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Re: The Traditional Latin Mass
« Reply #120 on: June 16, 2020, 04:33:52 AM »
How to choose Your Shoe Size

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Sitting or located (See tip older), Place one foot on a piece of paper. it may seem obvious, But make sure the sheet is bigger than your foot. You may wish to tape the paper down to keep it from moving.

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Re: The Traditional Latin Mass
« Reply #121 on: July 11, 2020, 09:41:03 AM »
CNN political Ticker

(msnbc) Former massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said Thursday he's keeping an open mind contemplating Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, But added he finds a few past statements "bothering,

"There are some things she said that are troubling for those of us who believe that the job of a justice is to follow the law and the constitution, Not setting law, Said Romney during a forum with business leaders in new york, topeka. "But let's give her the chance to explain her views, to go into detail her record, And to be party to a absolute and fair process. And let's do it in a very civil and sincere manner,

Romney's comments are using the majority of Republicans on Capitol Hill, Who have expressed bookings about President Obama's pick for the high court but have said they will withhold final judgment until her confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"I think our process in giving the justice or the nominated justice enable you to state her case, to go into detail her judicial philosophy, To take us your decisions she's made in the past, And to have a well designed and thorough review, Should be a process which is distributed in depth, supposed Romney, Who undertaken the GOP presidential nomination in 2008. "it should be a civil response to her position,

Of course you find them uncomfortable. about the same group with the other bitter gop. She was speaking the truth, Someoption you repugs know situation about. She has been called horrifying names. Tens times worse than stuff you people have taken out of contexts. You are only a bunch of old white suits. You can't stand the reality that others are smarter and more worthy to hold office or to be picked for the supreme court. you're party of NO, You abhor change, You think you can be better than everybody else, You have NO solutions or suggestions to make the better. How sad you there are other people. miserable,down in the dumps,dismal. nonwinners,

quite possibly 28, 2009 07:22 evening at 7:22 evening

Conservatives want this insolvency to fail so they can regain power. Conservatism has no views, No philosophy, No ability to see. Conservatism is only a online strategy. It describes how to bring down an treatment that might otherwise be successful, So they can increase their own power and wealth.

now, They will oppose anything and everything, block up, hold off, protect against, stop moving, Exaggerate, And defame while pretending to stick to imaginary principles. Those key facts, moreover, Mean nothing beautiful in spanish to them when they are in power. in Reagan, plant, And Bush times, Did we get smaller federal, A selection for local control, A flag burning variation, A gay marriage lady in spanish modification, Lower taxes on the middle-class, Or anything else they promised? I remainder my case.

effectively 28, 2009 07:22 pm hours at 7:22 pm

Come on Mitt awake! Even I read the whole comment and know she was referring to the life connection with a minority woman having more insight in judging a case that dealt with minority rights issues. That is sensible to me. I can't even stick my head out the door and say I'm a republican anymore a result of inane comments of Limbaugh, Rove and sun block. Why does the GOP put in force peddling lies and half truths? I am so embarrassed with having voted for this party.

potentially 28, 2009 07:41 pm at 7:41 pm

I agree totally with Mr. Romney. This proof process needs to focus on her record, Her credentials and other qualifiers and it has to happpen thoroughly and without a lot of partisan bickering. once and for all, A Republican who is a good idea.

I also concur with Mr. Romney's stance on some of the comments made by Ms. Sotomayor prior to now. Even not making now famed statement out of context, nearly everywhere she felt her heritage or her gender even needed to be mentioned is truly disappointing and cause for alarm which has given me pause. nearly everywhere Ms. Sotomayor is a woman or of spanish decent should make absolutely no difference whatsoever and should have no bearing on her decision making. I don't agree with the ill representations of the Republican party that are Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich in their claims that she is racist or that her terms are even racially charged. I think that they were made because she must, in certain light, See herself as the winner of spanish women.

I believe obama expressed his intent when setting the criteria for the next Supreme Court pick and that criteria included diversity. Last I ensured, Diversity is now a complete term which is directed at the celebration of differenced, Not the underscoring industry experts.

would likely 28, 2009 07:46 pm at 7:46 pm hours

From CNN PoliticsThe Trump Ukraine impeachment analysis report, AnnotatedHouse Democrats vote to send impeachment are accountable to Judiciary Committee December 4, 2019 12:55 amRead: democrats Trump Ukraine impeachment report5 takeaways from the Democratic report teeing up Trump historic impeachment December 4, 2019 12:06 amNunes disputes claim that he met with former Ukrainian prosecutor to get dirt on Bidens December 4, 2019 03:03 amImpeachment inquiry move to Judiciary Committee returns limelight to its chairman December 4, 2019 02:47 'm.