Author Topic: SDF Received Over 1,700 Trucks With Supplies From U.S. After ISIS Defeat  (Read 110 times)

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SDF Received Over 1,700 Trucks With Supplies From U.S. After ISIS Defeat: Monitoring Group


The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) received at least 1,730 trucks loaded with military supplies from the U.S. after the liberation of the last ISIS stronghold in northeastern Syria last March, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed on July 14.

According to the UK-based monitoring group, the last two shipments included around 280 trucks loaded with logistics and military supplies.

“The SOHR observed the entry of around 280 new trucks coming from northern Iraq, in two batches, to the SDF-held areas east of the Euphrates River,” the monitoring group’s report read.

The motive behind these military supplies remains unclear. ISIS has been defeated in northeastern Syria, according to the US-led coalition itself.

Last year, President Donald Trump ordered a full military withdrawal from Syria following the defeat of ISIS. However, a backlash from politicians in Washington and the mainstream media forced him to make a U-turn.

The increasing support for the SDF could lead to more tension between Turkey and U.S. Ankara considers the Kurdish-dominated group a threat to its national security.
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