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Blogger, 53, who 'mocked Anne Frank and Holocaust survivors' in songs she uploaded to the web sang along as her ‘grossly offensive’ music was played during the first day of her racism trail

  • Alison Chabloz, 53, labelled the Holocaust as the 'Holohoax' in one song
  • The blogger arrived at court with fans who supported her from the gallery
  • She mocks prominent Jewish figures, including Elie Wiesel and Anne Frank
  • Chabloz, from Derbyshire, faces five charges relating at Westminster court

PUBLISHED: 09:47 EST, 10 January 2018 | UPDATED: 17:03 EST, 10 January 2018

A controversial blogger sang along with her songs which described Auschwitz as a 'theme park' and the Holocaust as a 'Holohoax' in court today as she was tried for sending racist material.

Alison Chabloz, 53, arrived at court holding flowers and was cheered on from the public gallery by a group of her vocal supporters.

Chabloz, of Charlesworth, Derbyshire, posted a video to a YouTube video of her singing and playing the guitar to a song she wrote entitled (((survivor))).

In the provocative song, she mocks prominent Jewish figures, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel, as well as Anne and Otto Frank, to the tune of a traditional Jewish song.

Chabloz appeared to sing the song as she appeared in court when the video was shown at Westminster Magistrates Court, with her supporters in the public gallery laughing and singing along.

She faces five charges related to three songs which are 'grossly offensive'. She denies three counts of sending obscene material by public communication networks and two alternative counts of causing obscene material to be sent.

The video was originally posted to her blog and shows her performing a number of other songs, one titled 'Nemo's Anti-Semitic Universe' and the other titled 'I like the story as it is - SATIRE' to a group called 'The London Forum'.

Chabloz, who describes herself as a Holocaust 'revisionist' and raises questions about the validity of the Holocaust.

The lyrics in (((survivor))) includes 'Was it just a bunch of lies? Seems that some intend to pull the wool over our eyes. Eternal wandering liars haven't got a clue, and when it comes to usury, victim's always me and you'.

She also describes Auschwitz as a 'theme park just for fools' and 'the gassing zone, a proven hoax, indoctrination rules' as she performed at a conference at the Grosevenor Hotel in Victoria, London.

The group describe themselves as a group of non-party political group of nationalists and identitarians.

Karen Robinson, prosecuting, said: 'The defendant's recorded performance from the Grosvenor Hotel was made available to view via an embedded link which appeared on her blog page, that embedded link taking the viewer to, and in particular, to the part of YouTube held by the London Forum Group.'

She added: 'The songs target Jewish people and no others, and it would appear that the defendant's work is motivated by discrimination in that sense.

'The songs can only be assessed by placing them in the historical, religious and cultural context of the Holocaust and the history, more generally, of the Jewish people.

'Jewish individuals and events in history affecting Jews are portrayed in a mocking, denigrating and insulting manner, deliberately.

'The songs, specifically the language used within them have been carefully considered and composed with the language chosen deliberately. 

'The songs are designed to provoke maximum upset and discomfort.

'By the standards of an open and multi-racial society, they are grossly offensive.'

The triple brackets around the song '(((survivor)))' is a gesture known as the 'Echo' which is allegedly used by the far-right to indicate someone who is targeted is Jewish, the court heard.

The song devotes a verse to Otto Frank and his daughter Anne, whose diary is famous worldwide as a moving account of one Jewish family’s ordeal during the Second World War.

The lyrics claim that while the young girl, who died just weeks before the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, wrote the introduction, 'the rest was penned by someone else then published by me (Otto)'.

The song also brands Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel a liar.

Of a book Mr Wiesel wrote recounting his experience, Chabloz is heard to sing: 'It’s full of nonsense tales of course, what did you expect? But it made me very wealthy, as a liar I’m the best.'

Ms Robinson said: 'The defendant introduces the song by making a knowing reference to the three sets of brackets which form part of the title. Her reference and the way she makes it clear that she is well aware of the significance of the three sets of brackets in this regard.

'There is evidence that the use of three sets of bracket should in that way is itself an anti-Semitic gesture, known as the Echo, a symbol devised by far-right extremists to make Jewish figures more easily identifiable for the purpose of targeted, mainly, online harassment.'

They added: 'They are anti-Semitic, they are targeting Jewish people as a whole, they use both their content and their tone to ensure maximum offence.

'It may well be that some of the alleged humour derives from the level of offence to the Jewish people the songs are designed to provoke maximum upset and discomfort. By the standards of an open and multi-racial society they are grossly offensive.'

Another of the charges relates to the lyrics of another song 'I like the story as it is - SATIRE', where Chabloz admits writing 'six million were gassed alive... it's a damn fine tale. I like the story as it is'.

And in the song 'Nemo's Anti-Semitic Universe', Chabloz sings 'thanks to Robert Faurisson, the Holohaux is plain to see' - Faurisson is a famous Holocaust denier and former academic.

In the song, she also uses the term 'Chosenite' which the prosecution claim is a 'crude and derogatory term for Jews and portrays the Jewish people as "the New Nazis".' 

Chabloz says 'Nemo's Anti-Semitic Universe' song is about an online troll and the lyrics dub notorious death camp Auschwitz 'a theme park just for fools'.

(((Survivors))) and 'Nemo's Anti-Semitic Universe' were performed at a London Forum Event held at the Grosvenor Hotel in London in September 2016.

Chabloz, seen arriving at court today, denied the charges in October, claiming she was being silenced by the 'UK Jewish lobby'

It also features grotesque lyrics referring to shrunken heads, soap made out of Jewish remains and lampshades made from skin.     

The court heard Chabloz has not been interviewed by police about the all the songs performed to the London Forum, but was interviewed under caution in regard to 'I like it the way it is - SATIRE'.

This song, Ms Robinson said, was uploaded to YouTube by Chabloz.

She told police, the court heard, that she wanted to 'entertain my audience, my viewers' and to put across 'my political artistic creative point'.

The prosecutor said: 'These are songs, their lyrics - about matters of the utmost seriousness - sung to music and in two cases, the defendant uses traditional Jewish song music as part of her attempt to mock and provoke.'

Chabloz originally faced a private prosecution by a Jewish charity after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided not to pursue the case.

She was prosecuted by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, which criticised the CPS over its lack of action on anti-Semitic hate crime.

The CPS later reversed its decision not to prosecute and pressed charges against Chabloz.

Giving evidence on Wednesday Gideon Falter, chairman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism charity, said: 'The allegation that Anne Frank’s diary is a fraud puts Ms Chabloz very firmly in the company of neo Nazis and Holocaust deniers.'

He said: 'What she is effectively saying is that Jews have an intention as a tribal group to fabricate stories in order to earn money and power and that in doing so we are completely shameless.'

Chabloz denied the charges in October, claiming she was being silenced by the 'UK Jewish lobby'.   

The charges are based on whether embedding the hyperlink to the footage constitutes as sending, and if the her songs were grossly offensive.

The trial continues.

R ~ 'The songs target Jewish people and no others, and it would appear that the defendant's work is motivated by discrimination in that sense.' So referring to historical fraud is discrimination because the one doing it, the jews, are Jewish people. Well duh, it isn't the rest of the world promoting historical nonsense and the destruction of cultures. It's amazing how any criticism of jew malfeasance is immediately tainted with ye old catch word 'hate'. Well, hate has another meaning beyond being mean... 'righteous anger', a sentiment that is becoming rapidly more pronounced amongst true thinkers than the emotional whiners in jewland and in the world of zionist christians, the oxymoronic cult of Paul, or rather Saul, a self confessed jew and murderer.

'the defendant uses traditional Jewish song music as part of her attempt to mock and provoke.'

And it works if it provokes the truth which is really the target of anti-semitic laws, their prosecution and police persecution of those speaking to truth. Humor and irony has always been a traditional way to mock lies and deceit. Nowadays that is labeled 'hate'.

This woman is guiltless of any crime.
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