Author Topic: Syrian Army troops amassing in Al-Ghaab as 2nd phase of offensive approaches  (Read 156 times)

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Syrian Army troops amassing in Al-Ghaab as 2nd phase of offensive approaches

By News Desk -2019-08-27

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army has begun amassing troops in the southern region of the Al-Ghaab Plain, following a successful campaign in northern Hama and southern Idlib.

According to a military source in the Hama Governorate, the Syrian Army has sent reinforcements from the 4th Division and Republican Guard to the Al-Ghaab Plain region, as they prepare to launch the second phase of their northwestern Syria offensive.

Furthermore, the Syrian military has also moved several units from the National Defense Forces (NDF) to this front.

In regards to the Tiger Forces, a source from the army said this elite division is currently on a week-long furlough after carrying out the bulk of the southern Idlib operation.

The Tiger Forces will either be concentrated at the Al-Ghaab Plain axis or the front-line town of Ta’manah; they could also be split between both fronts.

At the same time, the Syrian Army will also launch a simultaneous assault on the key mountaintop town of Kabani, which overlooks much of the militant-held areas in the Al-Ghaab Plain.

The Syrian Army’s attack on Kabani will be a major factor in the battle for the Al-Ghaab Plain, as capturing the heights around the town will give them a much needed geographical boost.
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