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Philosophy & Religion / Religious Bunk
« on: October 09, 2010, 03:46:22 PM »
We are in a spiritual warfare that has physical I advocate using spiritual weapons...the jew exists because of his scripture...

It's been said that if God didn't exist, man would create Him. The Talmud and preceding "oral law" is the jew (re)creating God in his own image. By doing so, the jew lost God and made himself god. Jesus knew that. The jew exists because of the talmud.

and we allow his power because we agree with their scripture as they read them NOT AS WE READ THEM...throughout history we see jews as either chosen of god or sons of the devil and it is this very belief that allowed them to gain power...we give to others power we ourselves possess that is idolatry...

"We agree with their scripture" is a fairly recent occurence, historically, isn't it? For centuries, Christians saw jews as Jesus saw them, sons of satan, needing to be saved or isolated. The former chosen, jews weaseled their way into modern Christianity and corrupted it creating "judeo-christianity", in order to regain the perception of  "chosen" status. That's the idolatry in "judeo-christianity", believing jews are still chosen. True Christians (IMHO) see themselves as the new chosen, with a new covenant. "We" didn't give jews their power, they stole it, weaseling in through the back door, with collusion from useful idiots. "We" may be guilty of sleeping through a burglar alarm (or two, or several), but we're not guilty of inviting the thieves in..

europe had her own gods most natives did...but the point of the sword converted all to a desert god construct...knowing and learning scripture we can reclaim our own power...chirst fought back with scripture and was killed (for being right) as he was merely one versus the collective...but imagine if as a collective we would disempower the jew with their own scripture...not believing in the bible or religion and walking away is not enough nor good tactics even that is a win win for them...

Even if stripped of  "chosen" status, they'd still own everything. We have to defeat them secularly, politically. Maybe it's me, but I have a problem "imagining" disempowering them with their own scripture, much like I have a problem "imagining" world peace. Or whirled peas.

jews are no longer chosen...they are no longer promised and not even zionist israel is valid...all of this in the very scriptures they use but we are unaware and too cowardly to argue...we still love our enemies and turn the other cheek...passive tools... or active zio bots supporting israel cuz then jesus comes again...666 has been at work to establish world supremacy for a long time

"Chosen" is in their torah, but their talmud circumvents it. It says, 'sure, God said all that, but now, God listens to  us jews'. Their torah means little to them. But exposing their talmud exposes their true nature, for what that's worth. Our scriptures show that Jesus and his apostles revealed jews as sons of satan. But those are the scriptures that judeo-christian ministries are taught by their jew handlers to suppress. Other than that,  much of the jew's power is secular. They're a religion, no, they're a race, no, the're whatever it takes to be "the men who will not be blamed for nothing". Even their holohoax has little to do with scripture, except to "judeo-christians". I understand that's no small issue, but exposing that one will make unraveling the rest easier.

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