be fired for speaking out, said four of the seven agents on the strike force had strong reservations about what they were being instructed to do. The three others, he said, backed the approach. Dodson’s biggest fear was that some of the guns would eventually be used against law enforcement.

That fear was soon realized.


General / Caylee's father Josh
« on: March 07, 2011, 08:44:29 AM »
I was just reading a forum posted a while ago about a surfer who shot himself named Josh. It sounded like foul play to me because who in the world would go surfing with a gun and shoot themself in the face? I read the forum before I read the article in the newspapers and sure enough the entire story was removed.

Go to that link and read the comments. One of the last commenters says- that was Caylee Anderson's biological father. Im not sure any of you are familiar with that case, but it was all over the news in Florida for years. Never did the media ever say who the father was or included him into this story. The link below claims that there is uncertainty of who the father really was, but of all the names in the world that name "Josh" was one of two possibilities.
Look at all the Mel's  Yuri Melich-stein is on the job.

This is another case that made it to Greta just like the Aruba Jorel Van Der Sloot case that conveniently leaves out important facts.

Never is this father even mentioned and is possibly the guy who blew his face off while surfing near a crowded pier.

No no no folks, someone said "He gotta goo"

New York - When celebrities are drunk, on drugs or just high on their own egos, they often engage in rants. These days many such rants are captured on cellphone videos or audio tapes and go viral on the Internet. Nothing surprising there. What is surprising to many is that the rant du jour seems to be directed against Jews.

Consider the former Dior designer, John Galliano, who was sitting in a bar in a Jewish section of Paris and announcing his love for Hitler and smiling as he told the people at an adjoining table, who he apparently assumed to be Jewish, that “People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be gassed.”

Or Charlie Sheen, who claims to be high on Charlie Sheen, attacking his producer by emphasizing the Jewish nature of his original name, Chaim Levine.

Or Oliver Stone telling an interviewer last year that too much attention is paid to the Holocaust because of “Jewish domination of the media.” And that Hitler wasn’t all that terrible to the Jews.

Then there is the Reverend Louis Farrakhan, ranting and raving about Satanic Jews controlling the world.

This is not an entirely new phenomenon. Mel Gibson delivered a similar rant when he was stopped by Los Angeles police in 2006. “F - - - ing Jews . . . The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Gibson then asked the deputy, “Are you a Jew?”

Generally, sobriety results in apology, but the damage has been done.

The question is: “Why the Jews?” There’s an old joke about a Nazi rally in Nuremberg where Hitler is screaming, “Who causes all of Germany’s problems?” An old man in the crowd shouts back, “The bicycle riders.” Hitler’s taken by surprise and asks, “Why the bicycle riders?” To which the old man replies, “Why the Jews?” That was the 1930s — we’re still asking the question in the 21st century.

Let me suggest two possible answers. The first is that little about the nature of prejudice has really changed, but technology has brought private prejudices into the public arena. In commenting on the Galliano outburst, Michel Gaubert, a French DJ and music designer, observed that “virulent views like those expressed by [Galliano] are not rare.” But “the public expression” of intolerance is unusual and particularly troubling, according to patrons of the bar in which Galliano expressed his bigoted views. The pervasiveness of cellphone videos and the widespread use of the social media have blurred the line between private and public expression. What used to be only whispered to friends at a bar is now broadcast around the world.

There is a second, a far more troubling answer to “Why the Jews?” Prominent public figures have blurred another line as well — the line between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, between attacking the Jewish state and attacking the Jewish people.

Consider widely publicized remarks made by Bishop Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and the American Model of Freedom, and a man openly admired and praised by President Obama. He has called the Jews “a peculiar people” and has accused “the Jews” of causing many of the world’s problems. He has railed against “the Jewish Lobby,” comparing its power to that of Hitler and Stalin.

He has said that “the Jews thought they had a monopoly of God: Jesus was angry that they could shut out other human beings.” He has said that Jews have been “fighting against” and being “opposed to” his God. He has “compared the features of the ancient Holy Temple in Jerusalem to the features of the apartheid system in South Africa.” He has complained that “the Jewish people with their traditions, religion and long history of persecution sometimes appear to have caused a refugee problem among others.” Tutu has minimized the suffering of those murdered in the Holocaust by asserting that “the gas chambers” made for “a neater death” than did apartheid. He has demanded that its victims must “forgive the Nazis for the Holocaust,” while refusing to forgive the “Jewish people” for “persecute[ing] others.”

He has has accused Jews — not Israelis — of exhibiting “an arrogance — the arrogance of power because Jews are a powerful lobby in this land and all kinds of people woo their support.”

Tutu has acknowledged having been frequently accused of being anti-Semitic, to which he has offered two responses: “Tough luck” and “my dentist’s name is Dr. Cohen.”

Former President Jimmy Carter too has contributed to this new legitimization of Jew-bashing, by echoing Tutu’s derisive talk about the Jewish domination of America (“powerful political, economic and religious forces . . . that dominate our media”) and his use of the term “apartheid” in his book about Israel.

By thus blurring the line between legitimate political criticism and illegitimate bigotry, widely admired people like Tutu and Carter legitimize the kind of anti-Semitic attitudes that manifest themselves in the rants of celebrities like Galliano, Sheen and Gibson.

This blurring has also affected the tone on university campuses around the world, where Tutu and Carter are particularly admired and imitated. I speak at universities and had never, until recently, heard and seen the kind of language now being directed against Jewish students and faculty who support Israel.

So I was not as surprised as some by the recent celebrity rants. The oldest prejudice has never quite disappeared. It just went underground — waiting for the right moment to fester.

Alan Dershowitz’s latest novel is “The Trials of Zion.”

Jewish Studies / Brooklyn Camp Counselor Charged In Kid Sex Assault
« on: March 06, 2011, 05:07:54 AM »
Brooklyn Camp Counselor Charged In Kid Sex Assault
 Joseph Passof, a retired New York City schoolteacher known by the nickname "Uncle Joe," is accused of molesting a 5-year-old boy in a bathroom last summer, authorities said.

Brooklyn camp counselor charged in kid-sex case

 This head counselor -- perched comfortably on a child's playset in a photo posted on a Brooklyn day camp's Web site -- was named by prosecutors yesterday as a sexual deviant.

Joseph Passof, a retired New York City schoolteacher known by the nickname "Uncle Joe," is accused of molesting a 5-year-old boy in a bathroom last summer, authorities said.

The counselor was slapped with a slew of sex-abuse charges for the heinous July assault, in which he allegedly sneaked up behind his young victim and attacked him in front of a 4-year-old camper.

"That's Uncle Joe, bad person," the young witness told investigators when he was shown a photograph of Passof, police sources said.

The 65-year-old, who spent 36 years on staff at the Flatbush Park Jewish Center Day Camp, was arrested Wednesday and pleaded not guilty yesterday.

A camp photo (pictured) shows the tubby teacher surrounded by child playthings and a pile of kids' clothes. Camp director Kevin Adelson didn't return calls and e-mails for comment.

Passof's defense lawyer, Jay Cohen, said Passof is impotent because of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Cohen said the accusation was fabricated by the mother of the witness, who had been chastised by Passof and another counselor.

Cohen said Passof had actually walked in on the two boys in the bathroom "experimenting" with their pants down.

Passof, who plans to testify before a grand jury, says he only yelled at them to pull their pants up and denied any abuse, according to Cohen.

Passof appears prominently on the Web site of Flatbush Park Jewish Center Day Camp, which costs $3,000 for eight weeks and accepts kids from ages 4 to 14.

There are pictures of a portly-looking Passof sitting on a child's jungle gym and another section touts his skills in preparing fish sticks for the campers.

He was ordered held on $50,000 bail or bond.

Passof taught at city schools, including PS 99 Isaac Asimov School for Science and Literature in Midwood, Brooklyn, from 1984 until his retirement in 2003.

The Department of Education said he had no disciplinary history.

Jewish Studies / G-ds Chosen Ponzi Scheme
« on: March 03, 2011, 11:26:33 AM »
Tropper Confidant And His Mother Arrested In $10 Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme
   An 80 year old Monsey mother and her son have been charged with stealing $10 million from at least 75 people through a Ponzi scheme. They are both closely linked to Rabbi Leib Tropper, who was caught pressuring a potential convert to sex with Tropper's friends.

Monsey mother, 80, and son accused in $10 million Ponzi scheme
Steve Lieberman • / Journal News

A 80-year-old Monsey mother and her son have been charged with stealing $10 million from at least 75 people through a Ponzi scheme, Rockland District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said today.

Jeanette Berney, 80 and of 25 Highview Road, and Elliot Berney, 52 and of 12 Langiers Drive in Monsey, were each charged with second-degree grand larceny.

Zugibe said the Ponzi scheme crafted by the Berneys involved convincing customers — including mostly neighbors and family — that their firm "NHI Metals" was investing in "bank notes" or "metal securities" in Europe.

The investigation found the investment company didn't exist and no investments of customers' money was made, Zugibe said.

Many of the swindled customers invested large sums of money and lost their life savings, Zugibe said.

Anyone who may have done with the Berneys is asked to call the District Attorney's Office 845-638-5013.

According to sources, Berney and his mother allegedly laundered money for Tropper – the ultra-Orthodox rabbi who tried to have a potential convert to Judaism have sex with his friends in exchange for financial assistance and a converion to Judaism – helping his to loot the yeshiva just before his downfall.

Motion against the Berneys over Kol Yaakov yeshiva as a PDF:

Download Motion In Answer to Berney - Kol Yaakov

Photo: Above right, Rabbi Leib Tropper; above center, front page of motion in suit over Kol Yaakov's assets that shows the Berneys are linked to Tropper.

[Hat Tip: HaNavon.]

Update 1:55 am CST 3-3-11 – A source tells me Jeanette Berney's husband was a partner of uber crooks Marc Rich and Pincus Green, who were pardoned by President Bill Clinton in a highly controversial move in the waning hours of his presidency. Berney's husband also had a company that was "defunded" by the SBA, my source says.

Tropper Sex And Conversions Scandals Index.

Exclusive: The Story Behind The Tropper Scandal.

Exclusive: The woman at the center of the Rabbi Leib Tropper/Eternal Jewish Family scandal explains what really happened in that hotel room.

Update 2:25 am CST 3-3-11 – here is an updated report from the Journal News:

D.A.: Monsey woman, 80, and son stole $10M in Ponzi scheme
James O'Rourke • Journal News

SUFFERN — An 80-year-old Monsey woman and her son face a grand larceny charge, accused of stealing $10 million through a Ponzi scheme.

Jeanette Berney of 25 Highview Road and Elliot Berney, 52, of 13 Langeries Drive, both of Monsey, are believed to have stolen the money from at least 75 victims, Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said.

Officials expect to identify additional victims as the criminal investigation continues.

The mother and son are suspected of convincing customers — mainly neighbors, relatives and acquaintances made through those connections — to invest large sums of money into their company, NHI Metals Ltd., authorities said.

The Berneys told customers that the money would be invested in European "bank notes" or "metal securities," Zugibe said.

Authorities believe no such investments were made and that the Berneys simply kept most of the money, paying out only small monthly interest payments to certain investors to encourage additional investing.

According to the state Department of State, Jeanette Berney was chief executive officer of NHI Metals Ltd. when it was begun in 1997. The company operated out of her Highview Road home until it was dissolved in 2003.

Zugibe said the investment scheme might have begun as early as 2006, when the pair continued to solicit investors despite their company's inactive status with the state.

The thefts are alleged to have continued up until Tuesday, when agents with the Rockland County Special Investigations Unit and the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested the Berneys.

Jeanette Berney was charged with second-degree grand larceny, Zugibe said. Ramapo Town Justice Rhoda F. Schoenberger set bail at $500,000, but Jeanette Berney was released Tuesday after posting the $50,000 cash alternative and surrendering her passport.

Elliot Berney also was charged with second-degree grand larceny, Zugibe said, and was taken to the county jail Tuesday night. Schoenberger set bail at $1 million.

Officers at the county jail said Wednesday that Elliot Berney was released Tuesday night. Whether he posted bond or a cash alternative was unclear. Zugibe said Elliot Berney had also surrendered his passport. Elliot Berney is due in Town Court on March 15.

Money & Markets / Golden Dreams
« on: March 03, 2011, 04:12:59 AM »
Anyone who thinks gold will save them needs to listen to E Michael Jones on RBN last night with Mark Anderson on March 2nd. Jones is more of a Catholic scholar, but he explained very simply how gold can be devalued just like paper money (duh). Whenever you lend money and it isnt paid back the method of money is devalued and eventually defaults (and its still a usurious system). The question is if we have a default or a jubilee, the same criminals will benefit. Who would decide the fine points of this jubilee, Geithner? Rahm Emanuel?

It always comes down to expulsion. There has to be honest people with honest money or there wont be any money, gold, silver, trinkets, whatever. Over 100 countries already figured this out for you.

Someone far greater than Geithner said long ago, be a separate people and forbade usury. He was and still is 100% correct.

Jewish Studies / Farrakhan-Jews Are Pushing The U.S. Into War ‎
« on: March 02, 2011, 02:09:48 PM »
New York - The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said today that anti-Semitism was “front and center” at the Nation of Islam’s annual meeting near Chicago, and that the organization and its longtime leader, Louis Farrakhan, continue to engage in a targeted campaign against Jews.
Minister Farrakhan’s February 27 keynote address featured a range of conspiratorial messages about Jews and Zionists, including accusing Jews and Israel of trying to push the U.S. into a war with Iran, blaming Jews for killing Jesus, and claiming that Jews were responsible for Black suffering through history.

The NOI convention’s opening plenary session, titled “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” sought to demonstrate disproportionate Jewish involvement in the slave trade and to blame Jews for Black suffering ever since.  Speakers accused Jews of controlling the media and called for the NOI’s anti-Semitic books to be taught in schools nationwide.

“Anti-Semitism has suffused the Nation of Islam’s message, and Farrakhan is the standard bearer and bigot in chief,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.  “For the past two years he has put anti-Semitism front and center on the agenda, so that it is now a drumbeat heard across the organization. And perhaps what’s more disturbing is that despite his anti-Semitic rants, he has not been made a pariah in his own community.  What does it take for him to stop being a pied piper of hatred?”

Farrakhan, who has a long history of anti-Semitic and racist statements, addressed the Nation of Islam’s 2011 Saviours’ Day convention at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.  Included among his conspiratorial messages was the allegation that “Zionists” are goading the United States into “a military offensive against Libya,” whose leader, Muammar Qaddafi, he praised as “my brother” and “my friend.”

“At a time when Qaddafi is engaged in a brutal and violent crackdown against his own people, it is shocking to hear Farrakhan praising him,” said Mr. Foxman. “Qaddafi’s actions against his own people are indefensible, and yet Farrakhan defends him.”

Additional excerpts from Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day address:

·  “President Obama, if you allow the Zionists to push you, to mount a military offensive against Qaddafi and you go in and kill him and his sons as you did with Saddam Hussein and his sons, I’m warning you this is a Libyan problem, let the Libyans solve their problem among themselves.”

·  Farrakhan accused American Zionists and Israel of trying to push the U.S. into a war with Iran and charged that, “Zionists dominate the government of the United States of America and her banking system.”

·  “Some of you think that I’m just somebody who’s got something out for the Jewish people.  You’re stupid.  Do you think I would waste my time if I did not think it was important for you to know Satan?  My job is to pull the cover off of Satan so that he will never deceive you and the people of the world again.”

·  “The Black people of America are the real children of Israel.”

Jewish Studies / Israeli: 'Qaddafi is Jewish and I'm His Cousin'
« on: March 02, 2011, 02:02:37 PM »
Jerusalem - There have been rumors in the past about Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi’s Jewish roots, and now it seems to be confirmed. Israel National News TV met with Gita Boaron, who claims that the Libyan dictator is indeed Jewish and that she is a distant cousin.

Watch below.

Really really odd. Are they proud of this or are they proud of how well they can lie?

General / Dody/Diana Connection
« on: March 01, 2011, 02:42:13 PM »
Some strange connections between Princess Diana and the Egyptian Dody Fayed and Irish/Scottish history.

The Royal Family’s Genealogy

It is common knowledge that the HEIR to the British throne, Prince Charles, and his late wife Princess Diana, have one common ancestor (not an English King as the Tudor line died out with Elizabeth I of England) but in fact a Scots King who united the Island into Great Britain. We all know he was JAMES VI of Scotland later crowned JAMES I of Great Britain. (It was through his daughter Elizabeth Stewart that our present Royalty has its blood line). It is only through the line of Scots Kings that we can trace the thread of history into the ancient past and pierce through the mists of time to reveal who is who.

Egyptian tycoon Mohamed al Fayed, owner of Harrods and father to Dodi, Princess Diana’s companion in their fatal 1997 car crash, has listed his ten favorite books on the Manchester Guardian’s website. One of them is “The Scotichronicon: A History Book for Scots,” described simply as “Scotland’s debt to Egypt revealed at last.”



From The Times
May 19, 2008

Al Fayed, a princess and another theory the establishment denies
Harrods boss Mohamed Al Fayed claims the work of a 15th century historian may prove that Scotland was founded by Egyptians
Mike Wade
His writing was once the preserve of dusty professors and earnest Phd students - but now the work of Walter Bower, a medieval Scottish historian, can be snapped up by the wealthy customers of Harrods, thanks to the efforts of the store's owner, Mohamed Al Fayed.

Mr Al Fayed's interest in this most obscure of scholars was tickled by Bower's greatest work, his Scotichronicon, a nine-volume treatise in Latin, which the historian wrote in the seclusion of the island of Inchcolm, in the Firth of Forth, 550 years ago.

Bower explains that Scotland gained its name not from an Irish tribe, as most modern historians agree, but from an Egyptian princess - a theory which, not surprisingly, appeals greatly to Mr Al Fayed, a native of Alexandria and the owner of a castle in the Highlands.

The Bower history presents as fact the tale of an Egyptian princess, called Scota, a sister of Tutankhamen, who fell out with her pharaoh father and fled his wrath sailing north with her sons to a group of windswept islands off the northwest coast of Europe. Princess Scota brought with her the Stone of Destiny to this new country and, on her death, Scotland was named in her honour.

Related Links
Romans and a link to Egypt - but Scots came from Ireland
The rest is history, if you are an Egyptian billionaire, or myth, according to most academics.

Harrods customers can judge for themselves, because Mr Al Fayed has funded a print run of the book - last printed for public consumption in 1998 - which is now stocked in his Knightsbridge store.

At present the book is unavailable in Edinburgh, but 24 copies can be bought from the Harrods' branch of Waterstones, with many more available online from the same source.

In an interview at the weekend, Mr Al Fayed revealed that as a boy he had been taught that the Egyptians had discovered Scotland, though it was clearly the recent edition of Bower which had coloured his imagination.

“Go and ask about a book called History for the Scots, it's written by Walter Bower,” Mr Al Fayed told BBC Scotland. “A sister of Tutankhamen had a fight with her father, left Egypt with her two sons and her army and sailed up north ... She was called Scota. She told her two sons: ‘This is your land, go there and call it Scotland'. They went there and married a lot of Scottish ladies and definitely increased the culture. They founded Scotland.”

Modern day historians are less likely to take Bower's account seriously. Alastair Macdonald, from the University of Aberdeen, said that the Scotichronicon revealed more about the mindset of its author than it did about the origins of the Scottish nation.

“Bower was a chronicler who was writing for his own times. He developed one of the myths which explained how the Scottish nation came into existence. Every medieval nation had myths like these. They tell us a lot about what Scottish people thought in the Middle Ages - and this is a ferociously anti-English work.

“But they don't really tell us where the Scots came from as a nation. It certainly wasn't from Egypt. They are nice stories - but I don't think any academic would take [it] seriously,” said Dr Macdonald, a lecturer in the university's department of history.

Yet Mr Al Fayed is not without supporters. In his book From the Holy Mountain, the travel writer William Dalrymple explores some intriguing connections between the Middle East and Scotland dating back to the Dark Ages. He points out that the English scholar Alcuin, writing to the Emperor Charlemagne in the 8th century refers to the Celts of Scotland as “pueri egyptiaci” - the children of Egypt.

He says that there are many striking similarities between the Celtic churches of western Europe and the Coptic Churches of the Middle East, dating back to medieval times. Handbells, T-shaped crosses and crowned bishops, familiar after the Picts were converted to Christianity and widely used by the Copts, were unknown in other churches. The “wheel” cross was a Coptic invention, appearing as a symbol there 300 years before it first appeared in Scotland and Ireland.

It may just be, therefore, that Mr Al Fayed is rather nearer the mark with his medieval theory of a fleeing princess who founded a nation than he was with his theories about the flight and tragic end of a more recent princess.

And in this he has an ancient historian to back him. When he completed his greatest work, Walter Bower wrote in the margin of the Scotichronicon: “He is not a Scot who is not pleased with this book.”


Maybe Diana was getting a bit closer as to who these so called ancient Egyptians really were and maybe the usual suspects had them knocked off and I dont mean the Royal Family.

General / Anitwar is Anti Free Speech
« on: February 28, 2011, 02:50:49 PM »
Whatever you do, dont make a negative comment about Ron Paul or his boy Peter Schiff on antiwar or the little pussies will cut you off. You cant even make an honest comment on an internet site and they call this America? I'd like to ask Ray McGovern what he thinks.

Jewish Studies / Serbia - Israeli Ambassador Warns of Anti-Semitism
« on: February 28, 2011, 12:48:09 PM »
Serbia - Israeli Ambassador Warns of Anti-Semitism 
  Ambassador Arthur Koll Serbia - Israel’s ambassador in Serbia has warned of growing anti-Semitism after a popular singer publicly blasted Jews in a reality show.

Singer Maja Nikolic was expelled last week from the Dvor (Court) reality show on Serbia’s Pink television after she said she “disliked Jews.”

Nikolic also faces possible criminal charges for spreading racial hatred.

Ambassador Arthur Koll said Monday he is “appalled” by the incident. “Lately an increase of anti-Semitic incidents has been recorded in Serbia, this being the latest and most visible one,” he said.

Koll urged the “full attention of relevant state and civic organs.”

Serbia recently has seen a rise in right-wing extremism, including violence against foreigners and anti-Semitic incidents.

Jewish Studies / Jewish Saints
« on: February 28, 2011, 10:56:48 AM »
Why are the apostles saints and the angels saints and even Jews are saints, but the prophets aren't saints?

Saint Edith Stein is listed as a German Jew and not even a German Jew Catholic just a German Jew and she is a saint so the prophets cant not be saints because they were so called Jews or Israelites because Edith was one (in their eyes).

Then we have St. Moses (not the real Moses, he doesn't rate sainthood), but St. Moses of "Jewish heritage". Does Jewish heritage mean the lineage of the Jews who claim Jesus was the bastard son of a Roman soldier? We have some major discrepancies here and the only thing that makes any sense is Revelations 2;9, 3;9 and 12;9 and that there are a people on this earth that say they are Jews (not Jews religiously, but racially, meaning Judahites) but are not and are of the synagogue of satan or lineage of satan being guilty of all the righteous blood spilled from Abel to Zachariah.

Judeo Christians really have to be stumped on this and it doesn't make CI any less credible it makes it much more credible.

Jewish Studies / The Piper Glenn Logic
« on: February 26, 2011, 09:48:38 AM »
If I am being hypocritical on any issues I take it into account because my goal is the truth, however ugly it may be. I don't believe it will end up being ugly and wouldn't make any sense if it was anyway, but I'd like to point out flaws or hypocrisies in people I either don't trust or trust in the so called truth movement. I'm not going to include everyone, just a few that I think either do more damage than good or keep things exactly the way they are intentionally (or at least seem to be). Let me start out with some hypocrisies from the latest Mark Glenn CII interview which I turned off after about 3 minutes or so and then I'll lead into Mike Piper who is just gaga over his pal Mark Glenn.

There is the Glenn interview above. Within 3 minutes Glenn is directing the blame to the eh hem "West" or "Western People". Claiming the Arab world is rising up against the West. Is that what's happening folks? Jews aren't "The West" at all. You know who the "West" is? Its White people, folks. Lets be clear, however Jews are here in the West nowadays just like Mark Glenn is. Glenn not only lives in the West, but he lives in the West West in perhaps the most White part of the world. He is constantly referred to by Mike Piper (who doesn't know the Bible from beans) as Shemitic or Semitic even though he just said in his latest podcast here

that Jesus rejected the Old Testament (a blatant lie). Mark Glenn has also openly denied the Old Testament so I ask you this "How is someone Semitic or Schemitic if you don't believe in the Bible?" A while back Semitic meant "people of Shem" but that's been changed, the new meaning is "Shemitic" meaning "people of the Shemitic language" (um hum). I'm afraid both relate to the....wait for it....hold just a minute longer......the....can you say it? Old Testament.

You will hear Glenn and Piper constantly bash the Old Testament and Piper will bash the Talmud and the Old Testament even though the people who believed the Old Testament (the people of Judah) condemned the Talmud 2000 years ago. Glenn doesn't want to go anywhere near the Talmud because he will then have to show his total misunderstanding of who started it. He thinks Jews (the Judahites) went from the erroneous Old Testament to the erroneous Talmud even though he claims to be a Catholic that have always believed in the Old Testament and part of the Catholic religion. The 10 Commandments for example or Ash Wednesday out of Ezekial, Communion is the blood of the NEW covenant (you got that folks? NEW COVENANT). You don't make new covenants without old covenants. He will discuss Abraham with Muslims who say "peace be upon him" and on the next show he'll be condemning Abraham as being a filthy Jew (even though he doesn't believe in it or has even read the the whole thing).

There are so many hypocrisies out there that people need to delve into. You cant let little subtle messages flirt right under your nose without investigating them. Piper goes on in his broadcast to give praise to none other than Woody Allen, a child molester and well known child molester. Mike thinks he is funny. Mike will be Irish Catholic one minute, German the next and pro Constitutional and then condemn whites for killing his Indian people or the British he doesn't even know anything about. He simply forestalls thought and action. When instances like Loughner having a sukkot in his backyard that he wont utter a word about happen he claims they're not Jews even though his best friend said that he was. Mark Glenn likes to say the redhead who slashed the Muslim cabbies throat was white too even though he told the police he was Jewish. This stuff is just erased- why is that folks? The hypocrisies are all over these guys whether is be on purpose or just plain ignorance, but the truth is if you are a hypocrite you knowingly mislead others with a mic on a massive scale. Piper likes to say Jews are the same as Hebrews when Abraham was a Hebrew whom the Muslims also claim as their descendant. How can that be folks? Its obvious ignorance. Piper should read the Bible and drop some of those Jew books he reads for a change. Being a descendant of a Hebrew as Piper likes to say about Bollyn is supposed to be a degradation to him, but not to Muslims? The truth is if Bollyn is of Norman descent he is of Hebrew descent no doubt, but Jews (what we call Jews today) were never from Abraham (John chapter 8). It just doesnt make a bit of sense folks.

There are others I don't agree with in the truth movement like Ted Pike and Texe Marrs, but I believe they are telling what they perceive to be the truth. They believe Jews were once Gods chosen and that all the Israelites just disappeared even though Jesus, God in the flesh, came down for them. I understand their side totally and old habits are hard to break, but the Bible clearly explains all this. None of these folks will debate these issues because its not an easy load to bear, but it is the truth and doesn't contradict itself in any way. The truth debates with anyone and debates on anything. Ted Pike and Texe do not deliberately mislead I believe and hold no animosity toward them, but they simply cannot debate the Bible openly without discussing the Old Testament and its connections with the New. They are the same people in both. Jews have stolen the Israelite identity and don't even believe the Old Testament, in fact they pervert it entirely. Texe and Ted are at least consistent in their beliefs indicating they are not misleading deliberately.

 Jesus was White, Egypt was at one time White and nobody on this earth can build like White Europeans (fact). Noah did not have Black, Asian and Indian children its nonsense now as it was back then. The Catholic church and Christianity as a whole used to forbid race mixing. I do not hate other races, but like others want to preserve theirs I wish to preserve mine and I am directed to do so by God himself. Be a separate people means just that. The founding fathers in America were White and Jews brought the slaves here, Jews brought more Jews here and Jews are allowing our borders to remain open. If Muslims want us to help them in their lands they need to help us in ours and then be amongst our own peoples. Don't pin me to the KKK like Mike Piper and leave out the Jewish influence of it. Respect my religion and race and I will respect yours (that's not to Jews because they are neither).

Its hard to accept that the Bible clearly shows a lineage from Adam right to Jesus fulfilling the prophecy, but it is indeed a lineage unconnected to Cains or anyone else lineage even though they were taking the Adamic lineage's names right from the beginning, not to mention religion, wives and anything else they could to get inside. Wherever the lineage of the true Israelites went the false Jews followed. European people didn't go back to Palestine to be with Jews, but Jews have gotten into all the other countries of the world and pretend to be who they are not. Why would Gods so called people want to hide themselves? Europeans have never hidden themselves. Jews don't agree on anything because it doesn't matter what they believe, they are destroyers and don't have to seek truth other than to destroy it. The truth is a narrow road, you are either on it or trying to be on it. If you are telling people to go away from it, you are a destroyer.

When a Jew is nailed for a crime like Loughner, Jews immediately come out in his favor protecting him in some way. For instance this latest child molester who raped a 2 year old girl. The ink wasn't even dry on this story yet and a person named Sara came out and defended the Jew and said he could have done that in 10 minutes and that he probably groped her or felt her up.....whatever. You can see that there is immediate defense for these reptiles and these people aren't for justice they are for stopping justice. People immediately assume we want to dump all Jews in hot acid, well that's not the case. Most people I know just want them gone- go be amongst yourselves and destroy your own nation and not mine. We don't rape 2 year olds and you do. We don't want you around our kids or our elders or our women, you are psychotic reptiles. Are they all? Theres a good chance they are. History seems to say so.

Jewish Studies / Unbelievable!
« on: February 26, 2011, 04:53:20 AM »
 A Brevard County man faces charges of raping a two-year-old girl last week at SeaWorld Orlando after her mother left him to watch the toddler, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

The crime was discovered when pictures of the rape were found on Michael Grzybowicz's cell phone, sheriff's records state.

A member of the Cocoa Police Department's Sex Crimes Unit confiscated the phone.

Four photographs on the phone's memory chip clearly show the violation of the youngster wearing a diaper and a yellow sun dress while she rode in a dark blue stroller, records state. The child visited Sea World on Feb. 17 with her mother, father and Grzybowicz, records state.

A check of the camera showed the photos were e-mailed to the personal Yahoo account of the suspect, who works as a cook at Smokey Bones restaurant in Melbourne, records state. Grzybowicz, 26, told investigators he didn't know how the photos got onto his cell phone, records state.

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The victim's mother told investigators that the only time she left her daughter in Grzybowicz' s care was for about 10 minutes while she and her boyfriend enjoyed an amusement ride.

On Friday, after learning of the attack, SeaWorld Orlando spokesman Nick Gollattscheck said, "Nothing is more important than the safety and welfare of our guests, and our team members are trained to report any kind of suspicious behavior. We are cooperating fully with the Orange County Sherriff's office investigation. Illegal behavior of any type is not tolerated at our parks. Our thoughts are with the family at this very difficult time."

Orange County Sheriff's Captain Angelo Nieves said the case had been under investigation by Cocoa police and the sheriff's office. Grzybowicz has been held without bail since Saturday in the Brevard County Jail on charges of possessing child pornography.

On Friday afternoon, Nieves wrote that the defendant is "awaiting transport to the Orange County Jail on the warrant pending in this investigation." The warrant states Grzybowicz faces charges of sexual battery on a child younger than 12 years old and lewd and lascivious molestation of a child younger than 12 years old.

Sheriff's records indicate the case has been referred to the state Department of Children and Families and that Cocoa police are investigating the possible molestation by Grzybowicz of another child unrelated to the toddler and the incident at Sea World. or 407-420-5257

Win four tickets and a meet greet with the Harlem Globetrotters
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Comments (48)Add / View comments | Discussion FAQ
mndbrns80 at 7:25 AM February 26, 2011
Put in in the general population and tell them what he did.
gecnyusa at 7:07 AM February 26, 2011
Hmmm...Just wondering if this slime purchased that pedophile guide from Amazon that so many on these boards were defending under the guise of "Freedom of Speech".
MadameDelphi at 5:59 AM February 26, 2011
I still don't get it, did the mother not notice something was wrong with the daughter? Where did this happen, in the stroller? In front of everyone at Sea World? All within 10 minutes? How did the police know to look on his cell phone? Do they monitor everyone's cell phone uploads? Was he already being investigated & that's how they found out? I'm just curious. I can flame with all of ya'll but still wonder about some critical information. I would like to think articles are written to inform, not just to give us a place to express outrage. That's like bread & circuses for the masses.

Jewish Studies / John Galliano- the worlds newest famous anti-semite
« on: February 26, 2011, 04:15:58 AM »
Now the obvious question is "Is John Galliano a Jew?" And it looks like that day Jews were a race not a religion and the British catch the blame, even though Galliano is from Gibralter. Its a tangled web. Jews can be Jews wherever they are and others are whatever land they happen to be in at the time. Its good for the fashion industry. Jews can say they meant he was being racial about the Asian and just downright mean to the Jewish woman. We know he meant a Holocaust. In fact I think Charlie Sheen is a Jew too.

Top British fashion designer John Galliano has been arrested on suspicion of launching a racist diatribe at a couple in a Paris café, it was alleged today.

The Streatham-raised chief designer for fashion house Dior is said to have hurled drunken, racist and abusive insults at a Jewish woman and an Asian male companion at La Perle in the fashionable Marais district.

Witnesses quickly called police during the alleged onslaught in front of dozens of astonished diners. The district is considered the traditional home of the city's Jewish community.

A police source said: "We arrived quickly and broke up the disturbance. The man involved was briefly arrested and released pending charges for assault. Witnesses said he swore heavily, using anti-Jewish insults, before attacking a couple. Both have given witness statements, as have several other people at the bar, including staff."

The source confirmed that Galliano, 50, who has been chief designer at Christian Dior since 1996, was the only person arrested in connection with the alleged attack. Both Dior and Galliano's press office refused to comment.

It is believed the police intend to carry out interviews of those involved in the alleged confrontation and charges could be filed at a later date.Galliano, who was born in Gibraltar, is often seen enjoying himself in the bars and cafes of the Marais.


2011 / Former president of MADD chapter busted for DUI
« on: February 25, 2011, 08:23:12 AM »

Officers in Gainesville, Florida recently arrested a former president of a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) group, and charged her with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Police said Debra Oberlin, 48, failed a field sobriety test, registering .234 and .239 blood-alcohol level. The legal limit for driving in Florida is .08.

An officer pulled over Oberlin on Feb. 18 at 1:10 am, after she was seen "driving erratically on Northwest 19th Street, swerving and crossing lanes," The Gainesville Sun reported.

"The officer wrote that Oberlin smelled of alcohol and had watery, bloodshot and dilated eyes. The report states that Oberlin told the officer she had four beers."

The MADD chapter in Gainesville, where Oberlin was president for three years, closed in 1996 for financial reasons.

Oberlin, now a realtor, had no comment.

Jewish Studies / Rabbi charged as perv- Hey Mikey!
« on: February 24, 2011, 11:30:16 AM »

A prominent Brooklyn rabbi was charged yesterday with molesting a 12-year-old girl over three years, authorities said.

Nechemya Weberman, 52, of Williamsburg, pleaded innocent at his arraignment last night. Authorities said the shocking sex abuse, took place from 2007 until 2010.

The alleged victim -- who was being counseled by the rabbi, a source said -- is now 16

. The source said her parents contacted police.

Police said Weberman was charged with a criminal sex act, rape, endangering the welfare of a child and sexual abuse.

"When someone is a molester . . . it has to be dealt with," said Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), who represents the predominantly Jewish Orthodox community of Borough Park.

"We have made some progress [in the community], but we have a very long way to go. Now is the time to stand up and do the right thing."

Weberman's lawyer, George A. Farkas, denied the charges, saying his client "has counseled troubled families in the past."

"It would be an injustice if people had any kind of belief that there was truth in these allegations," he said.

Read more:

Jewish Studies / Meir Dascalowitz Serial Child Rapist Case is On
« on: February 22, 2011, 06:34:22 AM »
Each time Mikey Rivero posts a thread about a Christian priest or pastor there is another story about a Jew child rapist in the news. The only difference is Rivero's posts are about priests accused over 20 years ago. Mine are fresh new facts that the ink hasnt even dried on yet. Show your support for the molester and not the molestee. Only Jews, folks.

Accused Serial Child Rapist Meir Dascalowitz Plea Deal Hearing Wednesday
 To show your support of Dascalowitz’s victims, to demand justice, and to send a message that criminals who abuse children in the Jewish community deserve to and will be punished, please attend the Dascalowitz plea hearing at the following time and address:
Meir earlier wanted to plead insanity, but what for? This one case alone adds up to 100 counts of child molestation. Think of all the Jews out there walking the streets being protected.

For Immediate Release – Case of Meir Dascalowitz

Statement from the Voice of Justice In Defense of Abused Children

On Wednesday, February 23, 2011, admitted serial child rapist, Meir Dascalowitz will appear in Kings County Supreme Court to plead to charges related to his many felony and misdemeanor sex crimes against children.

 Dascalowitz’s charges include criminal sex acts with a child under 14, sexual misconduct with a minor, and sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14, almost 100 felony sexual abuse charges in total.  Dascalowitz’s attorney is likely to have his client plead insanity.  In order for our community to be safe, we need to show the public and Judge Riviezzo that we will not tolerate these crimes against our children and that we believe perpetrators of these heinous sex crimes should be held accountable in a court of law.

At previous court appearances, Dascalowitz has managed to garner support from individuals who mock, intimate, and harrass Dascalowitz’s victims and witnesses outside the hearings.  The Voice of Justice is calling upon the Jewish community to gather in the courtroom on Wednesday February 23, 2011 at 9:00 AM to show support to victims of this dangerous admitted criminal, and their families.

To show your support of Dascalowitz’s victims, to demand justice, and to send a message that criminals who abuse children in the Jewish community deserve to and will be punished, please attend the Dascalowitz plea hearing below:

Wednesday, February 23, 20119:00 AM

Kings County Supreme Court

320 Jay Street

Brooklyn, NY

Judge Riviezzo

NYPD refuses to investigate allegations of assault against rallying women
Vicki Polin •
Something tells me Vicki isnt Jewish because she is actually fighting these nutjobs. Maybe Vicki was psychologically excorcised or something.
A group of ultra orthodox Jewish women connected to the Coalition Against Legal Abuse (CALA)in New York City, were rallying outside of a fundraising event in hopes of warning community members of alleged corruption within the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office and at Ohel Family Services.  CALA members stated the problem has been with Henna White, who is the liaison to the Jewish community when it comes to sex crimes and domestic violence.

CALA was also warning their community to go directly to the New York Police Department to file charges of of alleged sexual abuse and domestic violence and not utilize the services of Ohel Family Services, which is the largest Jewish orthodox mental health agency in the United States.  Ohel is not only a powerful source in New York City, it often influences the Chicago Rabbinical Counsel’s Jewish Legal Court regarding issues pertaining to mental health, including abuse and neglect allegations.

During the rally it has been reported that Steve Zackheim (AKA: Shlomo Zakheim) and his brother Moshe Zackheim started shouting at the women and allegedly grabbing their posters and both physically and sexually assaulted them.  A video of the rally and attack can be seen on youtube.  Moshe Zakheim is an executive board member of Ohel Family Services and also the director of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation. 

Steve Zakheim was convicted of misdemeanor sexual abuse and settled a sexual harassment claim out of court, which was made by one of his employees back in 2004.

On Feb. 16, 2011 several of the women who were assaulted attempted to file a criminal complaint against their offenders. Several community members assembled to support the alleged victim making their reports at the 70th precinct in New York City.  Det. Dominick Scotto assured the women that case would be investigated and there would be follow through within 24 hours. 

Yesterday the coalition was notified that the case against the Zakheim brothers had been closed, prior to any type of an investigation, even though none of the women who had been assaulted were interviewed by police officers.

CALA is urging anyone who cares about women, families or children to immediately contact Debuty Inspector Ralph Monteforte, Captain Peter Venice, Captain Michael Giovanelli and Det. Dominick Scotto to reopen the assault and harassment case against Steve and Moshe Zakheim immediately.  The coalition is also asking individuals to contact the New York Police Department’s Commission to Combat Police Corruption (CCPC) - internal affairs director, Charles V. Campisi and refer to complaint number 1264, dated Feb. 16, 2011. 

    * Deputy Inspector Ralph Monteforte, Captain Peter Venice, Captain Michael Giovanelli and Det. Dominick Scotto - (718) 851-5511
    * Charles V. Campisi, Internal Affairs - (212) 741-8401

I have some independent information that appears to confirm both one of the assaults and law enforcement's refusal to take that assault seriously. I hope I'll be able to write a full report on this in the next few days.

Meanwhile, here are my two previous posts on this:

NYPD Refuses To Investigate Assault Complaints Against Haredi Fixers, Alleged Victims Say.

Video: Haredi Women Protest Against Brooklyn DA's Jewish Liason And OHEL.

Jewish Studies / Red Cross Looks at Providing Kosher Food
« on: February 20, 2011, 06:19:34 AM »
Nashville, TN - The American Red Cross has been looking at ways it can improve its response to the next disaster and it’s found some surprising answers.

Joel Sullivan, CEO of the Middle Tennessee chapter of the American Red Cross, said changing demographics have led to a demand for food that meets the specific cultural and religious needs.

The Red Cross is looking for vendors that can supply vegetarian, kosher and halal meals.

The Tennessean reports that Muslim leaders have also asked the charity to look into providing separate spaces for men and women at their shelters.

Rabbi Saul Strosberg of Congregation Sherith Israel in Nashville said the fact that people are complaining about the food shows what a good job the Red Cross is doing with the essentials.

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