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The CBC Matrix
« on: May 28, 2016, 06:43:48 PM »
The CBC Matrix

Wednesday, 25 May 2016
by Tim Murray

News item: The CBC won't name a swimming pool sex assault suspect because he's a Muslim migrant.

Effective propaganda consists not so much in spinning the news, but choosing it. Choosing what is newsworthy, and what to exclude — the Lückenpresse, "Gaps Press", as the sorely afflicted Germans have recently come to call it. At best consumers are fed a half-truth, with the other half left out. Thus the credulous dupes who rely on state broadcasters like the CBC, the BBC and the ABC subsist on a meager diet of lies and omissions — pseudo-intellectual junk food that leaves their brains chronically malnourished. As such, they cannot comprehend reality because they have never been introduced to it, while lacking the ambition, diligence and skepticism required to search for alternative information sources. They wear their misconceptions like a comfortable shoe, and are disinclined to get out of it. They are the "Friends of the CBC".

If you live in the CBC matrix, you will not know what is happening in the real world. In the CBC matrix there is

    no Muslim rape culture,
    no Islamic terrorism (just terrorism),
    no Black-on-White crime,
    no inmates of colour that were not unfairly convicted as a result of racial profiling or systemic racism in the legal system,
    no epidemic of violence by native men against native women,
    no corrupt native band councils which misappropriate federal funds earmarked to relieve poverty,
    no reverse discrimination,
    no anti-male sexism,
    no anti-White racism,
    no anti-free speech fascism on campus,
    no immigration fraud,
    no bogus refugees,
    no unions which misuse union dues for Marxist causes,
    no environmental groups that claim charity status while taking politically partisan positions,
    no lawfare against critics of identity groups,
    no kangaroo courts where defendants are bankrupted by legal fees while the complainants' legal costs are picked up by taxpayers,

If you live in the CBC matrix, you live in a make-believe world,

    a world where the juxtaposition of incompatible cultures in multi-ethnic states poses no risk of conflict,
    a world where ordinary people feel enriched by ethnic gang violence,
    a world where Germany can turn Syrians into Germans when they can't even turn Greeks into Germans,
    a world where failed states can be fixed by sending migrants to Europe, North America and Australia,
    a world where cultural and ethnic diversity does not result in a decline of trust and civic participation,
    a world where the imposition of ethnic harmony does not come at the cost of free speech,
    a world where Third World Muslim immigrants check their tribal mindset at the border,
    a world where moderate Muslims are vocal and the "Religion of Peace" is peaceful,
    a world where Third World immigration does not impose a massive fiscal burden on taxpayers,
    a world where the political class cares about public opinion,
    a world where mass immigration-driven population growth does not drive down wages and displace jobs, nor increase the gap between rich and poor, nor decrease per capita GDP,
    a world where...

CBC health warning logo. Myriads of Canadian blue pillers are trapped in the CBC matrix.

If you live in the CBC matrix, you are living in a bubble that will soon be pricked by reality. A reality that even the CBC cannot hold at bay. Your trusted information gatekeepers will not be able to stop the truth from busting through and overwhelming you. The shock will render you bewildered and paralytic. You will not be able to make sense of what has befallen you, much in the way that the establishment media pundits are dumbfounded by Trump's success. How could this happen?

If you live in the CBC matrix, you are going to get a rude awakening. You have been living in a hot house environment that is about to be breeched, and leaving you to stand helpless before the cold draft of politically incorrect facts. Leftist Group-Think will die of exposure.

It is at that point that you will realize that the "Lückenpresse" has let you down. CBC Pravda did not tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Panic will set in. You will suddenly understand that you are alone, left to your own devices. You will have to start thinking for yourself. God forbid.
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