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General / Britain is video surveillance capital of the world
« on: May 17, 2007, 08:12:31 AM »

Britain is video surveillance capital of the world

It is estimated that there are some 4.2 million Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras in Britain, one for every 14 people. An individual might be captured by more than 300 separate cameras on an average day. Such all-pervasive video surveillance, combined with the ability to exploit the information contained in numerous government and private databases, enables the almost seamless monitoring of the population.--Richard Tyler

World Socialist Website
By Richard Tyler
6 December 2006

The list of places monitored by CCTV is endless. Most of Britain�s urban centres are under surveillance, as are motorways, hospitals, schools, banks, museums, shopping malls, sports facilities and travel hubs such as railway stations and airports.

CCTV cameras are operated by the police, the security services, various national and local government agencies and a myriad of institutions and private companies.

Their insidious spread has seriously eroded long-standing democratic rights. The routine recording of video footage in both public and private spaces represents a massive intrusion into individual privacy.

CCTV is increasingly being used to monitor so-called antisocial behaviour, including minor offences such as littering, urinating in a public place and drunkenness.

All demonstrations are now routinely recorded by specialist police video units on the ground, and from helicopters. Even if no crime or public order offence has been committed, the footage is kept by the police, providing evidence of an individual�s political stance on issues such as the war in Iraq, nuclear energy, pensioners� rights, hunting, etc.

In the 1990s, the Home Office spent 78 percent of its crime prevention budget on installing CCTV systems, and �500 million has been spent on CCTV infrastructure over the last decade. However, there is no conclusive evidence that crime has been significantly reduced�the main justification for its introduction. One Home Office study found that CCTV schemes �had little overall effect on crime levels.� Academic research has pointed to the �displacement effect��a reduction in crime in an area monitored by CCTV is accompanied by a rise in crime in neighbouring unmonitored areas.

Richard Thomas, Britain�s Information Commissioner�nominally charged with enforcing and overseeing the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000�recently published a 140-page �Report on the Surveillance Society.�

The document, prepared by the Surveillance Studies Network, an academic group, warns that �people�s lives will be monitored even more in the next decade by the government, the public sector, employers and big business.�

Advances in computer technology have also been applied to video surveillance. The digitisation of CCTV means that a new generation of �smart cameras,� or cameras linked to sophisticated computer systems, can now be used to recognise an individual person through �face recognition� software, or to read a vehicle�s number plate.

The deployment of this last application makes Britain the first country in the world to record the movements of all vehicles. In 1996, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) recorded just over 300,000 instances of vehicles exceeding speed limits. By 2004, the system was used more than 2 million times.

Thousands of existing CCTV cameras are now being converted to read number plates automatically night and day, providing 24-hour coverage of all motorways and main roads, as well as towns, cities, ports and garage forecourts.

This network of cameras automatically reads every passing number plate, storing the data for several years. No longer used merely to enforce speed restrictions, a central ANPR database has been set up alongside the Police National Computer in Hendon, north London. This can record details of up to 35 million number-plate �reads� per day, including time, date and precise location. This huge database of vehicle movements enables the police or security services to analyse any journey a driver has made.

There are plans to extend the database, increasing the storage period to five years and linking it to thousands of additional cameras. In this way, details of up to 100 million number plates could be fed into the central database each day.

National DNA Database

Not only is Britain the world leader in spying on its citizens, the National DNA Database, projected to have 3.7 million profiles by April 2007, is the world�s biggest DNA database.

Some 2 million people are arrested each year in England and Wales. Since the Criminal Justice Act 2003 became law, the police are empowered to record not only the fingerprints of all those arrested, but also to take and keep their DNA samples, regardless of eventual guilt or innocence. Once again, this data is accessible via the Police National Computer.

The National DNA Database was set up in 1995. By 2005, it contained some 3.45 million individual records, or roughly 5.2 percent of the population. If a comparable system existed in America with a similar level of recording, it would contain the DNA of some 15 million individuals.

Professor Alec Jeffreys from the University of Leicester, who pioneered �DNA fingerprinting� in the 1980s, recently told the BBC that the National DNA Database now contained samples from hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and was �skewed socio-economically and ethnically.�

�My view is that it is discriminatory,� Jeffreys stated.

The records contained in the database display a marked racial bias against those from ethnic minorities, with nearly 40 percent of black males and 13 percent of Asian males now being profiled.

The National DNA Database contains information on some 135,000 black males aged 15-34, estimated to be more than three quarters of Britain�s young black population. By contrast, only just over one fifth of young white males� DNA are recorded on file.

Prompted by widespread concerns at the potential for misuse of such information, the Nuffield Council on Bioethics is presently conducting a study entitled �Forensic use of bioinformation�ethical issues.�

DNA identification is not infallible: As the �Report on the Surveillance Society� notes, �whilst a negative DNA test seems to be a near perfect tool for acquitting the innocent, false negatives being very rare, false positives are surprisingly likely.�

Misidentification is a commonplace in other surveillance systems. Recently, the Criminal Records Bureau, routinely called upon to provide information about those seeking to work with children or vulnerable adults, revealed that 2,700 people had been wrongly identified as having criminal records, possibly costing them their jobs.

Moreover, the Police Inspectorate has noted that 22 percent of records entered into the Police National Computer at force level contained at least one error, even when they had been checked by a supervisor.

The Labour government is pressing ahead with its plans to introduce ID cards, linked to a National Identify Database that can identify every citizen with a unique reference number across multiple data sources�public and private.

The term �dataveillance� has been coined to describe the surveillance of a person�s activities through electronic data. Cross-referenced by an ID number, linked to a massive CCTV network employing face-recognition software and automatic vehicle registration, and by accessing numerous government and private databases, the British state is developing the means to monitor the movement and whereabouts of any individual at any time, virtually at the press of a button.

Prime Minister Tony Blair has defended this Orwellian state of affairs. Writing in the Telegraph at the beginning of November, he insisted, �We need ID cards to secure our borders and ease modern life.�

He continued, �I know this will outrage some people but, in a world in which we daily provide information to a whole host of companies and organisations and willingly carry a variety of cards to identify us, I don�t think the civil liberties argument [against ID cards] carries much weight.�

Such disregard for long-standing legal principles, such as the right to privacy and the presumption of innocence, is no surprise coming from a prime minister whose government has enacted a plethora of anti-democratic legislation under the guise of the �fight against terror.�

The arguments employed by Blair have been regurgitated by Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee, who derided those who oppose such massive state surveillance for indulging in middle class hysteria. Disingenuously claiming that there is really nothing to worry about in the �surveillance society,� Toynbee described opposition to the destruction of civil liberties as �paranoid speculation about imaginary abuses.�

Denouncing those for whom she claimed �liberty is taking priority over equality,� she insinuated that those opposing the erosion of democratic rights were seeking to divert from more pressing issues.

�Why aren�t people as angry about the galloping inequality in living standards?� she asked.

Toynbee is a long-standing defender of the Blair government, whose big business policies are directly responsible for the increase in social inequality.

Her argument not only gives carte blanche to the government for its attack on civil liberties. It also seeks to conceal the fact that this offensive is intimately bound up with �galloping inequality.�

Under conditions in which the mass of the population live in economic security, and in which all the last vestiges of welfare reforms are being dismantled, the British state is resorting to the most repressive measures to deal with the resulting class tensions.

When it comes to privacy rights, Canada ranks among the top defenders while Britain is considered one of the worst protectors, according to a new survey.

Privacy International, a watchdog group that studies government and business surveillance and privacy practices, rated 36 countries, including 25 EU member states, on 13 national practices.

The practices included statutory and constitutional protections, the use of ID cards and closed circuit TV cameras. The countries were given a ranking from one to five `” five points denoting no invasive policies, and one point for extensive surveillance.

Germany (3.9) was ranked the highest, followed by Canada (3.6). They were the only two listed in the category of "significant protections and safeguards."

The two countries were followed by Belgium and Austria (3.2), and Hungary (3.1).

Britain ranked alongside Russia and China as countries demonstrating "endemic surveillance" of its citizens.

China and Malaysia (1.3) ranked at the bottom, followed by Singapore and Russia (1.4), and the U.K. (1.5).

The U.S. scored a 2, putting it in the "extensive surveillance society" category. In terms of statutory protections and privacy enforcement, the U.S. was ranked the worst in the democratic world.

'Waking up to surveillance society'

"This is damning evidence that privacy is being destroyed by the very nations that proclaim to respect our rights," Simon Davies, director of Privacy International, said in a statement.

The survey comes as Britain's information commissioner warns his country has become a surveillance society.

"Two years ago I questioned, 'Are we sleepwalking into a surveillance society,'" said Richard Thomas. "Now I have to say we're waking up to a surveillance society."

The primary source of that information is closed circuit television cameras, the CBC's Harry Forestell reported. The streets of British cities, towns and villages are monitored by 4.2 million closed circuit cameras `” one for every 14 people.

Every person, on average, is viewed by 300 cameras a day. Police use facial and licence plate recognition technology to track anyone who looks suspicious.

British police are also allowed to demand DNA samples from anyone they detain, even if they haven't been formally arrested or charged with a crime.

Authorities hold more than 3.5 million sub-samples `” the largest DNA databank in the world.

However, much of the information can be used for good, Forestell said. Video cameras have dramatically increased conviction rates for some crimes and DNA evidence has helped police solve a backlog of crimes.

General / Is business the real Big Brother?
« on: May 17, 2007, 08:08:39 AM »
Is business the real Big Brother?

Monitoring and surveillance of employees and customers by big business is now commonplace.

It's increasingly a feature of our daily lives, because businesses have found that it makes good business sense. But is corporate snooping out of control?

In Britain, we are all familiar with the CCTV cameras that have sprung up across our city centres and transport networks.

We generally accept that they are there to counter crime and help monitor traffic flows on our busy roads.

But how many of us realise that when we travel about, each of us is captured, on average, 300 times a day on CCTV, and should we be concerned?

Of course, if we look up, we can see the CCTV cameras. We know they're there.

But are they just the visible tip of a much larger and more deep-rooted surveillance society?

'Surveillance capital'

Dr Kirstie Ball of the Open University certainly thinks so. She believes that most of the surveillance and monitoring of our movements is hidden.

"It's everywhere, absolutely everywhere," she says.

"As we move throughout cities, throughout our jobs and lives, there are technologies and devices everywhere which capture our movements, capture our activities, which are then stored on databases as evidence of what we've been doing."

She is far from being alone in this view. "In Britain, we are saturated in a world of surveillance," says Simon Davies, director of Privacy International and a fellow of the London School of Economics.

"Britain has to be the surveillance capital of the Western world."

For most of us, surveillance conjures up images of spies in trenchcoats standing in the rain on gloomy street corners, and of Big Brother government telling us how we should think and behave.

But the kind of surveillance that worries privacy campaigners today concerns us as customers of big business. Customers are constantly monitored and tracked, mostly without realising it.

Secret devices

Take the Oyster card, for example, which millions of us use each day to pay for our journeys when travelling on London's tubes and buses. Not only do the cards record payment, but they can also track travellers' journeys across the city.

At the RAC's national breakdown centre, callers can be accurately located within seconds, thanks to the signals transmitted by their mobile phones.

An RAC patrolman reveals that many hire cars are now fitted with secret tracking devices, allowing rental companies to follow the movements of their customers.

"It used to be that surveillance was a bolt-on feature of society," says Mr Davies. "Now surveillance is part of the infrastructure. It's a design component."

For business, monitoring can mean greater efficiency in the work place. Bosses can see what is happening in real time and thereby identify what can be improved - or even, if they choose to, which employees are doing their job well and which ones are not.

A prime example of the highly-monitored work place is the call centre, where sophisticated software is used to log and analyse every second of agents' working lives.

Rufus Grig - who runs Callmedia, a company that makes computer software for call centre operations - explains to the Money Programme the extent of workplace monitoring. The call centre, he says, "can be a terrifically highly-monitored environment".

Efficiency check

In the warehouse operations that supply products to shops and supermarkets, more and more workers are required to wear computers which instruct them on the tasks they need to perform, as well as monitoring and recording every step they take.

Wincanton, one of Britain's biggest logistics companies, uses computer technology in many of its big distribution centres across Britain.

The firm has found that if properly used, the technology can bring big benefits for the company and workforce. But this has not been the experience everywhere.

Eddie Gaudie, from the GMB union, explains that some businesses closely monitor the productivity of their workers all day long.

He says: "At any time of the day, it's monitored down to the last minute, even in seconds."

Companies insist that these tracking technologies help to boost efficiency and cut costs, which is all to the customers' benefit.

"You can buy this argument that this is all for our own good," says Mr Davies. "I don't. Because what I believe about surveillance is that ultimately it is used against individuals, not for them."

No privacy

One new technology could mean there will soon be nowhere to hide for any of us. The big high street retailers are experimenting with putting tiny computer chips in their merchandise.

These chips are called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. Potentially, they could be used to track the products and the people who buy them, out of the shops and into their homes.

One day, RFID chips could be on everything we buy, and it may not stop there.

Similar chips are also being implanted in patients in American hospitals, to act as minute ID cards and to track them through the medical system.

A world where everything and everybody can be tracked at any time, day or night, is a prospect which fills some observers with horror.

"You won't be able to hide from the system by closing your door or closing your curtains or hiding behind a wall," says privacy campaigner Christopher McDermott.

"The X-ray eyes of the state and of big corporates will be able to see through those, and will be able to see right into your very personal and private life."

Has business become the real Big Brother?

The Money Programme: The Real Big Brother, BBC Two at 7pm on Friday 26 May.

Christian Rights being removed.

 The Sexual Oreantation Regulations and the Letter to my MP

Dear Jon Leech

I wanted to thank you for your letter, there are a few issues that I wanted to raise, you pointed out that as a Methodist you say that it is important for your to uphold the rights of all people of all religions, I disagree as a Methodist it is your duty is to uphold the stance of the church regardless of your personal or political view.

I am deeply saddened that people in the government who once held to the traditions and by the authority witch it once stood on, are now disregarding for the stance of the church values, the fact that you are supposed to uphold to the beliefs of the church and yet the letter you had written, shows that you are taking a very liberal view point, the fact that the homosexual lifestyle is both proud and unrepentant according to the God of the bible, the homosexual lifestyle about living a lifestyle in pride, and the Homosexual individual involved is proud and unrepentant of his/her sinful lifestyle, it is my belief that people who are reasonable would question the fact that the government is in favour of the regulations, who would also be in favour of Gay rights supporters, that would love nothing more then to see those welfare organisations offering public services that disagree with the regulations on the bases of a persons lifestyle to be close down, it is not only on the bases of religious charities but this will effect the freedoms of nursings homes, Teen Challenge a Christian Drug rehabilitation program, guest houses, and possibly this will also make street evangelists like myself be turned into a criminal overnight, the Sexual Orientation Regulations would also discriminate against church groups and individual Christians.

You wrote that the SOR coursed anxiety amongst many Christians as individuals and especially in the catholic faith and that you feel that this should not course conflict between the rights of Christians to practice their religion and the rights of others to be free from discrimination on account of religious beliefs, and that you talk about the catholic adoption agency's being made to allow Gay couples to adopt children under their care.

Firstly I wanted to point out that the SOR would course conflict amongst many conservative Christians, as the Bible dose discriminate on the grounds of sexual sin, to be free from discrimination this would mean you would have to ban copies of the Bible that speaks out against the homosexual life style and would have a pro-homosexual copy of the bible for that agenda, though the practice of the homosexual life style has been going on a lot longer then the Bible was written, in the context of conflict you talk about on the grounds freedom of discrimination, it is my view that to make allowances for children to be brought up in a homosexual life style as a normal upbringing, you would have to discriminate against Christian liberties and the freedoms Christians have to practice there faith.

You talk about that Catholic Based adoption agencies have a first class reputation for the care and professionalism, which they bring to adoption agencies, involving very vulnerable children, the fact that this bill was passed by the house of lords would mean that these agencies would be forced to close down, these groups that carry a strict morel and ethical code according to the bases of their faith, that I have a the view that a homosexual family unit is unstable because it dose not qualify to meet the spiritual well-being of the child, nether dose any none-married family unites could ever bring a child up in a stable environment for children to have any spiritual upbringing based on morel values according to the principals of the Bible, for Children to have a stable upbringing they must be in a family unit that consists of married couples, a Child needs both male and female roles.

Though you speak on behalf of your political party it is my view that there is a conflict of interest concerning the 2002 Adoption Act, amongst people in parliament, as people do not seem to learn from the past, this stance is nothing new on the part of political parties, its common interest is to live up to the view of society rather then any Christian faith based group, or any Christian values, the fact that society would love to rid it self of any Christian influence it has, if any in the UK today.

By supporting this Legislation the Liberal democrats dose fully discriminate against the freedoms that Christians have to practice their faith publicly and openly, a Christian based faith group should have the right to refuse a homosexual couple on the grounds that they are obligated to obey the Bible, why should we be singled out if a homosexual couple wishes, that they want to adopt then they should go to secular organisations where they can adopt, it is their fore, that curtain people in the government has an biased view point against Christians.
The SOR is worrying to me as it fails to accept that a persons faith in the bible on the bases of Matthew 5:16 that apply to the whole life of a Christian, Christians should be able to practice their faith out side the confines of the church meetings, to freely practice in faith according to the bible and biblical principals is not just the freedoms to practice a faith silently but to act on them openly in public.

You talk about Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

My view is that the Equality act 2006 has laws outlawing discrimination on the bases of religion, and must protect religious practices of faith groups. If this is compromised and removed this would mean that every Church group in the UK would be illegal, it is my view because you make exceptions to sexual orientation in the liberal democrats and other political groups you are therefore indirectly discriminating against religious believers since the majority are most likely to believe that a homosexual practice is wrong.

The fact that this bill has been passed would mean that a large majority of religious groups would lose their rights to the SOR.

The fact that a majority of religious people disagree with the SOR amongst Jewish, Moslem and Christian groups etc. and believe that a homosexual practice and lifestyle is morally wrong, if you look for example at six of the Major world religions and they are opposed to the Homosexual life style and practice as being wrong, on the grounds of 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 Yet it makes no discrimination or object to the individual who faces homosexual temptation but resists it. A person who deals with their temptation is in the same boat as every one else, on the other hand if a person acts according to his temptation and acts on his/hers homosexual practice or reserves the right to do so then that person rejects the ethical teaching of the Bible.
I have heard many people say that Gay rights are needed because they are born Gay and Cant change, but this cannot be backed up as there is no evidence to support this claim homosexuality is not a fixed trait like race or sex.

For example, a 2003 study by a leading psychiatrist who supports gay rights found that homosexuals could become `˜predominantly` heterosexual through psychotherapy.
84% of the homosexuals and lesbians in the study became heterosexual by the end of the study.
Spitzer, R L, `˜Can Some Gay Men and Lesbians Change Their Sexual Orientation?

200 Participants Reporting a Change from Homosexual to Heterosexual Orientation`,
Archives of Sexual Behaviour, 32(5), 2003, page 411 No amount of psychotherapy can ever change a person`s race. It is clear that the Bible teaches that Christians are to be a servant to others in every aspect of their lives, Christians are to love their neighbour and do good to even those who disagree with them or oppose them, Luke 6:27. But no-one has shown that there is a real problem that demands legislative investigation, why then are the regulations being enforced.

The Face that the agenda is clear for people who back the SOR the aim is to promote the homosexual lifestyle and that the regulations according to Biblical principals is allowing Immorality on that bases.

According to Census 2001: National Report for England and Wales Part 2, ONS, 2004, Table UV93, page 70 The 2001 census found that fewer than 0.2% of all households in England and Wales are headed by a same-sex couple.

Why are sweeping new laws being created for such a small number of people?
To me its not promoting family Values but quite the opposite it is destroying marital values and that it wants to remove any place for marriage in society. When promoting and celebrating a homosexual lifestyle when it comes to sexual relationships there is not right or wrong anymore.
Here are a few examples of where the freedoms of Christians in the UK are being removed and how the SOR will effectively go against Christian practices in public and I believe it will remove protection for Christian groups.

Bishop of Chester

Bishop Peter Forster was investigated by Cheshire Constabulary after an interview in which he mentioned research showing that some homosexuals `˜re-orientate` through
therapy. A gay rights activist had made a complaint and the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement supported it. The police eventually concluded no crime had been committed. The Chief Constable made an astonishing public attack on the Bishop, even suggesting his remarks could lead to violence.

The Chester Chronicle, 7 November 2003; The Daily Telegraph, 10 and 11 November 2003; The Independent, 10 November 2003; The Times, 11 November 2003; as at 6 April 2006

Ake Green

A Swedish pastor was charged with inciting hatred against homosexuals after a sermon urging Christians to show homosexuals `deep respect` and offer them the `grace of Jesus
Christ`. He called sexual immorality, including homosexuality, a `cancerous growth` in society. He was convicted and sentenced to one month in jail. The Swedish Supreme Court acquitted him on appeal. as at 6 April 2006; http:
// as at 6 April 2006; Offi ce of the Prosecutor-General v. Green, Case No. B 1050-05, Supreme Court of Sweden, 29 November 2005

Violence at Parliament

In 1998 when the Lords voted against reducing the homosexual age of consent, gay rights activists outside Parliament became violent. Protesters scuffl ed with police and jumped
barricades in a bid to get inside and confront Peers. Some, including former Archbishop Donald Coggan, were insulted, jostled and threatened.

Christian campaigner, Baroness

Young, had to be protected by police. Outrage!, Press release, House of Lords Besieged by Gay Rights Protesters, 26 July 1998 and Daily Mail, 23 July 1998Lynette Burrows
Mrs Burrows, author and family values campaigner, took part in a radio phone-in where she disagreed with placing children for adoption with homosexuals. An offended gay rights
activist complained to the police. The following day a police officer telephoned Mrs Burrows to take issue with her `˜homophobic` views. The Daily Telegraph, 10 December 2005; The Sunday Times, 18 December 2005; Daily Mail, 12 December 2006Western Isles Council

Christian registrars in the Western Isles of Scotland refused to carry out marriage-style ceremonies alongside the registration of homosexual `˜civil partnerships`.

The Council backed their decision and, as a result, received hate-mail from around the world,
including a call for councillors to be `hanged from the nearest tree`. The Scotsman, 20 and 21 December 2005; The Daily Telegraph (Scottish edition), 21 December 2005Desecration of a church

Gay rights group Stonewall held a meeting in Newcastle upon Tyne at which an audience-member called for volunteers to take action against Jesmond Parish Church. A few nights
later the 19th Century church was daubed with gay rights slogans, obscenities, pornographic drawings and personal attacks on the vicar. The Journal, 23 October 1999; Evening Chronicle, 23 October 1999; The Daily Telegraph, 23 October 1999

Joe & Helen Roberts

A retired Christian couple were subjected to an 80 -minute interrogation by police after they complained to their local council about its gay rights policies. No criminal offence was committed and yet the police and the council refuse to apologise for their actions. The
Roberts are taking legal action. Daily Mail, 23 December 2005

Harry Hammond

An elderly street preacher was assaulted by gay rights activists and then arrested for holding a placard saying, `Stop Immorality. Stop homosexuality. Jesus is Lord`. At
his trial he was convicted and fined £300 plus £395 costs. He died shortly
afterwards. A posthumous appeal was unsuccessful. The Mail on Sunday, 28 April 2002; The Mail on Sunday, 5 May 2002; Hammond v DPP [2004] EWHC 69
In April as the bill will be enforced this could lead Christians to go to prison, this will cost the tax payer more money for a bill that only protects a small minority of people and ultimately would not solve the overcrowding of the prison population but make it worse.

The fact that this this bill has not been looked at, properly but seemed to be a quite obvious that it promotes more of a anti-Christian agenda..

Yours sincerely

General / Non Bios view of Both the Land of Israel and Palistine
« on: July 31, 2006, 11:14:42 AM »
Im just looking at Hezbollah who ranted on saturday that "kill every Jew, wipe them off the face of the earth"

Their were refaring not to Israel but to Non-zionist and Jewish familys.

Dont coment on this just look at the 2 sites and the history of Hadj Amin Al Husseini head of the Islamic council in Israel with Hitlar.

in respect to those who died and we honor those who lost their lives against the Nazi occupation in the 2nd world war, I earnestly with all due respect would like you to view these 2 web sites.

This is not properganda but in the Jewish holocost museums they also have these pictures on the ww2 account.

But it is appropreate to pleade to you the very mornfull responce for both sides, both Islamic and Jews who have stated about this very group.

Im not simply trying to give a view point but please respectfully look at the photos.

9/11 / Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story
« on: March 26, 2006, 12:00:32 AM »
Calls for truly independent investigation, joins growing ranks of prominent credible whistleblowers

Actor Charlie Sheen has joined a growing army of other highly credible public figures in questioning the official story of 9/11 and calling for a new independent investigation of the attack and the circumstances surrounding it.

Over the past two years, scores of highly regarded individuals have gone public to express their serious doubts about 9/11. These include former presidential advisor and CIA analyst Ray McGovern, the father of Reaganomics and former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, BYU physics Professor Steven Jones, former German defense minister Andreas von Buelow, former MI5 officer David Shayler, former Blair cabinet member Michael Meacher, former Chief Economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush's first term Morgan Reynolds and many more.

Speaking to The Alex Jones Show on the GCN Radio Network, the star of current hit comedy show Two and a Half Men and dozens of movies including Platoon and Young Guns, Sheen elaborated on why he had problems believing the government's version of events.

Sheen agreed that the biggest conspiracy theory was put out by the government itself and prefaced his argument by quoting Theodore Roosevelt in stating, "That we are to stand by the President right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

"We're not the conspiracy theorists on this particular issue," said Sheen.

"It seems to me like 19 amateurs with box cutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75% of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory. It raises a lot of questions."

Sheen described the climate of acceptance for serious discussion about 9/11 as being far more fertile than it was a couple of years ago.

"It feels like from the people I talk to in and around my circles, it seems like the worm is turning."

Suspicious collapse of buildings

Sheen described his immediate skepticism regarding the official reason for the collapse of the twin towers and building 7 on the day of 9/11.

"I was up early and we were gonna do a pre-shoot on Spin City, the show I used to do, I was watching the news and the north tower was burning. I saw the south tower hit live, that famous wide shot where it disappears behind the building and then we see the tremendous fireball."

"There was a feeling, it just didn't look any commercial jetliner I've flown on any time in my life and then when the buildings came down later on that day I said to my brother 'call me insane, but did it sorta look like those buildings came down in a controlled demolition'?"

Sheen said that most people's gut instinct, that the buildings had been deliberately imploded, was washed away by the incessant flood of the official version of events from day one.

Sheen questioned the plausibility of a fireballs traveling 110 feet down an elevator shaft and causing damage to the lobbies of the towers as seen in video footage, especially when contrasted with eyewitness accounts of bombs and explosions in the basement levels of the buildings.

Regarding building 7, which wasn't hit by a plane, Sheen highlighted the use of the term "pull," a demolition industry term for pulling the outer walls of the building towards the center in an implosion, as was used by Larry Silverstein in a September 2002 PBS documentary when he said that the decision to "pull" building 7 was made before its collapse. This technique ensures the building collapses in its own footprint and can clearly be seen during the collapse of building 7 with the classic 'crimp' being visible.

The highly suspicious collapse of building 7 and the twin towers has previously been put under the spotlight by physics Professor Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan of Underwriters Laboratories, the company that certified the steel components used in the construction of the World Trade Center towers.

"The term 'pull' is as common to the demolition world as 'action and 'cut' are to the movie world," said Sheen.

Sheen referenced firefighters in the buildings who were eyewitnesses to demolition style implosions and bombs.

"This is not you or I watching the videos and speculating on what we saw, these are gentlemen inside the buildings at the very point of collapse."

"If there's a problem with building 7 then there's a problem with the whole thing," said Sheen.

Bush's behavior on 9/11

Sheen then questioned President Bush's actions on 9/11 and his location at the Booker Elementary School in Florida. Once Andy Card had whispered to Bush that America was under attack why didn't the secret service immediately whisk Bush away to a secret location?

By remaining at a location where it was publicly known the President would be before 9/11, he was not only putting his own life in danger, but the lives of hundreds of schoolchildren. That is unless the government knew for sure what the targets were beforehand and that President Bush wasn't one of them.

"It seems to me that upon the revelation of that news that the secret service would grab the President as if he was on fire and remove him from that room," said Sheen.

The question of how Bush saw the first plane hit the north tower, when no live footage of that incident was carried, an assertion that Bush repeated twice, was also put under the spotlight.

"I guess one of the perks of being President is that you get access to TV channels that don't exist in the known universe," said Sheen.

"It might lead you to believe that he'd seen similar images in some type of rehearsal as it were, I don't know."

The Pentagon incident

Sheen outlined his disbelief that the official story of what happened at the Pentagon matched the physical evidence.

"Show us this incredible maneuvering, just show it to us. Just show us how this particular plane pulled off these maneuvers. 270 degree turn at 500 miles and hour descending 7,000 feet in two and a half minutes, skimming across treetops the last 500 meters."

We have not been able to confirm that a large commercial airliner hit the Pentagon because the government has seized and refused to release any footage that would show the impact.

"I understand in the interest of national security that maybe not release the Pentagon cameras but what about the Sheraton, what about the gas station, what about the Department of Transportation freeway cam? What about all these shots that had this thing perfectly documented? Instead they put out five frames that they claim not to have authorized, it's really suspicious," said Sheen.

Sheen also questioned how the plane basically disappeared into the Pentagon with next to no wreckage and no indication of what happened to the wing sections.

Concerning how the Bush administration had finalized Afghanistan war plans two days before 9/11 with the massing of 44,000 US troops and 18,000 British troops in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and in addition the call for "some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor," as outlined in the PNAC documents, Sheen stated, "you don't really put those strategies together overnight do you for a major invasion? Those are really well calculated and really well planned."

"Coincidence? We think not," said Sheen and he called the PNAC quotes "emblematic of the arrogance of this administration."

A real investigation

Sheen joined others in calling for a revised and truly independent investigation of 9/11.

Sheen said that "September 11 wasn't the Zapruder film, it was the Zapruder film festival," and that the inquiry had to be, "headed, if this is possible, by some neutral investigative committee. What if we used retired political foreign nationals? What if we used experts that don't have any ties whatsoever to this administration?"

"It is up to us to reveal the truth. It is up to us because we owe it to the families, we owe it to the victims. We owe it to everybody's life who was drastically altered, horrifically that day and forever. We owe it to them to uncover what happened."

Charlie Sheen joins the rest of his great family and notably his father Martin Sheen, who has lambasted for opposing the Iraq war before it had begun yet has now been proven right in triplicate, in using his prominent public platform to stand for truth and justice and we applaud and salute his brave efforts, remembering Mark Twain's quote.

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."

Charlie Sheen Talking about 9-11, on the Alex Jones Show

The commercial free interview can be listened to from this URL:

Huge Reaction To Sheen 9/11 Story
Linked on Drudge, later removed

Yesterday's Charlie Sheen story, in which the actor went public with his grave suspicions about the official story of 9/11, received widespread interest across the Internet and was even linked on the Drudge Report for a time, a news website that gets more traffic than the New York Times.

Our observations will now center around the question of if any mainstream outlets will pick up the story or seek to interview Mr. Sheen regarding his comments. The story is obviously big enough to be of interest to a wide readership but its context may cause establishment controlled media to shy away in journalistic cowardice.

Leading alternative website graciously carried the story as did many others but who will be the first aside from Drudge to give the issue mainstream spotlight?

The story appeared on Drudge shortly after 6pm CST and our servers began receiving hits from millions of readers. A link from Drudge regularly overloads even medium sized mainstream websites and they go offline for hours. Despite a little slowdown, we managed to ride the wave fairly comfortably until Drudge mysteriously killed the link after 10pm CST.

We had even replaced our usual format page with a bare bones printer-friendly style version to ensure maximum speed and delivery of the page, so it is unlikely Drudge (pictured below) removed the link because of bottlenecked traffic. We speculated that another webmaster had posted the link and Drudge personally removed it upon seeing it.

Whatever the reason for the removal, the story still received huge traction and we expect it to again garner interest across the Internet today.

In many ways a Hollywood celebrity stepping forward and making these comments receives more attention than a former government official or physics professor because the information is wrapped in a package that is instantly recognizable to a wide audience.

The danger is that some are dangerously ill-informed, such as Madonna, who dismissed 9/11 as "ambiguous" yet focused all the attention on Hurricane Katrina and kept the argument firmly within a left-right paradigm prison.

Charlie Sheen on the other hand took the time to educate himself thoroughly on the real issues of 9/11 before going public with his doubts about the official story.

There are several very high profile actors and film producers who are well aware of the entire New World Order agenda and have directed their artistic talents into exposing that agenda through the guidance of popular culture.

This is a real movement and it is growing, unlike the Madonna's and their ilk, who are simply riding a wave which will wash away as rapidly as their mock ego-driven political opinions when a Democrat gets back in the White House.

Our hope is that Sheen's stance, which is by no means a rarity for him or his family who have been politically engaged for decades, will encourage other high profile celebrities to use their platform to educate America and the world on the serious issues that face us and the real perpetrators of global terrorism.

Despite a huge reaction amongst the alternative media to Charlie Sheen's comments on 9/11, in part thanks to a brief link on the Drudge Report which was mysteriously pulled after a few hours, newswires and entertainment outlets have actively sought to impose a blackout on the story.

n our first conversation with the Associated Press they strongly indicated that they would be running a story on Sheen's comments, as they did with Carlos Santana's much weaker comments about the Iraq war. However, after talking with Jeff Williams of the LA Associated Press office it became clear what the policy was.

Williams' attitude was brash and arrogant in saying (to paraphrase), 'I know all about Charlie Sheen and I don't care what he says.'

Asked if the story was newsworthy in comparison with the milquetoast Santana piece, Williams responded by saying 'we're not going to run anything.',0,3308280.story?coll=ny-entertainment-headlines

Asked again if the story would be newsworthy if it wasn't attached to the 9/11 information and was just Sheen criticizing Bush, Williams barked 'you're not gonna bait me!' and slammed the phone down.

Further attempts to contact the Associated Press were met with stern rebuttals of 'we're not talking to you'.

Subsequently we contacted the Hollywood Reporter and spoke to a polite individual who said that he did consider the Sheen story to be newsworthy and that he had flagged it up for a potential piece, but that he was later told by someone in a higher office that there was to be no story and it seemed unusual.

We then contacted another major newswire who indicated that they had seen the story but under no circumstances were they touching it.

Does this represent simple journalistic cowardice or should we pay attention to the fact that the government has been caught time and time again paying off reporters to produce fake news and

the Church Hearings of the 70's which concluded that the CIA has fully infiltrated newspapers and newswires with their agents across the country?,GGLD:2004-33,GGLD:en&q=church%2Bhearings%2Bmedia%2Bcia

The mainstream media pour over stories about every detail of Mr. Sheen's personal life whether real or manufactured yet will they remain silent when Sheen actually discusses something serious?

George Bush can be an admitted narcotics user, have DWI's, frolic around with homosexual porn star Jeff Gannon,

scream at staffers and have fits of anger,

lie naked in a coffin and masturbate as part of his skull and bones ritual, and engage in mock human sacrifice at Bohemian Grove,,GGLD%3A2004-33,GGLD%3Aen&q=bohemian%2Bgrove

a place where gay male porn stars are bused in to 'service' the members', and yet we are attacked by hypocritical phony Christians by even having Mr. Sheen as a guest on the show.

Again, Carlos Santana is all over the news today for criticizing George Bush and the Iraq war yet Charlie Sheen has gone much further, if the media ignores this story it is proof positive of a cover-up.,0,3308280.story?coll=ny-entertainment-headlines

If Sheen had gone way overboard on 9/11 or used a limited hangout in saying that the attack was a result of incompetence the media would have been all over it. It is precisely because Sheen is dead on target with the facts that they have to ignore the story because his argument is credible.

Reaction from delusional Neo-Cons, a dwindling rabble of ignorant government apologists, has been predictable. The sum of counter-arguments against the evidence carefully presented by Sheen amounts to comments like "Sheen is an idiot," or the following comment which we received via e mail.

"Since Charlie Sheen has been dead for twenty years don't know how you got him to comment on 9/11. Maybe you should have contacted Elvis, he is living in inner city Detroit running a rescue mission with Adolph. They are also writing a book on how the South won the war. What the hell are you democrats going to come up with next? Do you all have day jobs?"

So the best they can come up with is saying Charlie Sheen's comments are not credible because he doesn't exist! This is the most bizarre conspiracy theory of them all and yet it is this insane level of idiocy that constitutes a minority of the response we received. Most comments were supportive of Mr. Sheen and his brave action in going public with his stance.

We will not cease in our efforts to turn this into a massive story but we need your support. Get the story and e mail it out to every newspaper, newswire and TV news station in existence.

The media's unwillingness to cover this issue only deepens the abyss that they find themselves in. Newspaper readership is plummeting as people flock to the alternative media because the mainstream's credibility lies in tatters as it repeatedly lies by omission and covers-up for its government handlers.

Google Caught Censoring Charlie Sheen 9/11 Story
Quickly re-indexes pages during live radio discussion

Google is again embroiled in a censorship scandal after being caught blocking information about Charlie Sheen's 9/11 comments, despite the fact that every other major search engine had indexed the pages.

For days, major search engines like Yahoo and others contained tens of thousands of web pages relating to Sheen's comments first broadcast on the Alex Jones Show on Monday afternoon. Last night CNN aired a piece on the issue and by early this morning both the New York Post and the Boston Herald ran articles.

We first noticed that there were no search results related to the story on Google the day after we broke the Sheen story. At first we decided to be fair and wait another day for Google to index an article which was by now linked on thousands of other websites and blogs. By Thursday afternoon, and with the story receiving more traffic, Google still had not indexed any material relating to the Sheen interview, from Prison or any other websites. This despite the fact that the Drudge Report had briefly directly linked to our article, sending it millions of visitors.

During a live radio discussion of this issue between Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson on Alex Jones' broadcast Thursday afternoon, Google, as if they had people listening to the show, immediately re-indexed the pages and a search for 'Charlie Sheen 9/11' now returns 111,000 results at time of writing.

Pictured below are screenshots we managed to cache shortly before Google re-indexed the pages with the search terms 'Charlie Sheen 9/11' and the entire headline "Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story". As you can see, the Boston Herald story is linked from Google News (Google do not censor their affiliates) but the main search engine below returned no results. To stress again, this is three days after we broke this massive story. The usual index time for a story of this size is 12-24 hours and at the same time that Google returned no results whatsoever, tens of thousands were being carried by other major search engines like Yahoo.

To make it crystal clear, Google's web spidering process is automated and we have received high Google rankings in the past for nothing stories that get little traffic. The Sheen story was linked everywhere and to eliminate it from Google's search results would have required technicians to physically access the spidering control panel and exclude an enormous amount of varied search terms.

Google has a history of censoring websites it dislikes within the US. Google Inc. banned and removed a mainstream news website from all its worldwide search engines, seemingly due to the website's reports on China's geopolitical affairs and military technology.

Google has banned its users inside the US and the rest of the world from accessing the Space War website from its search engine. Space War speculated at the time that this was at the behest of the "boys from Beijing."

Space War is a reasonably tame mainstream website that focuses on geopolitical affairs and satellite and military technology advancements. It is based in Australia and carries articles from AFP and United Press International.

After a complaints campaign supported by this website, Google agreed to re-index the website.

Did our defense of Space War cause Google to impose a blackballing campaign on our major articles or is this just a response to the sheer magnitude and influence of the Charlie Sheen story?

To emphasize, Google is now carrying search results related to Charlie Sheen's 9/11 comments, but only after it was exposed live on nationally syndicated radio that they had stonewalled this issue for three clear days even as it raged around the rest of the Internet as a viral story and broke into the mainstream yesterday and early this morning.

The floodgates on the Sheen story have opened, with CNN airing a balanced piece on the controversy. Meanwhile mainstream publications like Human Events, the New York Post, CBS and the Boston Herald used Sheen's comments to attack him and demonize anybody who questions the official line on 9/11. A round-up article of today's reaction to Charlie Sheen's comments will follow later tonight.

this is alex and sheens video interview

General / The American Union by 2005 “ 2006 by Robert Gaylon Ross
« on: March 15, 2006, 06:30:03 AM »

This video reveals the plans of the international bankers to dominate the entire world both economically and politically. This charge is validated by video clips from C-SPAN, showing David Rockefeller, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright & Warren Christopher describing what they have in mind for the U.S. and the rest of the world, as well.

Preview: The American Union by 2005 `“ 2006 by Robert Gaylon Ross

This video reveals the plans of the international bankers to dominate the entire world both economically and politically. This charge is validated by video clips from C-SPAN, showing David Rockefeller, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright & Warren Christopher, and White House Councelors Mac McLardy & David Gergen describing what they have in mind for the U.S. and the rest of the world, as well.

Windows Media Broadband

Quicktime Broadband :o :o

Alex Jons has a tv station on winamp so dose David Icke

to Access this goto and download your player

Once installed winamp press Alt + L to view the media library. Towards the bottom left hand side their is a streaming media section, click on shout cast tv option to se all the avalible channels Alex Jones and David Icke I have seen Jon Ronson listed from time to time so look carefully or you may go past him plus you can see the documentry called angels dont play HAARP and other documentrys exposing the governent in the USA.

You can also see episodes of the x-files, simpsons and so on.

best wishes


General / migs vids
« on: November 26, 2005, 04:39:42 AM »
Eric Jon Phelps / Vatican Assassins video:

Right click the above link to save to your hard drive. The stream isn't up to much.

Martial Law 911: Rise of the Police State

Alex Jones' new documentary. Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State exposes the high-tech control grid that is being set up across America Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen. The Constitution has been shredded and America is now a Police State. This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators. The entire documentary is 2 hours and 35 minutes in duration but has been spit into 3 parts. This conspiracy video multimedia stream first appeared on RINF.COM in 2005

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Truth and Lies of 9-11

With Truth and Lies of 9-11 Michael Ruppert brings a pioneering, groundbreaking expose of 9-11, painting a stark and accurate picture of our world today and tommorrow.  FEATURING SPECIAL APPEARANCES BY: Peter Dale Scott, Ph.D. (U.C. Berkeley); Former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts; John Metzger, Ph.D., Michigan State University; The Hon. Cynthia McKinney (D), Georgia; The Hon. Barbara Lee (D), CA; and the Hon. Ron Paul (R), TX. This conspiracy video multimedia stream first appeared on RINF.COM in 2005

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Bush Family Fortunes

This hour long documentary follows the award-winning reporter-sleuth Greg Palast on the trail of the Bush family, from Florida election finagling, to the Saudi connection, to the Bush team's spiking the FBI investigation of the bin Laden family and the secret State Department plans for post-war Iraq.

In Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy , journalist Greg Palast argues persuasively that George W. Bush was allowed into the Air National Guard ahead of other applicants due to his political connections; paints a damning portrait of how over 90,000 Florida voters, predominantly black, were prevented from voting in the 2000 election; discusses the number of government contracts handed out to large corporate donors to Bush's campaign. This conspiracy multimedia video stream first appeared on RINF.COM in 2004

Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War

56 min. documetary about the lead up to the Iraq war, the lies and distortions told, from those who know best. Don't pay to see this DVD - watch it here right now. RINF.COM has been displaying this since the day it was released, and no doubt will again in the future. Incase you missed it last time here it is for free .

 In his documentary feature, UNCOVERED: The War on Iraq , filmmaker Robert Greenwald chronicles the Bush Administration's determined quest to invade Iraq following the events of September 11, 2001. The film deconstructs the administration's case for war through interviews with U.S intelligence and defense officials, foreign service experts, and U.N. weapons inspectors - including a former CIA director, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia and even President's Bush's Secretary of the Army. Their analyses and conclusions are sobering, and often disturbing, regardless of one's political affiliations. This conspiracy multimedia stream first appeared on RINF.COM in 2004

Bill O'Reilly lied about a few things on Tim Russert's show, so here is a point-by-point rebuttal with scenes from Outfoxed. O'Reilly at His Best : Howard Dean outfoxed Sean Hannity on the convention floor Monday night, July 26th! Watch Hannity bumble and squirm on video . The Outfoxed  interviews are available under a Creative Commons license allowing anyone to sample them freely in their own works. Even Fox News. You can download them in high-resolution with BitTorrent from Torrentocracy , or in a variety of formats from the Internet Archive . These conspiracy multimedia streams first appeared on RINF.COM in 2004
Play Complete Movie in Realplayer

The Panama Deception

The Panama Deception  won the Academy Award for Best Documentary. Directed by Barbara Trent of the Empowerment Project , website . This film documents the untold story of the December 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama.  The United States military deliberately attacked and destroyed primarily residential neighborhoods, killing an estimated 3 to 4 thousand people in the process.   This segment exposes the role the U.S. government and mainstream media play in suppressing information about U.S. foreign policy.  Includes never before seen footage of this invasion.  Narrated by (Actress) Elizabeth Montgomery. This conspiracy multimedia stream first appeared on RINF.COM in 2004

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Contra Cocaine

Watch NBC news report about drugs and the CIA - features Ricky Ross, Cele Castillo, John Kerry, and Gary Webb. From This conspiracy multimedia stream first appeared on RINF.COM in 2004 Quicktime

Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor
In this authoritative and suspenseful documentary, Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor - the BBC takes you inside the secret activities of the Americans, the British and the Japanese as each nation moved fatefully toward the "date that will live in infamy." For nearly 50 years, the world has believed President Franklin D. Roosevelt's declaration that the Pearl Harbor attack was a completely unexpected assault on a neutral nation.

Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor tells another, hidden story - using actual recording of intercepted diplomatic communications, declassified government documents, archival footage and interviews with diplomats and spies from around the world. We now know that intelligence operatives from the US and three Allied nations monitored the Japanese fleet's progress on its deadly mission to Oahu in late 1941. Yet neither Admiral Kimmell nor General Short received a word of warning that might have allowed them to avert the sacrifice of 4,000 American casualties in less than 90 minutes. This conspiracy multimedia stream first appeared on RINF.COM in 2004

Masters of the Universe  - Soon
In Masters of the Universe Daniel Hopsicker investigates the Bilderberg group, the international banking elite, the Federal Reserve and the New World Order. Was there a takeover of the US by international bankers? Visit the scene of a crime so perfect that, for 30 years, no one knew it had even taken place. Join us as we investigate the birth of a criminal conspiracy to rob each and every bank vault in America. The true, behind the scenes, story of the birth of the US Federal Reserve. 50 min. This conspiracy multimedia stream first appeared on RINF.COM in 2004

Noam Chomsky: Rebel Without a Pause

Rock star Bono of U2 has called American political activist Noam Chomsky " a rebel without a pause, the Elvis of academia ." At 74, this soft-spoken professor of linguistics remains one of the world's leading voices of dissent. The controversial author of more than two dozen books about the use and abuse of power, including the bestseller 9-11, he draws capacity crowds to his lecturers wherever he travels. This documentary, which follows Chomsky on a recent visit to Hamilton, Ont., explores his views on such timely issues as terrorism and the war on Iraq, and offers insight into the source of his widespread appeal. This conspiracy multimedia stream first appeared on RINF.COM in 2004

Part 1

Part 2

LSD tested on (unknowing) British troops

Archive government footage. Read about it here,2763,666966,00.html

and watch the download here .

Abuse of Authority

Over the years, there have been many stories in the hacker world of law enforcement personnel who have abused their authority. Hear the games the authorities play and how public education really can make a difference in putting an end to such abuse.

Burning Shiva: RAW

Stoned Philosopher Robert Anton Wilson talks about Marijuana, Freemasons, Governments Conspiracies and the Apocalypse. Watch it here . You might need to press cancel.

MK Ultra and the Mind Sciences

Government research and the Nazis.

Low speed

Dark Alliance

Gary Webb appears to talk about his research and book, which exposed the CIA's involvement in drug running and distribution.

Part One

and Two.

Remote Viewing
Former US Military Major & CIA Remote Viewer"psychic spy", David Morehouse. Five one hour shows.

Part One,

 Part Two,

 Part Three,

 Part Four

and Part Five.

Kevin Phillips - former White House strategist

Phillips spoke at Berkeley, California in January 2004. He exposes four generations of criminal activity by the Bush dynasty.

Mission Mind Control

A documentary about the CIA's experiments in mind control and the MK Ultra program.

Parts One,


and Three.

Kris Milligan
Director of the Conspiracy Theory Research Organization, will discuss his latest book, Fleshing Out Skull and Bones, a book about the infamous secret society within Yale University.

Part One

Part Two.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Charlotte Thomson will discuss a variety of issues dealing with the New World Order.. Check the streams




The Clinton Chronicles

Money laundering, cocaine addiction, drug trafficking, just some of Bill Clinton's hobbies.

The Money Masters `“ How International Bankers Gained Control of America

An absolutely mind blowing film that covers the history of money and banking systems throughout Europe and America. It shows how a small group of men control countries through a corrupt system of finance and central banking.

Part One


James Bamford
Author of Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency and The Puzzle Palace: A Report on America's Most Secret Agency.

 Part One


Skull & Bones

Apart from presidents, Bones has included cabinet officers, spies, Supreme Court justices, statesmen and captains of industry.

Doubts over Dr David Kelly's suicide

A British television news item about medical experts who have doubts over whether the senior UN inspector killed himself. Dr Kelly, 59, had been caught up in a row between the BBC and the government about the use of intelligence reports in the run-up to the war with Iraq. Whether Dr. Kelly was murdered by intelligence services as an example to others who speak off the record to reporters about sensitive issues or whether he committed suicide because of the intolerable pressure upon him is unclear.

Ted Schwarz

Co-author of Secret Weapons: Two Sisters' Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies, and Sabotage, will discuss his book.

This story is about the Hersha sisters who were trained as children to become the ultimate Manchurian Candidates. We also discuss some of the history of these programs.

 Parts One

and Two.

John Hutchison

John is the discoverer of the H-Effect, an unexplained effect with high-power antigravity and other strange effects.

Spoils of War

The importance of Iraq`s oil supplies and who will control them after a war.

Martin Katchen

Historian and Researcher will discuss the historical analogs leading to the ideology of Progressivism. Progressivism is the creature of the Illuminati. This discussion brings us to the current day and the mind set that allowed the abuse and torture of children in government sponsored research into the creation of a Manchurian Candidate.
Parts One,



G Edward Griffin - the Capitalist Conspiracy

How capitalism financed communism and the role played by international

Al Bielek

Invisible ships? Time-travel? The man himself will explain the infamous Philadelphia experiment and antigravity.


Victor Thorn and Lisa Giuliani, will discuss their video, book and website dedicated to exposing the antics of the New World Order.

Brainwashing 101
Brainwashing 101 is a provocative short film showing how universities use tools such as "speech codes" to force political views upon students

Life Running Out of Control

In the mid 1980s, scientists unlocked the genetic keys to manipulating our world. Suddenly everything seemed possible! There would be no more hunger or malnutrition; diseases would be vanquished and poverty wiped out. But twenty years on the situation looks very different. From the loss of biodiversity to health scares about GM food, the effects of genetic technology are prompting more and more debate. Our documentary this week is an intelligent look at both sides of the issue. Made for ARTE.

Secret Rulers Of The World

'Excerpts from Jon Ronson's Secret Rulers Of The World documenting when he helped Alex Jones to infiltrate Bohemian Grove. Mr. Burns (Harry Shearer) belongs to the New
World Order."The only conspiracy is to take it seriously." - Harry Shearer. You must check out Them: Adventures With Extremists as it offers an alternative to the Alex Jones version of events, which is far more balanced and reasonable, exploring more than a narrow point a view and asking questions Jones ignores'.

Part One |

 Part Two

Gary Null's Natural Living
Posted by: zany

The Drugging of Our Children part 1
The Drugging of Our Children part 2

The Drugging of Our Children part 3

The New World Order Exposed

In the spirit of it's literary predecessor, The New World Order Exposed by Victor Thorn, let this 13 minute movie clip open your eyes to what others wish to hide, THE TRUTH.

The Freemasons USA Military & Politicians
Posted By: annie

Part One

| Part Two

Templars, Freemasons and the Illuminati
Chris Bennett discusses the little known use of cannabis by medieval European Groups, Secret Socieities and related individuals leading up to modern times. What do figures like Shakespeare, Washington and Crowley have in common, they were all pot-heads and belonged to Secret Societies. Why not blaze up and check this one out.


Dark Side of Social Engineering
Paul David Collins, author of The Hidden Face of Terrorism: The Dark Side of Social Engineering From Antiquity to September 11th. This discussion focuses on violent gangs and their role in the social deconstruction of the United States.

Satanic Crimes?
Michael Corbin interviews William H. Kennedy, author of Lucifer's Lodge, and Satanic Crimes: A Threat in the New Millennium, due to be released June 15th.  Kennedy discusses how Satanic crimes are on the rise, and how they fit into a bigger picture regarding society.

Reagan Addressing the UN in 1987
Ronald Reagan addressing the United Nations on 21st September 1987. Was the poor demented puppet being used to pave the way for 9/11? Along with the PNAC document, 'Rebuilding America's Defences' and the Northwoods document it stands as a signpost to things to come


Galloway v The US Senate - Essential Viewing
Full testimony 47 Minutes. George Galloway, Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, delivered this statement to US Senators today (17-May-05) who have accused him of corruption. British MP George Galloway has told US senators who accused him of profiting from Iraq oil dealings their claims were the "mother of all smokescreens".

 Chemtrails Confirmed

Original 14 minute version. So what exactly are chemtrails? And what evidence is offered by the award-winning reporter who first broke this story?

Black Helicopter Video

Freemason Voice Clips From The History Channel

Masonic lodges became schools for government

Symbols of freemasonry

Masons act as hight preists for new republic

Masons systematically pervert justice

Symbols are Masons working tools

Concepts commonly found in masonic writings

Gary Hart Announces NWO

Dan Quayle Talks About NWO On CNN

 George Bush Sr. Talks To Congress

About NWO

  MSNBC Vote Fraud Video (Election 2004)

BBC Newsnight -

Theft of the Presidency How the Bush brothers stole the 2000 US election by removing black Democrats from voter lists in Florida

2005 / Tommy Thompson Gets Chip Implant
« on: November 24, 2005, 12:19:00 AM »

With Carl Limbacher and Staff
For the story behind the story...
Sunday, July 24, 2005 12:42 a.m. EDT

Tommy Thompson Gets Chip Implant

Implanted microchips are getting a plug from a heavy hitter - former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson.

Thompson plans to promote a product made by his new company - a medical info chip - by having one implanted in his arm.

Story Continues Below

"It doesn't cause any pain," Thompson told Paul Bedard, who writes the Washington Whispers column in U.S. News & World Report.

The chip is made by Florida-based VeriChip, which recently added Thompson to its board of directors.

The rice-size chip contains a 16-digit identification code that can be scanned at hospitals and then linked to a database containing the chip wearer's medical data.

So far about 2,000 medical chips have been implanted worldwide, and two hospitals in the U.S. are already equipped to scan them. "People are dying all the time," Thompson told Washington Whispers, "because they can't access their medical information overseas."

The chip was approved by the FDA last year. By that time more than 1,000 chips had been implanted in patients in Mexico. And nearly 200 people working in Mexico's attorney general's office were implanted with I.D. chips to access secure areas containing sensitive documents.

Others have put implanted chips to a more frivolous use: Baja Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain, has offered to inject chips made by VeriChip in the arms of big spenders and celebrities for quick admission to its snooty VIP lounge.

The chips are "implanted with a syringe by a club staffer who is a nurse licensed to give injections," Fortune magazine reported.

Some have suggested using an implanted chip to assist the military in locating a downed pilot, or to help find a lost or kidnapped child.

But not everyone is thrilled with the notion of an implanted chip that could contain a wide array of information about an individual.

Scott McDonald of the Web site Scan This News warned: "All movement, transactions, and interactions can be recorded and monitored once everyone has their own unique identifier. Every detail of a person's life will be finally accessible to authorities through the widespread use of implanted chips."

And writing for NewsMax, Geoff Metcalf said that with widespread use of an implanted chip, "privacy - the very concept of privacy - becomes an anachronism." (See: Sci Fi Reality Creep.)

Gingrich sees Iran threat
to U.S. like Nazi Germany
Ex-speaker latest official to raise alarm on threat of nuclear EMP attack by Tehran

check out the report.

Posted: November 20, 2005
10:50 p.m. Eastern

By Joseph Farah
© 2005

Newt Gingrich

WASHINGTON `“ The threat posed to the national security of the United States by Iran was likened only to the one posed by Nazi Germany in the 1930s, by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who suggested Tehran could be planning for a pre-emptive nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack on America that would turn a third or more of the country "back to a 19th century level of development."

Gingrich made the stunning statements, which echo warning of other congressional leaders and national security experts, in testimony before a subcommittee of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee last week.

He said the "extraordinary challenge that the current regime in Iran poses to the safety of the United States" requires "extraordinary measures to meet it."

"Not since the failure of the League of Nations in the 1930s to confront the aggression of the dictatorships in Japan, Italy and Germany have we seen the willful avoidance of reality which is now underway with regard to Iran," said Gingrich. "There are lessons to be learned from the 1930s and those lessons apply directly to the current government of Iran."

Gingrich pointed with alarm at a report first published in G2 Bulletin that Iran had tested the firing of ballistic missiles from a merchant ship in which warheads were detonated in midair over the Caspian Sea rather than at a land or sea target. National security experts and scientists commissioned by Congress to study the threat of electromagnetic pulse attacks on the U.S. concluded that Iran was preparing for just such a scenario. So does Gingrich.

"In short, a country with a track record of carrying out its murderous ideology may soon have the capability to deliver on its publicly declared and unambiguously stated intentions to inflict mortal harm on the United States on a massive scale," warned Gingrich last Tuesday at the hearing of the Federal Financial Management, Government Information and International Security Subcommittee chaired by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. "A nuclear tipped intermediate-range Iranian missile launched from a merchant ship off the coast of the United States could do just that. That, or Iran could simply supply its terrorist handmaidens with a small scale nuclear device to use against U.S. targets here at home or abroad."

The threat is compounded by recent disclosures by the International Atomic Energy Agency that Iran is in "non-compliance" with its treaty obligations against developing nuclear weapons.

Gingrich concluded that:

    * Iran is the most dangerous regime in the world and the "single most urgent threat to American national security."

    * The threat can only be understood in the context of "The Long War Against the Irreconcilable Wing of Islam, which is a worldwide war in which the United States and its allies are unavoidably engaged, and in which the U.S. has active campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan."

    * The U.S. cannot be held hostage or rendered impotent by delays of international bureaucracies in dealing with the threat posed by Iran.

    * One key to preventing or degrading the Iranian nuclear threat is persuading Russia to stop helping Tehran.

    * The U.S. has no option but to seek regime change in Iran.

Gingrich said there are reasons to believe Iran "is testing the capability to launch a surprise attack on the United States from a merchant ship of our coasts."

"An attack by a single Iranian nuclear missile could have a catastrophic impact on the United States by causing an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) over a portion of the country," he said. "Such an attack could quickly turn a third or more of the United States back to a 19th century level of development. Electrical transformers and switching stations would fall. Without electricity, hospitals would fails, water and sewage services would fail, gas stations would be unable to provide petroleum, trucks would not be able to distribute food supplies, and essential services would rapidly disintegrate."

Gingrich said "this is not idle speculation, but taken from the consensus findings of nine distinguished scientists who authored the Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack, which was delivered to the Congress on June 22, 2004, the same day the 9-11 commission report was published."

Gingrich pointed out that such a sneak attack `“ especially if launched from a merchant ship at sea `“ could have the added benefit of deniability by Iran.

"Contemplating an EMP threat makes more troubling reports that certain Iranian missile tests resulted in missiles that have detonated in flight at or near apogee, which the Iranian press has reported as successful events," explained Gingrich. "Normally, it would be expected that the ability to target specific locations would be the standard for success for ballistic tests. However, if the ability to launch an EMP attack was being tested, detonation at apogee would be the measure of testing success. As noted by the EMP commission, a country with limited nuclear capabilities and few choices as to delivery platforms has only a few options to deliver a deadly blow. An EMP attack would be on such strategy."

Today, Iranian lawmakers approved a bill requiring the government to block inspections of atomic facilities if the International Atomic Energy Agency refers Iran to the U.N. Security Council for possible sanctions.

When the bill becomes law, it will strengthen the government's hand in resisting international pressure to permanently abandon uranium enrichment, a process that can produce fuel for either nuclear reactors or nuclear bombs.

Iran resumed uranium-reprocessing activities a step before enrichment at its Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facility in August.

Last week, WND and G2 Bulletin reported most of the U.S. civilian population, military bases and nuclear-weapons assembly plants are within range of missile attacks by terrorists or rogue nations using merchant ships as launching platforms `“ an increasing concern by counter-terrorism and national security experts.

G2 Bulletin and WND first reported the shocking findings of the U.S. EMP commission that rogue nations, such as Iran and North Korea, have the capability of launching an undetected, catastrophic EMP attack on the U.S. `“ and are actively developing plans.

"These electromagnetic pulses propagate from the burst point of the nuclear weapon to the line of sight on the Earth's horizon, potentially covering a vast geographic region in doing so simultaneously, moreover, at the speed of light," said Dr. Lowell Wood, acting chairman of the commission appointed by Congress to study the threat. "For example, a nuclear weapon detonated at an altitude of 400 kilometers over the central United States would cover, with its primary electromagnetic pulse, the entire continent of the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico."

The commission, in its work over a period of several years, found that EMP is one of a small number of threats that has the potential to hold American society seriously at risk and that might also result in the defeat of U.S. military forces.

"The electromagnetic field pulses produced by weapons designed and deployed with the intent to produce EMP have a high likelihood of damaging electrical power systems, electronics and information systems upon which any reasonably advanced society, most specifically including our own, depend vitally," Wood said. "Their effects on systems and infrastructures dependent on electricity and electronics could be sufficiently ruinous as to qualify as catastrophic to the American nation."

The commission concluded in its report to Congress earlier this year: "EMP is one of a small number of threats that may hold at risk the continued existence of today's U.S. civil society.''

For complete coverage of the EMP threat to the U.S., subscribe to Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, the premium, online intelligence newletter edited and published by the founder of WND.

Related offer:

Get WND Books' blockbuster `“ "Atomic Iran" `“ by No. 1 best-selling "Unfit for Command" author Jerome Corsi, who exposes the threat of nuclear terror.

Previous stories:

How terror Scuds pose threat to U.S.

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Biden accused of double-talk on Iran

Part 1: Sleeper cells in America

Part 2: Terrorists' weapon of choice

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2005 / United Kingdom PM Tony Blair 'convinced' on nuclear future
« on: November 21, 2005, 01:40:28 PM »

Tony Blair is believed to be convinced over the need for nuclear power to tackle the UK energy crisis.

The government is to announce a review of energy policy, including nuclear power, after being urged by business leaders to tackle the UK energy crisis.

Concerns have been growing over future power supplies and rising gas costs.

The BBC's Nick Robinson said despite the prime minister's support, no decision has yet been made on Britain's nuclear future.

Tony Blair's spokesman said: "The prime minister's view is that we need to look at all the options and everybody knows that is what we are going to do."

He said it was important to look at it in terms of the UK's energy security and also "in terms of climate change".

Government Chief Scientist Sir David King told the BBC that a "fresh look" was needed at the situation but denied that any firm decisions had been made ahead of the review.

"My advice has been clear for some time, but I don't believe that decisions have been made, " he said.

Earlier he had urged the government to "give the green light" to more power stations.

Business pressure

The CBI, the business lobby organisation, says energy requirements are now top of the business agenda as fuel costs rise and worries grow over gas supplies this winter.

Mr Blair is expected to use the CBI annual conference next week to announce the energy review and signal the government's change of direction.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson says that the Prime Minister has been convinced that building more nuclear power stations is the only way to meet the country's energy needs and stick to the targets on climate change.

Cost study

The CBI has stressed a firm decision on a new generation of nuclear stations must be made urgently.

It said one-third of the UK's generating capacity would have to be replaced by 2020 and called on the government to commission a study into the cost of nuclear energy compared with alternative sources of power.

"A decision on the future of nuclear power has been allowed to drift too long," said the CBI's director general Sir Digby Jones.

"Potential investors and the British public both deserve certainty."

He told BBC Radio Five Live: "It is high time this nation had an integrated coherent energy policy."

And he warned that high-use large industrial outfits would have to "throw the switch" if the price of gas continued to rise.

"This government is going to have to hold a proper constructive debate on nuclear power. We want them to have a public debate and stop prevaricating."

Gas supplies

The call comes as the price of wholesale gas has almost doubled during the past week, prompting fears about winter supplies to industry in the UK.

Experts believe tight supplies have triggered the rise.

UK supplies are low as a pipeline from Europe is running at half capacity and shiploads of gas are being diverted to Spain and the US where prices are high.

UK energy minister Malcolm Wicks said the government was looking into why the gas interconnector was not working properly, but said it was operated by private companies and "is not something the government switches on and off".

He admitted that the rundown in North Sea supplies and the delay in getting new pipelines from Norway up and running meant that some sectors of UK industry may experience a difficult winter or two.

"We have got a tight equation between supply and demand of gas," he said.

'Clear steer'

Former Labour energy minister, Brian Wilson, told the Midday News on Radio Five Live he hoped the government would "give a clear steer in favour of nuclear power stations".

He added: "Both in order to meet our environmental responsibilities but also to maintain security of supply and avoid this gross over-dependence on gas."

But former environment secretary Michael Meacher said that while the government had "to act quickly... I think we need nuclear like a hole in the head".

2005 / U.S. to retain oversight of Web
« on: November 18, 2005, 01:41:42 AM »
U.S. to retain oversight of Web

THE WASHINGTON TIMES - By Dan Caterinicchia - November 16, 2005 - Efforts to replace U.S. oversight of the Internet with an international committee were defeated yesterday during U.N.-sponsored meetings.
Hundreds of government, nonprofit and industry delegates meeting at the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis, Tunisia, agreed to establish a new international forum to discuss Internet issues, but it would not have any policy-making power.
"No new organizations were created," said David Gross, the State Department's Internet policy chief and head of the U.S. delegation. "No oversight mechanisms were established by anyone over anyone. There was also no change in the U.S. government's role in relation to the Internet, and no mechanism for such a change was created.
"It was a clean sweep, I'd say."

Several U.S. congressmen remain skeptical. Rep. John T. Doolittle, California Republican, with two other members of Congress, has introduced a resolution urging that the U.S. remain in charge of the Internet's day-to-day operations.
"Whether they call it a 'board' or a 'forum,' it's clear that the ultimate goal of the U.N. is still to wrest control of the Internet," Mr. Doolittle said last night.
More than 11,000 government, business and civic leaders are in Africa for the three-day summit, which was scheduled to officially begin today and is focused on identifying ways to bridge the global "digital divide" between technology haves and have-nots. But the potential fight over future Internet governance dominated the preparatory sessions...

2005 / EU setting up system of spy satellites
« on: November 18, 2005, 01:41:20 AM »
EU setting up system of spy satellites

LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH - By David Rennie - November 16, 2005 - BRUSSELS -- The European Union is building its own network of spy satellites, allowing Brussels to ensure nations and private individuals are obeying its policies.

The multibillion-dollar system, known as Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, should be up and running by 2010, a commission spokesman said Monday.
Announcing the launch of a "pilot stage" for GMES, the commission stressed its "user-friendly" application in guiding relief work after disasters or providing real-time images of forest fires or oil spills.
But a commission statement also acknowledged that GMES would play a key role in the "implementation, review and monitoring of EU policies," including watching for agriculture and fisheries fraud and boosting "internal security."
In addition, officials hope GMES will support the European Union's first steps toward becoming a military power. It will "provide authorities with necessary elements for a European Security and Defense Policy," the commission said.
The commission in Brussels will identify and develop uses for GMES. The management of the satellites will be under the European Space Agency (ESA), which pools the space resources of 15 EU member states, plus Norway and Switzerland.

U.S. politicians are suspicious of the ESA's "Galileo" project, a 30-satellite global navigation system designed to improve on the Pentagon-controlled Global Positioning System.
The European Union's invitation to China to become a major investor only increased U.S. concern...


Identity and Access Management (I AM) - I think this name has already been taken.

IBM calls for global identity management solution

ZDNet Asia - by Vivian Yeo - November 10, 2005 - The growing need for fast, accurate verification of personal identities has prompted a call from an industry observer for a global agency to set international standards.

The realm of identity and access management (IAM) is heating up as nations like the UK and the US increase their use of biometrics and other identifying technology in ID cards, border controls and other areas.

Beyond different governments "trying to create a mosaic for what they want as good identity management", wider international cooperation is needed to establish a common language and standards, said Cal Slemp, vice-president and global leader for security and privacy services at IBM Global Services. The common language for exchanging user access information is also known as federated IAM.

"Governments have a huge part to play in this, because they have ultimate responsibility for their citizens, and depending on the country, they may have ultimate responsibility for the businesses and e-commerce as well," Slemp said.

But, current efforts are piecemeal and much more can be done to exploit the potential of the federated environment, added Slemp. During a medical emergency, for instance, the identities of a foreign doctor and a visiting patient need to be established quickly and accurately, in order for the right healthcare to be administered.

What's missing right now, he noted, is a trusted third party to authenticate trustworthiness. "So we've got inconsistent and incomplete implementation [in individual countries], and also no standard approach to the future nor a target to shoot at."

Slemp believes that now is the right time to establish a global body that will consider the interests of all countries and build up a foundation, which the individual countries can expand upon to fulfil their unique requirements.

"There are organisations that work together on this issue and issues like that across borders all the time, and it can be as grandiose as to say the UN has a process in place to share information like that and create working groups to try and to create standards or expectations and across multiple jurisdictions," said Slemp. "I just don't know what the name would be.",39020645,39236488,00.htm

2005 / Sources: Tentative Patriot Act Deal Struck
« on: November 16, 2005, 04:22:53 PM »

Sources: Tentative Patriot Act Deal Struck

Last Updated:
11-16-05 at 9:34AM

House and Senate negotiators struck a tentative deal on the expiring Patriot Act that would curb FBI subpoena power and require the Justice Department to more fully report its secret requests for information about ordinary people, according to officials involved in the talks.

The agreement, which would make most provisions of the existing law permanent, was reached just before dawn Wednesday. But by midmorning GOP leaders had already made plans for a House vote on Thursday and a Senate vote by the end of the week. That would put the centerpiece of President Bush's war on terror on his desk before Thanksgiving, a month before more than a dozen provisions were set to expire.

Officials negotiating the deal described it on condition of anonymity because the draft is not official and has not been signed by any of the 34 conferees.

Any deal would mark Congress' first revision of the law passed a few weeks after the Sept. 11 terror attacks. In doing so, lawmakers said they tried to find the nation's comfort level with expanded law enforcement power in the post-9/11 era _ a task that carries extra political risks for all 435 members of the House and a third of the Senate facing midterm elections next year.

For Bush, too, such a renewal would come at a sensitive time. With his approval ratings slipping in his second term, the president could bolster a tough-on-terrorism image.

The tentative deal would make permanent all but a handful of the expiring provisions, the sources said. Others would expire in seven years if not renewed by Congress. They include rules on wiretapping, obtaining business records under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and new standards for monitoring "lone wolf" terrorists who may be operating independent of a foreign agent or power.

By noon, House Democrats on the panel were issuing objections to the seven-year expiration, arguing that since the House had endorsed the four-year expiration dates enacted as part of the Senate bill, the three provisions should "sunset" at four years, not seven. They also complained that Republican negotiators shut them out of the last phase of talks, a charge Republicans deny.

The draft also would impose a new requirement that the Justice Department report to Congress annually on its use of national security letters, secret requests for the phone, business and Internet records of ordinary people. The aggregate number of letters issued per year, reported to be about 30,000, is classified. Citing confidential investigations, the Justice Department has refused lawmakers' request for the information.

The 2001 Patriot Act removed the requirement that the records sought be those of someone under suspicion. As a result, FBI agents can review the digital records of a citizen as long as the bureau can certify that the person's records are "relevant" to a terrorist investigation.

Also part of the tentative agreement are modest new requirements on so-called roving wiretaps _ monitoring devices placed on a single person's telephones and other devices to keep a target from evading law enforcement officials by switching phones or computers.

The tentative deal also would raise the threshold for securing business records under FISA, requiring law enforcement to submit a "statement of facts" showing "reasonable grounds to believe the records are relevant to an investigation. Law enforcement officials also would have to show that an individual is in contact with or known to be in contact with a suspected agent of a foreign power.

Not included are several "add-on" bills to which Democrats objected, including measures to limit federal appeals of state court decisions, require that sex felons face up to 20 years in prison for failing to comply with registration requirements, and tighten courthouse security.

2005 / Powerful and Continuing Nationalism
« on: November 16, 2005, 04:17:46 PM »
Please goto the site

1.)  Powerful and Continuing Nationalism

Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays.
bushdoll.jpg (14012 bytes)    shockand we.jpeg (28299 bytes)    lets-roll-s.jpg (9418 bytes)       and let's not forget the failed "Bring 'em on!"

Headstones of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan are inscribed with the Pentagons war-marketing slogans

September 11 = Party time with country superstar Clint Black! Bring your coolers and sparklers! All lovingly sponsored by the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, and Subway restaurant

American Nation Brainwashed: I spoke to some 2,000 students during their annual lecture at a Baptist college in Pennsylvania. After a short prayer service for peace centered on the Beatitudes, I took the stage and got right to the point. `Now let me get this straight,` I said. `Jesus says, `˜Blessed are the peacemakers,` which means he does not say, `˜Blessed are the warmakers,` - With that, the place exploded, and 500 students stormed out. The rest of them then started chanting, `Bush! Bush! Bush!` Some may remember Duce! Duce! Duce! -ed.
2.)  Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights
Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in fascist regimes are persuaded that human rights can be ignored in certain cases because of "need." The people tend to look the other way or even approve of torture, summary executions, assassinations, long incarcerations of prisoners, etc.
The Frontline program "The Torture Question"  Watch it online
Republicans kill defense spending bill because McCain Amendment prohibits "cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment"
Bush threatens to veto $442b defense bill if Congress investigates detainee abuses.
"For Amnesty International to suggest that somehow the United States is a violator of human rights, I frankly just don't take them seriously.": Bush calls Amnesty International's "gulag" report absurd (three times in two sentences)
Guantanamo Judge: `I don`t care about international law. I don`t want to hear the words `˜international law` again. We are not concerned with international law.`
Rumsfeld to approve new guidelines that will formalize the administration's policy of imprisoning without the protections of the Geneva Conventions and enable the Pentagon to legally hold "ghost detainees,"
US 'preparing to detain terror suspects for life without trial'
U.S. oks evidence gained through torture. 
July 1, 2003: U.S. Suspends Military Aid to Nearly 50 Countries: because they have supported the International Criminal Court and failed to exempt Americans from possible prosecution.
US has at least 9000 prisoners in secret detention

3.)  Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause
   The people are rallied into a unifying patriotic frenzy over the need to eliminate a perceived common threat or foe: racial, ethnic or religious minorities; liberals; communists; socialists, terrorists, etc.
slander.jpg (10153 bytes)    howtotalk.jpg (30789 bytes)    deliver.jpg (36064 bytes)    savage.jpg (50848 bytes)    reckless.jpg (54984 bytes)    persecution.jpg (45324 bytes)
Slander: Liberal lies...

   How to talk to a liberal (if you must)

   Deliver us...defeating terrorism, despotism, and liberalism

   The Enemy Within: Saving America from the liberal assault in our schools, faith and military    Reckless Disregard: How Liberal Democrats Undercut Our Military, Endanger Our Soldiers, and Jeopardize Our Security

   Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity



Congressman: Muslims 'enemy amongst us'
SB 24, Ohio law to muzzle "liberals"    
World history textbook used by seventh-graders at Scottsdale`s Mohave Middle School was pulled from classrooms mid-semester amid growing right criticism of the book`s unbiased portrayal of Islam
How U.S. Attorney-General, a Christian Evangelist With Anti-Islamic Views On Record, Is Waging War On American Muslims

4.)  Supremacy of the Military
Even when there are widespread domestic problems, the military is given a disproportionate amount of government funding, and the domestic agenda is neglected. Soldiers and military service are glamorized.
fy05.gif (16496 bytes)

onlyonfox-20050817-1.jpg (36748 bytes)
   budget_pie.gif (8027 bytes)

   USvsWorld2004Top25.gif (12281 bytes)    

If you haven't seen the Oreo flash animation yet, see it here
Funding for job training, rural health care, low-income schools and help for people lacking health insurance would face big cuts under a bill passed Friday by the House
Pentagon to spend 75 billion for three new brigades
Bush`s Domestic Program Hit List
Three cable channels now feed news, information and entertainment about the armed services into millions of living rooms 24 hours a day, seven days a week: The Military Channel, the Military History Channel and the Pentagon Channel.
Republican Congressman Slams Bush On Militarized Police State Preparation
President Bush Wipes Out Vocational and Gifted Education; Gives Special Education Short Shrift. "Under this budget, our children with disabilities and our children with gifts and talents will be left behind."
The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced by War
5.)  Rampant Sexism
The governments of fascist nations tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated. Under fascist regimes, traditional gender roles are made more rigid. Opposition to abortion is high, as is homophobia and anti-gay legislation and national policy.
It's legal again, to fire gov't workers for being gay
Bush calls for Constitutional ban on same-sex marriages
Bush refuses to sign U.N proposal on women's "sexual" rights
W. David Hager chairman of the FDA's Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee does not prescribe contraceptives for single women, does not do abortions, will not prescribe RU-486 and will not insert IUDs. Hager believes that headaches, PMS and eating disorders can be cured by reading Scripture.
The State Department has awarded an explicitly anti-feminist U.S. group part of a US$10 million grant to train Iraqi women in political participation and democracy.

6.)  Controlled Mass Media
Sometimes the media is directly controlled by the government, but in other cases, the media is indirectly controlled by government regulation, or sympathetic media spokespeople and executives. Censorship, especially in war time, is very common.
Smoking Gun Memo? Iraq Bombshell Goes Mostly Unreported in US Media
Report shows U.S. government has been engaged in illegal propaganda aimed at its own citizens and the story gets only 41 mentions in the media
FOX NEWS ADMITS BIAS Scott Norvell is London bureau chief for Fox News, and on May 20 he let the mask slip in, of all places, the Wall Street Journal. So far, the damage has been contained, because Norvell's comments -- in an op-ed he wrote decrying left-wing bias at the BBC -- appeared only in the Journal's European edition.
Free Press details recent governmental propaganda efforts, from faux-correspondent Jeff Gannon to paid-off pundit Armstrong Williams, and from the demise of FOIA to video news releases passed off as news.  also... See a Whitehouse fake news release here (opens realplayer)
Conservative columnist discloses CIA operative's name, liberal reporters face jail time
Chain of TV and radio station donates $300,000 worth of airtime to GOP candidates for free last-minute political ads
US seizes webservers from independent media sites
Bush's war on information: US editors forbidden to publish certain foreign writers
FF_SC.jpg (27041 bytes)    Bush administration violated federal law by producing and distributing television news segments about the effects of drug use among young people. The GAO said the videos "constitute covert propaganda" because the government was not identified as the source of the materials    FF_SC1.jpg (25984 bytes)

7.)  Obsession with National Security
Fear is used as a motivational tool by the government over the masses
elev.jpeg (11000 bytes)    
Bush Aides ADMIT 'stoking fear' for political gain
GOP convention in a nutshell (quicktime)
The Bush administration periodically put the USA on high alert for terrorist attacks even though then-Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge argued there was only flimsy evidence to justify raising the threat level, Ridge now says.
Keith Olbermann: "The Nexus of Politics and Terror."
U.S. Set to Test Missile Defenses for Commercial Airliners
   CO10206091618-big.jpg (34188 bytes)
Cheney warns that if Kerry is elected, the USA will suffer a "devastating attack"
Infants have been stopped from boarding planes at airports throughout the U.S. because their names are the same as or similar to those of possible terrorists on the government's "no-fly list."
Senate to pass a bill exempting Department of Homeland Security from all judicial oversight.
"We don't do politics in the Department of Homeland Security," Ridge said last year. Evidence suggests otherwise
Former counterterrorism chief claims that the now- discredited documents that showed Iraq trying to purchase uranium were fabricated right here in the United States

8.)  Religion and Government are Intertwined
Governments in fascist nations tend to use the most common religion in the nation as a tool to manipulate public opinion. Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from government leaders, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the government's policies or actions.
Jerry Falwell cleared of charges that he broke federal election law by urging followers to vote for Bush
NC congressman proposes law making it ok to preach politics from the pulpit
Texas Governor Mobilizes Evangelicals
Family research council: Justice Sunday
Law would put 'In God We Trust' in schools: A proposed law, now awaiting action in the state House, would require the motto to appear in every public school classroom, auditorium and cafeteria in Pennsylvania
Tom Delay "Confronting the Judicial War on Faith"
Christian conservatives, led by some top Republicans, are stepping up their assault on the U.S. judiciary, saying judges are attacking religion and must be reined in
Thou shalt be like Bush: What makes this recently established, right-wing Christian college unique are the increasingly close - critics say alarmingly close - links it has with the Bush administration and the Republican establishment.
Park Service Continues to Push Creationist Theory at Grand Canyon and other nat'l parks

9.)  Corporate Power is Protected
The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.
The K Street Project is a project by the Republican party to pressure Washington lobbying firms to hire Republicans in top positions, and to reward loyal GOP lobbyists with access to influential officials. It was launched in 1995, by Republican strategist Grover Norquist and House majority leader Tom DeLay.
American Conservative Magazine: One U.S. contractor received $2 million in a duffel bag... and a U.S. official was given $7 million in cash in the waning days of the CPA and told to spend it `before the Iraqis take over.`
There are 6 Congressional Committees investigating the Oil-for-Food (UN) scandal, yet not a single Republican Committee Chairman will call a hearing to investigate the whereabouts of 9 billion dollars missing in Iraq
Corporations' efforts to curb free speech through lawsuits are succeeding
Supreme Court overturns Arthur Andersen conviction
Congress rejects proposal to investigate Iraq's war profiteers
Army whistleblower being demoted for daring to ask such questions as "Why is Halliburton getting billions in contracts without competitive bidding?"
Off the Hook: Deferred Prosecution Agreements On the Rise: Ten major American corporations settled serious criminal charges with deferred prosecution, no prosecution, or de facto no prosecution agreements over the last two years
Shadowy lobbyists ignore rules and exploit connections -- and their industry of influence nets almost $13 billion.

10.)  Labor Power is Suppressed
Because the organizing power of labor is the only real threat to a fascist government, labor unions are either eliminated entirely, or are severely suppressed.
Schwarzenegger steps up attacks on labor unions in California
Labor Department warns unions against using their money politically

Organized labor locks horns with White House 
  President Bush Attacks Organized Labor Bush attacked organized labor Saturday, issuing orders effectively reducing how much money unions can spend for political activities and opening up government contracts to non-union bidding.
March 2001: President Bush signed his name to four executive orders on organized labor last month, including one that cuts the money unions will have for political campaign spending.
Congress and the Department of Labor are trying to change the rules on overtime pay, eliminating the 40 hour work week, taking eligibility for overtime pay away from millions of workers, and replacing time and a half pay with comp days.
11.)  Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts
Fascist nations tend to promote and tolerate open hostility to higher education, and academia. It is not uncommon for professors and other academics to be censored or even arrested. Free expression in the arts is openly attacked, and governments often refuse to fund the arts.
Bush's new economic plan cuts funding for arts, education
Artists from all over the world are being refused entry to the US on security grounds.
Jeb Bush calls author of bill banning professors from being too liberal as a "freedom fighter"
A group of more than 60 top U.S. scientists, including 20 Nobel laureates and several science advisers to past Republican presidents, on Wednesday accused the Bush administration of manipulating and censoring science for political purposes
Freedom of Repression: New ruling will allow censorship of campus publications
Right-wingers demand a "College Bill of Rights" to protect their promotion of unpopular ideas
'The Republican War on Science' explains how conservatives undermine science by whipping up controversy and manipulating the media.

12.)  Obsession with Crime and Punishment
Under fascist regimes, the police are given almost limitless power to enforce laws. The people are often willing to overlook police abuses and even forego civil liberties in the name of patriotism. There is often a national police force with virtually unlimited power in fascist nations
House votes to make PATRIOT ACT permanent
Snitch-or-Go-to-Jail bill will make pretty much anything short of reporting on everyone you see for doing just about anything a jailable offense. With minimum sentences, up to and including life without parole.
Report: Thousands wrongly convicted each year: Thousands of suspects unable to afford lawyers are wrongly convicted each year because they are pressured to accept guilty pleas or have incompetent attorneys, the American Bar Association says in a report.
  The problem with Gonzales is that he has been deeply involved in developing some of the most sweeping claims of near-dictatorial presidential power in our nation's history, allowing him to imprison and even (at least in theory) torture anyone in the world, at any time
Police officers don't have to give a reason at the time they arrest someone, the U.S. Supreme Court said in a ruling that shields officers from false-arrest lawsuits. 

13.)  Rampant Cronyism and Corruption
Fascist regimes almost always are governed by groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions and use governmental power and authority to protect their friends from accountability. It is not uncommon in fascist regimes for national resources and even treasures to be appropriated or even outright stolen by government leaders.
Bush Cronyism: Foxes Guarding the henhouse
If Bush's pick is confirmed, that will mean the five top appointees at Justice have zero prosecutorial experience among them.
Iran-Contra Felons Get Good Jobs from Bush
Big Iraq Reconstruction Contracts Went To Big Donors
Bush Wars -- Crooks Get Contracts : The main companies that were awarded billions of dollars worth of contracts in Iraq have paid more than $300 million in fines since 2000, to resolve allegations of fraud, bid rigging, delivery of faulty military equipment, and environmental damage.
US Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) lost track of $9 billion
"Contracting in the aftermath of the hurricanes has been marked by waste, corruption and cronyism"

14.  Fraudulent Elections
Sometimes elections in fascist nations are a complete sham. Other times elections are manipulated by smear campaigns against or even assassination of opposition candidates, use of legislation to control voting numbers or political district boundaries, and manipulation of the media. Fascist nations also typically use their judiciaries to manipulate or control elections.
Powerful Government Accounting Office report confirms key 2004 stolen election findings
Conyers hearing in which Clinton Curtis testifies that he was hired to create hackable voting machines (.wmv)
The Republican Party has quietly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide private defense lawyers for a former Bush campaign official charged with conspiring to keep Democrats from voting in New Hampshire.
The Conyers Report (.pdf)
No explanation for the machines in Mahoning County that recorded Kerry votes for Bush, the improper purging in Cuyahoga County, the lock down in Warren County, the 99% voter turnout in Miami County, the machine tampering in Hocking County
Less access than Kazakhstan. Fewer fail-safes than Venezuela. Not as simple Republic of Georgia. The 2004 Elections according to international observers.
This picture  is what stopped the ballot recounts in Florida shortly after it seemed that legitimate President Gore had a lead. The "citizens" started  what was later called "the preppy riot". Screaming, yelling, pounding on the walls, these "outraged citizens" intimidated the polling officials to halt the court mandated recount.  A closer look reveals who they really were. They were bussed and flown in at Republican lawmakers expense. Some even flew in on Tom Delay's private plane.

2005 / The Nazification of America
« on: November 16, 2005, 04:14:53 PM »

Nazification: the foisting of the totalitarian pattern on a country, including state support for corporations, militaristic imperialism, suppression of constitutional freedoms, and the seizure of dictatorial power by the regime in control.

"Totalitarianism is a form of government in which the citizen is totally subject to absolute state authority in all aspects of day-to-day life. The term was created by Hannah Arendt in order to illustrate the commonalities between Nazism and Stalinism."

American Nazification
Phase 1

Seizure of Power

2000: November

Bush is appointed President by the Supreme Court

Bush is foisted on the American public through a coup d'etat of the Supreme Court after massive election fraud perpetrated by his brother in Florida.

Thousands of voters were illegally disqualified in the 2000 election in the state of Florida, when Jeb Bush and his Secretary of State compiled a false list of felons who would not be allowed to vote.

The Supreme Court was packed with reactionary right-wingers, several of whom had conflicts of interest because of their ties to the Bush family.

Dubya appoints convicted criminals, racists, and corporate-controlled underlings to his cabinet.

January, 2001

Bush pushes his tax cuts for the wealthy through Congress, begins his assaults on the environment, and commands the FBI to stop investigations concerning the Bin Laden family and other suspected terrorist cells.

German Nazification
Phase 1

Seizure of Power

1933: January 30

Hitler is appointed Chancellor by Hindenburg

Weimar Republic President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler Chancellor even though the Nazis were only a small minority in the German government. On his first day as chancellor, Hitler manipulated Hindenburg into dissolving the Reichstag and calling for the new elections he had wanted - to be held on March 5, 1933. President Hindenburg had fallen under Hitler's spell and was signing just about anything Hitler put in front of him. Hitler began immediately to orchestrate the complete takeover of all mechanisms of governance and functions of state, to make Nazi Germany a totalitarian dictatorship.

February 3, 1933

In a speech to the leading army and navy commanders, Hitler revealed his Lebensraum program for the conquest of "living space" for the German people, rearmament, and resistance to the Versailles Treaty. He spoke of the importance of the military and promised not to involve it in domestic political disputes.

Phase 2

An Atrocity to Subdue
the People

September 11, 2001

The Terrorist Attacks

When the Word Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked, Bush was listening to Florida grade school children read. When informed of the attack by his associates, he continued listening. He then flew to a security bunker in Nebraska before finally returning to the White House.

No military aircraft had been scrambled to intercept the four hijacked planes, though there was plenty of time to do so.

The Bush junta's totally cynical appointment of the war criminal Henry Kissinger to create a coverup for the 9/11 terrorist attacks on American citizens arouses additional suspicion that the Bush administration was complicit in the horror. Under pressure, Kissinger was forced to resign.

Hundreds of suspects were immediately jailed after 9/11, without benefit of habeas corpus or other rights. Some of these suspects have already been found guilty of the crime.

The Bush junta forced the Patriot Act bill through Congress, suspending essential civil liberties, excusing oppression as essential to the "war on terrorism," and maintaining that dissent was treason.

The Patriot Act abrogated the following American constitutional protections:

* Free expression of opinion
* Freedom of the press
* Right of assembly and association
* Right to privacy of postal and electronic communications
* Protection against unlawful searches and seizures
* Individual property rights
* States' right of self-government

Presidential decrees make it possible for military forces to be used to monitor and control the civilian population, in abrogation of the posse comitatus act.

Phase 2

An Atrocity to Subdue the People

February 27, 1933

The Reichstag Fire

On the night the German Parliament Building--the Reichstag-- burned down, Hitler was at Goebbels's apartment having dinner. They rushed to the scene where they met Göring who was already screaming false charges and making threats against the Communists. At first glance, Hitler described the fire as a beacon from heaven. "You are now witnessing the beginning of a great epoch in German history. . . This fire is the beginning," Hitler told a news reporter at the scene.

While not all historians agree on who actually perpetrated the Reichstag Fire, writers such as Klaus P. Fischer feel that most likely the Nazis were responsible.

A dazed Dutch Communist named Marinus van der Lubbe was found at the scene and charged with arson. He was later found guilty and executed.

On February 28, 1933--the day after the Reichstag fire--President Hindenburg and Chancellor Hitler invoked Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution, which permitted the suspension of civil liberties in a time of national emergency.

A Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State abrogated the following German constitutional protections:

* Free expression of opinion
* Freedom of the press
* Right of assembly and association
* Right to privacy of postal and electronic communications
* Protection against unlawful searches and seizures
* Individual property rights
* States' right of self-government

A supplemental decree created the SA (Storm Troops) and SS (Special Security) Federal police agencies.

Additional information about the Reichstag Fire

Additional Information About the Reichstag Fire

Shortly before election day, the Reichstag building went up in flames-most probably at the initiative of the Nazis themselves. Hearing about the arson, Hitler reportedly first said, "Now I've got them in my hands." The Nazis exploited the torching of the Reichstag to describe the act as a manifestation of an attempted Communist putsch and, on the basis of this allegation, to legitimize an all-out war against the Communists. That very night, Goering declared a supreme state of emergency throughout his police forces. The Nazis rounded up 4,000 political activists, mostly Communists, but including several non-Communist intellectuals. The headquarters and newspaper editorial boards of the Social-Democratic party were taken over. The heads of the Communist party in the Reichstag turned themselves over to the police voluntarily to prove that the charges were groundless. The next morning, Hitler presented President von Hindenburg with an emergency order, ready for his signature, that voided important basic civil rights, expanded substantially the list of crimes that carried the death penalty, and vastly boosted the central government's powers to pressure the individual states. The police were now empowered to imprison suspects and extend remand indefinitely at their discretion. They could keep relatives utterly uninformed about the reason for the arrest and the fate of the imprisoned person. They could prevent lawyers or other people from visiting detainees and reviewing their files. No court was entitled to intervene. The emergency order, "for the protection of the people and the State," was augmented that very day by an order "against treason and treachery." The two orders became the basis of jurisprudence and the foundation stones of the Nazi dictatorship.

Thus, the emergency order of February 28, 1933, read:

"Paragraphs 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124, and 153 in the German Reich Constitution are provisionally null and void. Accordingly, the restrictions on personal freedom and the right to express opinions freely, including freedoms of the press, association, and assembly; monitoring of letters, cables, and telephone calls, searches of homes, and expropriation of property, and restrictions thereon, are hereby revoked within the limits previously stipulated in the law."

The order, to be in effect until 1945, replaced constitutional rule with a perpetual state of emergency.

"The Reichstag Fire Syndrome occurs whenever a democracy is destroyed by creating a law-and-order crisis and offering as a "solution" the abdication of civil liberties and states' rights to a powerful but unaccountable central dictator. The men of wealth who put the tyrant into power are then able to reap obscene war profits."

Phase 3

The Leader Destroys Elections and Appoints Himself Dictator

November, 2002

Homeland Security Act

In the 2000 and now again in the midterm 2002 elections, electronic voting has meant that our democratic right to have our votes counted fairly and accurately has been taken from us by the Bush junta.

Since we now suffer under the situation where there is no opposition to the criminal Bush regime--most Democrats having effectively become pawns of the Republicans--then none of the state election frauds will be investigated. We can't be sure that key races such as that of Mondale in Minnesota and Carnahan in Missouri were not the result of massive vote fraud. We can be sure that the Florida gubernatorial race was completely fixed.

This sinister phase 3 of the Nazification of America is best understood by reviewing some of the information that Greg Palast has made available. Palast is the investigative reporter for BBC and the Observer who first exposed the 2000 Florida vote crimes.

94,000 people -- over half of them African American --were on a "scrub list" in Florida, resulting in their being blocked from voting in the 2000 election. Did Florida rectify this mistake before the 2002 election? Fuhgeddaboudit! Those voters as of 2004 have not yet been reinstated in Florida.
Electronic, touch screen voting is the basis for election fraud:

* votes can easily be lost through "software glitches"

* Democratic votes can become Republican votes and no one is the wiser

The "touch" screen computers are made by ES&S, the vendor chosen by Katherine Harris, Florida Secretary of State and current congressperson. The lobbyist who sold that company's system to Jeb and Katherine is Sandy Mortham, founder of Women for Jeb and Harris' predecessor as Secretary of State. Mortham was the person who instigated the scam in 1998 to find black voters who could be disqualified.

ES&S machines, not surprisingly, failed to work in black precincts in 2002. And of course with electronic voting there is no paper ballot back-up.

In the "decisive" 2002 mid-term "elections" the Republicans gained control of all branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. Just as in Hitler's Enabling Act, so Bush Jr. forced the Homeland Security bill through Congress which gave him complete dictatorial powers:

* the President is able to make any decision he wishes without judicial or legislative restraint

* the executive branch can now carry on its meetings in secret, without scrutiny from the press or the people

* the "homeland security" agents can now intrude in any part of a citizen's life

The Cyber Security Enhancement Act slipped into the Homeland Security bill at the last moment:

* allows police to conduct Internet or telephone eavesdropping willy-nilly with no requirement to ask a court's permission first

* demands life sentences for hackers that 'recklessly' endanger lives

* allows Net surveillance to gather telephone numbers, IP addresses, and URLs or e-mail information, where an 'immediate threat to a national security interest' is suspected

* permits ISPs to hand users' records over to law enforcement authorities, overturning current legislation that outlaws such behavior

On November 14, 2002, as the Senate was being pressured to pass a hastily-prepared homeland security bill,

Senator Byrd spoke out vehemently against the bill as Bush's grab for dictatorial power--the worst act of tyranny, Byrd said, in the fifty years he's been in Congress.

Secret US Police Concentration Camps
In a revealing admission in June, 1997, the Director of Resource Management for the U.S. Army confirmed the validity of a memorandum relating to the establishment of a civilian inmate labor program under development by the Department of the Army. The document states, "Enclosed for your review and comment is the draft Army regulation on civilian inmate labor utilization" and the procedure to "establish civilian prison camps on installations."

Byrd making sure Senate takes time to debate


Associated Press

WASHINGTON - A jealous guardian of congressional powers, Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia is making sure the Senate takes time -- too much, detractors say -- to debate war with Iraq and creation of a Homeland Security Department. Byrd is fighting an uphill battle to delay consideration of an Iraq use-of-force resolution until after the Nov. 5 election. He argues that the campaign season is causing lawmakers to rush ahead rather than carefully consider President Bush's proposals. Beyond that, the silver-haired, 84-year-old Senate president pro tempore and chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee sees Iraq as yet another example of Congress ceding its constitutional authority to the executive branch.

'Congress might as well just close the doors, put a sign over the doors and say, `Going fishing,' '' Byrd said on the Senate floor. ``Congress is being stampeded, pressured, adjured, importuned into acting on this blank check.''

Byrd had planned to force a series of votes on the individual clauses of the Iraq resolution, which would have taken days. But he was thwarted when Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., made a small change in the language that eliminated the need for multiple votes.

Byrd was still defiant in a speech Wednesday before the Senate, arguing for a delay in today's vote to limit debate to 30 hours on Iraq. ''This is a fateful decision. It involves the blood of our fighting men and women,'' Byrd said. ``It is too momentous a decision.''

Byrd also spoke fiercely against the proposed Homeland Security Department, now stalemated in the Senate. He was able to force the Senate to put off that measure in August.

Byrd spent the better part of three weeks in September arguing against quick action. That gave labor unions and Democrats time to mobilize opposition to the president's insistence on greater management authority over department employees. House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas, said in a recent letter urging the Senate to break its labor rights impasse on homeland security that ''the most senior Democrat senator'' -- Byrd -- recently spent hours on the Senate floor talking about his dog, favorite movies, television shows, Charles I of England and the invention of the telegraph.

Few are willing to take on Byrd directly, partly because of his seniority, partly because his committee controls the government's purse strings and partly because of his vast knowledge of Senate rules. Byrd is the author of a four-volume history of the Senate and acknowledged as its great protector.

''Nobody has ever used the rules of the Senate more than I have,'' Byrd said Wednesday.

Amid widespread rumors, the late Congressman Henry Gonzales clarified the question of the existence of civilian detention camps. In an interview, Gonzales stated, "The truth is yes--you do have these stand by provisions, and the plans are here . . . whereby you could, in the name of stopping terrorism . . . evoke the military and arrest Americans and put them in detention camps."

Pierre Tristam's 11/26/02 editorial in the Daytona Beach News Journal blew the lid off the Homeland Security Department.

"The New Deal was a 'reorganization' or an 'expansion' of government. The creation of the Homeland Security Department is a coup within the government. What Ollie North once did illegally in a White House basement - free-lancing policy with public money and accountability to no one - a $37 billion department with 170,000 employees will now do legally in what is sure to be a high-rise of basements and metaphorical windows on Washington's Bureaucracy Row. Like a Wall Street firm beholden only to its board room, the second-largest government department is now a proprietary arm of the presidency. It operates beyond congressional scrutiny and public accountability, and guarantees secrecy to its own machinations or to those of any private business with which it deals.

"Let's say Kafka Inc. were a company that made surveillance cameras the government was installing at a few thousand intersections. Kafka's products happen to be pathetically faulty, as such devices commonly are. The public would be outraged if it knew. But all Kafka would have to do to keep its products' evaluations from becoming public is submit them to the Department of Homeland Security, where everything is to be kept secret by law. What Kafka does, every other company or hospital or airline or even local sheriff's department can do with any proposal, any budget item, any safety plan made part of the homeland security racket. The department, in other words, is a black hole to the Freedom of Information Act - everything goes in, nothing gets out."

If the torture and murder at American prison camps in Iraq and Cuba don't send chills down your spine, watch out that you're not becoming replicas of the "good Germans" in 1930 who turned a deaf ear--and blind eye--to the Nazi death camps.

Daytona Beach News-Journal

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Secrecy: the nation's favored fraud


If there is any doubt at all that the terrorists have won - that they have managed with a single day's freakish hits to revamp the most open society on earth into an emerging police state where suspicion and secrecy are the twin watch-towers of government and cowering and conforming the prevailing instincts of an allegedly free press or an even more alleged political opposition - then last week's creation of the Department of Homeland Security should put all such doubts to rest.

The New Deal was a "reorganization" or an "expansion" of government. The creation of the Homeland Security Department is a coup within the government. What Ollie North once did illegally in a White House basement - free-lancing policy with public money and accountability to no one - a $37 billion department with 170,000 employees will now do legally in what is sure to be a high-rise of basements and metaphorical windows on Washington's Bureaucracy Row. Like a Wall Street firm beholden only to its board room, the second-largest government department is now a proprietary arm of the presidency. It operates beyond congressional scrutiny and public accountability, and guarantees secrecy to its own machinations or to those of any private business with which it deals.

Let's say Kafka Inc. were a company that made surveillance cameras the government was installing at a few thousand intersections. Kafka's products happen to be pathetically faulty, as such devices commonly are. The public would be outraged if it knew. But all Kafka would have to do to keep its products' evaluations from becoming public is submit them to the Department of Homeland Security, where everything is to be kept secret by law. What Kafka does, every other company or hospital or airline or even local sheriff's department can do with any proposal, any budget item, any safety plan made part of the homeland security racket. The department, in other words, is a black hole to the Freedom of Information Act - everything goes in, nothing gets out.

Secrecy is national security's favored fraud. With rare exceptions, it harms the public interest more than it protects it. Keeping America's atom bomb secret may have been a good idea, but even that failed. Keeping the Pentagon Papers secret, the government's own most damning evidence that the Vietnam War was a known failure even in the early 1960s, needlessly prolonged a needless war at the cost of thousands of American lives (and perhaps a million Vietnamese). Designed around the same principle of prescribing what Americans should and should not know, the new department will incubate just such secrets, covering up what should be known at the risk of prolonging what shouldn't be happening. Substitute Main Street for rice paddies and what's ahead is less reassuring because of the department's existence.

Warranted neither by necessity nor security, the department is a business venture without risk, a portal to corporate subsidies that has poured $30 billion in tax dollars into the security-industrial complex already, and is projected to pump upwards of $100 billion a year in public and private money from here out. Most of it is money spent on the kind of specious technologies that had fattened up the stock market of the late 1990s before the market bubble finally burst. That artificial bubble is being replaced with another, this time at taxpayers' expense. As always, war pays dividends to its lucky shareholders.

Those dividends will rise in direct proportion to the loss of openness and civil liberties. We've been there before, most recently and most dramatically during the 1940s' and 50s' raving campaign on communism. The USA Patriot Act's contempt for liberties had its equivalent in the Internal Security Act of 1950. The Pentagon's office for "Total Information Awareness," the ultimate electronic snoop on every American's activities, had its genesis in the House Committee on Un-American Activities' endless and endlessly fabricated dossiers on Americans. The Homeland Security Department's cult of secrecy had its miniature version in the Atomic Energy Commission, which exerted similar authority on industry and the dissemination of information. The overreaction to communism then was as delirious as the overreaction to terrorism today. By the time Joseph McCarthy made a fool of himself at his Red Menace hearings the country had been under anti-communism's debilitating spell for almost a decade. McCarthy was only the summation of a parody of liberty, a belated wake-up call to a nation that had been had by its own government's fictions.

Osama bin Laden isn't any more of a fiction than Stalin was. But the threat Stalin posed to the United States was as fictive then as the threat Osama bin Laden poses today. Freak attacks don't make a war, and they certainly don't mark a victory. The victory has been handed to bin Laden subsequently, in spades, because the nation has let itself be had again. It took 10 years for anti-communism to be shown to be "itself a heresy against the basic principles of American life," as the late Walter Millis, a long-time editorial writer for the New York Herald Tribune, wrote in 1968. If America's richly redeeming history is any guide, it will similarly be a matter of time for anti-terrorism to be proven an equally lethal heresy and for the Homeland Security Department to be the ugliest parody of a lawless and imperious age.

Tristam is a News-Journal editorial writer. He can be reached at

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Information About Voting System:

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* Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

* Vote Watch

Republican corporations manufacture voting machines

Phase 3

The Leader Destroys Elections and Appoints Himself Dictator

March 24, 1933

The Enabling Act

On March 24, 1933, the Reichstag passed the Law for Terminating the Suffering of People and Nation, also known as the Enabling Law, essentially granting Adolf Hitler dictatorial power. There was no further need for elections because the Fuhrer/Dictator made all the decisions!

Since the Nazis had only been able to gain a 44% plurality in the Reichstag in the March 5, 1933 elections, Hitler looked for another way to establish a full dictatorship.

* Herman Göring--later to become the head of Germany's armed forces--declared that there was no further need for State governments. So over the next few weeks, in each of the legal Weimar states the local Nazi organizations instigated riots and then summarily replaced the elected state government by appointed Nazi Reich Commissioners to quell the disorder.

* The Nazi legislators sponsored the Enabling Act, a bill that gave Hitler dictatorial powers for four years. To make sure the law passed, the Nazis imprisoned Communists and created propaganda campaigns to influence public opinion. Just days before the vote on the bill, the Nazis held a staged ceremony in Potsdam in which Hitler was depicted as a conservative national leader, not the head of a radical party. Hitler promised that the Enabling Act would only benefit the German people.

The moment the bill passed, however, the German democratic constitution was abrogated and Nazi Party rule became absolute. Hitler immediately invoked the new law to rescind the democratic freedoms of the Weimar Republic and to dissolve political parties and organizations.

The Dictator Establishes
Death Camps

March 22, 1933

Dachau slave labor death camp established

The Hitler regime established the first concentration camp about 15 kilometers northwest of Munich, dedicated on March 20 by Heinrich Himmler. It held about 5,000 prisoners, mostly Communists, Social-Democrats, and homosexuals. Bavarian police guarded the prisoners until April 11, when the SS took over. The slave-labor death camps, so hideous in their reality that Germans didn't want to hear about them, became an efficient tool in silencing opponents of the regime. Dachau was a "political camp" and the first Jewish detainees were among the best-known political opponents of the Nazi regime. More than 10,000 Jews from all over Germany were interned there after the Kristallnacht pogrom. When the systematic genocide of Jews began, the Jewish prisoners were deported from Dachau and other camps in the Reich to the extermination camps in the East.

Throughout 1933 and 1934, thousands of Communists, Social Democrats and Jews were arrested in various parts of Germany. There was no secret about these arrests. The German people made no effort to stop Hitler's terrorism. They allowed themselves to be brainwashed by his relentless propaganda and regarded their Fuhrer as making heroic efforts to re-establish order and decency.

On May 2, 1933, Hitler dissolved all the German trade unions and within six months he had destroyed the largest and best-organized workers' movement in the world at that time. This catastrophic defeat of the German workers had the worst possible psychological effect because throughout this entire time there was not even a single symbolic act of resistance. Had there been even an attempt at resisting the Nazi's relentless destruction of human freedoms, it would at least have allowed the workers to feel that they had not gone down without a struggle.

Throughout 1933 and 1934, the SS, Gestapo and police, often assisted by fire brigades and emergency services, regularly sealed off specific German housing estates and combed through them house by house for suspected "enemies of the state." Local SA groups carried out beatings, arbitrary arrests and spontaneous vandalism, creating an atmosphere of terror and helplessness in working class strongholds Germans had believed to be safe. In this way the Nazi goons smashed any semblance of working class solidarity. The Gestapo built up its surveillance apparatus to make mass resistance impossible. So German people felt an ever-present sense of terror and fear, as if they were living in a country occupied by foreign troops.

The Nazi terror continued, unchallenged:

* June 22, 1933: the Social Democrat party, the only opposition party to the Nazis, was banned

* July 7, 1933: the elected Social Democrats were expelled from the government

* July 14 1933: a law was passed making sterilization compulsory for those considered unfit

* July 15, 1933: all political parties were banned except the Nazi party

* July 1933: concentration camps were systematized

* October 1933: the entire press was now under Nazi control

o New laws destroyed editors' and journalists` independence and expression of personal opinion

o The film industries were taken over one by one

* November, 1933:

o General elections were held for a single-party parliament

o The Nuremberg race laws were established

* January 20, 1934: `˜Regulation of National Labor` broke the power of all organized labor within German workplaces

* January 30, 1934: the local governments were dissolved without provision for re-election; local commissioners were henceforth appointed by Reich ministers to whom they were beholden

* February 1934: the Upper House of Parliament was dissolved

* May 5, 1934: the German Protestant Church's `˜confessing synod` made the `˜Barmen Theological Declaration` against the totalitarian state; later in 1934, the Catholic Bishop Galen of Munster preached against the Nazi attacks on Christianity in a sermon widely disseminated

* June 30, 1934: the `˜Night of the Long Knives' -- hundreds of "enemies of the state" were murdered in cold blood

o The massacre included several prominent non-Nazis, among them, the leader of Catholic action and two army generals

o Among those murdered were socialist revolutionaries within the Nazi party

o People the world over were shocked at the mass bloodshed, but no reaction within Germany or elsewhere challenged the Nazi terror

* August 1934: Hitler became Der Führer as well as Chancellor; a plebiscite of the German people formally ratified his dictatorship

The German people had allowed this reign of terror to seize control of the entire nation without any significant resistance or expression of outrage.

The same thing can happen to any people who do not begin early to resist the attacks on their liberties.

The control of the internet has been rolling along and gathering pace. Who will win? Censorship will play a big part of the new internet without a doubt. Just thinking of how hated the press and independent reporters and bloggers were during the Iraqi invasion gives a gist of how the powers that be would like to control the flow of information or propaganda.
On the line: the internet's future
By Daniel Howden
Published: 16 November 2005
Over the next three days a United Nations summit, in the unlikely setting of Tunisia, will attempt to thrash out the future of the internet.

More than 40 world leaders, including Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general, are set to attend, and the ownership of the World Wide Web itself is at stake. What the delegates won't discuss is the creeping spectre of censorship.

Access denied: a round-the-world guide to internet provision


The military junta permits only two service providers, both under direct state control. Of the approximately 25,000 internet users in 2003, virtually all were hand-picked members of the military or government.


China has the world's most developed internet censorship technology, thanks, ironically, to companies such as Yahoo. The pro-democracy writer Wang Yi's blog was closed two weeks ago, days after he was nominated for an international award.


The Law on the Digital Economy (2004) states that service providers are legally responsible for the content their customers post online. Providers must also check the legality of any links they maintain.


Though one of the best-connected countries in the Gulf, the UAE's only service provider is state-owned. Medical and scientific sites that show naked parts of the human body, as well as publications about Buddhism, Sufism, religious sects and the US anti-war film-maker Michael Moore, are all blocked. Marriage agencies are allowed, but dating sites are banned.

GERMANY, a website displaying graphic images of violence and mutilation, has recently been blocked by its service provider after a complaint from a watchdog group called Jugendschutz (Youth Protection).


Iranian censorship officially aims to protect the public from immoral, "non-Islamic" sites, but in reality concern centres on the political possibilities of the internet: it is currently easier to access pornographic websites than reformist ones. The authorities recently ordered all privately owned service providers to put themselves under government control, or else shut down.


The line between criticism in the public interest and insult in online publications is very blurred in the eyes of the courts. Cybercafe owners are obliged to monitor the activity of their users for pornography, gambling, political separatism or any challenge to the state.

2005 / Suicide bombers on Iran kids' TV
« on: November 08, 2005, 10:30:35 AM »
Suicide bombers on Iran kids' TV

TELEGRAPH - By Toby Harnden, Chief Foreign Correspondent - November 6, 2005 - Iranian state television has broadcast a cartoon that glorifies suicide bombings against Israelis, depicting a young boy blowing himself up after being told: "Go and show the Zionists how brave and heroic are the children of Palestine."

The cartoon, one of a series shown by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting on "Jerusalem Day" nine days ago, presents the actions of a boy who kills himself to strike back against Israelis as a noble example for children to follow.

More professionally produced and graphic than previous Iranian propaganda aimed at children, the cartoon appears to be part of a campaign led by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to elevate the issue of the destruction of Israel. The day before the cartoon was shown, he declared at a World Without Zionism conference: "This stain of disgrace [Israel] will be wiped off the face of the world - and this is attainable."

His comments were greeted with outrage in the West and prompted Tony Blair to suggest that military action might be required against Iran if progress towards a nuclear bomb continued.

At the start of the 10-minute animated film, translated into English by the Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri), Abd al-Rahman, a Palestinian youth, watches as Israeli soldiers murder his family.

They are depicted laughing as they strike his mother in the face with a rifle butt and then shoot his father, whose blood splashes the oranges on the trees he cultivated.

Abd comforts his sister and weeps, declaring: "Oh God, I must take revenge upon these bloodthirsty aggressors, who murdered my father, mother and brother." His cousin Karim introduces him to a neighbour's son, Jassem, who is a member of a "resistance group".

Jassem instructs the boys to take part in an attack against Israeli soldiers, applauding their "deep faith" and telling them that they "may become martyrs". Abd's aunt bids the boys a tearful farewell. "God willing, you'll be successful," she says. "Go, my children. Go and show the Zionists how brave and heroic are the children of Palestine."

As he lies in wait, Abd ties a string of grenades around his waist. The convoy approaches and the cartoon shows satanic-faced Israeli soldiers sitting in a lorry around an ammunition box decorated with a Star of David.

Abd shouts, "I place my trust in God. Allah Akbar", pulls the grenade pins and leaps onto the lorry. When the smoke clears, the bodies of Abd, the Israeli troops and the attackers are strewn around the road.

A young Palestinian boy then walks over to Abd's body, takes his bloodstained keffiyeh head-dress, drapes it over his own shoulders and walks off into the sunset.

Dan Shaham, a spokesman for the Israeli embassy in London, said: "This phenomenon of inciting children to commit suicide attacks is revolting. It corrupts young minds and makes sure conflict continues. President Ahmadinejad is not only dangerous in the here-and-now but the Iranian extremist ideology is affecting future generations. Something needs to be done today."...

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