Author Topic: Trump: Auto Tariffs 'Being Studied' as General Motors Shuts Down Assembly  (Read 136 times)

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Trump: Auto Tariffs 'Being Studied' as General Motors Shuts Down Assembly

17:54 28.11.2018(updated 18:16 28.11.2018)

Plants © Sputnik / Alexei Danichev

American auto industry giant General Motors (GM) announced earlier this week that the company would eliminate several assembly plants in the US and would cut 15 percent of its workforce, which is about 14,700 jobs.

Addressing the closure of the assembly plants in the US, President Donald Trump stated Wednesday that the government was studying possible car tariffs. He also blamed many countries that had been exporting trucks to the US of taking advantage of Washington for decades.

Donald J. Trump

The reason that the small truck business in the U.S. is such a go to favorite is that, for many years, Tariffs of 25% have been put on small trucks coming into our country. It is called the “chicken tax.” If we did that with cars coming in, many more cars would be built here...

...and G.M. would not be closing their plants in Ohio, Michigan & Maryland. Get smart Congress. Also, the countries that send us cars have taken advantage of the U.S. for decades. The President has great power on this issue - Because of the G.M. event, it is being studied now!

6:43 AM - 28 Nov 2018

Commenting on the decision, GM said that it made the decision because of a decline in car sales. The company estimated that the move would bring in more than $6 billion in additional annual cash flow by the end of 2020, including $4 billion in cost cuts and $1.5 billion in reduced capital expenditures.

Shortly after the announcement, Trump said that he would consider cutting all of the company's subsidies, including credit going to consumers buying electric vehicles.
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