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2009 / Good story on fake and altered news broadcasts!
« on: October 15, 2009, 08:59:46 PM »
Behind The Big News

Found it on a trucker's forum. Lots of neat and fascinating facts and revelations on news. Nothing new to folks here overall, but maybe something new here and there in it, and certainly worth watching.
It was produced by the JBS society interestingly. And though it isn't perfect - what is - it is pretty darned good.

Heaven Above / CDC study: Swine flu deaths higher in older kids
« on: September 03, 2009, 01:57:56 PM »
CDC study: Swine flu deaths higher in older kids

  By MIKE STOBBE, AP Medical Writer Mike Stobbe, Ap Medical Writer   `“ 10 mins ago

ATLANTA `“ The first detailed study of U.S. children killed by swine flu found the outbreak differs from ordinary flu in at least one puzzling respect: It appears to be taking a higher toll on school-age youngsters than on babies and toddlers.

At least 40 children have died, accounting for about one in 13 U.S. swine flu deaths, scientists with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. Two-thirds of those already had high-risk health problems, confirming what officials have been saying about who is most vulnerable to swine flu.

It is not clear whether the new virus is more dangerous than ordinary seasonal flu for kids, though some health officials suspect it is. But the analysis shows some preliminary and important differences:

`¢ Normally, half or more of the children who die of the flu are 4 and under. But more than 80 percent of the kids who died with swine flu were 5 through 17. Dr. Beth Bell, a CDC epidemiologist, said that may be because older children spend time at school and summer camp, exposed to more people than younger children kept at home.

`¢ Almost two-thirds of the children who died with swine flu had epilepsy, cerebral palsy or other neurodevelopmental conditions. In a previous flu season, only a third of the children who died had those conditions.

`¢ Other germs, working with swine flu in a one-two punch, were a big danger. A bacterial infection on top of the flu virus played a role in most of the deaths of otherwise healthy children.

Swine flu was first identified in April and is now responsible for almost all flu cases in the United States. It has caused more than 1 million illnesses so far, though most were mild and not reported, the CDC estimates. More than 550 lab-confirmed deaths and 8,800 hospitalizations have been reported.

Those statistics don't mean the new flu is worse than seasonal flu, which is particularly lethal to the elderly and plays a role in an estimated 36,000 deaths each year, the CDC says.

But swine flu is causing more suffering in children and young adults than is customary, and a lot of parents are worried. Some emergency room doctors say they are seeing a lot of mildly ill children brought in by parents fearful that it is a swine flu case that will turn worse.

Right now, cases are most common in the Southeast, possibly because schools are already in session, providing more opportunity for infections to spread, CDC officials said.

However, there are no signs that the virus is mutating to become more deadly, as some scientists feared, CDC Director Thomas Frieden said.

Each year 50 to 100 children die of seasonal flu. But it's hard to say whether children account for a higher proportion of deaths from swine flu than they do from seasonal flu. The CDC doesn't monitor seasonal flu deaths as closely as it does swine flu, and has no comprehensive count of each year's flu deaths to enable such a comparison.

The new report focuses on 477 lab-confirmed swine flu deaths reported through Aug. 8. Thirty-six during that period were children.

Only about 20 percent of those children were 4 or younger. That's unusual. Often, 50 percent or more of seasonal flu deaths are babies or toddlers, who have less mature immune systems and smaller airways, putting them in more danger from respiratory infections.

Two-thirds of the children who died had high-risk medical conditions. Nearly all of them had an illness related to the nervous system, including mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and other seizure disorders.

Years ago experts recognized that children with neurodevelopmental conditions run a higher risk of serious complications from the flu. But the proportion of swine flu victims with that kind of underlying condition is high compared to a previous flu season, CDC officials said.

It's not clear how significant that finding is, because many of the children had other medical problems besides the neurological conditions that had weakened their bodies, CDC officials said.

Of 10 children who were healthy before they got swine flu, eight had a bacterial infection such as bacterial pneumonia along with the flu.


On the Net:

CDC report:

Hmmm, can you say, "They had their shots..."?
I'm willing to wager it is related to having had the multitude of 'inoculations' that leaves school kids in a more susceptible condition.
I would also like to offer the fact as told me by a long time friend, who still works at the same hospital where he has for over ten years now, that Swine Flu is FAR from the most common flu right now. He laughed when I asked him, and said we must be the exception, as he sees far fewer than last year, and the most common this year is again H1N2 (Asian Bird Flu) followed the H5N1, another Bird Flu strain. He says H1N1 is still pretty damned rare, at least around here.

2009 / Brooklyn man (Jew) accused of buying and selling kidneys
« on: July 24, 2009, 03:53:04 PM »
By DAVID PORTER and CARLA K. JOHNSON, Associated Press Writers David Porter And Carla K. Johnson, Associated Press Writers

NEWARK, N.J. `“ Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn called himself a "matchmaker," but his business wasn't romance. Instead, authorities say, he brokered the sale of black-market kidneys, buying organs from vulnerable people from Israel for $10,000 and selling them to desperate patients in the U.S. for as much as $160,000.

The alleged decade-long scheme, exposed this week by an FBI sting, rocked the nation's transplant industry. If true, it would be the first documented case of organ trafficking in the U.S., transplant experts said Friday.

"There's certainly cross-national activity, but it hasn't touched the United States or we haven't known about it until now," said University of Pennsylvania medical ethicist Arthur Caplan, who is co-directing a U.N. task force on international organ trafficking.

Rosenbaum was arrested Thursday, 10 days after meeting in his basement with a government informant and an FBI agent posing as the informant's secretary. The agent claimed to be searching for a kidney for a sick uncle on dialysis who was on a transplant list at a Philadelphia hospital.

"I am what you call a matchmaker," Rosenbaum said in a secretly recorded conversation. "I bring a guy what I believe, he's suitable for your uncle." Asked how many organs he had brokered, he said: "Quite a lot," the most recent two weeks earlier.

As part of the scheme, the organ donors were brought from Israel to this country, where they underwent surgery to remove the kidneys, authorities said. Prosecutors did not identify which hospitals in the U.S. received the donors and their kidneys.

"The allegations about an organ trafficking ring in the United States are appalling," said John Davis, CEO of the National Kidney Foundation.

Israel Medical Association spokeswoman Orna Cohen said the organization had no reports there of Israelis selling organs. "If it's true, then it's shocking," she said.

Micky Rosenfeld, a spokesman for Israel's national police force, said Israeli police were not involved in the investigation, and he would not comment further.

Under 1984 federal law, it is illegal for anyone to knowingly buy or sell organs for transplant. The practice is illegal just about everywhere else in the world, too.

But demand for kidneys far outstrips the supply, with 4,540 people dying in the U.S. last year while waiting for a kidney, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing. As a result, there is a thriving black market for kidneys around the world.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes, an anthropology professor at the University of California at Berkeley and the author of an upcoming book on human organ trafficking, said that she has been tracking the Brooklyn-connected ring for 10 years and that her contacts in Israel have called Rosenbaum "the top man" in the United States.

Scheper-Hughes said she was told Rosenbaum carried a gun, and when a potential organ seller would get cold feet, Rosenbaum would use his finger to simulate firing a gun at the person's head.

Rosenbaum was arrested in a sweeping federal case that began as an investigation into money laundering and trafficking in kidneys and fake designer bags. It mushroomed into a political corruption probe, culminating in the arrests this week of 44 people, including three New Jersey mayors, various other officials, and five rabbis. The politicians and rabbis were not accused of involvement in the organ trafficking.

Rosenbaum, 58, is a member of the Orthodox Jewish community in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, where he told neighbors he was in the construction business.

For someone who was not a surgeon, Rosenbaum seemed in his recorded conversations to have a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of kidney donations, including how to fool hospitals into believing the donor was acting solely out of compassion for a friend or loved one.

He was recorded saying that money had to be spread around liberally, to Israeli doctors, visa preparers and those who cared for the organ donors in this country. "One of the reasons it's so expensive is because you have to shmear (pay others) all the time," he was quoted as saying.

"So far, I've never had a failure," he bragged on tape. "I'm doing this a long time."

At a 2008 meeting with the undercover agent, Rosenbaum claimed he had an associate who worked for an insurance company in Brooklyn who could take the recipient's blood samples, store them on dry ice and send them to Israel, where they would be tested to see if they matched the prospective donor, authorities said.

Four checks totaling $10,000, a downpayment on the fictitious uncle's new kidney, were deposited in the bank account of a charity in Brooklyn, prosecutors said.

It was not immediately clear Friday who Rosenbaum's attorney was.

Dr. Francis Delmonico, a Harvard professor, transplant surgeon and board member of the National Kidney Foundation's Board of Directors, said similar trafficking is going on elsewhere around the world. He said an estimated 10 percent of kidney transplants `” 5,000 to 6,000 each year `” are done illegally. Hot spots are Pakistan, the Philippines and China, where it is believed organs are obtained from executed prisoners, he said.

Caplan, the University of Pennsylvania ethicist, said he expects the U.N. task force to make recommendations in October that would hold hospitals worldwide accountable for establishing the origins of each organ they transplant and whether it was freely donated without compensation.

"There is a black market, almost exclusively in kidneys," Caplan said. "All international medical groups and governments ought to condemn any marketing in body parts. It's simply too exploitative of the poor and vulnerable. The quality of the organs is questionable. People lie to get the money. The middle men are irresponsible and often criminals. They don't care about the people who sell."

Scheper-Hughes said her research has uncovered hundreds of cases of illegal organ transactions brokered by and for Israelis in Israel, South Africa, Turkey and other countries, with sellers recruited from poor communities in Moldova, Brazil and elsewhere.

A few transplant surgeons support changing the law to allow a system of regulated compensation to increase the pool of donor kidneys.

Arthur Matas, a transplant surgeon who directs the kidney transplant service at the University of Minnesota Medical School, said donors could be compensated with some combination of lifetime access to medical care, life insurance, a tax credit, help with college and a small direct payment.

"It would minimize the extraordinary black market and exploitation of impoverished people internationally," Matas said.

Martin Weinfeld, who lives around the corner from Rosenbaum in Brooklyn, said the allegations bring shame on the community.

"It puts a bad name on good people," he said. "Religion is supposed to be about God, helping others, not about the cash."


Johnson reported from Chicago. Associated Press Writer Colleen Long in Brooklyn contributed to this story.

But organ harvesting by Jews is an anti-semetic lie and slur!!!

General / An Opinion
« on: January 14, 2009, 04:19:57 PM »
I've been trying to maintain a positive outlook, but as time goes by, and as things come out, I become more and more convinced that Mr. Obama will not be the relief from BushCo he seemed.
I was willing to dismiss his arrival out of the infamous Chicago political mire, as I am from Chicago, and grew up there, and indeed feel quite fondly for the area, but I am a realist, and I was and still am aware of the mess that is Chicago's political reality.
If you need something from the city of Chicago, you get funds ready. Period. Without graft funds, you get nothing done politically in Chicago. Nothing. I often thought that the phrase, "Money talks, bullshit walks," was coined in Chi-town. Probably in a public servant office over a stack of currency.
I do not exaggerate. Look at every mayor of Chicago going back past the turn of the century, his closest advisers and staff members.
I was willing to ignore that. Good people can exist even inside the Chicago political scene.
Can one, however, move from the state house, to the White House? No. In one step? Never.
Not possible. I will believe Bush really wanted Osama Bin Laden dead or captured before I will believe that.
Why else has Mr. Obama become less likely the relief of the BushCo brigade?
Look at his staff he is assembling. Crooks, liars, thieves, and worse. Mr. Obama repeats his soon-to-be tired refrain of, "I have faith in him," and smiles.
Everyone who has had contact with Mr. Obama is of one opinion of him . . . "He is a charming man."
Just what we need. A charming man.
Other opinions of him from people he has worked with and works with currently?
"He can work both sides of an issue."
He's two-faced.
He blinks when he says he wants to capture or kill Bin Laden. He blinks when he says he will bring openness and 'transparency' to government. Unprecedented amounts of it, too, he claims. And he blinks. The same refrain we hear every four years from whomever has been chosen for us to have seemingly elected.
Now his choice of Treasury Secretary doesn't know enough to file his taxes for four years. No matter why: If he knows he doesn't have to, or if he just didn't want to, besides the point. How can you stand behind your choice of a man to run the Treasury Department, which of course is in charge of the I.R.S., who didn't pay his taxes for no less than four years? I wonder about the years prior to the seven they examined and commented on? What about eight, nine, ten years ago? And what about the 'mistake common for people who work internationally' claim? The man works internationally, and still didn't file on his income for his U.S. salaries? And I do mean 'salaries'. Research him a bit and see who he's been earning his six and seven figures a year from. No surprises for a corrupt government official and appointee to run the Treasury Department. Didn't Mr. Obama's staff care? They knew. They admit they knew. They told Obama. He knew. He's said he knew. Mr. Obama says the man has corrected the 'mistake' and paid the taxes. He didn't mention when. Go find out. No surprises.
Any of you can look at each nominee for Mr. Obama's staff, and decide for yourself.
I was just curious that no one had discussed this here so far.
Do you think I am being too critical? Too mean? Bigoted? Anti-Democrat?
Or am I seeing what I think I am?
Mr. Obama will likely be among the most liked Presidents, what with his 'charming appeal' and 'open friendliness' and 'contagious smile'. He may even remain so after his Chicago scars are revealed, and maybe even after he and his Israeli cabinet have looted the country for themselves. But he will be nothing different.
The game continues, only the names and faces have changed

Basically, nothing new. The article is very interesting, and worth the time to read and pass on. But even though the article is decently written, the old 'Federal Reserve is part of the government' charade is intact.

Government Bails Out Stock Market....For Now
David Frazier
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Even though economic statistics continue to indicate that growth will slow considerably between now and the end of the year, efforts by the Federal Reserve and other government agencies to alleviate the credit crisis and stimulate the economy will likely provide a floor of support in stocks for at least the next few weeks.
Last week, the Fed provided $75 billion worth of U.S. Treasury securities to investment banks in an effort to help those financially-strapped institutions gain access to needed capital. In other words, the Fed swapped $75 billion of its AAA-rated Treasury securities for risky mortgage-backed securities and other lesser-quality debt holdings under the guise of its new lending facility `” the Term Securities Lending Facility (TSLF), which was created on March 11, 2008.

The creation of the TSLF gives struggling investment banks the ability to easily raise financing by using Treasuries as collateral rather than risky debt. After all, selling Treasury securities backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government is much easier than unloading mortgage-backed securities.

With the creation of the TSLF, the Federal Reserve now has six tools for implementing monetary policy:

(1) The buying and selling of Treasury securities in the open market (Open Market Operations)
(2) Lending money directly to commercial banks via the Discount Window
(3) Raising or lowering the amount of funds that commercial banks must maintain at the Federal Reserve Bank (Reserve Requirements)
(4) Providing loans to commercial banks via the Term Auction Facility (TAF) for up to 28 days in exchange for a broad range of collateral (such as mortgage-backed securities)
(5) Lending U.S. Treasury securities to investment banks via the Term Securities Lending Facility (TSLF) for up to 28 days in exchange for mortgage-backed securities and a broad range of other debt securities
(6) Lending of funds to investment banks for up to 90 days via the Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF) in exchange for mortgage-backed securities and other debt securities

The TAF was created by the Fed on Dec. 12, 2007, while both the TSLF and the PDCF were created during mid-March.

Yesterday morning, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson proposed the broadest overhaul of U.S. financial regulation since the Great Depression, saying that the system for overseeing American capitalism needs to be better prepared for "inevitable market disruptions."

Paulson also said that the Fed should expand its oversight of financial services beyond banks by monitoring corporate disclosures, writing rules, and implementing measures to prevent economic crises, such as making loans (when needed) to federally-chartered insurers and other financial institutions.

These government initiatives may, in fact, mitigate the impact of the ongoing credit crisis and help restore investor confidence in the functioning of the financial markets. However, those actions will have no impact on the continuing slump in the housing market, and they will do nothing to improve the deteriorating employment situation. Nor will the government's tax rebate stimulus package replace the lost incomes from recent job cuts or help consumers put a dent in their huge debt loads.

Therefore, I expect the U.S. economy to continue growing at an anemic rate, at best, over the next couple of quarters and for corporate profits to fall during the months ahead.

I urge you to not get overconfident about the actions being taken by the Fed and other government agencies. Keep in mind that the government took similar steps after the stock market crash of 1929. Yet, stocks fell dramatically between May 1930 and July 1931, after rallying sharply from November 1929 through April 1930. Click here if you'd like to learn how to profit during the current investment environment by investing in the right ETFs.

General / Computing the percentage chance that a government is a tyranny
« on: February 10, 2008, 03:56:17 PM »
A very long time ago, sometime in the Eighties, we read a paper or article in school that was written by some big-wig or hot-shot, aimed at computing the chance that a given government is a tyranny. It was supposedly to point out how tyrannical some small county's government was. But a classmate named Chris spoke up and said that the same test proves that the American government was tyrannical.
The teacher was NOT amused. The rest of us were. I have tried and tried to find that article, but have come nowhere near finding it or even a convincing reference to it.
So I have tried to remember the thing as well as I can over the years, and here is what I have.
If anyone knows the textbook it is/was from, please do let me know. It was for Social Studies class and the book cover had what I think was a montage in browns and golds of the founding fathers and leaders with the Constitution and other documents in the background, all on a off-white, cloth-type binding and cover over cardboard.

Computing the percentage chance that a given government is a tyranny

Has the leader been proven to have lied in a speech to his 'people'? Add 1 percentage for each proven lie or propaganda.
(Okay, so if we are talking Bush here, most of you can already come up with over a 100% chance)

Add 1 percentage chance for each other official proven to have lied in a public speech or address to the people.

Add 2 percentages for each official indicted/tried/arrested/imprisoned for illegal activity.
(well, this one alone puts it well over 100%)

Add 3 percentage points for each law the people pass that the government leaders revoked/vetoed/denied.
(Considering Bush has issued a Signing Statement saying he does not have to follow the law for hundreds of laws........)

Add 4 percent for each person imprisoned for speech against a member of the ruling government.
(Just the 04 conventions jailings for speaking to power.......)

Add 5 percent if the country has ever gone to war despite the will of the people of that country.

Add 7 percent if the leader of the country issues orders providing for the continuation of government.

Add 8 percent if the government provides rights over the people by the government or business.

Add 9 percent if military service is mandatory. Add another 1 percent for each year of mandatory service to the state.  (add 10% if one year compulsory service, 11% if two years....etc)

There was at least two more, but I don't remember them. One was ten percent and one was 12 percent. Funny I can't remember the last and biggest reasons.
My point was, by that method, not a single person with a living brain cell can compute that Amerika is anything other than a complete tyranny.
And this was taught up until about 1983 or so. I graduated in 1984 and am sure it wasn't senior year. And I think it was aimed at Cuba, but I can't be certain. It might have been China or Russia.
I was going through the old storage chest and some old school papers were in a stack. Going through them I found the notes I took from the chalkboard that day, and the comments Chris and others made. And a lot of smilie faces all around the page, lol.

General / Remove the rose-colored glasses.
« on: February 10, 2008, 12:22:19 PM »
We all need them from time to time; those damned rose-colored tinted lensed sunglasses. For some people they help. For others they are a mere vanity. For a few, they are the only way they can stand to open their eyes at all.
But the problem with them is this; they tint anything white to pink, and dull the blue sky to gray.
We all know what the results would be if the super-delagates, the people who are hand-picked to hand-pick the party nominations, actually disobey their orders and hand the Rupugnican nomination to Ron Paul: He will be dead within the month.
No, don't bother trying to deny it. You felt it in your gut, in your heart, the very second you read it. You know it as well as the Rothschilds and Bloombergs, as well as the Bushs and Clintons. A Ron Paul presidency has all the chance of being allowed to happen as you, a citizen of the United States, has of exercising any of your rights within the fences of the Bush White House. That is, provided you, a citizen of the United States, is even allowed inside the fences of the Bush White House. Now if you were a 'corporate citizen of America', you would have full access to Bush and the White House, provided of course you had the funds available to afford it.
When a ship is sinking and water is pouring over the decks and down into the stairwells, you don't run to the lower decks and look for the hole to plug. What would the point be? If water is coming in through the portholes, why bother with the hole that started the problem? It's too late.
The hole that started the problem occurred in 1913. The ship of state, the U.S.S. United States, was holed decades ago and the decks have been awash with water pouring down the stairs for the entire lifetimes of everyone reading this.
It is far too late for the few still on board to start bailing water. It is time to start treading water. Or drown screaming.
I want you to imagine Ron Paul standing on the stage, having just accepted the Repugnican nomination as President.
Now I want you to imagine the most powerful men in the nation, in the world, and what they have done over the past few years to further themselves and their agendas. Now imagine one man in their way. No matter the man, no matter his job, no matter his convictions. There is now a powerful man in their way.
Not for long.
And this all assumes Ron Paul is even allowed to accept the nomination. We all know how accident prone men of Mr. Paul's age can be. Stumbling down concrete stairs in those huge convention centers amid all that chaos and crowds of people. Strokes and heart attacks lurking just below the surface, waiting for 'stress to induce' them. Not to mention Alzheimer's and ordinary senility. All these and hundreds more afflictions that can 'suddenly go from being dormant to causing extreme problems' for a man of Mr. Paul's age. All of these 'afflictions' can and have been caused by chemicals in food, water, air or a scratch during a public event while shaking hands.
Of course there are always those pesky accidents as well. How many men have accidentally shot themselves several times with rifles, then drug themselves for dozens of yards before setting themselves or their vehicles on fire? Men who had something to say that would harm a mere puppet of the power elite? Imagine what the power elite would do when a man now threatens them directly.
I know Ron Paul offers real hope. I know if he could only get into the White House and do what he knows is right, that the United States would prosper in peace. I also know that he has every chance of being president as I do, you do, or anyone without ties to the top power elite does: Zero.
The exact same chance a passenger has on a sinking ship with water running across the decks and pouring down the stairwells would have if that passenger ran down below to try to plug the hole that caused the problem: Zero.
If you want to survive, get off the ship. It's sinking fast.
What's the evidence that the ship is beyond saving? Look around you. Look good and close.
How much is the dollar worth today? More importantly, how much less will it be worth next week?
"Corporate citizens" are caught red-handed manipulating public monies and causing billions in losses for mere "consumers", they disappear from willingly complicit news coverage, are never prosecuted, never serve a minute of time, never lose a dime, and remain free and rich.
Jobs are being moved to other countries where wages are measured in cents/hour. Soon, United States citizens will be forced to work for the same amount, or do without jobs. Can you imagine our wonderful "Corporate Citizens" being beneficent and fighting to pay us more than they pay a Chinese worker?
There are no more rights for United States citizens. The Supreme Court has decided that private investment outweighs your property rights, and that any private investor who can make more in taxes for the government can force you off of your property no matter how many generations have held it.
The Supreme Court has also decided you have free speech rights only when and where the government says you do. Free Speech Zones suddenly exist in the United States. Dissenting voices and signs are silenced and removed without legal cause or basis.
The Supreme Court has decided your home can be entered, searched, items seized and removed, all without your or the homeowners' knowledge or consent. In addition, this can be done without a warrant or a judges consent or knowledge, any list of items to be looked for or any reason to do so, all flagrantly against the itemization of the Constitution.
Our rights to review and examine government documents and data have been removed. Secrecy is at an all time high, and more documents have been marked secret during the Bush regime than has been marked secret over the past 100 years.
Despite the fact that the Constitution flatly denies any agency than Congress to coin money and currency, a privately owned, non-federal agency makes our money out of thin air, backing it with nothing, and charges us interest to use it.
The actual supply of money, the total currency in circulation and in deposit, the real amount of money in existence, is now a government secret. It is no secret however that 2 TRILLION in currency was printed over and above the regular money printed the very year that the actual money in existence was made a secret. How much more was printed the year after, and this year?
Privately owned business accounts for less than 2% of sales. Massive corporate citizens account for and own the other 98%. This includes news/media and food supplies.
Our leaders, including the president, the vice-president, the Attorney General, the Chief's of Staff and nearly every member of the Bush White House Administration are obviously complicit in war crimes, treason and perjury, yet every one of them remains indicted, free and in power. Just in the realm of the Iraq War, twenty-seven members of the Bush Administration, including and primarily Bush himself, lied over one hundred times. Documented. At the very least, one hundred bald-faced lies. Nothing is done. Thousands of soldiers, an average age of 20, are dead due to those lies. Possibly a million or more Iraqi civilians, average age of 24, are dead. Millions more are homeless, millions more are injured, millions more are missing.
More money shipped to Iraq for infrastructure remains unaccounted for, or was just plain lost, than was spent on interior infrastructure inside the United States for the last sixteen years. Do you understand that? Our government LOST more money to supposedly build infrastructure in Iraq in four years, than our government SPENT on the same things in our own country over the last sixteen years.
More money was lost in the Pentagon budget in 2000, than was spent on schools for the youth of the United States since the creation of the Department of Education in 1980: $2.3 trillion. No questions are ever asked by the media, Congress or even government watchdog organizations.
Poisons in dog food kills pets, lead in toys sickens children and babies, cardboard, ground concrete, dirt, shit, blood, pathogens and heavy metals in amounts that would close a privately owned United States business are found in Chinese products. What is done to protect United States citizens from it? Nothing, it makes nice profits. If more people are sick, more people use drugs to get well. More profits. For whom? Who owns the companies that import and sell those dangerous things? Who owns the drug companies? The same old names show up. The same names who proclaim in the media, without benefit of any kind of medical training, that mercury in vaccines is healthy for babies. And lets not forget that despite public demands to the contrary, mercury is used in the 'new and unrivaled vaccine for young women to guard against cervical cancer'.
The economy has been in the tank for years now, though Bush proclaims to the contrary constantly. Just a week after a speech in which he claims the economy is strong, healthy and vibrant, and is only getting better, he announces an emergency injection of money into the economy by offering tax rebates to people and, of course, corporate citizens. "All is well! There is no fire!" the puppet shouts as his clothing burns from his body, just before turning the fire extinguisher on himself. Of course, the fact that the billions to afford this 'economic stimulus package' comes from a secret money supply printed out of thin air and backed by nothing but compound interest on billions more of debt, is never mentioned. How is that going to affect the economy?
China and Japan own more of the United States than the United States does.
We now have a Department of Homeland Security. The largest, most complex, most expensive bureaucratic agency in the history of the world. To date, not a single person can point to a single accomplishment of this gigantic agency. Other than to build itself several very expensive buildings to house its many bureaucrats who, to date, have done nothing that wasn't handled cheaper, quicker and more effectively by the agencies that used to handle them.
Despite our glorious leader's contention that the entire Mid-East and Africa are filled with drooling, panting, slavering murderers intent of eviscerating our infants before the eyes of their horrified mothers, our borders remain open, porous and uncontrolled, allowing well over a million unknown, undocumented, undeclared persons from all over the world who can afford a plane ticket to Mexico to cross them every year. Not only this, but our glorious leader tells us we should welcome them all and give them citizenship immediately. Afterall, they have to do the jobs we don't want to do. Like security at power plants, manufacturing our last remaining manufactured goods, and mostly, work in our food production chain. Interestingly, three places our enemies would want to slip agents into. How coincidental, eh?
Unknown people from unknown countries can come and go across our border at will, but United States citizens must now have a government ID to do so or go to jail as a domestic terrorist. And soon United States citizens will need that government ID to drive, go to work, get a job, buy anything, sell anything, or walk on the sidewalk. However, anyone from outside the United States can drive without a license, work without ID, get a job without ID or documentation or even a valid name, get bank accounts and credit cards, and yell "PROFILING" if they are even stopped and asked a question by law enforcement and have the ACLU (AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION) descend en masse to protect them.
No election since the introduction of electronic voting has been open, honest or clean. Documented vote fraud, vote reversal, lost votes all dominate the election process now. One hundred people can enter a voting precinct, all of them vote for Ron Paul, and at the end of the vote, he will have less than %10 of the vote. The establishment candidate will always win. We could hold elections by hand counting of voters holding their hands up when their candidate's name is called, and even though half the country held their hands up when Ron Paul's name was called, and we all can see who is voting so, he will receive less than %10 of the counted votes. Deny it if you wish, but you know it is true.
I end my list on that note.
Any of you reading this will be able to add at least another ten or twenty items to it. Points that prove that no movement of people, no 'elected candidate', no savior is going to stop, let alone reverse, the sinking of the U.S.S. United States.
George Orwell's "1984" was a trap. The signs and sigils of tyranny and power it hand forth are too blatant, too obvious. Once the signs of tyranny that "1984" espouse are apparent, as they are now becoming in our real world, the real tendrils of power have delved deep into the fabric of our society. So deep that they can laugh at the quaintness of "1984".
Privacy, Freedom of Speech, Property Ownership, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are all now outlawed. Even the right to make a decent living is subservient to the corporate citizen's rights to fleece, bleed and press the real citizens of every worthless cent.

But by no means let this dissuade you from cheering Ron Paul onward. I still do. I may no longer be onboard the sinking ship, but that doesn't mean I want it to sink.

2009 / BinLaden returns.......
« on: September 07, 2007, 03:21:13 PM »
Just in time to help Bush's further sagging polls, bolster support for his waning war will, and turn the American sheeple from wanting a new investigation since a new Zogby poll again proves the majority of Americans are highly suspect of the official story.
And with a wonderful makeover!

Civics & Sovereignty / Repeal the MCS
« on: July 04, 2007, 08:01:00 PM »
Sign your name up to help repeal the Military Commission Act. You know, the one that says the Geneva Convention is to be ignored, lets the military detain anyone, including US citizens without legal council, notification of anyone, for as long as they wish. Habeas Corpus killer deluxe.

is doing nothing of the kind, of course.

By Carey Gillam Mon May 7, 7:18 PM ET

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas (Reuters) - A shortage of trucks, helicopters and other equipment -- all sent to the war in
Iraq -- has hampered recovery in a U.S. town obliterated by a tornado, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius said on Monday.
"There is no doubt at all that this will slow down and hamper the recovery," Sebelius, a Democrat, told Reuters in Kansas where officials said the statewide death toll had risen to 12 on Monday.

"Not having this equipment in place all over the state is a huge handicap," Sebelius said.

The tornado that devastated Greensburg, 110 miles west of Wichita, started a weekend of violent weather in Kansas, a state in the heart of the central United States region known as "Tornado Alley."

Ten died in Greensburg, a town of 1,600 people. An 11th died in nearby Pratt County and a 12th in a separate tornado in Ottawa County.

The twisters were accompanied by widespread flooding on Sunday and Monday that required more than 200 water rescues and closed many roads and shuttered several schools in another part of the state.

"We're getting pounded in Kansas. We have the need for National Guard in two different parts of our state now. This is really going to be a problem," Sebelius said.

Sebelius and other Democratic governors earlier this year assailed the Republican Bush administration for the strains they said the war had placed on their states' National Guardsmen, frequently mobilized for state emergencies.

On Monday, anti-war groups, including the National Security Network and Americans Against Escalation in Iraq cited the shortage of equipment to deal with the Kansas disaster as the latest example of what they see as the war's detrimental impact on domestic security.


Pentagon spokesman in Washington said other states were supposed to help provide resources in an emergency. White House spokesman Tony Snow said the administration was doing what it could and equipment would arrive if it was needed.

Kansas Emergency Management spokeswoman Sharon Watson said because of the shortage of National Guard equipment, the state was rushing to hire contractors to help clear debris.

Nearly 70 Kansas National Guard troops were arriving in Greensburg on Monday to supplement about 40 troops already on the ground, and some guard Humvees were available to start clearing wreckage, Watson said.

Sebelius said the failure by Washington to replace or return state National Guard equipment deployed to Iraq was "not a very satisfying effort."

The governor said Kansas lacked about half the large equipment it could use for recovery efforts and debris removal, including dump trucks and front loaders. More than 20 percent of its Humvees and 15 of 19 helicopters were sent to Iraq, the governor said.

National Weather Service said the twister that hit Greensburg on Friday about 9:45 p.m. was an F5, the highest on the scale. With winds of 205 mph (330 kph), it stayed on the ground about an hour, traveling 22 miles and wreaking a path of destruction nearly 2 miles wide.

"It's been one of the most destructive tornadoes in the last 10 years," said National Weather Service meteorologist Matt Gerard.

What are our troops and equipment doing in Iraq that is so much more important? Besides the recent articles pointing to the failure of 7 of 8 rebuilding projects in Iraq, there is this one.

From AP
By MARIA CHENG, AP Medical Writer 52 minutes ago

LONDON - The chance that an Iraqi child will live beyond age 5 has plummeted faster than anywhere else in the world since 1990, according to a report released Tuesday, which placed the country last in its child survival rankings.

One in eight Iraqi children died of disease or violence before reaching their fifth birthday in 2005, according to the report by Save the Children, which said
Iraq ranked last because it had made the least progress toward improving child survival rates.

Iraq's mortality rate has soared by 150 percent since 1990. Even before the latest war, Iraq was plagued by electricity shortages, a lack of clean water and too few hospitals.

The publication, which used data from 1990-2005, also determined that gains in survival rates in some of the world's poorest countries `” including Botswana, Zimbabwe and Swaziland `” were declining.

The vast majority of child deaths `” more than nine in 10 `” occur in just 60 developing countries, the report said. Of the approximately 10 million children under age 5 who die every year, most could be saved with cheap solutions, like nets to protect against mosquito-borne malaria or antibiotics to treat pneumonia, according to the report.

"These aren't intractable problems," Dr. William Foege, of the Emory University School of Public Health, wrote in a foreword to the report. "It is simply wrong for only the few to have access to all of the tools for survival because of where they live."

About 4 million children die of complications in the first month after birth every year, according to Save the Children. Other causes of death for young children include diarrhea, pneumonia and measles, the group reported.

Among industrialized countries, Iceland had the best child survival rate, and Romania the worst. The U.S. placed 26th, tied with Croatia, Estonia and Poland. Nearly seven children die for every 1,000 live births in the United States. That was more than double the rate in Iceland, and 75 percent higher than rates in the Czech Republic, Finland, Japan and Slovenia.

Among developing countries, Egypt fared the best `” lowering its child mortality rate by 68 percent largely by improving care for pregnant women, ensuring the presence of a skilled attendant during childbirth, and providing better family planning help.

Since 1994, Egypt has also increased health spending by more than 200 percent.

How wonderful. Thank you Bush. I look forward to your hanging as a traitor.

2007 / Bush, Rove and BushCO explained....
« on: March 21, 2007, 04:50:17 PM »
Brain-damaged people give insights into morality

By Will Dunham Wed Mar 21, 5:38 PM ET;_ylt=Asi3XHEf1518ZrsmGHG8vA534T0D

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - It's wartime, and an enemy doctor is conducting painful and inevitably fatal experiments on children.

You have two kids, ages 8 and 5. You can surrender one of them within 24 hours or the doctor will kill both. What is the right thing to do?

For most people, this scenario based on one in William Styron's novel "Sophie's Choice" is almost an impossible dilemma. But for a group of people with damage in a part of the brain's frontal lobe that helps govern emotions, the decision was far more clear. They would choose one child for death.

Scientists said on Wednesday a study involving these people has produced unique insights into the brain mechanics of moral decision making and showed that in some key situations emotions play a fundamental role in moral judgments.

The new findings highlighted the role of a region in the front part of the brain below the eyes called the ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

Earlier research had pegged this area -- one of the more recently evolved parts of the human brain -- as playing a role in generating social emotions. In fact, the people with damage in this region due to stroke or other causes experienced severely diminished empathy, compassion and sense of guilt.

The new findings published in the journal Nature seem to confirm its central role in guiding certain moral judgments like life-or-death scenarios.

The researchers set out to gauge to what degree emotions govern moral judgments by comparing decisions made by people whose emotions already were crippled by this brain damage to decisions made by people with no such damage.


The judgments on what is right and wrong made by these brain-damaged people were similar to the others in some scenarios put before them.

But when asked to make decisions in emotionally wrenching scenarios like the permissibility to kill one's own child to save other people's lives, those with the brain damage were far more likely to accept this utilitarian but harsh solution.

Scientists and philosophers long have debated how people make judgments relating to morality. Are these decisions governed strictly by a calculus of cold, hard facts and logic? Do emotions carry the day?

"This shows a much more subtle, a much more nuanced view, which of course makes the whole problem -- the science of morality -- infinitely more interesting," said Harvard University's Marc Hauser, one of the study's authors.

The study involved six people with damage in this brain region who were presented with 50 scenarios requiring moral judgments, some trivial and some difficult. Their responses were compared to those of 12 others with damage to an unrelated part of the brain and 12 more with no brain damage.

Another wartime scenario involved enemy troops searching for civilians to kill. The people in the study were asked about their willingness to kill their own infant whose crying was drawing the attention of enemy soldiers who would then kill the parent, the baby and people hiding with them.

Again, the people with this brain damage were far more willing to judge killing the baby as the right moral choice.

The scenarios weighed immediate harm or death to one person against certain future harm or death to many. These brain-damaged people regularly showed a willingness to bring harm to an individual, an act others may find repugnant.

"They are perfectly capable of endorsing the kind of extreme high-conflict dilemma in which indeed you would produce harm to someone because there would be greater good coming to a larger group," said study co-author Antonio Damasio, director of the University of Southern California's Brain and Creativity Institute.

"And this is something that human beings in general reject."

Well, this explains it. I am willing to bet what little I have that a brain scan of Bush, Rove, Cheney and BushCo et al would clearly reveal severe damage to their ventromedial prefrontal cortex. VPC. The reason.
How interesting. ventromedial prefrontal cortex = VPC
Vice President Cheney = VPC
Coincidence? 9/11 destroyed my belief in coincidences.

General / BushCo Time Zone adjustments
« on: March 11, 2007, 06:25:27 PM »
So, since Bush and the oil companies have changed the time zone adjustment dates, your computers now know squat about it all.
Want to set your computer to know the new time zone start and end dates and to adjust to DST automatically?
I've already seen adverts for proggies to do it for you, ranging from $10 to $50.
Find the directory tools\reskit\config on your Windows installation CD, and run Tzedit.exe.
Set the new start date to the second Sunday in March, 2 am, and end to first Sunday in November 2 am.
Adjustment is of course +1.
Your computer now knows when DST starts, ends, and how much to adjust your clock. Good until you reinstall your OS.
Works with 95,98.98se,NT,2k and XP.
Vista? Don't ask me. Probably not, lol.
Does anyone have vista, and does/did it automatically adjust for you yet, or does it still think it's the wrong day too?
And why didn't Microshaft put out a time zone update update?
Anyway, for those who like having your computer smarter than you. Of course, doing it yourself is still a choice.
And does anyone see how this is supposed to save oil/energy?

General / Myan Priests to Purify Site After Bush Visit
« on: March 09, 2007, 05:50:58 PM »
From Huffpo......
I didn't know to put this in comedy or not, but since it's quite real....


JUAN CARLOS LLORCA  |  AP  |  March 9, 2007 12:20 AM EST

GUATEMALA CITY `” Mayan priests will purify a sacred archaeological site to eliminate "bad spirits" after President Bush visits next week, an official with close ties to the group said Thursday.

"That a person like (Bush), with the persecution of our migrant brothers in the United States, with the wars he has provoked, is going to walk in our sacred lands, is an offense for the Mayan people and their culture," Juan Tiney, the director of a Mayan nongovernmental organization with close ties to Mayan religious and political leaders, said Thursday.

Bush's seven-day tour of Latin America includes a stopover beginning late Sunday in Guatemala. On Monday morning he is scheduled to visit the archaeological site Iximche on the high western plateau in a region of the Central American country populated mostly by Mayans.

Tiney said the "spirit guides of the Mayan community" decided it would be necessary to cleanse the sacred site of "bad spirits" after Bush's visit so that their ancestors could rest in peace. He also said the rites _ which entail chanting and burning incense, herbs and candles _ would prepare the site for the third summit of Latin American Indians March 26-30.

Bush's trip has already has sparked protests elsewhere in Latin America, including protests and clashes with police in Brazil hours before his arrival. In Bogota, Colombia, which Bush will visit on Sunday, 200 masked students battled 300 riot police with rocks and small homemade explosives.

The tour is aimed at challenging a widespread perception that the United States has neglected the region and at combatting the rising influence of Venezuelan leftist President Hugo Chavez, who has called Bush "history's greatest killer" and "the devil."

Iximche, 30 miles west of the capital of Guatemala City, was founded as the capital of the Kaqchiqueles kingdom before the Spanish conquest in 1524.

Any chance we can put a fund together to fly these Myan priests into D.C. with a few tons of incence and napalm and do a mass cleansing?

General / Tracking you online
« on: February 12, 2007, 02:36:16 PM »
It seems perhaps they slipped. Maybe they are referring to IP in this story, where they mention tracking the girls down. ?

TRENTON, Ohio - Two teenage girls posted a fake announcement on their school district's Web site that said school was closed for the day due to winter weather, police said.

The notice, posted Monday, confused many parents `” snow was not in the forecast `” and persuaded some students to stay home.

Edgewood City Schools Superintendent Tom York said he discovered the posting when he logged on to write his own announcement that school would be delayed for an hour because of an extreme cold snap.

"I didn't make that call, and I'm the guy who does, so I knew something was up," York said.

The two Edgewood High School students, whose names were not released, were charged in juvenile court on Friday and face expulsion. One of the girls, 16, was charged with delinquency by unauthorized use of a computer and by reason of records tampering. The other, 17, was charged with delinquency by reason of complicity, sheriff's Sgt. Monte Mayer said.

The company that runs the Web site, RCH Networks Inc., said the system was not hacked into because no security breach was detected. Administrators say the girls must have somehow gotten the password.

RCH helped the district track down the girls by supplying the identification numbers from computers that accessed the system, which authorities could then track to the girls' homes.

(IP or other? I'm beginning to believe some folks who claim there are more ways to track your computer than IP, especially with the new Vista that supplies some "unique proof of validity of Windows software and registration" on command.)

Trenton is about 25 miles north of Cincinnati.

Conspiracy then and now. / Where was the terror?
« on: January 01, 2007, 01:03:39 AM »
So how come there wasn't a big deal about terrorism at the New Years party? Like last year. Oh, and the year before. And of course the year before that. What's changed? Still one of the biggest parties of the year. Bangkok was the best they could do? After five years after 9/11. Saddam was set to hang. America is open saying they are sending more troops to Iraq. I thought the terrorists would be a bit worked up.
So why no big media warnings this year?
Don't get me wrong. Wasn't looking forward to any acts, just surprised there wasn't a big media hype this time.

General / IMing
« on: December 28, 2006, 01:48:37 PM »
So I've been talked back into using an IM.
I've set up smokr @ smokr . info in MSN. Feel free to add me and chit chat when I'm on.
Usually nights and late nights.
And there, I've de-lurked.
And the anti-spam-post makes you wait to edit? Grrrr.

Sue's Place / Mentos + diet Coke = er, go find out yourself
« on: July 28, 2006, 07:08:04 PM »
'cause you have to see it to believe it.

General / Short story work.
« on: July 19, 2006, 05:22:08 PM »
In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been posting much last couple of weeks.
Been sick of trying so hard to worry/do something about it all, just got burned out.
I turned to an old standby, writting, and had some productive moments.
I'd like to share one with you folks. 
Almost all of you are literate, so this is a great forum to post it on. ;)

A Stranger at the Inn

The Inn was full that night, as was typical this late in the winter season. The traders were leaving Thule, and those that left via the south road, usually stayed in the Havern Inn. Tonight, each table was occupied by thirsty and hungry patrons.
The innkeeper, Mak, was behind the counter, sweating as if he were the roasting pig on the hearth. Mak was happy though; he was always happy when sales where high. Even as his own plate was growing cold, he set large tankards of beer in front of the five men who had just arrived, and arranged them rooms for the night.
The patrons had moved on to a table with their mugs and plates when the front door opened violently, slamming against the wall and rebounding halfway out again. The cold wind swept snow and ice in as a tall figure entered. Most of the patrons were too busy making last minute deals and drinking to notice, but a very few did. Those who did notice, sat unmoving, or moved a bit further from the door.
Wearing a robe of bright red, blue and deepest black feathers, and a hat or helmet covered in them as well, it seemed an upright bird of some horrific sort had come to roost. At first, those who noticed his entrance thought a bird-man had entered the inn, but those closer could see that the beak and eyes were part of a masked helmet of copper that covered the entire head and face. Carved or worked with great skill, and covered in more of the bright red feathers, it resembled a screeching visage of avian anger.
The figure stepped into the inn. A subtle gesture of his left arm and hand sent the door slamming closed with a resounding boom.
Now nearly everyone in the inn took notice. Two large men, wearing short swords and scale armor, stood.
`Here now, look a'here Rupe! We got`s a birdman!` one of them roared, taking steps toward the stranger.
`Careful Knox, it`s one of those mage types!` the one called Rupe offered, following his comrade more slowly.
`Bah! This ain`t no decent self-respectin` magic man! None of them types would wear feathers! This here is a genuine medicine man! I bet he got`s a poultice for that rash ol` Dina gaves ya! Haw haw haw!`
Another gesture from the stranger, this time aimed vaguely towards the advancing Rupe.
`I`m tellin` ya, Rupe, let`s just get to the room,` the one called Knox said as he came up to his friend`s side.
`Hey Rupe, waddya say?` Knox asked, putting a hand on his friend`s shoulder. `Rupe. Rupe!`
Looking at the stranger, now only ten feet distant, Knox began to shake Rupe violently.
`Rupe! Come on now, let`s go!` Knox said as he walked in front of his friend. `Let`s go`¦`
Knox`s hand slid from his friend`s shoulder as his own face grew long with fright. Rupe was motionless, his face frozen with his mouth open as if in mid-word, his eyes glazed and empty.
`Oh Mistress of Warriors!` he said as he drew his weapon. `You ain`t no basilisk! What the hell are`¦` He got his sword as far as halfway out of it`s leather scabbard before he, too, froze in position as the figure gestured again.
`Here now! I can`t have you come in here and start making statues outta payin' guests!` the innkeeper proclaimed with anger darkening his face as he waved a large, nasty-looking, metal cudgel about.
The figure turned toward the innkeeper and gestured again, subtly different this time.
`Terribly sorry about that, they were looking for trouble I recon. How can I help you my friend?` the now smiling Mak offered, placing the weapon behind the counter.
The remaining patrons were fidgeting in their chairs, intent on some way to exit the common room as quickly and unobtrusively as possible. A very few were readying weapons or pouches.
The stranger approached the bar, pulling a short stick from his feathered robe. He turned and waved the wand at the general population of the common room, shouting a strange word. As he placed the wand back where it came from, the room was silent, each person still, unflinching, only their eyes moving; and those generally fastened upon the stranger.
With a voice that seemed to come from down a deep well or tunnel, and an accent strange to all present, the stranger spoke to the innkeeper.
`I seek a group. One, a half-human male, a cleric of Thor. One a female human magiker. The third a female tracker, and the last, a rediculously dressed gnome. Have you seen them?`
`Them? They were here last night. They went into the swamp. Across the road here is a track leading south into it. Just follow it until you come to the camp. I expect the workers there will know their whereabouts,` the innkeeper offered emotionlessly.
As the two spoke, another man, wearing fine clothing and an assemblage of rings and jewelry, silently approached the back of the stranger. A dropped clay die lay on the floor where the approaching be-jeweled man failed to notice it. As his boot crushed it, he stopped and stood still a moment before continuing and pulling a long, gilded and jeweled dagger from inside his fine, silk outer garment.
`I thank you for your help,` the tall, feathered stranger said in that otherworldly voice. As the figure reached again into his strange, feathered robe, the silent man struck with the dagger in both hands, bringing it down with terrific force where the base of the stranger`s neck would be. He felt the blade hit an unyielding surface and break like a cheap bone knife, showering sparks. The blade fell toward the floor even as the man stared unbelieving at the shaft he still held.
By the time the blade had struck the floor the first time, the feathered figure had spun round, a whip with silver balls at the end of each of it`s several tails appeared in motion and wrapped around the mans neck. With a violent tug on the whip and a flip of his wrist, as the dagger blade bounced the second time, the stranger broke the man`s neck and released his body nearly simultaneously. The body fell to the floor as the blade bounced the third time. The man`s dying sight was the broken blade of his dagger coming silently to rest in the dusty doss on the floor next to his hand, which still gripped the dagger's hilt.
Leaning down over the corpse, the stranger rummaged the man`s clothing. He laid all the objects in them in clear view next to the corpse. The stranger stood back three steps and clapped his hands. There was no sound but the roaring fire in the hearth. He then took three more steps back and clapped again, nodding this time. The figure chanted and gestured again before approaching the dead man. He removed two rings from the man`s hands as well as a necklace with a clear diamond from around his neck. The rest of the man`s things he left where they lay. Standing, the figure turned back to the innkeeper.
`You did not warn me. You were not competely loyal. Why is that?` The stranger said in his odd accent, first hopping onto the bar, then over it to the workspace behind, face to face with the motionless Mak.
The figure chanted more words and made more gestures before drawing his own dagger. He placed the tip of the dagger's blade directly over the innkeeper`s heart and pushed gently, just cutting through the man's shirt, only slightly penetrating the skin.
The stranger`s gloved hands slid into Mak`s light leather vest and removed a small jewel on a silver chain from an inner pocket. After examining the item closely, then nodding, the stranger placed it somewhere inside his own vividly feathered robes.
As the stranger applied more pressure on the dagger, it slid into the man's chest cavity, effortlessly, up to the hilt, until the blade pierced his heart. A single rivulet of bright red blood ran down the crosspiece, then seemingly into the blade at the hilt. The flow of blood stopped quickly as the man`s heart stopped beating, and death took him.
During this the stranger chanted again, this time a long and chilling sing-song. When he stopped, the innkeeper stood motionless as the dagger was withdrawn; there was not a single sign of blood anywhere upon it. Placing the dagger back into its hiding place, the stranger turned and placed his left hand on the bar and hopped back over it with ease. He picked up the dead, would-be assassin`s belongings, and placed them on the bar. He then bent over the dead man and placed a drop of oil and a smear of ash on the man`s forehead as he chanted again, this time, something with a grating, almost growling sound to it. With a gesture of the stranger`s hand, the dead man`s eyes opened and he stood, facing the stranger.
Together they walked to the door. There, the dead man opened the door and stood aside to let his master through first. The stranger stopped there at the threshold and turned to survey the common room. He chanted and gestured several times before he again removed the same wand as before from inside his feathered cloak and waved it at the area. In moments, he and the dead man had exited, leaving a rowdy crowd and a confused innkeeper behind.
Shaking his head to clear it, Mak noticed a collection of coins and objects sitting unattended upon his bar. He quickly shoveled them over the edge of the bar into a box under it, and returned to serving his patrons. Scratching idly at an irritating itch on his chest, he picked up his meal, which had cooled as usual, and set it back down.
`Funny,` he thought to himself as he scratched again at his chest, `Strange, I remember being starving just a few minutes ago, and now.... And who left all this?` he said, eying the unclaimed goods just under the bar.
Outside the inn, four travelers on foot were approaching from the south in companionable silence when they saw the light from the front door of the inn and someone stand in the doorway for some time. The leader, a cleric of Thor, waved them to pick up speed when the Inn first came into sight. They had covered some thirty paces by the time two men had exited the inn, and now the travelers were less than a hundred feet from the inn, but well hidden by the snow, sleet and the darkness. The one dressed like a mage, and another, in woodland dress, paused, dumbfounded, when they saw the larger man grasp the smaller by the scruff of his neck and carry him up into the falling snow and out of sight. The small gnome litteraly shriviled deeper into his multi-colored, pastel cloak, pulling the blue and green cap with gold trim lower over his face.
They passed the inn at a respectable speed, considering the conditions and the dark, and that at first, they had intended to shelter from the winter storm at the inn before the long journey to Thule. They kept going by silent, mutual consent.

Now, before anything else, I've noticed this can be turned into a symbolic story.  Don't bother.  I already noticed and it wasn't intentional.
Unless it was subconcious, LOL.
I also spent some time putting the shorts up on a site, and when I'm done with the html, I'll let ya know where, so if you liked this story, you can read some others.
This is actually a cut chapter from a much longer, almost book, that I went back to work on while I am on 'political hiatus'.

Man Raided By FBI, ATF, Canadian Law Enforcement After Handing Out 'Subversive' Alex Jones Material
Gun seller questioned on militia, ownership of George Washington speeches

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | July 6 2006

A Dillon Montana man had his home raided by 40 FBI, BATF and Canadian law enforcement agents after handing out Alex Jones' material to his local Sheriff which was subsequently deemed 'subversive'.

Richard Salada sells 80% completed firearms kits intended for purchasers who want to avoid having to register their weapons in government databases. The kits are completely legal in Montana.

Salada was politically active in disseminating the material of Alex Jones and others in his area, including handing out material to his local Sheriff.

"On Monday morning the Sheriff called me and said, I've read all your stuff, I would like to speak to you on Wednesday, could you come in," Salada told GCN radio host Jack Blood.

Salada said he thought the scheduled meeting on Wednesday was strange because there was an election on the Tuesday and the Sheriff wouldn't have known whether he'd still be in office or not.

"Wednesday morning I get a phone call saying 'I lost the election and it's even more important that we have our meeting than it was before'."

Salada collected material he had previously handed out to the Sheriff and traveled to his office.

"I walk into the room and there's way too many people in the Sheriff's office," said Salada.

Salada said he knew he was in trouble as he was introduced to BATF and FBI agents and handed a search warrant and a promise that his premises were going to be raided.

"I read the search warrant and low and behold there's no signed affidavit," said Salada.

Salada told the Sheriff that the search warrant was therefore void to which the FBI and BATF responded that the affidavit was secret and sealed by the court.

"Now they can make up the affidavit to match what they found if they want to," said Salada as he was told that the agents would carry out the search anyway.

Salada was then escorted by an estimated 40 FBI, ATF and Canadian law enforcement agents to his property. Salada asked if he could call his wife so as to enable her and their two small children to leave the property before the SWAT team arrived but was refused on the grounds that he was giving her a secret code to destroy evidence. However, the Sheriff allowed the call to be made and the family was able to leave. At no point was Salada shown any identification by any of the agents.

The cadre of agents, which now included Canadian AFT agents, then began the process of methodically cataloguing and seizing Salada's possessions - bizarrely urinating on the exterior of the property ignoring the two bathrooms located inside the building.

Salada was told, without being shown any supporting evidence, that five of the pistols he had sold were used to commit murders in Canada.

"I said look, guns don't kill people - people kill people," said Salada.

Following the raid Salada was questioned on his ownership of a Citizen's Rulebook, speeches by George Washington and Alex Jones' books and videos. He was asked why he read and listened to them and if he believed them.

The agents asked Salada if he was in a militia or if he knew anyone that was. Salada had previously sent out material asking why Montana didn't have a state organized militia when it was required by law.

The agents then specifically asked Salada about specific individuals in the freedom movement, including JPFO's Aaron Zelman, author Devvy Kidd and constitutional attorney Edward Vieira. The only way the agents could have known about Salada's interest in the work of Kidd and Vieira was if they had gained access to his e mail.

After this three hour interrogation the agents took Salada's entire inventory of 80% finished frames, copied his computer hard drive (causing the computer to break down), and left.

Tune in to the Alex Jones show today for more details on the raid. The audio MP3 of the interview will be posted here later.

*Images are representative of SWAT raids and do not correspond to specific agents involved in this case.

Just typical.  No reason to bother the man, does everything legal and out in the open.  Best intents gone bizarrely out of control.

2006 / Israel costs US even more!
« on: July 01, 2006, 03:38:15 PM »
Israeli strike on Gaza power plant will cost US By Adam Entous
Sat Jul 1, 3:13 PM ET;_ylt=Asf.AdPrAQHAtDgt48pi3ll34T0D;_ylu=X3oDMTBjMHVqMTQ4BHNlYwN5bnN1YmNhdA--

JERUSALEM (Reuters) -        Israel's bombing of Gaza's main power plant could end up costing its closest ally, the U.S. government, because it partially insured the project for up to $48 million, officials involved in the project said on Saturday.

U.S. officials would not say whether Washington would ask Israel for reimbursement.

Israel bombed the power plant on Wednesday at the start of an offensive to try to get Palestinian militants to free a captured soldier, Corporal Gilad Shalit.

A Western aid official involved in the matter said Israel's decision to hit the power plant was a surprise in large part "because it was American-owned."

The Israeli army, in a statement, defended the attack, saying the power plant was targeted "in order to disrupt the activities of the terror infrastructure involved directly and indirectly in the abduction of Corporal Shalit."

In July 2004, a subsidiary of Morganti Group Inc., a Connecticut-based construction company, received $48 million in political risk insurance for the 140 megawatt plant from the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corp. (OPIC), an arm of the U.S. government that backs American business deals abroad.

The plant began generating power in June 2002 and reached full commercial operation in March 2004, OPIC said in a statement at the time announcing its support for the project.

"OPIC has been told by Morganti that it will be submitting a claim," said Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm, spokeswoman for the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem. "OPIC has to assess the claim before it will make a decision."

But according to officials involved in the project, OPIC plans to reimburse the company for the damages using U.S. funds.

Hours after the Israeli strike on the power plant, White House spokesman Tony Snow said the United States urged Israel to "avoid the unnecessary destruction of property and infrastructure."

The attack on the power plant cut off electricity for hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents.

The Israeli army statement said "precautions were taken so that civilians would not be harmed as a direct result of the attack."

To minimize damage to infrastructure, the strike targeted transformers rather than the entire plant, the army said.

But Palestinian officials say that knocking out Gaza's main power plant put the lives of hundreds of patients in local hospitals in imminent danger.

U.N. officials have also warned in recent days that fuel to power the coastal strip's sanitation system was running out.

Almost all water wells and wastewater pumping stations in Gaza are equipped with stand-by generators, but most fuel tanks will run dry between July 2-5, according to an official involved in administering the wells.

Israel's army said on Friday that it aimed to open a Gaza border crossing next week to ensure food and fuel supplies reach Palestinians despite the offensive.

In direct conflict with UN resolutions to not endanger civilian populations at large by depriving them of power, water or other infrastructure.
Of course, Bolton will knock down any resolution condemning Israel, because Israel can do no harm.
Hundreds of thousands of civilians go without power for fans, cooling, refrigeration and medical needs. But Israel doesn't give a fuck, they aren't Jews, so fuck them.
Meanwhile, US taxpayers and investors get to pay for the attack and repair damages.
Again, Israel shows how much more important a single Jew is than an entire population of hundreds of thousands of non-Jews.
We should expel Israel from the UN, declare them a rogue non-nation, break off diplomatic ties and remove their trading and ally status.  Expel all Israel citizens from US soil and jail any who remain.  Demand all dual citizens with Israeli citizenship decide once and for all one on nation to ow allegiance to.  If they prefer Israel, ship them over, and finally pass a law against allowing any dual citizens from running for political office or being appointed to any such office.

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