Author Topic: Hamas Test Russian Designed Modified footage.  (Read 368 times)

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Hamas Test Russian Designed Modified footage.
« on: April 02, 2006, 09:16:22 PM »
While Israel busy's itself with it's new "dove government" (to give the impression of an innocent Israel ready for peace talks)...we see in the same news broadcast it's 'enemies' busying themselves for war. No doubt the Ziocons are laying the ground work to cast Israel in the light of moral superiority to guarantee public support for it's soon instant redesign of the Middle East. Soon we will see mushroom clouds over much of the area. It is essential Israel cast herself as retaliating against Arab aggression.

The holohoax is falling apart and the cry of 'anti-semite' every time someone criticizes the brutal policies of the State of Israel, is wearing thin. With a cry of..."never agian 6 million!" (or whatever number they made up this month); Israel, or one of Israel's various proxies will unleash new carpark space in the region. After around ten years Israel can settle the area once the radiation cools down and have her border all the way to the river Babylon.

One must seriously consider the claim that Hamas is a proxy of Israeli intelligence. Hamas is so stupid they ramp up the 'anti' and make themselves look the aggressor. Instead of buying and modifying rockets, if they had half a brain, they would get into Arafat's few hundred million dollar Swiss bank account and buy 50,000 hand held video cams and distribute them to each Palestinian family. Then let them film the daily brutality they must put up with.

World opinion would change over night and support for the criminal state of Israel would be over.