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The World Below / Re: Scandals of the Republican Candidates...
« on: February 08, 2008, 05:35:22 PM »
They are going to do their damnedest not to mention "other", and try and "treat him with a complete ignoral" (as one trade unionist once said to former UK PM Harold Wilson) and hope he just goes away. Wishful thinking.

Here is an excellect reason why they wish that "the one that can't be mentioned" would go away...

This is from a current poll:

"Forty-eight percent said a pullout [from Iraq] would help fix the country's economic problems "a great deal," and an additional 20 percent said it would help at least somewhat."

This is a copy and paste of my comment elsewhere:

Let's think about this one for a second (I heard an astonished Blitzer talk about it earlier).

48 + 20 = 68% of "sheeple" (he), think the best course to fix the economy - or at least help - would be to "just come home"!

Where would the people get this 'kooky' idea?
- certainly not from the media...
- certainly not from any 'viable' presidential candidate. They all subscribe to the rebate make-believe...

The people could only have gotten the idea from the tireless repetition by the only credible candidate and his army of supporters.
As an aside: it's interesting that exactly at this moment, the suggestion is floated to stop talking about the war - to help Ron Paul, of course...

Having established where the sudden wisdom of the masses must from ( for the most part), are we then to believe that only 0.5 to 1% of them would vote for "the man with the answer" to "the most critical issue for the voters"? Would it not be much more reasonable to assume at least one quarter (12-17% of population at large), which just happens to be the numbers observed in various caucuses...

It's all so simple. As my "smarter half" (43 years, yesterday, and also better looking) pointed out, the numbers-freaks had to try and settle the issue by Super-Tuesday. Elections are exactly nine months after that date, and will (hopefully) give them the birth to another round of holy murder and mayhem.

But - BUT - nine months is also plenty of time to get this revolution from the keyboards into the streets... ;D

The World Below / Re: Scandals of the Republican Candidates...
« on: February 08, 2008, 08:58:43 AM »
From this side of the Atlantic it seems as though the Men Behind the Curtain can't make their collective mind up between That Woman, Osama, and Son of Cain. On balance it looks as though they'll go with Son of Cain for the RepoCrats, and That Woman for Demonicons for the Great Floor Show in November, but which they're going to select seems unclear to us - probably That Woman?

Yes - it's verklempt... ;D

On January 22, 1008, it was Clinton - by "gut feeling".
On February 8, 2008, it's McCain - because "Clinton would be (slightly) more involved in the 'piss process'"

McCain is now the mensch - by a hair over Bloomberg (yep, always Bloomberg up there), followed by Clinton.

Every time you need to know where this is going, just ask "the man". The media and the pollswill follow.
Still no "he who can't be mentioned" on the list of 26 named... 8)

9/11 / Re: How Did Israeli Spy Software Get Onto Critical FAA Computers
« on: January 31, 2008, 06:45:41 PM »
Need to spend some time with this one.  Bollyn can weave together a tale.  I understand he gets on the phone and calls the Z's straight out, asking them questions.

Who supports him I wonder?

I do. Isn't that enough?

Kidding aside, that's where dispassionate observation, coupled with an understanding of the subject helps.

First part first. I always look for the knot in the pretzel, the word or phrase that constitutes the lie withing a smorgasbord of obvious truths. I have jet to find such a thing in his stuff, though I have by no means read all his writings. I also look at the detractors; who and how. Getting hammered by a professional, gratuitous violence advocating, yet obviously protected 'jew hater' for example, gives the target some layers of credibility. Besides, source is always secondary. Some of the best information comes from sources which people dismiss on their origin alone.

Two. In this particular instance (911 -> computer crime), an intimate knowledge and understanding of the concept and the technology described, tells me that 911 was indeed essentially a computer crime, carried out by a few. His articles on the subject put Bollyn in considerable jeopardy. In fact, it is my opinion that the only thing keeping him relatively safe, is the apparent impossibility to make the wider public understand (visualize) the simplicity of the operation. I tried hard to put it into relatively easy to understand terms - so have others - but gave up. It's one of those thing where it is very likely that even the one or ones giving the eventual go-ahead still don't know how it was done. The same is indubitably true for the idiots who allowed the system to be plugged into critical networks. One has to wonder what other critical systems are similarly compromised.

Bollyn's info is hot stuff - maybe he just shares it because he wants to...

9/11 / Re: How Did Israeli Spy Software Get Onto Critical FAA Computers
« on: January 30, 2008, 07:06:14 PM »
So identifying the most likely perpetrators shows why the crime is not being pursued with much diligence or enthusiasm. Perhaps FBI means Fully Bought by Israel?

It's the same situation with the anthrax story. Means, motive and opportunity = Dr. Phillip Zak (MORE}. They even have a surveillance video of the guy entering the lab - unauthorized, led in - at just the right time (he was fired for trying to set up a co-worker of Arab origin). AFIK, the FBI never even questioned him, deciding instead to go after Hatfield, who was fingered by Barbara Hatch Rosenberg.

What is interesting, is that a week or so ago, a guy was arrested in NY for committing multiple "hate crimes", defacing jewish property. As is the case 90% of the time, he turned out to be jewish himself. When the police searched his pad, they found six pipe bombs, sniper rifles, a handgun, shotguns, a crossbow with arrows, silencers, bomb-making equipment and other weapons. He lived there with his boyfriend, Dr. Michael C. Clatts, prominent AIDS researcher from Columbia University, LINK, and a close colleague of that same Barbara Hatch Rosenberg.

That investigation and trial could turn up some interesting stuff on several fronts - if a trial ever happens. Deportation on 'visa violation' is usually how these hot potatoes are handled...

LW inserts link ~  :-*

9/11 / Re: How Did Israeli Spy Software Get Onto Critical FAA Computers
« on: January 29, 2008, 03:55:37 PM »
A very interesting article. It answers several questions that had previously been ignored by some commentators.

On that "Computer Crime" subject, there is a great thread here:
I linked to the last post on purpose, because it sets the tone for the incidentals so well.

The thread itself starts with a previous piece by Bollyn on the subjetc, and one that - for me at least - contains perhaps the most significant 911 information around, although it's probably not quite apparent, unless one is intimately familiar with "expert" or "enterprise" systems, also falsely called "artificial intelligence". The discussion fills in some of the lacking details - in a funny way, thanks largely to the attempted distractions.

From that article on, 911 was no longer a question of who and how, but simply one of prosecution...

The World Below / Re: Crossing Mayor Giuliani often had a price
« on: January 23, 2008, 05:18:55 AM »
the deck is seriously stacked against the 'other' candidate in this election.
however, unlike other elections, this 'other' candidate has a shit-ton of money.
the presidential election is like blackjack. if you can hang in there until everyone else at the table goes broke, you stand a chance at winning.

That "other" appears to have secured at least 24 delegates, perhaps 44 in Louisiana yesterday (where's that?). That is, if the party doesn't change the rules, because that wasn't supposed to happen. Add to that the good possibility to clean up or get most in Nevada, and "other" is just about the front-runner in delegates, except perhaps for Romney.

oops...forgot to add:

haaretz keeps a running tab on which candidates are 'best for israel'. (ie who will be the next president).

Having followed that page since last September, I can tell you that they do much better than keeping running tabs; they are stunningly predictive of the chattering class' next darling, and popularity surges or declines in the 'scientific' polls. They first removed stuff and then remodelled the page altogether after some ugly bastard kept on pointing out those miraculous coincidences.

An example

Oh, make that: "were" stunningly predictive. The magic is gone - so sad...

I hope you are watching the experiment, when it is propagated to instill the desired fear of the knock on the door...

If you do, could you please note -
- if there are any differences in conditions put on the different subjects.
- if the other subjects were also Presbyterians.
- who else, besides Robbins, was involved in running the 'study' (institution, if any).

Could be fun. Thanks.

The World Below / Re: The Ron Paul R3volution is dead.
« on: January 22, 2008, 05:24:09 PM »
A)... Since gold is in their hands ...
B)... confiscate the gold we save ...
C)... they would sooner take us back into the dark ages

B - is a real problem and possibility, no question.
C - is already here. There has been no invention that has seen the light of day in decades - it's all engineering.

A - not so fast, and the reason they are trying desperately to start a world war. Global war is their only hope.

Remember when around the G8 meeting in Germany, Putin became a 'Hitler'? Why then? After all, Russia had kicked out the 'oligarchs' years before. They even told the Paris Club to take 18 billion and go away - for good. The Paris Club is one of the protection racket arms. They 'assess' a debt out of thin air, and dependent on what a country can swallow in light of the carrier groups off the coast. That was around 2004 or 5, and went off without too much whining.

What happened just before the G8 meeting, is a small announcement by the Russian government. The people of Russia were getting a bit restless with none that resource money not flowing to them. One explanation that worked for a while, was that pumping it into infrastructure and such, would result in damaging inflation, which is true. But where is all the dough? Well, ever since Putin took over, Russia had bulk buyers whenever a central bank in the FreeWorld was ordered to sell their reserves for essentially peanuts (the Brits at $125/oz., the Swiss at $175/oz. when the market price was nearing 300, and on and on - a looting scandal all on its own).

In that announcement it was revealed that Russia had aquired by far the biggest known bullion reserve on the planet (don't remember the tonnage). Not just gold, but several other precious metals as well. That on top of having one of the biggest reserves of may of those in the ground. With that little announcement, NewYork-London-TelAviv was caught with their pants down. The planned collaps (and yes, it was clearly planned) would now take them down as well, or potentially mainly by themselves. That is, unless they can get their hands quickly on the stuff sitting somewhere in Russia - by any means... It's the main reason for all those sudden and interesting shifts of alliances, mostly away from yesterday's top dog. That's why the big movers and shakers are already shouting at each other in Davos, even before their planned celebration starts tomorrow - they lost control over the 'cunning' plan...

That's my story on that, and I will stick with it... ;D

General / Re: The Planned Collapse of America
« on: January 20, 2008, 07:44:15 PM »
Poster's comment: For those here who feel that unfettered capitalism is the greatest thing since sliced bread, read the article, and modify your beliefs.
At the end of it all, the capitalists will have it all; you will have nothing.
And Mr Rockyfellow will be happier than a pig in shit; he will own both you, and your debts.
With no way out for all of you pretend Capitalists.

Good for him, Bad for you!!!!

True, except that I could not think of anyone here (of note ;-) who subscibes to that unfettered capitalism.
Free markets are the antidote to both unfettered capitalism and unfettered socialism, which both result in the same ultimate outcome you describe. Trusts and monopolies can only thrive in either of those two.

General / Re: 'Jew' has become curse word among German youth
« on: January 20, 2008, 07:30:09 PM »
Not just the kids. I've mentioned before that I read regularly Der Spiegel forum. Der Spiegel is part of the Springer group, which is about as kosher as it gets (It's in the employment contract to never say anything negative about Izzistan). The forum is of course heavily moderated, with posts being pre-screened. It's also only open during 'office' hours, when the commissars are on station. On top of that, there are a bunch of commissars posing as posters. One, Michael Schnarch, sounds exactly, I mean exactly, like MrSpook (note the M&S ;-). Despite all that, the regular posters have learned to communicate pretty hot stuff. They developed a sort of code that is almost impossible to censor without looking like complete dopes, but still educational enough for lurkers.

Bottom line; average Germans seem more aware than for example average Swiss. The kids appear to encourage the oldies to speak up and vice versa. Not really surprising, unless one thinks that some imagined superiority has finally put the krauts firmly under ones foot; the lunacy that is responsible for giddiness and paranoia at the same time - a.k.a hysteria...

General / Re: Chinese Site Proffers Ron Paul War Room Video Malware
« on: January 20, 2008, 06:58:15 PM »

Are they ever worried or what?

Nothing works. In Nevada they changed the rules in the last minute to allow Romney to call up-on-high to get the good little troops out, but they forgot to explain to them how the caucus works. Result: Ron Paul got easily the most delegates. In many cases, they even enthusiastically votedfor the Ron Paul delegate after voting in lock-step for Romney in the meaningless beauty contest; the one the MSM flogged to death. OK, they got at least that part of the illusion right.

There is a video somewhere, where Romney loses it after realizing what just went down - not pretty... ;D

General / Re: BlackJade's CIA Muslim Boogeymen vs. The Elders Mossad
« on: January 18, 2008, 07:55:35 PM »
Come on. It has been 17 years, and we are no closer to Nohaide Law. When was the last time you heard of a teacher or a student dragged out of their classroom and charged with "blasphemy" or "idolatry" and executed if found guilty? 17 years is not a "smoke screen." It's reality.

I'll have to beg NOLAJBS to change this thread over to a public viewable board... ;D

The World Below / Re: The Ron Paul R3volution is dead.
« on: January 18, 2008, 07:49:51 PM »
Ron Paul is verging on a fundamental betrayal of not only his supporters, but of truth, honesty and integrity, not that any of those things matter much anymore. My radar is up.

Let me assure you, so is mine.

Our difference probably only depends on what the meaning of "verging" is ;)
My heart leans one way and the brain in the other - not ideal.

From the perspective of leaderless resistance, predicated in great part on the notion of non-compliance and denying consent to forcible contracts and coercion of all kinds the only logical step to take is to not vote and deny sanction to corruption. A boycott of the electoral system is the only logical recourse available. If the votes are not being counted anyway, why bother?

Something like that is what it will probably come down to. It's not called a revolution for nothing.

Even the Europeans see through the vote fraud:

Nice of those Europeans to be concerned. They would do even better if they looked also around in their own play pen. Did I ever mention the beauty of what happened on the way to the last Swiss parliamentary election? Don't remember. Anyhow, it's the perfect place to mention it.

Switzerland uses optical scanners to count votes in most places (like NH, but I'm not sure they use Diebold. Probably, considering who introduced the 'improvement'). The day after the election, there was a news item on Swiss Internet Media where the small, semi-governmental institute running the official polling (yes,official. it's Switzerland) was bragging about their 'science'. The overall predictions were accurate to within less than 1% of the outcome, with numerous places being within less than 0.01% of the published result (the votes were spread over 8 to maybe 30 parties in some places). I was lucky to see the article just after it was published. I immediately alerted some people, including in Switzerland. When I reloaded the page, perhaps 15-20  minutes later, the article was gone - never happened. Not surprising, because that accuracy is impossible - as someone must have pointed out - unless the outcome was already known before voting started. Ah yes, they also use a central, electronically connected computer to compile the votes. Very hi-tech, you know...

The same crap is going on everywhere in the FreeWorld®, including the home of William Tell, Leaderless Resistance Expert extraordinaire.

Which just reminded me. After more than 700 years as national hero - sort of Founding Father - certain 'academics' decided that Tell never existed. The finding is largely based on the assertion that it was the drama by Schiller that created the myth, despite the numerous monuments and documents preceeding that opera by hundreds of years. The new truth is now part of the school curriculum, for the moment as in disputed. How convenient...

Philosophy & Religion / Re: The End of Faith
« on: January 18, 2008, 06:42:55 PM »
Poster's Comment: I tried to upload this first here, but for some reason the server wouldn't give me access. So pissed off was I by the book that I therefore put in on LF (shock! horror!). I see nobody's taken any notice of it yet.  :'(

;D - please be kind to the server. At least until the database is safely installed in the new one...

Writting thousands of money-losing, seemingly ridiculous books is what they do for ever. It's to be able to quote each other in the all-important, scholarly looking footnotes. But more importantly, it's how a bunch of tricksters can turn black into white over time - one minute step of gray each successive quote.
They try that in discussion forums as well...
There are fulsome praises from Richard Dawkins, Alan Dershowitz, Peter Singer, and that pretentious Guardian columnist Johann Hari.
Of course - a best-seller, no doubt...

A modern variation of the trick, is to spell names, places or events wrong at every occasion, including books, magazines newpapers and TV pieces. When the time is ripe, the unaware uses that spelling - from a post in a discussion perhaps - to make a search and get lots of hits with 'revised' data from autoritative looking sites constructed for no other purpose. It's quite effective with students who can't spell muchly to start with (I shouldn't talk too loud about spelling, but...). It's no more a waste than the thousands of books caper.

The World Below / Re: The Ron Paul R3volution is dead.
« on: January 18, 2008, 06:55:44 AM »
Well so far it's been the "long position" and very little of the "short". Perhaps patience is not my virtue (how old does one have to be get?) so from my view it's time for a little more "ooomph". Tactically it pays to use an aggressive attack to forestall the enemy.

Time will tell.

Yep, time will tell.

Patience has probably more to do with temperament than age. In the worst case, age simply provides an extra excuse for lack of it (temperament).

But I have to ask; does it strategically make sense to aggressively attack an opponent while he still has tactical advantage, or does it make more sense to plant an 'IED' here and there to make him insecure first, IF you have the luxury of time? Also, you can't forestall someone sitting in a mighty fortress; they see you come. You either need to draw them out or starve them out, no?

Believe me, we're all impatient - the older the more so - if that makes any sense...

The World Below / Re: The Ron Paul R3volution is dead.
« on: January 18, 2008, 06:35:59 AM »
I think running as an independent for the Presidency would be a mistake. ...

There is a huge difference between declaring as an independent and being forced to run as an independent by the corrupt system and a few million already heavily invested stakeholders, at some point down the road.

This was my raw reaction on January 11, 2007 to the possibility of a run:
2008 - the timing could not be better.

As independent he may even have a better chance, except for funding, media access and such.

This is a real possibility in the current atmosphere, if somehow vote-fraud can be neutralized.

The usual trashing and smearing could actally help this time.

Cool in any case...

What the 'cryptic' stuff meant - 23 months before election - goes something like this:

At that time, only the sleepy public and the 'experts' were still unaware of the coming financial meltdown, and the sobering effect that will have. Even now, we are only at the beginning of that doozy. There is no response available to the banksters, except to engineer some minor delays. Yes, the meltdown was in the plans - it's the usual last act of the usury cycle - but the ducks were not yet quite lined up or fell over (mostly Russia). It's not going as planned.

At the time, I expected - wrongly - that by September 2007, the Iraqis would kick out the 'coalition'. Wrong, because if I could figure that out, so could the war-mongers, hence the timely "surge". But that only delays the inevitable to when the surge has run its course. The Iraqis are not stupid, they can afford to play dead for a few months. Unless the war-party finds a way to keep the surge going beyond what resources allows, the shit will hit the fan in a most timely manner.

The dark-agers are past the point of no return. As usual, they got giddy to early. Their only option now is the old standby - world war - but nobody of significance wants to play. Still, they have to keep pushing ever more overtly or be ever more naked.

These factors and more, make it imperative to accelerate the institution of a police state, since the sleepy public can't help but be shaken out of slumber by one ore the other. More awake proles, more shenanigans. More shenanigans, more awake proles. We all know that it's just a question of critical mass for when the pretense of liberty can no longer be maintained - we're getting there.

That, about the timing bit.
It's also crucially important for Ron Paul to be around in the fall of 2008.
Everything in between is just prelude (proemio in Italian ;-)

On the independent part: From the perspective of the dark-agers, it doesn't matter who among the pre-approved candidates wins, tho they do have preferences. Starting a run as an independent goes nowhere from day one. There are I think over one thousand candidates registered, but unless there is a D or R, who could tell. The system is carefully designed to maintain the two party illusion. Judo is the only effective approach; use the muscle of the opponent against him. Force him to make the strenuous moves and 'leverage' the momentum. The longer Paul - the only candidate representing the supposed platform - can do this, the more obvious the farce will become when they finally make their final run at him - he'll just step elegantly out of the way and let them crash.

It's again all about timing. Getting Paul to declare as an independent now would be perfect - for them - hence the question/suggestion in every debate/interview, oodles of phony expert-blogs 'recommending' it, and tons of super-supporters 'begging'. Sometimes, the arguments get very compelling and gain some traction. That's when everything depends on Paul to stick to his guns, criticism be damned. I'm sure that these moments are rougher than any MSM whore, party hack, or even the ugly system itself, could create.

People tend to forget (or don't know) that the good doctor is tough as nails, and knows the game probably better than anyone of us. He did after all defeat his own party running against him - twice. Once they run an in-party opponent with all the machine's support, and once they even supported the democrat. By all accounts, he did it the same excruciatingly patient way - the only way.

Considering the stakes, the disgusting opponent and the odds, this thing is going splendidly. Everyone on the side of enlightenment is doing just great. The moments of doubt and questions are normal - I have them as well. Last weekend for example. By Monday night it was worry for nothing. This thing is unbelievably resilient and powerful.

Leaderless Resistance is tricky that way - you can't measure its depth...

The World Below / Re: The Ron Paul R3volution is dead.
« on: January 17, 2008, 07:48:10 PM »
And in case anyone wants to attack me because I raise these issues let me say this - I support the revolution but not necessarily the r3volution. If this is the way it's going to truth spoken or investigated then I cannot support Ron Paul. It's not his fucking revolution.

To attack, or not to attack, that is the question... of course not.

The last sentence is fundamentally correct, "It's not his fucking revolution". Whether that point is sustainable in the electoral discourse is another matter altogether. In the sense that Paul is running under his name, with his hide in the front line, he is perfectly entitled to run his show any way he sees fit. There are many instances, where I reacted with "ah, shit" to this or that decisions, but the vote fraud reaction is not one of them - not yet.

There is no doubt that many supporters and actual voters felt betrayed, or at least disappointed by the lack of apparent combativety. Rivero for example, made some remark about maybe being in cahoots with the establishment, or at least fearful of seeing the system collaps totally. Did that consideration played any role in the decision? I hope not, because the system guarantees the INelectability if left to stand.

The reasons I support the decision to "go long" at the detriment of a short term loss of face, is at least two fold; make that three.

One: there is no way of knowing how careful and well executed the fraud was, and at what stage it occurred. It must be anticipated that a recount will not show any smoking gun type of evidence. But that's the weight of evidence needed to make the necessary splash AT THIS STAGE. The concerted smear/ridicule effort of the MSM can easily be imagined if the necessarily incomplete recount 'only' yields a few tents of a percent difference and no difference in the standing. Yes, I agree, morally every vote must count, and that there is no credible excuse for not having it so, but unfortunately, size matters, as they say.

Two: conveniently or not, a total recount was organized before the decision was published. (He could have wiggled "I was evaluating/consulting, when the recount announcement was made, therefore bla bla..."). That recount will generate at least some doubts about the integrity of the (s)election process, without exposing Ron to manufactured ridicule.

Three: there is ample time to build a powerful case of vote fraud that encompasses much more than just ballots and the counting of them. The whole damned system is rigged. From carefully adjusted electoral laws to favor the establishment candidate, to poll manipulation, to media blackout. Presenting Fred as 4th in Michigan and leaving Paul off the candidate list in the NYT and elsewhere, are pieces of evidence accumulating since NH. Sending out false caucus locations in Nevada is another. There will be NO paper to recount in SC at all, etc. After Super-Tuesday the list should be long enough to make some really big stink that should have some resonance with everyone but the most dense.

The way I see this play out since the beginning, is that events (economy, war, etc.) will come to Paul in a way that he will stand separate and distinct from everyone else. He will have to run as an independent, because there is no way that the one party soviet will ever allow him into any convention hall. The "system" knows that and has Bloomberg at increased readiness, because so far, the usual treatments show no signs of making Paul go away. Him jumping at the first occasion with a recount, would have provided on hell of an opportunity. A slow buil-up to a more potent critical mass has the added advantage of leaving the dark-agers with less time to react. By the time they have found the correct, approved and tested response in "the books" - if at all - the battle will be over...

Ron Paul will run as an independent, if the revolution demands it - he made that pretty clear.

Bottom line, from where I'm sitting, I like what I see in general terms.
If I'm shown wrong in ten months, you'll have me sob all over these boards - endlessly... ;D

General / Re: BlackJade's CIA Muslim Boogeymen vs. The Elders Mossad
« on: January 17, 2008, 05:26:38 PM »
A "monstrous deception" to do what? Establish a Noahide-based theocracy? 17 years after this "Education Day" became the "law of the land," do you see teachers stoned for idolatry and students arrested for blasphemy?

Like I pointed out x-times before, establishing Nohaide Law in America and world-wide IS official policy of the United States of America. It's not simply the policy of one or the other administration, but the official policy of the US government, REQUIRED BY LAW. 17 years or 17,000 years have bugger all to do with that fact. Stuff takes time; insane stuff can take for ever. Your repeated focus on the "17 years" is as much a smoke screen as "Education Day" is for the law in the Congressional Record itself - camouflage, a red herring, or simply typical.

Any idiot - once made aware of the deception - can see the law's creeping implementation. It's precisely Public Law No: 102-14, that explains how dancing Mossad agents in Arab dress, filming 911, get simply sent 'home', and why whole countries get turned into killing fields, starting precisely on purim - with special emphasis on inconvenient archeological sites being bombed to rubble, then bombed to dust, and bombed some more for good measure.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of examples to be found, where the law is applied differently, depending on the relative 'standing' in the Noahide order of the protagonists, approaching the 'principles' of Noahide law. It's also how some local judgement in a NY court gets enforced by the US government over foreign nationals and even nations, where under treaty and international law, the NY court has no jurisdiction.

BTW, teachers do get their livelyhood terminated for "wrongthink", and students do get arrested for wearing 'wrong' teashirts or 'shocking' stickers on their laptops, etc. Granted, there is no overt head chopping - - - yet...

The World Below / Re: The Ron Paul R3volution is dead.
« on: January 17, 2008, 05:28:01 AM »
Could someone please explain to me, what the hell we/he/you are/is/are talking about?
I thought that I cornered the market on all things cryptic.

If the obituary refers to the recount; that is/was played exactly right, in my view.
The revolution is just starting.

If it's about the moles inside the campaign; that too is under control.
The revolution is just starting.

It's always preferable to let the dark-agers hang themselves - they are good at it.
The revolution is just starting.

We don't want to hit the enemy too early and give them the time to regroup.
The revolution is just starting.


General / Re: BlackJade's CIA Muslim Boogeymen vs. The Elders Mossad
« on: January 17, 2008, 05:13:58 AM »
"Education Day" is rhetoric...

Yes - camouflage for a monstrous deception who's consequences are all too real.

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