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Remember Randy Weaver
« on: May 07, 2007, 06:41:21 PM »
This article is 6 years old now. But it is still relevant:

Remembering Randy Weaver
by Wally Conger

Big Media is all abuzz right now. "How shall we commemorate the first anniversary of 9/11?" they ask. "Where do you draw the line between a tasteful memorial and too much?"

It`s a safe bet that politicians and pundits will err on the side of "too much."

Meanwhile, another significant anniversary will likely go forgotten by CNN, Donahue, Brocaw, and others.

August 21 marks ten years since the federal government`s siege on the home of Randy Weaver and his family at Ruby Ridge in Idaho.

The Weavers have disappeared down an Orwellian memory hole for most Americans. You see, their story doesn`t offer an occasion for waving flags and singing patriotic songs. In fact, despite the tragedy that befell the Weaver family, Randy Weaver is still vilified by major media and so-called liberals for his "crimes and strange beliefs." Those crimes and strange beliefs include distrust of your government.

Randy Weaver had reason to distrust his government. In 1991, an agent of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) entrapped Weaver by hiring him to cut off the barrels of two shotguns illegally. Once Weaver was arrested, BATF tried to force him to inform on the Aryan Nation group, with which he was affiliated, but he refused. Weaver also refused to appear in court for the minor firearms charge. For the next 18 months, the U.S. Marshals Service spied on the Weavers` isolated mountain cabin, where Randy lived with his wife Vicki, son Sammy (14), daughters Sara (16), Rachel (10), and Elisheba (10 months), and a young friend named Kevin Harris.

Then came August 21, 1992. On that morning, six trained government marksmen wearing ski masks and camouflage and armed with automatic weapons equipped with silencers, crept up on the Weaver cabin without warning or warrant and without identifying themselves. First they shot and killed the family`s yellow Labrador, Striker, who had been barking at the intruders. When young Sammy witnessed this, he fired a .223 mini-14 in the direction from which the shots had come, then ran back toward the cabin. Agents shot Sammy in the arm, knocking him down. The youngster got back to his feet and began running again. Moments later, a second gunshot caught Sammy in the back, killing him.

Within 24 hours, one Deputy U.S. Marshal was dead and some 400 federal agents were arriving at the scene, along with a helicopter, "humvees," and armored transport vehicles and personnel carriers. The Weavers` dead dog was left in the road and repeatedly run over by government vehicles. On the afternoon of August 22, Vicki Weaver, standing at the cabin`s kitchen door and armed with nothing more lethal than baby Elisheba, was shot in the head by a government sniper. The round hit Vicki in the temple, traveled through her mouth, tongue, and jawbone, then severed her carotid artery. Kneeling on the floor and still clutching her baby, Vicki bled to death.

Nine days later, Weaver, a badly wounded Harris, and the surviving kids surrendered to federal agents. Eleven months after that, a jury in Boise, Idaho, acquitted Weaver and Harris of murder and conspiracy charges stemming from the government assault.

When the jury came back with its not-guilty verdict, Randy Weaver turned to his lawyer, Gerry Spence. "I`ve learned something about the system," he told Spence. "This is a good system. This system will work."

Weaver was more optimistic than I am. More forgiving, too. In 1995, Congressional hearings into the Weaver tragedy revealed a cover-up, but the feds refused to prosecute the killers of Sammy and Vicki Weaver. Case closed. And despite all the evidence of government wrongdoing, those of us who now mention the name Randy Weaver are generally dismissed as "right-wing, gun-toting, conspiracy nuts."

Today, while the Weaver story is falling through the cracks of history, most Americans look toward the anniversary of 9/11 and demand that the government "do something, anything" to protect them from foreign terrorists `” highly trained assassins wearing ski masks and camouflage and armed with automatic weapons equipped with silencers.

As for me, I will respectfully observe the 9/11 memorials. But I also intend to take a few minutes on August 21, the tenth anniversary of the Siege at Ruby Ridge, to ponder how best to tell the Bad Guys from the Good Guys during these difficult times. And to wonder how wise it is to demand that one band of murderous thugs protect us from another.

August 10, 2002

Posters comments:
This story is a bit old now, but all white people should remember this!
Our government is against us. The government and the people that run it does not want white people to be strong. Our government wants us to be quiet and weak!
The government and the people that control them know that a strong white population can not be controlled.

The weavers just wanted to live alone as a white family. They were set up and murdered by our government because they wouldn't give up their white comrads.

The rest of us are being setup and murdered slowly but surely!

My agenda is to unite white people with a common goal of survival!

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Re: Remember Randy Weaver
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2007, 03:17:26 AM »
The federal agent who killed Vickie Weaver was that Zipperhead Lon Horiuchi of the BATF.   That slit is nuts!   You can't trust "your" government!

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The Ruby Ridge massacre 21 years after
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2013, 09:08:04 AM »
The Ruby Ridge massacre 21 years after

The Ruby Ridge massacre: a tragic tale of modern American martyrdom

September 24, 2011

The first half of the 1990's was a turbulent time for the always growing federal government. The complete stranglehold on mass media enjoyed by the military industrial complex had only recently begun to stand on its own two feet, and multiple unprovoked violent confrontations with American citizens stain the usually rose tinted collective memory of the '90's.

The most well known of these horrifying massacres of Americans was the Waco massacre of the Branch Davidians, which began when the ATF fabricated weapons charges against the religious group, and rather than serving an arrest warrant, simply showed up and instigated a shootout which ended in the FBI using flamethrowing tanks to burn over 70 people to death.

A lesser known crime against this country, however, is the Ruby Ridge massacre, which took place shortly before the Waco fire massacre. While this nightmare, unlike Waco, involved a single family, the similarities between the two are blatant. Randy Weaver was also arbitrarily targeted by the federal government, and tricked into a bogus "weapons offense" by the ATF.

After an unsuccessful attempt by undercover officers to get reclusive gun enthusiast Randy Weaver to sell illegal machine guns to them, they decided to change their strategy. Since Weaver had already demonstrated his unwillingness to knowingly break weapons sales laws, they decided to attempt to trick Mr. Weaver into sawing the ends off of a couple of shotguns that were to be sold legally to the undercover officers. Weaver was asked to shorten the shotgun barrel to about one quarter inch below the legal length before the sale was made. Without any intent or knowledge, Mr. Weaver had violated the letter of the law, if not the spirit.

Finally, the undercovers' entrapment plot paid off. Randy Weaver could now be threatened with possible jail time unless he became an informant for the government, and helped them spy on a nearby neo-Nazi group. Weaver, a man who had relocated to the mountains of Idaho specifically for the purpose of avoiding entanglement with a thoroughly corrupt government, bluntly refused to spy on his neighbors, regardless of how objectionable their political views may have been.

This is the point in the story at which our government begins to shed its facade of propriety, and reveal itself as the ruthlessly bloody hierarchy of sociopaths that it is. After manipulating the court dates for Randy Weaver's bogus weapons charge, in order to ensure that he would "fail to appear" in court, the federal government then thought it wise to begin a militaristic surveillance and strategic surrounding of Weaver's property. So rather than serving an arrest warrant with adequately armed local police officers, the federal government illegally began what amounted to a full scale military ambush.

The killing began on August 21st, 1992. In keeping with their admitted plan to take the Weavers' dog "out of the equation" as they put it, the police/soldiers attracted the dog's attention and then murdered it, shooting the dog in its spine, causing it to yelp and flail in pain briefly before falling dead. Randy Weaver's young son Sammy and close family friend Kevin Harris witnessed the murder, and 14 year old Sammy fired his rifle in defense of his murdered pet. His shots missed wildly, but the federal agent's aim would be better. The agent's first volley of shots nearly tore the boy's left arm completely off, at which point he turns to run back home to his father. This is when the officer takes aim, and deliberately sprays the child up the back with machine gun rounds, murdering him immediately. After witnessing the unprovoked murders of both Sammy and his pet, Harris then fires defensively at the child's killer, fatally striking him in the chest.

This brief, murderous exchange was to begin a 10 day standoff which would end only after the attempted murder of Randy Weaver, and successful murder of his wife, Vicki Weaver, who was shot while unarmed and holding her baby daughter, who's head was missed by an FBI sniper's bullet by barely an inch.

The media fiasco that was in full effect since the beginning of the confrontation quickly fizzled within the courtroom, as Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris were easily acquitted of murder charges. For the initial charge of selling illegal weapons, Weaver was found not guilty, thereby removing even any flirtation with legitimacy attempted by the FBI and ATF. To a casual observer, this courtroom vindication of the Weaver family may seem like a victory, and perhaps it should be viewed as such on a certain level. However, the old familiar lie of "failure" and "lack of communication" being the driving force behind the crimes of these agencies was aggressively marketed during the media coverage of the trial.

The truth, however, is that all signs point toward the Weaver family being marked for death after Randy's refusal to become a federal informant. The media and federal prosecutors tried and failed to portray the Weaver family as white supremacists and anti-Semites, knowing full well that without this stigmatized association, this incident would appear to the jury and public as it actually was. An innocent family gunned down at their own home by a government clearly and plainly out of control.
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