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Conspiracy then and now. / Ireland Thread
« on: January 02, 2011, 04:30:12 PM »
I cant believe these bloody Zio Brits.
Irish cant even mourn their dead..out come the billy clubs.  Fire, meet Fire

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Media Watch / Jew Sayan Editing Wikipedia and Internet
« on: January 02, 2011, 01:53:19 PM »
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F*cking Control Freaks...

The Jews are enemies of God and foes of our holy religion.
~ Padre Pio

One who dies a Jew will be damned.
 ~ St. Vincent Ferrer

Well should the Jew mourn who, not believing in Christ, has assigned his soul to perdition ...The Jews have Crucified the Son and rejected the Holy Ghost, and their Souls are the abode of the Devil.
~ St. John Chrysostom

Jews are slayers of the Lord, murderers of the prophets, enemies and haters of God, adversaries of grace, enemies of their fathers' faith, advocates of the devil, a brood of vipers, slanderers, scoffers, men of darkened minds, the leaven of Pharisees, a congregation of demons, sinners, wicked men, haters of goodness!
~ St. Gregory of Nyssa

We exhort you not to tolerate that Jews rule Christians and have power over them. For, to allow Christians to be subjected to Jews and to be delivered to their whims means to oppress the Church of God and to revile Christ Himself. ~ Pope Gregory VII (Epistle to King Alphonsus of Castile, PAC, p.641).

It is known that the Jewish people are polluted with wickedness, blasphemy, and the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ so that their wickedness has no limit. ~ St. Felix of Toledo ("On the Condemnation of the Jews," Council XVII of Toledo, Spain, Canon No. 8; PAC, p.376).

Are they not inveterate Murderers, Destroyers, men possessed by the devil?
Jews are impure and impious, and their synagogue is a house of prostitution, a lair of beasts, a place of shame and ridicule, the domicile of the devil, as is also the soul of the Jew. As a matter of fact, Jews worship the devil: their rites are criminal and unchaste; their religion a disease; their Synagogue an assembly of crooks, a den of thieves, a cavern of devils, an abyss of perdition! Why are Jews degenerate? Because of their hateful assassination of Christ. This supreme crime lies at the root of their degradation and woes.
 The rejection and dispersion of the Jews was the work of God, not of emperors.
 It was done by the wrath of God and because of His absolute abandonment of the Jews. Thus, the Jew will live under the yoke of slavery without end. God hates the Jews, and on Judgment Day He will say to those who sympathize with them., "Depart from Me, for you have had intercourse with My murderers!" Flee, then, from their assemblies, fly from their houses, and, far from venerating the synagogue, hold it in hatred and aversion.
~ St. John Chrysostom

The Jewish people fell from the heights because of their faithlessness and condemned their Redeemer to a shameful death. Their godlessness has assumed such forms that, for the salvation of our own people, it becomes necessary to prevent their disease.
Besides usury, through which Jews everywhere have sucked dry the property of impoverished Christians, they are accomplices of thieves and robbers; and the most damaging aspect of the matter is that they allure the unsuspecting through magical incantations, superstition, and witchcraft to the Synagogue of Satan and boast of being able to predict the future.
We have carefully investigated how this revolting sect abuses the name of Christ and how harmful they are to those whose life is threatened by their deceit.
On account of these and other serious matters, and because of the gravity of their crimes which increase day to day more and more, We order that, within 90 days, all Jews in our entire earthly realm of justice -- in all towns, districts, and places -- must depart these regions.
 ~ Pope St. Pius V (From his Bull, "The Jewish Race," Feb.26, 1569; PAC, p.648).

General / Jew LBJ admits Assasinating Vietnam President Diem
« on: January 01, 2011, 04:39:36 PM »

Diem, the Catholic president,  had consecrated Vietnam to the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

Another Vietnam hero was Catholic Archbishop Thuc,  whose family was killed in Vietnam because of global jew bankers and communists. I digress.

Heres LBJ on tape admitting to it, this is a violation of the Geneva convention.

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Media Watch / Genocide of Middle East and Muslims-Good vid
« on: January 01, 2011, 12:10:54 PM »
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Jewish Studies / US Military Budget-51% of GDP-Thanks Israel
« on: January 01, 2011, 10:56:39 AM »
The Center  for Defense Information (CDI)   says that military spending amounts to 51% of the budget, the Friends and the War Resisters League claims 54%.
Why the variation?

Different groups have different purposes in how they present the budget figures.
WRL’s goal has been to show the percentage of money that goes to the military (current and past) so that people paying — or not paying — their federal taxes would know what portion of their payments are military-oriented. Also, some of the numbers are for different fiscal years.

There are at least five different factors to consider when analyzing the U.S. budget:

discretionary spending vs. total spending
budget authority vs. outlays
function vs. agency/department
federal funds vs. unified budget
time period

Discretionary Spending.
The Center for Defense Information (CDI) has used "discretionary" spending — budget items that Congress is allowed to tinker with — which excludes so-called "mandatory" spending items (such as interest on the national debt and retirement pay). WRL does not make such distinctions and lumps them together.

Past Military Spending.
If the government does not have enough money to finance a war (or spending for its hefty military budgets), they borrow through loans, savings bonds, and so forth. This borrowing (done heavily during World War II and the Vietnam War) comes back in later years as "hidden" military spending through interest payments on the national debt.

       How much of the debt is considered “military” varies from group.
As mentioned above, WRL uses 80% whereas FCNL uses 48%. Consequently, FCNL reports that 43% of the FY2007 budget is military (29% current military and 14% past military).
WRL's figures are 54% of the FY2009 budget (36% current — which includes 7% for Iraq & Afghanistan wars — and 18% past).

Outlays vs. Budget Authority.
WRL uses "outlays" rather than "budget authority," which is often preferred by the government, news media, and groups such as CDI.
Outlays refer to spending done in a particular fiscal year, whereas budget authority refers to new spending authorized over a period of several future years.
Consequently, CDI reported $421 billion in FY2005 budget authority for the military and $2,200 billion "over the next five years."
While WRL reports outlays of $803 billion, plus an anticipated $162 billion in supplemental spending requests for Iraq and Afghanistan wars, plus $484 billion in past military spending — totaling $1,449 billion — just for FY2009.

Function vs. Agency/Department.
Not all military spending is done by the Department of Defense. For example, the Department of Energy is responsible for nuclear weapons. Consequently, calculations of military spending should consider the function of the budget item regardless of the department or agency in charge of it. However, not everyone agrees what constitutes a military function.
For example, WRL includes the 70% of Homeland Security (which includes the Coast Guard), and half of NASA in military spending, while other groups do not.

Federal Funds vs. Unified Budget.
WRL uses "federal funds" rather than the "unified budget" figures that the government prefers. Federal funds exclude trust fund money (e.g., social security), which is raised separately (e.g., the FICA and Medicare deductions in paychecks) and is specifically ear-marked for particular programs. By combining trust funds with federal funds, the percentage of spending on the military appears smaller, a deceptive practice first used by the government in the late 1960s as the Vietnam War became more and more unpopular.

What period are we talking about?
Finally, there is some variation in figures because different fiscal years are used. WRL’s figures (above) are for FY2009 (Oct. 1, 2008 to Sep. 30, 2009) as are the most recent U.S. government figures. FCNL sometimes does their analysis for the most recent completed year or FY2007 (Oct. 1, 2006 to Sep. 30, 2007).
War Resisters League
339 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 228-0450


And $1.6 Trillion since 1973 for supporting Israel in the Yom Kippur War.  
What a bloody fiasco and moral outrage.

General / Lenin Quotes
« on: December 31, 2010, 07:28:20 PM »
“Our program necessarily includes the Propaganda of Atheism”
- Vladimir Lenin, Russian Founder of the Russian Communist Party, leader of the Russian Revolution of 1917, 1870-1924)

“We need the real, nation-wide terror which reinvigorates the country and through which the Great French Revolution achieved glory”

“One man with a gun can control 100 without one. ”

“A lie told often enough becomes truth”

“Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever”

“The goal of socialism is communism.”

General / Former Israeli President convicted of Rape
« on: December 30, 2010, 05:23:30 AM »
I say he appeals and makes sure he has a jury of his peers.

This conviction is an outrage, whether he was guilty or not

General / Merry Christ Mass to All
« on: December 24, 2010, 09:46:50 AM »
Peace to all..

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General / Biggest Army..
« on: December 23, 2010, 01:17:47 PM »
The World's Largest Army.   America's Hunters?

The state of Wisconsin has gone an entire deer hunting season without someone getting killed.  There were over 600,000 hunters. 

Allow me to restate that number.  Over the last two months, the eighth largest army in the world - more men under arms than Iran ; more than France and Germany combined - deployed to the woods of a single American state to hunt deer.

But that pales in comparison to the 750,000 who are in the woods of Pennsylvania this week. 
Michigan 's 700,000 hunters have now just returned home. 
Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia , and it is literally the case that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

Hunting - it's not just a way to fill the freezer. 
It's a matter of national security.

Philosophy & Religion / Schmeck The Halls
« on: December 21, 2010, 02:34:55 PM »
Schmeck the Halls: How Jewish songwriters created Christmas

Robert Everett-Green,  Saturday's Globe and Mail

Oy, Christmas.
It just wouldn’t be the same without Jewish songwriters.

At the beginning of December, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers released its annual survey of the 10 most-played Christmas songs.
Jews wrote more than half of them: Sleigh Ride, White Christmas, The Christmas Song, Winter Wonderland, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and I’ll Be Home for Christmas. And that’s just a few crumbs from the kugel.

The Globe commissioned Toronto songwriter David Wall to write a dreidel-friendly Christmas song. Wall, who studied cantorial singing and has written Yiddish lieder with pianist Marilyn Lerner, came up with "Christmas Ditty." With Tania Gill on piano

Silver Bells, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer were also yuletide gifts from the sons of Abraham.
Johnny Marks, who put Rudolph in flight (twice: he also wrote Run Rudolph Run for Chuck Berry) and gave Burl Ives A Holly Jolly Christmas, wrote at least a dozen other Christmas songs. He was such a specialist in Christmas cheer, he called his publishing company St. Nicholas Music.

So what? Jewish composers and lyricists wrote many of the most successful popular songs of the 20th century. It stands to reason that some of their efforts would have gone into the business of keeping Christmas white, wintry and profitable.

But Jewish songwriters didn’t just jump on the sleigh. They set it running in the first place, and helped create the nostalgic mythology needed to transform Christmas into a secular consumer festival.

The story of modern Christmas music – Jewish Christmas music – begins in 1942, when a Bing Crosby recording of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas became the first Christmas tune to reach the hit parade. That feat, which the song repeated the following year and many years after, touched off a competitive rush of Christmas songwriting. The music industry suddenly realized holiday songs didn’t have to wilt after one season, but could bloom again every year.

“White Christmas is the biggest pop tune of all time, the top-selling and most frequently recorded song: the hit of hits,” writes Jody Rosen in his book, White Christmas.
Rosen estimates that the song’s record sales have topped 125 million, though it has probably logged several million more since his book was published in 2002.

In just one decade (1942 – 52), Rosen writes, Tin Pan Alley songwriters created “a new canon of holiday pop tunes that, seemingly overnight, had acquired cultural stature on par with Handel’s Messiah, traditional Christmas hymns, and 19th-century secular carols like Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls.”

Those previous exemplars came from people for whom Christmas was primarily a religious event. Nobody in medieval Europe, where carols arose as a popular form of devotional song, could have imagined the materialist binge that Christmas represents today. But the medieval carol, like Handel’s Messiah, contained within it the seed for this monstrous secular plant. Both the oratorio and the vernacular carols opened a space for Christmas-related music to flourish outside the realm of ecclesiastical observance.

Some of those antique compositions persisted, with new words, into the middle of the 20th century, when a mass-market economy was ready for some kind of grand festival of consumption. Something that would dwarf ancient revels like the Roman Saturnalia, the winter-solstice carnival that the early Christians subverted by moving the anniversary of Christ’s birth from the spring (when it is reckoned to have taken place) to the winter.

It wasn’t enough just to tell people to buy; they had to have some warmer, more collective mythology, something related to the generosity supposedly ingrained in Christmas traditions. Never mind that the oldest tradition was all about the miracle of divine birth, in relation to which the gifts of the Magi stood as token offerings to a god. The mythology would be most inclusive if it played down the Nativity, focused on scenery borrowed from Charles Dickens, and translated those images to America – to the white snow, ruddy cheeks and sleigh bells of a rustic Christmas in New England.

The fact that much of that scenery and its sentimental trappings were painted and celebrated in song by urban Jews was not just a fluke of history.
Only when Christmas could be defined by people who had nothing invested in Christmas as a religious occasion could the event become secular enough to include everybody with cash or credit card. Christmas as we know it in our malls and superstores needed outsiders – including Jewish songwriters – to make it what it is.

As Rosen points out, Tin Pan Alley’s pre-eminence started to falter when rock ’n’ n roll came in; Elvis Presley’s 1957 recording of White Christmas, he argues, represents a “musical slingshot” aimed at Crosby and his generation’s idea of popular music. But the tunes Berlin, Marks, Jule Styne, George Wyle and other Jewish songwriters wrote in the golden decade of the Christmas song have never been displaced. Each year, performers of all stylistic stripes turn out new recordings of those hardy perennials. They’re still our most potent holiday propaganda.

It may be harder now to tap the schmaltzy sincerity of a tune such as White Christmas, though the international sing-along number Do They Know It’s Christmas? comes close. A lot of new Christmas songs are satiric, as befits a time when many people’s idea of prime yuletide entertainment is The Simpsons’ annual Christmas episode.

In that spirit, the Globe commissioned Toronto songwriter David Wall to write a Christmas single with a bit more Yiddishkeit than Irving Berlin (whose father was a rabbi) would have dared let show. For Wall and other Jewish performers (including comedian Sarah Silverman, author and performer of Give the Jew Girl Toys), it’s high time we added Christmas music to the long list of Jewish cultural achievements.

So the next time you hear about grandma getting run over by a reindeer, think for a moment about what she was doing out there in the snow. My guess is she was hurrying home to make a big plate of latkes.

Survival & Firearms / JDL orders Jews to Buy Guns or Flee to Israel
« on: December 19, 2010, 08:47:07 AM »
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Philosophy & Religion / Protestant Bible Missing 7 Books. Jews?
« on: December 09, 2010, 06:01:40 PM »

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Im a big fan of Gerry Matatics, former Protest-ant Minister.
A great apologist and lecturer.

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General / The Judeo-Russian Mafia
« on: May 30, 2006, 07:07:03 AM »
The Judeo-Russian Mafia

From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Dominion

While the FBI and major media obsess about the Sicilian Mafia (the `Cosa Nostra`) a far more powerful and sinister force is in existence that has controlled most of the globe`s organized crime for at least two decades`”the Jewish mafia from Russia (a `Kosher Nostra`). Yet there is not even a desk at the FBI for their crimes, which dwarf those of the Italian gangsters in scope, violence and depth.

On April 28, 2002, a military helicopter went down in the southern part of the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia. On board was a major Russian dignitary, Gen. Alexander Lebed, governor of the region. Lebed was pronounced dead at the scene. Almost immediately, the international press blamed `heavy fog` for the incident. However, at the time, every member of the Russian military was convinced the death of Lebed was no accident, but rather another hit by the international Jewish mafia, an organization that had long since taken control over much of Russia`s economy. Lebed, likely the most popular man in Russia at the time, was going to build a national socialist empire possibly with Chinese assistance`”based on the massive oil and mineral wealth of the region. Had he succeeded, world history could have changed, and the 21st century would look very different. Prior to that, dozens of anti-Zionists in Russia had been murdered by car bombs or other devices, while none of the cases was ever solved. Only a handful was even investigated. The very fact that the Jewish mafia (often misnamed the `Russian` mafia) was capable of completely covering its tracks, being completely left out of all news reports surrounding the incident, while the common people (in Russia) were utterly convinced of their complicity, proves the immense strength of this rather new movement of organized crime. The Jewish mafia is nothing like their Irish or Italian predecessors in its American or European operations. They are richer, more international in scope and far more violent and ruthless. They kill children. They kill policemen and their families. They kill whomever they like. There has been nothing like it before in the history of the globe. And they are just getting started.

Heaps more at link

Israel builds a Palestinian city in the Negev desert - to practice urban

Dorothy <

Tonight an Israeli television news report (channel 1) seems indicative of things
to come, and the word should be spread. The report reveals that a Palestinian
city with some 400 structures, narrow alleys, even a minaret has been built in
the Negev for Israeli and American troop convenience--to practice house to house
fighting in urban Palestinian and Iraqi communities. This does not bode well for
either Iraq or Palestine, but my concern now is the latter.

This village-for-warriers-to-practice-killing-Palestinians, together with what I
see happening in the OPTs (I'm there at least once a week--mainly in the Salfit
governate, though I also go to some demonstrations against the wall in other
areas) bring me to conclude that Israel is increasing its endeavors at ethnic
cleansing. The changes that have been occurring the past several months (fences
everywhere, more road blocks than ever, longer waits at checkpoints, tall
lookout towers that can be used to snipe from springing up outside villages that
have never been violent, continued land theft, etc etc etc suggest that attempts
at ethnic cleansing are increasing in intensity, with the notion that making
life as tough as possible for Palestinians will encourage them to leave, if not
Palestine, at least their villages and run to urban areas that are safer (e.g.,
Bethlehem or Ramallah). There are not many of these 'safer' urban areas left. It
appears (to me, at least) that Israel's ethnic cleansing is aiming driving as
many Palestinians out as possible, in order to urbanize the OPTs for continued
Jewish settlement to produce the 'greater Israel,' leaving Palestinians 4-5
cities with no hope for expansion or means of sustenance.

Immigration to Israel has almost entirely dried up (this past year population
increase was due to birth not to immigration). The notion of a Jewish state
demands a Jewish majority. With demography the main Zionist criterion, it
appears that Israel's governments have realized that the only way to keep a
Jewish majority here is by driving the Palestinians out. The simulated Arab city
in the Negev is an ominous sign of what awaits the Palestinians. Heaven help
them, and all of us, because it doesn't seem as if the world gives a damn more
about what happens to Palestinians than it did about what happened to Jews,
Gypsies, Communists, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc during WWII.

This Palestinian city in the Negev was undoubtedly paid for with American $s. If
you have time and influence, use it to cut American military aid to Israel, and
to encourage the Presbyterian Church and others to engage in divesting from (at
the least) companies that help maintain the Occupation, and boycotting Israel.


SBS Dateline `“ Inside Indonesia's War on Terror

This must watch report includes extracts from an interview with the former President of Indonesia and points to the involvement of the Indonesian Military Intelligence and Police in the 2002 Bali bombing.

Dateline normally archives and has available to download all transcripts/videos of their programs. This one if rumours were correct was taken down under pressure from ASIO.

Inside Indonesia's War on Terror
This transcript is currently unavailable.

Link to program -

Full Text : The President of Iran's Letter To President Bush

Translated by "Le Monde"

Posted 05/09/06

Mr George Bush,

President of the United States of America

For sometime now I have been thinking, how one can justify the undeniable contradictions
that exist in the international arena -- which are being constantly debated, specially in political
forums and amongst university students. Many questions remain unanswered. These have
prompted me to discuss some of the contradictions and questions, in the hopes that it might
bring about an opportunity to redress them.

Can one be a follower of Jesus Christ (PBUH), the great Messenger of God,

Feel obliged to respect human rights,
Present liberalism as a civilization model,
Announce one`s opposition to the proliferation of nuclear weapons and WMDs,
Make `War and Terror` his slogan,
And finally,
Work towards the establishment of a unified international community `“ a community which
Christ and the virtuous of the Earth will one day govern,
But at the same time,
Have countries attacked; The lives, reputations and possessions of people destroyed and on
the slight chance of the `¦ of a `¦ criminals in a village city, or convoy for example the entire
village, city or convey set ablaze.

Or because of the possibility of the existence of WMDs in one country, it is occupied, around
one hundred thousand people killed, its water sources, agriculture and industry destroyed,
close to 180,000 foreign troops put on the ground, sanctity of private homes of citizens
broken, and the country pushed back perhaps fifty years. At what price? Hundreds of billions
of dollars spent from the treasury of one country and certain other countries and tens of
thousands of young men and women `“ as occupation troops `“ put in harms way, taken away
from family and love ones, their hands stained with the blood of others, subjected to so much
psychological pressure that everyday some commit suicide ant those returning home suffer
depression, become sickly and grapple with all sorts of aliments; while some are killed and
their bodies handed of their families.

On the pretext of the existence of WMDs, this great tragedy came to engulf both the peoples
of the occupied and the occupying country. Later it was revealed that no WMDs existed to
begin with.

Of course Saddam was a murderous dictator. But the war was not waged to topple him, the
announced goal of the war was to find and destroy weapons of mass destruction. He was
toppled along the way towards another goal, nevertheless the people of the region are happy
about it. I point out that throughout the many years of the `¦ war on Iran Saddam was
supported by the West.

Mr President,

You might know that I am a teacher. My students ask me how can theses actions be
reconciled with the values outlined at the beginning of this letter and duty to the tradition of
Jesus Christ (PBUH), the Messenger of peace and forgiveness.

Page 2

There are prisoners in Guantanamo Bay that have not been tried, have no legal representation,
their families cannot see them and are obviously kept in a strange land outside their own
country. There is no international monitoring of their conditions and fate. No one knows
whether they are prisoners, POWs, accused or criminals.

European investigators have confirmed the existence of secret prisons in Europe too. I could
not correlate the abduction of a person, and him or her being kept in secret prisons, with the
provisions of any judicial system. For that matter, I fail to understand how such actions
correspond to the values outlined in the beginning of this letter, i.e. the teachings of Jesus
Christ (PBUH), human rights and liberal values.

Young people, university students and ordinary people have many questions about the
phenomenon of Israel. I am sure you are familiar with some of them.

Throughout history many countries have been occupied, but I think the establishment of a
new country with a new people, is a new phenomenon that is exclusive to our times.

Students are saying that sixty years ago such a country did no exist. The show old documents
and globes and say try as we have, we have not been able to find a country named Israel.

I tell them to study the history of WWI and II. One of my students told me that during WWII,
which more than tens of millions of people perished in, news about the war, was quickly
disseminated by the warring parties. Each touted their victories and the most recent battlefront
defeat of the other party. After the war, they claimed that six million Jews had been killed. Six
million people that were surely related to at least two million families.

Again let us assume that these events are true. Does that logically translate into the
establishment of the state of Israel in the Middle East or support for such a state? How can
this phenomenon be rationalised or explained?

Mr President,
I am sure you know how `“ and at what cost `“ Israel was established:
- Many thousands were killed in the process.
- Millions of indigenous people were made refugees.
- Hundred of thousands of hectares of farmland, olive plantations, towns and villages
were destroyed.

This tragedy is not exclusive to the time of establishment; unfortunately it has been ongoing
for sixty years now.

A regime has been established which does not show mercy even to kids, destroys houses
while the occupants are still in them, announces beforehand its list and plans to assassinate
Palestinian figures and keeps thousands of Palestinians in prison. Such a phenomenon is
unique `“ or at the very least extremely rare `“ in recent memory.

Another big question asked by people is why is this regime being supported?
Is support for this regime in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ (PBUH) or Moses (PBUH)
or liberal values?

Or are we to understand that allowing the original inhabitants of these lands `“ inside and
outside Palestine `“ whether they are Christian, Muslim or Jew, to determine their fate, runs

Page 3

contrary to principles of democracy, human rights and the teachings of prophets? If not, why
is there so much opposition to a referendum?

The newly elected Palestinian administration recently took office. All independent observes
have confirmed that this government represents the electorate. Unbelievingly, they have put
the elected government under pressure and have advised it to recognise the Israeli regime,
abandon the struggle and follow the programs of the previous government.

If the current Palestinian government had run on the above platform, would the Palestinian
people have voted for it? Again, can such position taken in opposition to the Palestinian
government be reconciled with the values outlined earlier? The people are also saying `why
are all UNSC resolutions in condemnation of Israel vetoed?`

Mr President,
As you are well aware, I live amongst the people and am in constant contact with them --
many people from around the Middle East manage to contact me as well. They dot not have
faith in these dubious policies either. There is evidence that the people of the region are
becoming increasingly angry with such policies.

It is not my intention to pose to many questions, but I need to refer to other points as well.
Why is it that any technological and scientific achievement reached in the Middle East
regions is translated into and portrayed as a threat to the Zionist regime? Is not scientific
R&D one of the basic rights of nations.

You are familiar with history. Aside from the Middle Ages, in what other point in history has
scientific and technical progress been a crime? Can the possibility of scientific achievements
being utilised for military purposes be reason enough to oppose science and technology
altogether? If such a supposition is true, then all scientific disciplines, including physics,
chemistry, mathematics, medicine, engineering, etc. must be opposed.

Lies were told in the Iraqi matter. What was the result? I have no doubt that telling lies is
reprehensible in any culture, and you do not like to be lied to.

Mr President,
Don`t Latin Americans have the right to ask, why their elected governments are being
opposed and coup leaders supported? Or, why must they constantly be threatened and live in

The people of Africa are hardworking, creative and talented. They can play an important and
valuable role in providing for the needs of humanity and contribute to its material and
spiritual progress. Poverty and hardship in large parts of Africa are preventing this from
happening. Don`t they have the right to ask why their enormous wealth `“ including minerals `“
is being looted, despite the fact that they need it more than others?

Again, do such actions correspond to the teachings of Christ and the tenets of human rights?

Page 4

The brave and faithful people of Iran too have many questions and grievances, including: the
coup d`etat of 1953 and the subsequent toppling of the legal government of the day,
opposition to the Islamic revolution, transformation of an Embassy into a headquarters
supporting, the activities of those opposing the Islamic Republic (many thousands of pages of
documents corroborates this claim), support for Saddam in the war waged against Iran, the
shooting down of the Iranian passenger plane, freezing the assets of the Iranian nation,
increasing threats, anger and displeasure vis-à-vis the scientific and nuclear progress of the
Iranian nation (just when all Iranians are jubilant and collaborating their country`s progress),
and many other grievances that I will not refer to in this letter.

Mr President,

September Eleven was a horrendous incident. The killing of innocents is deplorable and
appalling in any part of the world. Our government immediately declared its disgust with the
perpetrators and offered its condolences to the bereaved and expressed its sympathies.

All governments have a duty to protect the lives, property and good standing of their citizens.
Reportedly your government employs extensive security, protection and intelligence systems
`“ and even hunts its opponents abroad. September eleven was not a simple operation. Could it
be planned and executed without coordination with intelligence and security services `“ or
their extensive infiltration? Of course this is just an educated guess. Why have the various
aspects of the attacks been kept secret? Why are we not told who botched their
responsibilities? And, why aren`t those responsible and the guilty parties identified and put
on trial?

All governments have a duty to provide security and peace of mind for their citizens. For
some years now, the people of your country and neighbours of world trouble spots do not
have peace of mind. After 9.11, instead of healing and tending to the emotional wounds of the
survivors and the American people `“ who had been immensely traumatised by the attacks `“
some Western media only intensified the climates of fear and insecurity `“ some constantly
talked about the possibility of new terror attacks and kept the people in fear. Is that service to
the American people? Is it possible to calculate the damages incurred from fear and panic?

American citizen lived in constant fear of fresh attacks that could come at any moment and in
any place. They felt insecure in the streets, in their place of work and at home. Who would be
happy with this situation? Why was the media, instead of conveying a feeling of security and
providing peace of mind, giving rise to a feeling of insecurity?

Some believe that the hype paved the way `“ and was the justification `“ for an attack on
Afghanistan. Again I need to refer to the role of media.

In media charters, correct dissemination of information and honest reporting of a story are
established tenets. I express my deep regret about the disregard shown by certain Western
media for these principles. The main pretext for an attack on Iraq was the existence of
WMDs. This was repeated incessantly `“ for the public to, finally, believe `“ and the ground
set for an attack on Iraq.

Will the truth not be lost in a contrive and deceptive climate?

Again, if the truth is allowed to be lost, how can that be reconciled with the earlier mentioned

Is the truth known to the Almighty lost as well?

Page 5

Mr President,

In countries around the world, citizens provide for the expenses of governments so that their
governments in turn are able to serve them.

The question here is `what has the hundreds of billions of dollars, spent every year to pay for
the Iraqi campaign, produced for the citizens?`

As your Excellency is aware, in some states of your country, people are living in poverty.
Many thousands are homeless and unemployment is a huge problem. Of course these
problems exist `“ to a larger or lesser extent `“ in other countries as well. With these conditions
in mind, can the gargantuan expenses of the campaign `“ paid from the public treasury `“ be
explained and be consistent with the aforementioned principles?

What has been said, are some of the grievances of the people around the world, in our region
and in your country. But my main contention `“ which I am hoping you will agree to some of
it `“ is:

Those in power have specific time in office, and do not rule indefinitely, but their names will
be recorded in history and will be constantly judged in the immediate and distant futures.
The people will scrutinize our presidencies.

Did we manage to bring peace, security and prosperity for the people or insecurity and

Did we intend to establish justice, or just supported especial interest groups, and by forcing
many people to live in poverty and hardship, made a few people rich and powerful `“ thus
trading the approval of the people and the Almighty with theirs`?

Did we defend the rights of the underprivileged or ignore them?

Did we defend the rights of all people around the world or imposed wars on them, interfered
illegally in their affairs, established hellish prisons and incarcerated some of them?

Did we bring the world peace and security or raised the specter of intimidation and threats?

Did we tell the truth to our nation and others around the world or presented an inverted
version of it?

Were we on the side of people or the occupiers and oppressors?

Did our administration set out to promote rational behaviour, logic, ethics, peace, fulfilling
obligations, justice, service to the people, prosperity, progress and respect for human dignity
or the force of guns.

Intimidation, insecurity, disregard for the people, delaying the progress and excellence of
other nations, and trample on people`s rights?

And finally, they will judge us on whether we remained true to our oath of office `“ to serve
the people, which is our main task, and the traditions of the prophets `“ or not?

Mr President,

How much longer can the world tolerate this situation?
Where will this trend lead the world to?
How long must the people of the world pay for the incorrect decisions of some rulers?
How much longer will the specter of insecurity `“ raised from the stockpiles of weapons of
mass destruction `“ hunt the people of the world?

Page 6

How much longer will the blood of the innocent men, women and children be spilled on the
streets, and people`s houses destroyed over their heads?

Are you pleased with the current condition of the world?

Do you think present policies can continue?

If billions of dollars spent on security, military campaigns and troop movement were instead
spent on investment and assistance for poor countries, promotion of health, combating
different diseases, education and improvement of mental and physical fitness, assistance to
the victims of natural disasters, creation of employment opportunities and production,
development projects and poverty alleviation, establishment of peace, mediation between
disputing states and distinguishing the flames of racial, ethnic and other conflicts were would
the world be today? Would not your government, and people be justifiably proud?
Would not your administration`s political and economic standing have been stronger?
And I am most sorry to say, would there have been an ever increasing global hatred of the
American governments?

Mr President, it is not my intention to distress anyone.

If prophet Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael, Joseph or Jesus Christ (PBUH) were with us
today, how would they have judged such behaviour? Will we be given a role to play in the
promised world, where justice will become universal and Jesus Christ (PBUH) will be
present? Will they even accept us?

My basic question is this: Is there no better way to interact with the rest of the world? Today
there are hundreds of millions of Christians, hundreds of millions of Moslems and millions of
people who follow the teachings of Moses (PBUH). All divine religions share and respect on
word and that is `monotheism` or belief in a single God and no other in the world.

The holy Koran stresses this common word and calls on an followers of divine religions and
says: [3.64] Say: O followers of the Book! Come to an equitable proposition between us and
you that we shall not serve any but Allah and (that) we shall not associate aught. With Him
and (that) some of us shall not take others for lords besides Allah, but if they turn back, then
say: Bear witness that we are Muslims. (The Family of Imran).

Mr President,

According to divine verses, we have all been called upon to worship one God and follow the
teachings of divine prophets.

`To worship a God which is above all powers in the world and can do all He pleases.` `The
Lord which knows that which is hidden and visible, the past and the future, knows what goes
on in the Hearts of His servants and records their deeds.`

`The Lord who is the possessor of the heavens and the earth and all universe is His court`
`planning for the universe is done by His hands, and gives His servants the glad tidings of
mercy and forgiveness of sins`. `He is the companion of the oppressed and the enemy of
oppressors`. `He is the Compassionate, the Merciful`. `He is the recourse of the faithful and
guides them towards the light from darkness`. `He is witness to the actions of His servants`,
`He calls on servants to be faithful and do good deeds, and asks them to stay on the path of
righteousness and remain steadfast`. `Calls on servants to heed His prophets and He is a
witness to their deeds.` `A bad ending belongs only to those who have chosen the life of this

Page 7

world and disobey Him and oppress His servants`. And `A good and eternal paradise belong
to those servants who fear His majesty and do not follow their lascivious selves.`

We believe a return to the teachings of the divine prophets is the only road leading to
salvations. I have been told that Your Excellency follows the teachings of Jesus (PBUH), and
believes in the divine promise of the rule of the righteous on Earth.

We also believe that Jesus Christ (PBUH) was one of the great prophets of the Almighty. He
has been repeatedly praised in the Koran. Jesus (PBUH) has been quoted in Koran as well;
[19,36] And surely Allah is my Lord and your Lord, therefore serves Him; this is the right
path, Marium.

Service to and obedience of the Almighty is the credo of all divine messengers.
The God of all people in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, the Pacific and the rest of the world
is one. He is the Almighty who wants to guide and give dignity to all His servants. He has
given greatness to Humans.

We again read in the Holy Book: `The Almighty God sent His prophets with miracles and
clear signs to guide the people and show them divine signs and purity them from sins and
pollutions. And He sent the Book and the balance so that the people display justice and avoid
the rebellious.`

All of the above verses can be seen, one way or the other, in the Good Book as well.
Divine prophets have promised:

The day will come when all humans will congregate before the court of the Almighty, so that
their deeds are examined. The good will be directed towards Haven and evildoers will meet
divine retribution. I trust both of us believe in such a day, but it will not be easy to calculate
the actions of rulers, because we must be answerable to our nations and all others whose lives
have been directly or indirectly effected by our actions.

All prophets, speak of peace and tranquillity for man `“ based on monotheism, justice and
respect for human dignity.

Do you not think that if all of us come to believe in and abide by these principles, that is,
monotheism, worship of God, justice, respect for the dignity of man, belief in the Last Day,
we can overcome the present problems of the world `“ that are the result of disobedience to the
Almighty and the teachings of prophets `“ and improve our performance?

Do you not think that belief in these principles promotes and guarantees peace, friendship and

Do you not think that the aforementioned written or unwritten principles are universally

Will you not accept this invitation? That is, a genuine return to the teachings of prophets, to
monotheism and justice, to preserve human dignity and obedience to the Almighty and His

Mr President,

Page 8

History tells us that repressive and cruel governments do not survive. God has entrusted
The fate of man to them. The Almighty has not left the universe and humanity to their own
devices. Many things have happened contrary to the wishes and plans of governments. These
tell us that there is a higher power at work and all events are determined by Him.

Can one deny the signs of change in the world today?

Is this situation of the world today comparable to that of ten years ago? Changes happen fast
and come at a furious pace.

The people of the world are not happy with the status quo and pay little heed to the promises
and comments made by a number of influential world leaders. Many people around the wolrd
feel insecure and oppose the spreading of insecurity and war and do not approve of and accept
dubious policies.

The people are protesting the increasing gap between the haves and the have-nots and the rich
and poor countries.

The people are disgusted with increasing corruption.

The people of many countries are angry about the attacks on their cultural foundations and the
disintegration of families. They are equally dismayed with the fading of care and compassion.
The people of the world have no faith in international organisations, because their rights are
not advocated by these organisations.

Liberalism and Western style democracy have not been able to help realize the ideals of
humanity. Today these two concepts have failed. Those with insight can already hear the
sounds of the shattering and fall of the ideology and thoughts of the liberal democratic

We increasingly see that people around the world are flocking towards a main focal point `“
that is the Almighty God. Undoubtedly through faith in God and the teachings of the
prophets, the people will conquer their problems. My question for you is: `Do you not want to
join them?`

Mr President,

Whether we like it or not, the world is gravitating towards faith in the Almighty and justice
and the will of God will prevail over all things.

Vasalam Ala Man Ataba`al hoda

Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

 John Pilger detects the Salvador Option
John Pilger
Monday 8th May 2006
The American public is being prepared. If the attack on Iran does come, there will be no warning, no declaration of war, no truth, writes John Pilger 
The lifts in the New York Hilton played CNN on a small screen you could not avoid watching. Iraq was top of the news; pronouncements about a "civil war" and "sectarian violence" were repeated incessantly. It was as if the US invasion had never happened and the killing of tens of thousands of civilians by the Americans was a surreal fiction. The Iraqis were mindless Arabs, haunted by religion, ethnic strife and the need to blow themselves up. Unctuous puppet politicians were paraded with no hint that their exercise yard was inside an American fortress.

And when you left the lift, this followed you to your room, to the hotel gym, the airport, the next airport and the next country. Such is the power of America's corporate propaganda, which, as Edward Said pointed out in Culture and Imperialism, "penetrates electronically" with its equivalent of a party line.

The party line changed the other day. For almost three years it was that al-Qaeda was the driving force behind the "insurgency", led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a bloodthirsty Jordanian who was clearly being groomed for the kind of infamy Saddam Hussein enjoys. It mattered not that al-Zarqawi had never been seen alive and that only a fraction of the "insurgents" followed al-Qaeda. For the Americans, Zarqawi's role was to distract attention from the thing that almost all Iraqis oppose: the brutal Anglo-American occupation of their country.

Now that al-Zarqawi has been replaced by "sectarian violence" and "civil war", the big news is the attacks by Sunnis on Shia mosques and bazaars. The real news, which is not reported in the CNN "mainstream", is that the Salvador Option has been invoked in Iraq. This is the campaign of terror by death squads armed and trained by the US, which attack Sunnis and Shias alike. The goal is the incitement of a real civil war and the break-up of Iraq, the original war aim of Bush's administration. The ministry of the interior in Baghdad, which is run by the CIA, directs the principal death squads. Their members are not exclusively Shia, as the myth goes. The most brutal are the Sunni-led Special Police Commandos, headed by former senior officers in Saddam's Ba'ath Party. This unit was formed and trained by CIA "counter-insurgency" experts, including veterans of the CIA's terror operations in central America in the 1980s, notably El Salvador. In his new book, Empire's Workshop (Metropolitan Books), the American historian Greg Grandin describes the Salvador Option thus: "Once in office, [President] Reagan came down hard on central America, in effect letting his administration's most committed militarists set and execute policy. In El Salvador, they provided more than a million dollars a day to fund a lethal counter-insurgency campaign . . . All told, US allies in central America during Reagan's two terms killed over 300,000 people, tortured hundreds of thousands and drove millions into exile."

Although the Reagan administration spawned the current Bushites, or "neo-cons", the pattern was set earlier. In Vietnam, death squads trained, armed and directed by the CIA murdered up to 50,000 people in Operation Phoenix. In the mid-1960s in Indonesia CIA officers compiled "death lists" for General Suharto's killing spree during his seizure of power. After the 2003 invasion, it was only a matter of time before this venerable "policy" was applied in Iraq.

According to the investigative writer Max Fuller (National Review Online), the key CIA manager of the interior ministry death squads "cut his teeth in Vietnam before moving on to direct the US military mission in El Salvador". Professor Grandin names another central America veteran whose job now is to "train a ruthless counter-insurgent force made up of ex-Ba'athist thugs". Another, says Fuller, is well-known for his "production of death lists". A secret militia run by the Americans is the Facilities Protection Service, which has been responsible for bombings. "The British and US Special Forces," concludes Fuller, "in conjunction with the [US-created] intelligence services at the Iraqi defence ministry, are fabricating insurgent bombings of Shias."

On 16 March, Reuters reported the arrest of an American "security contractor" who was found with weapons and explosives in his car. Last year, two Britons disguised as Arabs were caught with a car full of weapons and explosives; British forces bulldozed the Basra prison to rescue them. The Boston Globe recently reported: "The FBI's counter-terrorism unit has launched a broad investigation of US-based theft rings after discovering that some of the vehicles used in deadly car bombings in Iraq, including attacks that killed US troops and Iraqi civilians, were probably stolen

in the United States, according to senior government officials."

As I say, all this has been tried before - just as the preparation of the American public for an atrocious attack on Iran is similar to the WMD fabrications in Iraq. If that attack comes, there will be no warning, no declaration of war, no truth. Imprisoned in the Hilton lift, staring at CNN, my fellow passengers could be excused for not making sense of the Middle East, or Latin America, or anywhere. They are isolated. Nothing is explained. Congress is silent. The Democrats are moribund. And the freest media on earth insult the public every day. As Voltaire put it: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

2006 / The end game strategy
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The end game strategy
By John Kaminski `“ for B-r and Maisoon April 30, 2006

"The minute you let her under your skin, then you begin to make it better."
`” The Beatles, Hey Jude

"Anyone who criticises Israel's actions or argues that pro-Israel groups have significant influence over US Middle East policy," the authors have written, "...stands a good chance of being labelled an anti-Semite. Indeed, anyone who merely claims that there is an Israeli lobby runs the risk of being charged with anti-Semitism ... Anti-Semitism is something no-one wants to be accused of." This is strong stuff in a country where - to quote the late Edward Said - the "last taboo" (now that anyone can talk about blacks, gays and lesbians) is any serious discussion of America's relationship with Israel.
`” Robert Fisk, Breaking the Last Taboo, The United States of Israel

The woman I love speaks of the need for "an end game," something that will begin to resolve this cancerous impasse that separates spin from reality and gives us wars for profit and misery for all those not on the inside of the big money game.

She more than I knows that the Jewish question `” and its manipulative influence on every aspect of human endeavor `” is the pivot point of any possible solution. The actual Jewish question is simply this: How dangerous is it for everybody else when one group, acting only in the interests of itself because this is its stated goal `” gains ascendance over every other group when this stated goal is the destruction or subjugation of every other group?

How dangerous is it? Just look at the world.

The epiphany that triggers the "end game" investigation is realizing that this calculated ascendance has already happened, and that the preponderance of people in the world are ruled by the vicious mercy of those who control the money. If you have any question about who controls the money then you are deficient in history, as is most of the world`s human population.

The necessity for "an end game" strategy, she told me, was to avoid a worldwide Jewish holocaust `” a new, real one, not like the fake, old one `” because once everybody found out what was really going on `” and what had been done to them and those they love `” every Jew anywhere would be in very serious trouble. The backlash when you realize the monstrous magnitude of the manipulation and the thievery `” not to mention the outright senseless slaughter `” would be chilling.

Now, you may ask, what have Jews done to deserve such rancor and alarm?

The answer depends of how much of the story you think you know `” how much of the history of destabilized societies (think Bolshevik Revolution, a wholly Jewish enterprise), of gaining control of other religions (think Scofield Bible and Martin Luther, not to mention those televangelists who profane their pulpits), and think most relevantly about who presently dominates world wide media.

Do you know about Palestine, really? Jewish media flipped the labels: the real story is Palestinian freedom fighters and Jewish terrorists. Israel is a `country` founded on terror and maintained in the same way.

Most importantly, remember this. Use of the word "holocaust" triggers a pre-programmed response in everyone, due to four decades of intense propaganda about the abuse of Jews by Germans. The dumbed-down American populace (you know! the bunch that accepts torture as part of democracy) now fully endorses the fabricated Jewish media view of the events of World War II, even though it was principally invented and embellished in the 1960s. The mainstream accounts of the Holocaust are so phony that many countries controlled by Jews have passed laws making it illegal to even discuss these matters as a way to stifle the debate, maintain the mindset, and conceal the fraud.

Yet a majority of the world's people `” especially savvy politicians who realize what it takes to get ahead `” accept this fiction as the cost of doing business. It is called selling your soul.

The dead children of Palestine and the radioactive families of Iraq are an acceptable cost of doing business to the creeps who push the buttons and drop the bombs `” all of them guilty of genocide under the terms of Nuremburg and Geneva. At whose behest were these crimes committed? That is the question everyone in the world needs to ask.

Remember? When Poppy Bush told reporter Sarah MacClendon: "If people really knew what we're doing, they'd drag us out into the streets and hang us." This is the future each Jew faces when the general public finally learns what has been done to them over time by a small group which, through control of money and media, has finally managed to turn the society of humans into a flouride-numbed herd of programmable consumers with consciences permanently anesthetized.

Those who would defend the Hebrew tribe would counter: It has always been this way. Why blame Jews?

Because Judaism and its unnatural offspring Christianity and Islam are at the center of all this turmoil back to time immemorial. And because today, Jewish money controls all of the banks and newspapers in the entire Western world, at least through advertising pressure, but principally by actual ownership.

The answer would be (and the knowledge every member of the tribe seeks to conceal) that "yes, it has always been this way", is precisely BECAUSE OF the history of the tribe, which even in the days before Babylon was establishing itself as a divisive force in ancient India before it brought the scourge of religious mind control into the palaces of Western civilization. Now we see it clearly in the depleted uranium dust now wafting around the world as America strangles itself for the profit of its Jewish overlords.

The report by Walt and Mearsheimer referred to by Robert Fisk at the top of this essay was a recent brouhaha created for media consumption to test the public's perception of Israel's rule of the United States. Now, of course, Israel doesn't rule the United States, the Jewish community that lives in the U.S. and supports Israel rules the United States.

The Walt-Mearsheimer report merely restates the obvious: that no one gets elected to Congress without Jewish support. Thus we have a one-sided view of events in the world which is shaped by bought-off legislators and reinforced by media, all controlled by the Jewish community.

Public response to these conclusions has been muted and in fact barely heard as big media has stifled its dissemination except in some obvious cases of character assassination, principally by Alan Dershowitz and other kneejerk Jewish spin doctors.

The public can't understand the events of the world because virtually all the information disseminated about it is controlled by Jewish partisans, from twisted schoolbooks to dangerous medical myths to popular movies that denigrate the family and promote irresponsible promiscuity and betrayal.

Worse, otherwise principled news outlets are intimidated not run stories germane to this critical theme because of potential and inevitable losses to their profitmaking future.

And principled historians who attempt to point out the fraud of this Jewish Holocaust mystique remain moldering in European jails, imprisoned for "defaming the memory of the dead." Free speech crushed under the Jewish media heel.

What will happen when everybody finds out about Jewish control of medicine through the invention of psychology? Or how the American family system was undermined and destroyed by Jewish media and a wholly Jewish women`s liberation movement? What will happen when everybody finds out that America's higher educational system is now completely controlled by those who control the thoughts of those young malleable minds it molds? And feeds them fatal drugs as it does so.

How do we stop this madness? By identifying what is being done to us, and who is doing it.

When the world does that (IF the world ever does that), then Jews will certainly need protection from the surviving irate victims of the harm they have done with their selfish social engineering schemes.

But the alternative to considering potential "end game" strategies is even worse.
It means we will never find out who we really are, or what kind of world we really live in. It means a perpetual future of semi-conscious slavery, with no chance of transcending the controls that diminish our lives.

It means we give up the last chance we`ll ever have to attain genuine, self-actualized freedom, because every single second and every single cell in our bodies will have been taken over and polluted by the forces of evil now running the world.

And if you don`t believe that, just sit back and listen to the bombs until it`s your turn to cry.

Conspiracy then and now. / Seen through a Syrian lens
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Robert Fisk: Seen through a Syrian lens,

'unknown Americans' are provoking civil war in Iraq

By Robert Fisk

04/29/06 "The Independent" -- - In Syria, the world appears through a glass, darkly. As dark as the smoked windows of the car which takes me to a building on the western side of Damascus where a man I have known for 15 years - we shall call him a "security source", which is the name given by American correspondents to their own powerful intelligence officers - waits with his own ferocious narrative of disaster in Iraq and dangers in the Middle East.

His is a fearful portrait of an America trapped in the bloody sands of Iraq, desperately trying to provoke a civil war around Baghdad in order to reduce its own military casualties. It is a scenario in which Saddam Hussein remains Washington's best friend, in which Syria has struck at the Iraqi insurgents with a ruthlessness that the United States wilfully ignores. And in which Syria's Interior Minister, found shot dead in his office last year, committed suicide because of his own mental instability.

The Americans, my interlocutor suspected, are trying to provoke an Iraqi civil war so that Sunni Muslim insurgents spend their energies killing their Shia co-religionists rather than soldiers of the Western occupation forces. "I swear to you that we have very good information," my source says, finger stabbing the air in front of him. "One young Iraqi man told us that he was trained by the Americans as a policeman in Baghdad and he spent 70 per cent of his time learning to drive and 30 per cent in weapons training. They said to him: 'Come back in a week.' When he went back, they gave him a mobile phone and told him to drive into a crowded area near a mosque and phone them. He waited in the car but couldn't get the right mobile signal. So he got out of the car to where he received a better signal. Then his car blew up."

Impossible, I think to myself. But then I remember how many times Iraqis in Baghdad have told me similar stories. These reports are believed even if they seem unbelievable. And I know where much of the Syrian information is gleaned: from the tens of thousands of Shia Muslim pilgrims who come to pray at the Sayda Zeinab mosque outside Damascus. These men and women come from the slums of Baghdad, Hillah and Iskandariyah as well as the cities of Najaf and Basra. Sunnis from Fallujah and Ramadi also visit Damascus to see friends and relatives and talk freely of American tactics in Iraq.

"There was another man, trained by the Americans for the police. He too was given a mobile and told to drive to an area where there was a crowd - maybe a protest - and to call them and tell them what was happening. Again, his new mobile was not working. So he went to a landline phone and called the Americans and told them: 'Here I am, in the place you sent me and I can tell you what's happening here.' And at that moment there was a big explosion in his car."

Just who these "Americans" might be, my source did not say. In the anarchic and panic-stricken world of Iraq, there are many US groups - including countless outfits supposedly working for the American military and the new Western-backed Iraqi Interior Ministry - who operate outside any laws or rules. No one can account for the murder of 191 university teachers and professors since the 2003 invasion - nor the fact that more than 50 former Iraqi fighter-bomber pilots who attacked Iran in the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war have been assassinated in their home towns in Iraq in the past three years.

Amid this chaos, a colleague of my source asked me, how could Syria be expected to lessen the number of attacks on Americans inside Iraq? "It was never safe, our border," he said. "During Saddam's time, criminals and Saddam's terrorists crossed our borders to attack our government. I built a wall of earth and sand along the border at that time. But three car bombs from Saddam's agents exploded in Damascus and Tartous- I was the one who captured the criminals responsible. But we couldn't stop them."

Now, he told me, the rampart running for hundreds of miles along Syria's border with Iraq had been heightened. "I have had barbed wire put on top and up to now we have caught 1,500 non-Syrian and non-Iraqi Arabs trying to cross and we have stopped 2,700 Syrians from crossing ... Our army is there - but the Iraqi army and the Americans are not there on the other side."

Behind these grave suspicions in Damascus lies the memory of Saddam's long friendship with the United States. "Our Hafez el-Assad [the former Syrian president who died in 2000] learnt that Saddam, in his early days, met with American officials 20 times in four weeks. This convinced Assad that, in his words, 'Saddam is with the Americans'. Saddam was the biggest helper of the Americans in the Middle East (when he attacked Iran in 1980) after the fall of the Shah. And he still is! After all, he brought the Americans to Iraq!"

So I turn to a story which is more distressing for my sources: the death by shooting of Brigadier General Ghazi Kenaan, former head of Syrian military intelligence in Lebanon - an awesomely powerful position - and Syrian Minister of Interior when his suicide was announced by the Damascus government last year.

Widespread rumours outside Syria suggested that Kenaan was suspected by UN investigators of involvement in the murder of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri in a massive car bomb in Beirut last year - and that he had been "suicided" by Syrian government agents to prevent him telling the truth.

Not so, insisted my original interlocutor. "General Ghazi was a man who believed he could give orders and anything he wanted would happen. Something happened that he could not reconcile - something that made him realise he was not all-powerful. On the day of his death, he went to his office at the Interior Ministry and then he left and went home for half an hour. Then he came back with a pistol. He left a message for his wife in which he said goodbye to her and asked her to look after their children and he said that what he was going to do was 'for the good of Syria'. Then he shot himself in the mouth."

Of Hariri's assassination, Syrian officials like to recall his relationship with the former Iraqi interim prime minister Iyad Alawi - a self-confessed former agent for the CIA and MI6 - and an alleged $20bn arms deal between the Russians and Saudi Arabia in which they claim Hariri was involved.

Hariri's Lebanese supporters continue to dismiss the Syrian argument on the grounds that Syria had identified Hariri as the joint author with his friend, French President Jacques Chirac, of the UN Security Council resolution which demanded the retreat of the Syrians from Lebanese territory.

But if the Syrians are understandably obsessed with the American occupation of Iraq, their long hatred for Saddam - something which they shared with most Iraqis - is still intact. When I asked my first "security" source what would happen to the former Iraqi dictator, he replied, banging his fist into his hand: "He will be killed. He will be killed. He will be killed."

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