Author Topic: Debunking the “Hitler Escaped” Myths – Forensic evidence trumps rumours, theorie  (Read 1358 times)

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Debunking the “Hitler Escaped” Myths – Forensic evidence trumps rumours, theories and romantic tales

Posted on 06/17/2013   by justice4germans

Adolf Hitler

Did Hitler escape to Argentina or to a secret South Pole hideaway? I’m afraid not, but I’m sure there is money to be made in keeping such conspiracy theories afloat, and various agendas are served by it, primarily the agenda of fear and loathing. There are many who wish to portray Hitler as a coward and betrayer of his people by fleeing, while other armchair quarterbacks insist that his suicide is also evidence of coawardess and they apparently think he should have surrendered to become the center piece of the Nuremberg Flying Circus show trials; that some how such a spectacle would have been “honourable”. There are no doubt also many Hitler fans who have held a small hope in their hearts that the Fuehrer had actually out-smarted the ALL LIES,  got away, and lived the rest of his life happily ever after with his bride Eva Braun.  Well,  I am very sorry to disappoint you.  He did take his life in Berlin in 1945 and there is substantial verified and corroborated forensic evidence which proves it. The rumours of Hitler’s escape were started by none other than Joseph Stalin, shortly after Berlin fell. and the German forces were defeated.

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Good article, well worth reading.
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