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New Radio Show for Affiliate (Mark Dankof)
« on: October 14, 2006, 04:41:08 AM »

A good political ally of mine has just scored a spot on RBNLive (Republic Broadcast Network).  His name is Mark Dankof, and he ran for U.S. Senate in Delaware, on the Constitution Party ticket, in 2004 (garnered a better percentage than did Ron Paul, on the Libertarian Party ticket for president in 1988).

Anyway, here's my suggestion to him, for his first few radio shows:

Dear Mark,
Congratulations again.  Toward the hard-Right (real-Right) 3rd-party effort, which you and I and James Hall have been plugging away on, all these years, it's heavily-rumored that Minuteman co-founder Jim Gilchrist WILL run for President, if John McCain gets the GOP nomination.  Gilchrist has said it himself.
Jim Gilchrist wrote back to James Hall, on my suggestion, and joined the Columnist Guild World Report.  So, he's an ally, bonafide.
I'd think that a show with Mr. Gilchrist, whose topics are "border security" and "John McCain" might be a blockbuster for you.  Were you to line him up for a show, I will go balls-out on a sub-rosa e-effort that'll gain you a huge listening audience.  Shake things up.  Embarrass McCain, gain Mr. Gilchrist a sizeable new audience, etc.
Please write to SARTRE (James Hall) and get Gilchrist's current e-addy (it's buried in some file on my computer, and I'm too busy and lazy, ho ho, to track it down).
I bought a new piece of e-harvesting software, which scans the 'net by keyword and extracts e-mail addresses.  E.g., I've specified ".mil" and collected 14,000 e-addys last week.  Via this effort, I succeeded in getting "the runaway Major" [Jill Metzger, who faked her own kidnapping, in order to have an abortion, in Kyrgyzstan] investigated by the Department of Justice.  No joke.  Embarrassed the Pentagon through a two-week long series of articles on Ms. Metzger, and the Pentagon did an about-face, brought in the DOJ, and she's now facing a criminal indictment.
Wd LOVE to do the same thing to John McCain.
Get Jim Gilchrist on your show, give me plenty of lead-time, and I'll promote it like a madman.