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Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 23rd, 2018
« on: September 23, 2018, 09:43:24 PM »
Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 23rd, 2018


Well, it is indeed Sunday... And once again time for my weekly rant..

It is now officially two days into the Autumn season here in central Canada, and the temperature outside has been dropping like a stone over the last week... This is indeed most unusual for this time of year, and it does lend to proving that all of those reports from the Climate Change group of idiots out there that this has been the "hottest year on record" is nothing but pure bunk and pure propaganda bullshit...

In fact, there are reports of major snowfall only a few hundred kilometres north of here and so much more west of here in both Saskatchewan and Alberta.... And yes, this may be a near record for the earliest time that snow has fallen on the ground in these parts... We usually do not get any significant snow flurries in these parts until the beginning of October!

All that does show is that yes, we are entering a solar minimum period that may lead into a "grand solar minimum" which will see a very strong and significant period of intense cold in these parts.... This is of course a result of our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol, going "cold" where its solar radiation output, that powers this planet's own climate, is diminished..... But what people do not even realize is that this is only the beginning stages of this "solar minimum" and that the REAL colder period is still about a decade away!   Yes, readers, it is getting colder on planet Earth, and you have not seen anything yet!  And please, do not even get me started about how the criminals in our own governments are still pushing hard with the fraud of "carbon taxation" which in itself is absolutely nothing more than a scam to fleece people out of their hard earned wealth!

OK, enough of the weather report... I have been asked by a few readers to give my two cents worth on this "Kavanaugh" issue happening in the US that has every Jew spew media outlet abuzz with a flood of reports on an hourly basis to cloud the minds of most Americans.... I decided to take a look at the "rape allegations" that this idiot ass clown, Jewess Christine Blasey Ford,  has made against Brett Kavanaugh that supposedly happened some 30+ years ago, and honestly I had to laugh in disgust... This idiot Ford is obviously too stupid for words, for she could not come up with any factual evidence that she was "attacked" by Brett Kavanaugh at a party when she was supposedly 15 years of age... And the real laugher came out last week when Ford was directly questioned as to the YEAR that the "attack" supposedly happened, and that idiot clown could not even figure that out, only to answer that she was "15" at the time.... This is so insulting, and I do wonder why the American public is even putting up with this bullshit... This Ford lunatic has been obviously paid to lie her ass off and to make these false allegations against Kavanaugh, and in spite of her caught in her own lies, she has the nerve to continue them!  And the stupid part about this is how her "supporters" are all spewing the same false rhetoric that she should be believed, because she knows what she is talking about (ha ha) and that she can be trusted because she is a woman!..... I for one would love for this bitch to be arrested and thrown into jail for these false allegations and pretences..... The one thing that I found startling is how much the American public, when interviewed by the liars in the Jew spew media (who are of course in support of Ford) are not fooled by this bullshit going on, and how the majority of people that use common sense can see that this Ford creature is indeed a bullshit artist!  To me, this is obviously a ploy by those criminal "liberals" that have infested America to try to prevent or delay Kavanaugh from being put into the US Supreme Court.....

Well, I did expect what happened in Syria last week, where the criminal Israelis absolutely used a Russian IL-20 transport plane to screen their F16 fighters as they once again launched one of their missile strikes into Syria... We have all seen the reports that this shoot down was 'accidental' and caused by Syrian S200 intercepting missiles that were unable to identify the Russian aircraft separately from the Israeli F16 fighters due to a breakdown of the IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) software systems.... But I have had so many questions about this shoot down, and especially some interesting evidence and reports that came out late last week stating that the shoot down was not "accidental" but was DELIBERATE and done by that French missile frigate operating in the Mediterranean Sea that absolutely participated in that missile strike into Syria....   Yes, few people and few reports are coming out about how the French absolutely 100% participated in that missile attack into Syria last week along with the Israelis, and I am still, as I said in a previous report, trying to figure out what that Jew dick sucking French Prime Minister, Macron, was thinking in participating in that strike...War with Russia??... Basically the gawd damn French listened to their Jewish masters and obeyed their wishes in launching that missile strike and apparently one of their missiles did indeed shoot down the Russian IL20 transport.... The other hard question is WHY Russian President Vladimir Putin did not go on the PR attack and blame the French for not only participating in that attack on Syria but also for shooting down one of his own aircraft?   It does lead once again as to what kind of game is Putin playing here and whether or not he is actually in Syria to support the Syrians?  There have been many that have warned me that this war in Syria is NOT as it seems, and more and more I am realizing that they may be right...

Meanwhile, we have the supposedly brokered agreement between Turkey and Russia that will see the so called 'rebels' and "terrorists" still holed up in the Idlib pocket disarmed and to create a demilitarized zone in that province with the eventual goal of having Idlib returned to the Syrian nation along with the people there that have suffered the wrath of these fraud "terrorists" for years now..... BUT we find reports late last week where apparently several of the so called 'terrorist" groups in Idlib have now rejected the entire Idlib deal and have instead vowed to fight on.... It is obvious that these dissenting groups are being pushed by their US/Israel paymasters to continue to raise havoc and to continue with the bloodshed in Idlib... On top of all that, we find other reports stating that these fraud terrorists in Idlib are still about to go ahead with their phoney "chemical weapons" false flag attack to be blamed on Syrian President Assad, and to try to create the premise for having the US/NATO criminal group come marching into Syria to destroy that nation....  We shall see very soon if the Idlib situation can be saved or if the fighting will continue...

Well, apparently after a few weeks of "stalemate" in the war in Yemen, especially in regards to the Saudi led coalition attempting to seize the vital port of Hodeida on the Red Sea, the Saudis are now re-equipped with the latest and greatest US/Israeli made weapons and are about to attack once again with the goal of seizing that port and cutting off the last vestiges of humanitarian aid reaching the impoverished civilians in Yemen.... And once again I do fear for the lives of the millions of innocent Yemen civilians that have been teetering on the edge of famine, that will once this new assault is launched face an unimaginable genocide.... The Saudis are still hell bent on seizing the entire Yemen nation and seeing the Houthi resistance destroyed, and they do not give one damn about the Yemen civilians that will either be slaughtered and/or put to death due to starvation..... It is so sad to see our governments support this slaughter as they are so hell bent on making sure that multi-billion dollar arms deals with Saudi Arabia continue to help fuel our economies..... Yes, our own governments are indeed complicit in this Saudi Arabian genocide taking place in Yemen as they only care about the billions in profits from weapons sales!

I have been reading all of the reports coming in since yesterday about that attack on that military parade in the southern city of Ahvaz, Iran early Saturday, where some gunmen fired into the crowds watching the parade, resulting in the killing of some 25 innocent people while wounding some 60+ others..... And of course this attack was absolutely deliberate and I can guarantee it was set up and staged by the Israelis along with the help of the United States, that absolutely want to see as much turmoil take place in Iran so as to set the stage of an eventual US attack on Iran itself....EVERY piece of evidence that I have read about this attack points directly to agents under the hire of the Israeli Mossad doing this heinous attack, and rightfully so... Yes, there are reports stating that this attack was conducted by "ISIS cells" operating in Iran, but the facts are that since ISIS itself is a fraud and nothing more than US run agents, and mercenaries, we once again have the US/Israel to blame...Again the US and Israel are absolutely behind this attack, and we may see more and more of these attacks to follow as the psychos in Israel are wanting to piss off the Iranians so much that they reach a point that they will want to retaliate against Israel itself... And once the Iranians did retaliate against Israel, that would be the cue for the US to come storming in and attack Iran to 'defend' Israel.....  I surely hope that the Iranians do not take the bait here....

I saw the reports earlier this week where the Russians came forward with their hard evidence that the shoot down of Malaysian flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine was deliberate and done by the Ukrainians themselves... The Russians brought forward the hard evidence that the missile fragments found at the MH17 crash site were absolutely 100% from missiles that originated from Ukraine itself... The Russian evidence showed that the missiles were launched from a Ukrainian BUK missile launch platform, which does back up what I have said all along as to what caused the destruction of that Boeing 777 aircraft... However, I found it amazing that the Russians did not tell the entire story, especially in regards to the evidence that MH17 was indeed the last flight of the long missing MH370, especially with the already long dead bodies that were pulled from the MH17 wreckage.... I have long stated at this blog that the solution to the MH17 puzzle is: MH17 = MH370, and until someone is able to show me any hard evidence otherwise, that statement still stands.....

I saw the reports last week where supposedly Elon Musk's SpaceX is indeed planning to send a passenger space capsule to swing around the moon as early as 2020 using one of SpaceX's own super heavy lift Falcon rockets.... I watched the news conference as SpaceX paraded out the first "passenger" that was selected to be on board that flight, a Japanese billionaire that planned to have at least a half dozen other passengers on board that initial flight around the moon made up of famous "artists"..... I watched and then shook my head in disgust... The problems of interstellar radiation in space have NOT been solved and I seriously doubt that even SpaceX has come up with the solution to that radiation that even the ass clowns over at NASA have yet to resolve..... I had to wonder what in the hell was going on here?  And what kind of scam SpaceX was now pulling on the gullible people of this planet?   I am going to surmise that the clowns over at SpaceX are about to pull off the same fraud as with the initial Apollo moon fraud missions, simulate this entire flight around the moon in 2020, and pass it off to the gullible people as being real...  Apparently it was not enough that the gullible people were conned some 50 years ago, but here they are going to do it again!

I got a most interesting comment earlier this week from a long time reader, who suddenly and out of the blue accused me of being "wrong" about what happened in the attack on Pearl Harbor way back on December 7th, 1941.... I was flabbergasted, for I have put up a lot of material at this blog for years now showing how that attack was absolutely 100% deliberate and a set up, caused and created by the US itself, and how the criminal US President FDR absolutely knew it was coming and allowed some 3000 innocent people to be murdered on the Hawaiian island of Oahu..... I therefore could not figure out WHY that reader suddenly stated that I was "wrong", and it was indeed the most ludicrous statement that I have seen in years...... Usually I get the crapola coming out of the Flat Earth rejects that tend to try to use my comment section as their platform for their stupidity, but that reader has been a long time reader and commentator to my blog, and suddenly makes false claims about myself...... I am still waiting to find out where I was "wrong", and hopefully I will find out shortly... If I do make mistakes in my writings, I do let people know and I do fix those errors accordingly...

Well, I guess that is enough of the major issues of the day for the last week... I always leave so much on the plate that I may have missed out on, and I do try to cover some of that material here in my 'last minute tidbits'.... I am continuing to watch for updates on those ludicrous trials of both the Schaefers and Ursula Haverbeck, in Germany on the insanity of "denying the Holocaust".   I will be sharing some of the material sent my way shortly with new reports, but the facts are simple that no matter what proof these brave people put out showing their innocence, the Jewish criminal elite will have them found guilty and thrown into jail....Truth never needs laws to defend itself, and I absolutely do have some hard questions about the so called "holocaust", but am muzzled from putting out my own research into that period of history due to ludicrous "hate crime" laws in Canada!...... Legalization of marijuana is coming on October 17th to Canada and honestly I do not care.  I used to smoke marijuana years back, but I seriously doubt I will be back smoking the stuff once it becomes legal!.....Reports coming out all the time now about how illegals and migrants are raping, killing, and torturing people everywhere and not giving a damn about their actions.  I am standing firm with my statement that these sewer rats should be gathered up and sent back to the hell holes they originated from and immediately!.......Reports coming out now at an almost daily basis about Israelis murdering Palestinian civilians.  This does not surprise me at all, for the psychos in Israel absolutely want it all, and they want the Palestinians gone; either by forced exile or extermination.  Such indeed is the way of the sickness of Judaism..........As I suspected, that Solar Observatory in the US that was in the news last week did NOT see some "alien invasion" but apparently one of its workers was arrested and charged with possibly watching child porn on his computer.  I am surprised that so many suckers out there actually thought that this observatory saw something in outer space that it was not supposed to see!..........It is Yom Kippur once again for the sickos who follow the fraud religion of Judaism. And of course that means their sickening "day of atonement" where they ask their "god" once again to get away with lying, cheating, and stealing, from the Gentiles for another year.  And in spite of all this, people have to ask why I cannot stand the Jews?.......Honestly, considering the garbage we saw last week in regards to those two lying freaks of nature claiming that Russian President Putin was out to "poison them", have the British people finally have had enough of the bullshit surrounding the fraud Skripal Poisonings?   I sure hope so, and I hope they will finally go after that POS Theresa May for her continuing lies as well...........I saw an article last week that claimed that the use of smartphones is actually making people in this generation a lot dumber.  I agree with that finding, for I find it absolutely appalling that people spend their days with their heads buried in those devices and now do not even know how to socialize with other human beings!.........And do NOT get me started about this 5G "technology" that is now being rolled out everywhere across North America.  I have already shown clear evidence that the electromagnetic radiation associated with 5G is deadly to human health and I have found nothing to the contrary.   It is therefore alarming that the telco companies continue to use humans as guinea pigs, while in pursuit of profit!...... And yes, it is now the beginning of a new 'flu season' and already I have seen reports about a "possible pandemic" unless everyone goes out and gets their "flu shot".  It is the same song and dance by Big Pharma as they want to inject our bodies with their vaccine poisons for nothing more than profit and to see our brains get fried!..........Arsenal plays Everton at Emirates Stadium this morning.  Of course I am hoping for a Gunner victory over the Toffees to make it 4 games in a row.  But again the real test for the team will come again soon when they have to play top flight teams such as Chelsea, Manchester City, and Liverpool.  I do look at this as being a "rebuilding" year for the Gunners and have no expectations that they can get the league title any time soon............And finally, in the slime ball world of Kardashian, apparently all is not well with skank Kim and her husband Kanye West concerning trust issues and possible infidelity.  If you consider how Kim is nothing more than a former soft porn star and trollop, it is no wonder Kanye has a hard time with trust.  And yes, while America is going to hell, this is what constitutes as "news".    To this day, I am still trying to figure out the infatuation that Americans have with these rejects from society and I am still awaiting an answer!
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