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Philosophy & Religion / Re: JeniferJewson's Logic
« on: February 26, 2009, 10:12:23 PM »
Lets see who is left standing in the AM.

The P.M's are flying.

They await my logging out.


Philosophy & Religion / Re: JeniferJewson's Logic
« on: February 26, 2009, 10:10:22 PM »
According to JEWSON if a Rabbi's logic does'nt add up the comma in the center of the sentence is to blame and can always be moved.

Have you ever seen "The Merchant Of Venice" with Al Pacino etc... There is the great scene where Shylock is doing his best Talmudic Twisting and Acrobats and someone finally pipes up that arguing with a jew is fairly pointless..."one might bid the tide a few feet lower or ask the wolf why the ewe bleats for the lamb".

I posted extracts and they were banned from several video hosting sites. Think about it - Shakespear is bannable and the Bible will not be far behind.

I will repost those extracts from the movie. See how long before GELLY or MYTHICA report them.

General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 10:04:04 PM »
I remember AMERICA was caning Club Judaica with thread after thread of damning, stake to the heart posts.

Even the mighty SKUNK was impressed.

And then it all began in earnest.

Do you think "The Hydra" are behind it and trying to blame innocent jews? :-\

Btw Freemasons do not worship God they give allegiance to Lucifer, and that's by their own admission. I on the other hand do not believe in Lucifer, Satan, or the Devil, the evil lies in ones heart, and the bogeymen are just an excuse, a justification to cover ones poor concept of 'conscience'.

You are a Luciferian jew new ager.

You beleive you are "god". You said it yourself.

The Christian beleives that through Grace the Holy Spirit (God) can dwell with the human being for a short time.

According to you "god" dwells in you as long as you allow it. You actually said that on a post.

But why are we debating?

I am more interested in your sudden dropping of "The Hydra"...

You remember them dont you...

But I guess you'll miss the entire point of this post, and stick to your 'guns', to try and save ego, and keep your myths going, and degrade any chance of destroying the Hydra and their Zionist lackeys.

ALL this forum is, is a bully pulpit that allows LF wanabees to destroy any evidence that contradicts their own DEhydrated mind games ... mind games that prove you follow the Hydra like little zombies.

The Hydra isn't just laying down the rules for you, they have the cattle prod right UP your asses, no gentle prod on the rear end for you boys, it's ALL the way, you're screwed!!!   

Ohh go on, Nola ban me, remove this thread ... and prove me right 'again'.

Now how do I know that will NEVER happen ... 'Fraidy cats are we?? afraid of an OLD lady ... or are you afraid of your biblical God? (the one invented by the Hydra)

The Hydra baby...the Hydra..tell us more...

Nice post.

This is what the "Messianic Jews" do (Jews For Jesus).

I used to know this old girl here in Oz (Diane Stott). A die hard jew but for Jesus. She was forever trying to convince me of the basic Bibles many faults and how "we jews" have the good oil.

She even bought me a "jewish Bible".

She was "another" one of those "jews" who were always accidently "bumping" into me at oppurtune times.

It's been 2000 years and as the end game approaches they decided at that pivotal point (early mid 70s) to infiltrate and move the furniture 2mm at a time hoping no Christians would notice.

I love the way jews have just discovered that Jesus was really just one of there's after all.

I'm afraid this is all I can comment as my account is sure to be suspended if not completely banned depending on whether PROEMIO or NOLAJBS are alive.

2009 / Re: Leftist Support israel
« on: February 26, 2009, 08:56:09 PM »
Will do.


General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 08:21:32 PM »
They love attacking Paul because he was so legitimately anti Jewish and pro Gospel. Many are anti Paul not knowing it's a Jewish ruse. I even went down that road for awhile. It is a lie.

All one need to do is ask this simple question BINKY...

Where in the writings of Paul does it deviate from the Gospel accounts of Christ?

I have asked this simple question many times but I get no answer. What does that say? S.G is a classic at this and thinks I do not notice.

General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 05:43:50 PM »
Yeah.  Interrogating Jewish vendors in shopping malls is really helping to put an end to mossad black ops.  Never mind that your "proof" is nothing but pure bluster.

"Proof" Rabbi?  :D Why it is all just "speculation" like "specualtion" dont you my little "Speculative Muhammadian"?  :D

Do yourself a favor and leave the board again.  For a "man of God," you've got some serious issues with anger.

Indeed Rabbi.

Just as your spiritual and literal fathers said so long ago to this guy...

What are you doing here jew?

General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 05:39:19 PM »
This entire thread is becoming infantile, and I would suggest it be locked

ET, the cheesy thingy is the emoticon you placed in your post. The system here does not allow emoticons in quotes, but states what they are.


Why would you want a thread locked when a big Hasbara Op is being exposed?

Why would you want that?

Another Canadian speaks at the right time?

Another Canadian who does not post has turned up?

This forum has banned one of the best anti judaic posters around for 7 days because a few jews stroked LONEWOLFS ego with a few P.M's - i want to know why this forum should go on? Some of us want our posting about jews and their hatred of Christ to remain unfettered. If that cannot be so then maybe NOLAJBS and it's non existent former TOP RATED Admin need to go.

Is NOLAJBS and PROEMIO alive? Where are they? Why has MYSTICA been allowed to weave her usual magic yet again?

General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 05:19:23 PM »
I didn't say, "Cheesy" in my post that you quoted?

Maybe I should be banned for lying about your "cheesy" quote?

You'd like that would'nt you?

What angel are you and the jew witch and intellectual dwarf coming up with now that you have been exposed?

What straws will be clung to?

General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 05:14:45 PM »
Your zeal is admirable, sushigirl.  Unfortunately, this thread took a left turn some time ago.

Unless, of course, you're interested in calling me a Jew, in which case, we'll fit right in.

And look who has turned up RIGHT ON CUE!

The "Speculative Muhammadan" jew himself - CLAYMAN ala WINDRIVERSHOSHONI.

The jew is  on the war path around the globe. Some of us have been posting, connecting dots, commenting and making life difficult for the jew who wants to play in the shadows. And where has WRS been? In the Rear With The Gear it seems, but he has put in an appearance right on cue when it's time to play the "Pauline Christian" card once again.

Welcome back jew.  ;)

The Hasbara Operation continues...

AMERICA has been banned for 7 Days.

True fighters of the jew are banned...jew shill Hasbara Op's go right on keeping on...

General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 05:08:03 PM »
Amazing isn't it? All those shadowy posters from LF are sure showing their true colours here.

Yeh...and the timing is "impeccable".

And to think I am being threatened with 7 Days in the klink just like AMERICA?

Maybe I should write something like this to L.W...


You are amazing. This forum is amazing. You are so handsome. Brendon O'Connell is a meanie beanie. We just want to be friends and kill Jesus...can you do something about him?"

Maybe if I do that all will be well?

Is this another L.F BINKSTER? Where is PROEMIO? Where is NOLAJBS? I cant even see them under sock puppets. Are they alive or are they dead? Is L.W being "handled/fondled" by a Rabbi these days?

Will NOLAJBS have to go the same way as L.F so that people can get a NON JEW forum happening for once?

AMERICA has been banned for 7 days.

Hasbara Operation successful

General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 04:53:05 PM »
Boy oh boy... where do I begin?  First of all, NOLAJBS is a fantastic forum and I don't think heavy modding is the answer.

I think heavy modding IS the answer. MODS should come in when jew shills refuse to answer questions, play games with P.M's and frolic and play generally un contested whilst serious posters on JEW ISSUES get BANNED for 7 days.

Maybe the MODS need to be MODDED and VETTED for the publics safety?

If a member's intentions are good yet they behave in a disruptive and trollish manner, perhaps getting them to see for themselves what they are doing is the best answer.

No need. I know what I am doing - I am spotting and pointing out a Hasbara Operation designed to get rid of one of the best posters on jewish issues.

Who the fuck are you? Some dim wit idiot who has said NOTHING but suck up jew arse here and bleat she just wants to be "friends".

And while I am here, LoneWolf, I wanted to say, you were a big loss to me when you left LF a long time ago.  You were truly one of my favorites... as well as Amalgamy.

Ooooooooooyeh...smell it.Smell it....Mmmmmmmmmmm...smells soooooooooo good...

Nothing wrong with becoming angry. Cheesy  Debating someone who disagrees with another can be and should be productive and informative, it is the silly childish games, distractions, and irrelevant personal attacks that just turn me off, I suppose under the dire circumstances of our world, I have no more patience for it.  The hour is getting late.

Never to late for a photo though...

And of course the video of yourself down at the Range...

Amazing...the jews are about to lock you up in a "Camp" and kill you...and then there  ::) you are? The theatrics are deserving of an Emmy at least darling. Please, do tell - what have you contributed so far to this forum besides "appear" at an opportune time after JEWSON and MYTHICA got caned on the last thread they tried to kill Christ on?

My heart has not been into posting for awhile now, I alluded to that here.  The disruptive displays on this thread only reminded me of what is so counter productive and not needed occupying my time.

Yeh, it's so tough at the top. And to think your amazing insights into jewish issues will be missed along with the tractor photo's.

The recent exchange between SushiGirl and Mystica was very informative, to me at least.  No mudslinging and distractions... just knowledge.

Oh "informative"...

General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 04:22:56 PM »
You're still here? I thought you had tired and had asked your Rabbi for time off?

I at least thought you were so afraid of the impending, devastating and extremely frightening economic collapse and the reach of the evil jew that you would be in hiding by now? What with you publicising and re posting your photo's and video? Again...memory is a wonderful thing on a forum.

I'm so sorry to have offended you Princess - why dont you try a dating site for friendship and "possibly more" rather than waste the bandwidth of the forum sucking up MYTHICAS arse every 5 minutes or are you the victim of a healthy dose of Prozac as I note that most posters are on mental health pensions? Maybe it's the Dexamphetamine tablets so many of you females are on, that you steal off your kids? This can often explain the teary friendships and professing of undying love for each snake on the forum? Yeh?  ;)

AMERICA has been banned for 7 days.

The Hasbara Operation is a success.

Now, the only question left to ask is WHO has allowed this operation to take place?

I had always thought that NOLAJBS was the LAST bastion of non jew run Forums but am I wrong?

Why have the snakes been allowed to play?

General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 04:11:28 PM »
Paul managed to marry the most attractive elements of Judaism and the Greek
       Mystery Religions, making this new belief in Yeshua attractive to the gentiles,
       who admired Judaism but were not willing to convert (because of the Mosaic law
       requirements and circumcision), and who knew and were committed to the Mystery
       Religions. The new religion was a fabrication containing little of the teachings of
       the Jewish Rabbi, Yeshua ben Yosef, who taught in the hills of the Galilee.

Could this be correct? Darn if I know, for I was not there. 'Religion' is a delicate subject,
where I have yet to observe a discussion that has remained civil. Therefore, I see no
plausible reason to engage.

And your qualifications just grow and grow.

So "jewish" of you...
Could this be correct? Darn if I know, for I was not there. 'Religion' is a delicate subject,
where I have yet to observe a discussion that has remained civil. Therefore, I see no
plausible reason to engage.

...but throw it in anyway.

What a fucking jew.

I have had a few discussions about you over the months. I took alot of video for you of Perth but I decided to wait and watch you instead rather than send it. You live in Canada, the home of the L.F Server (now defunct) and the home of jews on the North America Continent.

The "shill" doth not appear carrying a sword and dripping blood from the fangs like a REVIN5...they appear bearing gifts and good will and smiles while slowly slipping in the knife.

Why would anyone want to get rid of Christianity? Unless you are jewish? After you've proven Saint Paul is a "fraud" and the writings forged you can move onto the Gospels and then state that there was never any guy called "Jesus" on Earth - thats one happy Rabbi.

People can discuss the infiltration of the Catholic Church and they can discuss the use of the Schoefield Bible and the pushing of the Evangelical/Israel First school in the mid 1970's...but they dont. They dont talk about these things - they wont discuss Wolfowitz and Crystal reinventing themselves from Ultra Left Wing Trotskyites into "neo-cons" and the complete infiltration of the America Churches at the same time. Why do that? Why not just get rid of the Christians alltogether?

I NOTE with extreme interest what you respond to S.G and what you dont. I say for the record your "jew" qualifications are known from the "off smell" of the fruit about your trunk.

General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 03:59:17 PM »
I too hope that this isn't a good-bye. Please stay.

Hissssssssssss...why should you care?

All you do is smoke pot, watch the cricket and comment occasionally with a few one liners.

Handler called I guess? Need another bag of weed this week so you're going all out?


General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 03:56:20 PM »
'Namaste' is a Hindu greeting...'The light in me recognizes the light in you'.

Thanks.  :)

I was hoping to hear it from Swami Rabbi mythica but you will do. :-)

It seems mythica forgot all about her JEW LIGHTBRINGER ILLUMINATI roots and I just wanted to remind her of them.

If I had a dollar for every bipolar jew on a new age dialouge I could afford several coffee's and some new shoes.

General / Re: This is a moment of pure contest of Evil against Good
« on: February 26, 2009, 03:40:14 PM »
Hi, E_T I am soooo glad to have meet you too. Perhaps if we had met sooner we could have avoided all of this.

But you have met before darling.  :D All this had to be organized. :D

I can get pretty volatile myself sometime but I try very hard to curb that anger with some 'home' truths instead

Not at all dearie. You never get volatile PUBLICLY. Being the cunning jew Hasbara operative you keep your vile spittle for the P.M's. Why dont we pull out those P.M's you sent people? I'd like people to see just how decietful you really are. A "deceit" that goes past simple nut case behaviour and into something much deeper.

I admit I come across as a know it all myself but I've had a lot of years to learn things that most people have never even thought about.

Like "The Hydra"?

Whatever happened to them? You were really onto them and then you stopped? Did they threaten you? Are you o.k?

It comes from connecting the dots as I read my way through 'life' and one dot leads to another dot and now I'm just repeating the things I've learned because I have run out of dots.

You have forgotten "The Hydra" baby. Thats all - lets get them back and all will be revealed...

I keep hoping someone will come up with something I haven't 'connected' and a workable answer will fall from the heavens, so to speak.

Maybe "The Hydra" will fall from heaven after Luke Skywalker blows "The Ark" from the heavens where they are hiding?

...and then no-one will survive, (except the Hydra who is preparing the space ark in readiness to jump ship). Four seasons to learn and to hide, the final ten years of unimaginable human atrocities.

We have some terrific people in here, few as we are, but with patience and lots of interesting posts perhaps we can attract a lot more.

Oh, that smell again.

If you would focus on your "specialty" maybe posters would come here in droves to hear the truth about "the Hydra"?

I hope you stick around and give us a chance to really find some answers.

Yeh, maybe when "we" (Christians) are all gone and memories fail, you can pull out "TheHydra" and we can all leave "the jews" alone?

You and Sushi are two fine people who add a little stability that we all need.

Yeh, what a team.

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