Author Topic: Ottawa Bars Sputnik From Lima Group Meeting on Venezuela  (Read 181 times)

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Ottawa Bars Sputnik From Lima Group Meeting on Venezuela
« on: February 04, 2019, 08:00:42 AM »
Ottawa Bars Sputnik From Lima Group Meeting on Venezuela

17:56 04.02.2019(updated 18:55 04.02.2019)

© Sputnik / Vladimir Astapkovich

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Canada’s foreign ministry has denied accreditation to Sputnik and RIA Novosti for a meeting of the Lima Group foreign ministers on Venezuela in Ottawa.

Richard Walker, a spokesman for Canada's foreign ministry, explained to Sputnik's correspondent that the agency was denied accreditation because it "hasn't been cordial" with Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland in the past.

"Thank you for your interest in the 10th ministerial meeting of Lima Group in Ottawa. This email is to let you know you have NOT been accredited as media," the Canadian Foreign Ministry said in its original letter, notifying journalists about the refusal.

The ministry did not cite any reasons behind its decision in the letter.

Meanwhile, Walker said, when asked to explain the refusal, that "in the past Sputnik hasn't been cordial with minister Freeland."

On Sunday, Venezuela-based Telesur television network said it was also denied access to Lima Group meeting by the Canadian government which did not provide any reasoning behind the move.

The Lima Group, which comprises 14 member states, was established in August 2017 to promote democratic reforms in Venezuela. The majority of the member states have been critical of incumbent Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country's interim leader.

Venezuela is currently facing large-scale anti-government protests with Guaido having declared himself the country's interim president on January 23 in a bid to ouster Maduro. Canada, as well as the United States and a number of European and Latin American countries, have recognised Guaido's leadership. Russia, China and some other countries are backing Maduro as the legitimate president of Venezuela.

R ~ "hasn't been cordial" - I'll bet that (((Chrystia Freeland))) isn't going to get any hugs and kisses if she walked down the street on any given day. This is the New Canada, pathos on steroids. The Lima Group is just another brqanch of the deep state. All those who are supporting the latest US/Jew coup can talk all they like but they have neither credibility or and authority to decide for the people in Venezuela. Funny how that works in a 'democracy'... invariable only one or two voices are listened to as if they alone know what's best for the people.
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