Author Topic: Illuminati Used Appeasement to Trick Hitler  (Read 705 times)

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Illuminati Used Appeasement to Trick Hitler
« on: October 06, 2006, 05:32:38 AM »
Yes, yes, yes...i know. "Illuminati" = "Jews" and Makow should just say it. True. :)

However. It's a great well thought out and referenced article.

Spot on and one of the best i've seen on a complicated subject.

Illuminati Used Appeasement to Trick Hitler

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
September 29, 2006

(pic. Edward Wood, Lord Halifax, Life, July 17, 1939)

In Dec. 1942 Heinrich Mueller, Chief of the Gestapo, rolled up the Soviet spy network in mainland Europe and secured a list of Soviet agents and informants in England  that reads like a "who's who" of the British establishment and lifts the veil from modern history.

Soviet spies include Edward Wood, Lord Halifax, Neville Chamberlain's Foreign
Secretary and an architect of the "Appeasement" policy.

Appeasement encouraged Hitler to think England wanted him to expand eastward against the Soviet Union. In fact, Halifax was working indirectly for the Communists. Appeasement was designed to trap Hitler in a two-front war which would level Germany (and Europe) and kill sixty million people.

Mueller's list of spies includes Victor Rothschild, the head of the central banking dynasty, long suspected as one of the "Cambridge Five." Curiously, the other four (Burgess, Maclean, Blunt and Philby) aren't on this list.

It includes Charles Hambro, another banker of Jewish origin who was part of a Bank of England decision to continue financing Nazism in 1934 as a "stabilising influence." Obviously, as a Soviet asset, this man was not pro-Nazi.

It includes Sir Robert Waley-Cohen and many members of the anti-appeasement "Focus" group that funded Winston Churchill. Waley-Cohen was the Chairman of the Rothschild-controlled Shell Oil and the leader of the British Jewish Community.

Other bankers, banking scions and industrialists include Eugen Spier, Maurice Baring, Leonard Montefiore, Edward Guggenheim, Sir Robert Mond and Sir Phillip Sassoon. All but Baring are of Jewish origin.

Prominent Labor Party and trade union leaders included Ernest Bevin, Harold Laski, Herbert Stanley Morrison and Sir Walter Citrine. Members of ancient aristocratic families include Richard Combe Abdy, Baron Strabogli, and Admiral Reginald Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax. There was press mogul J.S. Elias, cartoonist Victor Weisz and Daily Express Chairman Ralph D. Blumenfeld.

Prominent civil servants include Rex Leeper of the Foreign Office ruling clique and Sir Maurice Hankey, who as cabinet secretary and Clerk of the Privy Council (1919-1938) knew all the secrets. There was Slavonic scholar Bernard Pares and Jurist Sir Hirsch Lauterpacht. (The complete agent list is at the end.)

What did this disparate group have in common? About half of them are recognizably Jewish. But the connection that binds all of them likely is the Illuminati, the top rung of Freemasonry. Its aim is to weaken mankind through a series of contrived  wars in order to establish a Masonic or "Illuminist" world dictatorship dedicated to the "light giver" Lucifer (their alter ego.) Bush, Clinton, Kerry etc. are all members.

The Illuminati started Communism. Their common anniversary is May 1; their common symbol is the satanic inverted pentagram. They funded the Bolshevik Revolution and secretly ran the USSR, which was a model for the New World Order. Far from being spies for Stalin, some of these men  probably were his superiors.

Soviet Russia was a dummy-state creation of  the London-based Illuminati bankers. The Second World War, the Cold War, and now the "War on Terror" are all their inventions. They are responsible for 9-11 and for the neopagan assault on Western Civilization, Christianity and Islam (incl. family, nation, race, morality and truth) that we call modernism humanism and globalism.

Heinrich Mueller died in California in 1983. The CIA recruited Mueller in Switzerland in 1948 and paid him $1 million for an Interrogation running 1000-pages that includes this list. Mueller left his microfilmed archives to his nephew, "Douglas Gregory" who has published a part.


The Bank of England funded the rise of Adolf Hitler through the Schroder Bank. F.C. Tiarcks, the Managing Director of the Schroder Bank, was also a Director of the Bank of England.

Eustace Mullins writes: "Because his own financial backers, the Schroders, were sponsoring the Appeasement Party, Hitler believed there would be no war [with England.] He did not suspect that the backers of the Appeasement Party, now that Chamberlain had served his purpose in duping Hitler, would cast Chamberlain aside and make Churchill the Prime Minister." (The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, pp.76-78.)

While history portrays Hitler as duping the naive Neville Chamberlain and Lord Halifax, it appears Hitler himself was tricked into thinking he could expand eastward with impunity. Neville Chamberlain wasn't in on the secret. (He died prematurely just months after leaving office.) But as a Soviet informant, Halifax certainly was instrumental.

As an early opponent of British rearmament, Halifax encouraged Hitler's plans and later complimented the dictator for being a "genuine hater of Communism." In 1937, Halifax actually offered Hitler changes in the "European Order" in regard to Danzig, Austria and Czechoslovakia.

"It was Halifax not Hitler who first mentioned by name the areas where the Versailles Treaty might be reinterpreted to Germany's benefit," writes historian Andrew Roberts. "Halifax did the one thing which Eden had told him not to, and which Vansittart warned would 'bring the European card-castle tumbling down.' Moreover he did it not once but thrice in the course of the conversations." (The Holy Fox: A Biography of Lord Halifax, 1991, pp. 67, 70-71.)

Halifx's closest adviser was Philip Kerr, Lord Lothian, a member of the Rothschild-Milner-Rhodes  Round Table secret society (i.e  the Illuminati). According to Roberts, Lothian was "a friend of Halifax's and had  non-parliamentary political influence of a type seldom seen in today's politics." (109)

Appeasement was designed to encourage Hitler to take action which would justify a declaration of war by the West. "What we want to secure is the certainty of a war on two-fronts," Halifax said in March 1939. (Roberts, 146) Halifax was responsible for the foolhardy British guarantee of Poland that led to this war declaration in Sept. 1939. The USSR also invaded Poland but there was no declaration of war against it. Stalin was pre-primed to attack the Nazis in 1941.(This is essentially the deal Christian Rakovsky offered Stalin 1938.)

 The whole knuckle-biting drama of war and peace in 1939-41, including England as the lonely defender of freedom, was a charade. Germany was in the cross-hairs all along. Could the USA be in the same position today?

The appeasers and their opponents were two Illuminati house teams pursuing  common goals. Lady Astor's Cliveden Manor was supposed to be the HQ of the (pro-Nazi) appeasement party but, as Andrew Roberts points out, arch anti-appeasers like Duff Cooper, Anthony Eden and Russian Foreign Minister Maxim Litvinov (nee Meir Finkelstein) were regular guests. (67)


Wars are the artificial creation of the Illuminati, a satanic cult that extends its tentacles over the whole planet. "Muller's List" provides a glimpse at the composition of this group: bankers, industrialists, aristocrats, military, scholars, trade unionists and media.

There are a lot of Jews but it should be obvious that the Illuminati victimized Jews as much as anyone. Jews have been the canon fodder for Communism, Zionism and Nazism. Instead of  defending the Illuminati, Jews should revile it. Otherwise they appear to be in collusion.

Possibly some listees didn`t realize what they were advancing. The Illuminati pretended to oppose fascism. Today they pretend to build a humanist utopia, an answer to poverty, disease, and prejudice. Former World Bank President James Wolfensohn had the slogan "Plutocrat for the Poor" on his web site.

The Illuminati starts wars to demoralize and destroy humanity, to consolidate power and produce huge profits and debt slavery. This cult, which has a stranglehold on thought and expression, pretty much defines realty. Our best course is to find our truth from different sources and define reality anew.

"Mueller's List"  from Douglas Gregory, "Gestapo Chief: The 1948 Interrogation of Heinrich Muller Vol. 3 p.107.

Lt. Col. Frederick William Abbot
Sir Maurice Hankey
Richard Combe Abdy
Eugen Spier
George Dixon Abraham
Baron Strabogli
Frederick Edward Fox Adam
J.S. Elias, Baron Southwood
Admiral Sir Percy Addison
Sir H.L. Rothband
Elkan Nathan Adler
Sir E.L. Goschen
Admiral Oliver Backhouse
Mrs. Blanche Dugdale
John Ball
Sir Robert Wood
Maurice Baring
Sir Robert Mond
Ralph D. Blumenfeld
Jurgen Kuczynski
Sir Harry Robert Boyd
Sir Robert Waley-Cohen
Sir Charles Hambro
Rex Leeper
Edward Wood (Lord Halifax)
Sir Walter Citrine
Walter Rosenhain
Victor Rothschild

Charles Masterman Herz
Sir Philip Sassoon
Victor Weisz
Sir Bernard Pares
Friedrich Saxl
Ernest Bevin
Sir Hirsch Lauterpacht
Herbert Stanley Morrison
Harold Joseph Laski
Sir Reginald Plunkett-Erle-Drax
Edward Armand Guggenheim

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Re: Illuminati Used Appeasement to Trick Hitler
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2006, 05:36:43 AM »
A reader replies...

Coin collector said (October 05, 2006):

Henry: Us goyim eventually realize that you are just a Zionist disinfo agent who points your finger at so-called Illuminati to take attention away from the true evil-Talmud Jews. Norman Finkelstein will probably be spared in the next pogrom because he is a decent human being who is actually exposing the real Zionists. Norman Finkelstein has been a great help to us dumb goyim...unlike yourself. Do a Google search on him for inspiration. Damn shame because your Feminist stuff is world-class Truth. You opened our eyes but eventually us goyim see through you. The real evil is Talmud Jews...not your unnamed non-jew Illuminati bullshit. Sorry. You lost your credibility...

Thanks! I missed you. Ninety percent of Jews have never read the Talmud. They are mostly "secular humanists" and herded like sheep, like you and me.


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Re: Illuminati Used Appeasement to Trick Hitler
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2006, 10:21:33 PM »
Reply to COINCOLLECTER. by reader...

George Burdi said (October 06, 2006):

I think the comments of "Coin Collector" [below]are completely off the mark. His hatred is the same hate that propels all the misery in the world. Your comments, however, are in line with the world of tradition, and profoundly unifying.

You are right, Jews are often the scapegoats, the perpetual outsider, which in turn has bred a pathology amongst a small but vicious minority of Jews, who in turn support an ideology (Illuminati) because it promises to fulfill their secular nationalist fantasy (Zionism.) This power structure (Illuminati) has no race, it is the servant of a dark metaphysical force that has no biological preference. This force appeals to the False Self, the arrogant ego disconnected from the true essence of being, infected with modern prejudices and hyper-rationalizations.

The "white nationalist" movement has served the Illuminati well, as they are always adept at steering any development into a tool to suit their aims. And it suits their aims by dividing people along artificial lines, by obscuring reality, and by serving the demagoguery of the Israeli right. This helps to get Jews to walk in line, to see Zionism as their only saviour against a hostile world that wants to "wipe them off the map." I regret that I have been a pawn in this human tragedy. But no more.

This force appeals to the False Self, the arrogant ego disconnected from the true essence of being, infected with modern prejudices and hyper-rationalizations.

Indeed. Like the modern prejudice that "jews" are unwitting pawns. Jews are informed from birth that they are the chosen people and are infected with a racist, and homicidal ideological, religious and spiritual doctrine.

That makes them special and in need of attention.

Anyone who wants to kill "Jews" in retaliation can be dealt with by the criminal courts and not "intellectual/twisting in the wind" new age hugs and kisses. Mad dogs must be subdude. At first with some calm words. Then a bone and if that does'nt work...capture and putting in the pound.