Author Topic: Jew-Commie Che Guevara Ironic Friends with Soviet-Hater Bertrand Russell:  (Read 571 times)

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EB:  I'm preaching to the choir of None I guess, but WTF.  Che Guevara needs little explanation as the famous commie revolutionary (though some dispute that he was crypto).  Bertrand Russell OTOH little known to most modern folk but suffice it to say that in mid-20th Century he was a very influential British bigwig...if any Americans remember him it's usually as a pacifist supporter of One-World gov't.  Larouche readers OTOH will be well aware that Russell's pacifism was British imperialist play-acting & that Russell, immediately post-WWII, proposed nuking Russia.

So EB catches a bit of Steven Soderbergh's 2-part Che biopic & surprised to see Che, when down & out in the losing Bolivia war, ask his comrades to send word to Jean-Paul Sartre & Bertrand Russell to create a support network in Europe to send aid to the Bolivian revolution! 

Sartre was a well-known commie (jewishness more of a secret):

Bertrand Russell not known as a commie but hey, looks like Chosen:

Below a capsule of devious Russell's twists & turns from supporting USSR & Nazis to advocating genocide vs post-war Russians (Larouche often describes him as the most Evil Man of the 20th Century):