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It takes a while to realise all is not what it seems online. Posting becomes "fun". A way to wile away the hours. Soon, as you descend lower into the rabbit hole you realise the Judaics and there many minions take things a little more seriously.

I dont think there is a better debater on the subject of the evil we face today than Michael Hoffman. Link To Blog - Revisionist History Web Site

He is a "word smith" par excellance. He knows the way of the Judaic Supremacists inside and out. A must read for ANYONE wishing to take on the chicken twirlers.

Posted below are the photographed pages of his excellent "booklet"...

"The Role Of The Merchants Of Venom: The Trend Towards Shadow Play In The Resistance To Judaism and Zionism"

There is much here to learn and I wish I had read it years ago.

My favorite passage that we must all keep close to our mind when posting...

Those who have gained significant inside knowledge of Zionism and Judaism have historically fallen into the trap of hating judaics, and as a result, either have had their power manipulated, coopted and redirected, as did Henry Ford and Adolph Hitler, or were neutralized and subsequently collapsed into oblivion and defeat; examples of the latter being to lengthy to enumerate.

With the attack so suffered recently, we must pull together as a forum in the spirit of exposing lies in the highest ethical and moral context. Failure to do this will result in this forum being "coopted, manipulated and redirected".

Of course, i do humbly ask for your consideration on these matters.

Please support Hoffman by buying his work. I posted these because I thought the booklet was important and I hope others will be interested in his writing and put their money up for quality and IMMEDIATELY useful work.

General / "Born Rich" - Video Interviews With Rich & Shamless Kids
« on: February 04, 2007, 12:11:38 AM »
This is a documentary made by a 21 year old heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune.
Just interviewing his rich friends and associates about how hard it is being "rich". Bring tissues!

Luke Weil - Gaming Industry heir. Also complete arsehole.
YouTube Link

Stephani Ercklentz - Finance Heiress (Damn cute, will you marry me sweetie?)

YouTube Link

Si Newhouse IV - Publishing Heir
YouTube Link

Gorgina Bloomberg - Cant remember. Nice bum though in those riding pants.
YouTube Link

Christina Floyed - Sporting Heiress (No black men at her country club)
YouTube Link

Carlo Von Zeitschal - Prime "Poonce"/Blue Blood (winner most effiminate Count in Europe)
YouTube Link

Josiah Hornblower/Whitney - Simply rich.
YouTube Link

Cody Franchettie - Textile Heir (aka: Mr Smarmy)
YouTube Link

Ivanka Trump - Daddy's Girl.
YouTube Link

It's no secret Hollywood is OFFICIALLY in bed with the Pentagon. It's also common knowledge that Hollywood is the propaganda arm of the Zionist/Globalist social engineer's and has been since the takeover in the 20's.

Here is a collection both good and bad of what is coming out of Hollywood that addresses certain issues indirectly. Some overtly, some covertly. Both television and movie.

"Dawn Of The Dead"

Check out the start. Muslims praying and then it cuts straight off into the horrible baddies. What would be the point of linking Islam with some sort of biological disease?

YouTube Video

Israels Next War

PBS "Frontline" Documentary

YouTube Video Extract Here...

The entire documentary is a great example of "apologetics". So called "extremists" are to blame for a'lot of the trouble according to this documentary. Really? All these people are, is what the average Israeli WANTS to happen to the Arabs. ALL Israeli's and ALL jews to greater and lesser degree's want a restoration of the old Biblical lands. Lands stolen from the original inhabitants and then re-stolen in 1948..."officially".

When jews complain about "extremists" they are complaining about the "trouble" the extremists are generating outside Israel with their antics. Jews are beginning to see that if they don't pull there heads in with regards their "Greater Israel" ambitions, things will not go well for them.

The bleating of jews outside Israel has everything to do with the gathering public knowledge of the hellish life the Palestinians must endure and NOT because they have suddenly found a compassionate bone for them.

The Talmud and Zohar/Kabahlla instruct the jew on the attitude to non-jews. We see in this doco the constant reference to the Talmud as a book of "revenge" and the vengeful and spiteful nature of the settlers.

The REAL proof in the pudding to secular Israels attitude to jewish extremism is the ridiculously light sentences handed down to 3 of the major protagonists who were attempting to blow up an Arab girls school. They received 15 and 12 years between them. With parole that makes them out in 5 years! After an attempted MASS MUDER!

Here is the "trailor" packed with fuel drums and propane tanks...

But for the grace of God they were caught.

The entire doco will make your skin crawl. The arrogance of these people. Be sure to realise that the so called "extremists settlers" have been let run wild for years. It is ONLY outside pressure that has brought them to heel "somewhat" and not a sudden realization from "secular jews" that maybe they out to be nicer.

Full video found here...

PBS Blurb For Documentary
In "Israel's Next War?" FRONTLINE goes deep inside the world of militant Jewish radicals who pose a grave new threat to Israeli security and, potentially, to the region. "The dream of these extremists"`”to blow up the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, one of the most important holy sites in the Muslim world`”"should give us sleepless nights," says former Israeli Security Chief Avi Dichter. "Jewish terror is liable to create a serious strategic threat that will turn the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a conflict between thirteen million Jews and a billion Muslims all over the world."

In "Israel's Next War?" FRONTLINE profiles two young men`”Shlomo Dvir and Yarden Morag`”who planned to set off a bomb at a Palestinian girls school just as hundreds of young students arrived in the morning. The timing was carefully designed to harm as many children as possible. "It was my idea," says Shlomo Dvir in an exclusive interview from an Israeli prison. "Whoever gets hurt, gets hurt." Most Israelis reacted with shock and horror when Dvir and Morag's plan was revealed`”but a small minority refused to condemn them.

Dvir and Morag's bomb never went off`”an Israeli policeman lucked onto their plot at the last minute`”and the investigation led Israeli security officials to an underground of other radical settlers who helped with this attack and others. These settlers are part of a much larger group of far rightists in Israel`”the Kahanists, who are members of Kach, the outlawed party of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, who rose to prominence in the 1980s with his message that nothing short of the expulsion of all Arabs from Jewish land will guarantee Israeli security.

"There are certain conditions, according to Jewish law, under which non-Jews may live here," says Shmuel ben Yishai, an Israeli settler in Hebron. "This doesn't apply to the Arabs, they don't fit the category. They have to get the hell out!"

"At a time when most in Israel are hoping for a fresh opportunity for peace with the Palestinians, a rift is developing between the extremists and the rest of the Israeli people," says producer Dan Setton. "And that rift will only grow if the extremists find a wider audience for their message." Right now, while some among the settlers might be sympathetic, relatively few are willing to act. Still, the security services are worried.

"The phenomena that we're talking about are not on the fringe," says Yitzhak Dar, head of the Jewish section of the Israeli security service. "The glue that holds them together is ideology. It's a very, very dangerous ideology`¦.When they try to put it into action, through the murder of the prime minister, through the murder of the Arabs, through the massacre at the Hebron Mosque, it's the beginning of the end of a system that can defend itself."

Among the extremists, there is a feeling of persecution by the Israeli government.

"I think the government is mainly afraid of us because we represent an alternative," says Noam Federman, a prominent Kahanist who trained some of the school bomb plotters on how to withstand interrogation from Israeli police. "We basically explain the Arab problem as Rabbi Kahane saw it. We say this should be a Jewish country and I think that's what threatens them."

Mike Guzofsky, a transplanted New Yorker and leading Kahanist, is convinced that the very people who are now painted as extremists will one day be viewed as heroes. "I think the day will come when the secret service and the government will look for Jews who are willing to risk their lives and go into Arab villages and kick them out, kill them`¦ and we have thousands of civilians with the military know-how to instigate a mega-attack against Arabs."

General / A Collection Of Extracts From Doco's On The Iraq War
« on: January 29, 2007, 06:01:34 PM »
Whats going on in Iraq?

I'll post these various extracts on life in Iraq for both the U.S Military and Iraqi's over time. They will be short and sweet and easily embedded in web pages if you want them.

Lets start with...

M1A1 Optics - How Well Can They See?

Remember when the Spanish news team were killed in the upper floors of a well known hotel in Baghdad? An M1A1 Tank shot a H.E round at them claiming they thought the news crew were a "rocket team". This was at the end of major hostilities. As the tank gunner here explains...the optics on a M1A1 can count the eye lashes on the enemies face. The Spanish news crew were murdered. That goes for ALL of the dead new teams taken out by the U.S Military. But then if I was risking my life...i guess a news crew keen for some hot footage would piss me off too. It does not explain other instances of news crews targeted by the U.S Military at times of non combat.

YouTube Video

General / Robert McNamara - Extracts From Doco "The Fog Of War".
« on: January 29, 2007, 05:44:29 AM »
In this first extract McNamara describes the firebombing of 1 million Japanese civilians and the destruction of 67 Japanese cities...BEFORE the Atomic Bomb was used.

In the end he admits that if they had lost the war he and Lemay would have been tried as war criminals. So too the war criminals of "Bomber Command" - Sir Aurthur "Bomber" Harris and the American 8th air force over Germany and the flattening of 40 German cities. Truly, history is written by the victors. No wonder the Holohoax has to be kept going for all the criminals concerned.

YouTube Video

General / "Wag The Dog": How To Fake A News Broadcast - Video
« on: January 29, 2007, 02:38:00 AM »
6 minute extract from the fantastic and funny movie about how a group of insiders plot to "fake" a war to distract the American public from a sex scandal just weeks before the Presidential election. So accurate on so many levels.

Remember this next time "Usama" makes an appearance on the telly.

YouTube Video

General / What Is An American Jew Doing Writing The Iraqi Constitution?
« on: January 29, 2007, 01:19:32 AM »
Is Someone Trying To "Rub It In"?

Note that Professor Noah Feldman states that it has ..."to look like Saddam is getting a fair trial" as opposed to Saddam "getting" a fair trial. It just has to "look" that way. ;)

YouTube Video

Enough laughter! Johnny Horton rocks! And dont you forget it!

I think I have captured the true essence of the Iraq War...sadness. Simple sadness over the whole disgusting state of affairs. My neighbor cried when I showed it to her a year ago. I hope you like it to.

"When Johnny Comes Marching Home"...

YouTube Video

As we all know the Germans were nasty baby eaters who could turn on you in an instant. It's amazing there were any P.O.W's at all. Surely they must have been butchered immediately just like the jews?

Well, i've been known to read a "Commando Comic" or two in my time (who remembers those?) and I tell ya I was surprised at these confessions of former Stalag detainees. Surely they are lying about their good treatment?

Charles Henderson (above) must surely be the craziest? Claiming the Hitler Youth and their supervisor treated him well and they ate "Blackberries" together after he was captured? Yeh, right. Charles says he was asked if he was American or English on capture. This was because British air crew were shot on site because they were brave and handsome - or because they were butchering tens of thousands of innocent German Civilians  in "area bombing" which the Americans initially refused to take part in. Who can say the real reasons for the crazy things the media tells us Germans did in WW2?

Jim Davidson is also clearly insane. He claims he was told to "behave himself" and "not do anything stupid". If he did this he would go home safe and sound. Sounds carazy but apparently this is what happened.

This Bill Foster is another strange one. Claims he was hungry in the camps due to food shortages. This was no doubt because the Germans were cruel bastards who liked to watch airmen and jews lose weight. However, Bill reckons it's because not even the Germans had much food to give. This was because of the extensive Allied Bombing Campaign which prevented the distribution of food. This is why so many starved in the Work/Internment Camps. He also claimed some gaurds got angry when they went home to find their homes destroyed by Allied "Area Bombing"...the Germans are clearly a vindictive people.

2007 / Re: Rebutting Pentagon 9/11: Getting the Facts Straight
« on: January 28, 2007, 10:39:17 PM »
This is what happens to a car caught in the engine exaust of a 747

I dont care how "sincere" the Pentagon crash witnesses are. A 70 ton aircraft moving at 400+ knots at low level would kill you with the aircraft "backwash" as well as engine blast.

It is patently obvious the eyewitnesses are lying through their teeth when they say the aircraft was..."just above my head".

YouTube Video

At last! Lord Jacob Skunkenstein is finished. All you haters will be getting yours! Look at the photo! Look! Look at the black soot even though a crematorium does not make smoke there it is! I am a believer! Thank the Lord!

In the first, you can see the large plume of thick smoke from the crematorium, which at that time was kept operating 24 hours round the clock, at upper left:

The second shows a line of prisoners filing out of a barracks building for roll call:

No doubt we will be able to see the little jew babies being used as soccer balls by the oh so cruel gaurds. Maybe even the soap factories in full production.

WWII archive photos go online

More than five million aerial photographs of World War II are to be made publicly available on the internet.

The pictures will go online on Monday. Taken by the RAF, they were used by Allied commanders to help devise their strategy during the six-year conflict.

The pictures cover events such as D-Day, the Holocaust, and the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck.

The website has been created by the Aerial Reconnaissance Archives (TARA) at Keele University. Project leader Allan Williams said: "These images allow us to see the real war at first hand - as if we are RAF pilots."

"I was really moved by the photographs of the Nazi concentration camps and the D-Day landings. It's like a live action replay." ...

Actual web site...

The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives

I dont like the layout and method of using the site. You cant simply download the high res photo's. It uses a Java Appelet to view and zoom in on the photo's.

Also, at the moment there are only D-Day photo's up. I look forward to the Work Camp and Internment camp photo's becoming available.

Some one pinch me. I must be dreaming. So this blond slag no body, does a few impersonations of some Indian descended fellow celebrity nobody, and she is "interviewed by police"? I much prefer the good old thuggery and blatant statist power grab of Stalin and Hitler to this embarrassing and laughable comedy masquerading as "news". Please, Rothschild and Co...start the nukes immediately and put us out of our collective misery.

Big Brother star Jo denies racism

Former pop singer Jo O'Meara has denied being racist after her eviction from Channel 4's Celebrity Big Brother.

"I'm not a racist person at all, I know I'm not," the ex-S Club 7 star said.

Along with Jade Goody, O'Meara was part of a group accused of racist bullying against Indian actress Shilpa Shetty, causing an international outcry.

O'Meara and actress Cleo Rocos left in a double eviction and emerged to a mixture of boos and cheers after chants of "get Jo out" from the crowd.

O'Meara received almost 48% of the vote, while 28% of viewers wanted Rocos to go.

After being shown TV headlines about the furore and clips of her behaviour, O'Meara admitted: "It does look very bad, it does."

But she told host Davina McCall the edited version of events distorted what really went on.

"Looking at it like that, it looks absolutely terrible and it didn't feel terrible in there," she said.

"I'm not a racist person at all. My cousin is married to an Indian man for one, and my cousins are half-Indian and their family is with me all the time."

O'Meara was shown mimicking Shetty's voice but she responded: "We was doing that with her and she was finding that really funny."

Asked about disparaging comments toward Shetty, she replied: "I didn't never mean it in that way. I didn't even know I was doing it. It wasn't a personal attack at all."

She added: "I'm not going to deny that Shilpa did aggravate me a lot - I don't know why. You can't click with everybody you meet.

"It's not because I'm racist at all. I think she's a very beautiful, very elegant woman."

For much of the stay in the house, Shetty was guarded and "I didn't trust her for a long time", O'Meara said.

A spokeswoman for the show said O'Meara would not attend the post-show press conference to give her "a bit of time to digest" what had happened.

Jade Goody on Big Brother

The live crowd returned on Friday after Goody was met with silence because of security fears when she was evicted last week.

Presenter Davina McCall started the programme by saying: "This series of Celebrity Big Brother has divided the nation like never before and we genuinely regret any offence this has caused some people."

Shetty, former A-Team actor Dirk Benedict and ex-Steps singer Ian "H" Watkins were also up for eviction.

Shetty is now odds-on favourite to win when the show ends on Sunday.

Pop star Jermaine Jackson, model Danielle Lloyd and Goody's boyfriend Jack Tweed are also still in the reality TV house.

Police investigation

Meanwhile, Hertfordshire Police have contacted Goody and her mother Jackiey Budden, who was also on the show, with a view to interviewing the pair.

Before Friday's show, a police spokeswoman said: "An investigation into allegations of racist behaviour inside the Celebrity Big Brother house is continuing.

"Hertfordshire Constabulary can confirm police will be making approaches to speak to housemates if and when appropriate once they have left the house.

"We are also making contact with two of the housemates who have already been evicted but at this stage no interviews have taken place."

Goody has denied being racist but told the News of the World she admitted making racist comments.

A police investigation? For what? Causing a laugh? Some embarrassment? I feel there is something deeper going on. As in jewdom is trying to spread the laws around to "other people". When will the Irish start suing for bad accents and racist jokes regarding Paddy's lack of brain cells? This is insane. But then there is ALWAYS a method to "their" madness.

You can guarantee that soon copying DVD's will be a crime considered "terrorism". I've no doubt the failure to enforce strict penalties for virus writers and hackers is because the chaos is just fine. In time we will be told that the only way to defeat these nasty hackers and ten year old encryption breakers is to have "thumb nail scanning" of individual computers tied into personal details tied into the CPU and enforceable with some sort of license.

Hi-def DVD security is bypassed

The encryption on high-definition DVDs has been bypassed, the consortium backing the copy protection system on discs has confirmed.

At the end of last year a hacker claimed he had defeated the protection on a number of HD-DVD titles, leading to fears the entire system was broken.

But the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) Licensing Authority has said the breach is limited.

"It does not represent an attack on the AACS system itself," the group said.

The AACS group has admitted that a hacker had managed to decrypt some discs and other people were now able to make copies of certain titles.

The hacker, known as muslix64, has been able to access the encryption keys which pass between certain discs and the player. Once those keys have been obtained the disc can be stripped of its encryption enabling the digital content to be played on any machine.

A spokesman for the AACS group said the large size of the files and the high cost of writable hi-def discs made widespread copying of the movies impractical.

The attacks on the new format echo the early days of illegal trafficking in music files, AACS spokesman Michael Ayers said.


AACS copy protection is used on both HD-DVD and Blu-ray titles, giving rise to concern from the entire movie industry about the security of its content.

A large-scale breach of AACS could be a threat to the $24bn DVD industry and dent hopes that high-definition discs would invigorate the market.

The hacker obtained the keys from "one or more" pieces of software which plays high-definition DVDs, said Mr Ayers.

But the AACS group would not identify them or say whether their AACS licensing would be revoked.

"We certainly have not ruled out any particular response and we will take whatever action is appropriate," Mr Ayers said.

In a recent interview with digital media website Slyck, hacker muslix64, said his motivation for defeating the protection system was frustration.

'Fair use'

"I'm just an upset customer. My efforts can be called 'fair use enforcement'," he said.

He said he had grown angry when a HD-DVD movie he had bought would not play on his monitor because it did not have the compliant connector demanded by the movie industry.

As part of the copy protection system on high-definition DVD, content providers can insist that movies will only play correctly if there are HDMI - or in some specific cases, compliant DVI - ports on the player and screen as these two connectors can handle the HDCP copy protection system.

"Not being able to play a movie that I have paid for, because some executive in Hollywood decided I cannot, made me mad," said the hacker.

Ya know that the City Of London needs the cash to keep flowing in or the cheques will bounce. Gotta keep "da boyz" out and about bringing home the bacon and informing for the coppers and Intelligence services. What? You think the coppers can arrest ANYONE without a dog informant working for them? Think again. The 15 of the 140+ who have not been found will ALL be under the protection of Her Majesties Secret Service. No doubt dealing drugs and pimping Eastern Block sex slaves from Europe to Israel for personal profit and errands for the Realm

Drug traffickers passport blunder

The Identity and Passport Service failed to enforce overseas travel bans imposed by the courts on nearly 150 drug traffickers, the BBC has learned.

The service is still trying to trace 15 of the 147 traffickers who have left jail and may have gone abroad.

The mistake is a further embarrassment for the Home Office, said BBC political correspondent Robin Brant.

The government has said the vast majority of the criminals handed such bans are still in jail.

'A mistake'

The news that travel bans have apparently not been enforced on 147 drug traffickers comes after Home Secretary John Reid was forced deny that he told judges to give criminals softer sentences to ease prison overcrowding.

Although Mr Reid explained he was merely re-stating existing guidelines and serious offenders should still be locked up, two judges released sex offenders, saying they were following his advice.

Mr Reid apologised on Channel 4 News on Friday, saying the government should have realised a tougher stance on crime would lead to a bigger prison population.

"It is a mistake not to forecast that we would require a larger number of prisons than we have got at present, by putting away a greater number of dangerous offenders for a longer period," he said.

"I have attempted to remedy that by a 'buy and build' policy of already asking for 8,000 more prison places."

The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) urged courts not to release dangerous criminals on to the streets.

Acpo president Ken Jones said: "Convicted offenders who pose danger to our communities must continue to be dealt with in line with current sentencing guidelines."

"Courts releasing inappropriate offenders into our communities present avoidable risks, and can only undermine public confidence and draw police from their core roles."

The Conservatives subsequently accused Mr Reid of failing to protect the public and presiding over "anarchy" in his department.

'Bad news'

On Friday, Rod Morgan, head of the England and Wales Youth Justice Board, resigned over overcrowding in youth prisons.

A Home Office spokeswoman refuted the claim that young people are being "demonised and criminalised".

Figures released earlier show the prison population in England and Wales is at bursting point, having reached 79,731, an increase of 356 on last Friday.

The Shadow Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, gave his reaction to the latest controversy to BBC News 24.

"I think it's very bad news for John Reid.

"He's come in, he's come in as the tough man, he's made a whole series of utterances, many of which again are far removed from reality, and what he's finding, and I think quite painfully, is that as time moves on, in fact many of the things he said are grossly inaccurate."

Remember, these are "Drug Traffickers". Not the local crack dealer or pot head. To be named as a "Drug Trafficker" means you are considered a "professional drug dealer". To have not enforced travel bans is GROSS INCOMPETANCE or most likely simply oiling the wheels of the greatest profit making business their is.

2007 / Whats With All The Daredevil Iraqi Attacks?
« on: January 27, 2007, 01:34:18 AM »
US army describes Iraq abductions
by Mike Wooldridge
BBC News, Baghdad

The militants got by an Iraqi police checkpoint before the attack
The US military in Iraq has given new details of an attack last week in which five US soldiers were killed.

Four of them were abducted by militants posing as an American security team.

They travelled in the kind of vehicles often used for US government convoys, Wore US-style uniforms and carried US-style weapons.

Initially the military said all five soldiers were killed repelling an attack on an Iraqi government compound in the Shia holy city of Karbala.

According to the new account, US military officers were attending a meeting in the compound when the convoy of at least five sport utility vehicles impersonating Americans entered and killed one US soldier.

There was a series of explosions and in the melee, the attackers then set off again with four captured US soldiers.

'Brazen attack'

They drove into a neighbouring province and then abandoned the SUVs.

Iraqi police, by now in pursuit, found the vehicles.

Two US soldiers were found handcuffed together in one of the SUVs, shot dead.

A third American soldier lay dead on the ground.

The fourth was still alive despite a gunshot wound to the head but died shortly afterwards.

Such a brazen attack is believed to be unprecedented, and the US military say the militants bypassed Iraqi police to reach their goal.

The Americans say they are not only trying to determine who carried out the attack but also the reason for the breakdown in security at the government compound.

So, we are to believe that just because "Iraqi Militants" were wearing American uniforms and carrying American weapons and were driving American style SUV's they got through the security? Were they "extra white" Iraqi's or have the U.S Army gotton used to Arab looking soldiers in their midsts? Beyond that...they sure got balls driving into an American controlled "compound" where a high level meeting was taking place.

I smell a "rat". A real big one.

Go here for Emanual Skunkenmeisters view on the latest dare devil attacks by the mysterious and well informed and well armed and well dressed Iraqi Resistence.

General / Noam Chomsky Defends Robert Faurisson...and pays for it: Video
« on: January 24, 2007, 01:42:49 PM »

When Faurissons book denying gas chambers at Auschwitz and an organised extermination program was released, there was a storm. Chomsky defended Faurissons right to free speech and to question history and even signed a petition to back it up. For this the "Left god" of the socialist wet dream got caned and BACKED DOWN. A FIRST in Chomsky's career.

The offending book with Chomsky's defence of free speech.

Faurisson...before the bashing.

Ranting Rabbis is ejected from stage. These people appear unstable so often one must wonder. Besides they should be happy with Chomsky. He does'nt deny the Germans murdered 6 million...just that poeple should be able to look at it. There again, with his reputation, could he have said anything less?

11 meg extract from the documentary "Manufacturing Consent". A must watch and read for anyone on how democracies use propaganda to keep the peasants in line..

Link Here...

It seems a fairly easy point to grasp.

Here is a File Factory Download of an extract of an interview between Darryl and James Dickie on 23rd November 2006. In this interview Dickie makes the comment that he is against Zionists and not "jews", even though the "judaism" today is based mostly on the Talmudic and Kabahllistic Rabbi's who pay lip service to the Torah and it's demands. The Talmud and Zohar/Kabahlla are racist and sexually perverse book's of witch craft with murderous intentions towards non-jews. Clearly, how can ANY sane man say "Zionism" is bad but "Judaism" is o.k?

Dickie goes on to say that as a Muslim he shares much with his jewish friends particularly their food laws...really? So Islam shares much with the Talmud and Zohar? Dickie knows this. Why does he say it? Why does'nt he point out that the judaism of today is virtual religious genocide? He even states that he would never gas any of his jewish friends. Neither did Adolph Hitler...whats his point?

Listen for yourself.

500k File Factory Download.

DBS MUST also stop this crap about making the distinction between Kazah jews and Sephardic jews. They BOTH follow the Talmud and Zohar. Who CARES which part of the world they come from?

If DBS wants to make a distinction them he should follow Michael Hoffmans lead and point out the ONLY "True Torah Jews" - Karaites and they are despised by the rabbis including Neturei Karta.

DBS NEEDS to read Hoffman ALL day until he gets it. The ABOVE link goes into detail about Talmudic and Rabbi's in general abject HATRED of Christians and non-jews in general.

So, Darryl. Please stop the "good jews" - "bad jews" stuff. Anyone STUPID enough to associate with a group of organized criminals and haters of the common people needs to have their heads read. There is no agonizing decision to be made.

To all idiots associated with current day "Judaism". Time is short. Disassociate yourselves immediately. It aint a "race", it's an organized criminal network. You can leave. Simple. Obviously MOST enjoy the perks and the delusion that current day judaism is somehow just fine and cuddly.

If you like being a "religious jew" then I suggest you join the "Karaites".

Billabong Odyssey

THE most awsome surf cinematography EVER! The start with the first big wave "pull in" is simply breathtaking.
Joogle Video

General / A Collection Of Articles On jewish Influence In Australia
« on: January 17, 2007, 03:51:03 AM »
People can comment if they want and suggest links. The Chicken Twirlers are readying for a move Down Under. Actually, any excuse to use these cool smileys

Speech by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer at the dedication of Ohel Devorah Melbourne

Australia`s Foreign Minister Alexander Downer speaks at the dedication of Ohel Devorah Melbourne, on November 9, 2006

Well Rabbis, ladies and gentlemen I just want to say what a great honour it is and an unusual honour for me to come along here this afternoon and spend some time with you and participate in the opening of this synagogue.

I feel it is a great honour for a lot of reasons - some of them are very modern, some of them are not so modern
I`m not Jewish, as you probably know I`m a Christian. But I went to university in England and when I was at university in England I got in with as they say, a whole lot of Jewish people, for no particular reason. I just came across them and became friendly with them to the extent that one of them a girl called Judy and I and a couple of others I hasten to add shared a house in our last year  (It was a platonic relationship`¦)
We still keep in touch with her to this very day.
Judy had a cousin in Israel as many Jewish people do and her cousin came to stay with us from Israel. It`s rather exciting having an Israeli come to stay with us in our student house, eating our modest maybe I could say even disgusting food of baked beans and toast and other nasty things that students in those days ate when they were away from home.
Only this was 1973 and while this friend, this cousin of Judy`s was staying with us as the Yom Kippur war broke out.  And you can imagine the absolute agony of this for these young people who I was living with at the time.
The cousin had a brother who was in the Israeli Defence Forces at the time. And the worry, the agony, I think is the right way to put it, that Judy and her fiend in particular felt as they listened to the reports on the BBC coming from the battlefield`¦.
Well it had an enormous impact on me.
And it helped I suppose to put into perspective for me as a Christian the appalling history of the Jewish people, in the sense that they have been targeted, they have been discriminated against, they have been ridiculed, they`ve been murdered, and yet despite all the horrors that they have put up with, they have continued and they have shown courage and they have a record of simply extraordinary achievement.
I am just enormously proud that in this country of Australia, and you know this was true to some extent of Britain, but in this country, Jewish people have been a fundamental part of the writing of the modern Australian story.
It`s nice that we have had two Jewish Governors General and it is wonderful to see Sir Zelman and Lady Cowen here tonight. It`s a particular honour to be with them.
Sir Zelman succeeded Sir John Kerr as the Governor General and it was of course a tumultuous period in Australian history - tonight`s not the night to relive that.
He used a phrase when he became the Governor General and that phrase that he used was that he would like to bring a touch of healing to the job. He very much did do that. He did a wonderful job as our Governor General.
Sir Isaac Isaacs was our first Australian-born Governor General and he was Jewish.
I come from South Australia. I think I am right in saying South Australia is the only state that`s ever had a Jewish Premier in the form of Premier Solomon back in the 19th century.
I think one of the most important figures in Australian history has been none other than General Sir John Monash who was also Jewish - a great general, not just a great Australian general, but a great allied general, a great general on the Western Front during the First World War.
So Jewish people in Australia have prospered yet they have been monstrously persecuted over and over again through history for the most intolerant, irrational and unacceptable of reasons.
And it is just wonderful as a country that we have crafted for ourselves a place in the world where we have stood up for the equal value of all people regardless of their religions or even lack of religions, of their colour, of their race, even of their ideology.
I often say the only people we don`t tolerate in Australia are the intolerant. You should never tolerate the intolerant but you should tolerate everyone else.
It`s a truly great thing about this country and as I travel around the world I can`t help but be proud of it.
The second thing I wanted to say is that I think as a country we have shown that we are prepared to stand up for our values and sometimes even to die for our values.
I didn`t realize as I came here this evening that this was the anniversary of kristallnacht, the 68th anniversary. This was a truly dark time in the history of the world.
The 30s was the ugly decade, really the decade where National Socialism, Nazism, fascism increasingly gained a grip on Europe and on the centres of power in the world.
And good people did so little about it. Good people did not confront it until very nearly it was too late.
Many good people thought, well, it`s going on in Germany.  I suppose, they`ve had a tough time the Germans - they couldn`t face another war after the horrors of the First World War
And there emerged the policy of appeasement.
The price of appeasement was not just the lives of the six million Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis but of the 60 or so million people that died through the Second World War.
So why is this relevant to us today?
It`s relevant to us today because I think as a country and I think as a global community we have to have the courage to confront evil when we find it and deal with it and not find excuses to walk on the other side of the road and do nothing about it.
Because if we do nothing about it, it will grow in its intensity and the consequences will become increasingly ghastly.
I think back over the last few years, you know, 1994 in Rwanda  Nearly a million people were murdered before the international community thought it was right to do something about it and even that was controversial.
People were murdered in vast numbers in the Balkans, in Kosovo as well, until the international community decided do to anything about it and even that was very controversial.
What do we confront this very day? We confront - and I think Israel obviously particularly has to contend with this - we confront the ideological scourge of extremist Islamist terrorism. It`s ideological because what these people want to do is eliminate all other points of view and stamp upon the world their extremist Islamic interpretation - a completely ideological interpretation encapsulated by the work of the Taliban.
Under the Taliban no girls were allowed to go to school or women to go to work, nobody was allowed a television or a radio or a CD player. Society was plunged back into the 7th Century and if you didn`t agree with them philosophically or ideologically or theologically you were put to death.
This is the ideology that these terrorists are trying to impose.
When it comes to Israel, I don`t think the world should forget that these people want to eliminate Israel. It`s not as though they never say they do, it`s not as though they keep it a secret. It`s that the world seems to show such a lack of understanding of the Israeli`s determination that this doesn`t happen.
I often say to people how would you feel?
And you have just heard the testimonies about the mothers who were in the holocaust, the children of these people and the descendants in other forms of these people. They live in Israel. They have their own country and surrounding them are people - not of course all people - I`m not saying all the Arabs hold this view - but the terrorists, the Hezbollah terrorists, the Hamas terrorists, the Al Qaeda terrorists, so the list goes on`¦ These are people who are committed to yet again the destruction of the Jewish people and in particular the destruction of their state.
And the IDF can be a bit aggressive in defence of Israel.
Well that shouldn`t come as a surprise to anybody who has a bit of sensitivity and a bit of understanding of what the Israeli people and the Jewish people are up against in Israel and it`s particularly important to keep a historical perspective of that.
Does it matter to Israel and to the Jewish people that these terrorists could win in Afghanistan or in Iraq?
It matters enormously. These are life or death issues in terms of dealing with this ideology and defeating this ideology. And I think as an international community it`s enormously difficult to keep the public on side and to encourage the public to support our policies or any country`s policies of confronting and defeating these people.
There are all sorts of different ways I know of defeating them. Interfaith dialogues `¦ very useful `¦ very successful by the way in South East Asia. It`s been possible to defeat them by harnessing the ideology of modern Muslims, again more successful in South East Asia than in the Middle East.
Sometimes they have to be defeated them in the battlefield. But in the end we, as what I might broadly describe as a Western society, can decide whether we will defeat these people or whether we won`t. We can make that decision.
They can never destroy our society even though they want to
They can never destroy our tolerance and our decency and our humanity even though they want to destroy that and impose their extremist ideology and their intolerance on us all.
Only we can allow them to make progress, gain ground by sending a message to them that we can be defeated by showing a lack of will, by showing a lack of determination.
I think this is an incredibly difficult, a very difficult time.
I find and I`ve been doing this today as we cast our votes in the United Nations against some of what I call the extreme Palestinian resolutions.  I mention this today because at Melbourne airport I was signing off on how we would vote on a number of these resolutions that are coming up over the next couple days.
These resolutions are deeply anti-Israeli, deeply anti-Israeli, and big majorities always carry them. And we are always being told, the best thing for diplomacy is to: all right minister, you don`t like the resolution, but in the interests of diplomacy why don`t you abstain? And I say, let`s vote against it because it is wrong.
And the more we and other countries stand up to this sort of behaviour, the more we stand a chance of success`¦ the more we try to appease, the more we will encourage. And it is enormously important to remember that.
So I spent more than my five minutes talking to you but it`s just an opportunity to say that right from those days when I was a student and I was so enthusiastically befriended by the Jewish people I met at university to the extent that I shared a house with one of them for 18 months, a couple of years, and made so many friends in England through her and other of her friends in the British Jewish community and of course in Australia as well and the kindness that has been shown to me by Jewish people and the tolerance they show towards me`¦ and I appreciate that`¦ some of them are, dare I say the word, Labour.

But they are still quite tolerant and the decency of them and the energy and the hard work and the long record of achievement in the Jewish community in Australia - I think it`s fantastic
So it is with the greatest of pleasure that I come here this afternoon and participate in this ceremony to open a synagogue and to see so many of you here and thank you very much for tolerating me here in your presence

This man is our foreign minister and an embarrassment to us all. He is known as "Dancin Klown Downer".

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