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2012 / Homegrown Terror Plot - Where are the FED's?
« on: January 21, 2012, 11:52:24 PM »

Mossad should kill Obama: US paper

An American Jewish newspaper has boldly suggested that 'Mossad agents' assassinate US President Barack Obama, claiming that he is 'unfriendly' toward Israel.

In an article published in the January 13 edition of the daily, the Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew Adler, who owns the paper, asked the readers to imagine they are the prime minister of Israel.

“Give the go-ahead for US- based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States' policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies,” Adler said in the article which was recently brought to notice.

He also said that Israel's prime minister should “order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel's existence.”

“Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don't you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel's most inner circles?” he said.

Earlier in December, US Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney blamed Obama for not demonstrating enough support for the traditional US ally, Israel.

The US president has, however, claimed that his administration has contributed the most generous cash handouts to the Israeli regime in history in the face of dire economic conditions.

“I'm proud that even in these difficult times we've fought for and secured the most funding for Israel in history,” Obama said during the 71st General Assembly of the Union for Reform Judaism at National Harbor, in Maryland last December.

In an attempt to calm the controversy brought about by his article, Adler has said he didn't mean for his idea to be taken seriously and that he was just trying to get his readers to 'react.'

The Atlanta Jewish Times reportedly has a circulation of several thousand copies a week, as well as between 3,000 and 4,000 subscribers.

2011 / Guess who is buying up the gun manufacturers?
« on: December 17, 2011, 12:24:46 AM »
Mystery company buying up U.S. gun manufacturers

Natasha Singer, New York Times
Sunday, December 4, 2011
Scarborough, Maine --

Lined up in a gun rack beneath mounted deer heads is a Bushmaster Carbon 15, a matte-black semiautomatic rifle that looks as if it belongs to a SWAT team. On another rack rests a Teflon-coated Prairie Panther from DPMS Firearms, a supplier to the U.S. Border Patrol and security agencies in Iraq. On a third is a Remington 750 Woodsmaster, a popular hunting rifle.

The variety of rifles and shotguns on sale here at Cabela's, the national sporting goods chain, is a testament to America's enduring gun culture. But, to a surprising degree, it is also a testament to something else: Wall Street deal-making.

In recent years, many top-selling brands - including the 195-year-old Remington Arms, as well as Bushmaster Firearms and DPMS, leading makers of military-styleIn semiautomatics - have quietly passed into the hands of a single private company. It is called the Freedom Group - and it is the most powerful and mysterious force in the U.S. commercial gun industry today.

Never heard of it?

You're not alone. Even within gun circles, the Freedom Group is something of an enigma. Its rise has been so swift that it has become the subject of wild speculation and grassy-knoll conspiracy theories. In the realm of consumer rifles and shotguns - long guns, in the trade - it is unrivaled in its size and reach. By its own count, the Freedom Group sold 1.2 million long guns and 2.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the 12 months ended March 2010, the most recent year for which figures are publicly available.

Behind this giant is Cerberus Capital Management, the private investment company that first came to widespread attention when it acquired Chrysler in 2007. (Chrysler later had to be rescued by taxpayers). With far less fanfare, Cerberus, through the Freedom Group, has been buying big names in guns and ammo.

From its headquarters in Manhattan, Cerberus has assembled a remarkable arsenal. It began with Bushmaster, which until recently was based here in Maine. Unlike military counterparts like automatic M-16s, rifles like those from Bushmaster don't spray bullets with one trigger pull. But, with gas-powered mechanisms, semiautomatics can fire rapid follow-up shots as fast as the trigger can be squeezed. They are often called "black guns" because of their color. The police tied a Bushmaster XM15 rifle to shootings in the Washington sniper case in 2002.

After Bushmaster, the Freedom Group moved in on Remington, which traces its history to the days of flintlocks and today is supplying M24 sniper rifles to the government of Afghanistan and making handguns for the first time in decades. The group has also acquired Marlin Firearms, which turned out a special model for Annie Oakley, as well as Dakota Arms, a maker of high-end big-game rifles. It has bought DPMS Firearms, another maker of semiautomatic, military-style rifles, as well as manufacturers of ammunition and tactical clothing.

"We believe our scale and product breadth are unmatched within the industry," the Freedom Group said in a filing last year with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Some gun enthusiasts have claimed that the power behind the company is actually George Soros, the hedge-fund billionaire and liberal activist. Soros, these people have warned, is buying U.S. gun companies so he can dismantle the industry, Second Amendment be damned.

The chatter grew so loud that the National Rifle Association issued a statement in October denying the rumors.

"NRA has had contact with officials from Cerberus and Freedom Group for some time," the NRA assured its members. "The owners and investors involved are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and are avid hunters and shooters."

Soros isn't behind the Freedom Group, but, ultimately, another financier is: Stephen Feinberg, the chief executive of Cerberus.

Cerberus is part of one of the signature Wall Street businesses of the past decade: private equity. Buyout kings like Feinberg, 51, try to acquire undervalued companies, often with borrowed money, fix them up and either take them public or sell at a profit to someone else.

Before the financial crisis of 2008, scores of well-known U.S. companies, from Chrysler down, passed into the hands of private-equity firms. For the financiers, the rewards were often enormous. But some companies that they acquired later ran into trouble, in part because they were burdened with debt from the takeovers.

Feinberg, a Princeton graduate who began his Wall Street career at Drexel Burnham Lambert, the junk bond powerhouse of Michael Milken fame, got into private equity in 1992. That year, he and William Richter founded Cerberus, which takes its name from the three-headed dog in Greek mythology that guards the gates of Hades.

Today, Feinberg presides over a private empire that rivals some of the mightiest public companies in the land. Cerberus manages more than $20 billion in capital. Together, the companies it owns generate annual revenue of about $40 billion - more than either Amazon or Coca-Cola last year.

Why Cerberus went after gun companies isn't clear. Many private investment firms shy away from such industries to avoid scaring off big investors like pension funds.

Yet, in many ways, the move is classic Cerberus. Feinberg has a history of investing in companies that other people may not want, but that Cerberus believes it can turn around. When Cerberus embarked on its acquisition spree in guns, it essentially had the field to itself.

"There's much less competition for buying these companies," says Steven N. Kaplan, a professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a private equity expert. "They must have decided there is an opportunity to make money by investing in the firearms industry and trying to build a big company."

Whatever the reason, Cerberus, through the Freedom Group, is now a major player.

It has sold weapons to the governments of Afghanistan, Thailand, Mexico and Malaysia, among others, and obtained new business from the U.S. Army, including a contract worth up to $28.2 million to upgrade the M24 sniper weapon system.

Cerberus brings connections to the table. The longtime chairman of its global investments group is Dan Quayle, the former vice president. The Freedom Group, meantime, has added two retired generals to its board. One is George Joulwan, who retired from the Army after serving as Supreme Allied Commander of Europe. The other is Michael Hagee, formerly commandant of the Marine Corps.

Jessica Kallam, a spokeswoman at the Freedom Group, said executives there declined to comment for this article. Timothy Price, a managing director of Cerberus, also declined to comment.

The old Bushmaster factory in Windham, Maine, doesn't look like much. With a facade of brick and gray aluminum siding, it squats in an unassuming office park on the Roosevelt Trail.

But Cerberus representatives who arrived here in 2005 clearly saw potential. Inside, several dozen gunsmiths, working by hand, were fitting together 6,000 to 7,000 weapons a month. At the time, Bushmaster was thriving, although it had been stung by bad publicity stemming from the Beltway sniper shootings. (In a 2004 settlement with victims of the shootings and their families, Bull's Eye Shooter Supply, the store where the gun was acquired, agreed to pay $2 million, and Bushmaster agreed to pay $568,000, but they did not admit liability.)

Richard Dyke, then the principal owner and chairman of Bushmaster, welcomed the visitors from New York. A blunt-spoken Korean War veteran and Republican fundraiser, he had made a fortune himself by buying companies in trouble, including one that made poker chips. In 1976, he bought a bankrupt gun-maker in Bangor, Maine, for $241,000, moved it to Windham and later changed its name to Bushmaster. The company that Dyke bought had patents on semiautomatic weapons designed for the military and police. But he was drawn to the nascent market in military-style firearms for civilians. He saw as his customers precision target shooters, including current and former military personnel, police officers and, well, military wannabes, he says.

A Bushmaster Carbon 15 .223 semiautomatic is about 3 feet long. But, weighing in at just under 6 pounds, it is surprisingly easy to maneuver, even for a novice. It doesn't have to be recocked after it's fired: You just squeeze the trigger over and over.

"At 25 meters, if you are a decent shot," Dyke says, "you can put it into a bull's-eye that is the size of a quarter."

The Bushmaster brand began to grow in the 1980s after the company started supplying its semiautomatics to police departments. It won a much larger consumer following in the 1990s, after it landed several small military contracts.

Bushmaster was among the first to sell ordinary people on weapons that look and feel like the ones carried by soldiers. Today many gunmakers have embraced military-style weapons, a major but controversial source of growth for the commercial gun market, says Tom Diaz, a senior policy analyst at the Violence Policy Center, a research group that backs gun control.

"It's clear that the militarized stuff is the stuff that sells and is defining the industry," Diaz says.

Dyke says he's not sure why Bushmaster caught the eye of Cerberus. Whatever the case, when Cerberus came calling, Dyke, then past 70, was ready to sell. At the time, Bushmaster had $85 million in annual sales and several million dollars in debt, he says. In April 2006, he sold the company to Cerberus for about $76 million, he says, and Cerberus rented the Bushmaster plant here for five years.

The next year, Cerberus formed the Freedom Group.

Now Bushmaster is gone from Maine. Earlier this year, Dyke says, the Freedom Group notified him it was closing Bushmaster's operation in the state and moving it to a bigger plant owned by Remington, a typical consolidation play for a private investment firm looking to cut costs and increase efficiency. Remington, for its part, announced earlier this year that it was expanding its manufacturing capacity and hiring new employees to make Bushmasters.

Several months ago, Dyke started a new company, Windham Weaponry, at the old Bushmaster site and has rehired most of his former employees. But he's not planning to go head-to-head with the Freedom Group.

"It's the big gorilla in the room," he says, adding: "We don't have to do $100 million. We'd have hopes of doing $20 million."

Remington has been producing guns since 1816, when, according to lore, a young man named Eliphalet Remington made a flintlock rifle in his father's forge in Ilion Gulch, in upstate New York. By the 1870s, the brand was so popular that the company diversified into typewriters. In 2007, the Freedom Group swooped in and bought Remington for $370 million, including $252 million in assumed debt. In one stroke, the Freedom Group gained one of the most famous names in U.S. firearms, the largest domestic maker of shotguns and rifles and a major manufacturer of ammunition.

"That caused a lot of stir in the industry," says Dean J. Lockwood, a weapons systems analyst at Forecast International, a market research firm.

Next, the Freedom Group in rapid succession went after other firearms companies: DPMS; Marlin Firearms, a classic maker that came with two niche shotgun brands, Harrington & Richardson and L.C. Smith; and Dakota Arms. The Freedom Group also bought S&K industries, which supplies wood and laminate for gun stocks, as well as the Advanced Armament Corp., which makes silencers. It acquired Barnes Bullets, which makes copper-jacketed bullets popular with precision shooters and police departments.

The more the company diversifies its portfolio, analysts say, the more it has to offer to firearms distributors and leading retailers like Wal-Mart and Cabela's.

This article appeared on page D - 1 of the San Francisco Chronicle

Jewish Studies / Pedophelia endemic in Hassidic Communities
« on: December 12, 2011, 10:12:43 AM »
Brooklyn D.A. Investigation Leads to 85 Sexual Predators Arrested in Orthodox Jewish Community

December 11, 2011

Earlier this summer, the Hasidic community in Borough Park was ripped asunder by one of the most gruesome murders imaginable — a young Jewish boy smothered and disemboweled. The murderer may have been a troubled outcast, as Matthew Shaer describes in last week's New York, but he was still one of their own — a chilling reality check. Now, the Brooklyn District Attorney's office has revealed the results of a three-year investigation into sexual abuse in the borough's Orthodox Jewish community that is downright seismic: 85 sexual predators arrested and 117 victims identified, according to the Post.
Front and center in the investigation, it seems, is one Andrew Goodman, a 27-year-old adopted as a child into an Orthodox Jewish family, who had spent the past several years working with nonprofits for at-risk youths and mentally disabled adults, where his responsibilities included helping residents go to the bathroom and shower. He faces a 144-count indictment stemming from two victims in Flatbush — next door to Borough Park — who claim to have been sexually abused by Goodman during their early teens. But the number of his victims is likely much higher. After being released on bail in summer of 2010, following his arrest, the community was witness, either via videotape or visit from the Shromrim patrol, to three separate occasions when Goodman had young boys in his house (where he lives with his mother and sister): four the first time, three the second, and one the third.
So far, about 38 cases in the Brooklyn D.A.'s Project Kol Tzedek — which the Post translates as Hebrew for "voice of justice" (find a tip sheet with helpline information here) — have been closed, with just under two thirds resulting in the perps walking free. Many pleaded to lesser changes, with the Post claiming that some got off mostly scot-free because "victims or their parents backed out under community pressure." Of the fourteen or so who were handed jail sentences, the longest sentence may be up to twenty years. While difficult days of introspection are surely ahead for Brooklyn's insular Orthodox enclaves, growing awareness of such crimes and rabbis' willingness to seek out secular help are essential for the community to protect its most vulnerable even while preserving its oldest and most cherished traditions.

Media Watch / Infowars is a joke
« on: December 12, 2011, 09:57:54 AM »

This picture linking to the article below was on the front page of infowars. It has to be a joke!

Goldman Sachs dictatorship: Hitler's dream

At least some of the 'infowarriors' are beginning to wake up.
Comments below:

....I’m PRETTY sure Hitler’s dream was not to have Jews running Europe into ruin. In fact I do believe he was quite adamant against that. But that’s just going by his actions and not the scripts out of Hollywood. Lizard people, Hidden Societies of Super Nazis, and Satan. We all know it can be the super cohesive group of people called the Jews, who hold undeniable enmity to the entire human race, so we’ll look for the enemy in La La Land.
Christian superstition, the television and movie theaters have destroyed the minds of everyone, even those who should know better. I think things are not going to be fixed for at least another generation. I wonder if I should find a drug dealer or at worse meds so at least I can pretend I’m above it all and thereby save me the grief, frustration, and terror of this era and it’s clueless people. Failing that I can resort to a heroin overdose.

...Exactly right.
Sometimes I wonder if InfoWars, among other select “alternative media” sources, is part of a strategy to ensure the twisted History Channel version of National Socialist Germany remains the predominant view, and whatever opposition arises against the NWO fails.
I swear AJ brings up the Nazi/Hitler boogyman every 30 minutes. A big distraction and disinfo show????

....I believe Alex has a wrong view of Hitler…. maybe he should read ” Mein Kampf “.
I’m European, but Americans always had the wrong view of Hitler, and why he did it. Offcourse he was evil, but he had a reason for it….
BUT I believe Alex is right in his Nazi comparisations, cause the CIA helped all the top Nazi scientist and even Hitler to escape Germany in May 1945, in some way the American elite has an interest in Nazi views…..
So all together, he is right… Nazi cult has taken over America

...I’m still waiting for someone to tell me what Hitler did that Britain, France Portugal Spain Belgium and the Netherlands hadn’t already done.

...Wall Street and the banking establishment also funded the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917
They always fund political factions with a potential to arise to power in order to exert influence once a winner emerges.
When Hitler actually kept his promises to boot out the foreign bankers instead of lying like most politicians do, that’s when Wall Street and the World Jewish Congress declared war on Germany.

....The Hitler in brown shirt w/Goldman Sachs graphic for this article is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen on this site.

....It’s an insult to Hitler and his remaining relatives who just happen to reside here in the good old soon to be ex U.S.A.
Make note of that, please.

....Hitler hated America and the jews…
Look up one of his speeches on youtube about america…. try ” Hitlers declaration of war against usa part 1 ”
Hitler got his views against the Jews when he worked as a soldier in ww1, when he saw the destruction of his country and Europe.

....“Is there a power struggle going on between Jews ans Nazi’s ??”
There WAS. Several decades ago. The Jews won. You see the result all around you.

....“Hitler in the brown shirt and describing the Goldman Sachs takeover of the EU as his dream has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen.”
Alex is always doing this sort of thing. Does he think that it will cause the Powers That Be (who are largely Jewish) to love him, or at least tolerate him? Is he the sort of disinfo agent who spreads 95% truth with 5% lies knowing that the 5% will be fatal? I don’t know, but you are right it is STUPID. Immoral too.

....“hate to burst every ones bubble… but any alleged crimes against humanity committed by Hitler have already been surpassed a hundred times over by Israel alone.”
Very true,and when the nuclear/eugenics war is launched by Israeli agents in England and America who will be bitching about Hitler then

.....Hitler in the brown shirt and describing the Goldman Sachs takeover of the EU as his dream has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. To see it on Alex’s site is positively head-scratching. Are you kidding? How utterly stupid. Hitler saw the Bolsheviks–specifically–as an existential threat to Germany. To suggest that a takeover of the EU by a heavily Jewish banking organization is a total absurdity. Love you, Alex, but be careful…I think you could lose A LOT of credibility with this nonsense.

The World Below / Taiwan Spy Agency Denies 'Magnetic' Attack
« on: December 08, 2011, 10:39:10 AM »
Taiwan spy agency denies 'magnetic' attack

AFP – Tue, 6 Dec, 2011

Taiwan's intelligence agency on Tuesday flatly rejected allegations that it had launched "electromagnetic wave" attacks against the running mate of an opposition presidential candidate.

"The National Security Bureau has not owned the alleged technologies, nor have we used equipment to harass the alleged targeted person," the bureau said in a statement.

Lin Ruey-shiung, the running mate of independent candidate James Soong, surprised the public last week when he claimed to have been subjected to "electromagnetic wave" attacks by the bureau on September 20 outside his home and over the following three days.

"If I hadn't quickly moved out (of my home), I would have lost my mind," he told reporters.

Lin, an epidemiologist, was chosen by Soong as his running mate in a move seen as aimed at securing support from Taiwan's rich and influential medical circles.

Soong is considered unlikely to win in the January 14 polls, but observers said he could threaten the incumbent Ma Ying-jeou, who is locked in a tight race against Tsai Ing-wen of the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party.

Soong, a former heavyweight in Ma's Kuomintang (KMT) party, still commands considerable loyalty among many KMT members and his candidacy could potentially cost Ma enough votes to lose the election, they said.

2011 / U.S. Debt Tops $15 Trillion Mark
« on: December 08, 2011, 10:31:36 AM »
Nov 16, 2011 1:02pm

U.S. Debt Tops $15 Trillion Mark Today

Bill McGuire

Don’t look now, members of the “supercommittee” battling the national debt, but the amount the U.S. owes topped the $15 trillion mark Wednesday afternoon.

That’s a lot of George Washingtons, as you can see here live at

With a week until the committee’s deadline to reach agreement on cutting $1.2 trillion to $1.5 trillion from the federal deficit over the next 10 years, the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction still has no agreement to stem automatic cuts to the budget.

A Democrat on a special deficit-cutting  supercommittee  Wednesday questioned whether Republicans are still interested in negotiating after the panel’s top GOP member said Republicans have “gone as far as we feel we can go” on tax hikes, the Associated Press reported.

A sense of deep pessimism has gripped the supercommittee, and judging from the limited public statement by panel members, a debt bargain could be out of reach.

“We need to find out whether our Republican colleagues want to continue to negotiate or whether they’ve drawn a hard line in the sand,” said supercommittee member Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat from Maryland. “The question is whether they’ve kind of said ‘take it or leave it.’ ”

The deficit has ballooned to nearly $48,000 for every man, woman and child in the U.S. This year alone, the U.S. will spend $1.3 trillion more than it takes in.

The debt has expanded at an alarming pace, from $7.5 trillion in 2004 and $5.6 trillion in 2000. At the current rate, reckons that the debt will top $23 trillion in 2015, though the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office puts the estimate at $17.6 trillion.

Back in August after a protracted fight, Congress voted to raised the national-debt ceiling by $2.7 trillion to $17 trillion, while requiring $2.7 trillion in deficit reduction by 2021.

Compared with other developed nations, the U.S. has a debt to GDP ratio of 85 percent, compared with Germany  at 74 percent and Japan at a whopping 194 percent. World debt clocks can be found here.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

2011 / Germans Must Pay "Ghetto Fund"
« on: December 01, 2011, 08:34:54 AM »
Ghetto survivors eligible for payment

November 28, 2011

BERLIN (JTA) -- For the first time, some survivors of Nazi-era ghettos are eligible for a one-time payment from the so-called Ghetto Fund in addition to the pensions they receive from the German government.

Following negotiations with Germany, the Claims Conference announced that those who meet certain criteria will receive a one-time payment of 2,000 euro, or about $2,600. Germany also has canceled the Dec. 31 deadline for submitting applications for Ghetto Fund payments. In addition, the government is examining 56,000 rejected claims for so-called ghetto pensions, German Social Security payments for work in ghettos.

The government decided to approve both Social Security payments and the one-time reparations payment for ghetto survivors who worked as "non-forced" laborers, in effect broadening the eligibility for payments from the ghetto fund.

Julius Berman, chairman of the Claims Conference, said in a news release that the organization wanted to ensure that every eligible survivor who was in a ghetto could apply for both payments.

"The decision represents recognition of the suffering and hardship experienced by Jews working in Nazi-era ghettos under unimaginable conditions,” he said.

Since 2002, survivors who worked in Nazi ghettos during the war have been eligible for the ghetto pension even if they received payment for their work in the ghetto. The Claims Conference, which is not involved in the implementation of the payments, nevertheless does provides information on its website about eligibility and the application process.

In related news, a judge in the city of Essen who has spent years interviewing rejected claimants in Israel in an effort to help in their appeal has formally claimed he is being bullied as part of efforts to block payment of ghetto pensions.

According to the Bild online newspaper, Social Court Judge Jan-Robert von Renesse, who reportedly has fought for ghetto pensions for thousands of survivors, says the forms that claimants must fill out are too complicated for many of them; he said thousands of applicants were rejected for "lack of cooperation" for failing to send back the

Renesse also alleged that the court administration regularly destroys documents that could help applicants. Bild confirmed that the president of the Social Court of North-Rhine Westphalia is being investigated for "suppression of documents."

Money & Markets / Deflation or Hyperinflation?
« on: December 01, 2011, 08:18:31 AM »

Deflation is coming

Submitted by South of Wall Street on 11/30/2011 20:04 -0500

In going thru old research I found a note from Dave Rosenberg in March of '08, where he discusses Bernanke's decisions on rate cuts and points to his speech from 2002 on deflation as a road map for his options.  At the time, cutting the Fed Funds rate was 'the answer' that rallied markets and substantiated the Fed's ability to maintain confidence in financial markets.  We all know how that ended.

Rosenberg from 3/18/08 at ML:

We believe that Fed Chairman Bernanke is now fully in charge of the FOMC and he likely does not want to take a chance of disappointing the still very fragile financial markets. More importantly he understands that we are simultaneously facing a credit crisis, deepening housing market meltdown, and an unfolding economic recession.  (Sounds a lot like today, doesn't it?)

He goes on to question what Bernanke can do if rate cuts don't work:

Since the last rate cut, the Dow is down more than 500 points and
BBB corporate spreads have widened out an extra 50 basis points. Financial
conditions are actually tightening. So don’t think for a second that Bernanke does not have something up his sleeve – we think the press statement is going to be very key. What other aggressive action can the central bank possibly take?

Today Big Ben sits in a similar, but more nuclear situation.  In this 2002 speech he suggests the ability to buy foreign debt:

The Fed can inject money into the economy in still other ways. For example, the Fed has the authority to buy foreign government debt, as well as domestic government debt. Potentially, this class of assets offers huge scope for Fed operations, as the quantity of foreign assets eligible for purchase by the Fed is several times the stock of U.S. government debt

We aren't far away from that being our last option, are we?  It will be a sad day if we start buying foreign wallpaper.  Here's the point of my note - if you look at where we are today, markets are becoming more fragile - requiring more 'solutions.'  At the end of the day bad debt can't be subsidized by facilities or coordination.  Debt has to be destroyed, which will cause levered market participants to fail and ripples to spread.  Its not doom and gloom BS - its the only way capital markets become healthy again.  Think of it as a backed up drain that all the Drano (liquidity) in the world can't unclog.  You've got to cut the bad pieces of the pipe out, which may cause you to tear up the whole bathroom - causing your wife (or husband.. or mistress)  to bitch and moan, but you eventually rebuild and move on to the next crisis.  That was pretty lame... sorry.

Bernanke continues in his address on why the Japanese couldn't fight deflation:

The claim that deflation can be ended by sufficiently strong action has no doubt led you to wonder, if that is the case, why has Japan not ended its deflation? The Japanese situation is a complex one that I cannot fully discuss today. I will just make two brief, general points.
First, as you know, Japan's economy faces some significant barriers to growth besides deflation, including massive financial problems in the banking and corporate sectors and a large overhang of government debt. Plausibly, private-sector financial problems have muted the effects of the monetary policies that have been tried in Japan, even as the heavy overhang of government debt has made Japanese policymakers more reluctant to use aggressive fiscal policies (for evidence see, for example, Posen, 1998). Fortunately, the U.S. economy does not share these problems, at least not to anything like the same degree, suggesting that anti-deflationary monetary and fiscal policies would be more potent here than they have been in Japan.

Well, it looks like things have changed from 2002, we aren't much different now from where Japan was.  The US now has a large overhang of government debt and massive financial problems in the banking and corporate sectors muting the effects of monetary policies (ZERO HOUR).

Deflation appears unavoidable.  I'm renting assets until we see the painful - but necessary bust to rectify imbalances in liabilities.  So, with today's news about increasing liquidity via swap lines - I can't help but sense that Central banks see something developing that guys who stare at blinking screens don't.

General / Kosher Slaughter.....In Iowa
« on: November 30, 2011, 10:08:34 PM »
"zionist agent" Adolf Hitler declared this type of sickness illegal in 1933.

<a href=";amp;hl=en_US" target="_blank" class="new_win">;amp;hl=en_US</a>

2011 / Lieberman to Google: Censor the Internet
« on: November 29, 2011, 04:07:45 PM »
Lieberman To Google: Ban Terrorist Content

HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) – In the wake of news that terror suspect Jose Pimentel was operating a jihadist Blogger site, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is urging Google to implement a system that bans terrorist material.

Last week, Lieberman sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page on behalf of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs that called on Google to ramp up its efforts against terrorist material on the Blogger platform.

Pimentel’s “hate-filled writings” and “bomb-making instruction links” were littered throughout, his Google-hosted Blogger site, Lieberman noted. Pimentel has been accused of attempting to plan what’s being described as a “lone wolf” terrorist attack by using pipe bombs.

“As demonstrated by this recent case, Google’s webhosting site, Blogger is being used by violent Islamist extremists to broadcast terrorist content,” he wrote. “Pimentel’s site is just one of the many examples of homegrown terrorists using Google-hosted sites to propagate their violent ideology.”

Lieberman pointed to YouTube’s Community Standards as a model for Blogger to build its policy after. YouTube, which is run by Google, prohibited terrorist content on its servers in September 2008. In November of last year, Google introduced a flag button on the YouTube platform – something that Lieberman has pushed for in hopes of Blogger preventing a future situation similar to the one involving Pimentel.

“I continue to appreciate and commend these important first steps but I am disappointed that Google has not developed a consistent standard throughout its many platforms,” he wrote. “Unlike YouTube’s Community Standards, Blogger’s Content Policy does not expressly ban terrorist content nor does it provide a ‘flag’ feature for such content.”

A Google spokesperson told CBS Connecticut that these issues against terrorist that Lieberman has pointed out are being taken under consideration.

“These are important issues that we take seriously,” the spokesperson said. “Blogger’s content policies prohibit, among other things, dangerous and illegal activities, threats of violence, and encouraging others to take violent action against another person or group of people.”

Pimentel’s site is no longer online. Talking Points Memo reports that the site was still online as of last week.

General / Black Friday!
« on: November 25, 2011, 09:42:09 PM »

How can anyone be optimistic when Americans would rather stand in lines for hours in the cold for a "good deal" on some made in china shit instead of having dinner with their families on a holiday?

It's going to be a smooth transition when the masses of wretched refuse have to stand in bread lines just to eat.

Jewish Studies / Syracuse Coach Accused of Shtupping Ball Boys
« on: November 18, 2011, 10:57:02 AM »

Syracuse basketball coach Benny Fine

Syracuse's Bernie Fine placed on leave

Two former Syracuse University ball boys say they were molested by associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine, starting in the late 1970s and continuing into the 1990s.

Police in Syracuse said they have opened an investigation into the allegations. And in a statement Thursday night, Syracuse said it has placed Fine on administrative leave.

One alleged victim, Bobby Davis, now 39, told ESPN's "Outside the Lines" that Fine molested him beginning in 1984, shortly before Davis entered the seventh grade. Davis, the team's ball boy for six years beginning in 1984, said the abuse occurred at Fine's home, at the Syracuse basketball facilities, and on road trips, including the 1987 Final Four.

The second alleged victim, Mike Lang, now 45, is Davis' stepbrother and was also a ball boy for several years. He told "Outside the Lines" that Fine molested him starting when Lang was in fifth or sixth grade.

Davis said Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim saw him in Fine's hotel room on several of those road trips, but Davis said he never told Boeheim about the alleged abuse.

Police stressed to "Outside The Lines" that they are in the early stages of the investigation. Police told ESPN Thursday evening they were going to interview Davis and Lang.

Both men spoke in on-camera interviews with ESPN Thursday night. Both described what they said were encounters with Fine, including reaching into their shorts and rubbing their genitals.

"I didn't feel right about it," Lang said. "And I told him Bernie, 'Please don't do that to me.' "

Fine is in his 35th season as an assistant to Boeheim, who came to his defense.

"I know this kid, but I never saw him in any rooms or anything," Boeheim told ESPN. "It is a bunch of a thousand lies that he has told. You don't think it is a little funny that his cousin (relative) is coming forward?

"He supplied four names to the university that would corroborate his story. None of them did ... there is only one side to this story. He is lying."

Kevin Quinn, Syracuse's senior vice president for public affairs, issued a statement on behalf of the school: "In 2005, Syracuse University was contacted by an adult male who told us that he had reported to the Syracuse City Police that he had been subjected to inappropriate contact by an associate men's basketball coach. The alleged activity took place in the 1980's and 1990's. We were informed by the complainant that the Syracuse City Police had declined to pursue the matter because the statute of limitations had expired.

"On hearing of the allegations in 2005, the University immediately launched its own comprehensive investigation through its legal counsel. That nearly four-month long investigation included a number of interviews with people the complainant said would support his claims. All of those identified by the complainant denied any knowledge of wrongful conduct by the associate coach. The associate coach also vehemently denied the allegations.

"Syracuse University takes any allegation of this sort extremely seriously and has zero tolerance for abuse of any kind. If any evidence or corroboration of the allegations had surfaced, we would have terminated the associated coach and reported it to the police immediately. We understand that the Syracuse City Police has now reopened the case, and Syracuse University will cooperate fully. We are steadfastly committed ensuring that SU remains a safe place for every member of our campus community."

Later Thursday, Syracuse issued another statement: "In light of the new allegations and the Syracuse City Police investigation, this evening Chancellor (Nancy) Cantor asked Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross, to place Associate Head Coach Bernie Fine on administrative leave."

Messages were left for Fine, but were not returned.

"At this time, all we really know is that a terrible tragedy is unfolding for both the accuser and the accused," Cantor said in an email sent Friday morning to Syracuse alumni. "I want you to know that we will do everything in our power to find the truth, and -- if and when we do find it -- to let you know what we have found."

Boeheim supported his longtime assistant, whom he first met in 1966.

"We spoke to the people (Davis) asked the university to talk to," Boeheim said. "Not one person would corroborate his story."

Boeheim added: "Why wouldn't he come to the police (first this time)? Why would he go to ESPN? What are people looking for here? I believe they are looking for money. I believe they saw what happened at Penn State and they are using ESPN to get money. That is what I believe. You want to put that on the air? Put that on the air."

Davis said that Fine molested him at Fine's home, at the basketball facilities at Syracuse, on recruiting road trips and even at the 1987 Final Four. Davis said he was Fine's constant companion at all of those places. He said Boeheim would come into Fine's room and see Davis lying on Fine's bed, but never asked him any questions.

Davis said sexual contact with Fine continued until he was about 27 years old.

Davis said he felt bitter emotions over the molestation as child sexual abuse scandals have emerged in the Catholic Church and lately with former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

Davis said he reported the abuse to Syracuse police in 2003, but that a detective told him the statute of limitations had run out. Davis said the detective told him that if he knew of boys being molested by Fine at the time, that Syracuse police would investigate those allegations. Davis said he told the detective that he thought other boys were being molested, but that he had only direct knowledge of Fine molesting him.

At the time, the Syracuse police chief was Dennis Duval, a former Syracuse basketball player. Duval, who retired in 2004, could not be reached for comment. He played at Syracuse from 1971 to 1974 and started with the Syracuse Police Department in 1978. Boeheim became the head coach at Syracuse in 1976, but began as a graduate assistant in 1969.

The statute of limitations in New York is five years from the last instance of sexual contact.

"Outside the Lines" investigated Davis' story in 2003, but decided not to run the story because there were no other victims who would talk, and no independent evidence to corroborate his story. In recent days, a second man, Lang, contacted "Outside the Lines" with information alleging that Fine had also molested him. Lang said he was inspired to talk after seeing news coverage of the Sandusky case.

Davis said he first met Fine in 1983 while selling candy in his neighborhood door to door. Davis said Fine lived about four blocks from his home. Davis lived with his mother and didn't have a father living with him. He said he soon began to regard the generous Fine as a father figure.

He said Fine was nice to him and invited him over to his house. Davis said Fine eventually made him a Syracuse ball boy. Davis said he would travel with Fine to events such as the Big Orange Basketball Camp. Once, during the summer before his seventh-grade year, he stayed over with Fine before the start of camp. That's when the abuse began, he said.

"I would go on recruiting trips with him, stay in hotels with him," Davis told ESPN in 2003. "I stayed in many hotels with him. At the (1987) Final Four. I would get there a day earlier than Laurie (Fine's wife) and the kids sometimes and we'd spend the night all alone in a hotel room many times."

He said that Boeheim knew he was traveling on the road and sleeping in Fine's room.

"Boeheim saw me with Bernie all the time in the hotel rooms, on road trips," Davis said. "He'd come in, and see me laying in the bed, kind of glance at me like, 'What are you doing here?' But he wouldn't say that. He'd just scowl. And I would look at him like, I'd be nervous. I felt embarrassed 'cause I felt stupid that I'm there. I'm not supposed to be here. I know it, and Boeheim's not stupid."

Boeheim denied seeing Davis in Fine's room.

"He makes the point that he was around and traveling with the team," Boeheim said. "Not that I know of. I never saw him. He is quoted -- (that) I saw him in the room. I have never been in Bernie Fine's room in my life. That is an outright lie."

A source told ESPN that Davis babysat Fine's children at one time.

"He did travel a few times, and it was known that he babysat Fine's kids on trips," the source said.

Davis said the abuse occurred several times at Manley Fieldhouse, where Syracuse used to play basketball games and the team had offices.

Davis' mother, Cathy Pitts, said Thursday she didn't know about any of the allegations until he did an interview with ESPN in 2003.

"I was very upset," she said of learning of the allegations then. "I wished I knew when he was little. I would have done something then. There was nothing I could do after the fact. He was older. He said he got it together, and he talked to a priest and got all kinds of guidance and counseling. He said he's fine. I believe him. He seems to be fine."

She said when Davis was young, he "was with Bernie Fine quite a bit." She said he traveled with the team extensively, though she said he did not go on trips when an airplane flight was required because he didn't like to fly. The 1987 Final Four, where Davis said he went with Fine, was in New Orleans.

She said she was unaware he was talking about this in recent days. "I really think he wants to be left alone," she said.

Boeheim said his longtime assistant "tried to help this kid."

"Bernie helped a lot of kids," Boeheim said. "He works with the Kidney Foundation. He works with Make-A-Wish. He works with three or four different groups. He has helped kids as I have. This is a kid that came up with all this stuff and it was all looked into for four months. The only new thing is his (relative) has come forward."

2011 / Israeli Plan to Militarize East Africa
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Israel to help build E. African coalition against fundamentalism and Iran

Prime Minister of Kenya rekindled the 'eternal flame' at Yad Vashem

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report November 15, 2011

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga ended his visit to Israel this week with a promise in hand from President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to help establish a new alliance to combat the spread of fundamentalist Islam into the predominantly Christian African nations Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan. Their combined populations total 138 million.

DEBKAfil's military sources report that Israel has agreed to supply Kenya with drones, fast naval boats, military instructors, munitions, armored vehicles and electronic surveillance equipment. This was discussed with the Kenyan prime minister and Internal Security Minister George Saitoti who accompanied him on his visit. On Oct. 16, Kenya sent troops into neighboring Somali to fight the al Qaeda-linked al Shabab after a series of cross-border abductions.

Israel owns a strong interest in curtailing the presence in these strategic lands not only of Islamist terrorist groups but also of Iran. It (Israel) needs naval bases along the Gulf of Aden and eastern Indian Ocean where Iran has in the past year built up a naval presence close to Israel's southern border.

Netanyahu told Prime Minister Odinga that Israel would join him in setting up "a coalition against fundamentalism in East Africa, incorporating Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Tanzania."

DEBKAfile's military sources note that this interest places Israel squarely in the middle of two African wars: Kenya's campaign in southern Somalia; and the inevitable flare-up of major hostilities on the volatile border between the newly-created republic of South Sudan and Khartoum.

Israel is already providing South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayardit with military and intelligence assistance to counter the military support President Omar al-Bashir receives from Iran.

After a 40-year absence from this part of Africa, Israel is therefore regaining a major presence there and helping to draw a safety belt around its countries to ward off the intrusion of Islamist movements.

Those movements include the Muslim Brotherhood, which has climbed aboard Arab uprisings to attain the political center stage in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. The Brotherhood is expected to scoop up least 40 percent of the vote in Egypt's first post-Mubarak elections starting Nov. 28.

Our sources emphasize that Israel's African entrée is coordinated with the Obama administration in Washington which is engaged in two parallel and contrasting thrusts. The US is sponsoring "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood elements in North Africa and the Arab countries alongside an effort in conjunction with Israel and France to strengthen the non-Muslim nations of East Africa and the Horn against the oncoming Islamist tide.

Prime Minister Odinga ended his visit to Israel Sunday, Nov. 11 by stating, "Kenya got the backing of Israel to rid its territory of fundamentalist elements."

Peres and Netanyahu were careful to avoid involving Israel directly in Kenya's military intervention in Somalia. Like Washington Jerusalem too is wary of committing its military to any part of that country's long war against al Qaeda. Israel has designated its assistance to friendly Kenya as necessary to defend its border provinces against Al-Shabab's aggressive incursions and more abductions of Western citizens, while stopping at the Somalia border.

Odinga put it this way: "Israel would help Kenya's police force detect and destroy al-Shabab's networks in Kenya," a reference to the terrorist attacks carried out in Nairobi since Kenya invaded Somalia.

Our military sources report that Kenya's strategic goal is to capture the big southern Somali port of Kismayo, a town of a quarter of a million inhabitants on the coast of the Indian Ocean.

Al Shabab have made Kismayo their capital, its port facilities providing much of their revenue. Capture of this town would give Kenya control of most of southern Somalia. But it is beyond its military capabilities at the moment and so Nairobi bombards the city from the air.

It remains to be seen whether Israel's military assistance will help Kenya achieve this objective.

Jewish Studies / Rabbi Moishe Turner Sodomizes Young Boy
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2011 / Disturbing Video from the "United Nation's Model State"
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...According to Al-Quaida's full-color, english-language magazine.

iran and the conspiracy theories


abu suhail

There have been plenty of conspiracy theo-ries surrounding the events of 9/11.These conspiracy theorists believe that the U.S. government manufactured the attacks while others believe that it was the Israeli Mossad who was behindthem. They site claims such as the Pentagon was not hit by a plane but by a rocket, and that the World Trade center building number seven was
brought down by a controlled demolition. The prescribers to these theories have been some scattered individuals here and there who do not posses the research capabili-ties and capacities that are only available to governments. However, there has been one exception: the government of Iran. The Iranian government has professed on the tongue of its president Ahmadinejad that it does not believe that al Qaeda was behind 9/11 but rather, the U.S. govern-ment. So we may ask the question: why would Iran ascribe to such a ridiculous be- lief that stands in the face of all logic and evidence?

Since the start of the Iranian revolution, Iran wanted to project an image of anti-
Americanism. This would serve as a rally-ing call for the millions of Muslims around the world who despise America for its aggres- sion against them. Iran played this card very well and garnered a lot of support among the Muslims as being the country that is willing to stand up to America.
If Iran was genuine in its animosity towards the U.S., it would be pleased to see another entity striking a blow at the Great Satan but that’s not the case. For Iran, anti-Americanism is merely a game of politics. It is anti-America when it suits it and it is a collaborator with the U.S. when it suits it, as we have seen in the shameful assistance Iran gave to the U.S. in its invasion of Afghanistan and in the Shi`a of Iraq, backed by Iran, bringing the American forces into the country and wel- coming them with open arms.
Therefore with 9/11, the Iranians saw a great operation that had brought dam- age to the U.S. like nothing they had ever dreamed of causing during their two de- cades in power. For them, al Qaeda was a competitor for the hearts and minds of the disenfranchised Muslims around the world. Al Qaeda, an organization under fire, with no state, succeeded in what Iran couldn’t.
Therefore it was necessary for the Iranians to discredit 9/11 and what better way to do so? Conspiracy theories.
Iran and the Shi`a in general do not want to give al Qaeda credit for the greatest and biggest operation ever committed against America because this would expose their lip-service jihad against the Great Satan.

Check out the CIA's new periodical:

History & Civilization / Holohoax - The Last Days of the Big Lie
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Eric Hunt's (Elie Wiesel's elevator assailant) full video may be viewed here:

Jewish Studies / JB Campbell's Solution
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Defense Against Jewish Aggression

Once we acknowledge the threat that faces us `“ Jewish Aggression `“ we are left with the problem of how to remove that threat.  Jews are in controlling positions in every segment of our lives, from the financial collapse of Wall Street, to the collapse of our currency by the Federal Reserve Corporation, the collapse of the US military from Jewish wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a de facto Jewish war against Pakistan and a threatened Jewish war against Iran.  Trillions of tax dollars have been lost to the pockets of Jewish bankers and speculators.

The news media have always been and continue to be in the hands of Jews.  These lie factories, thanks to the Internet, are in freefall collapse and deservedly so.  If the news media had been honest, we would have been informed and warned of the criminal conspiracy so that we could have dealt with it legally.  But we were not informed or warned.  It was not in the interest of the Jews to do so, as they explained in their Jewish Protocols a hundred years ago.  So to save ourselves we must take the law into our own hands, where it belongs anyway.  This is where the failure of news has put us.

Jews are the masters of destruction.  They now admit that they possess several hundred nuclear weapons, quite illegally in terms of international agreements, but very logically since it was Jewish mad scientists who designed and developed nuclear weapons and supervised the use of two of them on helpless Japanese civilians.  Whether the Jewish nukes actually will work is open to question, since much of what the Israeli military does ends in failure, as we saw with the Lavi jet fighter and Merkava tank and their disastrous invasion of Lebanon in 2006, which ended in a rout.  The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was a catastrophic failure that destroyed an elaborate US/Israeli operation to sink the ship and blame it on the Egyptians, which would have `forced` the US military to join Israel and invade and occupy the Arab countries.  It is now generally acknowledged that Israel engineered the shock and awe attacks on 9-11, with the complicity of the US air force and intelligence agencies.  This attack was finally successful in putting the US at war with Islam.

Israel`s military strategy is completely dependent on the US military backing it up.  The fact that Israel now slyly brags about its illegal nukes and even threatens to burn European cities with them indicates they may not actually function, that they are bluffing.  Reports of American missile sites being mysteriously knocked out suggest that much of the world`s nuclear arsenal is kaput.  But it has been Jews such as Einstein, Oppenheimer and Teller who have been behind the dropping of nuclear weapons on people in the past and Jews such as Netanyahu and Lieberman who want to drop them on people now.  

I am proposing that we neutralize the Jewish threat before they try to use them again.

Jewish aggression is caused by their control of our money system.  If this is taken away from them, and only if this is taken away from them, we could regain our national health, and the rest of the world could do so, too.  There is a very simple way to do this.  It has been done before in this country.  The two presidents who did it were shot in the head soon afterward, so there is a risk involved.  The Austrian leader of Germany also did this quite successfully until stopped by the combined forces of the Jewish allies (America, England and the Soviet Union) some years later.  The Jews were successful in stopping these men mainly because the people didn`t understand the nature of money and debt, which the Jews call `credit.`

Once we understand that Jewish Rule depends on their control of our money system we can figure out how to beat them.  Events have shown that there is no political solution, i.e., by elected politicians.  The politicians can`t save us even if they wanted to, which they don`t.  The police and FBI are controlled by Jewish agencies such as the ADL and SPLC.  There is lately talk of a US military coup against the Jews but this is frankly unlikely, since there is no curriculum in the military academies teaching the army, navy and air force about Jewish subversion.  The Jews have made sure that the only curriculum is about the Moslem threat and the threat presented by American `patriots.`

The way Jews control our money and our lives should be basically understood.  It has been done by Privatization of the only legitimate function of the federal government, the creation of our money.  This writer is not an admirer of the US Constitution for reasons explained in other essays, but Article 1, Section 8 does specify that `the Congress shall have power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.`  

Nevertheless, Alexander Hamilton persuaded President Washington and the Congress to allow the private Bank of New York to become the first Bank of the United States in 1791, in a charter lasting twenty years until 1811.  On the Caribbean island of Nevus, Hamilton`s birthplace, it is known and openly recorded that Hamilton`s actual father was named `Levy.`  Hamilton was a Rothschild agent.  The Bank of New York, aka the Bank of the United States, was a private, profit-making company owned mainly (at least 72 %) by the Rothschild-owned central bank in London `“ the Bank of England.  So, from the very beginning of this country, the financial system has been owned and controlled by foreign Jews and their agents here.  Despite a bloody war for independence from England, our money and credit was still run by the Bank of England `“ and is to this day.  Dividends to investors have continued virtually uninterrupted for 219 years!  The Bank of New York is today known as the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the actual headquarters of the Federal Reserve System.  

Anyone still dumb enough to pay Jewish income taxes should examine the back of his canceled check to the IRS.  It will say, `Pay to the order of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.`  Why do you suppose it doesn`t designate the IRS or Treasury Department?  Why does your tax money go to a private, profit-making English corporation owned by Jews?

The (first) Bank of the United States lost its charter in 1811.  Due to our second war with England in thirty-six years, the War of 1812, it was not possible to charter a second Bank of the United States `“ owned by the Bank of England! `“ until 1819, when another twenty-year charter was granted.  In 1833, President Jackson cut off its funds and this private British-Jewish company calling itself the Bank of the United States died six years before its charter would have expired.

People were a lot smarter or more educated in the 19th Century and they would not allow the Congress to create another private, foreign-owned central bank that would profit by lending us our own currency at interest.  By 1913, however, the persistence of the Jews finally paid off when Paul Warburg of Germany bribed and manipulated American politicians to pass the Federal Reserve Act, which gave us our third and current private central bank.

Paul Warburg`s brother, Max, was Germany`s chief financial advisor to the Kaiser as well as the head of the German espionage service during World War I, while Paul was on the board of the Federal Reserve `“ while Germany and America were at war!  Only Jews can get away with such wild criminality.

Our corrupt government pretends to sell treasury bonds on Wall Street which are converted by the Federal Reserve into Federal Reserve Notes for which we pay the Fed to use our own currency!  In other words, our government can print and sell bonds but cannot print and distribute currency.  The currency must be supplied to us from a private, British/Jewish company (printed at the Treasury Department`s Bureau of Engraving!) at great profit to itself.  The US government is now trillions of dollars in debt to this artificial company calling itself by the grandiose name of the Federal Reserve System.

This scam must have irritated John F. Kennedy because he attempted to put an end to it, sort of in the manner of Andrew Jackson, by ordering the issuance of Series 1963 United States Notes `“ about $4.3 billion worth.  That was just the beginning of his move to destroy the Fed.  He tied the US Note to silver and this would have meant the end of the Federal Reserve Note, for who would have wanted something backed only by smoke and mirrors?  But, five months later, JFK was dead and the US Notes were withdrawn from circulation.  I still have one.

But, what Jack Kennedy did can be done again and must be done again.  The Federal Reserve Note must be replaced by the United States Note and be issued by the Congress interest-free.  This is exactly how the economic miracle of Germany was produced starting in 1933, when Germans were still starving due to our rapacious and sadistic program of `reparations payments to the victors` of World War I.  Hitler and Schacht issued interest-free currency tied only to the productivity of the German worker, since we had stolen all of Germany`s gold ten years earlier.  By 1935, while American farmers were starving to death and trekking to California to pick other people`s prunes or working themselves to death building dams, six million formerly unemployed German workers were taking paid vacations on cruise ships and buying their first cars.  Germany was manufacturing again and exporting goods while the rest of the world was mired in the Great Depression, engineered by the Jewish-owned central banks `“ the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve.  To the Jewish banker, German success was an outrage that had to be controlled or destroyed, and so we became the military partners of the Soviet Union for three and a half years, something America can never live down.  Together, we, the Jewish allies, destroyed Germany and millions of Germans for the crime of being successful.   To be successful, though, requires the removal of Jews from power.  That`s what Germany did, or attempted to do.  For that they had to die.  For that we were ordered to kill them, which we did by the millions.

Today we face the modern version of the Great Depression.  Actual unemployment in 1933 was 25%.  Today it is 22% and climbing.  This writer was `laid off` a very good job and subsequently homeless for 21 months and was lucky to get his old job back `“ but for how long?  Those 21 months were the most terrible, degrading and frightening of his life during which he and his wife lost their home and vehicles and horses and virtually all of their belongings.   Millions of Americans are experiencing this terror right now, with 43 million of us on food stamps!  All of this misery has been caused by Jewish bankers and Jewish speculators on Wall Street.  

George W. Bush lied us into two evil wars of aggression for the benefit of Israel and the Jewish war profiteers on Wall Street and the banks.

We are the victims of Jewish aggression.  I have spent much space on our money system, since it is the heart of our lives.  No money `“ no lives.  We must remove the Jews from our money or we will die, and soon.  Now, of course, the Jews cannot let go of our veins, arteries and bank accounts.  It would be against their religion, the control of all money.  We must pry them loose.

There is no legal way to do this, because Jews are the law.  The Jews are God and they are the law.  So, to bring them under control we must ignore Jewish law and make our own law.  What law is that?  It is the law of survival.  

The Jewish Problem is much more terrible than we even know.  Jewish subversion has saturated our lives with death and filth and our minds with confusion and an inability to defend ourselves.  If you wonder how this was done, read a few of the twenty-four Jewish Protocols.  You`ll get the picture very quickly.  Few can read all twenty-four of them `“ they are too revolting.

Defense Against Jewish Aggression requires that Jews be disfranchised from all positions of power and influence in the important aspects of our lives.  Starting with government, of course.  Medicine, law, banking, finance, news, publishing, entertainment `“ all must be free of Jews and Jewish influence.  Our actions should start against the powerful Jewish organizations of subversion, such as the Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC, the Jews-only Masonic lodge they call B`nai B`rith and the Council on Foreign Relations, which is roughly 70% Jewish.  There are hundreds and hundreds of Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee, the Zionist Organization.  Quite simply, these subversive organizations must be destroyed.  Jews must be put on notice that their dreamy days of power are ending.  All things must end and Jewish power is one of them.

Naturally, the Jews will fight hard to prevent losing their unearned power over us.  That is, they will hire as many of us as they can to fight us.  Jews can`t fight.  They can kill, assassinate, murder and just about anything by stealth, but they can`t fight.  When the Jew is confronted with his Jewishness, he splits.

The filmmaker John Carpenter made a great training film for us in this coming struggle.  THEY LIVE.  Malevolent aliens live among us.  But most of us can`t tell who`s who, or realize how they control our lives.  A small group of resistance fighters have special glasses that reveal the hideous faces of the aliens, who have taken over the organs of power.  The aliens are so evil that no mercy can be shown them.  If you see the scary face, start shooting, because they mean to enslave all of us and kill some of us.  The only way to save ourselves is to kill them and keep killing them until the source of their power can be turned off `“ forever.

Carpenter`s aliens are the Jews.  Most of them actually look like us.  Carpenter`s special glasses represent the Jewish Protocols.  Once you read a few of them, you see immediately what we`re up against.  That`s why the Jews always freak out whenever the Protocols are mentioned.  They are probably the most important writings you will ever read, even if you can only manage a few of them.  Victor Marsden of the London Morning Post translated them in a special room in the British Museum but could only manage a page or so per day, so malevolent and disturbing were they.  He died shortly after finishing his work.

Just look at Palestine!  Do you want to live the way those people live, showing your papers to some creepy armed Jew at a checkpoint twice a day, fearful that he may refuse to let you pass today?  This is how life is under Jewish Rule.  But forget Palestine `“ now we`re getting a well-deserved dose of Jewish Rule at our airports.  In case you hadn`t considered it, the only reason for `airport security` is the fake fear that enraged, crazy Moslems are trying to get on board with bombs and guns, which the TSA can`t seem to find at the best of times.  And why are these Moslems supposedly enraged and crazy?  Because of Israel, right?  Isn`t airport security all about Moslems being angry about Israel?  Now there may have been a couple of fake Moslems with phony explosives in their pants or shoes, but real Palestinians?  Name one.  Not to mention that most airport security is run by Israeli companies.

TSA now stands for The Sex Aggressors.  These morons are now authorized to squeeze your private parts for Glocks and grenades.  Little kids, too!  A friend of mine`s wife was strip-searched in June after she`d passed successfully through the metal detector because the moron thought she `didn`t look right.`  `Airport security` is the result of what Israel does to Arabs.  When you get your crotch squeezed, if you haven`t got the brains to stop flying, think about Defense Against Jewish Aggression.

DAJA.  First step:  Recognize the Jewish Problem.  Where does the Problem originate?  Well, probably in the synagogues, in Hebrew school, in all the brainwash programs the Jews have for their kids.  These kids are born and bred to hate us, to feel nothing when they cheat us, steal from us and kill us.  It`s all laid out in the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, and of course in the Talmud.  The problem is with the rabbis.  I`ve written it before but Defense Against Jewish Aggression means the entire rabbinical class has to be wiped out.  That means all the rabbis who preach Jewish hate and all the Jews who accept it.  The rabbis are the political commissars who keep the party members in line, just like the Jewish commissars under Stalin who shot Russian soldiers from behind to terrorize the rest into attacking the Germans.  I`d bet that a lot of Jews who`d like to assimilate with us would even help wipe out some of the hate-mongering rabbis.  

Theodor Herzl comes to mind.  Herzl, the supposed designer of Zionism, actually hated the Jewish ruling class and all typically Jewish ways.  What he wanted was to blend with the Gentiles, whom he greatly admired.   He was rejected because in those days, it was hard to trust a Jew, no matter how much he wanted to be a Gentile, or a Christian.  Sad story.  So Plan B was to get the Jews out of Europe, out of polite society, and into a land for Jews only.  Herzl knew that most Jews just couldn`t behave properly, so the humane thing was to put them somewhere they couldn`t do any harm.  What he didn`t count on was the rise of the Russian Jews, the real Zionists, whom he`d never heard of before his 1897 Zionist Congress in Basel.  These uncouth roughnecks from the Pale showed up, demanding to go to Palestine.  Not Uganda, not Madagascar, not America, not South America `“ Palestine.  These were the phony Jews, the poseurs, the Khazar converts to Judaism but converts who possessed the deadliest zeal in the history of the world.  They wanted to kill all the Palestinians and take over `the holy land.`  Well?

My late friend, Heinz Weichardt, was another.  His mother was Jewish, a famous opera singer in Berlin, his father a well-known journalist with the big German papers.  Heinz was a life-long supporter of Hitler and of National Socialism.  I recommend his memoir, `Under Two Flags,` on the Gnostic Liberation Front website.  Jews such as Aaron Russo and David Cole have done more to hurt the Jewish racket than anyone on our side.  So we mustn`t be indiscriminant in our Defense Against Jewish Aggression.

Anti-Jewish operations must be designed carefully.  The big organizations must be taken out first.  

The US military has never exactly covered itself in glory.  Actually, it has been a total disgrace to America.  The military has done the Jews` dirty work, and I do mean dirty, ever since the Civil War and the Indian Wars.  World Wars I & II?  Imagine, Americans going to fight Germans in Europe!  Most Americans in those days were of German descent.  Korea, Vietnam`¦ Total disgraces.  Desert Storm?  Burying alive thousands of Iraqis with their hands up.  Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, Bagram, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman, Fallujah, Predator drones `“ Jesus, what a shower of shit the US military has always been, including the glory days against the fascists.  (Read Other Losses, Crimes & Mercies, Operation Keelhaul if you`re craving US military glory.)

And, soldier boys, I have news for you.  The Jews consider YOU to be the fascists.  That`s what the military is for, to absorb the `fascistic element` of society (masculine men) into a controllable organization, because you scare the hell out of the Jews.  They dread the day that you will turn on them, stop killing their enemies like the fools you are, and aim your guns at them.  Watch THEY LIVE.  How do you think the guards at Abu Ghraib could become so sadistic so early in our invasion and occupation of Iraq?  They were conditioned by Jews with Jewish hate before they ever got out of the US.  

I do have one good story to tell about the marines.  A buddy of mine, Mike Hanson, was at the airport in West Beirut in `83, near where Arafat and his men were holed up.  A half-dozen Israeli tanks came rolling up to wipe them out.  The marines just looked at them but the captain in charge of the airport detail climbed up on the lead tank and held the muzzle of his .45 against the Jew commander`s head.  `If this tank moves another foot, your brains are gonna be all over this tank.`  Jew commander ordered everyone to leave.  This is the only language Jews understand.  The upshot was, a truck bomb soon killed over 240 marines nearby.  Victor Ostravsky, a Mossad officer, revealed that the Mossad knew about the plot but deliberately withheld the information.  Translation:  the bombing of the marine barracks was a Mossad operation, probably in retaliation for the marine captain`s heroism.  Mike bunked in the open and escaped the blast at the barracks.  He carried out a lot of bodies.

But that captain was the exception that proves the rule:  the US military man is always obeying Jewish orders.  So, the only way for a US military man to gain his honor is to join with this DAJA program `“ Defense Against Jewish Aggression.  It`s the only way to gain honor.  You can`t regain something you never had.  You joined up to fight, didn`t you?  Against all enemies, foreign and domestic?  The only foreign enemies we have are in Israel.  You don`t need to mess with them.  The real enemy is domestic, the Jew who sends you to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran to kill people who never threatened us but who are hated by Jews.  We have to clean up this country by wiping out the Jewish organization.  Once the organization is wiped out, the Federal Reserve and its stinking Note can be wiped out and replaced by the debt-free US Note.  

And that`s how we`re going to clean up this Jewish mess.

2010 / U.S. Senator Calls for Major Iran Attack
« on: November 09, 2010, 12:12:57 PM »
US senator calls for major Iran attack`Ž

Sun Nov 7, 2010 7:55AM

A veteran senator says the US should not be satisfied with stopping Iran's nuclear program but should also destroy its military capabilities and deliver a major blow to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

Influential Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, known for his radical militaristic views and support for the Israeli regime said, "My view of military force would be not to just neutralize their nuclear program, which are probably dispersed and hardened, but to sink their navy, destroy their air force and deliver a decisive blow to the Revolutionary Guard."

Graham also sits in two major Senate committees of Armed Services and Homeland Security.

"In other words, neuter that regime," added Graham, who spoke at the Halifax International Security Forum on Saturday.

He also complained that the current US-sponsored anti-Iran sanctions are not `crippling.`

In another recent speech before a conservative US think tank, the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, Graham last September had once again called for a direct US military intervention in Iran, insisting that it should not involve ground troops but should be launched by US warplanes and ships. (In other words, bomb them back to the stone age. Millions of deaths, radiation poisoning, etc)

Iranian officials have repeatedly condemned, yet mocked the US-led sanctions and described it as a great incentive for a major Iranian push towards progress and self-sufficiency.

Meanwhile, top Iranian leaders and military commanders have repeatedly undermined US and Israeli threats of military actions against the Islamic Republic, insisting that in case the US engages in such an adventure, the repercussions will be severe and wide-ranging.

Moreover, Iran has conducted numerous sea and air military exercises in the past year, showing off the capabilities of its new anti-ship and anti-air weaponry. (They don't stand a chance if this war goes hot)


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