Author Topic: Washington now says ‘no timeline’ for regime change in Venezuela  (Read 96 times)

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Back to square one? Washington now says ‘no timeline’ for regime change in Venezuela

Published time: 9 Mar, 2019 09:22

Opposition supporters take part in a rally to commemorate the Day of the Youth and to protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's
government in Caracas, Venezuela February 12, 2019. © Reuters / Carlos Garcia Rawlins

After weeks of insinuating that Nicolas Maduro’s ouster was imminent, Washington now insists that there’s “no timeline” for regime change in Venezuela. RT looks at how the US’ best laid plans haven’t panned out.

When Vice President Mike Pence released a video statement in January pledging full US support for Juan Guaido’s claim to the Venezuelan presidency, many assumed that an operation to install the opposition leader in Caracas was just around the corner. But more than a month later, and with Maduro still firmly in power, Washington seems to be out of ideas: Not only has the US failed to deliver its “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela, but Washington’s allies have unanimously ruled out military action.

The Trump administration now asserts that there’s “no timeline” for regime change in Venezuela – what RT’s Igor Zhdanov described as a “thinly veiled admission of failure.” Washington still contends that “all options are on the table” – but how many options are left?

R ~ gee, no sales of weapons to Turkey and now no oil to be stolen from Venezuela. The 'coalition' hold on Syria and it's oil reserves is rather tenuous. Rough times ahead for the (((deep state))) war chest. In any case, to his credit, Trump was letting his war department rant and rave when all the while he wasn't going to go military on Venezuela, in spite of his rhetoric. This is somewhat similar to how he 'dealt' with N Korea - a great deal of verbiage but no actual hostilities. Frankly, another war would be a really bad idea and Trump knows it. His slim hold on the bureaucracy would simply be swamped by the shrill voices that will be raised from the war party in Congress.

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