Author Topic: Who needs evidence? Putin teams up with dolphins for world domination  (Read 945 times)

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Who needs evidence? Putin teams up with dolphins for world domination (apparently)

Published time: 1 Jun, 2016 13:28

© Sputnik

MSM headlines have accused Russia of everything from hybrid warfare to weaponizing dolphins and infiltrating Europe with secret martial arts sleeper agents – all in a bid for world domination. Of course, there's absolutely no evidence... but who cares?

The latest inflammatory report comes from the BBC, which accused President Vladimir Putin of weaponizing information and using cyber warfare. The media outlet cited a “few terrifying hours” in 2007, during which cyber attacks “almost shut down” Estonia.

Then, in an apparent effort to present an illusion of being an “unbiased” media outlet, the BBC was forced to admit there was “no actual proof” that Russia was behind the move. It also had to admit that “by definition, hybrid warfare [by Russia] can't be proved.”

Much like the Estonian incident, Russia has also been accused of sabotaging communication masts in Sweden this year, when up to 85,000 households were left without television in the suspected Russian attack. However, much like other accusations of its kind, an investigation has failed to prove that Moscow had any part in the incident.

One of the most outrageous claims against Moscow says that Russia is using self-defense classes in Germany to train an “army of sleeper agents” ready to be activated at a moment's notice. The Express says the “covert groups” are apparently “spread across the continent,” and many have speculated they may be used as a weapon against German Chancellor Angela Merkel. But once again, there's absolutely no evidence.

But the most outlandish claim has been saved for last. Baseless allegations state that Moscow's purchase of bottlenose dolphins – which the Russian Defense Ministry announced itself – is aimed at weaponizing the mammals and using them as “spies.” Never mind the fact that the US Navy has its own marine mammal program – that one seems immune from similar speculation.

And while none of the above-mentioned claims contain any facts or evidence, that doesn't seem to matter because Western media outlets appear to share the same mantra – when in doubt, blame Putin.

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