Author Topic: Underwater war: Russia showcases first ever amphibious assault rifle  (Read 1280 times)

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Underwater war: Russia showcases first ever amphibious assault rifle

Published time: October 23, 2013 23:33

Russian arms manufacturers have unveiled a new technological marvel – the world’s first ever machine gun capable of shooting both underwater and on land. The Russian Special Forces units will soon be armed with the new assault rifle.

Designed by Russia's Tula Instrument Design Bureau the ‘ADS’ gun can shoot underwater using a special cartridge, which in size is suitable for the standard magazine case Kalashnikov assault rifle.  To fire under water or on land, one only needs to replace the magazine of the 5.45 millimeter automatic rifle.

"Until now underwater fighters were compelled to use two types of weapon – for use under water and the Kalashnikov for overland firing. Now it is only necessary to replace the ammunition magazine," Nikolay Komarov, head of department of foreign economic relations of the manufacturer in Tula told

The ‘ADS’ is also equipped with a 40 mm grenade launcher. Developers believe that its effectiveness and accuracy are comparable if not greater than the legendary AK-47m.

The first ever machine gun of its kind was presented by the Russian developers at the XVII international arms exhibition in Moscow called " Interpolitex 2013” and in the near future will be deployed in the service by the Russian Defense Ministry.

"The main feature of it is that the fire can be carried out both under water and on land. Currently, no country in the world has been developing such machine guns, they are developing only underwater guns,” a representative of the developer told Ria.

The weight of the machine gun with the grenade launcher is approximately 4.6 kg. The ‘ADS’ uses bullets of 5.45х39 mm at a firing rate of 800 shots/min with the aim range on a land of 500 m.

Completed in Tula in 2007, the ADS machine gun has undergone successful tests in naval special units in the Russian Defense Ministry in the North, Far East and the Black Sea. Rosoboronexport is promoting the new weapon for export.

This year the 17th “Interpolitex” is taking place in Moscow. Visitors can witness the latest defense technology for the police and military as well as medical equipment for emergency situations.

The showroom has four major exhibitions: police equipment, military- technical, protection and border security and Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle Systems.

According to the organizers, 430 organizations  are taken part at the convention, including more than 60 companies from 23 countries, such as Belgium , Britain, Denmark, Germany, India, Israel, Spain , Italy , France , USA , Czech Republic, Kazakhstan , Belarus  and Ukraine.
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