Author Topic: Israel bombs TV station in Gaza amid massive border flare-up  (Read 129 times)

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Israel bombs TV station in Gaza amid massive border flare-up
« on: November 12, 2018, 01:39:42 PM »
Israel bombs TV station in Gaza amid massive border flare-up

Published time: 12 Nov, 2018 19:53
Edited time: 12 Nov, 2018 21:20

A ball of fire is seen above the Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV station in Gaza City. © AFP / Bashar Taleb

The Israeli military has bombed the studios of the Hamas-run Al-Aqsa television station, Palestinian officials and witnesses have confirmed. Footage of a huge blast has appeared online.

A video posted on Twitter shows huge flames erupting over the Al-Aqsa TV station. Screams can also be heard in the background.

The station was targeted as part of a series of airstrikes on Gaza by Israel on Monday. Those strikes were in response to a barrage of rockets launched from Gaza, and follow several days of tense cross-border flare-ups.

Al-Aqsa is the official Hamas-run television channel. Its programming includes news promoting Hamas, as well as children's programming and religiously inspired entertainment.

The bombing happened after the Israeli military launched at least five non-exploding missiles nearby, warning Palestinians to evacuate, according to sources cited by Reuters.

More than 300 rockets were fired towards Israel by Gaza on Monday, 60 of which were intercepted, according to the IDF. A bus which had been used to carry Israeli soldiers was struck by an anti-tank missile from Gaza, critically injuring one.

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) says it responded by striking over 70 targets in the Gaza Strip. At least two Palestinian civilians were killed, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. One person was injured.

The Monday tensions come after days of flare-ups between the two sides. On Sunday, an Israeli special forces raid in the Gaza Strip saw at least two Hamas commanders and four other Palestinians killed. One Israeli soldier was also killed and another wounded.

R ~ Israel, our bestest friend committing yet another war crime. This is what Israel has in mind for any media station or press outlet, anywhere in the world that speaks to the truth. Truth is anathema to these habitual liars. Must bomb and murder to silence us all.
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