Author Topic: First responder in Skripal poisoning turns out to be Britain’s senior military  (Read 289 times)

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First responder in Skripal poisoning turns out to be Britain’s most senior military nurse

Published time: 21 Jan, 2019 10:08
Edited time: 21 Jan, 2019 16:04

Colonel Alison McCourt. Photo from

Sergei and Yulia Skripal were given first aid by the British Army’s most senior nurse, who just happened to be nearby, according to a new report – adding further intrigue to the highly controversial case.

The latest development in the Salisbury poisoning affair will fuel the claims of skeptics, who don’t believe the official British narrative. UK authorities have claimed that the former double agent and his daughter were targeted by the Russian government in a bizarre failed assassination plot involving a military-grade nerve agent.

It was previously reported by British media that the first person to provide medical assistance to the Skripals after they collapsed on a bench in Salisbury was “an off-duty nurse who had worked on the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.”

However, the healthcare professional turned out to be not just any nurse. She was Colonel Alison McCourt, a veteran service member who currently holds the position of chief nursing officer in the British Army.

The revelation emerged after her daughter Abigail, 16, was given a Local Hero award from Spire FM, a local radio station. According to a story broadcast by the radio last weekend, Abigail noticed that the Skripals were not well, misdiagnosed Sergei as having suffered a heart attack, and called her mom. The teen, who has first-aid training, then assisted her mother in providing CPR.

Spire FM explained why the story was kept in the dark for almost a year, saying neither of the McCourt women had wanted media attention after the two people they helped turned out to be victims of a high-profile crime that pitted the UK and Russia against each other in a bitter war of accusations and stonewalling.

Spire FM

 SALISBURY: Teen that went to help Russian pair said first aid training she had learned at school made huge difference:

10:55 PM - Jan 20, 2019
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EXCLUSIVE: Teenage girl describes moment she found collapsed Skripals
Abigail McCourt has spoken about the Salisbury Novichok incident for the very first time.

However, Colonel McCourt, who herself was decorated for her deployment to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone, decided that her daughter also deserved an award and proposed her as a candidate.

Skeptics will say it’s a hell of a coincidence that Britain’s most senior military nurse and her family were celebrating her son’s birthday at just the right time, and in just the right place, to get involved in arguably the decade’s biggest spy scandal in Britain. Perhaps stranger things have happened…

The British military lab that studies chemical weapons also just happens to be located near Salisbury. The victims of the poison, which the UK government have called Novichok, collapsed at the same time, hours after allegedly coming into contact with the substance on the door handle of Sergei Skripal’s front door.

The supposed bungling assassins proved to be so inept that they couldn’t dispose of the highly conspicuous murder weapon in a way in which it wouldn’t be found. And all this coincidentally occurred to cause scandal and distraction just as Britain was failing to negotiate favorable terms for its exit from the EU.

R ~ 'The latest development in the Salisbury poisoning affair will fuel the claims of skeptics' To be more precise this should read 'The latest development in the Salisbury poisoning affair will destroy the false claims of Theresa May & Co. This self aggrandizing bitch is all that is wrong with so many women these days who ignore morality daily in favor of fame and fortune. I'm sure those awards come with perks - that 'feel good' emotional tripe that is all the rage these days.

Go back to the award article by Spire - NO MENTION that 'mum' was the a top soldier on the scene of the so-called 'Novichuk attack'. This is propaganda at it's best - serving the government no matter what.
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Could it be intended this way to draw out the very class of people demanding truth & justice? Is it not one of the oldest games in the book. Heck, Vietnam was as much an opportunity for them to cut 'us' out of the picture than it was anything about some SE Asian country.
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