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Survival & Firearms / Lethal Tornadoes in Ala, Ga
« on: March 02, 2007, 11:11:56 AM »
BBC 01Mar07
Rescue efforts are under way in several states in America's south and mid-west after a series of tornadoes left at least 20 people dead.
Hardest hit was Alabama, where at least eight people died when a tornado struck a high school building on Thursday.

Nine more people died in Georgia, two of whom were killed when another tornado hit near a regional hospital.

The tornadoes were part of a major storm system that stretched across a swathe of the United States.
The US Storm Prediction Center (SPC) had earlier issued a rare "major severe weather outbreak" warning for the eastern third of the US.

'Direct hit'

Some of the worst of the destruction was reported in Enterprise, Alabama.

Eight teenagers who were inside the local high school died as winds blew out walls and collapsed part of the roof.

"They were in one particular wing which took a direct hit," Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell said.

One other person in Enterprise died and at least 40 people were injured as the tornado, travelling at over 50mph (80km/h), swept through the town.

Alabama Governor Bob Riley, who is to visit the school, has declared a state of emergency and sent 100 National Guard troops to the town.

"Enterprise has suffered major and widespread damage," he said.

A tenth person died in the town of Millers Ferry, in another part of the state, where high winds felled trees and flipped trailers.

Later in the day, at least nine people died in neighbouring Georgia.

Two people were killed and several more injured when a tornado struck near the Sumter regional hospital in Americus, Georgia, the state's emergency management agency said.

It was not clear whether the dead were patients. At the hospital, windows were shattered and cars had been thrown around. The ambulance fleet was reportedly destroyed.

A third person was reported killed in Taylor County, to the north, and six others in the southwest.

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue was to fly to the affected areas to assess the damage, his spokesman said.

Earlier, a seven-year-old girl died as some of the first tornadoes touched down in Missouri around dawn on Thursday. Others were reported in Arkansas and Kansas.

The severe weather formed a band of storms stretching from Minnesota in the north to Louisiana on the Gulf Coast.

Further north, several mid-western states were hit by heavy snow and blizzards, which closed hundreds of miles of major roads.

Two people died when their car overturned on a slippery road in North Dakota, and another was killed while shovelling snow in Nebraska, the Associated Press reported.

People killed by tornadoes in southern US
Enterprise, Alabama: Eight dead at school, one elsewhere
Millers Ferry, Alabama: One dead
Americus, Georgia: Two killed when tornado struck hospital
Taylor County, Georgia: One dead
South-west Georgia: A further six people reported dead
Missouri: Seven-year-old girl killed

2007 / Largest Texas Energy Company TXU Now Private via Major Buyout
« on: February 26, 2007, 08:37:51 AM »
BBC 26FEB2007
Record private equity buyout made
A consortium including Texas Pacific, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Goldman Sachs has bought out the US utility TXU in a deal worth $45bn (£22.9bn).
TXU is the top power company in Texas and the deal breaks the record for the biggest takeover by private equity.

The new owners say they will strengthen TXU's environmental policies and protect prices until September 2008.

Private equity companies use clients' money and borrowed money to buy whole companies and try to turn them around.

The deal values TXU at $32bn, or $69.25 per share, while the private equity buyers will also assume $13bn in debt.

Third record in four months

TXU shares rose 6.6% on Thursday and Friday on rumours of a deal.

It is the third time in four months that the record has been broken, most recently with Blackstone's $38.9bn offer for Equity Office Properties.

The new owners are scaling back TXU's $10bn plan to build 11 new coal-fired power stations and will only build three.

A group of investors had been criticising the price-tag on the new stations, saying that TXU would end up paying more as emissions became more tightly regulated.

TXU has prospered in recent years, because most of its energy is generated using coal and nuclear power, but Texas electricity prices are tied to the price of natural gas.

2007 / The Hidden Occupation....
« on: February 26, 2007, 07:42:42 AM »
Houston Independent Media Center

2007 / Report: 3 Gulf states agree to IAF overflights en route to Iran
« on: February 26, 2007, 07:34:19 AM »
Last update - 11:02 25/02/2007   
Report: 3 Gulf states agree to IAF overflights en route to Iran
By Yoav Stern and Yossi Melman, Haaretz Correspondents
Three Arab states in the Persian Gulf would be willing to allow the Israel Air force to enter their airspace in order to reach Iran in case of an attack on its nuclear facilities, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siyasa reported on Sunday.

According to the report, a diplomat from one of the gulf states visiting Washington on Saturday said the three states, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, have told the United States that they would not object to Israel using their airspace, despite their fear of an Iranian response.

Al-Siyasa further reported that NATO leaders are urging Turkey to open its airspace for an Attack on Iran as well and to also open its airports and borders in case of a ground attack.

According to a British diplomat who spoke to an Al-Siyasa correspondent, Turkey will not repeat the mistake it made in 2003, when it refused to open its airspace to U.S. Air Force overflights en route to attacking Iraq.

British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday that Israel is negotiating with the U.S. over permission for an "air corridor" over Iraq, should an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities become necessary.

Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh on Saturday denied the reports and said Israel has no such plans.


Global Research 25Feb2007
US generals `˜will quit` if Bush orders Iran Attack

by Sarah Baxter and Michael Smith
Global Research, February 25, 2007
The Times (London) 

Some of America`s most senior military commanders are prepared to resign if the White House orders a military strike against Iran, according to highly placed defence and intelligence sources.

Tension in the Gulf region has raised fears that an attack on Iran is becoming increasingly likely before President George Bush leaves office. The Sunday Times has learnt that up to five generals and admirals are willing to resign rather than approve what they consider would be a reckless attack.

`There are four or five generals and admirals we know of who would resign if Bush ordered an attack on Iran,` a source with close ties to British intelligence said. `There is simply no stomach for it in the Pentagon, and a lot of people question whether such an attack would be effective or even possible.`

A British defence source confirmed that there were deep misgivings inside the Pentagon about a military strike. `All the generals are perfectly clear that they don`t have the military capacity to take Iran on in any meaningful fashion. Nobody wants to do it and it would be a matter of conscience for them.

`There are enough people who feel this would be an error of judgment too far for there to be resignations.`

A generals` revolt on such a scale would be unprecedented. `American generals usually stay and fight until they get fired,` said a Pentagon source. Robert Gates, the defence secretary, has repeatedly warned against striking Iran and is believed to represent the view of his senior commanders.

The threat of a wave of resignations coincided with a warning by Vice-President Dick Cheney that all options, including military action, remained on the table. He was responding to a comment by Tony Blair that it would not `be right to take military action against Iran`.

Iran ignored a United Nations deadline to suspend its uranium enrichment programme last week. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insisted that his country `will not withdraw from its nuclear stances even one single step`.

The International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iran could soon produce enough enriched uranium for two nuclear bombs a year, although Tehran claims its programme is purely for civilian energy purposes.

Nicholas Burns, the top US negotiator, is to meet British, French, German, Chinese and Russian officials in London tomorrow to discuss additional penalties against Iran. But UN diplomats cautioned that further measures would take weeks to agree and would be mild at best.

A second US navy aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS John C Stennis arrived in the Gulf last week, doubling the US presence there. Vice Admiral Patrick Walsh, the commander of the US Fifth Fleet, warned: `The US will take military action if ships are attacked or if countries in the region are targeted or US troops come under direct attack.`

But General Peter Pace, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, said recently there was `zero chance` of a war with Iran. He played down claims by US intelligence that the Iranian government was responsible for supplying insurgents in Iraq, forcing Bush on the defensive.

Pace`s view was backed up by British intelligence officials who said the extent of the Iranian government`s involvement in activities inside Iraq by a small number of Revolutionary Guards was `far from clear`.

Hillary Mann, the National Security Council`s main Iran expert until 2004, said Pace`s repudiation of the administration`s claims was a sign of grave discontent at the top.

`He is a very serious and a very loyal soldier,` she said. `It is extraordinary for him to have made these comments publicly, and it suggests there are serious problems between the White House, the National Security Council and the Pentagon.`

Mann fears the administration is seeking to provoke Iran into a reaction that could be used as an excuse for an attack. A British official said the US navy was well aware of the risks of confrontation and was being `seriously careful` in the Gulf.

The US air force is regarded as being more willing to attack Iran. General Michael Moseley, the head of the air force, cited Iran as the main likely target for American aircraft at a military conference earlier this month.

According to a report in The New Yorker magazine, the Pentagon has already set up a working group to plan airstrikes on Iran. The panel initially focused on destroying Iran`s nuclear facilities and on regime change but has more recently been instructed to identify targets in Iran that may be involved in supplying or aiding militants in Iraq.

However, army chiefs fear an attack on Iran would backfire on American troops in Iraq and lead to more terrorist attacks, a rise in oil prices and the threat of a regional war.

Britain is concerned that its own troops in Iraq might be drawn into any American conflict with Iran, regardless of whether the government takes part in the attack.

One retired general who participated in the `generals` revolt` against Donald Rumsfeld`s handling of the Iraq war said he hoped his former colleagues would resign in the event of an order to attack. `We don`t want to take another initiative unless we`ve really thought through the consequences of our strategy,` he warned.

Global Research 26Feb2007
The War on Canadian Civil Liberties: Government told by Supreme Court to rewrite Law
Complete Transcript of Supreme Court Ruling

by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Global Research, February 26, 2007
- 2007-02-24

The Supreme Court of Canada on February 23, 2007 ruled unanimously in a 9-0 vote that the "security certificates" used by the federal government of Canada to detain suspected terrorists are unconstitutional under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

The Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canada`s Secret Service could instigate a procedure whereby permanent residents, immigrants, refugees, and travelers could be arbitrarily detained.

Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), the security certificates allowed federal authorities to arbitrarily detain and imprison non-Canadians living in Canada designated as `security threats` without providing them with legal counsel and in violation of Habeaus Corpus.

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), Bill C-11, is not to be confused with Bill C-36 and The Anti-Terrorism Act of Canada, although both acts are linked. 

Under these provisions, secret trials can take place where trumped up charges are laid, but evidence is withheld under the mantle of `national security.`   

Secret trials of individuals in any country, let alone non-citizens in Canada under immigration laws with supplementary security dimensions, blatantly violate the rights of individuals to a fair trial and an impartial legal process.

The concept of security certificates is a grave danger to the rule of law and is in violation of Habeaus Corpus. Theoretically, under this precedent a government abusing its powers can arbitrarily detain individuals and put them to trial without real evidence.

Suspects under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) can also be held indefinitely in captivity. Moreover, on the basis of evidence presented in secret trials, suspects can be deported to their country of origin where they can risk death or torture. Where there is a real danger of death or torture, Canadian officials have refused to accept any responsibility.

Mohamed Harkat, an Algerian living in Canada is one of five recognized individuals that have been victimized by the Canadian security certificates regime. After public pressure he was released on bail and placed under strict house arrest with limited visitation rights on May 23, 2006. Another individual, Adil Charkaoui was released on bail earlier on February, 2005. Both men have no idea what they were detained for. 

Three other recognized figures detained because of the Canadian security certificates are Mohammas Mahjoub, Mahmoud Jaballah, and Hassan Almrei.  Majoub, Jaballah, and Almrei are being held in the Kingston Immigration Holding Centre, located south of Ottawa and in the maximum-security Millhaven Penitentiary. 

What is not being emphasized and sidelined by media reports is that at least one of these men, Mahmoud Jaballah from Egypt, was approached, prior to his six-year captivity, by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) to become a spy in his local community, but refused. Afterwards CSIS accused Jaballah of having ties to Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

Jaballah was detained in a failed first attempt, in 1999, by CSIS, which tried to have him charged and deported once he refused to spy for them. Fortunately Jaballah`s family had kept a voice recording to prove that CSIS was threatening Jabballah to spy or face retribution.
The first judge who oversaw the first case by CSIS against Jaballah rejected the case on the grounds that there was nothing incriminating against Jaballah. It was only after the second attempt before Mahmoud Jaballah was detained in August, 2001.
Although the so-called security certificates were deemed unconstitutional, the Supreme Court of Canada suspended their own legal ruling for a year to allow the federal government to rewrite the pertinent articles of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), under which the security certificates were being issued.

Furthermore, ironically the Supreme Court judgment was finalized at a time when U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff were visiting Ottawa, in regards to consultations on North American integration and homeland security measures, under the mantle of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). By its very nature the SPP has been contrived by the governments of the United States, Canada, and Mexico to avoid public consent and even accountability in the launching of unified policy pertaining to commercial, energy, and "security integration" and "harmonization."

The SPP has serious ramifications. It establishes the contours of a integration North American Police State. It will lead to further violations of civil liberties inside `Fortress North America.`

One battle may seem to have been won in the Supremes Court in safeguarding civil liberties, but a longer war against civil liberties is well underway. 

See article link for the rulings of the judgment of the Supreme Court of Canada in regards to the so-called security certificates. 


Survival & Firearms / Possible tornado tears through Arkansas town
« on: February 25, 2007, 06:41:15 AM »
CNN POSTED: 8:33 a.m. EST, February 25, 2007

caption:Residents examine rubble from a home in Union County, north of Strong, Arkansas, on Saturday

caption:The powerful winds were part of a line of storms that stretched across Arkansas, Tennessee and elsewhere.

Story Highlights
`¢ Seventy-eight people spending night in shelters, official says
`¢ KTHV: Four suspected looters arrested; curfew in effect
`¢ Police: 12 people hurt in Arkansas
`¢ Possible tornadoes in Mississippi, Louisiana

DUMAS, Arkansas (CNN) -- A possible tornado shredded several businesses and homes in a small Arkansas town Saturday, injuring about a dozen people, some of them seriously, police told a local TV station.

Seventy-eight people in Dumas were spending the night in shelters set up after the storm, said Tina Owens of Arkansas Emergency Management. A curfew was in effect until 7 a.m. Sunday.

"Right now were just trying to assess the damage and take care of the citizens' needs for this evening," she said.

"We'll definitely look at the recovery efforts, but right now our immediate effect is to deal with those citizens with injuries and making sure we've got those people taken care of tonight."

Police have arrested four people suspected of looting, KTHV reported.

The storm slammed into one of the town's main thoroughfares, destroying most of the businesses along U.S. 65, including a Fred's department store, where employee Bobbie Thomas was working.

"We all got on the floor," Thomas said. "All the debris was falling on us ... and I said, 'Lord, all I want you to do is save us today, because it's in your hands.'" (Watch buildings that have been turned to splinters, cars crushed )

Fred's was among several buildings destroyed by the storm, the station reported. The National Weather Service reported that parts of cars were hanging in trees in the storm zone.

There were no reports of fatalities, but about a dozen people were reported injured, some seriously, Arkansas State Police Cpl. Ray Siggers told KTHV.

James Robinson of Winchester told The Associated Press he saw a black cloud approaching and pulled into a McDonald's parking lot.

"It sounded just like a locomotive train, not real fast," Robinson told AP. He said he helped a woman into the restaurant, and then hid in the walk-in freezer, according to AP.

Damage from possible tornadoes was also reported in Mississippi and Louisiana.

The National Weather Service said damage that occurred early Saturday in Bossier City, Louisiana, was consistent with an EF-1 type tornado under the new Enhanced Fujita (EF) scale for rating twister damage.

Wind speeds were estimated between 90 and 100 mph.

Several Dumas restaurants, a Mad Butcher grocery store and some nearby homes were leveled, KTHV reported. Video from the scene showed several buildings rendered nearly unrecognizable. A sign for a street located a mile away was lying in the grocery store parking lot.

The Salvation Army, the Red Cross and a local Mennonite chapter was helping residents whose homes were damaged.

The storm also overturned a tractor-trailer in a store parking lot and destroyed an electricity substation, which knocked out power to the area, AP reported.

The National Weather Service said it had received a report that parts of cars were hanging in trees north of Dumas along U.S. 65. The possible tornado struck just before 3 p.m. CT (4 p.m. ET). (NWS storm reports from past three hours)

Police said they were making a door-to-door search for victims, according to The Associated Press. Emergency crews called for ambulances from a nearby county, AP reported.

Dumas and the surrounding region is located in what experts call "tornado alley," a zone across the nation where twisters often form.

Damage from a possible tornado was also reported in Tichnor, in southern Arkansas County, just northwest of Dumas. Residents reported a tornado passed near the Tichnor post office, the National Weather Service said.

Severe storms with tornado threats were moving at least 60 mph, and stretched from northern Louisiana to Arkansas. The line of storms was heading into northwest Mississippi and toward southwest Tennessee.

Staff from the Arkansas Department of Emergency were en route to Desha County to assess damage and injuries, spokeswoman Tina Owens told CNN.

"Hopefully it's hit in an area where not too many people are affected," she said. Owens said the agency had only received reports of minor damage so far in the mostly rural area.

In Texas, dozens of grass fires were fueled by winds reaching 60 mph, AP reported. Flames destroyed three homes near Midland, and in Fort Hood fires prompted evacuations, authorities told AP. No injuries were reported.

Copyright 2007 CNN. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Associated Press contributed to this report.

2007 / Iran 'launches rocket into space'
« on: February 25, 2007, 04:14:09 AM »
BBC 25FEB2007
Iran has successfully fired its first rocket into space, Iranian state television has announced.
It gave few details about the rocket or its range, but said that it had carried cargo intended for research.

Iran already has a civilian satellite programme but so far has relied on Russia to put its satellite into orbit.

The launch - if confirmed - comes at a time of mounting tension between Tehran and the West over Iran's controversial nuclear programme.

"The first space rocket has been successfully launched into space," Iranian TV said.

It quoted the head of Iran's aerospace research centre, Mohsen Bahrami, as saying that "the rocket was carrying material intended for research created by the ministries of science and defence".


In 2005, Iran's Russian-made satellite was put into orbit by a Russian rocket.

But soon afterwards Iranian military officials said they were preparing a satellite launch vehicle. Last month, they announced they were ready to test it soon, the BBC's Frances Harrison in Tehran says.

The ballistic technology used is believed to be an extension of Iran's long-range Shahab-3 missile, our correspondent says.

She says that military experts believe that if Iran has sent a rocket into space it means scientists have mastered the technology needed to cross the atmospheric barrier.

In practice, they say, that means there is no technological block to Iran building longer range missiles now, something that will be of great international concern.

Our correspondent says the timing of this announcement is clearly confrontational - just as the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany are about to meet to discuss the possibility of more sanctions over the nuclear issue.

2007 / Pakistan tests long-range missile
« on: February 23, 2007, 03:50:14 AM »
Pakistan tests long-range missile'
Al Jazeera  23Feb07

Pakistan has test-fired a nuclear-capable, surface-to-surface ballistic missile with a range of 2,000 km, a military official has said.
The Hatf VI (Shaheen II) missile with a range of 2,000 kilometres was launched from an undisclosed location, Major General Shaukat Sultan, a military spokesman, said.

The Hatf VI is a two-stage solid fuel missile which can carry nuclear and conventional warheads with high accuracy. An advanced version has a potential range of 2,500 km.

The missile has the capability to hit major cities in neighbouring India.
"The test was very successful. It was carried out to validate technical parameters," Sultan said, "it is a two-stage solid fuel based missile and it hit the target with 100 per cent accuracy."

A military official said the missile "can carry all types of warheads including nuclear".
Despite a recent thaw in relations with neighbouring India, the nuclear-rivals have been engaged in an arms race.
With a long history of distrust between the two, India is likely to be critical of Pakistan's latest missile test.
Pakistani and Indian officials had signed an agreement in New Delhi only on Wednesday to reduce the risk of an accidental nuclear war between them.
Pakistan became a declared nuclear power in 1998 in response to nuclear tests by India.

Pakistan also tested its first missile in 1998, while New Delhi tested its first atomic bomb in 1974.

New Mexico centrifuge uranium enrichment plant seen as key to expanding U.S. nuclear power industry
Chemical & Engineering News  17Jul06 may require password for access

Early on a hot Saturday morning at the tail end of June, Sen. Pete V. Domenici (R-N.M.) took a phone call at his home on Capitol Hill. On the line was Nils J. Diaz, the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), who reported that late the day before, the commission had licensed the first large U.S. nuclear project in nearly 30 years, an approval of great importance to the senator.

Diaz was referring to a $1.5 billion gas centrifuge uranium enrichment plant, a project Domenici badly wants both because of the new jobs expected to come to his state and because the project is a linchpin in his drive to revitalize the U.S. nuclear power industry. The plant will enrich, or concentrate, low levels of fissile U-235 in natural uranium to amounts needed to fuel commercial nuclear power plants. (or covertly build bombs? even little bombs?) It is to be built in the rural southeastern corner of New Mexico, and along with being a top priority for the senator, who chairs the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, the plant is sought by the nuclear power industry and the industry's regulator, NRC.

Recalling the phone conversation, Domenici said, "It was the voice of this gentleman here," pointing to Diaz at a June 28 celebration, held in Senate chambers jammed with project supporters. "He offered no apology for disturbing me on a Saturday," Domenici said. "He was clearly on a high. He wanted to tell me the extremely important date that it was and that NRC had in fact licensed the National Enrichment Facility for Lea County. He wanted to make sure I knew it was done in a timely manner."

The early morning wake-up call, Diaz said, was "revenge" for the long years of congressional and industry criticisms of NRC for failing to quickly process license applications. In a statement, the Nuclear Energy Institute, a trade association, said it too was pleased and noted that NRC had made a 30-month self-imposed processing target that "bodes well for the construction and operating licenses applications for new nuclear power plants."

Timing was also singled out for frequent applause and accolades during the Senate celebration, which drew a host of Lea County officials, most of the New Mexico congressional delegation, and top nuclear industry officials, as well as officers of Louisiana Energy Services, the planned enrichment plant's owner and operator. LES is a consortium of foreign interests, led by European firm Urenco, which is composed of British Nuclear Fuels Ltd., the Dutch government, and several German nuclear utilities. Urenco operates three plants similar to the one intended for Eunice, N.M. In all, Urenco fills about 20% of the world's enriched uranium needs for commercial power plants.

Construction at Eunice will begin in August, says Jim Ferland, LES president and chief executive officer, with production to start in 2008 and full capacity expected in 2013. When operating at top capacity, Ferland says, the facility will supply one-quarter of current U.S. needs.

"We've already sold about 80% of the first 10 years' production," he says. "We built our business plan on current demand and the assumption there will be no new nuclear plants in this country."

The project has critics, however, who challenge NRC's approval process and worry that Diaz and the other commissioners are putting their pronuclear views ahead of their responsibility as regulators.

Diaz's phone call "shows how politicized the licensing process has become," says Arjun Makhijani, a physicist and president of the Takoma Park, Md.-based nonprofit Institute for Energy & Environmental Research. IEER, the Nuclear Information & Resource Service, and Public Citizen challenged the plant during the NRC approval process. Their biggest concern is the fate of thousands of tons of depleted uranium waste that will be generated by the new enrichment facility.

They argue that NRC did not clearly set out how LES must handle the waste: depleted uranium hexafluoride. Eventually, they say, the plant's waste could join a huge quantity of similar waste generated by the government since the 1950s.

They have reasons to worry. The U.S. has produced some 700,000 metric tons of depleted UF6 held in 12-ton canisters stacked in long rows at several government facilities. A few years ago, the Department of Energy broke ground on construction of two treatment plants to process this waste. But neither is completed, and if the plants meet their most optimistic schedules, it will take them a combined 43 years to process the DOE waste.

LES intends to build its own chemical plant to treat the waste at the New Mexico site, Ferland says, but he adds that under the NRC license, the company can turn the waste over to DOE. A final decision has not been made.

The significance of this was not lost on New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a former DOE secretary. He worked out a side deal with LES that puts a cap of 60,000 tons for on-site storage of depleted uranium. When the cap is reached at Eunice, the waste must leave the state. The deal is court enforceable with penalties of at least $5,000 per day. Critics in New Mexico underscore the deal's importance by pointing north to Nevada and DOE's Yucca Mountain repository for an example of a failed nuclear waste project. Although depleted uranium is much less radioactive and toxic than the high-level radioactive waste intended for Yucca Mountain, there is 10 times more of it.

The process of concentrating U-235 is essential to the nuclear fuel cycle. Natural uranium is mostly U-238, with a very small mix of other uranium isotopes and 0.72% fissile U-235, which is needed for nuclear fuel to begin reacting and to maintain nuclear fission. To get uranium to split and release thermal energy, it needs to be enriched to 3-5% U-235.

The enrichment process takes advantage of the slight difference in atomic weight of U-235 and U-238. Both of today's enrichment technologies, gaseous diffusion and centrifuge processes, begin when uranium hexafluoride, made from uranium ore, arrives in a solid form at the enrichment facility. Both processes start by converting UF6 to a gas.

Diffusion forces the gaseous UF6 through hundreds of porous membrane barriers slowly separating the lighter U-235 from heavier U-238. The enriched UF6 with higher concentrations of U-235 is cooled, solidified, packaged, and transported to fuel fabricators. Centrifuge technology uses rotating cylinders spinning at high speeds to separate the isotopes by driving UF6 gas with the heavier U-238 against the cylinders' walls and gas containing the lighter U-235 toward the cylinders' centers. The UF6 with higher concentrations of U-235 is withdrawn and moved to cascades of additional rotating cylinders, enriching the UF6 until it reaches the proper concentration.

Centrifuge-based technology is the wave of the future. It uses about 5% the electricity of diffusion and is able to concentrate U-235 much faster. It has been used for 30 years outside the U.S.

It is also the technology used by the Iranians to enrich uranium, an effort that has been criticized by the U.S. and other Western nations. This is because by moving the uranium to more and more cascades, U-235 enrichment can reach the 85% or more needed for a weapon. The International Atomic Energy Agency has suggested putting all enrichment globally under international controls. Nonproliferation issues were not addressed in the NRC proceedings.

The U.S. has one operating enrichment facility, owned by the U.S. Enrichment Corp. (USEC) and located in Paducah, Ky. It was originally government owned and operated, producing highly enriched uranium for bombs as well as fuel for power reactors. It was turned over to USEC in 1998.

The Paducah plant uses gaseous diffusion, but USEC also plans to build a centrifuge plant. It has received an NRC license to build a demonstration centrifuge facility at Piketon, Ohio, and has an NRC application pending to build a full-scale commercial enrichment facility, also at Piketon.

The USEC facility will be slightly larger than the LES facility. Together they will produce more than half the enriched uranium needed for today's U.S. nuclear power plants. Despite these plans for new U.S. enrichment facilities, Ferland says, "there is plenty of room in the U.S. market. Nuclear power fuel should be supplied domestically. Otherwise, we are dependent on outside sources."

At this time, about 10% of U.S.-enriched uranium is produced by USEC's gaseous diffusion process, about 25% comes from Urenco's European operations, 21% is provided by the French company Cogema, and another 44% comes from the "megatons to megawatts" program.

The megatons program was created in the 1993 nonproliferation agreement between Russia and the U.S., in which some 500 tons of nuclear-bomb-grade, highly enriched uranium`”equivalent to 11,000 warheads`”is down-blended to lowenriched nuclear fuel for U.S. power plants. So far, 275 metric tons has been converted to power plant fuel.

"These new plants will remove any incentive to down-blend bomb material from weapons," Makhijani warns. Because there remains so much excess bomb-grade uranium, he argues, there is little need for new enrichment facilities in the U.S.`”on nonproliferation grounds alone.

But most of Makhijani's concerns are reserved for what is to be done with the depleted uranium waste, or more accurately, the depleted uranium hexafluoride. UF6 is highly corrosive and slightly radioactive. To treat it, steam and hydrogen are added to the depleted UF6 to produce hydrogen fluoride and uranium oxides. The result is an aqueous hydrofluoric acid by-product that may be sold and uranium oxides that NRC has defined as waste that would go to a low-level radioactive waste landfill.

This is the process LES is considering using at the New Mexico plant, and it is the treatment and deconversion technology being built at the two DOE plants in Portsmouth, Ohio, and Paducah, says Doug Adkisson, vice president and operations manager for Uranium Disposition Services, the DOE contractor that is constructing and will operate the facilities.

Adkisson says the construction should be wrapped up next year and operations should begin in 2008. To treat the backlog of 700,000 metric tons of UF6, the Portsmouth plant will run for 18 years; Paducah, for 25 years. Any plan to add the LES waste to this schedule must be negotiated by DOE and LES, he says.

Yet the NRC license and LES business plan assume that DOE's future plants will be the backup to treat the additional depleted uranium. NRC relied on DOE's cost estimates to determine the expected treatment costs for LES's operations.

Makhijani objected in testimony and a petition to NRC, saying DOE cost estimates are historically inaccurate. He worries that if DOE lowballed the cost estimates, and the cost of treatment turns out to be much higher, the company may fold, and LES's waste will wind up in one more taxpayer-funded cleanup program.

The eventual cost also may turn on NRC's decision to define the depleted uranium as a waste that can be put in a landfill in a low-level radioactive waste facility. Makhijani believes the eventual radiation dose to individuals from landfill-deposited uranium oxide is too high and that NRC's determination will not hold up under legal challenge. The waste, he says, then will eventually go to a deep-underground repository, greatly increasing disposal costs.

But when you listen to community leaders in Eunice, a very different perspective of the project emerges, a view not lost on political leaders.

Eunice was LES's third choice for a home. The company first sought to build a centrifuge enrichment facility in Homer, La., in 1991 but withdrew its application in 1998, when it faced litigation over environmental justice issues relating to the site's location between two rural minority communities.

LES then explored a site in Tennessee but dropped that effort due to local opposition. It then turned to New Mexico, largely as a result of urging from Domenici, NRC and LES staff members say.

"A booming economy`”that is what we get out of this deal," says Eunice Mayor Matt White. "Our little town is built on an oil field," he adds, describing years of economic swings driven by oil price volatility.

"Once our little city was up to 5,000 or 6,000 people, but right now we are down to 2,400. This year alone, we anticipate gaining about 1,000 new residents just from the LES plant. And they are talking about building a couple other facilities to handle the waste. So we are looking at another 400 or 500 permanent jobs."

LES, he says, has donated $1 million to upgrade the city's water supply to the level needed for the plant and some $50,000 for the fire department. Excel Energy has increased the town's and company's electrical service. But because of the state's limits on how much waste can be stored on-site, White hopes a waste storage facility might be built in Texas, which is just five miles away. LES has also established funding for a city foundation and has put in $30,000 with promises of more to come. An LES official says the company is urging construction firms to cough up more funds for the foundation.

"We are going to have an enormous impact on this community," says Marshall Cohen, LES vice president for communications, "and we want it to be a good impact. We will help the community with safety and education and do things that might not otherwise happen there."

"Oh, the city is excited about all this," White says.

LES's opponents have appealed the NRC decision on LES, but this train is on a very fast track.

Is this what Ahmadinejad is referring to when he keeps stating we have to stop nuclear enrichment also?

2007 / Deadly Toxic Bomb Hits Iraqi Town
« on: February 20, 2007, 07:21:16 AM »


Story Highlights
`¢ NEW: Six dead, scores poisoned in toxic blast in Iraqi town of Taji
`¢ 13 people killed in four newly reported Iraq attacks, police say
`¢ Outpost ambush kills two U.S. troops, eight Iraqi police, officials say

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- A cloud of deadly toxic gas engulfed an Iraqi town Tuesday, killing six people and leaving dozens of others choking on fumes after a tanker carrying chlorine exploded outside a restaurant.

An Iraqi Interior Ministry officials said the blast in the town of Taji, 12 miles (20 km) north of Baghdad, was caused by a bomb on board the tanker.

There were contrasting figures on the casualty toll. Baghdad security plan spokesman Gen. Qassim Atta told state-run al-Iraqiya TV that five people died in the blast and 148 were poisoned by the gas.

Other attacks across the country pushed the daily death toll to at least 20. Several incidents occurred in Baghdad, where a major security crackdown has been launched to stem the bloodshed.

The latest violence included:

A bomber wearing a suicide vest detonated his explosives in a funeral tent on eastern Baghdad's Palestine Street, killing five and wounding 15 others. The attack took place before 5 p.m.

In southwestern Baghdad, a car bomb exploded outside a fuel station in the Sadiya district, killing six people and wounding 11 more, police said.

In southern Baghdad, police said, a car bomb exploded near a market in the Rashid district, leaving five dead and seven wounded.

In Tikrit, a would-be suicide bomber wearing an explosives vest was shot and killed by authorities outside an Iraqi army recruitment center, police said. Tikrit is about 80 miles north of the Iraqi capital in Salaheddin province.

In other developments, Iraqi police reported finding 20 bodies across Baghdad on Monday.

Among these, an attack by three suicide car bombers near a U.S.-Iraqi outpost killed two American soldiers and eight Iraqi police officers, Iraqi officials told CNN.

The U.S. military confirmed the American deaths and said 17 U.S. troops were wounded in the "coordinated attack" north of Baghdad, but it did not reveal the strike's exact location.

Iraqi officials said the insurgents targeted Iraqi police headquarters in Tarmiya -- about 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of Baghdad -- which also houses U.S. troops.

After a series of three suicide car bombings, 50 gunmen opened fire on the outpost, the Iraqi officials said.

Insurgents fired small arms and threw grenades after an initial car bombing, a U.S. military official said.

The site, which is about 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of Baghdad, has been secured and the incident is under investigation, according to the U.S. military.

The latest deaths bring to 3,140 the number of U.S. military personnel, including seven Department of Defense civilians, killed in the Iraq war.

The ambush comes as about 112,000 U.S. and Iraqi forces continue a Baghdad security crackdown dubbed "Fardh Al-Qanoon," or "Enforcing the Law." (Watch how Iraq is doing under new crackdown )

CNN's Mohammed Tawfeeq contributed to this story.

2007 / Teen 'sport killings' of homeless on the rise
« on: February 20, 2007, 07:14:43 AM »

Teen 'sport killings' of homeless on the rise

Story Highlights
`¢ Number of attacks on homeless at highest level in almost a decade
`¢ 122 attacks, 20 murders in 2006, according to National Coalition for the Homeless
`¢ For some teens, "this passes as amusement," expert says

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (CNN) -- All Nathan Moore says he wanted to do was smoke pot and get drunk with his friends.

Killing Rex Baum was never part of the plan that day in 2004.

"It all started off as a game," Moore said.

The 15-year-old and his friends were taunting the homeless man -- throwing sticks and leaves -- after having a couple of beers with him.

No big deal, Moore says, but he's sorry for what came next.

It was a mistake, he said, a sudden primal surge that made him and his friends Luis Oyola, 16, and 17-year-old Andrew Ihrcke begin punching and kicking Baum.

"Luis says 'I'm gonna go hit him,' We're all laughing, thought he was joking around,'" but he wasn't, Moore concedes. "We just all started hitting him."

They hurled anything they could find -- rocks, bricks, even Baum's barbecue grill -- and pounded the 49-year-old with a pipe and with the baseball bat he kept at his campsite for protection.

Ihrcke smeared his own feces on Baum's face before cutting him with a knife "to see if he was alive," Moore said.

After destroying Baum's camp, the boys left the homeless man -- head wedged in his own grill -- under a piece of plastic where they hoped the "animals would eat" him.

Then, Moore says, they took off to grab a bite at McDonald's.

Baum's murder was indicative of a disturbing trend.

A National Coalition for the Homeless report says last year, there were 122 attacks and 20 murders against the homeless, the most attacks in nearly a decade. (Coalition report on 2006 homeless attacks)

Police found Baum's body two days after the teens attacked him.

They bragged about it around town. Police picked them up and they described what happened.

Ihrcke told police that killing "the bum" reminded him of playing a violent video game, a police report shows.

All three teens pleaded no contest to first degree reckless homicide charges and went to prison.

Moore recently turned 18 at Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, where he is serving a 15 year sentence.

"When [the beating] stops, you say, 'What did we just do?'" he told CNN. "There's no rational explanation." (Watch teen explain how "game" became tragedy )

Teenage 'amusement'
"It's disturbing to know that young people would literally kick someone when they're already down on their luck," said Michael Stoops, the executive director of the Washington-based National Coalition for the Homeless. "We recognize that this isn't every teenager, but for some this passes as amusement."

Criminologists call these wilding sprees "sport killing," -- largely middle-class teens, with no criminal records, assaulting the homeless with bats, golf clubs, paintball guns. (Watch how nights are cold, fearful for Milwaukee homeless )

Some teens have even taped themselves in the act. Others have said they were inspired by "Bumfights," a video series created in 2002 and sold on the Web that features homeless people pummeling each other for the promise of a few bucks.

A segment called "Bum Hunter," hosted by a Crocodile Hunter-like actor wearing a safari outfit, shows him "tagging" homeless people by pouncing on them and binding their wrists.

The distributors of "Bumfights" have claimed they've sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

But the company has had to deal with a couple of legal issues unrelated to the Baum case.

Last year, three former homeless stars of "Bumfights" won a civil suit against filmmakers. Santa Monica attorney Mark Quigley, who represented Rufus Hannah, known as "Rufus the Stunt Bum" to series' fans, said he is unable to disclose the amount of the settlement.

Also, in July 2006, a California judge ordered "Bumfights'" producers Ryan McPherson and Zachary Bubeck to spend 180 days in jail for failing to perform community service related to guilty pleas they previously entered to charges of staging illegal street fights.

"Bumfights" directors did not answer CNN's request for an interview.

Attacks across the nation
Incidents of teen-on-homeless violence dotted the map last year. Florida racked up at least six such attacks in 2006. (Homeless attack across U.S.)

In Lauderhill, four teens were arrested after they allegedly videotaped themselves beating, dragging, and stealing from a homeless man.

The victim has not been found, but the four face one charge each of strong-armed robbery.

Earlier this month, teens in Corpus Christi, Texas, videotaped themselves attacking a homeless man.

Commander David Torres said police arrested a 15-year-old and are looking for at least one more teenager and a 22-year-old who described on tape what they were about to do before they jumped on the man. (Read full story)

On the other side of the nation, former Oregon State University student Joshua Grimes stands accused of shooting and injuring a homeless man from his perch in a fraternity house window.

He has not yet entered a plea, but, according to a police report, he cried to detectives after the October shooting, telling them, "I didn't mean to shoot him."

At least three homeless people in Kalamazoo, Michigan, reported being attacked by teens on bicycles during a 10-day span in October, according to the homeless coalition.

In Huntsville, Alabama, six teens -- one of them 13 -- beat a homeless man with golf clubs, the coalition reported. But perhaps the most shocking of these examples was 2006's first recorded case of teen-on-homeless violence.

On January 12 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a surveillance camera captured two teens beating a homeless man with bats.

Prosecutors say 17-year-old skateboarder Tom Daugherty, 18-year-old Brian Hooks, a popular hockey team captain, and a third unseen teen, Billy Ammons, a high school dropout, assaulted two more homeless men that night.

One of them was 45-year-old Norris Gaynor. A witness, Anthony Clarke, told police and CNN last year that he saw the three teens approach Gaynor as he slept on a park bench. Daugherty began whacking Gaynor with a bat, Clarke said.

As Gaynor lay dying, Ammons shot him with yellow paintballs, later remarking that the beating felt like "teeing off," police said.

Gaynor was beaten so badly his own father didn't recognize him. Facing life in prison, the teens face trial for murder later this year. They have each pleaded not guilty to one count of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. (Read full story)

Lingering questions
Stoops and Brian Levin, a California State University hate crimes expert, say common themes run through teen-on-homeless violence. The attackers are almost always boys, peer pressure and mob mentality sweep away caution, and parents don't suspect their children could be capable of such actions.

Laura Simpson didn't. Her son, Justin Brumfield, is serving an 11-year prison stretch in California.

In August 2005, Brumfield and William Orantes, both 19, beat 56-year-old Ernest Adams with bats. Adams emerged from a coma three weeks later with dents in his skull, permanent scars and no vision in one eye, the Los Angeles Times reported. Orantes is serving a three-year sentence.

Simpson, a sixth-grade teacher, says she is still tormented by her son's actions and wonders if her son's irritability was more than typical teenage moodiness.

She has other questions: Was her son, a natural follower, just succumbing to peer pressure? Was he that into "Bumfights"? Did he see the fear in Adams' eyes when he raised the bat to strike him?

In a sad irony, she had adopted him; his mother was a homeless drug addict, a revelation he had learned not long before the beating and which his attorney used to explain his rage.

Her son has told her he is sorry for what happened, but her questions remain unanswered.

"As a parent, of course you're going to question yourself," she said. "It was just hard to comprehend. The first thing was, 'Not Justin. There has to be a mistake,'" she said. "You think you know everything that's going on and you don't."

When the mob mentality takes over, even the perpetrators may not comprehend what's going on.

Back at the prison in Wisconsin, Nathan Moore seems baffled by his own actions. Killing Rex Baum now registers like a "blur" or "dream," he says.

Moore and his friends knew Baum from around town. Life had been painful for the homeless man from the start; alcohol eased it. As a kid growing up in Milwaukee, when his home life became too rocky, a neighboring family took him in. He drifted through school and a brief stint in the military, his friends say, a wanderer, a loner. (Audio Slide Show: Remembering Rex Baum)

Homeless for years, he defied Wisconsin winters by constantly walking around the city, bundled in a coat patched with duct tape. For a few dollars, he pumped gas, shoveled snow off driveways, and walked neighborhood dogs.

More than 100 people came to Baum's funeral. Someone sent a newspaper clip of the story to Moore in prison.

"Every day I wish I could take it back," he said. "I seen [the] repercussions among everyone. I didn't think about any of this when [the beating] was going on."

No remorse,  no kidding

2007 / Dozens dead in India train blasts
« on: February 19, 2007, 03:23:34 AM »  19Feb2007
At least 65 people have been killed after a bomb attack aboard a train travelling from India to Pakistan.
Passengers said they heard two blasts as the train passed near Panipat, about 80km (50 miles) north of Delhi. A fire then swept through two carriages.

The train is part of the "Friendship Express" service that takes passengers from Delhi to Lahore in Pakistan.

Indian and Pakistani leaders denounced the attack as an act of terrorism aimed at disrupting their peace process.

The blasts happened a day before Pakistan's foreign minister was due in Delhi for talks with Indian leaders.

The minister, Khurshid Kasuri, said the explosion was a "horrendous act of terrorism" but it would not change his plans to visit India from 20-23 February.

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf called for a full investigation by the Indian authorities but said the attack would not undermine peace efforts between the two nations.

"Such wanton acts of terrorism will only serve to further strengthen our resolve to attain the mutually desire objective of sustainable peace between the two countries," the president said in a statement.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, expressing "anguish and grief" at the loss of life, vowed that the culprits would be caught.
The reaction from both governments suggests the prime suspects might be groups such as Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad, the main Islamic militant groups who have been blamed for many high-profile bombings, says the BBC's Jill McGivering.

Recent attacks on Delhi, Mumbai and Varanasi, for example, seemed designed to damage India's image abroad and stoke anti-Pakistan feeling inside India.

But the fact that so many of the dead on the train were Pakistani Muslims may indicate that the devices were intended for a different target, or exploded prematurely, she says.

The twice-weekly service from the Indian capital to Lahore was restarted in 2004 after a two-year gap as part of the peace process between the two countries.

More than 500 people were believed to have been on the train, the majority of them Pakistanis.

'Suffocated to death'

Two carriages were shaken by blasts at about midnight (1830 GMT Sunday) as the train was passing through the station in the village of Deewana in Haryana state.

It shuddered to a halt and a ball of fire then engulfed the two coaches
Witnesses said they saw people screaming and struggling to get out.

The injured were pulled out of the burning carriages onto the trackside by fellow passengers, and local residents rushed to help.

"I heard a loud explosion and then it was all smoke," passenger Tara Chand was quoted by Reuters news agency as saying.

"Looking at the intensity of the smoke, many people must have suffocated to death before being charred."

The BBC's Soutik Biswas, reporting from the scene, said the heat of the flames had peeled the blue paint off the coaches, and oil and cinders covered the tracks.

He went into one of the carriages and saw boxes of food and spices that many of the passengers would have been taking as gifts to friends and relatives in Pakistan.

Shiv Ram, a police railway constable, was one of the first officials on the scene.

"The coaches were totally engulfed in flames. I brought out three charred women - I could only recognise them as women because they were wearing bangles," he said.

Police said they had found explosive devices at the scene.

Beyond recognition

The burnt-out carriages were moved to a railway siding a couple of kilometres away for forensic examination.

The rest of the train continued on its journey to the border station of Attari where passengers switched to another train to travel on to Lahore.

Most of the bodies were charred beyond recognition and the mortuary at the local hospital in Panipat is overflowing.

Mohammad Saif, from Delhi, went to the site and the local hospital in search of his aunt and niece, who been visiting him from Pakistan.

"I saw them off at the Delhi railway station last night about 9pm. There was no security, no checking, nothing at the station. I've been looking for them, can't trace them," he told the BBC.

Anxious families rushed to the main railway station in Delhi where there was a handwritten list of some of the people known to have been injured.

The Indian High Commission in Islamabad said arrangements were being made to process visas immediately for Pakistanis who had relatives on the train and wished to go to India, Reuters reported.

Health & Healing / CDC Tracks Salmonella to Batch of Peanut Butter
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CDC Tracks Salmonella to Batch of Peanut Butter

The Suspected Jars
The affected jars of Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter have a product code number on the lid of the jar that begins with 2111.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has linked peanut butter to a salmonella outbreak that's sickened almost 300 people since August. No one has died `” but dozens of people have been hospitalized.

Investigators have narrowed the search to a plant in Georgia that produces Peter Pan and Great Value brand peanut butter.

When investigators at the CDC and state health agencies first began to notice a trickle of salmonella cases last fall, they were not suspecting peanut butter. The likelier culprits would be eggs or meat.

"Peanut butter, I think, has surprised everybody and certainly was not on the top of our list of suspects," says Dr. Tim Jones of the Tennessee Department of Health. Jones was among the first to document cases of food poisoning in his state; he linked it to a rare type of salmonella.

And he reported the cases to PulseNet, the CDC's electronic tracking system for food borne illnesses.

CDC Investigator.Anandi Sheth says that when similar reports starting coming in from all over the country, the agency decided to interview all the people who'd gotten sick

"We asked them about 200 foods that they ate," Sheth says. "And of those foods, peanut butter stood out as a food that was commonly eaten by the people who were ill."

By the time the CDC conducted enough interviews to name peanut butter as a real suspect, it was already January. People's memories about what they'd eaten months earlier when they got sick were a little shaky.

So investigators like Tim Jones remained a little skeptical.

"Everybody eats peanut butter," Jones said. "It's like saying I eat bread, or drink milk. So really the culprit didn't become clear until we really got down to the level of: what brand?"

This is when investigators asked the people who'd gotten sick to open up their cabinets, to see if the jar of peanut butter they'd eaten back in the fall was still there.

A surprising number of people still had the jars around `” and were able to look at the batch numbers on the lids of the jars that tell where the peanut butter was made. This is how investigators narrowed the outbreak to jars of Peter Pan and Great Value brands of peanut butter made at a processing facility in Georgia.

The plant is owned by ConAgra foods, which has now recalled all jars of peanut butter that are labeled with a product code number that begins with 2111.

A spokesman for the company told NPR that every day, plant inspectors randomly pull 60-80 jars of peanut butter and test them for salmonella. The company says they haven't had any positive hits for salmonella since at least 2004.

But food scientists say that doesn't mean that the salmonella wasn't present.

"They're really looking for a needle in a haystack when they're doing this testing after processing," says food scientist Mary Weaver, who manages certifications for the National Sanitation Foundation.

She says an outbreak of salmonella linked to peanut butter may come as a shock to consumers, but it has actually happened once before. Back in 1996 in Australia, an outbreak made 54 people sick. In that case, they were able to figure out where the salmonella came from.

"They implicated the roasted peanuts that were used to make the peanut butter," Weaver says.

The roasting process usually kills off unwanted bacteria. But in this instance, it seems some salmonella cells survived. And Weaver says it doesn't take much to cause sickness

"In fact, one cell of salmonella could make someone ill. It's a very, very, low infectious rate."

In this new outbreak, it's unclear whether the peanuts were tainted. Another possibility is that the salmonella came through cross-contamination in the plant. The FDA has just begun its investigation.

Tennessee's Tim Jones says the good news is that sickness from salmonella is rarely deadly. It can make people miserable for four or five days `” but most people recover fully.

Survival & Firearms / Tornado Hits New Orleans 13Feb07
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CNN 13Feb07

`¢ NEW: Official says FEMA teams assessing damage in the area
`¢ Powerful storms strike region still recovering from Katrina
`¢ An 86-year-old New Orleans woman dies; 15 are injured
`¢ About 20,000 people are without power in New Orleans area

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (AP) -- A powerful storm and likely a tornado hit the New Orleans area early Tuesday, killing an elderly woman, injuring at least 15 other people and damaging dozens of businesses and homes in a region still trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

An 85-year-old woman died in the city's Gentilly neighborhood, one of the areas hit hardest by Katrina 18 months earlier.

Another storm cell hit south-central Louisiana, damaging buildings in New Iberia and on the outskirts of Breaux Bridge in St. Martin Parish, but it did less damage and there were no reports of injuries. (Watch witnesses describe how area will cope with latest setback )

In the New Orleans area, trailers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency were tossed around, homes collapsed, and the wind tore the roof off a hotel across the river in Westwego. ( Watch the scene at the battered motel )

At least 10 structures were destroyed in New Orleans, said James Ross, a spokesman for Mayor Ray Nagin. Dozens of other homes and businesses were damaged in Westwego, south of New Orleans, Mayor Robert Billiot said.

"There is just so much destruction," Billiot said.

In New Orleans' Gentilly neighborhood, Stella Chambers died after the twister slammed into her FEMA trailer, ripping it and a newly renovated home apart and scattering debris about 200 feet to the Industrial Canal levee.

Neighbor Helean Lewis said Chambers' daughter banged on her door. "Her face and head were covered with blood. It was running down her side. She was crying and screaming, `Help me! I can't find my mother!' " Lewis said.

Lewis said her son went through the debris and found Chambers, still alive and crying for her daughter.

"Her body was just all mangled," Lewis said.

In Westwego, Tanya Clark, 38, sorted through the pile of rubble that had been her home, looking for whatever she could salvage. Her left arm was in a sling because the shoulder was dislocated when the storm threw her 10 to 15 yards. Her son, Blaise, had a gash on his jaw. They hadn't been able to find their Chihuahua and two cats.

"I just hope I don't find my pets under all of this," she said.

Clark said she and Blaise, 17, were asleep when the tornado hit. "The saddest part, I don't have any [homeowners] insurance anymore. A single mom, and I couldn't keep it up in the past few months," she said.

At least one nearby house also was destroyed, and a barn had been thrown into the back of a brick apartment building. Huge twisted curlicues of corrugated tin -- once roofs -- lay here and there.

About 20,000 people were without power in New Orleans, Westwego and Metairie, a spokesman for Entergy Corp. said. Public, private and parochial schools in Westwego closed for the day. Xavier University in New Orleans shut down for the day because it had no power, said spokesman Warren Bell.

Mike Wiener, spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said FEMA had assessment teams in the areas affected by the storm.

"Right now our concern is with the safety of the travel trailer residents," he said. "We're going to get them adequate housing as soon as possible, whether it be a hotel room or another trailer."

Kevin Gillespie's trailer in Westwego was pulled 5 feet and shoved next to his steps so he couldn't open the door. A FEMA trailer next door had been yanked from its moorings and flipped into his back yard, Gillespie said.

"My next-door neighbors, they had just moved back into their house from Katrina. Now it's totaled out again," he said.

He didn't know how badly his own belongings were damaged; a crew had only just cut off the gas. But the storm removed every vehicle he owned: "My car, pickup, motorbike and trailer all went away."

Still, he said, as dawn arrived, "The more damage I see there, the more fortunate we are."

At one point, emergency workers in New Orleans' uptown neighborhood scrambled to clear a downed magnolia tree so an ambulance could get by.

John Carolan, 50, who lives in the neighborhood, said he was awakened by the storm and got up in time to get into a closet with his wife.

"Ten seconds and it was over," he said.

He said the storm blew the furniture from his porch into the street.

Radar data provides "pretty convincing evidence there was a tornado," said meteorologist Robert Ricks in the National Weather Service office in Slidell. He said the damage appeared to be from one storm cell that was behind a squall line moving east, he said.

"It should be an improving trend the rest of the day," Ricks said.

Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Survival & Firearms / Eyewitness: Florida tornadoes
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Eyewitness: Florida tornadoes  03Feb2007
Florida truck driver Jim Minich lives in the town of Belleview, close to the area of Lake County badly affected by tornadoes. He told the BBC about a visit to the worst-hit area, the town of Lady Lake, to help his son cope with the aftermath of Friday's storms.
In Belleview there was no damage, but the storms passed within a quarter of a mile of my son's house, and it's a miracle his property was not more badly damaged.

I've been involved in relief efforts before, and I can say for sure that the destruction on the ground in Lady Lake at the moment is disastrous. If you imagine for yourself an active war zone, that would be the situation.

When you look at the expressions on people's faces impacted by the storms you can see they are devastated, bewildered, confused. It's clear that they don't know what to do.

They have lost everything. There was a church, built to withstand 150mph winds. Now it's completely gone. A mobile home park is nothing but a pile of rubble. You cannot recognise it.
Trees have been torn up and uprooted, and others that were not growing there have been brought in and dumped on top of them. Power lines are down.

There was a trailer filled with oranges - it weighed maybe 20,000lb (9,100kg) of trailer, and 55,000lb (25,000kg) of oranges. These storms picked it up and tossed it about and made all the oranges spill out.

Trees with a bough expanse of 150ft (46m) have been torn straight out of the ground.

These were strong storms.

I'm not sure where those people who have lost their homes are being housed. I would imagine that some churches opened their doors last night and that people in the community opened their homes.

But it isn't over yet. There are still people missing, and there are still people searching.

I'm trying not to overstress the situation. But you have to be there to observe the scale of the devastation

Survival & Firearms / Tornado Hits Florida Feb 03, 2007
« on: February 05, 2007, 07:32:12 AM »
Pictures on BBC site.
Central Florida hit by violent storms and lightening

« on: December 07, 2006, 05:54:47 AM »
Six hurt as tornado hits street  BBC

Six people were injured and about 100 houses were damaged when a tornado swept through several London streets leaving a trail of destruction.
Rooftops were ripped off and cars were badly damaged as the freak weather hit Kensal Rise in north-west London.

One man suffered a serious head injury and five people were treated at the scene for minor injuries and shock.

Eleven fire crews were called to Chamberlayne Road, which has been cordoned off because of the debris.

Witnesses said there was heavy rain and sleet, then debris flying through the air.

Colin Brewer, who lives in nearby Trevelyan Gardens, said: "It was really, really incredible. All of a sudden I saw a swirl starting to form and then, it was amazing, but it then touched land.

"I then saw clumps of all sorts of things flying into air.

"It went from exciting to terrifying."

He reported seeing trees ripped up from the roots, front doors missing, windows smashed and people being hit on the head by flying objects.

Emergency services were called at about 1100 GMT to reports of collapsed scaffolding and damage to buildings.

Helicopter scrambled

Ten ambulances and two fast response cars were sent to the scene and the London ambulance helicopter was scrambled.

London Ambulance Service said a man, thought to be in his 50s, was treated for a head injury and five others were treated for shock and minor injuries at the scene.

 Last Updated: Thursday, 7 December 2006, 14:28 GMT 

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Six hurt as tornado hits street 
Tornado damage 
Six people were injured and about 100 houses were damaged when a tornado swept through several London streets leaving a trail of destruction.
Rooftops were ripped off and cars were badly damaged as the freak weather hit Kensal Rise in north-west London.

One man suffered a serious head injury and five people were treated at the scene for minor injuries and shock.

Eleven fire crews were called to Chamberlayne Road, which has been cordoned off because of the debris.

Witnesses said there was heavy rain and sleet, then debris flying through the air.


Colin Brewer, who lives in nearby Trevelyan Gardens, said: "It was really, really incredible. All of a sudden I saw a swirl starting to form and then, it was amazing, but it then touched land.

"I then saw clumps of all sorts of things flying into air.

"It went from exciting to terrifying."

He reported seeing trees ripped up from the roots, front doors missing, windows smashed and people being hit on the head by flying objects.

Emergency services were called at about 1100 GMT to reports of collapsed scaffolding and damage to buildings.

Helicopter scrambled

Ten ambulances and two fast response cars were sent to the scene and the London ambulance helicopter was scrambled.

London Ambulance Service said a man, thought to be in his 50s, was treated for a head injury and five others were treated for shock and minor injuries at the scene.
London Fire Brigade said up to 50 firefighters were at the scene and had cordoned off the area.

Transport for London said a number 52 bus was caught up in the tornado.

A spokesperson said: "The windscreen of the bus was damaged. No-one was hurt and the bus has now gone back to the garage."

Brent Council has set up a respite centre at the nearby Church of the Transfiguration for residents who have been made temporarily homeless.

"The council has sent officers, including tree and building experts, and contractors, to help with removing fallen trees and damaged properties," said a council statement. CLICK FOR STORY

General / DR Congo hippos 'face extinction'
« on: October 19, 2006, 04:15:36 AM »

Poaching has brought the hippopotamus population in Democratic Republic of Congo to within a few months of extinction, wildlife experts say
Researchers from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) say the population has halved in the last two weeks.

They say the Mai Mai militia has set up camp in Virunga National Park and catches the animals for meat and ivory.

The hippo entered the Red List of Threatened Species this year, and is declining in many parts of Africa.

ZSL says the militia killed hundreds of hippos in a two week period, and numbers now are below 400.

Its scientists warn the entire population may disappear before the end of the year without urgent action.

Big challenge

Twenty years ago there were about 22,000 hippos in Virunga Park, but the country's civil war brought numbers crashing down.

Its location on the border with Uganda and Rwanda has made it prone to incursions. Rwandan rebels fled to the area after the 1994 genocide.

The situation had stabilised after campaigns by Congolese and UN troops to oust the rebels and the establishment of an elite ranger corps within the park.

Some of these rangers have reportedly been attacked by the Mai Mai group.

ZSL's Bushmeat and Forests Conservation Programme Coordinator, Lyndsay Gale, who spends about half of her time in Virunga, said: "This is one of the biggest challenges the park rangers have had to face since the war.

It comes as a devastating blow after recent surveys indicated wildlife populations were beginning to recover from over a decade of civil war."

As well as hippos, the militia is also hunting buffalo and elephant, ZSL reports.

The Society is appealing for more funds to go into its work with local conservation groups and rangers.

There are thought to be about 130,000 hippopotamus in Africa, with Zambia holding the biggest population.

But a continent-wide decline of about 30% in 30 years brought its inclusion on this year's Red List as a species vulnerable to extinction
They will be extinct in a matter of weeks.

General / Project Monarch
« on: October 03, 2006, 04:25:49 AM »

The US department of Defense's original plans to research the Mind control phenomena was to determine psychological and chemical formulas providing the US with the "perfect" espionage agent. This quickly evolved into planning the "production" of the perfect soldier... government worker...slave.

However, German SS officer/occultist Himmler's research development scientists sent this search 'for the "Manchurian Candidate" off in another direction ... PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETIC ENGINEERING.

It was determined that "absolute" mind control could be realized through specific tortures of the intended transgenerational Victim ...from the moment of birth!

Armed with this deadly research, a collection of "dedicated psychiatrists" from Germany, Italy, and the US, a new but ancient form of mind-control was reborn through Project Monarch.

Modern science had simply unraveled the occult cryptic so called "magikal" secrets of mind spawn a new generation of "superior beings"...who could NEVER ASK WHAT THEIR COUNTRY COULD DO FOR THEM...BUT ONLY WHAT THEY COULD DO FOR THEIR COUNTRY.

Project Monarch is a US Defense Department code name assigned to a subsection of the Central Intelligence Agency's Operation Artichoke later become Project MK Ultra. Whereas Project Monarch was officially dedicated sometime in the early 1960's by the US Army. Project Monarch is a genealogical approach to define transgenerational (via genetic psychology) behavioral modification through trauma based psychological mind control.

The original documentation which spawned this project was derived from collected intensive research previously performed by top SS German Nazi scientists (1927-1941) as the result of their interest in the multigenerational affects of occult psychology as applied in the nuclear family of known pedophiles. The identified leader of this research was an SS officer by the name of Himmler.

This German government Top Secret ("BLACK ARTS") research was originally considered to be a significant "bonus" by-product of the US Department of Defense's Project 63 A.K.A., Project National Interest. Project 63 was dictated to the secret importation of a group of German Nazi and Italian fascists scientists. This was accomplished in 1959 so as to reunite these scientists with their captured comrades from WW II. These scientists areas of expertise were primarily physics (rocket R& D), psychiatry (mind control/Psychological Warfare), and micro biology/ pharmacology.

Although Project Monarch information has to date not been declassified as was it's research umbrella from D.o.D. mind control studies known as project MK Ultra. It never-the-less has become a household word among a multitude of Intelligence Community operatives.

Project MK Ultra was exposed publicly in 1970 through law suits filed by Canadian survivors and/or their surviving families. These brave persons received the cooperation of Canadian Intelligence individuals and others who uncovered one of the CIA's original mind control research mental health facilities based in Montreal, Quebec Canada. Although the CIA and Canadian government settled the lawsuits out of court so as not to be required to officially admit to any wrong doing -- the secret was out.

Now, two decades later the United States and Canadian populace is beginning to feel the criminal atrocities being committed against them in the private sector as a direct result of the so-called "secret" mind control experiments.

Now, a wave of transgenerational occult mind control victims are so numerous within our general population that the US government has launched, through its vast network of CIA operatives; misinformation campaigns to cover-up this source of pure evil. One of the most prominent misinformation campaigns is targeting a supernatural source (rather than the CIA) with the justification label "spiritual warfare"... A.K.A. to Intelligence specialists as Operation Armageddon.

1. ALPHA - This is considered "regular programming." This is actually what would be considered a "base Personality" control. The original purpose of Alpha was to program (train/condition the mind through torture) of the espionage agent to perform certain difficult tasks. This program also locks in photographic memory, improves physical strength up to 5 times, and visual acuity is radically improved to 40 times normal limits, along with a host of other super-human traits. Alpha programming is accomplished through deliberately subdividing the victim's personality, which in essence causes a left brain right brain division allowing for a programmed union of L and R through neuron pathway stimulations and you've got . a person who can now utilize both sides of his/her brain for any simple task.

2. BETA -This is a combination of Alpha ; "logic" programming and Beta primordial (primitive mind) sex programming. This programming eliminates learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instincts devoid of inhibitions. This training Program (usually for women) is for developing the "ultimate prostitute"...a sex machine. This is the most used (by the abusers knowledgeable of the Project Monarch) program. Children of knowledgeable persons are being preconditioned through incest and "sold" into the conspiracy for additional Beta conditioning to eventually satisfy the bizarre perversions of politicians, bankers, drug lords, or anyone deemed valuable to the conspiracy.

3. DELTA - This program was originally designed to train special agents and espionage agents' minds for becoming fearless terrorists devoid of fear and basic self preservation instincts capable of incredible feats of physical endurance and murder. The new revised edition of Delta has pulled from the Delta program information on training the new breed of man - one who kills and, if caught, self-destructs. This program is now applied to some Beta prostitutes who double as drug protect the identity of their owners if they are caught, they die -of "natural causes."

4. THETA -Psychic programming ...the "exotic one". But not to be confused with the paranormal phenomenon of fortune telling or future forecasting. Those are examples of a magician's craft - while Theta psychic programming was and is the exploration of an unpredictable fact of human science. The initial results of Theta programmed subjects were inconsistent that the Theta project was virtually abandoned before its research completion date. Duke University, North Carolina, among other prominent "institutions", devoted many years to this project with what equated to poor results. It seems that the region of the brain able of transmitting and/or receiving "mental messages" has not yet evolved to a level for dependable communication...with any predictable, reliable consistency. The Soviets, however, invested billions of dollars into their version of psychic research and claimed/proved remarkable successes. With the advances in directed energy research... Theta "psychic driving" is obsolete.

But the Theta program "head" was not dead yet. Theta couldn't die because of the Soviet's reported evolved into bio-medical human telemetry and directed target energy involving lasers and/or electromagnetics...the results of which were referred to as "electronic possession". The ultimate challenge for the 21st century exorcist... providing he worked a day job-as a skilled CIA supported Neurosurgeon.

A few years ago, this programming technique involved the surgical implantation of sodium/lithium powered high frequency receiver/ transducers coupled to a multi-range discharge capacitor that when signaled by remote control would electronically stimulate designated parts of the brain to signal the victim to respond according to his/her program. These experiments were only partially successful with a high mortality and paralysis rate. However, the technical mind control equipment evolution would advance to levels well beyond the grasp of any reader. Now it seems that "implants" will eventually become as common in numbers as are the victims of trauma based psychological mind control...but non implanted ,non programmed victims will hold the largest majority...the 1990's version of mind control requires neither implant or program...just computer driven directed energy using microwave...anybody can become a target.

Originally the physical components thought to be necessary to program/deprogram were rather complex and cumbersome...enough "laboratory decadence" to make Dr. Frankenstein blush. There were elaborate sound and light-proof sensory depravation isolation chambers, some using exotic suspension fluids that could mimic weightlessness. Direct current high voltage with very low amperage electroshock devices are the most important tools of the trade as the brain is electrically powered. Voltages ranged from .072 volt to 200,000 depending on application and to what part of the body it was to be administered.

There are "strap on" head and foot devices that could deliver a mind altering shock of an exact duration according to the subject's brainwave activity and/or heartbeat. Other portable hand held stun gun type devices can deliver shock up to 200,000 volts for a variety of reasons, but primarily for instant control of the conscious mind.

A great deal of successful research and development went into the effects of harmonics or inaudible to the conscious ear sound waves that affect the RNA covering of neuron pathways to the subconscious. Harmonics generators, code named ether-wave, are capable of subconscious mind embedding detailed messages (commands linked to audible triggers). This is known as electronic programming and is a standard programming device in all forms of Project Monarch. Hence the reason many Monarch survivors (drug mules/prostitutes) recall being taken onto certain US military bases and "Freedom Ranch" a.k.a. trauma centers for "programming".

Mind altering drugs...natural and synthetic compounds that can instantly alter certain brain/thought functions were developed from modern medical technology and from ancient witchcraft formulas.

The revised components list is not so comprehensive and obvious. For instance, a sound proofed burial casket makes a great sensory depravation chamber similar to one being used now at a Kentucky (CIA) conditioning camp". There, Delta, Alpha, and Beta victims of this conspiracy are regularly taken by their owners for " reconditioning " a n d reprogramming for drug muling runs or "assignments". Most make it out of this man-made-hell alive, some don't...but as it is said, there's always more where those came from. Whereas, the only other equipment components needed are devices to hang victims upside down by their ankles, cattle prods the cylinder type that are inserted deep into the vagina or rectum for a "simulated orgasm with the devil".

High voltage (up to 200,000 volts DC) hand held law enforcement type stun guns are a must tool for the victim's owner to erase certain memory (if used on the muscle area of the victims within 2 hours of the "to-be-forgotten" event, and to control the victim's "insane" fits of rage if they are mistakenly triggered to perform a pre- conditioned task and they are at the moment in the "wrong personality". The only other components the Beta owner must posses are a diary or a damn good memory of their programs, key, and a working knowledge of hypnosis. In other words, a small brief case will contain everything a Beta owner "needs" to control his slave...completely ...forever.

The formula for Beta programming is the exact same as for Alpha, the only difference is that through a series of specific tortures and commands the Beta victim retreats deeper into her primitive mind and the results are a woman with a child like insatiable sexual appetite. This re- tapped sexual appetite was "developed" in her formative years through constant incest with her father figure. What begins as unbearable pain to a child's mind quickly "switches" to an sexual desire for the very person who was abusing her...daddy. This reversal is the key to all programming -Pain becomes pleasure, up is down, etc. Hence the reason Colonel Michael Aquino, attached to the DIA, adopted the satanic philosophy of reversing everything including bad is good.

The following information, although intended for multi- generational family abuse systems, is adequate to divide a person's base personality for enslavement purposes, but for humanitarian reasons, I cannot publish the actual programming information, If you try this at home -you are on your own, and when our nation "wakes up" will become a target for prosecution.

First, slow body metabolism by reducing caloric intake say, for an average 125 lb. female 19-30 years of age to 300 per day -reduce to 0 intake of all sugar, lower protein intake accordingly, (This action will literally starve the brain into submission).

From time to time water depravation may be necessary to swell the brain by raising the temperature making memory of experienced events difficult or impossible to recall by the victim a.k.a. the "kiss and not tell syndrome". Combine with 3 to 10 seconds-f 120,000 volts to leg or back. Vomiting and flu like symptoms will occur but memory is now hidden behind a wall of "black lightening".

Sleep depravation - absolutely a must in preconditioning and continued maintenance for new programming. Victims must not experience more than two hours continuous uninterrupted sleep. Maximum sleep allowed 3 hours per 24 hour day. Days should be spent in heavy physical exercise to the point of constant exhaustion. This action stimulates the brain to overproduce endorphins and thus temporarily silence the logic center. This action also is responsible for reversing the brain's functions from right to left or vice versa. Victims will respond to most any command robotically and hypnotic programming becomes a breeze.

Hanging the victims upside down for periods of time, one-two hours per day will further trick the brain into dissociation from reality and can reverse such primordial brain functions as turning pain into pleasure - up will become down - out will become in, and above all the person administering the tortures will become omnipotent in the victim's now rearranged mind. This phenomena is likened to the Stockholm Syndrome.

Daily tortures administered should focus on any of the known victims former idiosyncrasies. This could include introducing ant into the ear canal or coverings the victim in say (harmless) spiders or snakes (rubber facsimile will work) or exposing them to loud noises (firecrackers) disguised as bombs, heated needles or toothpicks under the fingernails, even constant tickling. These idiosyncrasies then became "tortures-of-the-mind" tortures that there are no escape from. When the operator ceases torturing the victims short of death, he's considered benevolent and "worship" by the victim will again commence ...even stronger than before. The controllers voiced wishes will become instead commands to the victim and all moral decision making processes (sex, murder, etc.) totally bridged (ignored) by the "new mind" of the victim.

High voltage electroshock has multi use purposes - for Torture, left brain right brain function, reversals, and, depending on the amount of voltage administered and the location on the body, to compartmentalize programs or to set in new ones. Electroshock is also used as a "harmless" not so subtle reminder to carry out commands. High DC voltage is a key component as it, too, produces an instant euphoric state due to the increased endorphin production, coupled with the victim's total lack of physical control.

Sensory depravation can be accomplished through hanging in conjunction with eye and ear covers - or with more elaborate sound and light proof rooms or even burial caskets. I am more familiar with specially heated salt water tanks where buoyancy accomplishes weightlessness, and fitted electroshock movement sensitive sensors are positioned on the victims to stimulate the mental sensation of loss of consciousness while wide awake and should the victims move externally, high voltage is automatically administered and the victim actually looses consciousness momentarily. This process is repeated over and over until the brain is trained to stop all external body movement from the conscious mind. Then the victim can be audibly commanded and programmed to a calendar date to perform a task:...say 50 years in the future Without even being cued by an operator...flawlessly. This program becomes a part of the primitive mind -the same one that tells the victim's heart to beat, etc.

Death or health programs can easily be put in place and are not diffusible through conventional psychiatry without knowledge of exact keys administered by an expert psycho/hypno- therapist. I personally know of one 13 year old girl who is currently institutionalized awaiting such care due to her being locked in through the use of sophisticated harmonics equipment from birth, But US Department of Justice officials have stopped her mother (Beta victim) in their pursuit of Justice...and so goes the mother's credibility and the needed expert mental health assistance for her child.

Now you've got the formula. "Try" and protect yourself from it ...nobody else will.

It is "alleged"...

The first victims were captured MPD spies and dissidents from friendly and dissident nations, but unfortunately for the second group of victims, there weren't enough caught to properly study and develop the so-called Manchurian Candidate, via psychological abuse with our country's newly organized Project MK Ultra.

The second group, it is alleged, were bright aggressive young men who had applied to Officers Candidate School (OCS). These men took entrance exams and psychological tests, tests that revealed whether or not they would become "candidates" for Project Monarch as their entrance psychological exams revealed they were victims of child abuse.

These eager young men were allegedly told (more or less) that they couldn't go to OCS for whatever reason but they could "volunteer" for a career in Intelligence and with their Top Secret "training" they could develop incredible super human physical and psychological abilities...with a "just sign here".

This true but very misleading information created powerful patriotic images in their minds...they envisioned being "special" espionage agents in just a few months instead of years at OCS. 007 stuff...well, sort of anyway. They were the first volunteers! Their fates are unknown even to their families and themselves if they're still alive.

The present day Beta victims are allegedly "recruited" a little younger than 19...BIRTH. Some (but certainly not all) by fathers who got caught sending kiddy porn through the US Mails, but most were either government or MOB connected. These "caught" fathers were more or less then blackmailed by alleged CIA agents to dedicate their child to the program in exchange for money, business favors, and protection against prosecution...these pedophiles became an honorable member of a US Government Criminal Conspiracy. The father's were then educated at government expense on how to precondition their little girl/boy with tortures of the mind and body and with sex - which would give this child a "gift that keeps on giving" Multiple Personality Disorder - a super child.

Some more aggressive fathers would have a half dozen children and "dedicate" as many as "Uncle" wanted. Most all became affluent or rich...except the victims...The Victims of Project Monarch.

Organized crime bosses jumped in the conspiracy for the protection of their lucrative child/adult pornography business. Day Care Centers were Opened by conspiracy members for what, was dubbed a "kiddy smorgasbord". Some conspirators got "sloppy" and used to much occult or satanic trauma for the Mind Control base on the kids and they "told". But to no our government regards public exposure of their own human experiments as a "threat to National Security".

West Point had Day Care Center that recently collapsed under the pressure of irate parents who themselves were students at this elite OCS school in the "free" world. The same thing happened at Presidio, California.

The government (US Army C/ID) covered it up in the name of National Security and the kids, are, in counseling now -scarred mentally for life. SO for now it looks like its going to be a return to "in home supply" and implants because it's the American way...and father and Uncle Sam "knows best" as they say.

Note: There are many other known methods of recruiting victims for Alpha and Beta. This was just two common identified methods, among others, in professional sports. I could write a volumes on the other methods for types of Alpha victims such as "super baseball (victim) players who from time to time forget how to pitch and embarrass their owners.

Ironically enough, one of the main alleged organizers of this conspiracy is a baseball fanatic and even required two of the Beta victims he used from time to time to memorize every players batting average on four teams...this man was US Attorney General, appointed by Reagan, who resigned his post in a cloud of dishonor and is now chief legal council for our "NEW WORLD ORDER" police force...the United Nations.

The identity of some of the main users/abusers of Project Monarch Alpha/Beta programmed victims have been positively identified to me by survivors who existed at the top of this US Government Criminal Conspiracy literally for their entire lives. There are other victims who are simply too afraid to talk now, programmed with the "No Where to Run, No where to Hide" and/or "Who Ya' Gonna Call" CIA themes, but can and will eventually... because they've named their abusers from the Pentagon to the White House.

These users appear to be focusing not on recreational sex, but on drugs -billions of dollars annually in heroin/cocaine muled into the US via cruise ships, airplanes- private and commercial by Alpha Beta victims. The sale of these drugs is allegedly supporting the CIA's illegal covert action habits. The CIA doesn't have a "Black Budget" like the Pentagon boys...they earn theirs the "old fashion way" - by importing and selling drugs through elaborate network systems of users that the CIA has taken years to establish. They also consume a lot of their own product!

I've heard from victims some of the dollar amounts that were transferred via computer on just one deal that could buy a banana republic. The Beta mules stopped carrying suitcases full of cash in mid 1986 after the shift from Cuban/Jamaican suppliers went to Mexico. It has been confirmed that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) treaty was Mexico' s reward for their cooperation.

The abusers are really anyone the Beta victims have come in contact with...that knows what she/he is and how to activate their programmed triggers.

To name a few, there are drug lords, politicians, (federal, state, and local) corrupt law enforcement personnel, big name entertainers who themselves usually own a Beta victim or two and a host of other conspiracy members.

Victims are traded among members like livestock. When they reach 30 years of age they are many times used in snuff porn movies, or what is termed "thrown from the Freedom Train." The abusers are too numerous to mention here, but in the reports previously disseminated, were named - many on the Washington, DC level, and hopefully will become visible media targets once myself and concerned others wake up the populace with the well hidden truth.

Psychological mind control techniques, formulas and equipment, unlike nuclear weapon systems, can be reproduced without exotic and expensive component the privacy of one's own home by virtually any one with average intelligence, a little information, and no conscience tie. criminals). Mind Control Out Of Control is just as lethal as nuclear war byproducts, however through genetically engineering psychology...the "evil" seed is passed on generation to generation.

Trauma based mind control, also aptly termed "white slavery" for the CHOSEN ONES IN THE 21ST Century will be predictably the largest "cottage industry" in terms of illicit profits, death, and destruction of innocent victims...unless the trend is stopped and those responsible in government and the private sector are punished and the survivors/victims given qualified rehabilitative psychiatric care.

The US now has nuclear regulatory agencies which exercise caution as to who can even build nuclear weapons, power plants, x- ray machines, or even smoke detectors. But not for Mind Control - thanks to the same US government corrupt's out of control.

The results of which are showing up everywhere. Multiple Personality Disordered persons are now common place - whereas before 1980 it was one of the rarest diagnosed psychiatric disorders...from 200 cases to 24,000. Which could mean a bare minimum over 250,000 undiagnosed programmed MPDs walking around waiting to explode with rage as serial killers, child abusers, etc. etc. etc., against the society that protects a few US government criminal conspirators -why?

While we're waiting for the answer, another child is being raped, most likely by the very person biologically designed to protect them...their father. So in a few years - he can put a notice in his computer bulletin board..."Beta trained child for sale...Best offer...will trade for business of equal value."


1. Victim majority is female (71%).

2. Victims are Multiple Personality Disordered (100%).

3. Victims/survivors have (or are) participated in commercially and privately produced/sold legal and illegal pornography. (100%) interviewed). This pornography is often the "underground variety" of bestiality, child/adult, child/child, adult/infant, sado-masochistic, satanic/occult films and videos, magazines, and still photographs.

4. Older victims were frequently tattooed for easy identification with a "so-called" Blue or other colored MONARCH butterfly. This practice became more or less obsolete in the early 1970's and was replaced by the victim wearing butterfly hair barrettes, large butterfly ear rings, pins, necklaces, bracelets, or embroidered insignias to "advertise" their art of expertise to knowledgeable abusers. This rule applies to 100% of the victims interviewed.

5. ALL MONARCH survivors were victims of brutal sexual child abuse. Programmed survivors have been found to be multi- generational incest victims whose genealogy can be traced to either Catholicism, Mormonism, and/or members of US Intelligence Communities.

6. Many victims are frequently determined to have been the natural or adopted children of multi-generational Satanist or in some cases "renegade witchcraft" occult groups.

7. Survivors once in therapy are always adjusted to possess homicidal and/or suicidal ideations which only recently has been determined to be as a result of sophisticated trauma base psychological programming.

8. Victims almost always possess multiple electric prod (stun gun) scars and/or the resultant moles in the muscled areas of the back, arms, neck and thighs. Some victims are also (in addition to) vaginally mutilated through "body piercing" (rings placed in nipples, vaginal lips, or clitoris) or through actually elaborated carving the vaginal area. Also, scars from branding irons or knives throughout the body will depict pentagrams, animals, crosses, even certain cartoon characters. There is also a group that "forces" moles through electric shock and/or chemical application to the neck and face to further identify to abusers the victim's training/programming.

Due to the length of this Article the list of Reference Material has been omitted from this publication. Copies may be obtained by sending an SASE to Mark Phillips, PO Box 158352, Nashville, Tennessee 37215

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