Author Topic: HMS Queen Elizabeth Warship Springs Leak During MoD Navy Sea Trials  (Read 75 times)

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HMS Queen Elizabeth Warship Springs Leak During MoD Navy Sea Trials, Forced to Return to Portsmouth

14:26 10.07.2019(updated 14:58 10.07.2019)

CC BY 2.0 / Dave Jenkins - InfoGibraltar / HMS Queen Elizabeth

The news comes after multiple issues have been raised with the UK’s most powerful aircraft carrier, including a shaft seal leak which caused seawater to flood the ship and an accidental trigger of the boat’s sprinkler system whilst in a hangar.

The UK Royal Navy was left red-faced after its HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier sprang a leak, forcing the flagship to cut its five-week long sea trials short.

The leak was described as a “minor issue with an internal system”, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said on Wednesday.

“An investigation into the cause is under way,” an MoD spokesperson added.

The warship, which cost £3.1bn, was rerouted back to Portsmouth as a precaution following the watery discovery on Tuesday.

The leaky mess was contained by personnel and pumped out of the vessel, with the warship later returning to moor at Portsmouth.

Other troubles plaguing the HMS Queen Elizabeth were revealed in May, where the ship’s former captain, Nick Cooke-Priest, was removed from deck after claims he misused the vessel’s Ford Galaxy.

The HMS Queen Elizabeth, which was commissioned by the Queen Sovereign in December 2017 and weighs 65,000 tonnes, recently stayed at dry dock at its birthplace in Rosyth in Fife, where it was inspected and underwent routine maintenance, allowing the ship to potentially avoid future dock check-ups for a further six years. Despite this, the ship's latest snafu proved otherwise.

R ~ If this is the 'most powerful' piece of equipment in the British Navy then Britain needs to STFU rather than go around threatening other nations and undertaking acts of piracy. They don't even have planes for this hunk of junk.
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