Author Topic: Irving: "The truth is more sinister than you imagine"  (Read 406 times)

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Irving: "The truth is more sinister than you imagine"
« on: January 15, 2007, 11:57:43 AM »

Irving: "The truth is more sinister than you imagine"
Letter from Mads


Dear John,

I have visited your site twice now and have read more or less everything about Irving. I might have overlooked something, but I think in any case I am able to comment on it.

Generally, my opinion would be that you´re heading in the right direction, but that the truth is actually more sinister than you imagine.

You suggest that Irving is a pervert and has shown himself to be so in several ways (including the "strikingly bizarre charges" of Baron). It seems you´re ending up with the idea that Irving is some kind of crank, and a highly immoral, disgusting person in every way, unreliable and an egocentric.

About his connections to Jewry, you suggest he might be a "tool", for some reason controlled, performing some kind of functions for Jewry.

I do not doubt that the truth is a bit different. Irving, first of all, is not a tool: he is a dangerous Judaist extremist. As the major fake revisionist, he is carrying out an essential part of Judaist propaganda - and Holocaust propaganda - and he has to be a fanatic Jew to do that.

Irving operates in a highly logical way. His moves are calculated and well-pondered. Everything he does and says, at least in public, is a lie. Indeed, Irving is one of those Jewish liars that the world simply can´t figure out. Apparently, even revisionists don´t get it. Which is rather sad, I should add, and rather surprising, given that people ought to have understood by now how Jewish lying works.

This also is the very reason why the Jews consider non-Jews "cattle", why they think the Goyim are inferior. A Jew can spend a life perpetrating despicable anti-German propaganda and doing everything in his power to prevent the truth about the Holocaust from surfacing - and still, because he mixes in all those things about "Real History" and some actually not very intelligent statements about more people having died on the back of a car than in Auschwitz gas chambers etc. etc., he is worshipped by the very people he suppresses! As an able Jewish manipulator, he is much more worshipped than true Revisionists like Germar Rudolf and Robert Faurisson. See the atmosphere in the Codoh forum, for example, and when did anybody ever call Rudolf or Faurisson "heroes" or "geniusses" or praised Faurisson for being a "friend of Germany", as some people do in the response to your initial piece? Who stood by Robert Faurisson, as he tried to defend Germany against this evil Jewish manipula tor and aggressor? When he clashed with Ingrid Weckert about the Kristallnacht, why didn´t people rush to support the latter, who happens to be a true revisionist, and whose writings and simple prooves about this incident actually make sense? - People don´t seem to care. Irving says what "the little revisionist on the street" wants to hear, and I´m sure he is able to be a very nice and friendly gentleman when he needs to for strategical reasons. And so, some people abandon the revisionist cause and instead follow David Irving, Like all front-line Jews, Irving is a master of hypnosis.

Okay, maybe you think I got a little bit out of hand there. But the sad fact is that everything in the above paragraph is true.

Whether or not Irving is a pervert, in this context, is irrelevant; he certainly is a judeo-supremacist criminal, he certainly is an enemy, and one of the worst.

A few details:

Somebody writes and says Irving has told him he is "English" in a way that seems to suggest that he actually have distaste for the English. - In his books and comments. Irving generally is very eager to tell the reader he is English - for obvious reasons. Irving, in my opinion, is probably fully Jewish and no half-Jew.

Regarding his remarks about being a "Holocaust denier": Irving is not coincidentally saying this. He wants to convey to the world the idea that being a Holocaust denier is a disgrace. (This is just a detail about Irving propaganda; like I said, nothing he says is coincidental.

As for his book "The Destruction of Dresden": the very point about this book seems to be that this "pro-German" and "anti-Allied" historian believes in the Holocaust (he did back then, rather, claimed to do). It is simply a part of Irving´s self-staging as "pro-German".

By the way, there are a number of things I disagree with you about, including National Socialism. The Irving issue is so important, however, that I am not going to get into any kind of discussions about that (although I happen to disagree rather strongly).

Yours sincerely


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