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* News Flashback: 2003
« on: October 11, 2011, 02:08:41 PM »

Putin's surprise attack

The Russian President Putin removed a number of leading Jews from his government and from posts in Russian society. The two most powerful Jews, Gussinski and Beresovski, fled the country and are wanted by the Russian authorities. Consequently Jewish power centres have vowed to destroy the Russian President. In order to defend himself with historical truth, Putin acted as none of his predecessors had acted before him. He released a few of the most securely concealed documents about Stalin's war of extermination. As a result, Jewish power centres find themselves in a state of uncertainty and quickly produced a book in the name of Israeli historian Gabriel Gorodetsky "Die große Täuschung.

Hitler, Stalin und das Unternehmen Barbarossa" (The Great Deception. Hitler, Stalin and Barbarossa). In this book Gorodetsky tries franticly to keep alive the old story that Hitler "waged a war of aggression against the peace-loving Soviet Union". The recent documents, released by President Putin, are so sound that Michael Ploetz from the "Berliner Morgenpost" dared for the first time in the history of post-war Germany to denounce the claims of a Jewish historian regarding Adolf Hitler as false: "It shows that Gorodetsky's interpretation is completely unfounded. ... Doubts regarding the author's serious scientific intentions are more than justified." More over, the review of Gorodetsky's book is turned into a revisionist counter attack and concludes that, "contrary to Gorodetsky's suggestions, Hitler wasn't the genius of evil as portrayed at all times by all sides!" These statements, coming from a German journalist in a main-stream German newspaper was until recently inconceivable and marks the beginning of a new era. Please read the sensational revisionist passages of the Berliner Morgenpost, meant to be a review of Gorodetsky's anti-Hitler book:

  The heroic struggle of Hitler's soldiers against overwhelming odds saved the occident. Without the high sacrifice the German armys and its allies Stalin would have turned Europe into a huge Archipelago Gulag and his Jewish executioners like Ehrenburg and Kaganovitch would perhaps have murdered another 50 million people - this time in the West. Whilst the greatest mass murderers in the history of man are usually praised by Western politicians and the Jewish controlled media, the heroic sacrifice of Hitler's soldiers are disparaged on a daily basis.

The former officer of the Soviet Military Intelligence service, Viktor Suvorov alias Vladimir Resunvo, who fled to Great Britain in 1978, supported the thesis that Stalin's long term foreign policy-plan aimed to unleash a war between the major capitalist powers in order to overrun war-tired Europe.

Based on circumstantial evidence Suvo-rov also proved that the Red Army concentrated its striking power in 1941 at its western borders not for the purpose of defence but to attack. ... Suvorov's thesis are widely supported in Russia today. ...

In the nineties of last century Red Army deployment plans of 1940/41 were found in Russian archives. These plans reveal that the Chief of Staff of the Soviet Army had worked out a strategy of a war of aggression against Germany.

In 1995, V. Neveshin, a historian from the Academy of Science, was able to prove with new archive material that the Soviet cultural elite had propagandistically prepared a war of aggression against Germany since the spring of 1941. Even the most controversial question, whether Stalin revealed his plans of a war of aggression against Germany on May 5, 1941 before the graduates of the Soviet Military Academy can, since the second half of the nineties of last century, conclusively be answered as "YES".

The revision of established history is not restricted alone to Stalin's tricks immediately before the German attack on the Soviet Union. Boris Sokolov, also from the Academy of Science, suspects that Stalin already prepared an attack on allied Germany in the west in the spring of 1940. The German "Blitz" over France forced Stalin to postpone his plans. Sokolov refers to an operational plan of the Soviet navy of February 1940 in which Germany and its allies were named as the only possible enemies. Sokolov sees in the mass execution of Polish officers, which took place early May 1940 at Katyn, another  piece of circumstantial evidence that proves Stalin's war plans. The liquidation of Poland's military elite was the prerequisite for the creation of a liberation army, lead by communists. The recruitment of Polish POW's, who were ready to fight the Germans independently from their Polish exile government, had indeed become a reality by October 1940. ...

On the 7th of September 1939 Dimitroff noted the following statement of Stalin: "The war is waged between two groups of capitalist states. We don't mind that that they weaken themselves by smashing each other. It would not be bad if Germany could rock the richest capitalist countries (especially England). Our non-aggression pact with Germany helps that purpose in a way. The next step will be to spur the other side. Communists in the capitalist countries must resolutely oppose their governments, they must appear as staunch anti-war protesters. The unified front from yesterday was meant to ease the situation of the slaves in capitalist regimes. Under the terms of the imperialistic war it has become the question of destroying slavery."

And on the 25th of October 1939 Stalin explained the essentials of communist propaganda:

"1. Not to dash forward. Not all slogans at one time. We must lead the masses slowly up to our revolutionary slogans.

2. For the time being it is most important that we use negative slogans. Down with the imperialistic war! To link the question of peace with the destruction of the capital means, helping Chamberlain and the arsonists of war. It means to isolate ourselves from the masses!" ...

Contrary to Gorodetsky's suggestions, the new Russian scientific findings do not morally exonerate Germany but show that Hitler wasn't the genius of evil as portrayed at all times by all sides!"

Berliner Morgenpost - Sunday, March 11, 2001

In mass meetings in the Deutschlandhalle (above) in the late fall of 1935 polemics against Jews played a pivotal role. Gigantic banners proclaim: "THE JEW TRIUMPHS WITH THE LIE AND DIES WITH THE TRUTH." However, almost 60 years after the collapse of "Hitler's Reich" it is gradually accepted by mainstream historians that allied war-propaganda was false and that "Hitler wasn't the genius of evil".

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"At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to state this or that or the other, but it is "not done".
...Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with.

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"It is no wonder, if the Russians nowadays compare their situation with the past,
come to the conclusion that the present power is again Jewish
and therefore so horrible."

It all begun in 1917:

"Every ordinary Russian faced a Jew as his judge and as his executioner.
Where ever the Russian went, he met a Jew in a superior position to him."

"If for the tsar regime the officer, the aristrocative official or the bureaucrat in uniform was typical, then in the new bolshevist revolutionary power the Jewish (lettic) commissioner, rarely speaking Russian, leather jacket wearing and machine gun carrying, became a typical occurance in the street. (45) ...

"But anyhow, outbreaks of destructive, criminal and pathological potentials, which had accumulated within the Jewish community, turned out in motion in the first years of the Soviet Revolution ...The problem was, Jews had taken power for the first time in Russian history. And for the first time they appeared not as victims, but as offenders... However, the horror of the revolution, of the civil war and the repressions following cannot be seperated from the reign of terror, carried out by the Jewish commissioners. Quite typical were Jewish revolutionaries like Jakov Bljumkin, a leftist socialist, who in 1918 shot the German Ambassador von Mirbach. This neurotic adventurer had been accepted by the Tcheka as an reward for his services to the Bolshevics. Nadesha Mandelstam stipulated in her memoirs how Bljumkin showed blank death sentence forms to a horrorfied crowd in a Kiev Café. He boasted, that he was able to insert any name he wanted onto the preprinted death forms. Mandelstam described him as a mixture of murderer and intellectual - not a typical character of that era. (47) ...

"To an impartial person like the historian Boris Paramanow, living in New York, the Jewish presence of power was so impressive, that he asked himself, whether the promotion of the Jews into leading positions had been a ‘gigantic provocation’ to the Russian people. (48) ...

"The eager participation of Bolshevic Jews in the subjugation and the destruction of Russia was disproportionate. It was a sin which carried its own retaliation (58)... There are Jews now everywhere and at all levels of power [after the revolution of 1917). The Russian people saw the Jews in charge of the Tsaristic City of Moscow, where the new soviet power was concentrated and also as the commanders in the Red Army ... (58) ...

"Every ordinary Russian faced a Jew as his judge and as his executioner. Where ever the Russian went, he met a Jew in a superior position to him. It is no wonder, if the Russians nowadays compare their situation with the past, come to the conclusion that the present power is again Jewish and therefore so horrible." (60)

Sonja Margolina, (Das Ende der Lügen) The End of the Lies, Siedler Publishing House, Berlin 1992 (numbers in brackets refer to page numbers in the book).

"The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia , is going to become Reality for the whole world."

(The American Hebrew Magazine, New York, Sep. 10, 1920)

Daily Mail, London, Saturday, November 29, 1997:

"The most appalling genocide was not committed by the Nazis but by the Communists.
And the killing goes on.  Yet leading British academics are still preaching the virtues of
Marxism .................................... The bottom line, then is close to 100 million dead."

The Times (London) 8.12.1996, Section 7, page 2

Jew praise

  Although Lenin was a political monster, he was no enemy of the Jews. He was aware of his partly Jewish origin, many of his close associates were Jews, he often spoke of Jews in favorable terms and he opposed anti-Jewish attitudes.

Andrew Wilski, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

  "Lazar Kaganovich's rage aimed at first on the class enemy, the kulaks (peasants). He succeeded to exterminate the entire farming and peasant population in the Soviet Union"

Der Spiegel, Germany, 35/1991, page 151

(Lazar Kaganovich, Stalin's Jew for implementing the Holocaust on Russia's and the Ukraine's rural population. He planned and organised a genocide on about twenty million peasants. He is the biggest individual mass murder in the history of mankind.

  "Lavrentija Berija composed the resolution to murder 27,500 Polish officers, soldiers and civilians. When the members of the Polit-Buro gathered on March 5, 1940, Berija’s resolution was adopted and subsequently carried out in Katyn and other places."

Der Spiegel, Germany, 8/1996, page 147.

Along with most members of the Polit-Buro, Berija was also a Jew. The International Military Trubunal of Nuremberg charged the German Wehrmacht and the SS for the Katyn-Massacre. The German defendants were not permitted to defend themselves against the Katyn indictment as they were not allowed to produce evidence against Auschwitz accusations.

Katyn - village, W European Russia, W of Smolensk near the Belarus border. It was occupied by the Germans in World War II. In 1943 the German government announced that the mass graves of 4,250 (sic) Polish officers had been found in a nearby forest and blamed Soviet forces for the massacre. The Soviet government asserted that the Poles had been killed by the Germans. In 1990 the USSR admitted that Soviet secret police had killed the Poles, and in 1992 Russian officials released documents that showed STALIN had ordered the killings.


  "Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt, February 28, 1995 - p. 7

The above is one of the many thousands of genocide orders from Stalin's official Jewish war propagandist. With these kind of orders of the day, Ehrenburg spurred the Red Army soldiers on their way to Germany. They murdered in the eastern territorries of Germany, which they controlled and thanks to his effective propaganda of "humanity", nearly three million women, children and old people perished in the hands of his killing hordes. Ehrenburg is especially revered in Israel and his memory is still kept in the highest esteem by World-Jewry.

56 Million Dead

The cemetery of the Bolsheviks ... the greatest mass murder in the history of man. Israel News, 10.9.1992

The situation in Russia 1998: (My note: Yeltsin was still in power, he also appointed Putin.)


Why did the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, head of the largest church of the world, beg forgiveness
from the greatest mass murderers in the world's history, when he visited Israel in March 2000? What
power forced him to perform this shameful defilement of the memory of millions of innocent Christians,
slaughtered in the hands of the above depicted offenders?
"At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to state this or that or the other, but it is "not done".
...Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with.

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In 1953, Stalin wanted to murder at least 20 millions of Jews in the Soviet Union!

According to "World Religions and Cultures" (, on the eve of World War I, the Jewish population in the U.S.S.R was estimated at 5.2 million. The 1941 German invasion of the Soviet Union was particularly horrific for Soviet Jewry. About 2.5 million Jews were, according to official holocaust teachings, annihilated. Between 1959 and 1989, the Jewish population in the Soviet Union declined by about 900,000. In 1989 a majority of the 1.4 million Jews in the Soviet Union lived in the three Slavic republics. So, where did the 20 millions of Jews (tens of millions) come from, Stalin wanted to murder? However, Stalin's Jewish commissars murdered about 50 million non-Jews in the Soviet Union.


He planned to slaughter TENS OF MILLIONS of Jews ... Now, a compelling new book suggests he was killed by his own henchmen ... to stop this genocidal plot.

It was the summer of 1952 and the heart was that of Andrei Zhdanov, a senior Politburo member who had died four years earlier. Zhdanov had supposedly died of natural causes, but Stalin was determined to suggest that he had been killed by the deliberate negligence of his physicians. It was part of the dictator' sinister attempt to convince the Soviet people and world opinion that a vast network of Jewish doctors, secretly backed by America, was conspiring to topple the U.S.S.R. by systematically killing its leaders. ...

Stalin was planning his own version of the Holocaust to rid the U.S.S.R. of its Jewish citizens. ...

For some time, Stalin had been looking for ways to attack the Soviet Jewish community. He feared they had greater loyalty to America because of family ties or because of U.S. support for Israel. And America's political and military power concerned Stalin greatly following World War II. ...

A man who ruled by the cult of the personality, Stalin could not countenance what he perceived as disloyalty and he had a tried and trusted way of dealing with opposition - he simply eliminated it.

He had already overseen the deaths of at least 43 million people from mass starvation, purges, executions and deaths in the labour camps. Now, with characteristic ruthlessness, he planned to purge the Soviet Union of Jews.

In 1947, he launched a vicious anti-Semitic campaign. Thousands of Jewish intellectuals, scientists, political leaders and private individuals were interrogated, dismissed from their posts, publicly ridiculed, threatened and imprisoned.

Self-appointed citizen's committees would tour towns and villages to find out who were 'true' Russians and who were not.

All Jewish theatres were closed, and the statue of the Jewish composer Felix Mendelssohn was removed from the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. On Stalin's direct orders, Solomon Mikhoels, an internationally respected Jewish actor and director, was deliberately crushed beneath the wheels of a lorry and his body abandoned in a side street in a clumsy attempt to make it look like a road accident.

US-Präsident Harry S. Truman praised Stalin in 1948:

"I like old Joe Stalin. He is a nice guy."

DER SPIEGEL (Germany), 30/1999,p.120

By 1950, many other leading Jewish figures had been executed. Stalin was turning public opinion against the Jewish intelligentsia, but if he was to act against the entire Jewish population he would need 'evidence' of a major Jewish conspiracy against the U.S.S.R.

It was then that he remembered the death of Zhdanov and the letter from Dr. Timashuk with her concerns about his treatment. ...

His opportunity came in November 1950 when an eminent Jewish physician, Dr. Yakov Etinger, was arrested for uttering anti-Soviet thoughts to his friends and family. ...

Three months later, Etinger's interrogator wrote to Stalin claiming that Etinger had - conveniently - confessed to 'the villainous murder' of Alesandr Shcherbakov, a relatively minor figure in Stalin's government who had died in 1945. ...

Etinger's dubious confession was never recorded but it was enough for Stalin to sow the seeds of a conspiracy. In the summer of 1951, his underlings set about knitting together the murders of Zhdanov and Shcherbakov to create a plausible picture of a sinister network of Jewish saboteur-doctors. ...

The Soviet public was scandalised by the doctors' alleged crimes. Fantastic rumours circulated that Jewish doctors were poisoning Russian children, injecting them with diphtheria and killing infants in maternity hospitals. ... Public opinion was moving exactly where Stalin wanted it to and he pressed ahead with his plans to purge the Jews. Newly discovered documents show that in February 1953, Stalin authorised the construction of four large prison camps in Kazakhstan, Siberia and the Arctic north. Officially they were for all classes of dangerous criminals, but it is far more likely that Stalin was preparing for a second Great Terror - aimed at the millions of Soviet citizens of Jewish descent. ...

On March 1, 1953, just two weeks before the accused doctors were due to go on trial, Stalin collapsed at Blizhnaya, a country house near the Kremlin. He had earlier finished a dinner with four members of the Politburo, including his eventual successor, Nikita Khrushchev, and Lavrenti Beria, head of his muchfeared secret police. The party went on until the early hours of the morning and some time after that Stalin fell ill. He died on March 5, 1953, after four days of agony. His death was put down to a brain haemorrhage but has always been surrounded by controversy.

His son Vasily was said to have gone running into the dying man's room shouting: 'They've killed my father, the b*****ds'. Beria supposedly boasted to another Politburo member that he was responsible for Stalin's death, saying: 'I did him in! I saved all of you!' ...

A secret report by the ten doctors who attended Stalin in his last days which has lain unread and unpublished for 50 years reveals that Stalin suffered severe haemorrhaging from his stomach - a fact expunged from the official record at the time, perhaps because it suggested that he had been poisoned by someone slipping rat poison into his drink at that final dinner. Or perhaps Beria simply meant that he and the other Politburo members deliberately delayed calling for a doctor.

Daily Mail, London, May 23, 2003, page 36

"The claim that 5,7 million Jews were murdered, is not true. The number of Jewish victims can only range between 1 and 1,5 million, because there were not more Jews within Hitler's reach." --Ferdinand Otto Miksche, The End of The Present, (Das Ende der Gegenwart) Herbig, Munich 1990, page 107

Official Auschwitz figures here!

Different figures, allocated to one media, for one particular day means, that, i.e. Die Welt and USA-Today, had published on one issue in various articles different death figures.

"At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to state this or that or the other, but it is "not done".
...Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with.

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- * Flashback: 2003 -- This must be said!
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This must be said! 
Pictures: Feb. 13, 1945, Holocaust of Dresden. In one night the Allies murdered nearly 500.000 German civilians.

Pictures: Feb. 13, 1945, Holocaust of Dresden.

Why is everyone silent in view of ALL (and the emphasis is on ALL) Germans having lost it ALL by the end of WWII. Everything that every German owned and paid for, including insurance policies, saving accounts and investments were lost. Tens of thousands of valuable art treasures, of both, medium and high art, were turned into ashes by allied-fire-storms. What was not destroyed, was immediately confiscated by the victors and removed from Germany.

More than 50.000 patents were also "kindly" removed by the victors, giving them a 50-year technical and economical advantage over an exhausted Germany. After the war, every German had to start anew with only 40 Deutsch Marks as start-up money. 40 Deutsch Marks – not 40 million! They had to rebuilt their homes from the rubble and take on the burden of mortgages, when most of them had already paid for their original homes.

They had to take and pay for new insurance policies. During the Bolshevik expulsion of Germans from their home-lands in the East and in the death-camps of the Allies, 10 million innocent men, women and children were massacred. After the war, literally, millions of women and girls were gang-raped and many died in these mass-orgies and depravities.

The following allied premeditated food-shortages annihilated another 5 million civilians and soldiers in tattered uniforms in "liberated" Germany. Hundreds of thousands of German civilians, including thousands of mothers who were torn away from their children, were deported to the Soviet Union after 1945 and ended-up as slave-labour, together with German prisoners of war. However, many ended-up as slave-labour in the Western "democracies" as well. Those, who survived the tortures of the Soviet death-camps, came back as broken human beings to a homeland that was 80 percent in ruins and rubble.

No politician ever demanded restitution for these victims of "crimes against humanity" and their descendants. In the East the Red Hordes had driven 16 million Germans from their homesteads and murdered 3 million of them on their way out. Their possessions were confiscated by Poles, Czechs and Russians. Even the silverware in the kitchen-drawers were stolen – no restitution for those crimes either.

It was in 1933 when, for the first time, Jewry declared war on Germany and called on the world to kill Adolf Hitler: "Judea declares War on Germany"  (Daily Express, London, March 24, 1933, front page). The Jewish declaration of war on Germany was pronounced 19 days after Adolf Hitler won absolutely democratically the general election and only one day after he was even more democratically empowered by the "Reichstag" (parliament) to resolve the dire straits and poverty in Germany. Of course, no concentration camps were built and no restrictive Laws regarding the Jews had yet been passed at that time.

Later the World Jewish Congress and the Zionist leaders succeeded, according to the Torah True Jews, to initiate World War II: "The worldwide boycott against Germany in 1933 and the later all-out declaration of war against Germany, initiated by the Zionist leaders and the World Jewish Congress ..." (Rabbi Schwartz of the American Neturei Karta Movement, Friends of Jerusalem, stated in the New York Times, Sep. 30, 1997)

On September 3, 1939, Great Britain and France declared officially war on Hitler-Germany, not the other way around. Thus, World War II was instigated by the so-called Western democracies.

The result of WWII, initiated by the World Jewish Congress, was not only the suffering in Auschwitz but the genocide of 15 million Germans. The destruction of Germany and its cities was the aim of Jewish criminals like Ehrenburg, Morgenthau, Kaufman, Lindemann, Eisenhower and many like them. Did Israel, did the Jewish World Congress ever pay a penny to those unfortunate victims of Jewish hate? The answer is emphatically NO. Not one penny. On the contrary, these genocidal murderers have forced their victims to pay for their own suffering and to enrich Jewish Organisations with their labour and ingenuity.

These Jewish institutions continue to demand money, money, money and more money. Money for Jewish insurance-policy-holders, which had already been paid-out in 1939. The same with Jewish bank accounts. Jewish real estates and firms were paid-off under Hitler in hard foreign currency for their possessions. After the war the Germans had to rebuilt Jewish homes and factories, destroyed by Lindemann's bombing-raids. After the new German currency was established, in 1947, Israel has since been paid billions of Marks to the Jewish World Congress and other Jewish representatives around the world. The money-flow continues uninterrupted, despite the agreements already fulfilled decades ago.

For Jews in Germany, restitution is being paid for things they never possessed or owned. Israel receives billion-dollar credits from Germany that are never repaid. Products and military weapons of mass-destruction, submarines, nuclear-rockets etc. are manufactured in Germany for Israel. Not forgetting the complete infra-structure of that desert-nation. Since 1945 the "Central Council of Jews in Germany" has an un-written right of veto-interference in German foreign politics.

Paul Spiegel, leader of the Jews in Germany,  reiterates relentlessly that he and his fellow Jews are real Germans, "only of the Jewish faith". Why then, are they treated so vastly different in the compensation payouts than the Germans of the Christian faith? Why is Mr. Spiegel so quiet about the underprivileged Christian Germans on this question? It appears that it is so much better to be a German of the Jewish faith, than to be a German of the Christian faith, as many observers clearly point out.

If the Jews in Germany were Germans, logically, restitution money would remain in Germany,
instead of going to Israel.
"At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to state this or that or the other, but it is "not done".
...Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with.

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- * Flashback: 2003 -- Who Was Adolf Hitler?
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The eternal allure of Hitler - a man, legends are made of!

Love him or hate him.  Adolf Hitler's spirit does not disappear. For every political situation, his image
is exploited and his memory freely used at every opportunity, by various interest groups and held up
as an example for whatever is the relevant political agenda on discussions at any particular moment.

"New findings of Russian researchers show that Hitler wasn't
the genius of evil as portrayed at all times by all sides!"

Berliner Morgenpost - Sunday, March 11, 2001

1. Hitler was a messenger of God, according to the Torah-True-Jews

To The Torah True Jews Adolf Hitler was an envoy of God, sent to punish the Jews for their sins:


  Adolf Hitler and one of his many paintings:

"Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus Christ". Oil/canvas, 1913

2. Hitler had a supreme intellect, according to Viscount Rothermere!

Viscount Rothermere (until 1939 Director of the British Ministry of Information, Representative for some of the most powerful news publishers in the world and, after 1945, on the Board of Directors of the Reuter‘s Agency and owner of the Daily Mail), had no cause to make statements which perhaps could have been damaging to him. He nevertheless gave a positive judgement about Hitler, to emphasize Hitler‘s love of peace:


"Lord Rothermere was an admirer of Adolf Hitler. He addressed him as 'My dear Führer',
'Your Excellency' and 'Adolf the Great'....... Mail readers were told the German Jews had
brought Hitler's persecution on themselves.

Express, London, Monday ~ February 21, 2005, page 6


"In England, many people imagine Hitler as a cannibal; but I would like to say how I have found him. He conveys good comradeship. He is unpretentious, naturally and apparently sincere. It is not true that he speaks to individuals as though he were speaking to an assembly.

He has a supreme intellect. I have known only two other men to whom I could apply such distinction - Lord Northcliffe and Lloyd George. If one puts a question to Hitler, he gives an immediate, brilliant clear answer. There is no human being living whose promise on important matters I would trust more readily. He believes that Germany has a Divine calling and that the German people are destined to save Europe from the revolutionary attacks of Communism. He values family life very highly, whereas Communism is its worst enemy. He has thoroughly cleansed the moral, ethical life of Germany, forbidden publication of obscene books, and performance of questionable plays and films.

I spoke with Hitler about one and a half years ago when he said, certain English circles speak of me as an adventurer. My reply to that is that adventurers have built the British Empire!‘

No words can describe his politeness; he disarms men as well as women and can win both at any time with his conciliatory, pleasant smile. He is a man of rare culture. His knowledge of music, the arts and architecture is profound.

Many evidently find it difficult to imagine a cultivated man in accord with a man of determined action

If a vote of general opinion were taken on who was the greatest politician that British history ever produced, the name of Cromwell would very likely head the list. But Cromwell was a man of the greatest determination, and used methods of reckless inconsideration."

V. Rothermere, "Warnings and Predictions", p. 180 - 183

3. Hitler was a non-violent person, Daily Mail!

"Hitler's political aim and policy is directed toward attaining his goal without loss of blood. He succeeded in ascending to the highest power position in Germany with very little spilling of blood or loss of human life in a land of 68 million inhabitants. Austria was annexed without one shot being fired. The unrest in Palestine cost more lives during the past five years than that in Germany and Austria since its inception and the establishment of the Hitler regime."

Daily Mail, May 20, 1938

4. British leadership must not lack something of Hitler's spirit, Winston Churchill plead!

  "In fifteen years that have followed this resolve, he (‘the former corporal and house-painter’) has succeeded in restoring Germany to the most powerful position in Europe, and not only has he restored the position of his country, but he has even, to a very great extent, reversed the results of the Great War ... the vanquished are in process of becoming the victors and the victors the vanquished ... whatever else may be thought about these exploits they are certainly among the most remarkable in the whole history of the world.

"... and the achievement by which the tables have been turned upon the complacent, feckless and purblind victors deserves to be reckoned a prodigy in the history of the world and a prodigy which is inseparable from the personal exertions of life of a single man .... Those who have met Hitler face to face in public, business, or on social terms, have found a highly competent, cool, well-informed functionary with an agreeable manner, a discerning smile, and few have been unaffected by a subtle personal magnetism. Nor is this impression merely the dazzle of power. He exerted it on his companions at every stage in his struggle, even when his fortunes were in the lowest depths .... One may dislike Hitler’s system and yet admire his patriotic achievement. If our country were defeated I hope we should find a champion as admirable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among th nations.

"There must not be lacking in our leadership something of that spirit of the Austrian corporal who, when all had fallen into ruins about him, and when Germany seemed to have fallen forever into chaos, did not hesitate to march forth against the vast array of victorious nations and has already turned the tables so decisively upon them."

(Churchill, quoted by E. Hughes, "Chirchill - British Bulldog - his career in War and Peace", p. 140, 141, 144, 167)

5. Hitler created a happy nation, David Lloyd George revealed!

  "Yes, Heil Hitler. I, too, say that because he is truly a great man." (1)

"I spoke with Hitler ... In Nürnberg he, Hitler, declared it rightly, that his political movement has created a new Germany. It is not the Germany of the first decade after the war, prostrated, despondent and bowed down in grief and impotence. It is now filled with hope and trust, filled with a new sense of significance and determination to lead its own life without the interference of foreign influences.

For the first time since the war, a general feeling of security and peace prevail. The people are happier. Throughout the land is evident an attitude of universal joy and delight. It is a much happier Germany. I could see that everywhere, and Englishmen I met during my journey, who knew Germany well, were equally much impressed with the great change. That wonderful phenomenon was accomplished by one man ...

This is the fame of mind of the young Germans. With nearly a religious fervor they believe in their movement and in their leader.

This impressed me more than anything else that I experienced during my short visit in that new Germany. A refreshing new atmosphere of an awakening, so uncommonly effective in the unity of that nation.

Catholics and Protestants, Prussians and Bavarians, employer and worker, rich and poor have been united into one nation. Confessions of faith, clans - or class rule and class-extraction can no longer cleave that nation. There is a passion, a sacred fire, a striving for unity, born out of hard necessity." (2)

(1) Said  Lloyd George, K. Hierl, "In the Service for Germany", p. 163
(2) Wrote Lloyd George in an article, published in the "Daily Express", 17 September 1936).
Lloyd George (British Prime Minister 1916-1922) was a hardliner against Germany in WWI

Winston Churchill's praise for Adolf Hitler ceased during wartime. He explains in his memoirs why he depicted Hitler as the incarnation of evil when the war was on: "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." (Churchill in his book, "The Second World War", 5. Book, Vol. II, "From Tehran to Rome", p. 338)

Following World War II, after 1945, Churchill obviously read "Mein Kampf" and subsequently expressed his opinion, to have "slaughtered the wrong pig". (H. Sündermann, "Old Foe what now?", p. 55)

6. Churchill, after 1945, promoted Hitler's doctrine  "I said that frankly, as I had listened to him inveigh so violently against the threat of Soviet domination and the spread of Communism in Europe, and disclose such a lack of confidence in the professions of good faith in Soviet leadership. I had wondered whether he (Churchill), the Prime Minister, was now willing to declare to the world that he and Britain had made a mistake in not supporting Hitler, for as I understood him, he was now expressing the doctrine which Hitler and Goebbels had been proclaiming and reiterating for the past for years ... Exactly the same conditions which he described and the same deductions were drawn from them as he now appeared to assert."

(Foreign Relations of the United States - The Conference of Berlin - The Potsdam Conference - Vol. I, p. 73)

7. "Only a very able man could accomplish what Hitler had done", Stalin admitted!

"He [Stalin] did not share the view of the President that Hitler was mentally unbalanced and emphasized that only a very able man could accomplish what Hitler had done in solidifying the German people whatever we thought of the methods."

(This was Stalin's opinion at the Teheran Conference, November 1943, at the height of the German-Soviet War. T. Heuss, "Hitler's Way", p. 5)

8.  "He had in him the stuff of which legends are made'' , JFK wrote

"After visiting these two places (Berchtesgaden and the Eagle’s lair on Obersalzberg), you can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had bound-less ambitions for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made."

("Prelude To Leadership - The European Diary of J. F. Kennedy, Summer 1945", Regnery Publishing, Washington DC, p. 74)

The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie deliberate, contrived and dishonest -- but the myth -- persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Mythology distracts us everywhere. -- John F. Kennedy

"By using the new atheist exile politics they [the Zionists] provoked and increased anti-Semitism in Europe which led to the Second World War ... The worldwide boycott against Germany in 1933 and the later all-out declaration of war against Germany initiated by the Zionist leaders and the World Jewish Congress enraged Hitler so that he threatened to destroy the Jews ..." (1)

(1) Rabbi Schwartz from The Torah True Jews, New York Times, Sep. 30, 1997!
Graphic-Faksimile: = Daily Express Daily Express, London, March 24,1933!
"At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to state this or that or the other, but it is "not done".
...Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with.

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- * News Flashback: 2003 The war of "extermination" of the German people
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On German TV (ARD--"Titel, Thesen, Temperamente", 17 Nov. 2002, 22:45) German historian
and author,  Jörg Friedrich,  called the bombing of the German cities during World War II "the
slaughter of the Millennium". Mr. Friedrich is the author of "Der Brand-Die Bombardierung der
deutschen Städte durch die Alliierten".

(The Fire -- The bombardment of the German Cities by the Allies).  According to Mr. Friedrich
more than 1000 German cities were bombarded and a large number of them were completely
burned to the ground, people inside the conflagration were turned to ashes.

Naturally it was the German victims who hung one of their highest decorations, "the Karlspreis" around the neck of their butcher. Indeed, Winston Churchill received in 1955 the "Karlspreis" by Germany, rendered for "outstanding services to peace and freedom".

The Israeli daily newspaper Ha'aretz of 19 July 2001 described Churchill as a "war monger". Quote: "The British press ... enthusiastically supported none other than warmonger Winston Churchill." Jörg Friedrich goes even further, he calls Churchill a "butcher": "As a matter of fact, Mr. Friedrich describes Churchill in his book [Der Brand / The Fire] not as a war-criminal but calls him a butcher." --Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 22 Nov. 2002, p. 44.

The man who was decorated with the "Karlspreis" for "liberating the German people from Hitler" carried out the "liberation" as follows: "The historian Jörg Friedrich claims that the Allies reduced 1000 German cities to rubble in order to kill as many civilians as possible. ... Churchill said: 'We shall turn Germany into a desert. There are means that will vanquish Hitler and that will be through, an absolute devastating war of extermination, using large bombers against the Nazi-Country'." --BILD, 18 Nov. 2002, p. 7.

Jörg Friedrich's book leaves a firebreak in the thick brushwood of historical lies and distortions. However, the Germans are obviously only permitted to be supplied with the truth in small doses. Friedrich claims in all seriousness, that it had been Hitler who started the bombing war. The truth is that Great Britain bombed Wilhelmshaven and Cuxhaven just two days after they had declared war on Germany, on 5 September 1939.

he extensive British aerial bombardments begun in May 1940: "With 99 bombers in action against the 'Ruhrgebiet' on 16/17 May 1940 the strategic carpet-bombings against Germany started. ... Only on 10 July 1940 a German retaliation against southern England followed." (a)

Churchill's desire to kill is officially described as follows: "The moral of the civil population in Germany was the aim of Britain's bombing raids. They aimed especially at the industrial workers." (b)

Hitler's politics of aerial warfare are described this way: "On 24 August 1940 bombs fell unintentionally on London.

Until then Hitler had prohibited the bombing of British cities." (c) a,b,c) The Great Encyclopedia on the Third Reich, Publishers: Christian Zentner and Friedemann Bedürftig, Südwest Verlag, München 1985, page 363-364

  The official German service regulations 'aerial war' (LDv. 16) read: 'Attacks on civilian targets for the purpose of terror is to be rejected by all means.' Churchill ordered the bombard-ment of German cities in order to break the moral of the civil population. ... Coventry as a target of German air strikes was within legality according to the international conventions of war, since the city was the centre of British armament factories for aerial warfare. The attack on Coventry cannot be used as a justification for the terror attacks on Cologne, Lübeck, Hamburg and Dresden. ... I want to say: If Churchill had been a German he would have been inevitably convicted before the Nuremberg War-Crimes Tribunal as a war criminal and subsequently executed by hanging.

If Curchill had been convicted at Nuremberg there would be no memorial for the 'butcher' Harris either."
P. Lothar Groppe, SJ, longtime lecturer of German and Austrian Military General Staff. Source: Die Welt, 25 Nov. 2002, p. 9)

Churchill had mused: "Will there be room for [the German refugees, fleeing before the Red army] in what is left of Germany? We have killed six or seven million Germans and probably there will be an other million or so killed before the end of the war."

Churchill, according to James F Byrnes' shorthand note of Plenary Session at Yalta, Feb. 7, 1945
(H S Truman Libr., Independence, Missouri).

"At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to state this or that or the other, but it is "not done".
...Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with.

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- * News Flashback: 2003 ~ John Friend's Blog
« Reply #6 on: August 11, 2012, 09:15:20 PM »
Adolf Hitler's Struggle for Peace

     One thing German leader Adolf Hitler was determined to achieve second to the rebuilding of a Germany destroyed by the first world war and the post-war infiltration of Jews and Marxist internationalists into the social-democratic treasonous regime he overthrew, was the prevention of another world war.

    But Hitler was unaware that Britain was not ruled by its parliament and prime minister as it appeared to be on the surface and still appears today but by the House of Rothschild; the heads of International Jewry and the current Leaders of the Learned Elders of Zion. He was unaware until far too late that Winston Churchill, a lifelong Zionist about to lose his seat in Parliament and his vast country estate, had become a bought and paid for agent of the Rothschilds and was being run on their behalf by Jew Bernard Barouche; Victor Rothschild being the unseen handler and puppeteer behind the scenes.

    And so the many attempts by Hitler to keep peace with Britain went unrewarded and even a dangerous act of courage and selflessness by Rudolf Hess in landing in Britain to try to stop the war was missjudged faith in a nation simply not then or now reflective or representative of its own people but of the transnational Jewish elites who own and control it.

    Adolf Hitler had no idea that the British governments then and now are in no way nationalist or patriotic and that was how Germany would also become as a result of an ongoing programme of national brainwashing (through education, media and entertainment) from birth by the Jews, which began immediatly following the end of the second world war. When too late Hitler discovered the truth about the Rothschilds and their family and puppets on Wall Street he described London as the true nest of vipers.

Must read: "The New Germany desires Work and Peace" 1933, English translations of speeches by Adolf Hitler, soon after being appointed Chancellor

My German People,

When the German people, trusting to the assurances given in President Wilson's Fourteen Points, laid down their arms in November 1918, that marks the end of a fateful warfare for which perhaps individual statesmen, but certainly not the peoples themselves can be held responsible. The German nation fought so heroically because it was fighting in the sacred conviction that it had been wrongfully attacked, and that therefore right was on its side. Of the magnitude of the sacrifices which the German people - having to rely almost entirely on its own resources - made during those years, other nations can scarcely have any conception. If, in the days following the armistice, the world had stretched out a hand to its vanquished opponent in the spirit of fairness, mankind would have been spared endless sorrow and countless disappointments.

It was the German people who suffered the deepest disappointment. Never has a conquered nation so earnestly striven to help heal the wounds o its former enemies, as did the German nation in the long years in which it fulfilled the conditions which had been imposed upon it. If all these sacrifices have not led to real, lasting peace between the nations, the cause of this is to be found in the very nature of a treaty which, by its attempt to perpetuate the discrimination between victors and vanquished, could not but perpetuate hatred and enmity. The nations could rightly have expected that out of this greatest war of all times, the lesson might have been learned that, especially for European nations, no possible gain could compare with the immensity of the sacrifice. As, therefore, in this treaty the German nation was charged to destroy its armaments in order to make world-disarmament possible, countless millions believed that this demand was the sign of growing enlightenment.

The German people destroyed their arms.

Believing that their former enemies would fulfil their part of the treaty obligations, the German people honoured their side of the bargain with almost fanatical sincerity. Land, naval and air material was destroyed in countless numbers. In place of an army which had once nambered a million, a small professional army, with utterly inadequate arms, was established in accordance with the demands of the victor powers. The political destinies of the nation were at this time in. the hands of men whose outlook had its roots in the world of the victor states. The German nation had every right to expect that, if for this reason alone, the rest of the world would keep its word in the same way that the German people, by the sweat of their brows, in deep distress, and under terrible deprivations, were fulfilling their part of the agreement.

No war can freeze the stream of time, no peace can be the perpetuation of war. A time must come when victor and vanquished must find the way once more to common understanding and mutual trust.

One and a half decades the German nation has waited in the hope that the end of the war would at length lead to the end of hatred and enmity. The object of the Treaty of Versailles did not seem, however, to give mankind a lasting peace, but rather to perpetuate hatred forever.
"At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to state this or that or the other, but it is "not done".
...Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with.