Author Topic: Russian ship returns to Black Sea after mission near Syrian waters  (Read 177 times)

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Russian ship returns to Black Sea after mission near Syrian waters

By News Desk -2019-03-05

The Black Sea Fleet’s frigate Admiral Makarov has arrived at the home base in Sevastopol after accomplishing missions in the Mediterranean Sea, the Fleet’s press office reported on Tuesday.

The missile frigate had operated as part of Russia’s Mediterranean taskforce since November last year.

“An official ceremony was held in Sevastopol under the direction of Black Sea Fleet Commander Vice-Admiral Alexei Moiseyev to welcome the ship’s return from its missions in distant waters. Frigate Commander Captain 2nd Rank Grigory Breyev reported to the fleet’s commander that the tasks assigned in the distant sea zone had been fulfilled successfully,” the press office said.

In compliance with the planned rotation, the frigate Admiral Essen has replaced the Admiral Makarov in the Mediterranean Sea. The Admiral Essen passed through the Black Sea Straits on Monday.

The Admiral Makarov is the third Project 11356 blue-water frigate named after Imperial Russian Navy Commander, Oceanographer and Vice-Admiral Stepan Makarov. The latest frigate was delivered to the Navy and the naval flag was hoisted on the warship on December 27, 2017.

The Project 11356 frigates have a displacement of 4,000 tons, a length of 124.8 meters, a speed of 30 knots and a sea endurance of 30 days. They are armed with Kalibr-NK cruise missiles, Shtil-1 surface-to-air missile complexes, A-190 100mm artillery guns, air defense artillery, rocket launchers and torpedoes and can also carry a deck-based Kamov Ka-27 (or Ka-31) helicopter.

The Soviet Navy’s 5th Mediterranean Squadron served as a prototype for the Russian Navy’s permanent Mediterranean taskforce operating at present. The 5th operational Soviet Squadron dealt with the tasks of naval presence in the Mediterranean theater of operations during the Cold War period.

Its main rival was the US Navy’s 6th Fleet. The Soviet Squadron was disbanded on December 31, 1992, a year after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

As it emerged in 2013, Russia was creating a new operational Mediterranean taskforce in its modern history. Russia’s new permanent taskforce is dealing with planned and emergency combat missions arising in the Mediterranean theater of operations, including warding off threats for Russia’s national and military security.


R ~ the reason for this post is that the following appeared today -

France deploys aircraft carrier to eastern Mediterranean for Syria mission

By News Desk -2019-03-05

The deployment comes amid US plans to withdraw its military from Syria as the White House has announced victory over the Daesh* terrorist group. Commenting on the pull-out, US President Donald Trump noted that the remaining states will be able to eliminate the group’s remnants.

French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (CDG) has sailed off for a new deployment in the eastern Mediterranean, where it will conduct operations against Daesh* in Syria, French media reported. It’s unclear what exactly this operation will include and how long the carrier will stay there.

Upon the end of its mission in the Mediterranean, Charles de Gaulle will move to the Indian Ocean and to the Asia-Pacific region. There, CDG will participate in joint drills, namely with Indian forces. The carrier is expected to return to France in July.

This is the first assignment for the Charles de Gaulle following 18 month-long repairs in Toulon. Prior to that, the aircraft carrier had participated in another operation against Daesh* in Syria and Iraq in 2016.

The redeployment follows French President Emmanuel Macron’s criticism of Donald Trump’s plans to withdraw most American troops from Syria after declaring victory over Daesh*. The president expressed regret at the US’ decision and vowed to continue France’s involvement in fighting the terrorist group.

The US will keep a total of 400 troops in the Arab Republic, half of them in al-Tanf military base and the other half in northern Syria.

R ~ the French must have heard the Russians left the Mediterranean and it's safe to come out with their showcase aircraft carrier...
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