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Homeland Security hirtes Ex-Stasi Chief, Markus Wolf
« on: December 13, 2004, 09:29:23 PM »
"The American people should be made aware of the trend toward monopolization of
the great public information vehicles and the concentration of more and more
power over public opinion in fewer and fewer hands."

- Spiro Agnew, U. S. Vice-President, 13 November 1969

"We are going to end up with world government. It's inevitable ... There's going
to be conflict, coercion and consensus. That's all part of what will be required
as we give birth to the first global civilization."

- James Garrison, president, Gorbachev Foundation USA; quoted in The DailyRecord, Dunn, NC, p.4 10/17/95

Global Techno-Orwellian Police State Dictatorship Nightmare Update

Meet Markus Wolf, our new East German Secret Police master.
Welcome to Amerika, Land of the Communazi Police State

Homeland Security Hires Ex-Stasi Chief Markus Wolf
Government snitches on every block -- that's the plan of the U.S. Department of
Homeland Security.
"As of Jan. 1, the consulting contract of Gen. Oleg Kalugin, KGB (Ret)with the
Department of State Security will be ending... Kalugin is going to be replaced
with the infamous and sinister 'Silver Fox' himself (his former CIA code name),
Gen. Markus Wolf," writes political analyst Al Martin in his column on Al Martin (
Markus Wolf was the head of the international intelligence gathering arm (HVA)
of East Germany's Ministry for State Security (MfS), or Stasi. Under Wolf (1958
to 1987), Stasi ran a network of about 4,000 agents outside East Germany,
infiltrating NATO headquarters and the administration of West German Chancellor
Willy Brandt.
Stasi and Wolf himself, however, were best known for their network of informants
inside East Germany. There were spies on every block, as it were, who would
report "suspicious" activities back to Stasi headquarters.

Ex-Stasi Spy Chief Markus Wolf Hired By Homeland Security?
Political analyst Al Martin, who has in the past proven accurate in getting
ahead of the news curve, is reporting that Homeland Security have hired former
Stasi head, the 'Silver Fox' Markus Wolf. "Wolf is the man that effectively
built the East German state intelligence operation`s internal directorate,"
Martin continues. "He turned half the population into informants. That is his
specialty, is taking a population, constructing the various state divisions,
mechanisms of control, in order to organize informants within the population.
That is his real specialty. And that is precisely, as Primakov has intimated,
why Wolf is being brought in. The regime knows that once all of Patriot II is in
law and they begin working on Patriot III, they will then begin to establish the
internal mechanism to coordinate, as an official function of state, a system of
informants. Wolf`s speciality was to turn East Germany into the greatest and
most efficient informant state ever created." On a radio
appearance earlier today Martin stated that the admission that Wolf would be
hired was made in a BBC radio interview given by the former head of the KGB,
General Yevgeni Primakov. Martin had previously reported that Primakov had been
hired as a consultant by the US Department of Homeland Security to implement
CAPPS II and the national iD card system which he dubbed an 'internal passport'.

Sources close to Martin have told Alex Jones confidentially that the appointment
of Wolf was also confirmed by a US Congressman.

Illegal Strip Searches at Reagan National?

Woman #1: "Sometimes they overdo it. I've been almost stripped, practically."
Woman #2: "You're sort of treated like a criminal."
Woman #3: "I was like, whoah! You can't do that and the supervisor who I had
been objecting to was standing right there and he said yes, we can."
TSA Employee: "I couldn't imagine my sister or my mother going through that
process. I was so upset."
"The look on their face would almost give you the sense that they felt like they
were in a sense being raped. In a sense, being victimized and to a certain
extent, they were. "
TSA Employee: "That really incensed me that someone felt
that they could just put on some gloves and they could just violate someone to
that degree."
TSA Employee: "They actually had the passenger remove the clothing that covered
the sensitive area and perform a duck walk to see if something would fall out."

Big Brother booster
Cr Wilson said the state-of-the-art surveillance equipment would transmit
security footage via microwave technology directly to the Townsville police
station. Offenders and vandals could be immediately spotted
SURVEILLANCE cameras and extra lighting will be installed at three high-risk
areas around the Townsville CBD in a push to improve public safety. More than
$100,000 of security measures will be installed at the inner-city Dean Park car
park, and the pedestrian footbridge and the national park boat ramp, both at
Railway Estate.
The Townsville City Council plans to spend $114,500 on the security upgrade, of
which $57,250 will come from the State Government. The State funding is part of
the $2.13 million announced yesterday for a safety improvement program aimed at
helping councils reduce or prevent crime by investing in enhanced security
infrastructure and equipment in public places.
The funding announcement was hailed with enthusiasm yesterday by Councillor Jack
Wilson, who _ as the former chairman of the City Safe committee _ pushed for
security improvements around Townsville, particularly the pedestrian footbridge
at Railway Es tate.,7034,11626436%255E1478\

Students' Privacy at Risk
It feels like an idea straight from Big Brother: The federal government is
looking into creating a national enrollment-record database that would track
every college and university student in the country by Social Security number.
How much this really would help lawmakers set policy and consumers pick schools
is questionable. But so much information in one place certainly would create a
temptation to invade student privacy. f anyone doubts that, recall the recent
attempt to sneak a provision into a federal spending bill that would have
allowed some members of Congress to see income-tax returns and disclose the
information without penalty. When that got out, House and Senate leaders agreed
to get rid of the language. If the enrollment proposal gets as far as Congress -
which would have to make substantial changes to federal privacy law - it should
be shot down, too.
Schools already report enrollment in the aggregate, as well as retention and
graduation rates. What the U.S. Department of Education is studying is the
feasibility of collecting enrollment data on every individual who signs up for
class, full-time or part-time, at two- and four-year higher-education
institutions, public and private. While students who receive federal financial
aid now give the government their individual data, institutions would for the
first time have to do this for all students.

Total Information Awareness Ready Before 9/11
TIA has bounced to a new office and is still collecting information about
Citizens For Legitimate Government can report today an exclusive story about the
Total Information Awareness program (TIA), initiated by Admiral (retired) John
Poindexter. CLG exclusive source tells us that a day after 9-11, Poindexter`s
office of the TIA program was already established in the Pentagon. Says inside,
unnamed source, Poindexter had the TIA program ready to roll out on 9/12/2001,
the day after 9-11. Five days after 9-11, the TIA office was fully functional.
Asked if that means the program was ready to rollout previous to 9/11, the
source familiar with the program and privy to top-secret government contractors
said, "of course." The Total Information Awareness Program that was headed by
Poindexter was disassembled after Congress decided against it, rightly asserting
that it constituted an invasion of citizen privacy. TIA chief, Admiral John
Poindexter, resigned August 29, 2003, amidst controversy over TIA as well as the
revelation of a DARPA program that would have
allowed investors to bet on assassinations and terror attacks. However, the
CLG's exclusive inside source familiar with program says that as is the case
with all ghosts, they never really go away. The TIA program, headed by
Poindexter, has been completely reassembled under an intelligence agency of the
US government, operating under the same terms as intended by Poindexter.
No longer called TIA, the new code name for the project is "Basketball." Under
the name "Basketball," that is, TIA has bounced to a new office and is still
collecting information about Americans.
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act


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Background information on Stasi
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