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Title: * Some speak of a national miscarriage by the Allies, which will not survive
Post by: Sue on November 07, 2011, 08:27:18 PM

Egghead Angela Merkel constitutes the ideal case for the lobby for she has no clue 
about anything --- She has only one desire to serve the Boys from Park Avenue


07/11/2011 ~ source (

"The Pisa-Politicians" (1) of the Lobby Parties are working on the demise of a people, in a way that could not possibly be worse. The salvation of Lobby-Germany is no longer possible with most of the politicians who operate from the "Pisa-Level".

For decades the so-called representatives "democratic Germany" financed the entire world with the money of the hard-working Germans. First of all the Holocaust Industry, then the "foreign German fellow citizens", the Hollywood junk film industry, the European Union, the victorious Allies, the USA war politics, Israel's wars of destruction and of late Wall Street with its so-called rescue plans for banks and countries.

For these expenditures post-war Germans were slaving away in order to re-build the country, leveled by the "liberators", to accommodate about 40 million aliens, that have to be jollied along with much money pay-outs. The work of re-building could not possibly be expected to be done by the aliens. No, it was the "Trümmerfrauen" (rubble women) who helped to re-build, so that the dear "Asylum seekers" and "Immigrants" could fall into the ready made nest.

The consequences of the "World enrichment" is in fact the debt load of Lobby-Germany that can never be paid off and will shortly cause hyper-inflation - a loaf of bread for one trillion Euro perhaps. Merkel, Steinbrück, Schäuble, Trittin, Seehofer, Rösler have already burdened "democratic Germany" with a debt load that will destroy the existence of Germany as a people.

No wonder that much of the human specimen sitting in the German Parliament seem to sport the level of education of special need pupils, "Hilfs-schüler" (formerly these were pupils whose intelligence could not cope with the normal primary school curriculum). These "Pisa-MPs", as many Germans see them, are specialized in three things: hefty demands of pay for themselves, to serve anti-German lobbies and to pronounce without hesitation: "We have killed six Million Jews".

The so-called Pisa-members ignore the debt level of the country which they represent, nor do they know the difference between Millions, Billions and Trillions. When voting on so-called Euro rescue packages they are clueless what is at hand to various and sundry. To what Merkel and company present to them, they simply nod - with a few exceptions. When the EFSF -Tribute transfer was voted in on 29th September 2011 Merkel’s faithful understudy, the minister of the chancellor's office, Ronald Pofalla, railed at his colleague Wolfgang Bosbach (CDU) who voted NO for reasons of conscience. Pofalla verbally snarled at Bosbach at a subsequent meeting: "I can't stand to see your mug anymore". When Bosbach answered, that he can follow his conscience according to the constitution, Pofalla screamed anew: "Leave me alone with such crap." Merkel obviously liked the exchange, she smirked and said nothing.

Well, these criminals make mention of the constitution often times, it is the so-called holy writ of Germany’s lobby-democracy, but as Pofalla has sufficiently proven they don't esteem it to be higher than a load of shit.

The intelligence of the "Pisa-Politicians" was already put to test in October 2003 by "Panorama" TV-magazine (No. 633). The parliamentarians were asked if they knew the amount of Germany’s national debt. Most of them had no clue. But worse still: To the question of how many zeros are in a Trillion, hardly any one knew the answer. Here are some examples of many:

"How many zeros are in a Trillion?"

Dr Günter Rexrodt (FDP):

"Are you having a humorous program? Well then. A billion has always 9 zeros."
The Interviewer: "Perhaps 12?"

Dr. Günter Rexrodt: "A trillion - and all that - six, nine, twelve - that's right."

Dr. Rolf Bietmann (CDU Member). "I think it should be nine, is that correct?"

Cajus Julius Caesar, (CDU Member): "Well, I would guess - 16."

Norbert Schindler (CDU member) "18, I think."

Uta Zapf, (SPD member): "Oh, oh, oh. I believe there are so many that I cannot count them all."

Tanja Gönner (CDU member): "I believe its eight."

Interviewer: "How many zeros has a trillion?"

Hans-Ulrich Klose (SPD member): "I don't know - that is too much for me. That is too intelligent for me!"

On the 29th of September 2011 "Panorama" asked the "Pisa-parliamentarians" once more. This time the question is:
"How high is the German portion of the credit guarantees?"

Most of the answers were as follows:

Aydan Özoguz, the Turkish SPD Parliamentarian: "Well now, we have at the moment,, I better not say anything."

Gunter Gloser, SPD Member: "I cannot give you the correct answer at the moment."

Kathrin Vogler, The Left, Parliamentarian: "I don't have it on my screen right now."

Gabriele Fograscher, SPD Parliamentarian: "No ... can't tell you exactly at the present time. Hey...perhaps Billions? (Hahaha)

Around 90 percent of those who nodded their heads at the tribute package had no idea how many billions they had voted for. They don't even know how many zeros are in a trillion.

These very same yes-men are the ones that implement the so-called Holocaust denial laws with which all those are being hounded that dare to speak the truth about the topic Jews in the Hitler era. That is how the laws are being created in the Lobby-Democracy, laws to destroy our own people. The "Pisa-Parliament" has of course no chance of survival, this German Federal Republic, founded by the Allies and always closely monitored, just in case some intelligence should find its way into the halls of government. Stupidity never lasted long in the history of the human race, the doom has already been pre-programmed. Aber zum Ärger der Lobby wird das deutsche Volk, trotz Pisa-Demokratie, überleben. Freut euch also nicht zu früh, ihre Menschenfeinde. But,in spite of the Lobby the German people will survive the Pisa -Democracy. Don't gloat to soon, you enemies of mankind!

1) The term "Pisa-Politicians" refers to the so-called PISA Study (Programme for International Student Assessment) conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) which revealed that children from immigrants and workers were years behind the level of the average German pupil. The Pisa-Study also revealed that the German school system was poor as compared with other leading industrial nations. Thus, the system generates a lower intellectual output.