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Mandatory Auto Insurance is a widely accepted law that flies in the face of the American spirit of personal freedom and responsibility, legalizes widespread extortion and discriminatory practices, encourages wasteful economic practices, undermines equal treatment under the law, and allows a small elite to profit from the fears of the masses. Laws requiring such policies allow the industry to engage in shameful practices and impose an undue burden on drivers everywhere. Mandatory Auto Insurance is a scheme where you are told by the government how to spend your money. If you don't comply, they level an even more outrageous punishment against you, up to and including, having the state confiscate your car! For instance, according to the North Carolina Department of Insurance, over 20% of drivers in that state do not carry the mandated insurance. This immediately makes criminals of these people, since they cannot renew their drivers licenses, and their cars can be confiscated on the spot if they are ever stopped by a cop. This is completely unconstitutional.

Mandatory car insurance is just one more bar in the tyranny prison that most Americans accept as part of their everyday lives. It becomes a stronger bar when you look at how it interacts with driving laws. One example: two people are driving on the highway. They get pulled over and receive identical tickets. End of story right? Wrong. Guy #1, you know, that rich kid, puts the ticket on his Visa Platinum, and never even knows that his insurance went up, because mommy and daddy take care of that for him. The other guy, scrounges together the cash to pay the ticket, and thinks its over. A few weeks later he gets a notice that his insurance rates have gone up beyond what he can pay. He loses his insurance, and his record won't be clean again for three years. Real punishment for guy #1: an annoyed phone call from home; for guy #2: no driving for three years. It's because of people like Guy #1, that the government continues to get away with these outrages.

Besides the moral injustice of all this, consider that insurance rates are set up in such a way that the poorest people often face the highest rates. What other business besides the insurance industry has the legal right to charge discriminatory rates? Insurance agencies need only show some obscure statistical corollary to send rates skyrocketing for city dwellers, young people, or even owners of certain types of cars. These policies, and all of those Federally mandated emission laws that discriminate against people with older cars, drives legal car ownership, and all the attendant freedoms and benefits, out of reach of many of these people, even though they may need the transportation the most. You also have to wonder just how much the insurance companies in these states are paying off the politicians (with YOUR money), to keep insurance mandatory, and to allow them to keep hiking the rates every year.

You can see why some people resent having to pay a bunch of profiteering elitists, who use largely unfounded fears, to extort money from them. A truly free society must respect the right of people to live their own lives, take their own risks, and spend their money as they see fit. Doesn't it seem a little odd to anyone else that we live in a society in which its OK to risk their life without health insurance, their house without homeowners insurance, and their family's future without life insurance, but they can't neglect auto insurance and risk their car? Requiring auto insurance simply doesn't make sense for anybody except a bunch of greedy insurance companies, and politicians. In theory, its supposed to protect you from the negligence of others. If the other driver is uninsured, and causes the accident, you should deal with that person directly, or if they refuse, then use your American right to sue them, if nessesary. Also, the insurance companies are soaking people for "uninsured driver insurance". So what it comes down to, is whether or not you have the right and freedom to make your own choices, or if Big Brother makes them for you.

If it were made a decision rather than a required monopoly, many consumers would chose to avoid all of the hassles and injustices that we've discussed by dropping insurance all together. Also, competitive pressures would help fix many of these problems, and drive the prices for auto insurance to much more reasonable levels. Many states have policies aimed at making automobile ownership expensive, and use of public transit cheap. Mandatory Auto Insurance is just one of these methods. The stated goal is to reduce congestion and pollution. What actually happens is that by making automobile ownership expensive, people with less money to waste can't afford autos. So many people are forced to use the hopelessly limited mass transit system, limiting their ability to travel, and their freedoms. And that is just fine with us, here in the United States of Self Delusion.

This legalized extortion must end. We must all work together to abolish the scourge of mandatory auto insurance. And on that day, people will truly be treated as adults who are capable of making their own decisions. In a country that is SUPPOSED TO BE FREE, we must learn to live without an intrusive and corrupt government telling us how to spend our money, or live our lives.

Further evidence that the insurance industry is a jewish monopoly. Recall the example of Guy #1 and Guy #2- jew and gentile.