Author Topic: Israel attacks the USS LIberty-vid  (Read 4881 times)

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Re: Israel attacks the USS LIberty-vid
« Reply #20 on: June 15, 2009, 02:21:35 PM »
This is from Alex Jones's "Terrorstorm", and it is jam-packed with inaccuracies and out-and-out falsehoods.

Among the more egregious:

USS Liberty attacked by unmarked Mirage aircraft that specifically jammed US radar.  

You must be an idiot...every single statement you made was a total LIE and besides

Gelignite has ALREADY ADMITTED that the Israeli attack on the Liberty was INTENTIONAL...I believe his preferred Jewish cyberstalking site Encyclopedia Dramatica covered the story...or perhaps you just can't be as stupid as Gelignite and he can only be motivated by a pathological desire to lie and be offensive and then believe that he is being taken seriously.

Seriously, Gelignite - you are one of the remaining JEWISH CENTRIC TROLLING IDIOTS going.

Sad.  Very sad.

Pathetic.  I guess if I were an idiot like you I would have a pressing need to remain anonymous and cowardly.

Your entire effort is EGREGIOUS AND OFFENSIVE...but that is the way Jews work and train themselves to be?

Idiots by culture?