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FBI classified information about OWS assassination plot

Only one month into the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations last year, plans were formulated to identify key figures in the movement and execute them with a coordinated assault using sniper rifles, new documents reveal.

The revelation — discussed in a heavily redacted FBI memo unearthed late last month through a Freedom of Information Act request — reveals that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was aware of plans for a violent assault on the peaceful protest movement but stayed silent on rumors of an assassination attempt only until now.

Information on the alleged plot to kill off protesters appears on page 61 of the trove of documents obtained recently by a FOIA request filed by the Partnership For Civil Justice Fund. On the page in question, marked “SECRET,” the FBI acknowledges:

An identified [redacted] of October planned to engage in sniper attacks against protesters in Houston, Texas, if deemed necessary. An identified [redacted] had received intelligence that indicated the protesters in New York and Seattle planned similar protests in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, Texas. [Redacted] planned to gather intelligence against the leaders of the protest groups and obtain photographs then formulate a plan to kill the leadership via suppressed sniper rifles.

In the rest of the material obtained by the PFCJF, the FBI declines to mention any follow-up attempts to investigate the rumored assassination plot. Page 61, where the plot is discussed, was redacted heavily before it was handed over to the PFCJF.

“This correlation between the FBI, the Department of Homeland security and corporations in the New York stock exchange really showed who they are serving. It’s not the government in this case, it’s these corporations and a financial sector, and it’s certainly not the people,” independent journalist and activist Anna Lekas Miller told RT.

“The FBI is really just targeting ordinary people going about their daily lives as potential terrorists, and now people, who are participating in peaceful protests, are also characterized as domestic terrorists. So, I think the FBI is really picking and choosing who it categorizes as the type of civilians it wants to protect,” added Miller.

As RT reported when the documents were first published just before Christmas, other material released through the FOIA request showed the FBI and other law enforcement agencies labeling Occupy activists as criminal and domestic terrorists. This was the case from the beginning of their anti-capitalism and anti-corporate greed protests that started in September 2011.

“These documents show that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are treating protests against the corporate and banking structure of America as potential criminal and terrorist activity,” PFCJF Executive Director Mara Verheyden-Hilliard says. “These documents also show these federal agencies functioning as a de facto intelligence arm of Wall Street and Corporate America.”

But while police agencies were working to expose protesters for alleged crimes against the country, the demonstrators themselves were being faced with very real death threats.

Not all that unsurprising, though, is how the very agencies that acted to suppress the protest movement made little announcement of plans to execute the very people involved in the group.

2012 / What Is Arthur Topham's Status Since His Arrest?
« on: June 16, 2012, 05:50:46 PM »
I haven't been able to find any updates on Arthur Topham's status since his arrest a month ago. Does anyone know how he is doing?

Arthur Topham, publisher of Radical Press arrested May 16, 2012 in BC, home raided, computer files confiscated, now censored from sending emails

Arthur Topham, publisher of the Radical Press website, was arrested on May 16, 2012, at 11:30 am on the Barkerville Highway near Quesnel, B.C., put in handcuffs and taken to jail. Apparently, Arthur’s home had been staked out for quite some time by the RCMP.
The warrant for his arrest read “commission of hate crimes” and was endorsed by Arthur’s special “friends” and professional denunciators Richard Warman and Harry Abrams of B’nai Brith, Canada.
What the Canadian Hate Crimes Tribunal failed to do, seems to have been a cinch for Rich and Harry, law or no law. In Canada, when B’nai Brith whistles, the RCMP jumps.
While in jail, Arthur’s house was raided and his computer equipment confiscated, including all his files. During the raid, Shasta, Arthur’s wife, wasn’t allowed into her home for 9 hours. Once the RCMP had taken what they wanted -- we wonder where the bugs are now hidden -- and finished questioning Arthur, he was released at 11:00 pm.
Arthur is now back home again, but prohibited from sending ANY emails or expressing any opinions about the issues all too familiar to us. In other words, freedom of speech, which he so passionately fights for, has now been stymied by unconstitutional summersaults, technically and “legally” muzzling him, for the time being. Without compunction, might is right in Canada.
Arthur advises NOT to send him any emails, since those would only wind up at the RCMP instead. What Arthur would like to have send to him -- by snail mail etc. -- is money, since he is -- always has been -- chronically broke. It would help to defray some of the legal expenses he will now incur. Arthur has asked Doug Christie, prominent defense lawyer in the Ernst Zündel case, for legal assistance and Doug agreed to help him without hesitation. He is one in a million!
During the last 14 years Arthur has literally spent tens of thousands of hours, and God only knows how much energy, sleepless nights and missed opportunities for personal advancement, in defense of our right to free speech and the exposure of vital truths, to the benefit and enlightenment of us all. That’s unselfishness at it’s best and I think it deserves some signs of appreciation.
So, please, kindly express them.
Hans Krampe
May 17, 2012, Quesnel, B.C. Canada

2012 / Israel's Global Image Plummets
« on: May 19, 2012, 05:35:24 PM »
BBC Poll: Israel's global image plummets

Ynet Thu, 17 May 2012 16:48 CDT

Israel ranks among states perceived to have most negative influence on world, according to BBC poll; only Iran, Pakistan do worse, Israel's image hits nadir in Europe

Israel is ranked third among nations perceived as having a negative influence on the world, the BBC's annual poll shows, indicating further decline in the Jewish state's global image.

Only Iran and Pakistan did worse than Israel in the survey.

The poll, undertaken between December 2011 and February 2012, encompassed 24,090 respondents worldwide. Iran took the unflattering top spot, again, with 55% of respondents saying is has a negative influence on the world. Pakistan ranked second (51%), with Israel and North Korea tied for third place (50%).

Last year, 47% of poll respondents said Israel had a negative effect on the world.

According to the latest survey, only 21% of respondents view Israel's influence as mostly positive, the same figure as last year. A favorable change in the West was only recorded in the United States, with 50% of Americans saying they view Israel in a positive light, compared to 35% who said they view the Jewish state in a negative light.

Declining support in China, India

The US figures constitute the highest approval rating for Israel by Americans since the poll's initiation, in 2005. Two more nations with favorable attitudes towards Israel are Nigeria (54%) and Kenya (46%).

In post-revolution Egypt, 85% of respondents said they view Israel in a negative light, a 7% rise from last year. The Jewish state's situation is particularly grim in Europe, with 74% of Spaniards viewing Israel negatively. Negative attitudes were also recorded in France (65%), Germany (69%), Britain (68%), Australia (65%) and Canada (59%).

Support for Israel also declined in China, India and Russia.

According to the survey, the most beloved states in the world are Japan, Germany, Canada, Britain and China.

FJ: The disappointing eyebrow-raise are the American 'approval' figures next to Nigeria and Kenya.

French Jews Sue Jewish-Owned Google for Search Function That Places the Word 'Jewish' Next to Names Such as Rupert Murdoch and Other Crypto Celebrities

French organization says Google search engine's auto-complete is anti-Semitic.


Google has been hit with a lawsuit in France for their Autocomplete search function, which operates based on popularity volume and trends of common net users, suggesting that certain celebrities, including News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch and Mad Men star Jon Hamm, are "Jewish."

Since 2008, Google has been attempting to anticipate what its users will type into search boxes with its "Suggest" feature, but lawyers for SOS Racisme, a French organization that fights discrimination, say that by connecting persons with an often persecuted religious minority, the web giant is overseeing “the creation of what is probably the biggest Jewish file in history.”

According to local press reports, there's a hearing scheduled for Wednesday in the lawsuit. The plaintiff is contending that Google's users are confronted daily with unsolicited and systematic associations between famous people and their Jewishness.

This isn't the first time that Google has gotten in trouble in France for the way it auto-completes what users type into search boxes.

In 2009, Google was hit with two verdicts in cases that questioned whether companies were defamed when it was "suggested" these companies were associated with the French word for "scam."

One of those companies emerged victorious when a judge declared that no algorithm could justify the prejudice caused by Google. The other company got a judge to declare that Google could be found liable because the company had informed Google of the situation, meaning Google had no safe harbor from liability. The judges, though, were split on whether to order changes. The judge in the latter case cited free speech.

Google has a page that explains its policies on its autocomplete feature. The company notes some instances where no predicted searches appear for a particular word or topic. One such instance is when "The search term violates our autocomplete policies." Google says it excludes "a narrow class of search queries related to pornography, violence, hate speech and copyright infringement."

The Jewish association isn't merely reserved to France. On the U.S. site, Rupert Murdoch is suggested with "Twitter," "scandal" and, yes, "Jewish."

Orthodox Jewish brothers accused of beating black teen

12:17 PM on 04/23/2012

BALTIMORE (AP) -- Two brothers accused of beating a black teenager while patrolling for a Jewish neighborhood watch group in Baltimore are seeking to postpone and move their trial because of publicity comparing their case to the fatal shooting of a Florida youth that has stirred strong emotions across the country.

Eliyahu and Avi Werdesheim, who are white [not] and Jewish, have claimed self-defense in the 2010 incident, saying the teen was holding a nail-studded board. The trial, which had been set to begin Monday in Baltimore, has been postponed six times.

While initial media coverage had died down, it surged again in recent days. Defense attorneys found scores of stories online comparing their case to shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Andrew Alperstein, attorney for Eliyahu Werdesheim, told Judge Sylvester Cox. A neighborhood watchman has also been charged in Martin's killing.

The jury selection process is meant to weed out biased potential jurors, but the Internet, social media and 24-hour news channels make that more difficult in this case "given the saturation of media coverage in this matter, and the inextricable intertwinement of the Trayvon Martin saga," Alperstein and Susan Green, attorney for Avi Werdesheim, wrote in their motion for a new venue filed Monday morning.

The Martin case sparked rallies across the country, including one in Baltimore, where speakers urged the hundreds of protesters there to attend the Werdesheims' trial, they wrote.

"Needless to say, the impact of such a demonstration on prospective jurors could only have served to contaminate the Defendant's (sic) right to a fair and impartial jury here," they wrote, noting "conspicuous" similarities between the two cases. "Both involve young African-American males walking along on public thoroughfares, who supposedly were accosted by one or more Caucasian [the jew lawyers' words] members of citizen patrol groups who felt they didn't belong in the area, and allegedly subjected to unprovoked attacks."

They also noted that Cox commented on the community's interest in bringing the case to trial during the last postponement hearing.

"It would be in the best interest of justice to delay the trial until publicity calms down surrounding the case against George Zimmerman," who is charged with second-degree murder in Martin's February death, Alperstein told the judge.

Assistant State's Attorney Kevin Wiggins told the judge that the state believes in the jury selection process, and that the two cases are separate and distinct. Wiggins and the State's Attorney's Office declined to comment.

The judge directed the two sides to return to the courthouse Tuesday, when their requests would be heard by another judge.

The Werdesheims are accused of beating a 15-year-old boy who was walking through a Baltimore neighborhood in November 2010. The brothers pulled up next to the teen in a vehicle, then got out and confronted him, according to charging documents. The passenger threw the teen to the ground and the driver hit him in the head with a hand-held radio and patted him down.

The teen remembered the driver yelling, "You wanna (mess) with us, you don't belong around here, get outta here!"
according to court documents, which do not identify which brother was driving.

Eliyahu Werdesheim told the Baltimore Jewish Times that he was acting in self-defense because the teen was holding the piece of wood. An attorney for the teen's family has said the teen picked up the board during the encounter, but put it back down.

The teen was left with a cut on the back of his head and a broken wrist, according to court documents. Using a photo book compiled by investigators, the teen later identified Eliyahu Werdesheim, now 24, as one of the men who assaulted him. He was arrested after about 10 days; his now 21-year-old brother was charged two months later.

The brothers are charged with second-degree assault, false imprisonment and carrying a deadly weapon (the hand-held radio). The pair face up to 13 years in prison if convicted on all three counts.

Eliyahu Werdesheim was suspended from the neighborhood group while Avi was never a member, according to Nathan Willner, general counsel for Shomrim of Baltimore, a group that patrols neighborhoods with a large concentration of Jewish residents and institutions in the Baltimore area.

Alperstein, the attorney for Eliyahu Werdesheim, and Susan Green, an attorney for Avi Werdesheim, declined to comment as they left the courthouse with the brothers, their relatives and supporters.


Professor Sykes latest book DNA USA: A Genetic Portrait of America goes on sale in the US at the end of April and in the UK in the Autumn. It has already received excellent advanced reviews.
 “The US human population is a bouillabaisse of DNA. Geneticist Bryan Sykes took on the challenge of identifying its ingredients on an epic cross-country trip. He recounts the detective work — including interviews with genealogists and fellow geneticists — and methodology behind the findings. How did European genes appear in the DNA of Native Americans some 10,000 years ago, for instance? And why does the southwestern Hispanic population contain genes typically found in Jewish people? Ultimately, Sykes suggests, the country is an even richer human mix than we thought.” Nature
"Oxford geneticist Sykes traveled across the United States collecting DNA samples, recording family histories, and gazing out the window of his train car. (His evocative landscapes are one of the book's chief pleasures.) The resulting "chromosomal portraits" painted by analysing markers that correlate with African, or Asian-Native American populations, reveal DNA tell-tales of unsuspected centuries-old migrations and mixings; Mexican American Catholics descended from Spanish Jews; white Southerners with substantial African-American ancestry; possible journeys from Europe to North America 10,000 years ago. Sykes gives lucid, entertaining explanations of new genetic techniques and their startling success at tracing familial ties across continents an millenia. Publishers Weekly
British geneticist Sykes, whose account of his discovery of the "clan mothers" of Europe The Seven Daughters of Eve (2001), became a bestseller, wondered what a genetic protrait of America would look like. He gamely embarked on a coast-to-coast DNA-collecting adventure and learned that the collision between genetics and people's sense of identity can be explosive. After cogently explaining how "the record of the past" is "written in DNA" and how it is interpreted, he presents startling findings about Native American ancestry, which stand in profound conflict with traditional beliefs and reopen old wounds. African Americans, by and large, have embraced the revelations of DNA as a remedy to the rupture and erasure of the slave trade, and Sykes was able to reconnect individuals with heretofore lost legacies rooted in specific African regions. ... Human genetics energetically elucidated, entertaining travel writing, the fascinating personal stories of DNA volunteers, and Sykes' candid musings on his awakening to the complex emotional and social implications of hidden biological inheritances make for a milestone book guaranteed to ignite spirtied discussion" Booklist

General / Princess Diana Was About To Stand Against Israel
« on: April 23, 2012, 12:38:59 PM »
Princess Diana "was about to go into campaigning on behalf of the Palestestinians".

Video -- 'They' = Mossad

Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana were killed because Diana was about to give her support to Palestine, which would have outraged Israel

Dodi and Diana were going to marry, an unprecedented act that would have symbolically and literally united Christians and Muslims across the world, and bypassed the stalemated 'royal family'. Diana was immensely popular on the global stage, despite jewish media attempts to scandalize her. With the Palestine issue in the fore, who would have been left on the opposite spectrum of that union?

General / Brendon O'Connell On Hunger Strike In Australian Prison
« on: April 21, 2012, 08:46:56 PM »
From the latest issue of Adelaide Institute's online newsletter:

(go to page 3)

A site with other links on the situation, and some phonecalls from inside

General / Israelis Are Running 'Iranian' Proxies/Patsies
« on: February 16, 2012, 12:34:42 AM »
Ok let's do some simple 2+2+2. The same types of bombs being used to kill Iranian scientists were used recently in India, Georgia, and Thailand. Thailand recently declared recognition of Palestine, jews have Georgian support for staging an air campaign against Iran, and India is a massive trading partner with Iran. You have an 'Iranian' Marxist front group for Israel (MEK/PMOI/MKO) coming into the spotlight recently, who are called Iranian by the jewish press but who appear to be made up to a significant degree of a mixture of Kurds (Jewish hybrids) and other minorities within Iran -- and continual attempts by jewish politicians in the US to remove the MEK from the status of being designated a terrorist organization 'under US law'. Then you have these three bombs supposedly targeting Israeli diplomats but which miraculously killed not-a-one...

Is Israel Using Iranian Terrorists? -- read between the lines
video --

Israel Teams With Terror Group
Deadly attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists are being carried out by an Iranian dissident group that is financed, trained and armed by Israel’s secret service, U.S. officials tell NBC News, confirming charges leveled by Iran’s leaders.

The group, the People’s Mujahedin of Iran, has long been designated as a terrorist group by the United States, accused of killing American servicemen and contractors in the 1970s and supporting the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran before breaking with the Iranian mullahs in 1980.

The attacks, which have killed five Iranian nuclear scientists since 2007 and may have destroyed a missile research and development site, have been carried out in dramatic fashion, with motorcycle-borne assailants often attaching small magnetic bombs to the exterior of the victims’ cars.

Thailand, India, Georgia bombers belong to same terror network: Israel
"sticky" bombs found in a Thai house rented by Iranians were similar to devices used against Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia. [which miraculously killed not one jewish individual]


By the time Iran’s first presidential election took place in January 1980, MEK had gathered significant support in Iran, including support from Jews and Kurds.

The NCRI has over 500 members, including representatives of ethnic and religious minorities such as the Kurds, Baluchis, Armenians, Jews and Zoroastrians

The Genetic Bonds Between Kurds and Jews

more links here


Norwegians in disbelief as Jewish killer Breivik looks to skate justice with psychiatric ruling

7:28PM GMT 29 Nov 2011

Anders Behring Breivik, who is charged with killing 77 people in a bomb blast and gun rampage in Norway, is likely to escape prison after a psychiatric evaluation concluded he had been "psychotic" at the time of the attacks.

The decision means that Breivik instead faces years, or even a lifetime, of compulsory psychiatric treatment in a secure ward, if, as expected, it is backed by an expert panel.

State prosecutor Svein Holden said that the two forensic psychiatrists believed Breivik had been insane throughout the years that he meticulously planned the attacks.

"Anders Behring Breivik during a long period of time has developed the mental disorder of paranoid schizophrenia, which has changed him and made him into the person he is today," he said in a press conference after receiving the report.

The two forensic psychiatrists, Torgeir Husby and Synne Soerheim, had uncovered "grandiose delusions whereby he believes he is to determine who is to live and who is to die," he explained.

Jarl Robert Christensen, whose lost his daughter Birgitta in the attack, said that victims' relatives would struggle to accept the ruling.

"For us no punishment will ever be enough. This makes nothing better for us", he said.

But he said he hoped that being ruled insane would hurt Breivik, who claims to view himself as a hero who committed the attacks out of love for his country. The 32-year-old has described the mass-killing as an "atrocious but necessary" act to awaken Norway to the threat posed by Islam. He has been informed of the evaluation.

The 243-page report was based on 36 hours of interviews between Breivik and the two psychiatrists, who said that Breivik had been co-operative throughout.

Breivik in court

Inga Bejer Engh, speaking for the prosecutors, said she "comfortable" with the ruling.

It now needs to be approved by Norway's Board of Forensic Medicine before a further court hearing to ascertain whether Breivik is guilty.

Dr Tarjei Rygnestad, the head of the panel, had said in July that it was unlikely that Mr Breivik would be declared insane because it was unlikely that a true schizophrenic would have been able to plan an attack as carefully and calmly as Mr Breivik had.

He said the conclusion was "interesting", adding that he would reserve his judgment until he and his colleagues had time to study the report.

The prosecutors said that the conclusion that Mr Breivik was insane did not mean the court would no longer need to establish Mr Breivik's guilt. The only difference would be that they would petition the judge for him to receive mental health care rather than a prison sentence.

Breivik claims to have set off a car bomb outside government offices in Oslo on July 22, killing eight people, and then driven to the island of Utøya, near Oslo, where he arrived dressed as a policeman and proceeded to gun down 69 people, most of whom were teenagers gathered for a youth camp of Norway's Labour Party. ['One man'? What bull$h^t. And there were multiple bombs that went off in Oslo that day.]

Breivik posted a detailed manifesto on the internet hours before the attacks.

In the manifesto,
he portrayed himself as a Knight Templar [freemason], part of a new European movement dedicated to fighting what he saw as a slow Islamic takeover.

Bernie Fine fired as Syracuse assistant basketball coach after child molestation allegations are confirmed in phone call with Fine's wife, taped by victim


The yenta wife watched the husband molest the boy, and then f***ed the kid herself a few years later.

Last updated at 7:32 PM on 28th November 2011

* Three men say Bernie Fine molested them when they were boys
* Bobby Davis taped a phone call with Laurie Fine in bid to prove abuse
* Police and ESPN had tapes for ten years but didn't do anything
* Federal agents raid Mr Fine's house after third victim comes forward
* Coach Jim Boeheim supports decision and apologises for being 'insensitive'
* Accuser Zach Tomaselli says Penn State scandal made him come forward

Bernie Fine was fired last night just hours after damning new evidence suggested his wife watched him molest a boy staying at their house.

Laurie Fine allegedly told one of her husband's three accusers in a recorded phone call that she suspected he had done the same to other boys - but that she never did anything to stop it.

The taped conversation reveals that she slept with at least one of the victims [the same victim recording the call] once he turned 18 - as it emerged that the tapes had been in the hands of police and ESPN for nearly ten years and no action was taken.

One of the alleged victims Mr Davis, now 39, says he secretly taped the conversation in 2002 in an effort to collect proof that the longtime college basketball coach had abused him, starting when he was 12 years old.

'I know everything that went on, you know,' she says on tapes played by ESPN's Outside the Line program.

'I know everything that went on with him. Bernie has issues, maybe that he's not aware of, but he has issues. And you trusted somebody you shouldn't have trusted.'

He said the university has 'done the right thing' by firing Mr Fine - and he hopes Mr Fine now knows ‘he is not invincible’.

Mr Fine has denied the allegations as 'patently false.' However, the upstate New York university last night fired the 65-year-old coach after putting him on administrative leave earlier this month.

'At the direction of Chancellor Cantor, Bernie Fine's employment with Syracuse University has been terminated, effective immediately,' said Kevin Quinn, the school's senior vice president for public affairs.

Authorities have said if any crimes were committed, they are likely beyond the statute of limitation and no prosecutions can be made.

The phone conversation was verified by a voice-recognition analyst hired by ESPN.

Mrs Fine talks about the alleged abuse against Mr Davis in a matter-of-fact tone and suggests she has known about it for many years.

'But you never had any [sex act] with him?' she asks Mr Davis, who is an adult at the time of the phone call.

'No,' Mr Davis says. 'I think he wanted to, but...'

Mrs Fine: 'Oh, of course he would! Why wouldn't he?'

Mr Davis lived with the Fines in the basement of their house on and off throughout his childhood. He says Mr Fine began abusing him in 1984 when he was just 12 years old and in seventh grade.

He says Mrs Fine always knew something was going on and even caught her husband touching him when she peered through the blinds one night as she pretended to take out the trash.

It wasn't until that incident, when Mr Davis was in high school but still a minor, that Mrs Fine approached him and told him to stand up for himself. However, she never called police.

In the conversation, Mrs Fine seems to accept that her husband has predilections for boys and that there is nothing she can do about it.

'You know what, "Go to a place where there’s gay boys. Find yourself a gay boy,"' Mrs Fine says.

'"Get your rocks off, and have it be over with." He needs that male companionship that I can’t give him.'

She explains that her husband is no longer interested in her sexually, instead preferring boys. And she isn't interested in him, either, she says.

Which could explain why she ALSO became sexually involved with Mr Davis. In the tape she confirms she had sex with the former Syracuse University ball boy when he was 18 and a high school senior.

But Mrs Fine claims she couldn't help Mr Davis when he was younger.

'Because I care about you, and I didn't want to see you being treated that way,' she says.

'And, it's hard. If it was another girl... it would be easy to step in because you know what you're up against. If it's another guy, you can't compete with that. It's just wrong, and you were a kid. You're a man now, but you were a kid then.'

If the allegations Mr Davis are making prove true, Mrs Fine did nothing to stop the abuse while it occurred.

But she wasn't the only one who didn't step in to help Mr Davis. He reported the incident to Syracuse police in 2002 and turned over the tapes when the detective said he needed proof.

But police apparently never investigated any farther.

In 2003, Mr Davis turned the tapes over to ESPN, but the sports network never did anything then because reporters couldn't find 'anyone else to corroborate the story.'

Mr Davis and his step-brother Mr Lang have both accused Mr Fine of abusing them when they were ball boys for the Syracuse University men's basketball team.

‘He got what he deserved and now hopefully people believe me about him,’ Mr Lang said of Mr Fine's firing, reported the Syracuse Post-Standard.

A third man, 24-year-old Zach Tomaselli, says Mr Fine molested him in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, hotel room in 2002.

However, Mr Tomaselli [Jewish] is currently facing sex abuse charges of his own in Maine and his own father has told news media that he is lying.

But federal agents found Mr Tomaselli's statements compelling enough to raid Mr Fine's home in upstate New York on Friday, carrying away his trash as well as filing cabinets.


for the conference entitled The Forgotten Genocide held at St. Louis, MO on April 28-9, 2011

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. First let me thank you, Ann Morrison for your courageous enterprise in arranging this wonderful conference which has been needed for many years and now, thanks to you, has come into existence.
   I am not German, nor have I been expelled, not even from a school anywhere, although I have certainly been naughty enough sometimes, for sympathizing with the Vertriebene and the Kriegsgefangene. I am a Canadian and a writer, and I was in Europe in 1986 starting the long trek which has brought me here. I was in a kitchen in Bonn with a middle-aged solid German burgher. I remember him seated at the table with his wife, also solid in her blouse and sensible skirt as she hands her guests a glass of white wine. The burgher, whose name is Hans Goertz, has been a streetcar conductor in the city for forty years making sure everyone pays the right fare and gets off ting a ling at the correct Strasse. Across from him is this middle-aged Canadian writer with his blonde young assistant running the tape recorder. What could a German burgher have to say of such interest that these two Canadians have come thousands of miles to hear it and to record it?
   The answer is that Goertz had been a prisoner in a French prison camp after world war two who had been released early from the camp in January 1945 by a kindly Frenchman named Raoul Laporterie. The Frenchman took pity on an unfortunate enemy, and simultaneously acquired an extra tailor in his store for virtually nothing. The book I was writing described Laporterie who, during the war, saved thousands of refugees from German death camps. To me it was very interesting that Laporterie also helped the enemy, after the war. But Goertz was guarded and said little of interest.
   The interview was disappointing and Jessica shut down the tape recorder, Hans Goertz noticed her doing that and his attitude changed. He leaned across the table and said, “I can call M’sieur Laporterie my friend,” he said and I replied, “Of course, I see that.” “No, I mean something special,” says Goertz. “M’sieur Laporterie saved my life.”
“How did he do that?” “He took me out of that camp.” “What was the matter with the camp?” “Ecoute, M’sieur, twenty five per cent of the men in that camp died in one month.”
   And Jessica said, “What did they die of?” “Starvation, dysentery, disease.”
   And that was all. Goertz refused to say another word on the subject. But his few words on that day in April, 1986, just 25 years ago now, changed my life dramatically.
   That was the first clue I had that there had been something terribly wrong in the French prison camps for Germans after the war. The next clue came when I interviewed M’sieur Laporterie to ask him for help in investigating the camp where Goertz had been held. He made the phone calls to various friends he had in the region who had been guards in the camp, at Buglose nearby and one Sunday noon we went to a farmhouse where six local people who had been guards had agreed by phone to meet us. Thirteen people crowded into that French farmhouse kitchen, and they all wanted to talk. The fatal conditions in that camp had been paining them for forty years, and now they saw the chance to tell the story they had feared might die with them. Some of them were in tears, as they told me that when the German prisoners arrived by train, they were so weak they could not stand up. They literally fell off the train. Several farmers kept saying, “Oh les pauvres.” But from that terrible moment when the prisoners had fallen off the train and begun to die in the main street of their village, they had all been publicly silent, like their government.

That same public silence prevails in Germany today, where there are millions of people who hate their parents and grandparents without having known them. The offspring do not know that their ancestors were probably innocent and they are not allowed to know that they were tortured and robbed. And there are millions more who suspect that they are not being told the truth, and who fear to ask. A few know the truth, and say so, but they are attacked, perhaps beaten up, fired from their jobs, hauled into court and sentenced by judges indifferent to the Grundgesetz of Germany, and the UN Charter of Human Rights.
   The reason is that the truth is so horrible that it makes everyone in the west who committed these crimes feel bad. And people can’t stand that. No, in order for us not to feel bad, ie responsible ie guilty, the truth must be denied, at all costs, including the continuing pain of the German survivors, who not only have suffered the loss of their land, and of their relatives and their ancestors, but suffer the denial of their history. So far has this gone in Germany that the Fascists who call themselves Anti-Fascists routinely threaten people with baseball bats and destruction of property if they so much as dare to hold a meeting to discuss the subject of how Germans suffered and died by the millions after 1945. In Germany today what is true is not known, and what is known is not true.
   The genocide we discuss has not been forgotten. We are proof of that. It has been hidden, and so it is in danger of being forgotten. It has been hidden because it shames those who perpetrated it. It has been hidden by the German-haters who say that the Germans got what they deserved, and yet it is obvious that they do not believe that the Germans deserved what they got, because otherwise, why hide it? The dreadful punishments meted out by the judges at Nuremberg were deserved according to the judges, jailers and executioners, and no-one hid them. They got tremendous world-wide publicity. But what is not just--Stalin’s murder of twenty nine thousand Poles at Katyn and the killing of Jews  ::) -- remains hidden until someone tears the shroud away from it.

There were three groups who suffered the most in this genocide. The Vertriebene, some fifteen or sixteen million people, mostly farmers, dispossessed in the most brutal manner, robbed, raped, assaulted, driven onto the roads with almost nothing between them and death while their bewildered cows walked the fields beside them.
   Soon the next group, eleven million prisoners of war, began to starve and die in barbed wire cages with no shelter. By General Eisenhower’s orders millions of them were cut off from food that was available and stored right next to the barbed wire. Eisenhower also ordered that civilians might be shot if they so much as planned to bring food to the camps. These Kriegsgefangene began to die in their holes in the ground, or they drowned in the latrine ditches or they were crushed under the blades of American bulldozers. Around a million and a half died in the allied camps. The third group--all the rest of the Germans in the world--was penned inside the little Germany that remained after huge sections had been confiscated by the Poles, Russians and French. Germany became in the words of one writer, One Great Prison. One great and starving prison.
   Many were forced into it, none was allowed to emigrate for years as millions starved. A US naval officer, stationed in Germany, Albert Behnke wrote, “From 1945 to the middle of 1948, one saw the probable collapse, disintegration and destruction of a whole nation. Germany is being subjected to physical and psychic trauma unparalleled in history.
   Under the Morgenthau Plan for the postwar treatment of Germany, industry was reduced to a weak shambles, because the country was cut up into four zones of occupation and no mail or phone calls were allowed across the borders between the zones. Oil production was reduced almost to zero, domestic coal production was cut back, factories were stolen, steel could not be produced, the Quakers and the Red Cross were forbidden to help, most fertilizer production was banned, immense reparations were imposed, millions of young men were enslaved or held moribund in allied death camps. According to my studies conducted in German, American, English, Canadian, French and Soviet archives, somewhere between nine million and fourteen million people [Germans] were exterminated before their time by the allies. No vengeance on this scale had ever been seen before.
   All of this was done, and all of this was hidden, by men who were admired by their people. Stalin. De Gaulle. Eisenhower. Churchill. Stars of infinite brightness in the dark skies of twentieth century history. War criminals. Whom we are taught to admire by historians who have not read the archives where traces of the truth may be found, historians who will not listen to the words of the many people who saw and survived. Some of those people are here today in this room, they are with us in spirit, and they will in the future hear us through recordings on film, paper, and digital discs.

Those who have great power to control our minds nevertheless fear what we have to say here. They are afraid of the public opinion that they seek to control, and they are afraid of it because they know that they are telling lies and that those who know the truth might tell it to their shame. Once in a while a book by an Alexander Solzhenitsyn, or a film by a Michael Moore somehow gets through the tangled webs of deception, and reaches the public, and shakes the edifice of lies where truth like a shivering child hides these days. And that is enough to scare them..
   Here is how and why they suppress the opposition, not with arguments or information but by lies, evasions and slander. While my book Other Losses was in manuscript, I interviewed the star columnist of the New York Times, Drew Middleton in his office at the Times. I told him that I had discovered evidence that the US army had maintained death camps for German prisoners where hundreds of thousands had been deliberately starved and exposed to death. Middleton had written stories for the Times saying that he had visited the camps and the rumours of atrocities there were untrue, so my book was going to show that he had been irresponsibly wrong, and more likely that he had written lies. And do you know what he said? He said, “I’m not surprised that you found something bad from those times.” I offered to let him read the manuscript, and he said no thanks.
   I was calling him and his paper liars in a book soon to be published in four countries, and he didn’t care.
   I was astonished. He didn’t even threaten me with a libel suit. He just didn’t care. He could afford that because he knew that the Times and the myths it propagates are so powerful that even the truth could not affect them. Think of what that means. The media, the army and the government own the American mind. Nothing can loosen their hold. Or at least nothing in the short term, such as the lifetime of a newspaper or the party in power.
   And do you know, Middleton was right. When this book came out in the US the New York Times review by Stephen E Ambrose warned everyone in the country against it. Ambrose admitted in his review that he had not done the necessary research to prove my book wrong, and in fact he never did. Just his opinion was enough for the Times’ editors. Scarcely another paper in the country reviewed it, and then only to warn readers against it. Libraries refused to order it. Bookstores refused to handle it. And that little bit of truth lay dead, besmirched. The only way that Americans who wanted this book could get it was to write to me, or buy it in England or Canada. And since then, my name has been anathema to publishers all over the USA and Canada. My computer was confiscated by British Airways in London and a bug planted in it. I was followed around France by security agents, who also tried to intimidate my witnesses. Journals that used to phone me up and ask for my work, never called again. My manuscripts were refused by publishers who had published my best-sellers. A US army soldier in Texas threatened to shoot me. My mail was opened and the contents stolen. Government security agents threatened my witnesses. A KGB agent came into my house under false pretenses, stole documents and then threatened my publishers with lawsuits if they published me. The publishers then turned down my books.

The true revisionists of history in the world today are the criminals and their cohorts who hide their crimes. This is not a forgotten genocide, but a hidden genocide of the Germans. There was no public arraignment for the murderers of these millions upon millions of Germans, although at Nuremberg, a criminal court was convened for the Nazi Germans. No court ever convened to try these criminal revisionists, because their victims were after all, Germans. No records were kept for these crimes although for the victims at Nuremberg, they filled dozens of volumes [fabricated]. And if records of the genocide happened to be made and happened to survive, they were hidden by the revisionists. Authors who wrote about these victims had a hard time getting an agent, and if they did, they had a hard time getting a publisher, and if they did, their book could scarcely find an unprejudiced reviewer among all the professors, teachers, journalists, TV producers who make up the revisionist literati.
   But there are many people on the allied side who witnessed these events and who have helped me and the many others, chiefly German, in their writings and research to reveal what happened. I want to honour a few of them--
   Colonel Ernest F. Fisher of the 101st Airborne who wrote, “The French and American armies casually annihilated about one million men, most of them in American camps.”
   General Richard Steinbach on the staff of Patton’s Third army, who wrote, “Conditions were terrible [at Heilbronn]...some of the men were losing their minds...I was amazed and disgusted at the same time...”
   His friend and colleague on the same staff General Withers Burress said,“this is beyond my comprehension...”
   And a officer is saying the same sort of thing today.
Major Merrit P. Drucker who was stationed near Rheinberg Germany in 1987-1990 said in a written apology to the people of Rheinberg “I am submitting to you an apology for the actions of my Government and for the actions of the United States army that caused these deaths. These were needless, unjustified, avoidable and carried out with calculated viciousness.”
   Major Drucker is now leading a campaign to, as he puts it, “make this thing right.” He plans to meet two retired German army officers, Alfred Zips and Ernst von Heydebrand and present to them an apology for the American prison camps, and has informed the State Department that he has done this. It is hard to see how the State department can wriggle out of this one, for after all, the United States and Germany are allies now.

If this was genocide, and the allies had such extreme power over the helpless Germans, how come there are still over 80 million Germans today? The answer is that although the allies tried their worst, they could not do the job. It sickened them. It traumatized those like Behnke, and Steinbach and millions of others who were deputed to carry it out. They could not do it because the human spirit which may at first enjoy punishing other people, cannot abide much of it. The empathy with the victim which provides the satisfying thrill of sadism, quickly begins to sicken the perpetrator. In other words, witnessing pain is painful, so finally the perpetrator stops. And there was the question of realpolitik---the allies needed a Germany army to help them face the Russians, and they also wanted to re-establish the trade which is much better for all concerned than the robbery entailed under the reparations programs.
   So the torture ceased, but the Germans still had to be kept down. To do this, they were taught to hate not just Nazi history, but all German history, not just Nazis, but all Germans. This has been accomplished through imposing guilt, hatred, fear, self-abasement, shame, self-hatred. Young Germans were taught to fear and hate their own history and their own ancestors, and this was done so badly that it had to be forced on them, and to this day, Germans wish to talk about their history and hate to talk about it, and fear to talk about it. And it is not just history on a page or on a screen or in a lecture, but in their own homes, around the dining table, among their own families, their own father and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, their own bloodlines, so that in hating their history and their ancestors they have come to hate themselves. Some few object to this, of course, they suspect it is a pack of lies because it has to be enforced by the police and the courts and all the authority of the modern state, and these people who raise their heads and question, like the prisoner citizens of Soviet Russia, are struck down. They lose their jobs, they are charged with hate crimes by the very people who propagate hatred ceaselessly in the schools, the churches, the media and government, and they go to jail, where their voices are silenced, sometimes forever. The result of all this is that the Germans today are economically strong, numerous, and spiritually moribund. They live in a permanent state of fear and guilt about themselves. Germans today like themselves so little that they do not reproduce themselves, in other words, the birth rate is less than the death rate. The Germans today are but servile remnants of an earlier flourishing people.
   The United States, like many nations, adopts and proclaims high ideals which are supposed to guide national conduct. These rarely work, but sometimes, as in 1946, when the vengeful are sated, and the torture begins to be sickening, along come different men and women. Various people from the UK, the USA and Canada came to see what was happening in this country long feared, and sometimes admired. Victor Gollancz a publisher and writer from England came and wrote a book condemning what we were doing to the Germans. In Berlin, Robert Allen, a Canadian soldier and a writer, saw and described eloquently in a Canadian magazine the pity of a starving and beaten woman with her arms outstretched. Allen said, “but there was no-one to help her, no-one to care.” And in the United States, several Senators having heard rumours of atrocities being committed against Germans by the allies, went there and they saw the truth, which was worse than the rumours. And when they came home they made vivid speeches demanding that the government change allied policy.
   These speeches were scarcely reported in the American press, but the senators pressed on anyway, and gradually, the mood of government began to change. Mennonites in Canada began sending bagged wheat containing Bibles to their confreres in Germany, others in the States did too, and they forced the allies to lift the ban that they had placed on aid to starving Germans. Imagine-- they were banning aid, while at the same time the revisionists said and still say, that there was a world food shortage. President Harry Truman began to cooperate with the Canadian government led by Mackenzie King to ship food over to the starving. The greatest killing machine the world had ever known, the United States Army, under Secretary for War Robert Patterson began to mobilize the vast food and transportation resources of the United States to send food abroad to save lives. The United States army which had the power to kill most of the people of the world with its immense weaponry, spent years and billions of dollars shipping food to help starving people, many of them among the former enemies. The Canadians maintained food rationing for years after the war so they could feed starving people abroad. When I asked one former Canadian cabinet minister, Mitchell Sharpe why the government did this he sounded surprised and said, “It’s what we do.” Herbert Hoover, who ran the American side of the program came to Ottawa to praise the Canadian people. He wanted the world to know that the relief had saved over five hundred million lives. Hoover was a very well informed and intelligent man, and he said they saved over five hundred million people by bridging the food gap that occurs in the northern hemisphere every year when the crop from the previous years has run down, and the new harvest has not yet come in. So five hundred million needed help across that gap for a couple of months every year, and they got it. Five hundred million lives saved. That is more than ten times the number who died in the war.
   Practically nobody in Canada or the US has ever heard of this amazing campaign, the largest the world has ever known, although many have heard of the Marshall Plan, which was not nearly so effective, and which in any case was a loan largely paid back by the Germans, though not by the English and French. All of this nameless and generous plan remains almost completely unknown around the world today. We hear of the horrors of Dresden, and Stalingrad and Auschwitz and Hiroshima but not of the kindness and grace of this nameless plan. Nobody teaches it. Perhaps because it has never had a name. Let us christen it now. Let us call it The Great Mercy Plan.

Media Watch / Edgar Steele Sentenced to 50 Years (death sentence)
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Edgar Steele Sentenced to Fifty Years: The Coda to a Soviet-Style Show Trial

Posted on 10 November 2011 by William Grigg

Edgar J. Steele,  the self-described “Attorney to the damned” whose clients included white supremacists and other widely reviled defendants, was
sentenced to 50 years in prison for the supposed plot to murder his wife, Cyndi. This means that the 66-year-old northern Idaho resident, who has survived prostate cancer and a nearly fatal heart attack, will almost certainly die in prison.

Cyndi Steele, the victim of the car-bombing plot, has long maintained her husband’s innocence.

“We have a great marriage,” Cyndi Steele told the U.S. District Judge Lynn Winmill, who presided at both the criminal trial and the sentencing hearing. “I am not a victim of my husband because my husband did nothing wrong. I am a victim of the government.”

“There is no justice today in America for the politically incorrect,” Steele declared during the hearing. “I am a political prisoner.”

Dutifully carrying out its role as propagator of the official line, the Associated Press used its account of the Edgar Steele sentence to focus on his political views and professional connection to Aryan Nations.

Typical of the coverage given to this story was the headline used by the Huffington Post news site, which described Steele’s supposed offense as the “murder” of his wife — who is alive and a forceful advocate of her husband’s innocence.
Also of note is the claim in the AP story that Steele intended to “collect on an uninsured motorist insurance policy” — something that couldn’t be done in a single-vehicle fatality involving a pipe bomb. Cyndi Steele had no life insurance policy at the time of the supposed plot.

Edgar Steele's wife is alive, and defended him in court.

At the time of Steele’s arrest in June 2010, he was researching a book he planned to write about the worldwide [Jewish] sex trafficking trade. This included on-line conversations with women in the former Soviet Union who advertised themselves as mail-order brides. Federal prosecutors, led by U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson, claimed that Steele sought to murder his wife in order to clear the way for an affair with a woman from the Ukraine with whom he was supposedly  conducting a covert on-line affair. However, Mrs. Steele, the couple’s daughter, and family friends all testified that Steele’s research was well-known to them, and that he was not furtively carrying on a long-distance dalliance with a younger woman.

Larry Fairfax, the handyman from northern Idaho who supposedly plotted with Steele to murder Cyndi, tardily admitted to planting a pipe bomb on her SUV after the device was found during an oil change. Although his were the only fingerprints on the would-be murder weapon, and
despite the fact that he said nothing about the bomb for weeks after he approached the FBI, Fairfax was sentenced to only 27 months in a low-security prison for a firearms violation.

The evidence connecting Steele to Fairfax’s crime was a third-generation copy of a digital recording of alleged conversations between the two men. Dr. George Papcun, perhaps the world’s leading expert on voice recognition and a consultant to several federal agencies, concluded that there was “a reasonable degree of scientific probability that [the recordings] do not represent a true and valid representation of reality and they are unreliable.” Judge Winmill, whose favortism toward the prosecution was extensive and undisguised, refused to allow Dr. Papcun to testify.

The cover story for the next issue of Republic magazine will be a detailed expose of the Soviet-style show trial of Edgar Steele.

Read more — if you can stand to — at the Huffington Post.

General / Natalie Portman (nee Hershlag) Has A Rap
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Be warned if you just ate...


[Interviewer] We're sitting here today with film star Natalie Portman
[Natalie] Hello.
So Natalie, what's a day in the life of Natalie Portman like?
[N] Do you really wanna know?
Please, tell us.

[Natalie Portman]
I don't sleep motherfucker off that yak and a durban
Doin 120 gettin head while I'm swervin
(Damn Natalie, you a crazy chick)
Yo, shut the fuck up and suck my dick
I bust in dudes mouths like gushers motherfucker
Pull up on NBC and smack the shit outta Jeff Zucker
What you want Natalie? (To drink and fight!)
What you need Natalie? (To fuck all night!)
Don't test me when I'm crazy off that airplane glue
Put my foot down your throat til your shits in my shoe
Leave you screamin, pay for my dry-cleanin
Fuck your man it's my name that he's screamin!

I'm sorry Natalie, are we to believe that you condone driving while intoxicated?
[N] I never said I was a role model
But, what about the kids that look up to you? Do you have a message for them?

[Natalie Portman]
All the kids lookin up to me can suck my dick
It's Portman motherfucker, drink til I'm sick
Slit your throat and pour nitrous down the hole
Watch you laugh and cry; while I laugh, you die
And to all the dudes, you know I'm talkin to you
(We love you Natalie!) I wanna fuck you too!
(P!) It's for Portman! (P!) It's for pussy
I'll kill your fuckin dog for fun, so don't push me (hahaha..)

Well Natalie, I'm surprised, all this from a Harvard graduate?
[N] Well, there's a lot you may not know about me
Really, such as?

[Natalie Portman]
When I was in Harvard I smoked weed everyday
I cheated every test and snorted all the yay
I gotta def posse, you gotta bunch of dudes
I sit right down on your face and take a shit

[The Lonely Island]
Natalie, you are a bad ass bitch (hell yeah!)
And I'll always pay for your dry-cleanin
When my shit gets in your shoe (What!) as for the drug use
Well I can't vouch for that, my dick is scared of you (ooh)

Hoky dok... Natalie, one final question. If you could steal a smooch from any guy in Hollywood who would it... (Sound of chair being broken over the interviewer's head)
[N] No more questions


General / X-Men: First Class - The Latest Holocaust Propaganda Flick
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The '#1 movie in America' at the box office last weekend

"Never Again!"
1 min video --

X-Men: First Class - 'The Most Jewish Superhero Movie Ever'

As “X-Men: First Class” continues to glean first class reviews, it’s worth noting that the mutant saga is perhaps the most Jewish superhero film to grace the silver screen:  which makes sense considering the movie marks the return of producer Bryan Singer to the franchise. (He directed the first two “X-Men” films, but not this time. Now he gets a writing credit.)  As a gay and Jewish filmmaker, his work has long reflected his own outsider-group status. 

The Marvel Comics saga depicts the origins of the rivalry between telepath Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender)—who can manipulate magnetic fields—from their very different childhoods in the 1940s.  While Xavier grows up privileged, Erik spends his boyhood in the Warsaw ghetto and, ultimately, is tortured by a sadistic doctor in a concentration camp.  As the adult Lensherr tracks down that physician—who now has Armageddon on his mind—the movie becomes the best Holocaust revenge fantasy since Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds.” Here are some of the movie’s top Jewish moments, which chronicle Erik’s journey from tortured child to his transformation into the villainous Magneto.

1. As the film opens in 1944 Poland, Erik and his parents are herded in the mud and rain to the gates of a concentration camp, where the boy is forcibly separated from his family.  When the gates of the camp slam shut, Erik is restrained by guards who are shocked when his screams and gestures actually bend and twist the iron gates to the compound. As the guards finally wrestle him to the ground, the camera zooms in on Erik’s yellow Star of David—a branding that will follow him for the rest of his life.

2. In an office gleaming with knives and other instruments of medical torture, the concentration camp’s sadistic doctor, Dr. Schmidt (Kevin Bacon), orders Erik to demonstrate his telekinetic talents on a Reich coin adorned with a swastika.  “Blue eyes, blond hair, pathetic,” the doctor tells the boy of the Nazi’s genetic goals.  Schmidt is far more interested in mutant powers.  “Genes are the key that unlocks the door to a new age…a new future for mankind, evolution,” he tells the terrified boy.  “A little coin is nothing compared to a compound gate,” he adds, encouragingly, referring to the gate incident.  But when Erik cannot move the coin via brain-power, Herr doctor changes his tactics.  Reflecting that while the Nazis don’t always have the greatest ideas, their methods seem to produce results, he gives the boy an ultimatum.  Unless Erik can move the coin by the count of three, he will shoot Erik’s mother, who is brought into the room for the occasion.  It’s only after the shot rings out that the enraged Erik practically destroys the office with his anger-induced magnetism.  Dr. Schmidt is pleased.  “So we unlock your gift with anger; anger and pain,” he says. “We’re going to have a lot of fun together.”

3. It’s Geneva, Switzerland, in 1962.  While extracting information about Schmidt’s whereabouts from a smug Swiss banker, Erik makes his point by also extracting (via magnetism) one of the man’s tooth fillings.  “This gold is what remains of my people,” he says of the bank money. 

4. More ironic mayhem awaits German expatriates in a bar in Argentina who resist Lensherr’s questions about Schmidt.  “Let’s just say I’m Frankenstein’s Monster,” he tells them.  “I’m looking for my creator.”

5. As Xavier helps Erik unleash his powers without the use of anger, Xavier (via telepathy) unearths a tender memory from the Holocaust survivor’s brain:  Lighting the chanukiah with his deceased mother.  “I accessed the brightest corner of your memory,” he tells the baffled Erik, adding that there is so much more to the survivor than pain and anger. To discover his full powers, Erik must “find the point between rage and serenity.”

6. At a crucial moment before Erik’s transformation into the evil Magneto— and in one of the most powerful sequences in the film—human soldiers attacking the mutants were “just following orders,” a fellow mutant tells Lensherr.  It’s not exactly the best thing to say to a man who has survived a concentration camp.  “I’ve been at the mercy of men just following orders,” Erik replies. “Never again!”

General / Add 'Fresh Water' To The Libya List, Next To Oil And Jews
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Apparently this is a major Gaddafi project.

The Great Man-Made River (GMR, النهر الصناعي العظيم) is a network of pipes that supplies water to the Sahara Desert in Libya, from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System fossil aquifer. It is the world's largest irrigation project.

According to its website, it is the largest underground network of pipes and aqueducts in the world. It consists of more than 1,300 wells, most more than 500 m deep, and supplies 6,500,000 m3 of fresh water per day to the cities of Tripoli, Benghazi, Sirt and elsewhere. Muammar al-Gaddafi has described it as the "Eighth Wonder of the World."


In 1953, efforts to find oil in southern Libya led to the discovery of huge quantities of fresh water underground. The Great Man-made River Project (GMRP) was conceived in the late 1960s and work on the project began in 1984. The project's construction was divided into five phases. The first phase required 85 million m³ of excavation and was inaugurated on August 28, 1991. The second phase (dubbed First water to Tripoli) was inaugurated on September 1, 1996.

The project is owned by the Great Man-Made River Project Authority and funded by the Gaddafi regime. Brown & Root and Price Brothers were responsible for the original design, and the primary contractor for the first phases was Dong Ah Consortium (a South Korean construction company) and present main contractor is Al Nahr Company Ltd. This company was registered in England and Wales as a foreign company FC017848 until July 31, 2003.

The imported goods from several worldwide countries (such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, etc.) destined to the construction of the GMR arrived by sea via the entry port of Marsa al-Brega (Gulf of Sirte).

The total cost of the project is projected at more than US$25 billion. Libya claims to have completed the work to date without the financial support of major countries or loans from world banks. Since 1990 UNESCO has provided training to engineers and technicians involved with the project.

The fossil aquifer from which this water is being supplied is the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System. It accumulated during the last ice age and is not currently being replenished. If 2007 rates of retrieval are not increased, the water could last a thousand years.

A large, recently-settled lawsuit between the Libyan government and Brasoil, a subsidiary of the Brazilian national oil company, arose from the project. Brasoil was contracted to drill many of the wells in the early stages of the project.


    * 3 October 1983: The General People's Congress held an extraordinary session to draft the resolutions of the basic people's Congresses, which decided to fund and execute the Great Man-Made River Project.

    * 28 August 1984: Muammar al-Gaddafi lays the foundation stone in Sarir area for the commencement of the construction of the Great Man-Made River Project.

    * 28 August 1986: Muammar al-Gaddafi inaugurated the Brega plant for the production of the Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder pipes, which are considered the largest pipes made with pre-stressed steel wire (the majority of steel wire was made in Italy by the Redaelli Tecna S.p.A. company with its head office in Cologno Monzese-Milan and its factory in Caivano-Naples). Sarir plant was also inaugurated on this date.

    * 26 August 1989: Muammar al-Gaddafi lays the foundation stone for phase II of the Great Man-Made River Project.

First water arrival:

    * 11 September 1989: to Ajdabiya reservoir.
    * 28 September 1989: to Grand Omar Muktar reservoir.
    * 4 September 1991: to Al Gardabiya reservoir.
    * 28 August 1996: to Tripoli.
    * 28 September 2007: to Gharyan.


Al-Qaeda plotting to go ahead with Mumbai style attacks

PTI / Thursday, November 11, 2010 14:38 IST

Al-Qaeda [Mossad] is going ahead to stage massive Mumbai-style attacks in American and European cities, inspite of Western security agencies sounding a full alert, top officals have warned.

Intelligence information indicate that al-Qaeda had already started planning to launch Mumbai-style attacks in the US, August Hanning, a former head of Germany's foreign intelligence service, told the CNN in an interview.

Soon after the Mumbai terrorist attack, launched by the Pakistani-based terrorist outfits which were supported by ISI, that killed 166 people, including six American nationals, in November 2008, intelligence and police officials in the US had warned that such a terrorist attack would be emulated by al-Qaeda and other global terrorist outfits.

"We have got information that they have planned or are planning a plot like the Mumbai plot in Europe and the United States," Hanning, who retired late last year as state secretary in Germany's interior ministry, told CNN.

The revelation is the most concrete indication yet that al-Qaeda [Mossad] is planning mass casualty gun attacks on US soil.

A senior US counter-terrorism official told CNN that US intelligence agencies have for some time been concerned that al-Qaeda would attempt to replicate aspects of the 2008 Mumbai attack on US soil.

"The assumption has been that they would make plans to do this and the potential threat is being treated very seriously," the official told CNN.

The news channel said the capture of Ahmed Sidiqi, a militant from the German port city of Hamburg, in Afghanistan in July, helped Western intelligence uncover the conspiracy, according to European and US counter-terrorism officials. Sidiqi is currently being held in American custody at Bagram air force base in Afghanistan.

CNN said Western intelligence agencies also learned that Ilyas Kashmiri, a senior al-Qaeda operative, had a planning role in the plot. According to US counter-terrorism officials, Osama bin Laden himself signed off on the plot.[!!] Kashmiri was also involved in the Mumbai terrorist attack.

"[Kashmiri] knows our situation in Germany and therefore he is dangerous," Hanning told CNN.

"Our estimate is 220 people who have left Germany for training purposes in Pakistan, being trained in terrorist techniques and nearly half of them have come back to Germany and that has been the real threat for us. ... We know that they still have contact with these dangerous groups in Pakistan," he told CNN.


The Real Story of the Oklahoma City Bombing

The links within the article work too. Everything one needs to know about the OKC Bombing.

JD Cash confronts Morris Dees

audio interview with JD Cash -
the Dees segment starts at 34:30


JD Cash:
...we're taking pictures and rolling tape and we say OK now we want to talk about eh your informant operation at Elohim City and we have obtained a copy of a Louis Freeh [missing word]. He's just about to die. And he [Dees] said "You have it with you ?" and I said "No no obviously I don't cause I don't want to share it with you... not at this time... I just want to ask you some questions". He goes "How did you get it ??" and I just looked at him and he said "You got it from a FOIO [=Freedom of Information Officer]?" and he said, they're thinking how could they be so stupid, and I said "Let's just talk about it. Number 1, why were you there ?" and he said "Well we were there but if I had to tell you I'd kill you first before I would tell you." And he made some other...

Scott Horton:
Oh Morris Dees said a violent threat like that ? I'm so surprised

JD Cash:
Yes he did. Well he had his guards with him too. He gave us five minutes worth of juicy stuff, and then he got up to leave and I walked up to him, cause I'm thinking of Straussmeir, that he was his principal informant, and I said "Now that you had years to think about this what do you think of Andy Straussmeir now?". He gave me the coldest Go to Hell look that I've had in a long time and he said "I'm not going to talk about that man! I will never talk about him" and he turned and walked out and I told to Bruce "I'll be damned. I think that we've got something here..."

Reporter J. D. Cash Dead At 55 (poisoned)

Family of Israeli hijacker on 9/11 says plan for Muslim center 'like bringing pig into holy place'

Published: 09/11/10

Rosh Hashana is not a joyful holiday for the family of Alona Avraham, who was killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Since September 11, 2001, the family gets together a few days before the holiday for a memorial ceremony, but this year they are coping with even greater pain `“ the news that an Islamic community center is to be built close to Ground Zero leaves them with no rest.

Alona, from Ashdod, was 30 years old when she went to visit her uncle who lives in the US, on one of her first trips abroad. On September 11, she boarded flight 175 at Boston's Logan International Airport to Los Angeles and died in the terror attack. Though her remains were returned to Israel only seven years later, her family sat Shiva immediately upon receiving news of her death.

Now, nine years after the tragedy, they are doing all they can to prevent the building of the Islamic community center near the place Alona lost her life.

"I contacted the family of Haggai Sheffi, who was also killed in the disaster," said Alona's mother Miriam. "We intend to address the US government together about this. My position is clear `“ there shouldn't be any mosque there. It cannot happen. I don't understand this government, they invest millions into catching (Osama) Bin Laden but on the other hand they allow this mosque. It's like bringing a pig into a holy place."

She firmly rejects reports that the Islamic community center is intended to bring religions closer. "All that's just nonsense," she says.

The fight against the construction of the Islamic community center makes coping with her terrible loss even harder. "We are in a very difficult period," she says. "The memorial was last Thursday, and was even harder than in previous years. This holiday is tempered with grief, we're trying to recover, trying not to fall into the abyss. It's really difficult. Nine years have passed and it feels like it happened now. It's tangible all the time."

'Never forgive, never forget'

Tensions over the Islamic community center flared Saturday as demonstrations began shortly after family members of the victims recited loved one's names through tears at a somber ceremony marking the ninth anniversary of the attacks.

After the ceremony, around 1,000 activists rallied about five blocks from the site of the attacks to support the proposed Islamic community center. Opponents gathered blocks away, with the two groups expected to converge near the mosque site.

Toting signs saying, "The attack on Islam is racism" and "Tea Party Bigots funded by corporate $," mosque supporters gathered near City Hall about an hour after a New York anniversary ceremony ended and planned to march closer to Ground Zero.

Just blocks away, demonstrators chanting "USA, USA" gathered to protest plans to build the Islamic center. Some carried signs, including messages like "Never forgive, never forget, no WTC mosque."

Holding a US flag and a copy of the bill of rights, one demonstrator explained, "Not all Muslims are extremists, but all extremists are Muslims.,7340,L-3952526,00.html

More on Alona:

Here is how we are supposed to know Alona was a victim, and is dead:

U.S. authorities have identified and repatriated a bone fragment belonging to an Israeli victim of the 9/11 attack in New York.

After confirming through DNA tests that a bone fragment found in the debris of the World Trade Center belonged to Israeli victim Alona Avraham, U.S. authorities shipped it back to Israel. On Jan. 31, her family buried the fragment. `¦

The real story on Mossad agent Alona Avraham

The World Below / French Rioters Should Have Had This In Mind
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Sarkozy admits Jewish ancestry, French press reveals ties to Israeli intelligence

(from October 25, 2007)

'Sarko the Sayan'

The influential French daily Le Figaro last week revealed that the French leader once worked for `” and perhaps still does, it hinted `” Israeli intelligence as a `sayan` (Hebrew for helper), one of thousands of Jewish citizens of countries other than Israel who cooperate with `katsas,` or Mossad case-officers.

A letter dispatched to French police officials late last winter `” long before the presidential election but somehow kept secret `” revealed that Sarkozy was recruited as an Israeli spy. The French police are currently investigating documents concerning Sarkozy`s alleged espionage activities on behalf of Mossad, which Le Figaro claims dated as far back as 1983. According to the author of the message, in 1978, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin ordered the infiltration of the French ruling Gaullist Party, Union pour un Mouvement Populaire. Originally targeted were Patrick Balkany, Patrick Devedjian and Pierre Lellouche. In 1983, they recruited the `young and promising` Sarkozy, the `fourth man`.

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