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Turkish Army, rebels launch simultaneous attack against Syrian Army, YPG troops in northern Aleppo

By News Desk -2019-04-190

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:25 P.M.) – The Turkish Army and their allies from the National Liberation Front (NLF) launched a heavy attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Kurdish-led People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northern Aleppo this afternoon.

According to a source near Aleppo city, the Turkish Army and NLF heavily shelled the YPG near the town of Mennagh and the Syrian Arab Army inside of Tal Rifa’at.

In response to this attack, the YPG fired several mortar shells towards the Turkish Army’s positions in northern Syria; they would hit a number of areas including the town of Azaz near the border.

The reason for the attack this afternoon by the Turkish military and NLF is not known; however, earlier in the day, the Turkish Air Force was seen flying over Aleppo.

The Syrian Arab Army has yet to respond to the attack and it is unlikely that they will as they do not want to increase tensions in this region.

R ~ Seems Erdogan has been given the use of the NLF to continue his campaign against the Kurds and to keep Syria destabilized. The NLF is a western coalition proxy, or rather coalition terrorists.

France Sends Troops, Tanks to Russian Border

© AP Photo / Michael Probst

08:36 19.04.2019(updated 09:19 19.04.2019)

The French unit will be deployed in Estonia, just 140 kilometres away from Russia. The deployment is Paris’ contribution to the increased NATO presence in the Baltic States and Poland. Russia has long voiced alarm over the alliance’s activities near its borders.

A unit of 300 soldiers from the French Army and the Foreign Legion is expected to arrive in the Estonian town of Tapa, just 140 kilometres away from the Russian border, next week, according to France’s Embassy in Tallinn.

The troops will stay in Estonia until the end of August as a part of the FRA-EFP LYNX mission, which is aimed at boosting the alliance’s presence in the region. Paris will also deploy five Leclerc tanks and 20 infantry fighting vehicles, including 13 VBCIs, which is a French version of Multi-Role Armoured Vehicles (MRAV). They will be transported to Estonia by rail.

This is not the first time that French forces have been present in Estonia, as they were also located in Tapa for ten months in 2017. In addition, in 2018, the French Air Force also patrolled Estonian airspace within the framework of NATO’s Baltic air security mission.

This deployment is France's contribution to NATO's increased presence in the Baltic States and Poland. Their soldiers will replace the Belgian units serving with NATO’s British-led battle group in Tapa, according to the Estonian website ERR. The UK has 20 Challenger-2 tanks as well as 30 IFVs there. In addition, just recently, the UK also sent five Apache attack helicopters to the Amari Airbase in Estonia to join NATO's “enhanced forward presence” along the alliance's border with Russia.

The units are to take part in Estonia’s annual Spring Storm (Kevadtorm) drills, involving 10,000 troops, which are set to start on 29 April. As the Estonian news website reports, citing the country’s Ministry of Defence, NATO’s presence will also be increased further this year on the Baltic Sea ahead of the Baltic Protector and BALTOPS naval exercises.

Moscow has repeatedly voiced alarm over NATO’s unprecedented activities and boosting its presence in the region, citing the alleged “Russian threat”. The Kremlin earlier stated that Russia poses no threat to anyone, but will not leave any potentially dangerous activities without attention.

The UK, Canada, Germany, and the US lead multinational “Battle Groups”, part of NATO's enhanced Forward Presence (EFP) in Eastern Europe. The UK deployment includes troops from the King's Royal Hussars Armoured Regiment. NATO agreed to the creation of a forward presence in the region in 2016 at a Warsaw summit.

The alliance has considerably beefed up its presence near Russia in the aftermath of the 2014 Ukraine crisis, deploying battle groups, staging major exercises, and deploying reconnaissance aircraft and drones along the border.

R ~ The French military is countering 'Russian aggression'. Meanwhile France is burning.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire: Blockbuster Report Shows Criminal Global Elite That Were On Seine River Yacht Knew About In Advance, And Celebrated The Burning Of Cathedral

Two days ago, in my first report about the Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris France, I added an "update" to that article where an amazing "coincidence" had occurred at exactly the same time that fire took place... A yacht with many of the world's "global elitists" on board, just happened to be floating down the Seine River in Paris within view of the Notre Dame Cathedral at EXACTLY the same time that the fire was occurring!  It is absolutely one of the most amazing "coincidences" imaginable, which should have everyone that has been investigating the cause and the real perpetrators behind that blaze taking a careful look at..... Surprisingly, there has been very little or almost ZERO reports anywhere about this elitist yacht on the Seine River at the time of that horrendous blaze at Notre Dame, and to me, I smell a rat, and have been trying to find out more information about exactly WHO was on that yacht, and of course any proof that these criminals were indeed there to celebrate the burning of that most prestigious Paris landmark...

Well...Jim Stone over at, did report two days ago that none other than that transvestite freak of nature, Michael "Michelle" (Soetoro) Obama was indeed on that yacht on the Seine River, and apparently there were subsequent reports coming out of the Jew spew media that it (her) was "shocked" and "disturbed" by being informed that Notre Dame Cathedral was on fire, and then subsequently watching the fire take place along with the other "elitists" on that yacht.... Those Jew spew media reports may be intended to create the illusion that these criminal freaks of nature were on that yacht unaware that the fire was occurring and their boat trip down the Seine River happened just by "coincidence" at the same time the fire was taking place...

But what I want to present now, will blow all of those Jew spew media reports to hell, and show that these criminals were absolutely there on that Seine river cruise to celebrate and toast the burning of that cathedral... For I do want to present the following report that comes once again courtesy of Jim Stone, over at, where evidence is now presented that shows that these freaks knew in advance that the fire was to take place and celebrated the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

This is going to be the top posted report for several days, and it will not drift down the page. If you link this, it will be what people see on top.
To get this all started: I had heard of Michelle Obama's dinner cruise coinciding with the burning of the cathedral, but was not certain it would be possible to pin it down on her. As it turns out, it was possible to. Other people had already posted on this topic, but the work was done in a way that could be questioned as to how legit it was. So I set out to see if there was a way to actually pin it down, and there was a way. There is no doubt the elite New World Order crowd burned Notre Dame and celebrated, I have this sewn up in a body bag. Let's get started.
First of all, let's briefly cite the official story on Michelle Obama's cruise, and then let's put things in actual order and show what really happened. Here's the official story:

"Michelle Obama was spotted on an idyllic dinner cruise in Paris on Monday night when she and the other guests learned that the nearby Notre Dame Cathedral had gone up in flames

The mood of passengers changed when news of the fire at Notre Dame filtered through. At one point during the cruise, Mrs Obama stared intently at a fellow passenger's phone

OK, SO NOW I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, AND IT IS ALL RECORDED IN THE WINE GLASSES. THIS IS NOT DEPENDENT ON THE "QUESTIONABLE"(not questionable really) MICHELLE OBAMA WINE GLASS PHOTO YOU MIGHT HAVE ALREADY SEEN, instead, it shows how people on the boat were reacting and socializing when they knew the cathedral was burning.

The cruise departed AFTER the cathedral was already hurling smoke into the sky. This is proven by the reflections in the wine glass in this photo which shows a rather happy Michelle Obama. You can't see the actual cathedral in this photo yet because the dinner cruise is not close enough yet but they are all happy and they definitely know it is burning.

A little later in the cruise, we still have a very happy Michelle Obama, with the smoke from the burning cathedral still in her wine glass:

In this next photo (below), they are close to the burning cathedral, it is OBVIOUS WHAT THIS IS, and you can see the burning cathedral clearly reflected in Michelle's wine glass. Other sites that found this only showed Michelle, and did not give the context which put all of this in doubt because after all, that photo could have been pasted onto that wine glass with a little photoshop. PROBLEM: This actually is an original photo that appeared in original form in THIS NEWS REPORTwhich proves it was not photoshop, that's an actual photo in original form.

And here is what Michelle was looking at, that was reflected in her wine glass:

All the news reports said Michelle did not get close enough to see the cathedral this way. I CALL BULLSHIT, the wine glass DID NOT LIE.
Why would they get close enough to witness it like this? It is called a "victory tour".
IMPORTANT: The news report I linked does not quote what is shown in the pictures in order or accurately at all, the photo where they are right up to the burning cathedral with it clearly showing in her wine glass is supposed to be from before she knew it was burning according to the reports. Obviously whoever put the MSM report together thought that because the chinese girl is very happy in the background they did not know yet and whoever wrote the report can't look at a damn wine glass and was too clueless to know they wanted this.

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by any of this????

Yes, the images in the wine glasses do not lie, and what we have been sold by the Jew spew media on this is nothing but pure lies as well...

These monsters in control of our planet absolutely love the idea of seeing some of Christianity's most cherished landmarks and relics burned to the ground for the simple fact that they absolutely HATE anything to do with Christianity and all that it stands for!  It therefore makes sense that they would burn down the Notre Dame Cathedral and then have their sickness shown by having a river cruise take place to watch and celebrate their success!

I have found nothing that disproves what Jim is stating here, and the images in the wine glasses and the lack of anyone looking "distraught" or "disturbed" by the blaze occurring, but instead laughing and partying, shows that these criminals did indeed fully plan this fire and were on the river to celebrate their successful attack on the cathedral!

And lets face it... Having that bull dyke tranny Michael "Michelle" Soetoro (Obama) on that cruise at just that time was way beyond coincidental... These freaks are indeed working with that tranny freak and will probably have that freak of nature pushed as their "man" errr..."woman" to be the next President of the United States!   Yes, America... With the so called "Democrats" already in tatters, I can see the Jew run "global elite" having Michael "Michelle" Soetoro (Obama) as the Democratic candidate for the 2020 US Presidential selection "campaign" and have that freak win it all!  Mark my words here, and when it does happen, remember that NTS had warned you here on April 18th, 2019.... I do hope that America is ready for the first tranny to be the next President of the United States...

More to come


*One major update, April 18th, 2019:  One commentator noted something that is absolutely abominal and shows the mindset of these freaks... Apparently, Michael "Michelle" Soetoro (Obama) has a necklace on in the photos shown that spells out "Burning"!  Many may say differently and I am awaiting someone to come forward and show me that the word spelled out on his/her necklace does NOT spell out "burning"!

If that is indeed the word "Burning" on that necklace, then we have a bunch of sick and twisted freaks and monsters here that are surely laughing at us in our faces and flaunting their control and not giving a damn what anyone thinks! And leave it to tranny Michael to spit on all of us with his/her insult to everyone via that necklace.

Violence and dozens of arson attacks break out in Copenhagen after anti-Islam politician throws a copy of the Koran in the air in migrant neighbourhood

PUBLISHED: 07:12 EDT, 15 April 2019 | UPDATED: 08:44 EDT, 15 April 2019

Violence broke out in Denmark with cars and rubbish bins set on fire yesterday after a far-right anti-Islam activist threw a copy of the Koran into the air.

Copenhagen police said 23 people had been arrested last night after officers fired tear gas in clashes with protesters.

Extremist politician Rasmus Paludan - who wants Islam banned from Denmark - had thrown the religion's holy book into the air several times in Noerrebro, an immigrant-heavy district in the Danish capital.

Danish PM Lars Loekke Rasmussen called Paludan's actions a 'meaningless provocation' and urged his countrymen to 'meet him with arguments, not violence'.

Unrest: A Danish police officer stands guard with a burning wreckage behind him, during unrest following the
demonstration in Copenhagen yesterda

Clashes: Police wearing helmets and carrying batons attempt to calm the violence which broke out in Denmark on Sunday

Counter-protesters threw cobblestones at him and at the police who moved in first to protect him and then to escort him away.

The unrest spread to other parts of the city, where dustbins and bicycles were set on fire and police responded with tear gas after missiles were thrown at them.

Copenhagen police said they had used tear gas and were yesterday urging people to stay away from the area, or stay indoors if they were already there.   

Prime Minister Mr Rasmussen said on Twitter: 'I strongly repudiate Paludan's meaningless provocations which have no purpose other than to sow discord.

'Meet him with arguments - not violence. Protect democracy and freedom of expression. Do not let derogatory actions directed at specific groups in Denmark destroy our unity.'

Wreckage: Bicycles are seen burning and lying on the ground with a police vehicle on the scene amid violence in
Copenhagen on Sunday

On guard: Danish police officers in the immigrant-heavy area of Noerrebro in Copenhagen where an anti-Islam activist
threw a Koran into the air

Wrestled: Two police officers tackle a person on the ground during Sunday's violence in a migrant neighbourhood in
Denmark's capital

Paludan is the founder of a party called Stram Kurs, or Hard Line, which has called explicitly for Islam to be banned from Denmark.

It says Denmark should be a country for people who were 'ethnic Danes at birth' or adopted as infants, and have 'Danish genus and Danish native language'.

Paludan has already received a suspended sentence for racist abuse and his party has no seats in Denmark's Parliament or at local level.   

According to Danish broadcaster TV2, Paludan was not injured himself in the violence which erupted on Sunday. 

Last year Denmark's immigration minister faced a backlash after suggesting that Muslims fasting for Ramadan pose a safety hazard in some jobs.

Integration minister Inger Stoejberg urged people fasting to to take leave from work 'to avoid negative consequences for the rest of Danish society'.

The World Below / US Justice Department releases Mueller report
« on: Yesterday at 07:10:16 AM »
US Justice Department releases Mueller report on Trump-Russia 'collusion' investigation

Published time: 18 Apr, 2019 15:03
Edited time: 18 Apr, 2019 15:05

The US Department of Justice has released the full report on special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into claims President Donald Trump colluded with Russia. The two-year probe 'did not establish' any collusion happened.

Attorney General William Barr announced the report's release at a press conference on Thursday morning. He repeated several times that the report establishes that neither Trump nor any other American “conspired or coordinated” with Russia’s supposed effort to influence the 2016 election. That effort, the report claims, consisted of the Internet Research Agency’s alleged social media manipulation, and the GRU’s supposed hacking of DNC emails and handing them over to WikiLeaks. Both have been repeated almost from the moment of Hillary Clinton’s surprise loss to Trump in 2016.

Mueller has already indicted 13 Russians he claimed were IRA “trolls” and 12 alleged GRU hackers, and made no recommendations for further indictments in the final report. Russia has repeatedly denied having made any effort to influence the 2016 election.

The report focuses on two main issues: Trump's alleged collusion with Russia in order to tip the scales of the 2016 US presidential election, and his alleged efforts to obstruct the investigation into it. Mueller is bringing no charges on either of those, but has not fully "exonerated" Trump on the obstruction allegations.

The release of the full report has been craved by anti-Trump 'Resistance' Democrats and media alike, clinging to the Russia collusion allegations which have become known in the conservative camp as the 'Russiagate' conspiracy theory. They have slammed Barr's summary, as well as his pre-release press appearance, as efforts to spin the report's release in a way that would absolve Trump of blame.

The released version of the Mueller report is redacted in order to protect sensitive Grand Jury material, information on intelligence sources and materials, as well as private information on third parties, and data on investigations that are still ongoing.

R ~ This should be a sizable Easter Egg... an egg that the Democrats insist could be swallowed. We shall see.

Leaked document reveals EXTENSIVE French & US efforts to aid 'inefficient' Saudi military

Published time: 15 Apr, 2019 16:07
Edited time: 15 Apr, 2019 17:12

Saudi army artillery fire shells towards Houthi movement positions at the Saudi border with Yemen April 15, 2015. © Reuters/Stringer FILE PHOTO

France and the US play a deeper role in Saudi war efforts than acknowledged, a leaked military document reveals. Nonetheless, it seems the “inefficient”
Saudi army has had some trouble taking advantage of their allies' efforts.

Obtained by the French investigative news organization Disclose, the "highly classified document" by the French Directorate of Military Intelligence from September of last year harshly criticizes the Royal Saudi Armed Forces (RSAF) for their inability to take full advantage of their amazing arsenal to more effectively wage their brutal war against Yemen.The report was originally intended as a briefing for a cabinet meeting which included French President Emmanuel Macron and the Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly.

Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen is widely seen as one of the largest scale human-rights nightmares taking place today. A UN report from last November places the civilian casualty count at 17,640 since the war began in 2015, which is not to mention the epidemic spread of disease and mass displacements it has caused.

According to the leaked briefing, the Saudi coalition is extremely dependent on Western-produced weaponry, especially considering that a lot of their military hardware is only compatible with parts produced in NATO countries, implying a sharp contradiction to Trump's claim that the US sells the weaponry to prevent competitors from doing so. The list of munitions employed by the Saudis is extensive, including American F-15s, Apache attack helicopters, Abrams tanks and numerous artillery guns.

While it is no secret that the US and France provide weapons, French officials have been rather shady about providing any details. France's Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly told public radio in January that the country "[doesn't] sell weapons like they're baguettes," and hadn't "recently" provided any that Saudi Arabia could use in war efforts.

The list of French weapons 'not to be used in war' include armored vehicles, long-range artillery, fighter-planes and laser-targeting technology. The technicality seems to be that these weapons have not been observed on "active fronts," and have mostly been put in place for "defensive purposes."  While the report does not provide any details on whether or not the weapons have been used against civilians, one map puts an estimated 430,000 of them within the French artilleries' firing range.

The report also revealed that despite hand holding by the most powerful militaries in the world, the Saudi Kingdom has dropped the ball in putting it all to good use. One example refers to the Saudi armed forces failure to make use of intelligence provided by US drones, which have been employed to gather intelligence on Houthi controlled territory:

If the RSAF benefits from American support, in the form of advice in the field of targeting [by American drones], the practice of Close Air Support (CAS) is recent and appears poorly understood by these crews.

This seems to be in direct contradiction to a statement made to the Intercept by a CENTCOM spokesperson, who reportedly said that the US does not provide targeting support to Saudi Arabia. CENTCOM's email statement supposedly underlines that the US' role is "advisory only."

Despite Congress beginning to push President Trump to stop providing weapons to the Saudis, he has been resolute in keeping the lucrative arms sales in-tact, resulting in some serious blowback. The documents could also end up being a headache for the French president who has defended the country's arms sales while downplaying any knowledge about how they are used.

R ~ Unacknowledged by the guilty but known to most everyone who pays attention to the aggression of the (((deep state))). Happily truth out gets confirmed very rapidly. It must drive the media trolls quite mad having to lie minute by minute. Then again we're back to John 8:44

Canada Sanctions 43 Venezuelan Officials, People Close to Maduro - Ottawa

17:32 15.04.2019(updated 18:22 15.04.2019)

© Flickr/ Jasen Robillard

Earlier, Canada became one of the first countries to join the United States in recognising self-proclaimed 'interim president' Juan Guaido as Venezuela's legitimate leader, with Caracas and its allies slamming Guaido's actions as an attempted foreign-backed coup d'etat.

Canada has imposed additional sanctions against "the Maduro regime", targeting over three dozen officials and others close to the Venezuelan president, Global Affairs Canada has announced.

The restrictions, the fourth round for Canada, target 43 individuals Ottawa alleges are "responsible for the deteriorating situation in Venezuela", with the list including "high-ranking officials," "regional governors" and others said to be "directly implicated in activities undermining democratic institutions."

Kimberly Breier, assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere Affairs, called the new sanctions "the right thing to do," and urged "other countries to take concrete actions to support the aspirations of the Venezuelan people."

The sanctions included restrictions against Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, one of the few senior officials not yet hit by the tough US restrictions, which included a freeze on Venezuelan assets abroad and efforts to shift billions of dollars' worth of wealth belonging to the Venezuelan state to the opposition 'government' for 'safe-keeping.'

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido proclaimed himself Venezuela's 'interim president' on 23 January, less than two weeks after President Nicolas Maduro's inauguration for a second term in office following elections. Guaido was immediately recognised by Washington, Ottawa, and most of the US' European and Latin American allies.

Meanwhile, Caracas described Guaido's actions as a coup attempt, and Russia, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Turkey, Syria, Serbia, North Korea and many other countries later voiced their support for the Venezuelan government.

Caracas has yet to comment on the latest sanctions, but has previously condemned all foreign efforts to meddle in Venezuela's internal affairs.

R ~ Ottawa, the (((deepstate))) occupied by a fifth column of foreigners and global socialists.

The diktat came down from the Southern chapter -

No one buys the Pompeo coup except Ottawa mandarins who funnel their opinions through the media butt hole.

'Clearly a joke': White House explains away Trump's 'I love WikiLeaks' comments

Published time: 14 Apr, 2019 23:08
Edited time: 14 Apr, 2019 23:14

FILE PHOTO. © Reuters / Carlos Barria

The recent arrest of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has put the White House in the awkward position of having to explain away US President Donald Trump previous praise for the whistleblowing website.

Trump was a fan of WikiLeaks' whistleblowing back in 2016, when the website released leaked documents from the Democratic National Committee, including the emails of the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta. Delighting in the incriminating information that came to light thanks to Assange and his people, Trump declared he loved WikiLeaks, and called the documents a "treasure trove".

Now that Assange has been arrested and indicted in the US with conspiracy to hack a government computer network in 2010, Trump's affections are all gone. “I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It’s not my thing,” he said dismissively earlier this week, leaving others to do the awkward explaining.

American media could not help but jump on the opportunity to remind the White House about the president’s past statements – MSNBC even made a point of counting how many times Trump had mentioned WikiLeaks previously, and came up with an impressive 141 in just the final month of his campaign alone. Fox News took the opportunity to ask White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders about the sudden change of heart.

It turns out those were all jokes.

"Look, clearly the president was making a joke during the 2016 campaign," Sanderds said.

She also assured Fox News that the Trump administration “certainly” takes the issue “seriously” now, then quickly recovered and turned it into an attack on the Obama administration.

“In fact, our administration is the only one that’s done anything about it,” she said. “We’re the only ones that have taken this whole process seriously in actually doing something to solve the problem.”

Sanders said that the only reason Assange is being “looked at” at all is the fact that he worked the US Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who handed him over classified US documents back in 2010, adding that it was Obama who commuted Manning’s sentence. Trump himself has called Manning a "traitor" before.

Assange was arrested by the British authorities after his asylum was revoked by Ecuador, which also suspended his citizenship. He is now facing extradition to the US and possibly more severe charges there.

R ~ Well Trump? Was 141 references to Wikileaks throughout the election a joke? If so then let's hear that from you. Was your comments against Hillary & Co. that 'they are bad people' a joke as well. You seem to have a problem dealing harshly with those bad people and not at all forthrightly with the American people in general.

Syria’s air defenses intercept Israeli missiles fired at Hama military base

Sat Apr 13, 2019 02:23AM [Updated: Sat Apr 13, 2019 02:35AM ]

A file photo taken early on January 21, 2019 shows Syrian air defense batteries responding to Israeli missiles targeting
Damascus. (Photo by AFP)

Damascus says its air defenses have intercepted some of the Israeli missiles fired at a Syrian military base near the city of Hama, while the remaining missiles hitting the target have destroyed several buildings and injured three Syrian soldiers.

Syrian state media reported that Israeli aircraft carried out the strike near the town of Masyaf in the central Hama province early on Saturday morning.

Explosions were heard throughout the countryside around the provincial capital.

Syria’s official state news agency SANA said the Israeli attack, which was carried out from Lebanese air space, destroyed several buildings and wounded three people.

The Israeli regime launches airstrikes on the Syrian territory from time to time. Such aggressive moves are usually viewed as attempts to prop up terrorist groups suffering defeats at the hands of Syrian government forces.

On March 27, the Israeli regime launched multiple missile attacks on Shaykh Najjar industrial city located 10 km northeast of Syria’s Aleppo.

The Syrian TV said the majority of those missiles had been intercepted by the Arab country’s air defense, and those that hit their targets only caused material damage.

Israel used to be very careful with its operations over Syria after Russia equipped Damascus with the advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles in October 2018.

However, US President Donald Trump's recent decision to recognize the “Israeli sovereignty” over the Syrian territories of Golan Heights has seemingly emboldened Tel Aviv to launch new aggression on the Arab country.

‘They’re good help’: Russia comments on big NATO Black Sea drills as it holds own exercise

Published time: 13 Apr, 2019 19:17
Edited time: 13 Apr, 2019 19:19

©  Russian Defense Ministry

Russia has held naval maneuvers in the Black Sea as several NATO countries gathered there for ‘Sea Shield 2019’ exercise. Russian military “thanked” the bloc in a tongue-in-cheek fashion for making the drills more life-like.

Vessels of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet have been actively training amid the Romania-led NATO drills, which concluded on Saturday, the fleet’s press service has said.

“The routine combat training is going on amid the ‘Sea Shield 2019’ exercise of the NATO naval force, which has been a good help for the Black Sea Fleet to hone its skills in a real combat situation,” it added.

©  Russian Defense Ministry

The Russian military has also released a bunch of videos, showing the maneuvers. The Marines loaded into and disembarked from the Azov dock landing ship, honing their skills in performing a maritime assault on an unfamiliar shore.

©  Russian Defense Ministry

Like the Navy, Russian land units did not sit still. While NATO vessels were active in the Black Sea, Russian crews of Bastion and Bal anti-ship missile launchers were training as well.

©  Russian Defense Ministry

Russian aviation was also active, with Tu-160 strategic bombers and Su-27 escort fighters patrolling the Black Sea together.

While the military might have sounded sardonic when it said it was ‘grateful’ to NATO for the training opportunity, the Russian Foreign Ministry was way more serious about the bloc’s buildup in the Black Sea region. Moscow sees NATO’s activities as “unambiguously negative” and will react appropriately, Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Grushko has said.

“We believe the security in the region should be ensured through the cooperation of the Black Sea nations. All the mechanisms necessary for that are already in place,” he stressed.

The World Below / Trump cheers ICC decision not to probe US atrocities
« on: April 12, 2019, 01:38:43 PM »
‘Major international victory’: Trump cheers ICC decision not to probe US atrocities

Published time: 12 Apr, 2019 16:59
Edited time: 12 Apr, 2019 17:11

©  REUTERS/Piroschka van de Wouw

After the International Criminal Court (ICC) declined to investigate claims of US atrocities in Afghanistan, US President Donald Trump cheered the decision but said the ICC was “illegitimate” and US and allies beyond its reach.

“This is a major international victory, not only for these patriots, but for the rule of law,” the White House said in a statement, referring to the ICC decision to reject the request to investigate the actions of US military and intelligence officials in Afghanistan.

The US “holds American citizens to the highest legal and ethical standards,” and has consistently refused to join the ICC because of its “broad, unaccountable prosecutorial powers,” threats to US sovereignty, and “and other deficiencies that render it illegitimate,” Trump said in a statement.

Any attempt to target American, Israeli, or allied personnel for prosecution will be met with a swift and vigorous response.

Last week, Washington canceled the entry visa of ICC’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, saying that anyone who dared investigate US military or intelligence personnel would face the same fate. The Gambian lawyer had been conducting a preliminary investigation into claims of torture, cruelty and sexual assault by US and allied personnel in Afghanistan, dating to 2003-2004.

Bensouda had found a “reasonable basis to believe that war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed in connection with the armed conflict in Afghanistan,” and was reportedly planning to open a formal investigation.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Bensouda last month to “change course” or face US sanctions, however, declaring that the US was determined to protect its troops and civilians from “living in fear of unjust prosecution for actions taken to defend our great nation.”

While Washington has pushed for the creation of ad-hoc international tribunals for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and Rwanda (ICTR), the US voted against the establishment of the ICC in 1998, and has refused to join or submit to its authority after the court was officially created in 2002.

The US has held itself above international law for decades. In 1986, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague ruled that Washington had violated international law by supporting the Contras in Nicaragua. The US refused to participate in the proceedings and blocked the enforcement of the judgment in the UN Security Council.

What makes the pressure on ICC different than in the past, UK journalist Neil Clark told RT recently, is that "interference and attacks are now in the open," whereas in the past they would be confined to back channels and low-key intrigue.

“You know, it's the empire with its mask off,” said Clark.

R ~ Trump has become an embarrassment. Shoving things under the carpet and ignoring the bulge underneath does not make the dirt disappear.

Anonymous Issues Chilling Threat to 'Enemies of People' Over Assange's Arrest

12:02 12.04.2019(updated 12:12 12.04.2019)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was apprehended in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on 11 April after Quito revoked his seven-year political asylum for alleged repeated "violations of international conventions". The whistleblowing website has criticised Ecuador's move, calling it a violation of international law.

"Let Assange free or you will pay!" — this is the stark warning that has been issued by the hacker group Anonymous to the "captors" of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who was arrested on 11 April at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London by UK police "on behalf of the United States authorities".

"This is a message for the UK government and their cohorts around the world who are working to silence whistleblowers. […] This arrest and the greater persecution of Wikileaks and other whistleblowers sends a clear message that these governments will stop at nothing to maintain their secrecy. […]", the hacktivists wrote.

In a lengthy message, Anonymous highlighted that Assange is considered to be an "enemy of the state" because he has brought to light the crimes of both the left and the right.

"Influential people representing the governments of the UK, the United States, and Ecuador have all signed off on this unprecedented attack on journalism. […] Every single powerful person who has signed off on this order should be shaking in their boots, because the force of the internet is about to be unleashed upon them. All the way from the CIA, the President of the United States, and down to the arresting officers that carried Assange out of the embassy, you have all exposed yourselves as enemies of the people and it is time for Anonymous to act accordingly", the group warned.

Julian Assange was arrested in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on 11 April in what WikiLeaks described as an illegal termination of his political asylum in violation of international law.

World Reacts to Assange Arrest in UK: From 'Dark Moment' for Freedom to 'No Hero'

Within hours, the WikiLeaks founder appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court, where he pleaded not guilty to the charge of failing to surrender to an arrest warrant and skipping bail after an extradition order to Sweden in 2012. He was found guilty, and faces a prison term of up to 12 months when he is sentenced at a Crown Court at a later date.
The UK judge also said that the United States needs to produce its case for requesting Assange's extradition from Britain by 12 June.

Following his arrest, the US Department of Justice also announced charges against him, having accused the whistleblower of conspiring with Chelsea Manning, a former US Army intelligence analyst, to "commit computer intrusion for agreeing to break a password to a classified US government computer". If found guilty on hacking charges, then Assange could face up to five years in a US prison.

Assange's arrest has prompted thousands of people to sign a petition urging the UK government not to hand the journalist over to the United States, where he is wanted for leaks of classified government data.

"The sentence is already clear: if not the death penalty then life in a supermax prison and ill treatment like Chelsea Manning. The very extradition of Julian Assange to the United States would at the same time mean the final death of freedom of the press in the West", the petition added.

Reacting to the news of the Australian's detention, another world-famous whistleblower, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, tweeted that it was a "dark moment for press freedom".

Journalist and The Intercept founder Glenn Greenwald, for his part, went on a full-blown rampage against fellow reporters who did not denounce Assange's arrest. He also slammed those who were silent after the DoJ announced its hacking accusations against the WikiLeaks founder for allegedly helping Manning hack into a Department of Defence computer.

Assange, who rose to international prominence after leaking a trove of classified documents on US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and State Department cables, found asylum in the Ecuadorian diplomatic premises in 2012 when he tried to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he was under investigation in a sexual assault case.

The Australian journalist has denied the rape allegations, calling them politically motivated because they followed the leak of US docs. Even though Sweden later dropped the case, British police said they intended to detain Assange as soon as he left the embassy, for violating the conditions of his bail.

Toe the line or go to jail: Tulsi Gabbard says Assange arrest is a message to Americans

Published time: 12 Apr, 2019 13:58

Tulsi Gabbard and Julian Assange © Reuters / Mike Segar and Peter Nicholls

2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard has spoken out against the US government’s plans to extradite and punish WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, calling it a “blow to transparency and a blow to a free press.”

Speaking to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Thursday, Gabbard defended the prior administration’s decision not to attempt to extradite Assange. Despite his administration’s record use of the Espionage act against whistleblowers, Barack Obama opted not to pursue charges against Assange, claiming it would create a dangerous precedent for journalists.

“This is a threat to journalists,” she told Matthews, “but it’s also something that threatens every American, because the message that we are getting, that the American people are getting is: Be quiet, toe the line, otherwise there will be consequences.”

Assange was dragged from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London by British police on Thursday morning, and later found guilty of skipping bail back in 2012. He is due to be sentenced next month and could face a year in prison. Separately, the US Justice Department has indicted Assange on “conspiracy to commit computer intrusion,” with US Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning in 2010.

The WikiLeaks founder received little sympathy from Gabbard’s fellow lawmakers, Republican or Democrat. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer flogged the dead horse of the ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy, accusing Assange of “meddling in our elections on behalf of Putin,” a sentiment echoed by Intelligence Committee chair Richard Burr (R-North Carolina), who said that WikiLeaks “effectively acted as an arm of the Russian intelligence services for years.”

Progressive figurehead and 2020 contender Bernie Sanders kept quiet on the whole affair, while failed 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton told an audience in New York that “it’s ironic that he may be the only foreigner that this administration would welcome to the United States,” before chuckling at her own joke.

President Donald Trump, who told campaign rallies “I love WikiLeaks” in 2016 now seems to be ready to wash his hands of Assange. Asked about the arrest on Thursday, Trump told reporters “I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It’s not my thing.”

If extradited and found guilty, Assange faces five years in prison for the US charge. However, his lawyers are concerned that the Justice Department may tack on additional charges, and have vowed to fight the extradition process tooth and nail.

Israel fails attempted Moon landing as comm with spacecraft lost

Published time: 11 Apr, 2019 19:28
Edited time: 11 Apr, 2019 20:35

A picture of the Earth taken by the camera of the Israel Beresheet spacecraft. © AFP / SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries

Israel’s private spacecraft Beresheet crashed into the Moon on Thursday after being hit with problems during descent, denying the Jewish state a place in the elite club of nations that mastered a lunar landing.

“Small country, big dreams,” the engraving on the spacecraft’s body read, but those dreams weren’t destined to come true.

Beresheet’s engine stopped working around 10 kilometers from the surface, with the vehicle crashing into the Moon at a speed of over 130 meters per second.

 It looks like the #beresheet lander (the first private lander trying to land on the moon) hit the surface going 134 m/s (wayyyyyy too fast) after its main engine cut out around 10 km in altitude 😩

The blunder occurred on a live feed in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, who arrived at the control center for the occasion.

Beresheet, which is Hebrew for the biblical phrase “in the beginning,” could have also become the first private spacecraft to land on the Moon. It was constructed by Israeli nonprofit space venture SpaceIL and state-owned defense contractor Israel Aerospace Industries. The $100 million needed for the ambitious project came from private investors.

R ~ You think that Netantahoo is into signs in Heaven...?

'Pathological hatred': Ecuador's Moreno sold 'Assange's head' to the US – ex-president Correa to RT

Published time: 11 Apr, 2019 16:09
Edited time: 11 Apr, 2019 16:27

FILE PHOTO. Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno. © Pool via REUTERS / Fred Dufour

Former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa explained to RT why he calls his successor Lenin Moreno the "worst traitor" in the country's history for handing over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to British authorities.

Assange was dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London by British police on Thursday after Moreno revoked political asylum. The published and journalist spent almost seven years in the building after being welcomed there by Correa. UK law enforcement arrested him for skipping bail and under a previously secret US indictment – a development that Assange predicted and stated as his reason for going into the embassy in the first place.

Correa spoke to RT Spanish to explain why he publicly branded Moreno the "greatest traitor in Ecuadorian history." The former president says his successor is no better than the disciple Judas Iscariot or Ephialtes of Trachis, the man accused of betraying Greek forces defending the pass of Thermopylae from invading Persians.

Unconstitutional deal with the US

"It was not Rafael Correa, who gave asylum to Julian Assange. It was the state of Ecuador. And the state of Ecuador had to protect the person it pledged to protect according to international law and its national pride. Instead they gave him up, allowed the British police to enter our embassy," he said.

He added that the move also violated the constitution of Ecuador, since Assange is now a citizen of the Latin American country and is owed protection accordingly. "This is unheard of. These actions cannot leave one not outraged," he said.

Correa said Moreno basically sold "Assange's head" to the Americans. The US wants to prosecute Assange for allegedly conspiring with former US Army soldier Chelsea Manning in her leaking of classified US documents to WikiLeaks.

Revenge for allegedly publishing documents incriminating Moreno

Moreno's decision was partially motivated by various benefits Ecuador and the president personally got in return, Correa believes. But another motive was revenge on WikiLeaks, he told RT. Moreno believes that the site was responsible for publication of explosive documents, which implicate him and his family members in corruption.

"Paul Manafort, the head of the Trump presidential campaign, visited Ecuador on May 30, 2017, weeks after Moreno took the office of the president. And even then Moreno offered to hand out Assange in exchange for financial enrichment from the US," Correa said.

"In 2018, [US Vice President] Mike Pence visited Ecuador, and he and Moreno agreed on three things. Isolate Venezuela, which Moreno did with great enthusiasm. Drop a case against Chevron, which he gladly did as well. And hand over Assange," the ex-president said. "WikiLeaks publishing documents about [Moreno's] blatant corruption was the latest straw."

The corruption case Correa referred to is dubbed "INA Papers" after the name of an offshore company, which was allegedly used by the incumbent president for corrupt dealings. Materials exposing the link between the firm owned by the president's brother and various shady operations were leaked in February and triggered a congressional probe in Ecuador. WikiLeaks denies being behind the leak, but Moreno insists otherwise.

"Moreno knows that he and his family will go to prison for corruption and money laundering. So before he leaves, he wants to harm as many people as possible, including Julian Assange," Correa alleged. "He decided to ruin another person before going to prison. He is moved by pathological hatred and in his desire to take revenge, that's why he gave out Assange to the British police."

Moreno tried to break Assange and make him leave
Correa added that Moreno's government previously tried and failed to break Assange, hoping to get rid of him in a less explicit way.

"They tried to make him leave the embassy voluntarily with this ruthless isolation and harsh rules. They couldn't make him. They hope he would get ill and require treatment at a hospital so that he could be arrested there. And again they failed," he said.

Assange was kept incommunicado since March last year, with only his legal council allowed to meet him. Ecuador said the isolation was needed because the guest of the embassy was violating rules and meddling in international politics in a way detrimental to Ecuador's interests.

When Assange was evicted by force from the embassy, he looked noticeably pale, possibly corroborating earlier reports that his health deteriorated during years of confinement. A UN panel of experts ruled in 2016 that his stay at the embassy amounted to arbitrary detention by the British authorities.

R ~  "I see nothing! I hear nothing! I know nothing!" - John Banner (as Sergeant Hans Georg Schultz)

EU leaders agree to extend Brexit deadline until October 31

Published time: 10 Apr, 2019 22:53
Edited time: 11 Apr, 2019 01:46

©  Global Look Press / Kay Nietfeld

EU leaders at an emergency summit in Brussels have agreed to delay a ruling on Brexit, European Council president Donald Tusk said, granting UK PM Theresa May the reprieve she had asked for.

The Brexit deadline has been extended to October 31, Tusk tweeted. Another review is scheduled for June, Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has indicated.

Tusk announced he would meet with May to confirm the UK government’s agreement to the extension of Article 50, though he did not disclose the length of the extension himself. The UK Parliament backed May’s proposal to extend the deadline to June 30 earlier this week, while Tusk recently proposed a delay of up to a year.

The extension means the UK will be obligated to take part in next month’s EU parliamentary elections.

"I know that there is huge frustration from many people that I had to request this extension. The UK should have left the EU by now and I sincerely regret the fact that I have not yet been able to persuade parliament to approve the deal," May told a news conference. "But the choices we now face are stark and the timetable is clear. So we must now press on at pace with our efforts to reach consensus on a deal that is in the national interest," she said, adding that she would not pretend the coming weeks "will be easy or there is a simple way to break the deadlock in parliament."

"It's true that the majority was more in favor of a very long extension. But it was not logical in my view, and above all, it was neither good for us, nor for the UK," French President Emmanuel Macron said, claiming his position was "for the collective good."

"We will have a Brexit with a deal. I'd prefer no deal without Brexit," European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told a news conference.

"Please don't waste this time," admonished Tusk.

May wrote to Tusk seeking an extension on Brexit last week, after three failed attempts to pass her Brexit deal through Parliament left the UK facing the possibility of being bounced out of the EU without a deal on Friday.

The UK PM has said she believes June 30 offers ample time for the warring factions of her government to agree on a deal, though she told members of the EU council on Wednesday that she would accept a longer extension as long as it included a “get-out-early clause” in case an agreement was reached. She even hinted this could happen as soon as May 22, avoiding the issue posed by an outward-bound UK having a say in EU elections.

May and Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn plan to resume discussions on Thursday. Talks to work out a trans-partisan compromise appeared to stall last week, with May unable to offer “real change or compromise” in the form of policy concessions or amendments to her proposed deal, according to Labour representatives.

Corbyn has joined members of May’s own Conservative party in calling for her resignation over her bungling of Brexit. While she has said in the past that she’d step down after negotiating safe passage out of the EU, she has also declared that “as prime minister” she would not let the country remain in the bloc past June 30. May survived a no-confidence vote in December, and lawmakers must wait until the end of the year to try again.

R ~ There can be no confusion to those who pay attention that the 'law' has been set on it's ear. The EU has absolutely on say in the matter and to impose an obligation on a clear act of treason by the British Parlaiment (yes, all of them) by the EU is deceit writ large.

General / Why Does The US Need A Border Wall?
« on: April 10, 2019, 05:47:57 PM »
Why Does The US Need A Border Wall? This Is One Very Good Reason - "Illegal Alien" Detained At US Border Had Deadly Flesh Eating Bacteria!

"In A Time Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act" - George Orwell, Author ..... "All Truth Passes Through Three stages. First: It Is Ridiculed, Second: It Is Violently Opposed, And Third: It Is Accepted As Self-Evident" – Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Many readers to this blog fully understand that I will NOT or EVER be "politically correct" and will tell it like it is.... One issue in particular that I have been absolutely outspoken about is how our crooked and criminal governments continue to open our borders wide to every conceivable sewer rat to come marching into our nations with NO HOPE of ever "joining our societies".... I will state it as fact that this allowance of these foul creatures into our nations is an invasion, and we as citizens must do our utmost to demand our governments cease and desist in allowing it to continue...

I have already noted in previous articles how these so called "migrants" and "immigrants" that have invaded so many European nations have brought their filthy and disgusting ways into those nations and have exposed so many European citizens to a wide range of diseases that had previously been unheard of in those nations... We have had reports of foreign diseases and even EBOLA now being found in European nations, and still those governments have turned a blind eye to how unhygienic these invaders truly are....

Well, that was in Europe, but now I came across the following report from the Sputnik News website, at, where apparently an "illegal alien" was just detained at the US border with neighboring Mexico, and was discovered to be carrying a deadly flesh eating bacteria!   Here is the link to that article for my own readers to read for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: This is absolutely appalling! But apparently this is nothing new, as I have read reports over these last few years that a LOT of these foreign invaders crossing into the US from Mexico are indeed carrying a wide variety of diseases into America, and many have NOT been properly screened to prevent the introduction of those diseases into the southern United States!!!  Now you can see WHY there is an absolute need to build a border wall, and NOW!!!

Lets pull no punches here... Many of these immigrants come from regions that compared to our societies are filled with filth and squaller.... The idea of proper hygiene is foreign to many of them, and yet our crooked governments are willing to allow their disgusting state of living to coming into our nations???

This is one of the many reasons I am dead set against these creatures coming into our nations... Many of them have been allowed here into Canada, and they have not a clue on how to keep proper hygiene!  It reminds me once again of an incident that happened at the local gym that I attend a few years back, and I do want to share that once again here with readers:

Back in 2015, I was at the local YMCA where I ran into one of the workers who usually cleaned the men's change room... He was a bit distraught and I asked him "what happened?" ... He then proceeded to tell me of an incident that he was involved in and I was aghast!

Apparently, that YMCA had started to allow a Somalian family of "immigrants" to use their facility for their family "enjoyment" and programs... But the YMCA workers were absolutely mad as hell when they found that after these migrants had used one "family room" stall for their changing between gym and street attire, that the room had human excrement (I kid you not) on the seating area and on the floor!   Some other attendees noticed the smell and complained bitterly to the YMCA staff and the one worker that I knew and others had to go into that stall to clean up that mess.... Some of the workers supposedly actually vomited during and after this ludicrous experience...

The worker that I talked to told me that they were well aware of this family for the fact that when they came to the YMCA, they smelled horrific and apparently had NO sense of hygiene and how to use a toilet (case in point as stated above)... But the YMCA staff were warned by the operators and management staff to "not say anything" about what they found (!).... Apparently that YMCA was stuck with the bullshit of "political correctness" and was informed to allow these foul creatures to continue to use that facility and abuse it with no repercussions.....

I was mad as hell when I found out about this situation, and I talked to the senior management at that location and found out that they were told to "turn the other way" and continue to ignore this problem.... I was told that the YMCA would not "change their policies" and that they would continue to allow these immigrants in, no matter what....

This, readers, is what it is like now in Canada with these bullshit "refugees" and the other "migrant workers" that are presently invading this nation... Many are so backwards and used to third world conditions, and here we have them taking their third world lifestyles into this modern nation and being allowed to do these type of acts like what happened at my local YMCA !  ..... I say  "fuck this" and people need to take a hard stand and basically tell these creatures that they should not be allowed into public places UNTIL they learn how to keep clean and in proper hygiene!

I absolutely stand firm in my convictions that we must tell our crooked governments to stop their madness and close our borders to these misfits from third world sewers.... Many are unfit to properly assimilate into our cultures and have NO future in our nations.... Many come into Canada for example with no use to our society and instead are living off of Canada's already overburden 'social welfare' systems, which they will collect from hard working Canadians for much of the rest of their lives!.....It is better that they be returned to the hell holes they originated from than continue to pollute and destroy our nations!

Again, there are readers who do not like what I am stating, but I am not going to sway from the truth...

Taliban Claims It Shot Down US B-52 Bomber in Afghanistan

16:55 10.04.2019(updated 16:57 10.04.2019)

- Reports © AP Photo / Mindaugas Kulbis

The alleged attack comes days after the Taliban targeted a US convoy in north-eastern Afghanistan, killing three soldiers.

Taliban* militants have claimed they shot down a US B-52 heavy bomber, Syrian news site Muraselon reports.

The incident purportedly took place when the aircraft was departing from the Shawrab Airbase in southern Afghanistan in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

"Mujaheddin (a militia fighter) of the Islamic Emirate targeted a US B-52 bomber with heavy weapons today early morning in Lar area in the Washir district of Helmand Province," a spokesman for the Taliban was quoted as saying.

The B-52 is said to have crashed after the strike, killing all of its crew. Both Afghan and US authorities are yet to comment on the matter.

On 8 April, three US service members were killed in a car bomb attack on a convoy near the Bagram Air Force Base in north-eastern Afghanistan. The terror group claimed responsibility for the bombing.

At Least 37 Taliban Militants Killed in Operations by Afghan Special Forces – Reports
The Taliban emerged in 1994 at the height of a civil war in Afghanistan. The group held power in most of the country between 1996 and 2001; during this period, it introduced Islamic Sharia law.

The Taliban was ousted from power by a US-led coalition in 2001 and has since then been waging a guerrilla war against the Kabul-based government, and NATO forces in Afghanistan and neighbouring Pakistan.

Russia's envoy to Afghanistan said in February that the militants control at least 50 per cent of Afghanistan's territory and their ranks include from 3,500 to 10,000 Daesh* fighters, who regularly carry out terror attacks across the country.

*The Taliban and Daesh (aka IS/ISIS/Islamic State) are terrorist groups outlawed in Russia.

World's First 5G Phone Put Through Chicago Speed Test - Here Are The Results

by Tyler Durden
Sat, 04/06/2019 - 15:05

With Verizon having switched on its 5G wireless network in two markets this week - Chicago and Minneapolis, the folks over at TechRadar hit the streets of Chicago after the Verizon launch event with the only working 5G handset they could get their hands on.

All photos via TechRadar

After TechRadar "literally cobbled together the world's first 5G phone when we slapped the newly-launched 5G Moto Mod onto the back of an existing 4G phone," they took their Moto Z3 with the 5G mod and "hung around in the limited spaces where 5G signal was being broadcast."

The results were interesting, to say the least, as finding and maintaining solid 5G signal proved difficult, since its "millimeter wave technology" is apparently fairly dependent on line of sight.

Over the course of our initial hands-on, we seriously questioned Verizon's 5G network's reliability.

Take the Verizon Store where the event took place: it was scarcely bigger than 30 feet across and 100 feet back, with a 5G node in the front of the building. Reception was spotty toward the back, and could even peter out near the front. We noticed the Moto Z3 switch from 5G to 4G LTE on multiple occasions as we moved around, and had to keep checking that our speed tests were 5G all the way through. -TechRadar

AT the Verizon store, the 5G modded Moto Z3 hit speeds of more than 650 Mbps.  Downloading a 1.81 GB PUBG Mobile game over the 5G network took just under 4 and a half minutes, while taking 6 minutes and 8 seconds on the 4G network. As TechRadar notes, "while the 5G network is clearly the faster of the two, it's not by an order of magnitude."

Walking around Chicago - areas with strong reception provided downloads of more than 400 Mbps.

Read TechRadar's ongoing hands-on test here. Their findings as of this writing are below:

4/5, 1:30 pm CT: Checking to make sure Netflix and the Play Store weren't a speed bottleneck, we connected to Wi-Fi and retried the downloads. The movie downloaded at close to 20MB/s and the game downloaded at about 13MB/s, vastly exceeding what we could get on our 5G connection.

4/5, 12:59 pm CT: Took another 5G field trip, and found a consistent signal at the base of a building that seemed like it would have actually blocked signal. A few speed tests that exceeded 400Mbps confirmed we had a real 5G connection, though a test using a single data stream showed only 17.3Mbps downstream. In between multiple tests that showed high speeds, we attempted to download another movie on Netflix and a game on the Play Store, but neither managed to download much faster than 1MB/s, whereas a 400Mbps connection should offer up to 50MB/s download speeds.

4/5, 9:10 am CT: Further into West Loop, found a semi-stable 5G signal and ran a series of speed tests, getting 292Mbps,  113Mbps, 65.5Mbps, and 240Mbps. The speed tests didn't show a correlation between 5G signal strength and speeds.

4/5, 8:58 am CT: Walked into the West Loop on a street that has frequent wide views of The Loop. Once again, experienced 4G and 5G quickly switching back and forth. Ran a speed test while the network was toggling and got 47.4Mbps downstream.

4/4, 5:25 pm CT: Left the West Loop after a day generally spent without 5G. The millimeter wave technology used is fairly dependent on line of sight, and that can be hard to find, but we'll keep trying.

4/4, 12:30 pm CT: Popping back outside into the rain to see how long it'd take to download The Raid Redemption at 446MB on the 5G network, we gave up after 2 minutes and 30 seconds that had only netted 44MB. A quick speed test showed the lowest speeds we'd seen all day at 59.9Mbps. Never mind downloading a whole TV show season before a flight takes off, we couldn't even download Iko Uwais kicking his first ass.

4/4, 12:08 pm CT: Went into the grocery store on that same corner and couldn't get 5G even sitting next to a window near that corner.

4/4, 11:56 am CT: Took the Moto Z3 out for a walk in the West Loop, because the 5G signal couldn't bother to join me indoors on this cold and rainy day. Found a corner closer to The Loop that had 5G signal, though it was still spotty. Ran a speed test that hit 448Mbps downstream with a 19ms ping time.

R ~ All the hype and a marginal increase in downloads... earth shaking... not!

Israel could annex parts of West Bank in coming years – Netanyahu

Published time: 6 Apr, 2019 17:27
Edited time: 6 Apr, 2019 19:35

FILE PHOTO: Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. © Reuters / Ammar Awad

R ~ You think the placement of that crown is a mere coincidence?

Speaking days before the Israeli parliamentary elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he is considering formally annexing certain Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

In an interview with Israel's Channel 12 News, Netanyahu promised to annex Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank if elected for another term next week. “You are asking whether we are moving on to the next stage – the answer is yes, we will move to the next stage. I am going to extend [Israel’s] sovereignty,” he said.

He went on to say that “each settlement is Israeli and [he] will not hand it over to Palestinian sovereignty.” The prime minister also told journalists that he would not “divide Jerusalem” and would “make sure we control the territory west of Jordan.”

The right-wing politician also argued against a two-state solution by saying that a Palestinian state would “endanger our existence.”

Earlier, Netanyahu said he’s made it clear to US President Donald Trump that he was not ready to evacuate “a single person” from the West Bank settlements. “All the settlements, without exception, those that are in blocs and those that aren’t, need to remain under Israeli sovereignty,” the PM said, during an interview recorded on Wednesday.

Netanyahu: I’ve told Trump I won’t evacuate ‘a single person’ from settlements
PM says all communities over the Green Line must be under Israeli sovereignty, vows this will eventually happen; hints at progress in his next term

He also told Trump that any US reconciliation plan for Israel and Palestine must not include the removal of the settlements from the occupied Palestinian lands. “As far as I am concerned, [the evacuation] won’t be [in] there and, if it is, it won’t [happen],” Netanyahu said, adding that Tel Aviv insists on continued control over territories west of the Jordan River (the West Bank).

Asked about the hoped-for US recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the West Bank, Netanyahu told Channel 13 News to “wait until the next term.” At the same time, he praised Trump as “the best friend Israel has had.”

Netanyahu stepped up his rhetoric ahead of the Israeli parliamentary elections scheduled for Tuesday, April 9. His Likud party faces tough competition from the newly formed Kahol Lavan, or Blue and White, party led by former Israeli Defense Forces chief, Benny Gantz, who threatens to end Netanyahu’s decade-long tenure.

Some 500,000 Israelis live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, areas that are also home to more than 2.6 million Palestinians. The Palestinian authorities did not immediately comment on Netanyahu’s promise. So far, the issue of the settlements has been one of the hottest topics preventing the two sides from restarting peace talks, which were frozen in 2014.

Most world nations consider the West Bank, as well as other territories seized by Israel following the 1967 war, occupied. However, the Trump administration has repeatedly challenged this, when it first recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved its embassy there. Trump then recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, to the outcry of Syria, the Arab world, and much of the UN.

R ~ I wonder if by now Trump has clued in to the well known greed of the jews. Forget the 'never forget' mantra. Instead think 'never enough'.

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