Author Topic: Bush Endorses US Jobs Moving Overseas  (Read 802 times)

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Bush Endorses US Jobs Moving Overseas
« on: June 02, 2004, 05:51:24 PM »
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antilucifer (2/11/04 11:46 am)
The Daily Mis-Lead

On Labor Day, President Bush said, "I want people to understand that when somebody wants to work and can't find a job, it says we've got a problem in America that we're going to deal with. We want everybody in this country working."[1] But yesterday, President Bush directly contradicted himself, releasing a report which "supports the shift of U.S. jobs overseas."[2] When asked about the report and how it contradicts the president's supposed concern about job losses, the president's top economic adviser said, "Outsourcing is just a new way of doing international trade."[3]

With more than two million jobs lost since President Bush took office, newspaper headlines across the country told readers of the White House's new support for the practice of wealthy corporations eliminating U.S. jobs and shipping them to lower-wage countries. The Seattle Times headline read, "Bush report: Sending jobs overseas helps U.S."[4] The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said, "Bush Economic Report Praises 'Outsourcing' Jobs"[5] and the Arizona Republic said, "Bush Report Lauds 'Outsourcing' Jobs."[6]

And while this may be troubling to the millions in the United States who are out of work and suffering from stagnating wages, it was celebrated in India, where thousands of good paying, white-collar U.S. jobs have moved.[7] The headlines in India read, "Bush Aides: Outsourcing win-win for India." The story said the Administration believes exporting jobs to India and other lower-wage countries "is a win-win for both exporter and importer"[8] - failing to explain how this is a win for American workers who the president just months ago purported to care about.



jcougor - (2/11/04 2:36 pm)
you know, i really liked this guy and was so happy when he got in, but what hes doing to fellow Americans is so bad that he even makes bubba clinton look a pinch respectable ( a pich is all i would give that loser).
it really puzzles me why he is pulling this, opening the borders even more - like they needed any help coming over
it has gotten to the stage where i honestly believe that no matter who gets in the WH come nov, the country, the magnificience of the USA, has gone for, well, not good, but for a long long time, and again i honesty believe that it will take nothing short of a war, a civil war or WW3, fought on US soil, to finally clean up the mess that pollies have caused, and bring some stability back.
i sincerely hope i am wrong, but never before have i felt such a feeling of forboding.  

Grrr8m8 - (2/11/04 2:59 pm)
We all know that there is a new world order coming; we know we are currently in transition; decisions have to be made to lubricate the transition.
Is it better for the planet or is it better for a few?
What did Theodor Herzel know that we do not?
Whatever the outcome is will depend on the effort that is put into making sure that the planet is well fed and well cared for.
If we continue to have misery and destruction and sectarian violence and class distinction then we will inevitably have war.
The end result of this globalisation is what intrigues me.
I think we are helping to set up a model planet that is run by a few for the few.
I support The Concept | "Freedom is a possession of inestimable value." - Cicero