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General / Dooms Day
« on: December 20, 2012, 08:56:58 PM »
It's December 21, 2012 in my neck of the woods and all is well.  Hope everyone else survives the end of the world.


Submitted by Terresa on October 2, 2011 – 12:01 am EST

Gulag Bound

Presented for you now, an exercise in considering the incredible: that Barack Obama, et. conspiratorial al. would plan to suspend elections in an orchestrated national emergency, perhaps a false flag operation blamed on his opposition.

I do not say this will happen, nor am I selling the idea. The point is, this should be scrutinized and in principle when such things are fully sounded out, their probability — that is, the opportunity for them, lessens. And the objective in this: with an open mind, to gain the situational awareness necessary to keep from being duped by normality bias (what we are accustomed to, what we think we know) and by agitprop.

“Forewarned is forearmed.” If you would embark upon such a war-gaming journey of the mind, we suggest six initial steps, given below.

1. Make sure you are familiar with North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue’s “joke” that by sober evaluation was not a joke, but a flatly put suggestion called by some a “trial balloon”: that congressional elections should perhaps be suspended.

You can hear her comments on Tuesday, September 25th…

…or read them, by means of Big Government and New Zeal – Trevor Loudon:

2. What a coincidence! Gov. Perdue, it is time to recall, is one of ten appointed by Barack Obama to serve on a very NWO-ish sounding Council of State Governors, arrayed around the country, purposed to handle responses militaristic and otherwise, to national emergencies.

That might seem to be just the kind of council (and remember the Russian word for governing council is “soviet”) that would deal with the suspension of our Constitutional governance and the imposition of something instead which would lay in a spectrum between that and dictatorial, martial law.

At the White House announcement of the Executive Order creating that extraconstitutional council, on February 4, 2010, this what they presented as Perdue’s bio:

Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue, Appointee for Member, Council of Governors Beverly Eaves Perdue was elected Governor of North Carolina in 2008. She sits on the National Governors Association Committee on Economic Development and Commerce and Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety, and is a Lead Governor on the National Guard. Governor Perdue has a long history of public service, including her tenure as Lt. Governor from 2000 -2008 as well three years in the North Carolina House of Representatives and nine years in the State Senate. As Lt. Governor she led North Carolina’s response during the 2005 round of the Base Closure and Realignment Commission. Prior to running for office she worked as a public school teacher and as director of geriatric services at a community hospital. Perdue holds a Ph.D. in Education Administration.

More which explores this potential authoritarian threat to our Popular Sovereignty may be read at Flopping Aces and at Noisy Room.  Notice how the Flopping Aces article places it into a series of alarming federal (if our national government may still be called federal) moves and even transnational ploys.  Why, it is almost as if a plan were envisioned and a goal sought. Does anyone know of any goals out there, for “progressing” beyond our constitution and our national sovereignty?

3. Listen to what Rush Limbaugh had to say about a potential suspension of elections yesterday (Friday, September 30th) presented here, from Obama Release Your Records.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

4. And here is the Judi McLeod article to which Limbaugh referred.

A dangerous new chapter is being written in American history that, if successful, is destined to impact the history of the West. It’s called ‘Re-Election by Suspended Election Revolution’
Warning: The threat of suspended elections is real

 - Judi McLeod  Friday, September 30, 2011 [Gulag Note: an excerpt from the middle of the article.]

This is Obama’s well-stocked position at a time when only suspended elections would guarantee his re-election.

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue was not joking when she spoke about suspending elections.  Nor did she pick the idea out of thin air.  Perdue was giving the suspend-congressional-elections idea its first oxygen for her hell-bent-for-leather boss.

It is crucial to not let this day go down without remembering what Perdue said.

Don’t let the state-controlled mainstream media lure you back to sleep by saying if there is no election, then why is Obama so diligently campaigning.

Obama is not campaigning. He is preparing for Stage Two of the Total Transformation of America, using taxpayer money to prepare his Internet-identified “troops” for the coming Marxist Revolution.

He must not be allowed to get away with it. Patriots should now be doing everything legal to stop him in his tracks.

Nothing is impossible when all the control is held by a tyrant.


5. Okay, I am calling you on it. Did you really read that Flopping Aces article? It is called, “UPDATED: Connecting the dots on Obama’s Council of Governors“ and written by MataHarley. Here, let me excerpt that for you too. This is nothing to be lazy about, dive in.

As with most government powers, there is always the potential for abuse. In this case, there is cause for serious concern because every bit of this entails expanding traditional Command in Chief powers to the DOD, spreading troops around the US (potentially not American troops at that…) and deciding who has ultimate tactical command over reserves and Guard in the event of “emergencies”, terrorist attacks, or natural disasters.

Since we can’t expect much in clarification from this transparent administration, it’s up to us to sort out the intent, and inherent dangers to our founded Republic. And we sure we don’t need yet another head scratcher, like Obama’s INTERPOL executive order before Christmas. So I’m here to connect a few more dots on the Council of Governors.

The Council of Governors is not a complete bolt out of the blue, but another step in a series of events. The first recommendation of the Council came in a May 2007 commissioned report on the National Guard and Reserves by Arnold Punaro. The review noted that the Guard was short almost $40 bil in supplies and equipment due to committments since the 911 attack, and that individual governors had been “slighted”. The commission recommended a creation of the Council of Governors so that “… governors could provide direct input on National Guard issues to the executive branch.”

Month’s later, it’s creation was mandated by Congress, with no specific timeline to do so, via The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008. This was a bill first introduced by Ike Skelton in the House Jan 2008, and sailed thru both chambers with almost unanimous bi-partistan support. It was signed into law Jan 28th, 2008 by then President Bush, and became Public Law No: 110-181.

Buried in the 602 pg bill (pg 498) was Section 1822 – aka the mandate:

The President shall establish a bipartisan Council of Governors to advise the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the White House Homeland Security Council on matters related to the National Guard and civil support missions.

President Bush never created the Council, and neither had President Obama… until yesterday, that is. The question is, did Obama create this council for it’s original purpose? From what I’ve put together so far, it’s not looking that way. Keep reading.

Yes, keep reading this excellent work of citizen journalism…

6. But really? Is this not just paranoid conspiracy theory? Back on March 20, 2009, I attempted to answer that question by exploring the question of whom Barack Obama and his inner circle really are, by the evidence one may see, and what people with their ideology have so infamously done in the recent past.

That article is “Our Next ‘Generated Crisis’ — by the Soros/Obama/Pelosi Insurrection?” (and I see the subject was beaten over and over again from different angles, like “The Movie Monster that Wouldn’t Die”). To keep this present article short and crisp, no excerpt is offered, just the link and re-offer of it.

Note: I see this article in my now less active blog, Investigating Obama is triggering malware alerts at present (surprise?) but I have seen no problems after repeat visits and views and doubt a reader would, either. Please let me know at, if you do.

Last year’s dictadura moves of fellow client of Billy Ayers, Hugo Chavez, underscore the issue. See more about that in Gulag Bound for a refresher.

We, the awake and aware have had to do a great deal of unlearning and relearning in the last few years. Let us not stop learning now, as the threats to our Popular Sovereignty and constitutional republic increase.

And let all who have sworn an oath to uphold and protect The Constitution for the United States of America, and have thus been entrusted with power do so, not go back on their word — to their own peril. I leave it to you, to envision how such events would play out.

- Arlen Williams; contributors: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Tallulah Starr, Hanen

-  G  u  l  a  g  -  B  o  u  n  d  -

A reward for those who have followed the entire exercise and read the attached articles, don’t forget to turn up the volume:

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History & Civilization / The Real Truth about the Magdalene Laundries
« on: August 31, 2011, 11:57:45 AM »

Of course most of us would have remained completely ignorant of the Magdalene laundries if Joni Mitchell never sang a song about them and then later that movie which featured a bunch of disgruntled women with an axe to grind.  I'm especially sickened by the why Mitchell completely misrepresents the truth.

If you were to ask a member of the public about the Magdalene Laundries they would probably tell you one or other of these three things.

First, the Magdalene homes were a Catholic invention. Secondly, they were an invention specifically of Catholic Ireland. Third, they were established to punish unmarried mothers for having had sex outside marriage.

None of these three 'facts' are true. Instead they belong to something called 'Myth-History', that is, a version of history that has been concocted out of parts of the truth and that suits a particular ideological point of view, in this case that Catholic Ireland was a uniquely cruel and awful place.

This Myth-History must be placed before us at all times in order to eliminate any danger of us ever repeating the mistakes of that benighted time.

Momentum towards this inquiry has been building for some time. It really began to gather steam late last year when the Irish Human Rights Commission -- in truth, a left-wing quango -- published a document calling for an inquiry.

It sent this document to the UN Committee on Torture and last month this committee called on the Government to accede to this call. It has now done so.

Now, before proceeding any further, let's be clear about one thing: abuses without doubt happened in these institutions and the women who were abused deserve justice. Many women were placed in institutions without any real justification and that they were placed in them is testament to the often harsh climate of the times.

In the 19th and for much of the 20th Century, institutionalisation was the response to all sorts of social issues and problems.

But let's also be clear about a number of other things. First, Magdalene homes in Ireland were not established in the first instance by the Catholic Church.

Second, they existed in other countries, too, and not just in Ireland.

Third, they were not established primarily with unmarried mothers in mind and to this day it is not clear what percentage of their residents unmarried mothers comprised.

The first Magdalene asylum in Ireland was established in 1767 by a Protestant benefactor named Lady Arabella Denny as a home for 'penitent prostitutes'.

The first Catholic Magdalene asylums in Ireland did not appear for several more decades.

As mentioned, Magdalene asylums were founded in other countries also. The Magdalene Society of Philadelphia, for example, was founded in 1800 by, among others, Quakers, with the intention of "restoring to the paths of virtue those unhappy females who in unguarded hours have been robbed of their innocence".

In Northern Ireland, both the Church of Ireland and the Presbyterians also ran Magdalene asylums. So far as they were concerned, they were responding to a real need.

The asylums didn't exist only for prostitutes. Many of the women in them suffered from intellectual disabilities and were placed in them by their families. Others were indeed unmarried mothers. A small minority were guilty of crimes such as infanticide and were in them as an alternative to prison.

We don't know the breakdown between the various categories of women because, in Ireland's case at least, the archives of the institutions haven't been properly investigated. Maybe by a certain point in time they did mainly house unmarried mothers. We need to find this out.

But according to the Government's own report to the UN committee, the overwhelming majority of women in the Magdalene Laundries were there voluntarily.

The Government's decision to establish this new inquiry is at once both understandable and indicative of a double standard.

It is understandable because there is a need to know what took place in the Magdalene asylums.

But it shows up a double standard because the Government could, if it wished, establish inquiries into all sorts of other matters.

For example, we still await a thorough inquiry into the banks and how they were run during the boom years.

It could, if it wanted, set up all kinds of inquiries into the years of the Troubles. But as Enda Kenny told David Cameron in April, we can't have endless inquiries into that time.

Ireland's Catholic past, on the other hand, can never be the subject of enough inquiries it would seem.

We can also legitimately ask why that UN committee hasn't asked other countries to establish inquiries into their Magdalene Laundries. Why just us? Is it simply because it was prompted to do so by the Human Rights Commission? Why can't the committee ascertain for itself which countries also ran such institutions and make similar demands of them?

If this new inquiry does its work properly it will provide a fully rounded picture of the Magdalene asylums. If not, it will only add to the Myth-History that the Magdalene homes were a uniquely Irish and Catholic phenomenon designed to punish unmarried mothers. 

- David Quinn

Irish Independent

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Tekoa speaks with Brecht Arnaert, former staff member within the Belgian Parliament on a topic not discussed anywhere in mainstream news

Other items discussed include the euro, gold, and the coming currency crisis in the westerA great listen

Interesting listen.

Money & Markets / If You Dont Protect Yourself, You Will Be a Victim
« on: August 25, 2011, 12:46:34 PM »

Check out Jim Willie's show from today Aug. 25th.  I think he is about the best commentator out there.

The toxic economy has become rotting gangrenous flesh on the system.  It's now becoming contaminated blood and a sewer line in the water supply that we call the banking and finance.

Brace yourselves it's highly likely something big is about to go down this autum.  Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

2011 / First Lady accused of spending $10m in public money
« on: August 25, 2011, 11:18:44 AM »

The Obamas' summer break on Martha's Vineyard has already been branded a PR disaster after the couple arrived four hours apart on separate government jets.

But according to new reports, this is the least of their extravagances.
White House sources today claimed that the First Lady has spent $10million of U.S. taxpayers' money on vacations alone in the past year.

Branding her 'disgusting' and 'a vacation junkie', they say the 47-year-old mother-of-two has been indulging in five-star hotels, where she splashes out on expensive massages and alcohol.

Philosophy & Religion / The Traditional Latin Mass
« on: August 14, 2011, 04:53:20 PM »
Contrary to all the hype we hear coming from SSPX'ers and diehard Archbishop Lefebvre's fans, the TLM would have been perserved without him.  In fact it has now come to light that the person most responsible for its preservation is none other than our current pontiff Pope Benedict XVI.  If anything Lefebrev's disobedience impeded its reintroduction by 20 years or more.

Did Lefebvre set back the Universal Indult by 20 years?

Dr. Brian Kopp

Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos, President of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, gave an important address to the recent Fifth General Conference of the Bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAM).

The address is now receiving wide coverage on Catholic blogs and media outlets, and rightly so. In the address, Cardinal Castrillón stated,

...For these reasons, the Holy Father has the intention of extending to the entire Latin Church the possibility of celebrating Holy Mass and the Sacraments according to the liturgical books promulgated by Blessed John XXIII in 1962. There is today a new and renewed interest for this liturgy, which has never been abolished and which, as we have said, is considered a treasure, and also for this reason [the interest] the Holy Father believes that the time has come to ease, as the first Cardinalatial Commission of 1986 had wished to do, the access to this liturgy, making it an extraordinary form of the one Roman Rite. 

There are several new developments here. The Vatican is now publicly stating that the 1986 Commission that studied the "suppression" of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) concluded that it had never been abolished.

These developments lead to a very interesting observation, one already made by a commentator at Rorate-Caeli blog:

The address also confirms, for those who still had any doubts about its existence and findings (which had been confirmed by one of its members, but in a more informal setting), that the Cardinalatial Commission of 1986 recommended that the restrictions on the Traditional Rite of the Church be eased. Naturally, it is extremely frustrating to once again see that such an important step could have been taken 21 years ago, and could have preserved so many priests and faithful from so much pain...

Add to this the fact that Cardinal Ratzinger was studying the issue of inherent problems of the Novus Ordo and the universal reintroduction of the Tridentine Mass during the late 1970's and early 1980's, and had even held a meeting and published a document on its reintroduction in 1982.

These two facts combined lead to a conclusion that, contrary to the accepted wisdom in certain trad circles, Archbishop Lefebvre was not responsible for preserving the Tridentine Mass, but for delaying its reintroduction by 20 years or more.

When Lefebvre committed the disobedient act of consecrating 4 bishops instead of one in 1988, he destroyed the momentum of efforts such as Ratzinger's 1982 meeting, the 1984 Indult, and the 1986 commission to restore the TLM. No wonder Ratzinger viwed the failure to convince Lefebvre to return to full communion as such a catastrophe. It was not because, somehow, Lefebvre was "right" while the Church was "wrong," but that Ratzinger saw the damage it would do to something he held so dear.

And it has taken 20 years to restore that momentum.

In the end, Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, may well get credit as the protector of the TLM and the man responsible for the counter-reformation of the early 21th century which began the restoration of traditional Catholicism, and Archbishop Lefebvre will become just another good and holy but disobedient footnote in Church history.

Conspiracy then and now. / Europe in 2029
« on: July 13, 2011, 04:25:19 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

I'd say this will happen much sooner than 2029.  I predict that by 2017 Russia will invade Western Europe,  there will be a horrible persecution of the Church, the Pope will lie dead, and the Vatican will be in ruins.

Thanks to multiculturalism and the incessant fomenting of strife between Islam and Christianity brought to us courtesy of you know who.

I feel it won't be long now before we start witnessing an all-out persecution of the church the likes of which the world have never seen.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Patriarch Kiril: 10 million Christian Websites Destroyed by FTC
Editor:   Islamism has long shared a certain affinity to Socialism, resembling it in its early stages and finally, becoming a tool by which it can continue to serve toward the destruction of the West.

“The Obama administration is set to begin formal contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood, a group dedicated in its own words to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and sabotaging its miserable house.”

A shocking report authored by the office of Russia’s top religious leader Patriarch Kirill I states that this past week the United States ordered over 10 million Christian websites destroyed that they claimed were a “threat” to their National Security and that the American Internet giant Google quickly responded by making them all disappear.
According to this report, Google first came under assault from the US government in June when the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that they had launched an investigation into the company, a move defended against by top Google executive Amit Singhal who aside from claiming the attacks against them were baseless said, “At Google, we’ve always focused on putting the user first.”

After weeks of unrelenting pressure upon them, however, this past week Google, which had refused to answer the baseless charges against them, caved to the US government and announced that their Chairman, Eric Schmidt, who had previously said the charges against them were nonsense, agreed to testify before a US Senate Committee under threat of subpoena.

Read further, here...

Conspiracy then and now. / Fukushima SABOTAGE!
« on: June 30, 2011, 09:45:13 AM »

It appears that we've been lied to once again on a colossal scale.  It's looking more and more that the whole Fukushima event was purposely planned and executed by TPTB (NASA included) to further their plans for a global takeover.

It's becoming very clear that these evil bastards are using the alignment dates of the comet elenin for stage their false flag capers.  I've discovered that comet elenin is real but the supposed threat it poses is a complete hoax.

Please forgive me but I'm not very computer savvy so I don't know how to post the pictures that are on this webpage which prove that the whole thing was staged.  Maybe someone else can do this.

I'm also posting this video which does a good job at pinpointing the dates we should be looking out for.   The guy in the video is a real kook when is comes to trying to figure out biblical prophecy.  I'm only posting this because he does a decent job in detailing the dates.

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Philosophy & Religion / Pole Shift
« on: June 08, 2011, 09:45:53 AM »
I've been following this guy Henning Kemner for awhile now.  I think he's definitely onto something here with the pole shift.  Now I know that some will scoff and write him off as a crank.  Before you do, you might want to consider that he's not the only one observing this phenomenon.  There are respected scientists making the same observations.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
Even if you don't agree, enjoy the ride.  I almost felt like I was in the car and really enjoyed the scenery.

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<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

on Feb 24, 2011
Moon Orbit Wrong Cornell University associate Lorenzo Lorio, Has Researched i'm sure because of public outcry & observations made by You, my Friends, Visitors & others on the Internet and Concluded that Indeed there Is Something Wrong With The Sun Moon & Earth. Taking into account a possible Planet X Saying, "A potentially viable Newtonian candidate would be a trans-Plutonian massive object like Planet X" Cornell University tells us that

Quote: "On the anomalous secular increase of the eccentricity of the orbit of the Moon. The present-day models of the dissipative phenomena occurring in the interiors of both the Earth and the Moon are not able to explain it. A recent analysis ( Prior1st Feb 2011 (Netlethe) ) of a Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) data record spanning 38.7 yrs, revealed an anomalous increase of the eccentricity of the lunar orbit.

A potentially viable Newtonian candidate would be a trans-Plutonian massive object (Planet X/Nemesis/Tyche) since it, actually, would affect e with a non-vanishing long-term variation. " Unquote.

Thank You for participating & submitting your reports.

By: Lorenzo Lorio, through Cornell University

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology

TITLE: "On the anomalous secular increase of the eccentricity of the orbit of the Moon"

(Submitted on 1 Feb 2011 (v1), last revised 21 Feb 2011 (this version, v3)
Google the above TITLE, and find more info.
A recent analysis of a Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) data record spanning 38.7 yr revealed an anomalous increase of the eccentricity of the lunar orbit amounting to de/dt_meas = (9 +/- 3) 10^-12 yr^-1.

The present-day models of the dissipative phenomena occurring in the interiors of both the Earth and the Moon are not able to explain it.

We examine several dynamical effects, not modelled in the data analysis, in the framework of long-range modified models of gravity and of the standard Newtonian/Einsteinian paradigm.

It turns out that none of them can accommodate de/dt_meas. Many of them do not even induce long-term changes in e; other models do, instead, yield such an effect, but the resulting magnitudes are in disagreement with de/dt_meas.

In particular, the general relativistic gravitomagnetic acceleration of the Moon due to the Earth's angular momentum has the right order of magnitude, but the resulting Lense-Thirring secular effect for the eccentricity vanishes.

A potentially viable Newtonian candidate would be a trans-Plutonian massive object (Planet X/Nemesis/Tyche) since it, actually, would affect e with a non-vanishing long-term variation.

On the other hand, the values for the physical and orbital parameters of such a hypothetical body required to obtain the right order of magnitude for de/dt are completely unrealistic.

Moreover, they are in neat disagreement with both the most recent theoretical scenarios envisaging the existence of a distant, planetary-sized body and with the model-independent constraints on them dynamically inferred from planetary motions.

Thus, the issue of finding a satisfactorily explanation for the anomalous behaviour of the Moon's eccentricity remains open.

*1. Dissipative Phenomena

"Frictional and dissipative terms of the Schrödinger equation are studied. A proof is given showing that the frictional term of the Schrödinger-Langevin equation causes the quantum system to lose energy. General expressions are derived for the frictional term of the Schrödinger equation."

Web-Search: "dissipative phenomena"

PDF Link & much info

Now before you laugh at this next video, I've read quite a few of papers defending the theory of geocentrism.  At the end of the day the only thing that can be said for certain, neither heliocentrism or geocentrism can be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt.  We simply don't know.  Being the Christian that I am, I'm of the belief that the bible is correct.  Maybe Galileo really was wrong all along and the Church was right.  I mean just look at the overwhelming evidence from scripture that supports geocentrism.  You should check out all the links on the video.

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Submit this storydigg reddit stumble NEW YORK -- The signature under the typewritten words on yellowing sheets of nearly century-old paper is unmistakable: Adolf Hitler, with the last few scribbled letters drooping downward.

The date is 1919 and, decades before the Holocaust, the 30-year-old German soldier – born in Austria – penned what are believed to be Hitler's first written comments calling for the annihilation of Jews.

Written on a German army typewriter, Hitler's letter has long been known to scholars. It is considered significant because it demonstrates how early he was forming his anti-Semitic views.

The document was displayed Tuesday by the founder of a Jewish human rights organization that purchased what he says is the original letter last month.

Hitler "set the gold standard about man's inhumanity to man," said Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, named after the late Nazi hunter.

Three weeks ago, the Los Angeles-based organization purchased the original for $150,000 from Profiles in History, a dealer in Calabasas Hills, Calif., which acquired the document from a dealer in Kansas, who in turn purchased it from a U.S. Army soldier named William F. Ziegler, according to the rabbi.

Ziegler is said to have found the four typed pages in a Nazi archive near Nuremberg, Germany, in the final months of World War II.

"The danger posed by Jewry for our people today finds expression in the undeniable aversion of wide sections of our people," Hitler wrote in German. "The cause of this aversion ... arises mostly from personal contact and from the personal impression that the individual Jew leaves – almost always an unfavorable one."

In one section, Hitler said that a powerful government could curtail the so-called "Jewish threat" by denying their rights. But "its final aim, however, must be the uncompromising removal of the Jews altogether."

Story continues below

AdvertisementAt the time, Hitler was serving in the German army, and had taken to riling up the troops with his anti-Semitic rants. A superior officer urged Hitler to put his ideas on paper.

Known as the Gemlich letter, the document was certified as authentic in 1988 by handwriting expert Charles Hamilton, who had revealed the infamous "Hitler Diaries" to be forgeries.

Adolf Gemlich created propaganda for the German army. Hitler wrote the letter to him at the suggestion of Captain Ulrich Mayr, to help popularize the notion that someone was responsible for Germany's defeat in World War I.

Hitler signed his letter, "Mit vorzueglicher Hochachtung," meaning with deepest esteem.

The center plans to put Hitler's letter on view at its Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles sometime in July.

"This is a seminal document that belongs to future generations," said the rabbi.

Though it is insured for an undisclosed amount, "it's priceless," he added.

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Philosophy & Religion / The Power of Homosexual TV
« on: June 03, 2011, 01:59:02 PM »
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2011 / EPA and Corps plan to seize control of all water
« on: June 03, 2011, 08:44:51 AM »

A full scale attack by EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to take control of all water from any source whatsoever is under way.  What these agencies are attempting is an end run around water and land rights.  These agencies are constructing regulations and fictional jurisdictional control.  We cannot depend on our courts or the federal government to reign in and control these agencies as they are both privately owned corporations that masquerade as public service agencies.  While congress may express their concerns about the police state actions being constructed, they have no authority or power to dictate what these agencies do under private contract law.

While these agencies may be empowered unlawfully on the federal level, it is YOUR GOVERNOR who opens the door and allows them access inside your state.  It is YOUR GOVERNOR who decides which privately owned corporate state agency  will contract with these agencies allowing them access.  Without this agency to agency corporate contracting…..the EPA, FDA, USDA, and the Army Corps of Engineers have no authority inside the geographical boundaries of your state.  After you write to your federal representatives who most likely will ignore your comments, pay a visit to your governor and demand that he or she deny the EPA and the Corps access to your state. 

We can stop them right at our state lines but it will require you to get up and do something!


Deadline For Comments July 1.  Mailing Deadline Friday, June 17th. 

2011 / Kevorkian Dies
« on: June 03, 2011, 07:51:13 AM »

DETROIT – Jack Kevorkian, the audacious, fearless doctor who spurred on the national right-to-die debate with a homemade suicide machine that helped end the lives of dozens of ailing people, died Friday at a Detroit-area hospital after a brief illness. He was 83.

Kevorkian died about 2:30 a.m. at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, close friend and prominent attorney Mayer Morganroth said. He had been hospitalized since last month with pneumonia and kidney problems.

The retired pathologist, who said he injected lethal drugs that helped some 130 people die during the 1990s, likened himself to Martin Luther King and Gandhi and called prosecutors Nazis, his critics religious fanatics. He burned state orders against him, showed up at court in costume, called doctors who didn't support him "hypocritic oafs" and challenged authorities to stop him or make his actions legal.

Poor misguided man, I sure hope God had mercy on his soul.

Judging by the ease with which Obama managed to renew the Patriot Act, I'm sure the current administration will acheive their goal in establishing "Guaranteed Retirement Accounts".  If any of you can liquidate your 401k funds, now it the time to do so before the government does it for you.

Written by Joe Wolverton, II     
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 12:45 
0One aspect of a new and improved federal regulatory scheme is the seizure of 401(k) retirement plans and the subsequent government-administered disbursement of the funds.

In Chapter 3 of the Annual Report on the Middle Class released in February by Vice President Biden and the White House Task Force on the Middle Class, the Obama administration calls for enhancing the “retirement options” for the middle class by imposing “new regulations to improve the transparency and adequacy of 401(k) retirement savings.” 

The plan, as sketched in the 43-page document, calls for the creation of something called  “Guaranteed Retirement Accounts” (GRAs). Biden slyly shifts the onus for the idea through weasel words typical of the federal government: “Some have suggested the creation of Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRAs), which would give workers a simple way to invest a portion of their retirement savings in an account that was free of inflation and market risk, and in some versions under discussion, would guarantee a specified real return above the rate of inflation.”

These accounts would be “free of inflation and market risk” because they would be under the direct and absolute control of the federal bureaucracy. There would be no risk because the funds would no longer be moored to the free market and subject to the fluctuations thereof. Rather, the retirement funds of every hard-working American dependent on a 401(k) for their retirement security would be nationalized and made subject to the whims and will of the executive branch.

The current administration is practiced in the erection of such straw men to deflect their own socialistic and absolutist intent. The record is clear, however, and since the day of his inauguration, Barack Obama and his congressional co-conspirators have consistently and unapologetically set out to systematically nationalize the economy of the United States: first the banks; then the insurance companies; then the auto industry; then healthcare; and now the piece de resistance, the private savings accounts of millions of middle-class Americans. This is an unlawful usurpation of power unprecedented in the annals of American political history.

Coinciding with the publication of the report described above, the Obama White House, together with the Departments of Labor and Treasury, issued a so-called “Request for Information” calling for a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of the “annuitization” of individual 401(k)s. The scheme was set forth in a set of “Proposed Rules” published on February 2, 2010 in the Federal Register.

The document reads in part, “While defined contribution plans have some strengths relative to defined benefit plans, participants in defined contribution plans bear the investment risk because there is no promise by the employer as to the adequacy of the account balance that will be available or the income stream that can be provided after retirement.” And furthermore, “The Agencies are considering whether it would be appropriate for them to take future steps for them to facilitate access to, and use of, lifetime income or other arrangements designed to provide designed to provide a stream of income after retirement.”

The upshot of that clunky prose is that the Obama administration believes that employers cannot be relied upon to adequately manage the 401(k) retirement accounts it provides for their employees, therefore the federal government will relieve them of that responsibility and take sole discretionary control of those funds, thus eliminating the risk of mismanagement. In other words, the Obama administration is planning to divert the “stream of income after retirement” and channel it right through Washington, D.C.

Under the section of the Proposed Rules marked “Background,” the document declares that it is the intent of the agencies considering these changes to further “their efforts to promote retirement security for American workers.” And, to “provide wages that support families, and rise with time and productivity.” Since January 2010, it seems that the only thing rising with time is the likelihood that the economic wealth and might of our once enviable Republic will be methodically eradicated through the exercise by the executive branch of unconstitutional authority over every financial aspect of our nation’s people.

While the time for commenting on these Proposed Rules has passed (May 3, 2010 was the deadline), there is yet time for concerned citizens to contact their elected representatives and voice their opposition to President Obama’s proposed seizure of their 401(k) retirement accounts.

In response to the White House’s pronouncements, many Republicans in the House of Representatives, including GOP leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), have joined together to defend against the federal assault on the financial freedom of the middle class. Boehner and a cadre of colleagues known as the “House GOP Savings Recovery Solutions Group” (an organization founded by Boehner to, “help Americans protect and rebuild their hard-earned savings as quickly as possible while making sure the federal government does not hinder the process”) have written a memo to the secretaries of Labor and Treasury, imploring them to “take no action” to nationalize the retirement security of millions of Americans, representing trillions of dollars. The text of the letter is reprinted below:

Dear Secretaries Solis and Geithner:


As members of the Republican Savings Solutions Group, we write today to express our strong opposition to any proposal to eliminate or federalize private-sector defined contribution pension plans, such as 401(k)s, or impose burdensome new requirements upon the businesses, large and small, who choose to offer these plans to their employees.


In the Annual Report of the White House Task Force on the Middle Class, Vice President Biden discussed at length the creation of so-called “Guaranteed Retirement Accounts, (GRAs)” which would provide for protection from “inflation and market risk” and potentially “guarantee a specified real return above the rate of inflation” — presumably at taxpayer expense. In the Report, the Vice President recommended “further study of these issues.”


The Vice President’s comments are troubling, insofar as they come on the heels of testimony before Congress from supporters of GRAs proposing to eliminate the favorable tax treatment currently afforded to 401(k) plans, and instead use those dollars to fund government-invested GRAs into which all employees would be required to contribute a portion of their salary — again, with a government subsidy. These advocates would, essentially, dismantle the present private-sector 401(k) system, replacing it instead with a government-run investment plan, the size and scope of which remain to be seen. This despite data showing that 90 percent of households have a favorable opinion of the existing 401(k)/IRA system.


In light of these facts, we write today to express our opposition in the strongest terms to any effort to “nationalize” the private 401(k) system, or any proposal that would dismantle or disfavor the private 401(k) system in favor of a government-run retirement security regime.


Similarly, and more recently, the Departments of Labor and Treasury have jointly issued a “Request for Information” regarding the “annuitization” of 401(k) plans through “Lifetime Income Options.”  While we appreciate the Departments’ seeking guidance and information from all parties and stakeholders in advance of regulatory activity, we strongly urge that the Departments not proceed with any regulation in this area before they have carefully and thoroughly considered all of the information received.


More specifically, we urge that the Departments take no action to mandate that plan sponsors — often, small businesses — include a “lifetime income” or “annuitization” option if they choose to offer a 401(k) plan to their employees, or that beneficiaries take some or all of their retirement savings in such an option. Data shows that 70 percent of Americans oppose the concept of a mandated annuity or government payout of their 401(k) plan. On a more fundamental level, Congress should not be in the business of choosing “winners” and “losers” among retirement security stakeholders. Instead, we urge the Departments to make it easier for employers to include retirement income solutions in their savings plans and to help workers learn more about the value of their retirement savings as a source of retirement income. Finally, to the extent new mandates and bureaucratic red tape from Washington push small employers out of the business of offering these plans to their employees, we would submit such an effort weakens, rather than strengthens retirement security.


We appreciate your consideration of our views in these important matters and stand ready to work with you and the Administration to promote secure and adequate retirement savings for all Americans.



House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH)
Rep. John Kline (R-MN) 
Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) 
Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) 
Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV) 
Rep. Brett Guthrie (R-KY) 
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) 
Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-OH) 
Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH) 
Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) 
Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) 
Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) 
Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA)


While the goal of Boehner’s group is noble and laudable, the tactics it uses to resist the administration’s attack on middle-class savings seems somehow to justify them, as well. If Congressman Boehner and his allies are genuinely committed to helping  “Americans protect and rebuild their hard-earned savings,” then their interest, as well as that of our Republic and the citizens thereof, would be best served by a bold and relentless campaign to drive all branches of the national government to retreat to a place within the borders of their constitutional authority.

Philosophy & Religion / End Game
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I'm posting this article here because of it's strong emphasis on Catholic prophecy.  The author has a very good understanding of the current condition of the world today.  In addition to studying the catechism and aligning ourselves with the pope as Sir Knight suggests, I urge the frequent reception of the sacraments so that our souls will strengthened and adorned will all the graces necessary to survive this spiritual battle.


THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  The whole world is divided between just two powers.

The first power is Western Globalism.  This consists of Western quasi-capitalist  nations owned and financed by communist China.  Sorry, if that bursts your bubble, but that is just the facts.  Modern capitalism is a ruse.  It has become, as Hilaire Belloc said it would be, "The Servile State."  It is an economy whereby the state, through positive law and monopolies, mandates that certain people must work for others, and their employers must "take care" of them.  It is not a true free market, whereby any man can take his life savings and invest in a business of his choice, thereby creating and owning his own job and his own destiny without the fear of being undercut, and run out of business, by a massive international corporation with resources far beyond what he could ever accomplish himself.  The Servile State in Europe and North America is indebted to communist China for it's very existence now, and so the Chinese now own the West.  The Servile State is also heavily dependent on oil, as is China, and in the face of an emerging "peak oil" economy, the West has taken it upon itself to invade and conquer the Arab world for it's oil supply.  This is how it works.  Remember, the Servile State is a quasi-capitalist globalist system, with elements of socialism and serfdom intermixed.  It depends heavily on large corporations, and an alliance between large corporations and Western governments.  In the United States we know this as the relationship between Wal Street in New York and K Street in Washington DC.  When Western nations need more oil, they attempt to contract with Arab powers in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  This is because of their abundance of "light crude" in that region, which means oil that is easy to drill and requires the least refinery process, thus maximizing profit for the oil company and reducing gasoline prices for Western consumers.  When Arab powers cooperate, they are rewarded with riches beyond their imagination -- think Saudi Arabia and the Arabian peninsula region.  Cooperation consists of freedom for Western corporations to drill there and the guarantee that all oil will be traded in U.S. dollars.  (This is the ONLY thing keeping the U.S. dollar afloat after leaving the gold standard behind in the 1970s.)  If, however, a particular Arab power refuses to cooperate in some way or another, than the Western corporations tattle-tale to Western governments, and those Western governments respond by sending in secret covert operatives to the problem Arab nation.  The idea here is to stir up a revolution, so as to effect "regime change," and replace the old leaders with new ones that are willing to deal with Western oil companies.  (Think Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain. etc.)  All of the attempted revolutions in these countries were spawned by the CIA, MI6, and other European intelligence agencies.  If these uprisings succeed, like they did in Egypt, then we go back to cutting deals with Western oil corporations.  If they don't succeed, as they didn't in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now Libya, then the West responds with military force to effect "regime change."  Once that's done, we go back to cutting deals with Western oil corporations.  One way or another, the West gets it's oil, and oil continues to be traded in U.S. dollars.  You will notice that this new way of doing things seemed to come about in around 1990.  At around the same time the old Soviet Union collapsed.  The collapse of the Soviet Union was absolutely necessary to implement this new Western hegemony.  Prior to 1990 the Soviet Union stood in the way.  After 1990, the West had free reign to implement the imperial aspirations of the Servile State.  Former President George H. Bush referred to this new Western hegemony as the "New World Order."  The video above covers the emergence of this "New World Order" onto the public scene twenty years ago, when it was discussed openly by the President of the United States and his administration, along with the Congress, Pentagon, Western allied nations, NATO and the UN.  It was at that time we learned that the unification of Europe was part of a much broader plan.  Later, under the administration of George W. Bush, we would discover that unification of North America was also on the agenda, as well as the unification of other regions around the world.  Again, China is intimately involved with this, and believe it or not, the United States of America serves at the behest of China, which owns most of the USA's national debt.  As China's economy begins to emerge in the years ahead, it's need for oil will grow exponentially, and so the United States will continue to use it's military to insure that this flow of "light crude" from the Arab world remains at a constant until it is completely and totally depleted.

The second power is the emerging Islamic Caliphate which is an alliance between Islamists and socialists.  Yes, ironically, socialism plays a role on both sides of the emerging global conflict.  On the Western side, socialism works together with large corporations to form the Servile State of the New World Order.  While on the Eastern side, socialism works together with radical Islam to form the emerging caliphate.  On both sides, Socialism (the brainchild of Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels), plays an intimate role.  Russia has always aligned more with the northern Arab states and Islamic powers, even since the days of the Soviet Union and the Cold War.  Since the end of the Cold War, the United States and NATO have consistently cut Russia out of any share in the New World Order.  So Russia has adopted a very hostile attitude toward the Servile State of the West.  The recent war in Georgia was one example of this, where the Russians cited the bogus charge of "ethnic cleansing" to seize an oil pipeline that spanned the northern frontier of Georgia.  Russia has also been working closely with Iran and Syria against Western influence in the Arab world.  This is why Western attempts to usurp Arab powers will likely backfire, as we are already beginning to see in Iraq and Egypt.  Likewise, Europe has seen a massive influx of Arab Muslims while hard-core Socialists (Marxist Russian style) have made inroads into European culture for years.  The alliance between hard Socialists and Islamic radicals is now playing out in the open for all the world to see.  The two are frequently seen protesting together throughout Europe, while emerging Islamist states in the Middle East are starting to implement hard Socialist policies.  The Russian Socialists and Islamic Arabs are working together AGAINST the Western centered Servile State in the New World Order.  Now the Russians probably have further plans to establish their own globalist power in the long run, while the Islamists clearly seek their own idea of a worldwide caliphate.  As far as the Islamists are concerned, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  They are willing to work together against the Western New World Order until it is destroyed, and then duke it out with the Russians once that conflict is settled.

In the middle of all of this is the Zionist nation-state of Israel.  So it would seem Israel has been playing the Western New World Order with it's political and economic alliance with the United States.  That relationship is now strained and Israel's future is now in question.  There are those who would like us to believe Zionism is behind all of this.  I'm not so sure of that right now.  For the time being, it looks like Zionists have been playing the system to their advantage, but that's not the same as controlling it.  In the end, Israel has served the purpose of the West, and so the West tolerates it's existence for now.

Right now we are living in the days just before the End Game, the time when nations are preparing for the final conflict between East and West.  The West has formulated the New World Order.  It is a form of soft-socialism. combined with corporate hegemony.  It is the Servile State and it seeks to dominate the world.  The East fancies a harder form of Socialism, and seeks it's own global power, but that cannot be realized until the Western New World Order is crushed and the Socialists and Islamists duke it out to see who will be in control.  The Middle East has become a tinderbox with it's access to light crude in a peak oil economy.  While Zionist Israel has become the fuse with it's Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The fuse will be ignited soon, and the whole region will go up in flames.  This is inevitable.

However, the flames will not stop in the Middle East.  The Socialist-Islamist alliance in Europe is very strong,  When the Middle East goes up in flames, Europe will likely follow, and with that we will begin to see the fulfillment of Catholic prophecy.  France, Italy and Britain will fall to social upheaval, on the order of that seen in Egypt and the Middle East.  What comes around goes around, so the saying goes, and as the West has orchestrated the failed attempts of "regime change" in the Arab world, so the East will orchestrate the same in the Western world.  Those of us who know Catholic prophecy know what will become of that.

For the time being, we are seeing calls to nationalism and patriotism.  This always precedes times of war.  The globalist agenda will likely enter into it's next phase the years ahead.  It will be precipitated by another global economic meltdown this year, or next year at the latest.  The underlying economic problems that prompted the crash of 2008 have not been addressed.  Therefore, another collapse is inevitable.  This collapse will be so deep, and so terrible, that it will likely prompt North Americans to choose between breadlines or economic unification.  Europe on the other hand will be plunged into a war for it's very existence.  This is when the best laid plans of the Western globalists and the Eastern anti-globalists will come to a head and begin to crumble for both sides.

It is prophesied, by the Saints of old, that God will use the wicked powers of the East to destroy the wicked plans of the West.  Then when the West has been brought to it's knees, facing total destruction, God will raise up a holy pope and a great monarch to defeat the powers of the East and restore order to Europe, and the world, under the reign of a vast Christian empire, unlike anything seen since the days of the Holy Roman Empire.  Somehow the nation of Russia plays into these prophecies.  Currently, Russia serves at the behest of the wicked socialist anti-globalists and is allied with Islamic radical powers.  But toward the end of the conflict, like in World War I, Russia will undergo a change that will cause it to withdraw from the arena of world affairs, and eventually bring it into alignment with the great monarch of the West.  Could this event be the reunification of the Russian Orthodox Church with Rome, (i.e. the "conversion of Russia") spurring the return of the czars?   Prior to World War I Russia was a Christian empire.  After World War I, Russia became a godless socialist republic.  Now as we approach World War III, Russia will enter the conflict as a godless socialist-fascist republic, but possibly emerge as a Christian empire again?  The prophecies, both Biblical and extra-Biblical seem to suggest some kind of cataclysmic event befalling Russia, prompting it's return to sanity.  This is the linchpin to the Catholic understanding of end-times prophecy.  Russia is the key.

Catholic prophecy also tells us of a period of peace that will follow this end game, whether it will last just one generation or many remains to be seen, and the prophecies themselves seem to leave this open ended.  After that period of peace however, man will return to his wicked ways.  Zionism will return with a new Messianic fervor, and the world will find itself in the clutches of the great and final Antichrist himself.  That day is coming, but it is not now.  Today we face the end of our current way of life, the clash and destruction of the globalist ambitions of Western secularist powers.  The likely fall of the Zionist regime in Israel, but not necessarily the end of Jews living in the Holy Land.  The terror of an Islamist-Socialist takeover of the world is upon us, followed by their own destruction through the intervention of God.

How does this relate to us right here and now?  First and foremost, don't fall for the propaganda.  The current world system cannot be saved.  The New World Order is destined for destruction.  Since the United States is so intimately involved in the New World Order, indeed the USA is mostly the catalyst behind it, the result of it's demise will be hard on America -- very hard.  Catholics should be aligning themselves with the pope and strongly relearning the catechism.  We should be careful not to let nationalist or globalist ideology cloud our judgement.  We should physically prepare ourselves by storing up some basic survival foods and necessities that will last us about a month.  Likewise, investing in hard currency, such as gold and silver, instead of soft currency (dollars, euros, etc.) would likely be prudent.  Finally, we must network with fellow Catholics and other Christians of good will toward us.  Beyond regular prayer and striving for personal holiness with charity, this is literally ALL we can do.  We can do no more but wait and watch it all unfold around us.

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2011 / AIPAC and Israeli gov. being sued for over 6 billion
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Could the Zionist hope for a glorious NWO be unraveling?

May 24, 2011 01:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
$6.64 Billion Damages Sought over Israeli Government and AIPAC Use of Stolen Classified US Trade Data
WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today the Section 301 Committee of the US Trade Representative formally received a petition demanding $6.64 billion in compensation for US exporters. In 1984 US exporters were urged to submit business confidential data about their prices, market share, internal costs and market strategy to the International Trade Commission. The USTR guaranteed confidentiality and compiled the data into a classified report for use in negotiating the US-Israel Free Trade Agreement.

The Israeli government obtained the classified USTR report and passed it to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to use in lobbying and public relations. Declassified FBI investigation files in the petition reveal AIPAC's legislative director made illicit duplications before returning the report by order of the USTR. The FBI interviewed Israeli Minister of Economics Dan Halpern who admitted obtaining the classified document and giving it to AIPAC.

According to the petition Israel unfairly leveraged the business confidential data stolen from US corporations and industry groups to create new export oriented industries to penetrate the American market. Israel thereby gained an unwarranted systemic advantage. The US-Israel FTA is an anomaly among all bilateral FTAs in that it principally benefits the foreign party, providing a destination for 40% of Israel's exports. The petition claims it is now a private industry funded foreign aid program. In 2010 the US Israel FTA produced an $11.2 billion US deficit in goods trade. Over a decade the US deficit has averaged $7.09 billion per year. The cumulative US-Israel deficit in current dollars since 1985 is $80.9 billion.

Analysis of all other US-bilateral FTAs reveals that they do not deliver a systemic advantage to either partner. In 2010, the US had a $31.43 billion total surplus with its other bilateral FTA partners, though in 2006 and 2007 these same agreements produced a narrow US deficit.

The petition recommends the $6.64 billion be proportionally divided between nearly 80 US organizations according to their trailing 10 year revenues. If the Israeli government will not pay damages directly, the petition recommends the US implement a five year import duty over all Israeli exports to the United States to generate the compensation.

For information about the petition and compensation formula, contact Grant F. Smith at the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington, DC at 202-342-7325 or by email at

General / Armageddon May 21
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Is it possible that people can be this brain dead?

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