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Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 11th, 2018
« on: March 13, 2018, 12:49:49 PM »
Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 11th, 2018

"In A Time Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act" ~ George Orwell, Author .....
"All Truth Passes Through Three stages. First: It Is Ridiculed, Second: It Is Violently Opposed, And Third: It Is Accepted As Self-Evident" ~ Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday, and better late than never... Time once again for my weekend rant.

I have had a most hectic last few days...My mother was a bit "under the weather" and I spent a lot of time over these last few days taking care of her needs... And then my "better half" got sick herself and I had to do much of the work around the place including making meals and taking care of her as well... I therefore found little time to even sit down and surf the net as well as to post any articles here... FINALLY since late this afternoon I was able to have some of my own time to get up to speed on what has been happening in our sick world and to sit down and write this "rant".....

One thing that I have noted this winter... I have had almost NO bouts of sinusitis or "influenza" or even the common cold.... This may be primarily due to my taking better care of myself and taking more supplements for my better health.... It still astonishes me that so many people are still so gullible that they went out and believed all the bullshit propaganda pushed by the Jew spew media for them to get their "flu shots", when there is absolutely NO need what so ever in taking those poisons into anyone's bodies.... The evidence is right there for everyone to research for themselves about the truth about vaccines and how they not only do not work, but actually weaken immune systems.... And yes, I have seen all of the counter arguments for years now about how "vaccines" do fight diseases, and I counter those claims by having people simply look up online on how vaccinated people are actually the ones causing the diseases!  Yes, truth be known that vaccinated people have indeed been in many cases the ones spreading disease.....

I will not say "I told you so" in regards to what I stated many times about North Korea, but I was right in saying that there will be NO war at all against North Korea, period... The fact that US President Donald Drumpf is now willing to sit down and talk "head to head" with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un should tell everyone that the entire "North Korean threat" was and always has been a mirage... The US government and the Jew spew media were out there for months pushing the North Korea "fear porn" on a daily basis to try to scare the people into the thought that a war was indeed necessary, when the reality is of course it was all a sham... The US used that same fear propaganda on its "allies" in Asia to get them to purchase a multitude of new and more deadly US made weapons which were NOT for North Korea at all... As I said before, fear drives weapons sales, and business, thanks to the "North Korean threat" was indeed good for the US military industrial complex

The reality is of course that North Korea as a "threat" was a sick game played by the US when the real purpose of all those weapon sales was for containment of what the Pentagram (Pentagon) has for decades labeled as the real "threat", CHINA.... YES,  readers the US basically fooled the world and moved multi-billions of dollars and more sophisticated military hardware into Asia to be aimed directly at China....  The US is absolutely hell bent on "containment" of China due to China's growing power in the region and around the world and will stop at nothing to prevent the Chinese from using their massive economic strength to finally get away from the collapsing US dollar as their instrument of trade.... The US will indeed resort to war to keep the US dollar as the world's major international currency of trade and absolutely will resort to war against nuclear China if necessary... Such is indeed the madness of the US government these days....

I finally went onto several websites today to read the great news out of Syria where the good guys, the SAA and their Russian allies, have finally split the East Ghouta pocket into two pieces as I had predicted would happen mid week.....With that split, the US led "Al Qaeda" forces still operating in the pockets are doomed to destruction and rightfully so... The liars in the Jew spew media have long been pushing the lies through their propaganda machine that the SAA had been "murdering" civilians in the East Ghouta pocket, when the reality has always been that the so called 'moderate rebels' holed up there have been doing all of the murdering and slaughtering of innocents... One case in point came mid week when I read that humanitarian corridors had been opened to allow civilians to leave the pocket but when civilians began their exodus, their convoys were shelled and attacked by those same "moderate rebels" with heavy casualties..... That alone should have shown the world exactly what those "moderate rebels" were really all about, but of course the Jew spew media missed that story line all together and instead continued to foment the lie that the SAA was killing civilians....

And of course now that there is no hope for the US "terrorists" in East Ghouta, we find "new" reports through the real terrorists, the so called "White Helmets" that chemical weapons were once again used by the Syrian government forces against civilians in the pocket.... Honestly, when I saw these new reports, I could not believe that these same criminals were once again trying to sell the hogwash to the gullible people.... Common sense should be the order of the day here, for I again must ask anyone with rational thinking as to WHY on Earth would President Assad order a 'chemical weapons' on civilians when his forces are winning everywhere across Syria?   The answer is so obvious that these latest reports of "chemical weapons" being used are indeed pure propaganda and are once again being used by the liars in the Jew spew media to get public support for a new 'attack' on Syria itself.... I sure hope people do still have brains and are not going to fall for this one...

Meanwhile in northern Syria, the Turkish forces are continuing their advances in the Afrin region and at this time have almost surrounded the town itself.... AND yes, we find reports that once the Turks complete their initial plans to wipe out the US backed Kurds in that area, they will move on the town of Manjib next with further attacks all along the northern Syrian frontier to come.... Turkey is absolutely hell bent on making sure that the US backed Kurdish forces do not get to have their "Kurdistan" formed along their southern border and will continue their attacks even if it does mean that they will be up against US forces directly and soon.....

It is also interesting to see several articles earlier this week where reports are now coming out that the US government is wanting to spend some $300 Million to fully arm and train a new "60000" man force in northern Syria, composed almost entirely of these same Kurdish rebels.... What that means is that the US is absolutely hell bent on not only having an illegal state of Kurdistan established in northern Syria, but to also use that 60000 man army for their continuing push to disintegrate Syria entirely.....To me, it is astounding that most Americans are not even aware that their criminal government is not only still illegally operating in northern Syria as invaders, but that their tax dollars are being used to basically create a new army to have the slaughter in that nation continue.

Now that the "threat" of North Korea has ended, the US will begin to redeploy their forces for the upcoming attack on Iran.... Yes, readers, that attack is definitely coming, for we had that psychotic Prime Minister of Israel, the failed used furniture Lithuanian Khazar scumbag, Benyamin Miliekosky aka "Netanyahu" go to Washington last week to not only attend the Jew suck ass "AIPAC" meetings there, but to give US President Drumpf his newest marching orders... And the US President has absolutely now been ordered to prepare his forces for an attack on the innocent nation of Iran.... I will predict right here that over the next few weeks we will have the mystical "Iranian nuclear threat" reappear all over the Jew spew media outlets, as the vilification of Iran will rapidly increase to get the gullible American people once again into the false belief that Iran is somehow a "threat" and must be destroyed.... AND yes, we also could indeed see a new 'false flag' happening sooner than later that will also be pinned on Iran..... The fact is that Israel has always wanted Iran destroyed, and they are indeed wanting to use their American gullible minions to do all of the fighting and dying for them....

When I heard about the latest "AIPAC" JEW loveliest happening last week in Washington DC, I had to vomit.... I read all of the reports about how members of the US government and Congress made their annual pilgrimage to that psychotic meeting to bow down and kiss Jew butt.... But the worse of the worse was when that Nikki Haley psycho bitch went to AIPAC and basically frothed at the mouth on the podium talking about how much she loves Israel and the Jewish demons..... I actually watched a bit of the video release of that demonic bitch on the podium in front of all of her Jewish masters and it was the most revolting display of someone grovelling that I have seen in a while...Honestly, if Americans woke the fuck up and realized how much their leadership was nothing more than Jew dick suckers, every single one of those traitors would be thrown out of office immediately and rightfully so...

You want to know what really bugs me these days?  The bullshit of "political correctness" and how it has been used to muzzle free speech and thought... .I for one am sick and tired of these so called Liberals and other "snow flakes" out there complaining loudly when anyone makes a statement and they find it "offensive".... Honestly, get a fucking life you clowns.... Reality does periodically bite everyone in the ass, but the truth must be told no matter how bitter it is and how some may find it "offensive".....Life is tough all over, and we have no need for such flakes in our societies..... And of course we also have these same butt hurt clowns out there trying to claim that there are as many as 30 or so "sexes" and that people should no longer identify individuals as a "he" or a "she"... To me, this is so laughable and ridiculous for there has always been and will always be only two sexes... One is born with the Y chromosome making it a male, while the other is born with the X chromosome making it female... There are no "third" or more "sexes" period.....  I will never ever accept the sick concept that we should not address people as either a "he" or a "she" and it is about time that people stood up and put the sick freaks behind this madness in their places....

One thing that caught my eye the other day was when Russian President Vladimir Putin got to the bottom of all of this Russia Gate bullshit and called it for what it is... Putin came out and stated clearly that it is not the Russians behind the fraud US election fiascos, but the JEWS.... And guess what?  Putin is absolutely 100% accurate in his statement, for the Jewish pricks that control almost every facet in America now absolutely do control the election processes... And lets face it, for the last US federal election proves that point when you had Jewess Hillary "Killary" RODHAM (Jewish name) Clinton, running against Jew control and probably Jewish himself Donald Drumpf for the US "Presidency"...... The Jewish demons absolutely control both the Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party, and absolutely make sure that every "candidate" is either Jewish or fully controlled by their tribe..... And of course the Jewish run Jew spew media was all over Putin's statement of absolute fact trying to now claim he is "antisemitic" and a "Jew hater".... But again facts are facts, and Putin stated the obvious and is easily proven as fact!

Honestly, even with all of the evidence now showing clearly that the "shooting" at that High School in Parkland, Florida was indeed a massive operation and was conducted by a hit squad of at least three professional shooters, we still  have the the gullible and stupid American public swallowing the horse shit that it was this "sick and deranged" 'lone gunman' Nikolas Cruz doing all the shooting... I have posted so many articles over these last few weeks exposing this fraud, and yet I find even up here in Canada so many people still brainwashed into believing that this was the real mccoy!   It does indeed show the power of the Jew spew media these days  that they can sell total garbage to stupid people and the stupid people will believe anything they see and read from those liars and clowns...  Lets face the facts here that the Jewish monsters in America are definitely wanting to strip the guns from the US citizens before they implode the US economy and turn the entire nation into a police state.  And sadly most of the gullible saps living south of the 49th parallel here will indeed gladly allow that to happen!

Well, there you have it... I have a lot of catching up to do, for there is so much that I have not covered here and I will do my best to cover those issues in upcoming articles...In the meantime, here comes my usual "last minute tidbits"........News came out the other day that the criminals behind NATO are indeed hell bent on bringing Ukraine into their fold.  I honestly can see no purpose behind the NATO 'alliance' these days, other than to be used as a weapon aimed directly at Russia itself.......I have not posted much over the last while about the Fukushima disaster, other than to say it is still going as strong as ever, as TEPCO continues to pour radioactive contaminated water directly into the Pacific Ocean.  The facts are that there is still no way of fixing the failed reactors and we are stuck with Fukushima for decades to come.........Yes, I am well aware of US President Drumpf wanting to impose new tariffs on steel and other products from foreign nations.  Drumpf is a business man, and he does realize that foreign nations have indeed had an unfair trade imbalance with the US that has sent so many jobs overseas as a result.  His thinking is that these tariffs will "level the playing field" and I do hope he is right for right now the US is still an economic basket case that does not come close to its manufacturing dominance of just a few decades ago.........I have to laugh when I still hear so many in the US claiming that President Drumpf is "good for the nation".  I find things differently where I see a Jew dick sucker in the White House that has increased US debts and deficits while at the same time getting the US into even more foreign wars for Israel.  I dare anyone to show me otherwise.........I have always said that "social media" platforms such as "Facebook" and "Twitter" are nothing more than cancers on our societies.  But now you can add "Youtube" to that list as the Jewish pricks behind that video sharing service are censoring everything now that exposes the crimes of the tribe and other truths from being viewed by the general public.  There are other video sharing services out there, and I would recommend that people stop using "Youtube" and go elsewhere......No new news about Monika Schaefer who is still in a cold German jail cell under the most ridiculous charges imaginable.  And I am still astounded as to how the Canadian government still refuses to do anything about a Canadian citizen being held illegally in a German jail.  Yes, Canada is very much under the control of the sick Jewish freaks that want to see Monika Schaefer disappear forever.......I heard about that "Flippy" the hamburger flipping robot that is supposed to replace workers in fast food restaurants across America, and I have to laugh.  How ridiculous to think that some minimum wage workers can be replaced by a $60000 mechanical arm that flips hamburgers and requires constant maintenance?...... I did see the articles where supposedly the President of South Africa and his "officials" are now threatening to murder white South Africans who refuse to turn their land over to the blacks.  I will state it clearly that if the idiots in the South African government are this stupid, then South Africa will become like Zimbabwe where removal of the whites caused a full economic collapse and nation wide starvation.........Meanwhile, the war in Yemen continues and thousands are absolutely dying at an ever growing pace due to genocide through mass starvation.   And here we find the UK wanting to sell the Saudi criminals doing the slaughtering in Yemen a whole bunch of brand new Typhoon fighter aircraft so that they can continue to slaughter?  Yes, it is sick enough that the Saudis are committing genocide in Yemen, but it is revolting to see so many western nations helping them by giving them the weapons necessary!........Why is this not making news?  Apparently some $10 Billion dollars that is owned by the government in Libya has mysteriously "disappeared" from banks in Brussels Belgium.  It is bad enough that the criminal Rothschilds ordered their minions to destroy Libya years ago, but out of greed they have also stolen Libya's wealth as well!........I for the life of me cannot understand why we still use "daylight savings time" at all?  It is useless in this day and age, and all it does is throw off our bodies' natural cicada rhythm.   Sometimes I think it is done purposely to keep us all overtired while the criminal Jews continue to overwork us as well..........I am still being periodically attacked by the Flat Earth retards, and I again will state the obvious.  Most of them are either indeed trolls, or the US education system has now failed to the point that they are indeed graduating morons from their schools.  The world is not a pancake but an oblate spheroid, you flat earth retards!...........I see that Arsenal did beat Watford by the score of 3-0 earlier today, but again it is too late for the Gunners and once this season is over they should concentrate on rebuilding.  And rebuilding does mean some serious changes in the line up and even at the head coaching position......Still no takers in almost 2 months of my challenging anyone to prove me wrong when I state that singer Taylor Swift is a psychotic and mentally unbalanced bitch.  I have seen the evidence and I want someone to show me differently....... And speaking of psychos, I see that skank Kim Kardashian is once again showing her true nature as she was caught eating at a Japanese restaurant last week topless.  Yes, Kim was a soft porn star who's only claim to fame was baring her body, and apparently that type of mentality is still with that skank to this day.  The madness of the entire Kardashian troop of trolls and misfits does indeed continue.....

More to come

Suspend all belief. Get the facts ~ Rudi
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