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Conspiracy? What Conspiracy? - How to outfox the chicken...
« on: December 13, 2007, 05:29:13 PM »
The following will be absolutely shocking to everyone here...
OK, but it's still fun, despite and nonetheless.

This fall, parliamentary elections were held in Switzerland. Unlike in the US, there are a multitude of parties running; too many to mention.  There are however 4 main parties. SVP, FDP, CVP, SP, and of course the nowadays obligatory Greens somewhat smaller. The biggest of the four before the voting was SVP, with about 25%. SVP is very free-marked oriented, nationalist and  strict constitutionalist in general. Oh, and well armed neutrality of course; the no foreign entanglement thing. Their top candidate - Christoph Blocher - is the closest thing to a Ron Paul in the rest of the FreeWorld. Not quite in my view, but close. For decades, he provided the rallying point for patriots.

After the previous election, Blocher was also selected - by parliament - to the 7 member Council of Ministers - the top political dogs in the Swiss system. The stated goal for this selection was "to control him" through the relatively new system of required "Consensus" among the seven. The entire FreeWorld elite hate the man with a passion, because he was very instrumental in preventing Switzerland to be co-opted into the EU. He also lead the fight against joining the UN, which was after almost yearly attempts, was finally lost by the thinnest of margins (Diebold was introduced just before, which has absolutely nothing to do with that outcome...).

As justice minister, Blocher proposed earlier this year, to get rid of Switzerland's (in)famous hate laws, because they are unconstitutional and immoral. That was obviously the last drop, although it is illegal to mention this "under" the law.

In the summer, during the campaign, Blocher and other members of the SVP, accused the comrades (that's what they call each other) of the Socialist Party (SP) to plot together with the "Christian People's Party" (CVP) and moles inside the SVP, the removal of Blocher from the Council, and the Justice Ministry.

They were immediately and loudly accused by the suspects and 99% of the FreeMedia of being "Conspiracy Theorist" and completely insane. It was suggested by the usual experts in all things, that such dangerous "delusions" make them "sadly" unfit for Office.

The Election:
Despite an Europa-wide propaganda campaign - major media from Germany to Britain, to unelected European Commissars, right up to cuddly Borosso himself - trying to paint Switzerland with Blocher and SVP as "worse than Hitler" (a brand new, stunningly creative angle), the SVP not only remained the strongest party, but actually improved to 29%, and that despite Diebold. That's close to a third in a multiparty system, and by a healthy margin the biggest grouping.

I mention Diebold, because something rather amusing happened right after the election. The next morning, there was a news item, where the national polling organ bragged that their predictions were accurate to within 0.01% in many districts, and better than 0.1% in many more. These news reports were scrubbed within a few hours, after it was pointed out, that this is simply, totally and provably impossible, unless the result was predetermined and manipulated. For the most part, they don't use touch-screens and such stuff in Switzerland, JUST optical scanners to count the paper ballots. Take note, America and the rest of the FreeWorld.

On December 12, parliament convened to select the Council of Ministers. Everyone was confirmed or selected according to the precious "Consensus Formula". The shocking exception was Blocher who came up last and 'lost' to some nationally unknown SVP lady - who was not up for consideration - by a few votes to a block of SP, CVP and Greens, Going against the "Consensus Formula" which they otherwise insist upon. According to prior agreement, in case there was a conspiracy after all, every party member was required to automatically and immediately refuse their selection. After an 'agonizing' reflection period over night, the 'special' person - yep -accepted the 'honor'.

The good news:
I'm thrilled that conspiracy to let the conspiracy succeed, while exposing it, worked to perfection.
The reason why this is a good thing, rest with the unique brand of the Swiss system. Government cannot create law without the consent of the people. Every law requires a waiting period before coming into effect, in order to allow anyone the opportunity to initiate a referendum process. Once the intent of a referendum is duly announced, there is a fixed period (six month?) to collect a relatively small number of signatures. It that succeeds, the referendum has to be held within a certain time-frame. If the referendum itself succeeds the law is deader than dead; it's like it never existed.

Hold on, that's not all. There is the other potent instrument: initiative. If someone - any citizen or group - is convinced that the government is ignoring a problem (happens just as often as bad law), the same process is available to force the government to act in the specific manner set out in the initiative. The main difference is that the numbers are somewhat higher. In other words, the proles get to write law, if necessary.

That obvious problem for OneWorlders is of course why this clever "Consensus Formula" was introduced in the first place - to force the whole government to speak in one voice, misgiving or not. And since the habitual corrupters have a majority of parliamentarians either corrupt, blackmailed or both, their voice rarely represents the will of the people, as referendum results easily demonstrate. Enough people realized that long ago but are prevented from making the required noise; that's where hate laws and media control come in handy. Consensus - just like Realpolitik,  - ensures that we will eventually follow the chicken over the cliff. It's completely inevitable unless we refuse to play along.

With Blocher and the whole SVP no longer obliged to play along in this filthy consensus-game, they can again become truly effective in stopping the relentless slide into collective Euro-perdition. Of note is also what happened the day after. Despite learned predictions by the experts that the SVP will not reap any benefits from the exposure of the 'successful' plot, new memberships in the SVP reached a record for any party, at any time, in the first 24 hours - and climbing. That's a nice demonstration of that particular 20th Century kool-aid: political 'science'.

After the initial jubilation by those geniuses - yes, dancing, clapping and hugging in parliament - they are waking up with a huge hangover, and the prerequisite whining has already begun.

The point?:
Quite a few actually, but... Conspiracies do not only exist, they are commonplace. That is especially true in politics; either because of the shady characters it generally attracts and/or the  'benefits' and stakes involved. That is, at least until the day when only angels will represent us; i.e. never. It's not the 'conspiracy theorist' who deserve the derision, it's the reflexive detractors; either for being terminally inane, or pathetic shills...

The above option and solution does of course not exist in "parliamentary democracies" (the FreeWorld standard), where between quadrennial or quitennial selection rituals, the citizen is just another pesky nuisance with nothing to say. The US is somewhere in between, IF the constitution is adhered to. The Swiss constitution in force - sadly, but not fatally amended a few years ago - was largely based on the US constitution, with the addition of the referendum-initiative mechanism that where deemed lacking from an otherwise brilliant feat. I agree with that, IF participation is restricted to net-contributors having a wested interest in prudent governance, and not automatically to every Tom, Dick and Harriet. But that's another story...