Are there capable people living in neighborhood to govern them?

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Author Topic: Nobody likes an expanding government.  (Read 827 times)

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Nobody likes an expanding government.
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Good examples of this are the militias you find in the Northeast of US and the attcks on our rights in that area.  As our nation axpanded from the confederate states into our US, many of the settlements refused to join the union.

But it soon was necessary to institute government.

That is where we stand in our city neighborhoods.  The ones with blight and slum.  They are in need of a unit of government to tend to neighborhood things.

The question is not whether the present residents will do anything about it.  Frankly, they seem to be without financial resources and absent owners will not do anything about it.

Fact is, Luoisians law, CC-art. 661 gives neighbors legal right to do something about abondoned buildings and the Housing and Community Development Act of '74, as amended, provides them with money.

The question that should be asked is, what should we trust a unit of neighborhood government to do?

The most they should do is pass judgement on whether or not the houses in question are in need of repair or not, and to issue permits to have don on the houses in need of repair.

Of course, they should be able to contract with others to get the work done as well and capable people from within the areas where this type of attention is needed should occupy the governing board.

Another question is, ?

What do you think?